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  1. I have updated my files for historical goldmines in Google Earth and have put them in PDF file that makes it simple to get the type and state that you want. Historical Gold Mines in Google Earth.pdf
  2. I thought I’d try using a pedometer just to see how far I stroll along the beach on my hunts. The reviews I’ve read on many are not very complimentary. It seems the common complaint centers on accuracy and battery life. I’d appreciate your thoughts and recommendations. Thanks
  3. I thought it would be cool to overlay a geological map onto a topographical map. And maybe a property map onto an aerial image map. Then I would like to put these custom maps onto a smartphone GPS app. That way when I’m in the field, I can see that I’m in a favorable rock type area or approaching a private property boundary. I see that MapWindow is a free GIS software that will let me make map layers. And for smartphones, it seems that Gaia GPS is a popular app. Does anyone have experience making custom maps on their desktop then downloading them onto a smartphone GPS app? If so
  4. Thinking of downloading the Gaia GPS App to my iPhone. Wondering if anyone has experience with this App? Thanks for any input.
  5. Hello, I am using an iPad as a topo map when I’m out in the field, and also GoogleEarth, and have already downloaded the BLM’s active and inactive gold mine and prospects KML database for Google Earth and was wondering if anyone has found a good source for downloading BLM and/or National Forest KML files? I only seem to have found some local ones for Alaska on the BLM map server website, but nothing for any of the lower Western states. Thanks!
  6. I use to mine in No. CA in the 80s & 90s and used topographical maps back then with lots of details , fire & logging road etc. Any suggestions , I would like to check display & available details ?
  7. I haven’t been able to get away and hunt very much this year due to various reasons and last week I finally found a little free time so I headed to the hills for a few days of hanging out with Zed. In anticipation of getting away for a hunt I called Rob and had him send me one of those new SteelPHASE enhancer/filter’s and wow fastest shipping I’ve ever experienced, Rob must have jumped on a plane and stuffed it in my mail box, or could have just been overnight shipping anyway it was really fast. Gold was very scarce nails, tiny bits of rust, tacks and bird shot were a plenty the tiny pie
  8. Hello everyone, I'm getting my first GPS device and narrowed it down to a few. I was wondering if anyone experienced with these can tell me if im doing this correctly or not. 🙂 Garmin GPSMAP 66s or GPSMAP 64s. Which one would last the longest, most durable Also, correct me if im wrong. For us electronic prospectors wouldnt it be a good idea to get the HuntsView map? Or do i get the SE 24k and combine it with the BirdsEye What map(s) do you all use?
  9. I use Google Maps for most of my navigation and prospecting trips. It gets me to where I want to go and if I download the offline map I still know where I am out in the field with the GPS on my phone. I can put in locations from various formats but I still have not been able to find the format for putting in the numbers in the UTM-EAST and UTM-NORTH format. How is that done on the search bar in maps? Mitchel
  10. Has anyone used “Land Matters” website to look for a prospecting site? I recently did, and today I went out to the selected spots. None of the topo photos were the same, some roads and trails don’t exist anymore. I also forgot to take my GPS...Those photos must be ancient!
  11. Finally got a video up that goes over and shows some the uses and benefits of lidar maps for the gold prospector and metal detectorist. I also delve into some drone usage stuff at the end of the video. Let me know what you think, and if your interested in some feel free to contact me. I will hopefully have a website up in the near future, when i do i will let everyone know here. Thanks for watching!
  12. G'day everybody, Just thought I would start a thread on making your own gold maps to better your chances at striking it rich or at least finding a bit of gold. If this topic has already been done before please let me know & I'll remove it. I can't find anything specific on making your maps on the forum. So what are the things available for us to use in making custom gold maps? Geological maps, topographical maps, books such as Ghost & gold series, Department of mining websites, google earth etc...there is plenty of resources that we can use. I live in sunny north QLD Australia,
  13. Not sure if any of you knew of this site: https://www.historicaerials.com/ They have a view that shows old photos back to 1938 and topos going way back. The viewer is slow but has nice reference as you can click through the dates and see changes. It is a little hard to see but you can see some old trails, lost foundations and even early farm fields that have either been built over or trees have grown in. I use it to find some spots and I plug the gps coordinates into my phone's gps.
