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  1. It’s been some time with no word from xp after the announcement of a deep seeking cache hunting coil, so I asked nicely what’s up and I’m pleasantly surprised they were kind enough to quickly reply. Apparently there is still hope that someday...
  2. Looks like there is a V6 update for original Deus owners coming, only models built after 2018 will support it, and it will no longer support the older coils by the looks of it. It sounds like it ads WSAudio compatibility, which I have no idea what that is 🙂 I'm new to the Deus, but it sounds like all it ads is WS Audio, and cuts out the use of older coils.
  3. I've started to conclude that SF must have sent the shipment of 1.8M 1909s wheat pennies to Oregon:-) No doubt many of the early SF coins were shipped to Oregon, Washington, Idaho and NV. Only have found one 1909 without a mint mark. Added the 3rd 1909s wheat to my collection, and the second in the last month. Been unlucky in that many of my 10s or 13s coins have really been quite clean, but the 09s coins have all suffered a bit in our soil. It's no beauty, but still fun to pull a key date.
  4. What programs are folks using as a base (of course I know any program will need site specific tweaks) for civil war relic hunting?
  5. Hi everyone, I have had an XP Deus 1 (with 9'' x35 coil) for years and have been very happy with it. In my research area I have medium to highly mineralized volcanic soils (the deus mineralization bar is always half up, often full). Despite the mineralization, after having found the right settings, I have achieved good results. I have found most targets no more than 4-6 inches deep and therefore the Deus 1 is unable to go any deeper into these terrains. Now, I'm considering buying a Deus 2, in the hope that it will be able to penetrate mineralized soils more and therefore find other targets where I searched with the D1. Based on your experiences, is the D2 really more performing than the D1 on mineralized? Did you find other targets where you searched with the D1? Thanks for your help!
  6. XP Metal Detectors - Manufacturer of innovative and efficient metal detectors since 1998!
  7. Went hunting a late 1880s to 1920 era park. Had hopes of finding an old dime, or at least an IHP or Wheat I'd missed. A few hours into the hunt, I was digging anything that might possibly be a good deep target. Popped a plug about 6 inches deep, and found an old rusty screw. Darn it. But, right next to it I caught a glimmer. Wiped the dirt away, and there was a bright gold chain. Ran the detector over the chain, and nothing. I detected garbage, but found a gold chain by coincidence. After I separated it from various roots and freed it, it was anywhere from about 5-7 inches deep, but laid out in a line, so very little to hit on with a VLF machine. Found examples online w/ the clasp from the Victorian era used to hold fine pocket watches. This one has a mark that is nearly gone, and not discernable on the clasp. Test holds 18k acid completely, and 22k very slowly eats away at it. 14.44g! Someone had a very bad day 100 years ago. Suffice to say that i checked around the area thoroughly. All metal, various frequencies, etc....in hopes of the watch. But no avail! Made my day. Even left home this morning imagining finding a gold pocket watch....but didn't expect the chain:-) All the best, Zincoln
  8. trying to decide , 11inch coil x35 or the 11x13 x35 anyone have experience with both
  9. I've never been a fan of the way XP made their detector wireless. It seemed to be a pointless exercise when for me at least I'd run it off a shaft with the control box sitting in the traditional location so I wouldn't care about the cable being there. Well, now that I've done what I said I'd never do and acquire myself a Deus the no cable thing is starting to make sense, it is nice being able to change coils in a matter of seconds. I also like the Deus is essentially a buy one get one free detector, by using the WS4 headphones which I'd never use normally I was able to make up a second detector just by using an old Garrett Ace shaft I had laying around that I bought from a guy that drowned his Ace 400 so he sold it off as parts. I got a good deal paying $20 NZD for the entire Ace package shaft, two coils, control box which was dead and a brand new pair of Ace headphones. The shaft was sitting around doing nothing so when the WS4 package came into the picture it just happened to be a perfect fit for the XP coils. It's not worth me spending the dough for a second XP shaft as I'm unlikely to use it much, I don't need two detectors although it's nice I can do that. So here is my rig I call it my XP D-Ace and my XP Deus. Too early for initial impressions however it's nice and hot on tiny gold with the white elliptical HF coil and reasonable on coins at depth with the 11" X35 coil, no target ID's on deep coins but good tones, where as the Nox and CTX will ID the deep coins no problems, on shallower targets its giving me good ID's. I hope I can improve that learning the detector more but perhaps not. This is the Dace shaft fit, absolutely perfect, I first tried an old Nox and GM1000 shaft, neither were a good fit but the Ace was just right. It's super light too. It may make a good prospecting rig, just the headphones, elliptical HF coil on the Ace shaft, super light and tough and good for bashing around without damaging anything, such a simple rig not much can go wrong and when prospecting you don't need the Target Id's or anything, just audio, as it's a real dig it all situation. I wanted the Deus 1 over the Deus 2 as the Deus 2 has poor nugget performance and that's a key area I desire with detectors, and found the 80kHz an attractive attribute of the Deus 1, so far that high frequency is proving to be a good asset and I'm happy with the sensitivity and depth on small gold in my early testing. I've since realized I can only run the black coils off the Ace shaft as the HF coils have the battery in their lower shaft, meaning I'll have to get a space Deus shaft to run them if I want them on the secondary detector, oh well, at least the secondary Dace can be a coin hunting rig.
