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  1. Head for the beach. We had some high winds last week and I got to thinking that I should do something different. The boss said it was ok to take off work early on Friday so instead of a pick I loaded the beach scoop into the back of the truck...when I got to the spot it looked like there had been 6 feet of sand removed from the area. Nice steep slope...targets everywhere and I had it all to myself. It was a good hunt. 4 silver rings, one junk tungsten, and the find of the day was the 18 k engagement A JAFFE ring...Its a real beauty in person...but mother grundy has a way of playing cruel tricks on us sometimes...the center stone does not test positive.. Who in the bleep buys a beautiful 18k engagement ring covered in real diamonds and then puts a fake in the middle? I even brought it to the jeweler today just to make sure...his reply "No Luck" lol. So that the way it goes... but I'll take it anyways...it's way too big to fit the wife but she has already laid claim to the silver ring with the red colored stone. Equinox 800/ field 2/coiltek 10x5 Happy hunting... strick
  2. The Southern California beaches have been very stingy lately. Yesterday I went out for an hour on a normally productive beach and I got nada! Not a single thing to dig. There were no coins, trash or jewelry. I've been close to that a few times in the last several weeks but not like this. I notice that my wet sand beaches have had little wave energy to bring things in from the deep. This has resulted in a sand build up rather than exposed hardpan and rock beds. Others have noticed it too as I rarely see a detectorist at the usual places. We could say it is the pandemic (fewer drops) or the gas prices (fewer trips to the beach) but I'm going to say it is because of the 3rd year of La Nina. It has caused our drought (climate change) which resulted in less snow pack and less rain. Here is an explanation of ENSO which affects world patterns. https://www.severe-weather.eu/long-range-2/la-nina-update-cooling-warm-cold-season-forecast-fa/#:~:text=It also shows the La,What is this%3F&text=Trends are currently in favor,the second half of 2022. Are your beaches still producing?
  3. I am not sure if this is the weirdest thing that I have found on the beach and not sure how you can lose a kettlebell in the sand either and really don't know why they thought that they needed to take it to the beach. LOL I always swing my way to the egress of the beach and find quite a bit of change in the dry sand on this beach. I am also always digging cans as it seems that 50 feet is just to far for some people to carry their trash to a trash can and they bury them in the sand. That was what I thought I was digging when I hit the kettlebell that was at least 6 inch down under the sand. Sometimes, you just have to shake your head!!! (oh BTW, this beach has about 250 steps down to the sand, which makes this a head scratcher for sure)
  4. Thought I'd use DP's huge membership knowledge rather than the internet to find beaches and islands to detect underwater. Went to Kauai last summer during Covid and had a hard time with my EQ800 fighting surges/waves and trying to scoop at the same time. No one told me..read, "I didn't do my homework" and thought I needed to scoop targets. It seems that the EQ will withstand a 6 foot dive to the bottom to recover a target..if I interpret posts correctly. I think if I go back I will take the EQ as well as a "shortened" White's PI Surf detector if I want to do a day of SCUBA with a detector. I was told by a "regular" Cancun detectorist that due to Covid there were ZERO beachgoers and to wait a year to go to Cancun. Any tips on beaches in Hawaiian Islands? Been to Kauai and did not like the "layout" if you intend to drive anywhere! Ok for staying in one place/resort, but hated driving. Did do a helicopter tour and enjoyed it a lot! Funny aside, Steve H turned me on to search for info on beach detecting and I saw a video of a guy with a "handful" of jewelry at Cannes France...I was there overnight in 2007 but wasn't detecting at that time.
  5. We were able to get out and hunt the lake beaches today. Enough snow has melted and they haven't started to fill the lake yet. Tough day though. Not much worth showing from the tourist swimming hole. Had hopes but only a few clad coins and trash. Drove to the head end of the lake to find only a little beach not snow covered. Trash, melted aluminum, fishing sinkers and some more clad coins. BUT I found one cartridge I knew was old. Cleaned up a little I was able to make out the numbers. It's a 40-82 Winchester. They stopped loading for it in 1935. This part of Idaho is remote and wasn't really settled untill the early 1900's. So I found something old. Im stoked! Then on the way to the pickup, I found a nice whitetail shed. Good day in a beautiful spot.
