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  1. Greetings Everyone, as a proud new owner of a Nokta Makro Simplex, I would like to keep her screen from marring as best I can, these past few days I have been out detecting and have left her factory screen film still on. Does anyone have a recommendation for a fitted screen protector so as to mitigate scratches and the like? It does not have to be a glass one if those are tricky to get, a clear plastic one is fine, like the kind made for some cellular phones out of a clear vinyl type is ok. I am just trying to keep her screen clear. I would not like a full over the head unit type like there exists for the ML Vanquish 540.
  2. Howdy Have hunted around quite a bit for a coil cover for the ROUND 5 1/2 inch Gold Racer coil. None found so far. The 5" diameter cover for my Fisher Gold Bug does not begin to fit. Any advice? Thanks so much in advance. "Bo" in western NC
  3. anyone else wear there coil cover out yet? the 6k covers are way to soft and thin. i think i read, maybe here somewhere. that they epoxied a kind of thin tough plastic? maybe something like Formica to the bottom of the coil cover. does anyone know what that material was called. i need some for my next coil cover.
  4. What did you guys use for the bottom of the coil
  5. For those who use bags to keep your detectors, extra coils, and accessories safer and together during transport, do you use one other than the specialized manufacturer bags with logos on them? After buying a couple of the expensive ones for other detectors I’ve owned, I am starting to think about how to save some dough plus make them less attractive for thieves looking in my truck windows. One idea is to sew one out of an old blanket or coveralls (my wife makes rock bags out of old geans, they’re awesome). Anyone else have a tip they use for an inexpensive and less attractive one?
  6. Is a screen protector necessary for the deus II? Also is any other protection necessary to keep it looking nice? I like keeping my nox new looking by having a screen protector and one of the Deanos covers. Just wondering if there’s anything needed for the new deus.
  7. Surface is a little rough, have to fiddle with the settings on the printer but dimensionally accurate. Coil cover is semi solid so should be better around undergrowth etc, less hangups. Printed in PVA, ABS or ASA would be better. If anyone likes I can post a link to the cad file. Marks on top of my coil is from old glow in the dark duct tape, used to do a bit of hunting at dusk and low like, helped me see where the coil was for digging. Will put new tape on when I get around to it. 🙂
  8. Hello All, I have been using the Heavy Duty NF Skidplates on my GPZ 14x13 in coil for some time along with the NF Z Search 12" coil. They are awesome, last double the wear time and are not that much more expensive than the standard Minelab skidplates. Here is a whole list the new Heavy Duty (Black) Nugget Finder Skidplates I have available - NF 12" Round for Z Search (GPZ 7000) - $33.00 NF 14x13" GPZ Searchcoil (GPZ 7000) - $40.00 NF 11" Round for GPX 6000 (GPX 6000) - $33.00 NF 14" Round for GPX 6000 (GPX 6000) - $40.00 NF 17" Elliptical for GPX 6000 (GPX 6000) - 40.00 NF 11" Round for Equinox 600/800 (EQX series) - $28.00 Shipping is not included in the price. We have all of them in stock, but they are going super quickly due to the quality and the fact they last much longer. Some of the new stock skidplates seems like they are almost paper thin. Contact us via phone or text to order, as not all of them are listed online as of yet. Thanks! Rob's Detector Sales 623-362-1459 Office Line (leave a detailed message if you don't catch us) 602-909-9008 Field Cell (text or leave a detailed message if you miss me) Rob
  9. I’m surprised I have not seen much chatter on this mod but it seems pretty well done. He has same mod for the Vanquish and maybe the CTX https://m.facebook.com/Sea-Ghost-101743838386442/ Not something I’d do under warranty but maybe after warranty was up? Or buy a $200 Vanquish or used one and this kit? I think the kits are under $300 and I think that includes the headphones? Heck the waterproof headphones are half that price. Wish I knew Russian...
