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  1. 确实是这样,我就怕被抓,犯不上呀!三四千选什么脉冲呢?
  2. Thank you for your recommendation CF77 and BLISSTOLO feels a small number of machines, I did not hear, maybe I'm novice! Look at the CF77 advertising is a good machine in the depth, in China both of which are almost difficult to see someone, do not know what kind of performance will be what?
  3. 你好,在这里聊天是缘分, 肯定是黑豹!根据来这看的资料才知道,原来金属类的探测器原来就那么点深度,包括脉冲。很多人想象的金属探测器,现实中只有探地雷达能达到! 黑豹我看国内每家公司都在卖,具体性能具体咱也不知道,和黄金面具比怎么样?
  4. Thank you very much for your professional reply and valuable information in the link, which has played a key role in my understanding of the detector. I think your answer is rigorous, because VLF and PI have technical limits, and have reached the depth limit in the 1990s. Later, only horizontal technologies such as double impedance and metal resolution have been developed. Do you have any comments on the characteristics of Bulgarian deep tech ground pioneer 4500 and golden mask deep Hunter Pro 5? Is the relationship between them and GPZ 7000 just suitable for searching for metal objects with d
  5. Thank you very much for your suggestion. The dwellings (cave dwellings) you mentioned are used for thousands of years in the Loess Plateau, and some people use them now. The pictures you see are probably ancient villages one or two hundred years ago. Those ancient cave dwellings are not It's safe. It can only be detected in the yard. A deep detector is needed, because the ground has collapsed loess! The soil layer is relatively thick, and there are ancient historical wars here. The history is one or two thousand years old, and there are many similar relics!
  6. Hello everyone, I am a treasure hunter from the Loess Plateau in northern China. I am very happy to come here to meet you. With my current simple experience, I cannot determine the use of a machine suitable for our local soil. I would like to ask all the experts to consult. The pure loess plateau here is less mineralized, the soil layer is pure, and there are very few rocks. I am currently optimistic about the machines, Whites Spectra v3i, AKA SiGNUM MFD, mostly Xp35 and Minelab. I want to buy a deep A good machine is mainly looking for silver coins and copper coins. I hope you can give exce
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