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  1. Yep spoke with someone that services and mods and sells all the good stuff and they are not compatible so not even gonna try. Cheers all ! (The grass is greener on the under side 😉)
  2. Hi all ! and cheers for the add ! I have had the Nox for nearly 3 years now and have finally bitten the bullet and grabbed a Monster 😁 also this morning Eyyyyhaaa ! Now for the stupid first question (I've had a read and could not find anything in a post on it 😔) Has anyone here tried a Nox 15 inch coil on the Gold Monster. The Nox can run at 40mHz and the Monster runs 45mHz so pretty close there and I have read (not confirmed) elsewhere that the coils have proprietry chips in them to stop interchangeability. They both fit each others coils though even though some said the plugs w
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