  10. Hi everyone I'm still getting the issue's I've talked about before, does anyone know if or when xp are working on a update?
  11. Xp are still planning updates for d1 ,it’s far from obsolete..I still use mine ..
  12. I'm finally done with all the mods to dive properly with the D2. Even if I've modified it deeply, I'm still not so satisfied, especially for the money I spent🤔. Almost 400$ and counting, cause the next mod will be an handmade layer between the Doodads clip and the remote to keep it firm once for all. I'm disgusted by the poor quality of the supposed "locking" tape which is leaving and falling in pieces. Only one dive and I can already see the transparent part of the remote to appear 🤐... This happened just removing and mounting the remote on the original clip for testing and program build. Without words now... Just for knowledge. And this is what it looks now, ready for the second dive before the winter (I hope).
  13. out yesterday and i got a tid bouncing around at 90 70 and 00.... tones ok ...checked the xy screen and it was a dot in the centre .the ground was stoney and index 72 i dug down 10 inches and found nothing.. not sure whether to keep going... i need to go back with a shovel for the job possibly its a deep target for sure in gold program should i abandon the hole or does it have potential ?????? no litter and it has history ...going back 2000 years ..woodland area never plowed or lived on i hate to abandon a viking hoard as theyve been found nearby a few years ago ..help
  14. For those of you who have used both the 9 inch and the 11 inch coils on the Deus, do you notice a big difference in how it swings? I ask because I'm in a bit of a conundrum. On the one hand I'll be detecting mostly pasture/fields, but on the other I have a very sensitive shoulder that I need for my work as a chiropractor (ironically). I'm lucky as my dealer has both the 9" and 12" detectors in stock. What are your thoughts? Hu
  15. I'm new to the XP Deus user group and most recently purchased a lightly used Deus that currently runs on the version 4.1 program. If I upgrade to the 5.0 what will I gain or loose? I have only have the standard coil that came with the detector, but I have been told that I should purchase an X35 9"coil and/0r the 9.5" elliptical HP coil. I'm definitely looking forward to working with this detector more in season two of using it. Heath Jones always told me that the Deus is the best civil war relic machine that money can buy. Now I will be putting it to the test on some of the wagon trails across Kansas. Jason-NEK
  16. whats your prefered mode of GB ??ts a bit of a dark art .....tracking pumping or manual? i usually go with t racking or pumping or sometimes leave it on auto depending on the soil type dont know about d2s gb yet
  17. I’ve got a deus1 and an equinox so I thought I’d play around and mimic the 3-D dime/Rusty nail test. I’ll say that’s a very interesting test to say the least. I used the X-35 9” & X-35 11x13” on the deus and the 6”, 5X10”, 11” and the 15” on the equinox. I tried bunches of different settings on both machines with all the different coils. What I found out was there’s a reason you do multiple directions when searching a location. My deus1 did hit the dime but the vdi numbers were from 04’s to 06’s in that area I couldn’t get a proper vdi no matter what I tried. The 9” coil on 25 kHz was the best. The 13” coil didn’t do as good but still hit it some. The equinox was able to hit the target and give a decent vdi (20-21) solid and repeatable. You would hear the high tone and then zero in on it. Here’s the surprising part or it was to me the 6” and the 5x10” would not hit the dime but the 11” and the 15” would. Both had the same vdi numbers that I stated above. The 11” had a slight edge when it came to zeroing in on the coin. I need to say getting a good four way hit with either machine was near impossible although there were enough good sounds going around the target to make you want to dig it. Today I went to an old park in town that has given up a lot of civil war relics and old coins. I started with the deus1 and 9” coil. I went to the toughest part and all I’ll say is modern trash mixed with iron is tough. I was hoping to find a target that had the very low vdi numbers and the iron tone beside it. That didn’t happen but I did dig a few targets that were mixed in with the junk but hunting in that type of ground conditions was very over whelming. I’m not sure how many sounds were on each swing but rat a tat tat tat rat a tat was what I listened to for that hour.🤪 I got the equinox out and hunted with the 5x10” for the remainder of the time I was there. (about another hour) I played mostly with the iron bias settings running it on zero and then adjusting it to see how it changed the sound. My conclusion today was that if I couldn’t tell for sure there were two targets there it was a false signal coming off the end of usually a rusty nail. In other words a good tone with no separation from the iron tone every target I dug today was iron. There had to be a separation for there to be two targets. I’m not sure how many targets I’d have to dig to maybe find a good target with the iron and good signal right together but I’m too old to dig that many holes and find out. lol Today was mostly just playing around and trying to possibly learn something. Anyways thanks for reading, good luck and HH! Tom
  18. I should clarify that there are some Bounty Hunters, maybe a Whites Classic, and a Tesoro or two that can nail Montes nail board test and outperform Deus/ORX for shallow commingled items, but when it comes to machines with fringe depth capability nobody has been able to replicate Deus iron performance. It makes me wonder why that is. They must’ve tried, but it just hasn’t happened. It seems anything capable of hitting fringe targets has to make trade offs the Deus doesn’t. It appears from early testing even Legend will not be able to match or exceed this XP standard.
