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  1. I attended our detecting club meeting on Friday night and this was my display. I found a lot of foreign coins this month, quite a few very worn wheats, a silver dime and silver quarter. You may have seen some of these items on another thread. It was a fun month but I didn't get out to the gold fields. Maybe this month I will.
  2. Minelab CTX3030 beach hunting presets by Gary Drayton (factory beach mode preset) Rocky Areas on the Beach and water Pattern 1 Pattern 2 in cross reference with Pattern 1 for checking Target Trace Target Separation Low Trash or High Trash Recovery Deep OFF Recovery Fast ON Seawater ON on lower parts of beach Sensitivity manual In water try dig only low and high tones Rough Surf Hunting Recover Deep OFF Seawater ON Target Separation – Low Trash Volume Gain – few numbers down to cut false signals Sensitivity Auto Deep Water Hunting Pattern 2 Seawater ON Sensitivity Manual to MAX or AUTO +3 (rolling surf) until threshold becomes unstable Volume Gain 24 for flat surf Volume MAX Recovery Deep ON Recovery Fast OFF Target Separation – Low Trash Shallow Water Seawater ON Sensitivity AUTO or manual to first unstable at fully submerged section try to wait few minutes to stabilize temperatures Volume Gain 22-24 Recovery Deep OFF Recovery Fast OFF Target Separation – High Trash Eroded Beaches Pattern 1 Sensitivity Manual try to crank up to maximum Target Separation – High Trash Volume Gain 24 Recovery Deep OFF Wet Sanding Hard packed sand Seawater ON Pattern 2 or Relic Search Mode Sensitivity Manual Recovery Fast OFF Recovery Deep ON Target Separation – choose to conditions Soft sand Pattern 2 Sensitivity Manual or Auto +3 Recovery Fast ON or OFF (dependent on the amount of targets) Recovery Deep ON (for soft sand on lower beach) Recovery Deep ON Target Separation – choose to conditions Dry Sanding Pattern 1 Target Separation – High Trash Recovery Fast ON Recovery Deep OFF Shipwreck Beaches Pattern 2 Sensitivity Manual Recovery Deep ON Target Separation – Low Trash or High Trash – conditions Volume Gain 24 4 CO Tones Target Trace ON Tourist Beaches Pattern 1 Sensitivity Manual or Auto Recovery Deep OFF Recovery Fast ON Target Separation – High Trash 4 CO Tones Target Trace
  3. I was able to get to the beach for three days last week. It should have been 7 days but appointments and dinner engagements made that impossible. Targets were not very deep and I was suprised to see competition on the beach. I guess everyone thought the hurricane earlier would cause opportunity. Here is the picture of the final digs.
  4. Managed to escape to the coast for 4 days of intense detecting,despite the shitty conditions. My mate delivered his large coil for me to try part 2 i think i managed 5 sessions we even did a trip to the scrapyard where i bagged 120 British pounds of scrap metal Tuesday I managed a large silver ring a few coins Wednesday Shraps and few coins weather was wet Thursday morning we caught up in the early hours of the morning and i managed a 57 grams silver necklace with a Bulldog and a silver looking ring,in the afternoon i hit a spot for 2.5 hours and managed a Gold ring 5.42 grams of 9ct and some Shraps Friday Shraps and bullets a deep dog tag which i thought was a gold coin at first Here is the Tableau de chasse or Tally in English Off abroad for work in spain for a month but i will be back!!!Been away a lot in Africa recently trying to feel the space for evently have my own Gold mine in the future a dream a fantasy maybe...........Benin.Senegal,gambia,Zanzibar............all fun I also tried snorkelling with the D2 but the wave kick my arse Still alive and kicking RR
  5. So, my beach season officially starts again. My first hunt after Labor Day and I couldn’t wait to get out there. A friend text me pictures of silver he just found, and I think I surprised him by walking out on the beach to see them. 😄 He thought I was 2 hours away and didn't know I was going detecting that day. Because he found silver rather shallow at 6-8”, I decided to take the Equinox out and see how midalake’s settings worked out. It took a while to get used to it and I did get a couple nonferrous that read negative numbers, but none were quality targets. I ended up changing the recovery speed to 4 which is what I am used to. Thanks midalake for posting those settings. So, how did the Equinox do??? Well, the Equinox did not exactly hit gold, but it did get me close enough to glance to my left while digging another target and spot a gold hoop earring sitting right on top of the sand. 😍There was some pushing up of targets from the ocean recently and that was exposed. Along with that, I found a silver quarter and a sterling religious medal. A decent amount of clad as well and a greatly reduced amount of junk targets. Not too shabby for 3 ½ hours. I then switched to the GPX and dug my heart out. A lot more clad, more junk, but also a Buffalo nickel and another silver quarter. All in all, it was nice to get back to digging at the beach!