  10. Well boys... she's back, like the throbbing in your skull the next morning that just won't go away... LOL.... All kidding aside, I know where the expertise is, I know where the experience is and where I can trust the advice, I know where users are respected and Steve keeps a tight ship, and that's here... lastly, I know when to eat a little crow.... That and I wanted to share something I just purchased from Doc if you haven't seen them already.... you all know I've been flying a 4500 (I purchased my first one from Steve back when he was running AK Mining in 2009/2010 if I remember correctly, I then bought an Infinium based on his awesome Hawaii review), since then I've swung 2300's, 4500's, 5000,'s and a 7000 that you all heard me complain about as it pulled out ounces for me... well I bit the bullet, mainly due to needed arm surgery and weight issues and picked up a GPX 6000... and of course the obligatory Doc's cover for it (Hey Minelab, we know you want to, just buy him off and include them already, we all know that no one else makes a cover worthy of your name on it). :)... so that said, I wanted to share my thoughts.. this is not an ad.. I paid for this item. Steve, if this does not belong or belongs in another area, I apologize sir, please delete or remove as you see fit. As it fits the Minelab, I figured this would be a better spot than cluttering up the main forum. We all know Doc's quality and high expectations from his supply chain... but we also know where companies can save a penny here, penny there to increase profit, it's quite evident in this workmanship that Doc builds these because he loves what he does, not because he's trying to make a quick buck off of us. You've seen others using cheap double sized tape/velcro, not using enough velcro ect. We all know... that's not the way Doc works (notice the 3M logo, notice the FULL LENGTH velcro on the arm cuff, not some short 3" piece, notice the quality scuba suit material)..... I present you all, another work of art, straight out of Doc's Vegas lab.... Well done Doc.....another quality product, worth twice the price. Note: This is not an advertisement or paid endorsement, I paid for this item, I just appreciate quality when I see it and owning covers from Doc for my SDC, my GPX's and my GPZ's there is NO one I'd buy another from... and thought you'd all appreciate seeing this workmanship as much as I did. Link to more info and picture of it on machine: https://arizonaoutback.ipbhost.com/topic/14637-gpx6000-5-piece-cover-set-on-the-way-to-chris-get-those-orders-in-limited-number/ It's nice to be back boys...... stay safe out there.. Jen
  11. This may save some of our mates in Australia some time in shipping. Finders Keepers Gold in Kalgoorlie Australia is carrying my GSpot Scoops and also the cover for the GPX6000. Ring them up if you need either of these items. Metal Detectors - Metal Detectors For Sale - Buy Metal Detectors Online (finderskeepersgold.com) Address: 80b Hannan Street KALGOORLIE WA 6430 Phone: (08) 9021 7207 Email: info@finderskeepersgold.com Thank you, Doc
  12. I had one coil that had a cable that was badly sun burnt and brittle. A bit of heat shrink and tape fixed it, but looked nasty. The Snake Skinz covered the mess nicely. Looks like a useful solution to a common problem. Probably will fit most coils, certaily good camo for repairs. All the best.
  13. OK , I got my EQ800 out and cleaned it today wishing I had a cover to protect the head ….. my mind is ALWAYS thinking and paying attention to detail ( I’m a tool and die guy so you can imagine the struggle sometimes with perfection LOL ) SOO I came up with this , PRESS-N-SEAL cling wrap ! You can apply it like a screen protector and it wouldn’t leave a residue when you take it off and it’s thicker fir dig protection ( I need that bad apparently…… ) and guess what ? I think one application will last a good while and you can probably get hundreds out of a 5$ role …! COOL OR WHAT !! ( my arm is hurting from trying to pat my own back LOL . Pics of the final outcome soon. I’m thinking I’ll just poke a hole for every hole that’s for the speaker apply it , ( I think just your thumb rolling over it like your taking a finger print impression will work for good clear seal - I’ll find out soon ! Ps I don’t proof read all the time so if something sounds stupid read between the lines .
  14. Hey gang all backorders are filled. Check with your dealers as they have stock on the way to them as well. Rob Allison, Chris Gholson, Gerry McMullen, Bill Southern and Finders Keepers in Kalgoorlie Australia. Listed alphabetically in the U.S. by last name. This was just a fraction of the production run. But I had these shipped by air because I know so many people have been waiting. The balance are coming by boat. Here's the instructions for those of you that want an understanding of the meticulous attention to detail that went into this cover. Special thanks goes to the President of Minelab, Peter Charlesworth, who assisted me along the way with advise, suggestions and gave a thumbs up on the unique blue camo material. By the way the weight for the entire cover set, which consists of 5 pieces is under 8 ounces. There is the main body cover, the arm cuff cover, the arm cuff strap, the head cover, and a detachable shade cover for the head cover. Installation instructions for Nugget Stalker GPX6000 cover. Doc
  15. If you want a hard case, I ordered this Plano 36" case ($79) and it is just barely big enough. It works as is, but I will take a little foam out of the top foam in the areas directly over the body and batteries. You could buy a larger case than this, but do not go any smaller. Packed and ready for four days detecting
  16. Got creative today and decided to sew up a super light weight cover with a waterproof liner and the bottom padded for my GPX 6000. 3 ounces for weight.
