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  1. Lol all though the uk might seem like the promised land, relics wise, true hoards are a rare find indeed! I'm a site finder at my local club, and when we go out if someone finds a hammered coin its been a decent day. At peak season (harvest time) when the ground has been cultivated this usually goes up to double figures. On a normal, run of the mill, club day everyone finds coins from Georgian (1700s) up to present day with the odd, older pieces thrown in. We usually have a couple of weekend rallies, during August/September but dates are not known until generally a month or so before,
  2. Hi, my first post, from a long time lurker. I'm from the UK, so obviously gold is pretty scarce here, although there's some in Scotland, and Wales?. Anyway in the past I've owned a Garrett ATX, while my detecting buddy has owned a Gpx 5000. We used these for relics, mostly in hunted out pasture, here in England. We are both very interested in getting our hands on a new gpx 6000, but the prices for previous minelab machines are way above what you pay in the USA for example. the gpz 7000 is around £8000 here which equates to more or less $11000 ! If the new gpx 6000 is roughly
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