  6. I stumbled across this video and thought what a cool idea, you could put on some workman type clothes and wander around the beaches even during high traffic times collecting all the recent drops and act as if you're just a worker cleaning the beach 😛 In some places this type of thing would be quite successful, and a bonus is you really are cleaning the beach, you'd have a lot of rubbish to dump at the end of your scooping session. I wonder where to buy these things, they even seem to make them with wheels, although I think I like the one in the video better than the one with wheels. https://www.cleansands.com/store/p40/SAND_CLEANING_TOOL_-_Production_Starting_Soon.html
  7. I casually found this video and the results are actually confusing me...A lot🤐. Nothing to say for most of the programs but look what a difference on gold signals when in diving/beach and beach sens 😬. Not to mention the higher vdi reading (twice) when in mono 17Khz... Please, can someone explain what I'm seeing?
  8. I got out for 3 more hunts but unfortunately I missed the big waves this week. I did get gold every time I got out so that’s a plus. My first hint of the 3 netted a wheatie and a broken grad ring. The next hunt I lucked out and pull a small 14k with a diamond chip. The last hunt was today and it didn’t disappoint. I was debating if I should go out, and to where. The diamond on the ring tested good and the chain weighs 33.73g. HH
  9. My mom is 71 years old this year and I'm trying to get her out to some cool places when i can get time off of work. She loves the beach and i love to detect the beach so i wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on white sand beaches to take her on a vacation to... she's from san diego so that is off limits and id prefer warm beaches. Right now I'm leaning toward the Bahamas but interested in any thoughts you all might have. Due to her age i just need to make sure its safe... and for me, who will fund this, not too insanely expensive.
  10. I'm not entirely sure if this is true or not, as I'm not familiar with the inner workings of a metal detector. But i've heard somewhere (probably from a YT video) that moving your coil over a target will send a electromagnetic wave down that charges the target, and this allows it to be detected by your machine. That being said, I've found it to be very helpful to go over the same areas i've already swung my coil over once because I would find targets I missed during the first swing. My reasoning for this is that the first swing charged the target, but my machine didn't register it initially so I just kept walking. A second swing over the same area should produce a reading as the target is already charged as I walked over it again, thus I can target the object until I get a clearer reading. What do you think about this? I would only do this if I found a coin line as I know there would be targets in the vicinity, but it tends to work out. I found a ton of targets I missed on the first swing and even on the second swing; gotta be through just incase there's a ring I missed!
  11. I’m looking for gold, but I’m not getting any yet lol Beach Park Beach - First ring ever, aluminum? Beach - That fake doubloon got me… Beach
  12. Went beach detecting with the old sovereign and it keeps on surprising how well it goes on beaches already swept with newer detectors . The same ground had been covered by a mine lab 3030. The sovereign had no problems picking up the silver ring at the bottom of the hole , I even dug a drainage channel to allow water to escape . After half an hour was about to give up when the ring popped out.
  13. Went for a little stroll at the beach and this is one of the finds for the day. I tried searching for the rest but came up empty. HH
  14. A couple of Legend finds at my local beaches. This heavy Dunhill Rolagas lighter was dropped in soft sand on the towel line = disappeared instantly. This watch was recovered from the wave wash zone. B
  15. The main park I wanted to go to was closed today due to storm damage, so I went to another park down south. Turns out it was trashed so bad that every step I took ended with me finding a beaver tail and barely any coins. I also found a ton of crushed cans and various other junk. I've mostly stuck to beaches and had tremendous luck there, but with parks it's a whole other game that requires more investigation. Luckily I pulled a bunch of trash today that i'll be using to test my detector on. Hopefully i'll figure out a way to distinguish between trash and coins with enough testing. Anybody got any tips on hunting parks?