  14. We've been considering some additions to the map tools on Land Matters and would like user's feedback. Land area locations in the U.S. are typically described by their legal land description (PLSS). This is the only system that has been physically surveyed and has actual physical markers on the ground. That's why it's the system for legally describing land parcels. All the Land Matters maps have the PLSS included as a possible display item but a lot of people (military) have been trained to use a grid to describe actual ground locations. Graticules are very much like grids but they h
  15. Maybe some of you already know about this and have the phone to support it. I have one of the flip phones that nobody wants to steal, so it really amazes me. On his phone he dials up google earth map and it instantly it brings up the boundaries, acreage and name & address of the owner. It would be fantastic to have the same ap for claims, showing owner and boundaries, no more accidental trespassing.
  16. Not quite sure where to put this Steve. It will probably have some interest for western prospectors and the eastern hunters are going to find it really useful. You decide if it needs to be moved and I'll go with it. Land Matters has begun a new section on their website for new projects in development. The most recent new project is Forest Ownership. This new map tracks Forest Boundaries as well as both surface and subsurface (mineral) ownership on the National Forest System. "Forest Ownership" may sound funny since the common assumption is that all National Forest lands are created equ
  17. Another question via email, with personal references removed. I prefer to answer these on the forum so everyone gets the benefit of the answer plus others can offer their opinions also. "I am new to metal detecting and, your site here has really helped me out. I have a couple questions that maybe you can help me out with. What are some of the geologic indicators that you look for to determining where to prospect for nuggets? I try to study some of the geology maps but I could use some further pinpointing. I have also been looking at the National map of Surficial Mineralogy. Using the aste
  18. Hello all. I'm planning to do some serious digging about in Cape Breton next summer and some of the area I'm planning on exploring has no cell phone coverage. I'm wondering if it may be prudent to consider investing in a PLB just in case. I can't help think about that poor guy in the US who had to self-amputate a few years ago. Has anyone purchased one of these units for themselves?
  19. .......... The Ordnance Survey TRAIL Here's what i found: 1. Software is utter useless tosh! Error messages, jerky movements, sluggish. Im tech savvy - But this thing takes a computer programmer to operate. 2. The touch screen doesnt react. There made to last and take knocks, but still you cant move the screen to look at your maps. 3. Mine turned up faulty with rubber joystick not allowing me to look left. 4. Price is stupendously high for a piece of poo. 5. Signal takes an age and a half to lock on. 6. WIFI takes an age to sync, other times it never
  20. I started checking more into a mention of XP DEUS Version 4 updates, especially this badly translated information from a French website: So I started Googling and there is a Facebook page for the app at https://www.facebook.com/godetect/ Right now it is mainly just a finds recording and track mapping app much like the Minelab XChange system, but phone based. One photo really caught my eye however. It apparently can use the phone location services plus orientation features in combination with the app to superimpose past finds onto a view of the terrain. The prospecting applicatio
  21. I didn't find any results when I searched. I'm looking for some advice on a good hand-held GPS to use when prospecting. Is there such a thing as one that is easy to use and easy to connect to a computer? Thanks for helping a novice.
  22. My "Old Faithful" Garmin GPSMap 60CSx appears to be reaching the end of its serviceable life, after years of being dropped on rocks, bikes, down slopes, drenched, fallen into rivers, taped onto dogs, and being the point of contact on its bike mount between Terra Firma and myself head over heels on my mountain bike. Starting to malfunction a tad if you can believe it! Can't say enough good about it - some of the best money I ever spent bar none :) I do a ton of work with Google Earth plotting targets, claims and such. My stompin' grounds are devoid of cellular data, so any device that i
  23. This is pretty neat stuff, and I think the applications for prospectors and relic hunters are obvious... http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/01/140103-new-england-archaeology-lidar-science/
  24. We are going to be moving to Tinker AFB, OK in June, but in the meantime, while still based on Eglin AFB, FL, I have been researching old, now demolished family housing areas to hunt before we leave. I have discovered a major housing area, where all the homes were built between 1955 and 1962. Still standing in 1969, but now demolished and open fields. Very easy to research using NETRonline Historic Aerials against current Google Satellite maps. The kicker of this area is that it is on-base, and due to very restricted access, these fields are very likey virgin for hunting. I expect a lot of
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