  6. Waiting for a storm and a change in the seabed, a few days ago I went scouting along the coast that I reach more easily. Like me, far too many locals have abused the place and signals have become rare. Even if they came from the wrong direction, the waves still made a fair leveling, barely visible from the shore. I was not very inspired by what I saw, but I was still willing to use new settings and test the behavior of the detector. In almost two hours of session, despite having found a good balance with the instrument, I had no reference points on the ground for an ideal area to start from. On the verge of leaving the area, already satisfied for the test but without decent targets , one last signal caught my attention .... and this is the result ... Happy hunting everyone. https://youtu.be/IH1ZcQjzE70
  7. Posting this for y'all that may think detecting is always fruitful. 🀣 I went to the beach I've hunted for the past couple days, I had about 4 hours, 2 before and 2 after low tide. Today I had the Deus 2. I spent 2 hours looking for the stainless wallet a fisherman asked me to find, I had hoped that area might be fruitful as well because not many go out there. It was kinda chilly today so not many people out there. This is 3 PM: Poked around the point the fisherman described, it was loaded with big birds with equally big beaks. 🀣 Maybe I've seen too many Hitchcock films, but it was creepy. it doesn't look like it but there were hundreds of birds there. I searched the tidal pools and looked all around the massive expanse of beach, and decided that the guy's wallet was on its way to the Gulf Stream. Sent him a text saying no luck, and headed back to the other beach. I really didn't get a signal at all! Today I went above the line where I got all those earrings yesterday, and heard next to nothing. My trash was more interesting than my finds: I had to post this in RVpopeye's Post Your Junk thread. It was just too funny. This is maybe the second time in a year and a half of detecting that I got almost totally skunked. All I got was a 1970 quarter as I was about to pack it in. πŸ˜€ Well yay. πŸ‘ The most amusing and sad thing was that at one point I heard the unmistakable beeping of a Garrett Carrot, I looked up and there was a guy with a Bounty Hunter Tracker with a backpack and a Carrot coming into the beach, he had a small trowel. I think he saw me too, and when I came back down the beach about 15 minutes later he was putting it away. I didn't see much evidence of him digging anything as I covered the rest of the high ground. One thing I did do was play with bottle cap reject a bit, I'm on the 3/11 version so I had to crank it to 5 to break up the caps today. 3 wasn't getting it, it seems no surprise they made changes for the 0.7 release.
  8. And so, I was not surprised at this pendant that I detected this morning at the beach. It is not precious metal (Stainless Steel, I think) but it certainly speaks for itself. LOL I belly laughed out loud when I dug it.
  9. Any action on the Treasure Coast with all the crazy weather patterns?
  10. Well kinda (but that's another story) 1 clad dime and 3 memorial pennies , a fishing sinker , an unfired 22 pellet rifle round . 2 1/2 pull tabs and a bunch of tinfoil balls one of which looked like it was turning back to aluminum ore! ( or maybe it was just BBQ sauce ?) and a few odd pieces of iron I haven't washed off yet????? About 3 hours in park1 sens 22 , f2=0 disc = off., the 6" coil on the fully updated 800 Swinging in an old campground (it was root city) I watched being built 60 years ago when I was a little kid 200 yards across the cove through mom's binoculars cuz I was too young to row that far ......somewhere in the wilderness that is the southern Maine coast..I was surrounded by old growth white pine that were protected by the King of England for ship's masts for exclusive use of the Royal Navy....My fave site 30' straight up a cliff from the water ,,,and only covered 1/10th of it. , (It's overlooking "my rock" , where I've been fishing for striped bass since I was 2. It was low tide 2 clam diggahs on the flats , one arrived by boat.........) It was sunny On shore S. <5kts 62* No pics.. I am unworthy. UH AYUH yup yup
  11. Brevard county extends from Canaveral National Sea Shore to Sebastian...which includes Cocoa Beach. On top of the ongoing re-nourishment projects, this is all we beach hunters need to further "help us out." Fortunately, they only have one of these robots...so far...and it can only clean a relatively small area. But more are coming I'm sure. https://www.wesh.com/article/beach-cleanup-robot/39578241
  12. For anyone interested in underwater use of the Deus 2 here is a link of my test done for a dealer I'm partner with. I tried to push it to the limit with the P11 beach, slightly less blind to thin stuff, on a hot rock site plenty of weeds and trash of any kind. With a sensitivity over 90 and salt sens of 8, the keypoint was to raise immediately the reactivity up to 2 and stay for a good compromise among falsing and true signals. That's an extreme setting just for the purpose of a test. Pure sound, long video. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/r_pO7_Ckzbw
  13. Ok, I admit, this has been the worst week in years, thanks also to the fact that I am now limited by law to hunt in very few spots on my coast among the thousands available before. But preparing the Deus 2 in a scuba configuration for tomorrow morning, I'm really feeling like I've got it all wrong. Wrong coil due to the only 11 "available, no need of the ws6 headphones and last but not least, this horror shaft lenght! So the almost funny question is: how did You manage to dive with it? Shorter lower stem's lenght doesn't allow to hunt without upper shaft falsing noise. If I extend in the correct position the upper shaft part, there's no way to reach the coil area with the arm and to dig properly, not to mention the bonephones connector's cable contact with the shaft. The last forced option is to collapse it and have to literally face the remote among the forearm and the elbow. Can I be more pissed than usual?....Of Course...Apparently.
