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  1. Ah... my first reply lol. Albeit, very late on this thread, but in case the OP hasn't figured it out, I'm happy to lend some expertise here. This is 100% textbook manmade slag. There are expanding gas bubbles in your sample, the scratch test is correct for slag and the overall appearance is that of slag as well. Shiny, heavy, magnetic in spots, different streak colors, bubbles... all conclusive that this is slag. Cheers ? ps - here is a great link on meteorwrongs, many of which are different examples of slag. https://sites.wustl.edu/meteoritesite/items/meteorwrongs/
  2. Howdy ? It's great to see this site is a rather active one. I hope to be of some contribution and I know for sure I'll learn a lot from many of you along the way. My main interest in metal detecting is for finding meteorites. I owned and operated a used White's Goldmaster V/Sat from 2011 to 2020 when it was stolen from my vehicle. So... I've been hunting for a replacement ever since. I'm a fairly active member on many of the meteorite Facebook groups and I'll be catching up on all the meteorite topics that have been discussed in this forum. I enjoy just swinging the detector and digging up all them good targets. A few of my more interesting earthly finds have been an 1899 Canadian 5 cent piece, a handmade copper earing of a wolf or coyote howling at the moon and a really nice blebby copper nugget. Happy to be here.
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