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Found 20 results

  1. Hi everyone, New here. I inherited my grandfathers Bounty Hunter RED BARON VLF SPD. No other models numbers shown, so believe it is an RB7 type - yes vintage I am after schematics for this unit please. Did some searching but did not find. After reading some posts, it seems this unit suffers from someone plugging in power incorrectly. It has 2 x ("9V" battery type) connectors. I believe total power for device is 24V broken into 2 x 12V packs (8x 1.5V AA batts per pack). These carriers have been lost. There is a blown transistor on the Blue PCB ( PCB code PCB26 PNI) Cannot see transistor type- too much damage. Most images I have seen of these RB7 have a beige PCB where mine is blue.... I repair vintage Hifi for a living, so with schematic can trouble shoot other components I must say the power wiring is "creative" and wanted schematic to double check as well. It seems RED wire from connector A and black wire from connector B are JOINED together on the blue PCB, whilst the Black from connector A and Red from connector B go to the ON/OFF /Volume switch. If anyone could assist with Schematic, you would be my hero. At very least, explain how the 2 x 12V packs are wired- preferably in " sketch" Then will have to find out what type that transistor is somehow. No doubt the IC beside this is probably gone, but at least this still has type on top,. Pics attached Cheers from Australia Danny BH_RB7sheet.pdf
  2. I just got this machine , and Love it , I take it out to look for gold rings in the park, I am amazed at how good it is , its very light weight, it has 3 search modes by using the toggle switch , the all metal in the middle, the all metal can find bread ties like a champ , It also has the disc mode like the compadre but starts out discing iron . I dont use it so much because if a light foil is disced out you will not hear a coin under the foil , or a ring , but its the tone mode that is the cats meow, in tone mode if you have a small foil on the surface or over a good target you will see thru that small foil and hit the target, Kinda like my 1600.00$ tarsacci, I think the 6.6khz is making it do this , but it makes smooth tones, the toggle is very smooth, and it ignors iron very well and small junk foils , and it pinpoints spot on , I feel like I am using a 1000.00 machine , I have to say I really like it .pictures are of my last hunt in a park , I was using tone mode and had the tone dial set just back from 9 oclock, so most things where high tones, the iron you see i dug in all metal , save the bottle cap ,
  3. I just like collecting the classics lol. I am hoping that this one has the 0-299 VDI numbers. My first one came broken. I sent it in to be repaired. They replaced the faceplate and the main board. It had the 0-165 VDI numbers after it was fixed, just like my Time ranger. I need to get a HD video unit to forever put these machines on the map again. I am probably the only vocal superfan for these machines.
  4. Couldn't help myself on the auction site. More for nostalgia than anything else. Yes I know that it is old technology, but I have always wanted one. My second machine was the Quick Draw 2, so this will fill the gap nicely.
  5. 16 downloads

    Bounty Hunter 2008 Product Catalog, 5.37 MB pdf file, 20 pages First Texas (Bounty Hunter) Forum
  6. Version 123014 Rev. 4


    Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Owner's Manual, 3.31 MB pdf file, 24 pages First Texas (Bounty Hunter) Forum
  7. Last year Costco had the First Texas Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 for about $129 if I recall correctly. This year I am seeing a pallet full of them at Costco for $99.99 Costco #1233678 First Texas Products Metal Detector Discovery 3300 That is honestly a steal for a ground balancing VLF four tone metal detector. From the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Data & Specifications page: Manual ground balance Zero in with microprocessor-controlled discrimination Deep-seeking one-touch pinpoint 5 Modes of operation 4-Tone and 11-segment target identification The Discovery 3300 is basically the same detector as the $249 Fisher F4 (up to $399 at some dealers). The F4 comes with an 11” DD coil instead of the 8” concentric on the 3300, plus the F4 has a three piece instead of two piece rod. However, the target id scale on the F4 is compressed from 0 - 99 compared to the amazing 0 - 199 scale on the 3300... see the post below. Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Owner's Manual
  8. Bounty Hunter MACH-1 Metal Detector Programmable digital target discrimination system Computerized on-the-fly target depth indicator 7 kHz frequency 3 levels of adjustable sensitivity 4 LCD target icons 4 unique digital audio tones Lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed Constructed from rugged impact resistance ABS plastic Weather proof 6” search coil Operates on single 9V battery (not included) 2.7 lbs Manufacturer’s 1-Year Warranty MSRP $99.99 A nice $89 Christmas option if you are looking for a solid but simple to operate detector. For those wanting more ability to adjust with more detailed target id information plus more depth see the really great deal right now for $99 on the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 at Costco. That detector may actually have too many adjustments for a beginner, especially a younger person, and so the Mach 1 may be a better choice for many people. I like the ergonomic and clean snag free hidden cable design, much more professional looking compared to many of the toys sold for under $100. See the Mach 1 vs Viewee video below for a good illustration of what I am talking about. Bounty Hunter Mach 1 Product Video Mach 1 vs Viewee video below
  9. Anchorage ak beginner. Just purchased. any good for gold prospecting? Thoughts? Feedback? much appreciated.
  10. if you know know where i could get a new prospector 101 metal detecting shaft please put it here thanks
  11. Version 102814 Rev. 2


    Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Owner's Manual, 2.66 MB pdf file, 24 pages Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Data & Reviews First Texas (Bounty Hunter) Forum
  12. Version 050614 Rev 3


    Bounty Hunter Titanium Camo Owner's Manual, 1.1 MB pdf file, 20 pages Bounty Hunter Titanium Data & Reviews First Texas (Bounty Hunter) Forum
  13. Version 071514


    Bounty Hunter 2014 Product Comparison Chart, 523 KB pdf file, 1 page First Texas (Bounty Hunter) Forum
  14. Version 102814 Rev 2


    Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Owner's Manual, 2.76 MB pdf file, 20 pages Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Data & Reviews First Texas (Bounty Hunter) Forum
  15. Version Rev 4 040814


    Bounty Hunter Platinum Owner's Manual, 3.78 MB pdf file, 24 pages Bounty Hunter Platinum Data & Reviews First Texas (Bounty Hunter) Forum
  16. Version 102814 Rev 2


    Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro Owner's Manual, 2.89 MB pdf file, 20 pages Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro Data & Reviews First Texas (Bounty Hunter) Forum
  17. Version 050614 Rev 4


    Bounty Hunter Gold Owner's Manual, 3.01 MB pdf file, 20 pages Bounty Hunter Gold Data & Reviews First Texas (Bounty Hunter) Forum
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