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  1. Thanks, I use all metal (horseshorte enabled) FE 00 e F2 00, 00 DISC.
  2. Hi, yes is used by people swiming adults and childs. I never thought about beach orientation. But in this photo the beach has the best condition because the waves washed a lot of sand, you can see rocks or shells that i only see 1 time per week maybe. Best regards,
  3. Thanks, You use 2, 5 or 50 tones? Im trying to get a an average setting to use 😄 Best regards,
  4. Hi, Does anyone know if in wet sand, on the beach it is possible for gold to be hitting values below 0....? I don't take a single gold object with the nox in wet sand on the beach. Beach 1 or Beach 2. BEst regards,
  5. Hi People, I have serious doubts regarding equinox. In wet sand I don't find a single gold object. I dig everything above VDI 0. Do you mine gold below 0? Settings: Beach 1 or 2 recovery 6 Sensitivity 20-22 FE F2: 0 My beach attached, and my path line horizontal and vertical...(I found a lot of plumbs) Best regards,
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