  16. I am a novice metal detectorist armed with a Nokta Makro Legend, a garrett carrot, sand scoop, and boots. Went to a number of beaches and found them lacking in signals, but also found beaches loaded with signals. The ones that were especially bad, were ones where you had to pay to get in, or were not popular (aka not near a city). Also beaches that are completely washed out of sand, lacked the infrastructure to hold good targets unless you waited till low tide; to which you might have more room to work with. The best beaches I've found are the free ones; with people actually getting into the water (or at the very least getting their feet wet) with a decent amount of visitors. The best targets were the ones found at low tide; which just happened to be at the end of the day so working quickly is a must. One beach provided a ton of targets along with solid finds of some small pieces of gold and silver. Compared to other beaches I've explored in the past week, it was just loaded with targets which increased chances of finding something cool. I was wondering if anybody had more to add to this? It would great to learn more about detecting techniques on the beach/ knowing the kinds of beaches that should be explored if you're looking to find a ton of targets.
  17. A while ago Phrunt suggested I run a magnetic over my beach to see how much black sand there was.. I was trying my luck at magnet fishing this morning but it turns out a magnet with a pulling force of 500 kgs is useless for the job.. But dragging the thing a few metres over dry sand was an eye opener.. 😮
  18. Hi Everyone, What is the best advice/tips that you can give to a beach detectorist to find jewelry or other valuable targets? Just curious because I know that years of experience beats all in most cases. Have a great day!
  19. Well it's my birthday, I can get hands on my new beach scoop and show it here. My fabulous wife bought me a Dune Titanium beach scoop, I have a great CooB stainless scoop too but wanted to try and build the lightest scoop I could but the most unbreakable. We will see how this plays out. A couple weeks ago I finally cracked the PVC shaft for my CooB scoop while digging at a local beach with notoriously heavy sand. @Jeff McClendon was right, but the laminated bamboo insert saved the day, and it's still not broken. However, the shaft flexes a lot more so I retired it. I've had great luck with @steveg's Detector Rods, I have one for the Deus 2 and my Equinox 600, they're excellent, so I figured he'd also make a heckuva shaft for a beach scoop. Since I got a new scoop, I ordered one for both. I was not disappointed. Here's the scoop, I sent pics of the welds to a friend who has welding experience, he said it looks good. 👍 For those of you who don't know, Titanium is extremely light, strong, and corrosion resistant. The grayish look is what you want to see, it's an oxidation that helps prevent corrosion. Water only makes it better. That's why you see airplanes that have been underwater for a long time still intact. The only downside is that using pure titanium is expensive, I hope this one is, it will cost you $250 for even a small one, and the price goes up to $600+ for other name brands. That's just the scoop, the shaft is additional, so expect to pay a minimum of about $400 for one. Expect to pay about $300 for a large quality stainless scoop and shaft. Above is my new dynamic duo, CooB stainless on the left, and Dune on the right. Both are 2mm metal, very strong. I've used the CooB for 2 years now and it still looks new, I just rinse it after it's been in the water. I was pleased that the Dune was the same thickness. On both of them I add a Raptor handle, they're cheap and really strong. They come with rubber inserts, and I install them just forward of the balance point (toward the shaft cap) once the scoop is attached to the shaft using a 2" 14/-20 stainless bolt with a stainless Nylock nut. Steve puts a plug in the bottom of his shafts to make that point strong, drilling a 1/4" hole made me a bit nervous, and he told me not to use a retaining screw that ships with the Raptor. You could use it on a wood handle but the torque would crack and split carbon fiber. The tough rubber inserts prevent slipping and cracking the handle, do not overtighten the bolts! Steve's shafts are 2.5mm CF so they're a little heavier, and would be less prone to crushing, but I can see that easily happening. Weight? The assembled CooB rig weighs 4.5 pounds, and the Dune 2.9. the Dune is also smaller. The Dune is a 6.5 inch scoop, and the CooB is about 9 inches. Each will have its use, and backs up the other. An expensive project but fun, I hope they will last a long time now.
