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  1. So my first hunt yesterday , and I was compared to a detecting Cyborg, by my detecting buddies. Had the 7000 on one arm, the xp deus 2 on the other. spade on my back. checked every signal with the xp, and 1 of the signals while the xp did make a noise, I wouldn't have dug it tbh. turned out to be a 1700s George ii, farthing at 11". This was encouraging. but when I checked my settings, some time later, I saw that I had actually put my settings on high yeald, difficult. Going over various targets in the field, especially quiet ones high yeald seemed to give a better audio on them, which puzzled me somewhat? So what programs, would people recommend for maximum depth, where I cannot actually pick it up with a non p.i detector? Virtually all my targets barring a handful were within range of the xp, although these were not giving a steady enough vdi to actually dig in normal circumstances. Many thanks
  2. Thanks N.E Like the tip about turning the coil on its side. I'm out for my first hunt tomorrow, and I had exactly the same thoughts as you, regarding the "High yeald" setting. I plan on using the general mode, difficult ground setting, for my first trip. I will dig every signal, and see what comes up. I intend to dig everything, A friend used to own a 5000 and would get some really deep coins, and nice artifacts, on very well detected pasture. He ended up selling it, but tbh he wishes he didn't, as we have quite a few fields, that it would be ideal for
  3. So Ive taken the plunge and bought myself a GPZ. I cant seem to find many people who use a GPZ in the uk, video wise, so looking for a little guidance. Whats a good beginners set up for my first few trips out. At this time of year im searching mostly pasture land, thats been done over the years, quite a bit, so is fairly quiet, on normal, non P.i Machines. At the end of July, harvest time, begins, and the hunt for hammered coinage, really takes off. My first trip out this sunday, will be on well detected grass land, Thanks
  4. Being new to XP and not owning a deus before, What sort of timescale was there until the release of the larger 13x11 coil for the original deus? From what Im hearing most people can now get there hands on a new deus 2 , so hopefully the people at XP can put some more time, into providing accessories. Thanks
  5. Lol all though the uk might seem like the promised land, relics wise, true hoards are a rare find indeed! I'm a site finder at my local club, and when we go out if someone finds a hammered coin its been a decent day. At peak season (harvest time) when the ground has been cultivated this usually goes up to double figures. On a normal, run of the mill, club day everyone finds coins from Georgian (1700s) up to present day with the odd, older pieces thrown in. We usually have a couple of weekend rallies, during August/September but dates are not known until generally a month or so before, so would be no good for a lot of the people from the usa. I could invite a couple of guests if truly interested though. Maybe we could do an exchange trip, and visit some places were we might get gold ! Many thanks for the replies guys, its given me much food, for, thought
  6. Hi, my first post, from a long time lurker. I'm from the UK, so obviously gold is pretty scarce here, although there's some in Scotland, and Wales?. Anyway in the past I've owned a Garrett ATX, while my detecting buddy has owned a Gpx 5000. We used these for relics, mostly in hunted out pasture, here in England. We are both very interested in getting our hands on a new gpx 6000, but the prices for previous minelab machines are way above what you pay in the USA for example. the gpz 7000 is around £8000 here which equates to more or less $11000 ! If the new gpx 6000 is roughly $6000. that's £4500 . im sure that the retail price in the UK is going to be above £6000. ! I was wondering does anyone know of anybody who has imported a machine from the USA to the UK, and what costs are involved? Many Thanks
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