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  1. ya its a good machine, Glad to hear that
  2. so big it fell off the finger, ( the bigger and heavier the ring the better it falls off)
  3. was using the XP- ORX in coin deep 10.5khz 64 gain, 2.5 sweep speed disc set at 5.5----- and using the 9 inch x - 35 coal Got out for a few swings today and found a nice 925 earing , and one Gold plated one. clad was few but I made par - Par is 1.00in clad so i just made it and dug alot of junk looking for those elusive Gold rings- but ta the exercise was good .
  4. I use a humble ORX and an x-35 9" coil and hunt in one frequency at a time and this year i have found 6 gold rings, and one nice gold pendant, and numerous silver items, Hear is the deal if you hunt an old house site or farm field, you will get an advantige with the deus 2, but if you use a run of the mill machine you will not come home empty
  5. No EMI in this spot but i like that 70 gain ,it still gets deep but less sensitive to trash foils
  6. found two sterling items today, and 9 quarters and some nickles. The bracelet is boldly marked sterling , good weight to both of them . not plated, so i was looking for gold rings, but not disappointed with the silver. my settings on the orx where coin deep , 75 gain, 8.4khz, 2.5 sweep speed, and 6.5 disc mostly open low trash spot I chose the low frequincy becase it can see thru the junk foils and give me the higher numbers thru the small foils. a gold ring is under the junk foil , the 17,2 will not do that , some of the nickles came in the 71 ,69 VDI range but ya this is how it is . And i dug alot of trash .
  7. Ya they can have the quarters, I want the gold , the ring is worth at least 200 quarters, and i only had to dig a few tabs to get it
  8. It says inside under the heart and crown IRELAND , and another mark inside the thin band but i cant read it
  9. After my Job interview went south, I went metal detecting , and I have another offer to rake some leaves for extra cash , so I prayed that if i should do that leaf raking that God would give me a sighn and let me find a gold ring today, and I did. had to XP ORX set up in coin deep , 70 gain 6 disc and 2.5 sweep speed at 17.2khz and at the 1st spot i was hunting , I got the thinking I should take a break and then go to another spot I have been to many time but never found any rings . I found a big chunk of iron and after it was out i got a quarter Hit , other wise someone had dug the cladd out pretty good , I was finding lots of tabs and foil , thats a good sign a ring could in theory be in the ground , and I got a signal 62 on the meter and expecting a tab, up comes a nice Gold cladda ring , marked Ireland inside. and another mark i cant read its a bit worn , but its pretty clear its not bling or plated its small but still weighing in at 2.4 grams. In the last picture you can see the big iron bolt that i dug out and after that an old crusty quarter was heard , yes it was masked ,someone else had stripped all the clad so i was luckey to get that quarter , but it was clearly masked
  10. I liked the Tarsacci, the way it could reject foil , I sold it cuz i had to pay my car insurance and i never got to a beach . And i was hunting tot lots where my ORX excelled
  11. Hopefully they fixed the leaking problems, it may be a good water detector , and that 50% more power to the coil under water would not be afected by EMI so I bet its a deep water machine, but using a fast recovery under water when you cant swing the thing fast under water is a problem I would use a slower sweep speed if using it in water
  12. I do not know if any of you have heard of TNsharpshooter, I thought i knew everything about my ORX you could know (BUT I DID NOT ) so i was watching one of the vids by TNsharpshooter and he showed some setting that unmasked a target next to a nail , I was shocked, . He was using the deus 1. but since the ORX is based on that detector I figured it may work on the ORX , It has three key setting s disc at 6 and 5.5 - Khz higher than 11 best at 12 and 17.2 and the recovery must be 2.5 or 3 so I applyed this setting and the 1860,s house site i could not get andy more signals on suddenly came to life. it has now produced 30 new targets or more, I have dug some Iron bucklesand flat iron and bent nails but I am finding non Iron targets again, just pulled out a street car token today
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