  17. Hi Everyone, Yes, I’m still around, but in Alaska doing last second preparations for departure. I just got a request from a vendor to ask people what they are looking for in a protective case for travel. Imagine a high end coin or gold prospecting detector that you want to take on a trip. What kind of case do you want? Stuff like hard shell or padded soft shell, size, accessories that need to be included (or not)? So design your perfect case, or show your own example you already have. Lots of us use gun cases or bow cases for example. This is your chance to have some input in the design process. My input is I do not use cases that look like they have valuable stuff inside. I do not like advertising my valuables to thieves. I go for non-descript, not something that screams “take me.”
  18. I know Steve has already posted a direct link to purchase a 6000 protective cover directly from Australia, I just ordered this one off of eBay that claims to be made down under and sold directly from Double D fulfilled by eBay. If you are looking for said metal detector cover here is the eBay link to the Dbl D cover. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174749279148?hash=item28afde63ac:g:5jQAAOSwi61giRPe
  19. Does anyone have the dimensions for the control box of the Fisher CZ-3D or the Fisher M-66 Valve and Box Locator? I'm looking for a dust rain cover for the Gold Bug 2 and since they don't make the dust cover anymore for he gb2 I'm looking for an alternate solution other than custom making one. It looks like the CZ-3D or the M-66 could be similar dimensions with the GB2 but don't know. Then again I can't find a dust cover for either of them either, geez! The Gold Bug 2 control box is: 5" Deep x 3" High x 4.5" Wide Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  20. Well I have now gone through a second GPZ stock coil cover. Has anyone tried out the Nugget Finder coil cover for the 14x13 and if so how have you liked it? I am either looking at one of these or somehow modifying my stock cover to extend the life. If the stock covers were only $10 I could justify the reoccurring cost but at almost $50 ..not really. Thanks
  21. Well, I have been getting in the hours and have wore out my GPZ 7000 scuff cover / coil cover / skidplate. New genuine Minelab covers are like everything else GPZ rare as hen's teeth. Part number 3011-0286 and very few places on the internet can be found that advertise having them in stock. $62 retail, and Ft. Bedford claims to have them in stock for $48 http://www.fortbedfordmetaldetectors.com/minelab-gpz7000-14x13-coil-cover Miner John has an aftermarket coil at http://razorbackcoils.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/5908106 that Chris alerted us to back in May http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/930-gpz-7000-coil-cover-available/ for about the same price. It is twice as thick and has fewer slots that would let dirt get in between the coil and scuff cover. Has anyone tried these out and can report on them?
  22. good morning and happy new year to all!! I'm sure this question has been asked many times in the past, but I was hoping someone could refresh mu memory. I'm currently swinging a gpx 5000 with a commander 15 x 12 mono coil -- ( old school). I wear out the covers a lot and have had problems getting new ones recently---so question is whats the best way to get the most from my covers??? I 've heard truck beeding stuff works good --- make a new bottom from fiberglass --- or ???? Thanks all good luck Marc
  23. Wanted to give the Multi Kruzer a go with the Superfly coil at the beach. Kept the machine in 5khz, manual ground balance as it would drift with tracking on. Was a little bit noisier in spots compared to the stock but on the damn and dry sand it had excellent depth with very stable numbers. Gain was kept around 93 without issue even in the wet. One thing I didn't like is if I got any water behind the scuff it would false a bit but outside of that its a good combo. Managed to sneak out a Barber dime at 10" in the damp sand in my my 3 hour run, called it a day when I broke my scoop handle.
  24. How can I prevent my headphone jack from further corrosion? A little back story. I'm submerging my equinox 800 about 2-3 times per week in saltwater (Florida gulf coast). Purchased the LS PELSO headphones October 11th (1 week shipping) and as you can see they have already started to corrode. I don't take the headphones out and wash the jack EVERYTIME. (Trying to avoid this) Please leave a comment, let me know what you do, and what you think will work for me! Thanks
  25. Is anyone hunting without a coil cover? If so, how is it holding up? There has been some talk over on the FT forum about how the Impulse AQ coil is so tough that it doesn't need a coil cover. I wonder if Minelab coils are just as strong. I've gone through a few coil covers in my day but they are made of soft plastic. The coil itself is hard epoxy. Are covers really necessary? I've always just accepted that they are, but now I'm questioning it.
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