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  1. Wow thanks everyone for the suggestions! For now I've been using Maps Plus. Here's some of the stuff I've done with it so far... -Took a screenshot of a geological map, did an image overlay in Google Earth, saved it as a KMZ and uploaded it to Maps Plus. -Grabbed a topo map from USGS topoView, save as KMZ and uploaded it to Maps Plus. I'm liking Maps Plus so far but I'll keep the other app suggestions in mind.
  2. I thought it would be cool to overlay a geological map onto a topographical map. And maybe a property map onto an aerial image map. Then I would like to put these custom maps onto a smartphone GPS app. That way when I’m in the field, I can see that I’m in a favorable rock type area or approaching a private property boundary. I see that MapWindow is a free GIS software that will let me make map layers. And for smartphones, it seems that Gaia GPS is a popular app. Does anyone have experience making custom maps on their desktop then downloading them onto a smartphone GPS app? If so
  3. Hey Jeff I did a hand sweep as well and I got the same result... weak signal without holding closure tight and strong signal when holding closure tight. I tried the same procedure with the white gold and still no signal. Joe I believe Steve does think a VLF would indeed work better for these targets. And the earrings are indeed mostly hollow. Good discussion, I learned a lot.
  4. That thread is very interesting... Yellow 14K gold is 58.30% Au 30%Ag 11.70%Cu I don't know what karat the white gold earring is. Looks like white gold is also mostly gold and silver but with other possible metals such as palladium, zinc, and platinum. https://www.gold.org/about-gold/about-gold-jewellery So 14K gold is a poor conductor. Maybe the particular alloy of the white gold earring makes is even worse than 14K yellow gold. From what you're saying Steve it sound like my detector is probably OK. I had not heard about broken circles. Each earring has a hinge
  5. I actually live in Parker Colorado and I did the test in an open field behind my house. I'm well away from my house and any above ground power lines. I don't think the open field has any underground power lines. I did a noise cancel/ground balance and the threshold actually isn't too noisy. I used a multimeter to make sure the white gold earring it metal. It's strange that metal trash close to the surface makes the detector scream but the gold earring is very faint. And the white gold one makes no sound! It seems like both earrings should make the detector scream.
  6. OK so apparently I don't have a good understanding of what type of metal my detector and find. I've only had my SDC for a week or so and I'm new to metal detecting. I put two of girlfriend's earrings on the surface of some soil and here are the results: White gold (or platinum I'm not totally sure) earring: SDC doesn't sound off at all 14K gold earring: SDC produces a very faint sound Again the earrings were on the surface of the soil. My detector is finding things like bullets, nails, aluminum foil, etc just fine. I also buried an old gold plated tooth about 6 to 8 inche
  7. Oops, it says you can indeed fold the detector without removing the cover right in the description. I went ahead and ordered one from their ebay store you linked me to. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Gold Catcher for the recommendation... Cover: Do you have to remove the cover to fold up the SDC? Stand: Very cool. I had not seen this before. Knuckle guard: I got one on the way!
  9. Hey guys I just got my new SDC last week. I see a lot of folks on youtube using a cover for the control box portion of the metal detector. Is this something any of you guys use? If so, can you recommend a particular one? Thanks! PS, I plan on taking this detector with me backpacking.
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