  20. Yesterday I went to my beach and left the 6" Equinox coil on for an extended hunt. I had used it a couple of days before on a high iron beach so that I could hear targets clearly. Yesterday's hunt turned out to be an experimentation of sorts. What could I really find on a 'tough' beach with the little coil. I've found gold jewelry on the beach with it before. When I first got the coil I wasn't able to go nugget hunting so I went to a beach. Right out of the box as they say I found 4 little gold rings many years ago. I pretty much put the little coil away over the years in favor of the 15" coil and occasionally the 11" coil. Coverage is the operating logic to that. I feel 'naked' without the big coil. Yesterday I was willing to experiment. After selecting the frequency and then ground balancing I was able to go to 25 on the sensitivity/gain. This let me hear my threshold and without chatter so it was a matter of swing speed. There weren't a whole lot of targets so each time I'd find one I would try to find a patch. I managed to find a couple of them as you can see and some interesting targets in the 1.5 hour hunt. The rack on the left is one of the largest objects I've found on this beach. It was down about 8" and it weighs about 5 lbs. Some of the quarters were down about the same depth. The knife blades were iffys I think because they are mostly stainless steel. The silver Thailand earrings were in the wave wash and are very light at 3.2 g and were found together as displayed. After a bit of learning the capabilities of the little coil again I then wondered what is best. Do you take a small coil and use it at maximum sensitivity or do you take a larger coil and turn down the gain? This would go for other types of detecting as well. This is certainly a reason to have multiple coils.
  21. Here in rural Pennsylvania if you trout fish you fish one of two ways. You either wait for the trout stocking truck to arrive and fish or you hike into the wilderness to find the native trout that no one else fishes for. Everyone follows the stocking truck, very few hike into the wilderness. I have discovered that metal detecting is very similar. If you dirt hunt you either hunt in public parks or public lands or hunt on permissions. Public lands require the newest and best equipment. Permissions require skill and knowledge of the equipment that you own. On the beach you either wait for the stocking truck or summer tourist to arrive or you hunt on beaches that are sort of like permission hunts. On tourist beach you are competing with anyone who walks on the beach with a detector. On the South Carolina islands beaches of Daufuski, kaiwah, Tybee, Fripp Island, Isle of Palms...etc, you have to rent a property on the beach to be able to metal detect. This makes it a permission. You can not just drive to the beach and detect, you have to pay to play, but this payment usually gives you exclusive detecting of the island since no one else does this. No one can just drive to Daufuski Island and hunt for the day and drive home. It doesn't work. You have to rent if you want to hunt Daufuski. VRBO is your permission on exclusive islands. I find it amazing that the youtube hunters on Atlantic public beaches have no content to post currently. The stocking truck of summer has run it's course. But I can go to a permission beach and find gold any week of the winter. Permission beaches never run out of finds. Metal detecting requires many skills. Research, equipment and knowledge can give you a huge advantage. Happy hunting and I hope this post helps you to become a better hunter.
  22. The storms are a few days behind us but there are a few good waves coming in to make some patches. I found one patch today on one of my 'go to' local beaches and got a couple of golds! One has some stones (10k/2g/diamonds) to go with it. The other is a 14k gold earring that is not so rare this year. It is my 2nd one after many years of the similar style being always junk.
  23. Detected the park today for the first time, and was playing around with the settings. I found alot of bottle caps and pull tabs along with some change. Main thing I used was M2 on field mode with a recovery speed at 4, and a tone break of 4. Everything else is pretty much factory settings. I definitely do not know what I'm doing it and I'm mostly just winging it. What settings did people find most effective for beach detecting? I'm headed to the beach tomorrow and advice would be most appreciated!
  24. Today I went to good beach and a not so good beach! It is easy to know the difference between them. I can put some of my excuses away for a while. haha The trash to rings ratio was one of the best I've ever had. I was hoping to have the full day rather than just 2.5 hours but that didn't happen. I'm quite pleased with it anyway because it was not my intended beach. I had to get gas and that determined the new direction I had to go with limited time. Here is the not so good beach that I spent more time at than the good beach. (I don't think it will be that way tomorrow!) The 4 gold rings include a rare gold earring. The total weight is not too great but it was so much better than any of my previous hunts on the gold count. On my way out of the beach I ran into a forum member, Slim. I showed him what I found and I hope he was able to get some goodies of his own.
  25. Been awile since I've posted anything here. But I've been on an EPIC run the last 2 weeks. Last 4 hunts have produced gold. Some beaches have massive cuts. Others have been been overpowered by the surf , bringing sand down. A few sanded in , while others are unhuntable due to no sand at all. Yesterday's hunt hitting 4 beaches. I was out 11 hours but that included alot of drive time. Hunted well into the dark. 8 silver coins. 1 walker , 3 Washington's , 1 merc , 3 Rosie's. 2 pendants , 6 rings , 2 of which are 14k totalling 10 grams. Clad 31-5c , 72-10c , 26-25c. Total= $15.25. I didn't count the pennies. Some sinkers and trash for your enjoyment ! GL out there everyone.
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