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  1. I had it for the Deus 1 and it for me it was simply a bad combination. Because of it being so nose heavy it took a lot of the joy of detecting away. If you still decide to get it buy a coil balancer from eBay to shift the center of gravity a bit.
  2. I asked Gary Blackwell this same question and his personal preference is the 9" coil, even on pasture. That was good enough for me and I've been really happy with the 9" coil since. It's a pleasure to swing and is deep.
  3. Nothing at this moment but soon, very soon. 🤗 I agree 100%. I wish there was in between option. Thank you! Sorry to hear about your OA, it's nice to know though that you can still detect 2-3 hours on the beach. Thank you all for your replies! Hu
  4. For those of you who have used both the 9 inch and the 11 inch coils on the Deus, do you notice a big difference in how it swings? I ask because I'm in a bit of a conundrum. On the one hand I'll be detecting mostly pasture/fields, but on the other I have a very sensitive shoulder that I need for my work as a chiropractor (ironically). I'm lucky as my dealer has both the 9" and 12" detectors in stock. What are your thoughts? Hu
  5. Hi Burlguy, Thanks for the reply. It was helpful. Please keep us updated every now and then! Hu
  6. Hi Burlguy, Do you think that had the coils of your previous detectors gone over the exact spots where you recently made finds with the Deus 2, that you still would have found something? Or is there something special about the Deus 2 that made these new findings only now possible? If so, what might that special thing be for you?
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