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  1. Steve and all, Having worn out the stock GPZ 7000 skid-plate in relatively very short order (No, I am not a scuffer) and seeing how thin the coil itself is, I purchased the Miner John Designs GPZ coil cover out of necessity. IMHO this Miner John 7000 cover is the best investment that can be made to protect this effective, but costly, detecting unit. This skid-plate is “Tank Tough” and swinging one of the heavier detectors on the market, the weigh is not an issue at all. It's heavy duty design does not affect sensitive or performance in any way with the finding of nuggets at depth to prove it. As for the slots on the edge of the Super D, I really think that Minelab lay-out of the coil's edges was to ensure that they would be the only game in town. The Miner John Designs GPZ coil cover far exceeds the manufacture's best efforts, period. The Cover stays snug and does not allow dirt to get inside and some would want you to believe. I pose a very important question to those that have a GPZ and use their 7000 a great deal: Knowing how thin the stock cover is and how quickly they disintegrate, why would you keep beating your head against the wall by purchasing a “dollar store trash can lid” over and over again when you could have a heavy duty cover to protect a primary part of an expensive detecting device? Nuggethunt
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