  14. I've been beach detecting since 1986 and this is the first time something like this has happened to me. A lifeguard was watching and he told me that when the wind blows it happens often. He said he saw 2-3 other incidents just today. As I just told you the wind is blowing pretty hard today and it was a low tide so I thought I'd give these awful beach conditions a try. When I got there it was late in the afternoon and only a few people out and about running and being in the 25 mph wind. It hadn't really created a cut because it came up so quickly so I was just trying to get lucky and get some air. Down the beach a bit I saw a guy picking up seaweed and tossing it up in the air and letting it blow up and over the blanket line. He was picking it up with a stick which had been something like a mop handle. Every little clump that he found he would send skyward. As I got closer to the bearded guy I made sure I didn't get in his way to be hit by the seaweed. He grabbed up a very big clump and was dragging it up the beach as I walked closer to the water. I looked at him through my sunglasses and he pointed at me and said something. Then he started yelling. I finally understood him to say "Take it off." Well I had a cap with flaps on and my headphones and I didn't have a clue what he expected. He came closer ... too close and he put his stick on my headphones for an instant. That was too close so I dropped my detector and put my scoop up and told him loudly to stay away from me. He then got prepared to swing on me with his stick. I raised my sand scoop with the wire mesh basket on it and let him know I'd win the battle. He had backed up enough by now that he was not in stick range and he started swinging. He could have worked his way towards me but I was trying to make contact with his stick. I shouted at him and backed him down a bit and then I made a move at him to let him know I was pissed off and not going to take any more of his crap. We never did hit sticks and he backed up the beach slope and that is when he saw the lifeguard in his truck. He didn't run from the lifeguard but he stopped going after me. I got my detector and kept walking the beach watching the guy. The lifeguard warned a couple of women walking and they got up off the wet sand to avoid him. When he had gone up the beach and away the lifeguard came back to me in his truck. He asked me if I was alright. I told him that the stick had touched my headphones but that was it. I asked him if he had called anyone and he said no. The crazies come out in the wind. I'm glad I had a bigger stick than the guy poking at me.
  15. I found this content really useful...Especially If someone likes to dive with the machine and wants a short setup like me.......
  16. After weeks of heavily sanded in beaches , cold weather, rough water , everything turned around for a few days. 3 of us hunting together or more often apart, each have scored a gold ring, coins and junk jewelry. Of course the targets sing out when a patch of hard pack is exposed. But the back breaker is when you hear a whisper of a signal in soft sand. Numbers jumping around in the plus side. Today I had 5 such signals. So your fighting swells, target buried three scoops, holes filling in. It can be a work out. So out of these 5 killers, 2 quarters, 2 pennies and 1 disgusting rusty crown cap. Right now I'm sticking with the Standard coi!. Just handles better in swirling water, and I believe pinpoints a tad better. As far as depth , it got all I can stand. Now of course conditions change everyday, causing coil changes, settings, where to hunt. So I remember always feeling I'm being out gunned, not anymore.
  17. Well, we are slowly grinding toward Spring where an old man’s fancy turns to metal detecting. This season sees me newly outfitted with the 12” coil and Tony Eisenhower waterproof headphones. So looking forward. So this year thought to do some water hunting again to see if the Tarsacci will find anything behind the heavy water competition here. Perhaps there will be some unmasking in the water too as I have found on the land sites. Will be fun and cool on hot days if nothing else. I have been reluctant to go into the water with the Tarsacci because of it’s relatively poor water rating, but see many hunting water a lot and wondered if any of you are having any issue with it in the water or take any special precautions. It has that time at depth rating thing which makes little sense to me, are water hunters limiting time in the water to prevent leakage? This is a mindset left over from the CTX I had. It never actually leaked but I never entirely trusted it. Anyone have any thoughts on this or the 12” coil or anything Tarsacci for Spring? We are still driving on the ice here but the sun is climbing.
