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  1. and again the 9" HF coil in 31khz pulls out more brass from the cut nails, I am only liking this machine more
  2. and by the way i used the Racer with the 5" coil ,a perfect little machine for doing this kind of work
  3. I have been digging a 1930,s out house and before i left for the day i scanned my sniper coil thru the dirt i had trown out , finding sevral shot shells and then what i thought was a token , and this is just on top of the pile well i got it home and cleaned off the dirt , It is an 1899 V nickle , and i suppose when the out house user pulled down his pants this coin fell out , Now I am asking myself , How many other coins have fallen out ? so my plan is to take a board and put a few scoops on the board , spread it out , have a magnet handy and scan the whole pile going back in I bet it has more coins
  4. I thought the simplex has a fast swing speed , now ant no way you can swing fast in the water , so would it not loose depth and targets?
  5. The buckle say s - PAT -march 3 1874 the other one i found this summer with another detector
  6. Just got the HF 9 so i took it out for its 1st run on the hill of nails , this has been pounded till nothing sounds off but this combo maniged to pull two targets out in about 10 Minutes and the 1st one had 3 nails in the hole . The rivit washer really suprized me becuase it came in so clear in the one spot i always detect. I can only say this thing really can find the leftovers that nothing els can find Now i dug a few false cut nails but it was giving off the iron sound mixed in . but that ting you see that was a solid 14" deep and it was making a sound like a silver coin makes and repeatable . i was about to stop digging because i knew no silver coin would be that deep as 7" is about max for this 54KHZ if you really listen , but then i hit the ring . not a bad coil at all
  7. was out looking for coins and got a hit on a nickle plated item of age , and I soon realized i had an out house. this is the 1st bottle i found in it , Still have to finish it
  8. I find it strange that i have not seen any depth testing , If we are ashamed of something we hide it
  9. I see some very early Tabs, so the spot must have been used along time
  10. I tried the test with the TDI SL and same size foil could not disc it out even at full pulse delay. and the ORX even in 99disc could not go silient . I would have to say what that Tarsacci can do is somthing new to detecting as far as my experiance
  11. ya i think thats a good detector
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