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  1. I have been hunting a spot with my ORX, and its almost time to bring out the tarsacci, it sees targets the ORX makes no sound on and deeper
  2. yes you do get somthing for the 1600.00, It can smoke those targets in bad ground
  3. What i have found out is the Tarsacci out performs my ORX in ground littered with trash, and in depth of detection, I buried a penny only 7 inches deep and the orx could not hit that penny ,du to small bits of iron and other metal in the ground , the Tarsacci pounded that penny, and i have done this test in two different spots, its noticeable very much so . and today i found a spoon at a solid 14 inches deep . but i would say my ORX is better at i,d, on iron and bottle caps also today i got a false on a 7" bread tie using the Tarsacci. but over all the TAR has power and you know it and it delivers
  4. I to have noted that i need a slower swing to get the high tone ,especially on deep targets
  5. i had the 12" coil on and used 9 khz black sand on and 5 gain, -2 threshold 41 salt balance . i did not get past a patch of grass 6x6 ft just kept hitting targets, quarters I,D at 18-20 no small foils lots of targets in the 8" range, left because of the rain
  6. cheez wizz. this thing would pull your ear off, found today on a beach spot
  7. today i was detecting on a hill side and heard a low grunt and nothing els, so i removed it , It was a Sod stake, After removing it i scanned again and about 4" away from it i got a high tone and about 3 inches down a dime came up . it was totally masked. ts one reason i remove the iron sometimes ,especially in the 1st 4 inches
  8. i was using coin fast 8.4 khz 2.5 sweep - disc of 45 and was doing good . but then came along a big event in the spot i was hunting, i figured it would have lot of new coins, Boy was i wrong. but this time i used a new program, and to my amazement the ground came alive with old targets. this is the new program using the ORX and the X-35 coal it is coin deep - 72 gain- 10.5khz- 2.5 sweep speed- and disc at 45. it just lit up the ground i had been over it loves dimes , of which i found 18 of them and it loves nickles. but for some reason the 10.5 khz likes nickles better and dimes . still digging the tabs and slaw but not much small foils , give the program a try if you like you may be amazed as well
  9. I found 3 recent drops and the rest all darkened. 7 quartes 18 dimes 6 nickles and some zincs, funny thing i had been over this spot , all i did was change the program i was using .chit""was i suprized
  10. again using the coin fast -8.4 khz- 2.5 sweep speed in coin fast with a disc set up to 45 i found a nice 925 silver ring today. and the normal finds. also decided to dig out some iron , but the bottle cap fooled me it came in at a solid 95 right where quarters come in at but happy with the finds
  11. using my ORX in coin fast at 8.4 khz- 2.5 sweep speed,-and disc set up to 45 i managed to find this nice silver ring
  12. out again with the same program settings, and reaping a good catch of cladd. Coin fast- 8.4 khz- 2.5 sweep speed- 82 gain. - 45 Disc- x 35 coil using the ORX
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