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  1. maybe the last chance at the old farm . found a buckle, and a part of a pocket watch, and modern cladd. The site is so trashy its hard to tell the diffrence between a iron can and a good target ,
  2. I had it fixed, but it came back with the two knobs reversed. it cost alot of money to send it and alot of time , and who knows what would be wrong the next time . so i just left the knobs backwards and sold it as is
  3. about 1 year old I have the High q coil and the 7.5 coil , charger ,two battery packs, one for alkaline and one for rechargeable detector is near mint condition, when i got it the mother board was shot, so i sent it in and got a new mother board, but when it came back somthing was not right . what i found out was the pulse delay wire was hooked up to the frequency knob and the frequency knob to the pulse delay, so that is how it is now I did not want to mess with it .
  4. Well it is deeper, that's an advantage, the 12"coil is going to hit deeper with a louder signal. but many of the targets where not that deep so it must be getting thru the bits of iron better. and the black sand, one thing is its blow sand but lots of iron in the sand and the black sand mode really make a very clear difference, then add to that the Salinity balance , its just able to cut thru the crap better
  5. going over the same ground the Deus hit hard, and the Tarsacci is finding alot of things i missed today found a nice thimble
  6. 12" coil, and i have been doing some testing as well . I have a dime buried at 7" and the ground is contaminated and i have overhead power lines20ft away. so i tried my DEUS and it would not hit the dime . but has the 9" coil but the emi is efecting the Deus so i have to turn down the gain, so then its not hitting the dime . the Tarsacci with the 12" coil on 5 and 6 gain hits it hard. but you would think the bigger coils would be more EMI prone. but one thing that helps is the BLACK SAND MODE it really clears up the signal
  7. well I decided rather than get the 11" coil i got a Tarsacci. and will use the deus for general hunting
  8. Just got the TARsacci, and am new to it . so I was out at the park and kept getting signals that after digging the plug i got no sound. so I thought G WIZZ could anything be that deep ? so i dug down and down and finnaly the pinpointer started to beep. and i figured it must be a big iron . but low and behold at a full 14" up comes a brass lamp part. and get this i did not have the detector maxed out i was in 6.5khz black sand on and salinity on at 37 and a gain of 5 and threshold of 2. Also it can agnor some kinda beefy foils and not only ignore them on the suface, ( I dug no small foils)
  9. took the Tarsacci to the spot i went over with the DEUS , and the Tar found alot of things i missed. makes me think the small coil on the DEUs is more efected by iron that the 12" Tarsacci coil not to mention i had the black sand mode on and using 12khz with a 3 threshold and i only covered 40% of the area. I got fooled by the spoon , the bottle cap , the chain linkand a iron wedge that is flat . so when i got home i did some testing and found the iron will give a low tone on the edge and a high in the middle, and also Iron is a longer drawn out signal. still learning but very happy with the
  10. thats good to hear , our sand hear is mineralized . seems like past 7" finding coins gets hard to do
  11. took it out again in the same area and found 6 more copper cents and lead, it handles the black sand better and little rust bits, .But its going to be some time before i get to know how to really use it to its full potential.i was hunting right under a power line to the house 10ft away and the TV cable was buried at 6" and i found some pennys right next to it . Hard to imagine such a big coil getting such good seperation
  12. I just want to say , I am not disapointed with the DEUS I really like the deus . great machine but the Tarsacci, goes the extra mile.
  13. Just got this machine, so i just wanted to take it out in the yard i have hunted for 4 weeks with the XP ORXand DEUS , after digging some tabs , which amazed me as i had been over this spot , and not just one but 6 targets i missed then i find the sterling Military pendant at 7" deep . I did not dig one Iron item, but i could hear iron . all i can say is this machine is different and its good ,very good . in 5 minutes this machine pulled out the 1st silver from this site.
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