  19. I casually found this video, looking for other frequency related things, but I found even more interesting this one, cause of the latest discussion on salt falsing and tiny, thin, micro or call it like You want but gold. I'm a scuba diver, so I have specific needs, but all of You beach hunters in saltwater can add obviously your point of view. So, fact N.1, the Orx and the Deus 1 are involved in this test and seems pretty clear that not having available multiple different tones, the Emi is terribly in a mix of signals and among those, the ring can be easily missed and misunderstood without fault. I think on the Deus2 in the saltwater can be almost the same thing...Especially running frequencies over 20 Khz. Fact N.2, with a different tone set, the saltwater falsing can be in someway identified with a specific tone if not so variable on the TID range....I don't want to affirm this, maybe to ask is the right way.... I don't know if I'm seeing an open window for the gold fever or just a dream...So feel free to write any thought You may have..
  20. Here is the video I did comparing various metal detectors on the buried gold nuggets. You can see in this video which ones do better on various size nuggets. Take this test with a grain of salt. Mineralization, nugget shape, target depth and site conditions will all effect detector performance. This is just a test I did in Arizona so your area could be much different and the nuggets were freshly buried.
  21. I am awaiting arrival of my 3rd Xp Deus. I have bought and sold used ones 2 times before, and this will be my 3rd one. Im getting the ws4 (i still have my quest headphones that the puck slides into which is as good as having the ws5's to me), Remote, 11" x35 and Eliptical HF coil. The same setup I had with my 2nd one. I have been an Equinox user since day one with its release, and still will be using it, I know that machine really well and have made many amazing finds with it, even made it into Andy Sabisch's revised Equinox book with one of them (over 150 Confederate bullets from a Ford). But, back to the Deus, I really do like the platform and the detector. Have nothing at all bad to say about it. I do love the little hf coil for super iron infested sites, and the x35 coil is an awesome all rounder. I have and use many different machines in additon to my Equinox. I like to flog a productive site until nothing else can be found with many different machines and coil combinations. I just felt now was a good time to revisit the Deus as I have seen many good deals with the announcement of the Deus 2. So I will be loading up Calabash Diggers relic Pitch program and a couple more cutom programs I like, and back in the Deus saddle again soon. The Deus is a fantastic machine and I look forward to having it at my disposal again, I have had some good finds with it in the past. Happy hunting!
  22. My thoughts on the deus 2 v Equinox 800 v Deus 1 lets look at the pros and cons?. Deus 1 Equinox 800 1-Excellent in the iron unmasking 1- not as good in iron unmasking 2-Good depth on targets in open ground 2- very good depth on targets in open ground 3-very good in lose or plowed ground 3- not so good in lose or plowed ground 4- can be affected by EMI 4- can be affected by EMI 5- can be dial in to most conditions 5- can de dial in to most conditions 6- poor in the wet sand 6- excellent on the wet sand Deus 2 1-Excellent in the iron unmasking 2-- very good depth on targets in open ground 3-very good in lose or plowed ground 4- can be affected by EMI 5- can be dial in to most conditions 6- excellent on the wet sand I Have been watching all the you tube videos on the Deus 2 all against the equinox, fair battle, But we all know that the Deus 1 is far better in the unmasking in iron than the knox, as will be the Deus 2, so not comparing apples to apples really ? I have a Deus 1 and it will hit all the tests put up on you tube in the iron unmasking tests with the Deus 2, And i seen the test on depth put up in the UK soil, not a fair test as they used field 1, field 2 and park 2 are deeper seeking, but the nox still kept up with the Deus 2 , then they used relic mode and gained the advantage, the nox would have done the same in gold mode, So here is my thinking if you own a deus 1 . why spend £1400 on a deus 2 just buy a second hand nox 800 as i expect the prices will drop when the deus 2 is available, you have all the benefits of the deus 2 and a back up detector, Or if you own a Eqinox just buy a second hand deus 1 as the prices have come down already, or if you want all the advantages of the Deus 1 and the equinox 800 in one package get the deus 2. Just my thought on this
  23. I posted this on another site, but would like to hear more opinions. Like the title says, which is better for general coin /jewelry hunting in Parks, Ballfields, Playgrounds, School yards, etc., Deus or ORX? I know that the main problem with either is probably all the aluminum trash found today in those kinds of sites, and that most hunters probably wouldn't choose either one for that activity. Don't really want to hear about other, "better", units for hunting those sites, just which would be best between these two? Anxious to hear the opinions, and how you came to that conclusion...
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