  18. 8 years since I've recovered a cremation disk from the Gulf. Scooped my second this year yesterday. And my pal got one a week ago. That's 3 in about a month. What's a little strange yesterday, as I was taking it out of my scoop it slipped or leaped from my fingers. Good enough, that's where I left it. Oh, and all the others were left out there too. They are a shiny stainless, about the size of a fifty cent piece. Numbers and a address stamped on it.
  19. As I plod along the seafloor searching for lost stuff, weird thoughts occupy my brain.. Including: 'Do the electromagnetic frequencies pumped out by my scuba detector attract or repel sharks".. I've had a closer look at this and thankfully many different scientific reports conclude that large sharks are attracted to low-frequency pulsed sounds (20 to 60 cy/sec - no higher than 400 to 600 cy/sec), and to low-frequency continuous sounds no higher than 1.5 kHz.. Phew! That'll save scuba detectorists from worrying about what's gonna appear out off the gloom next.. 😬
  20. 3 hunters own 4 of this biggest seller. We all have older back ups. Sometimes If one of us comes up with a feint signal, we'll call the nearest over to see what they think. Early on they rarely could hear my target. I hunt in AM, they were in disc. After switching to AM they all could hear something. None of the machines vdi's could lock on the deep target. But even in AM , there was enough there for me to at least take a scoop to see. Most of the time the target ends up being a deep corroded penny, sometimes a dime. And sometimes junk. Says something for hunting in AM when you can. Couple times , unrecovered due to waves. The most successful of the four hunters are the two youngest. Their tough being in 50's and 60's. They can hunt deeper and much longer. Me and another are in our early 70's and it's 4 hrs tops. The youngest who owns two of the big sellers had both of them flood out and had to be repaired. We all have scored on Gold but the two youngers finding the most. So us oldtimers just gotta get that coil over the target.
  21. How deep have you dug a gold ring in a mild mostly sandy freshwater lakes? My Gold Kruzer w/ 5x9.5 hits a 14k 3.77 gram gold ring at 11" buried in a sandy beach. I wish this detector had a 8" or 9" round coil. Nox w/ 11" coil and Orx w/ 9" hf hit it at 14"+. When hunting in a lake, is that extra 3" worth it or are you just hunting for fresh drops?
  22. The Gulf settled down after abt a good 3 day blow. Sure enough 3 of us waded out to a to a good ole hole Neptune reopened. North winds beating the Gulf calm. ...So we all scored a nice take of Clad and 1 of us snagged a 2021 graduation 10K ring. Good as new. Tried it again this morning. .I didn't last 45 minutes. Water about 60 and wind chill 32, that and no targets , I bailed. To hunt another day. This is my Tarsacci's 2nd season wading and wet surf hunting. With out any problems . The Vessel in the picture is the Terrapin Island about 6,000 tons dry. Hauling another load of sand for replenishing. Makes about 3 round trips a day.
  23. Every time we get new detectors for the beach, we get the same question. "Will it find thin gold chains better?" It comes up so often I finally dug up an old post I can just point to whenever it comes up. Here you go. Gold Chains and Other Small Gold In Saltwater Here is a similar question that comes up a lot: Why Won't My Detector Find That Gold Chain? There seems to be a thought process that thinks somehow multifrequency overrides basic laws of physics, that some magic new processing is going to fix the issue. No. Not as long as conductivity is the measure. Once you understand this, you stop asking the question. Hopefully the article helps out with that.
  24. I casually found this video and the results are actually confusing me...A lot🀐. Nothing to say for most of the programs but look what a difference on gold signals when in diving/beach and beach sens 😬. Not to mention the higher vdi reading (twice) when in mono 17Khz... Please, can someone explain what I'm seeing?
  25. A little background: I live in Western Pennsylvania, but love to beach metal detect. The nearest salt water beach would be Ocean City NJ/MD, but the beaches that I prefer to detect are the beaches of South Carolina. The only problem is that is a 700 mile drive one way. So I try to take a week vacation from work and detect on the beaches of South Carolina when I can. I used to have a Nox 800 but traded it in for a Tarsacci, because I prefer how the Tarsacci operates on the beach. I find metal detecting to be very much like fishing. The equipment you use is not the most important item. The most important item is to be at a location where there are fish that you can catch. Be comfortable with and know how to use your equipment, but finding the hot spot is far more important. The follow pictures are a weeks total of finds for my last three trips. Pictures 1 and 2 are from my trip for the first week of January 2022. Pictures 3 and 4 are from my trip on the last week of August 2021. Pictures 5 and 6 are from third week in July 2021. All Item were found in the wet sand. Since it's cold and snowing in Western Pennsylvania I am really looking forward to my next vacation.
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