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  1. Water getting into the hole does not have much chance of doing serious damage since it just lets water into the headphone module, a dummy pass through adapter. The GPZ is based on the CTX design, and by removing the module you can attach CTX waterproof headphones directly to the actual headphone connection on the GPZ, which is exposed when you remove the module. There is a plug hidden inside the module, but it’s a plug designed for the inner connection, in theory to be used when the waterproof headphones are removed. The GPZ is extremely water resistant, and in theory can handle being fully submerged, though I’d not recommend it.
  2. What’s the target id number? It’s probably aluminum or some mix of melted metals. Easy test. Platinum is impossible to melt with normal means. Hit it with a propane torch until it glows. If it melts, it’s not platinum.
  3. If gold hits $3000 everything with a hint of possibility gets claimed up, no open ground left. Zillions of newbies would flood the hills. Issues would develop leading to more rules and regulations. Indeed, be careful what you wish for. On the other hand my ground in Alaska would probably put lots more money in my pocket, so go gold!
  4. The right 1885 three cent nickel is worth a lot of money.
  5. Gotta love the platinum. For once I caught prices right and cashed in a little over two ounces back where platinum got over $2000 and ounce. Congratulations on a great find!
  6. Maybe if it was Fisher, Garret or Whites. Even a year between model releases would be a significant slow down for Nokta/Makro. I’d be very surprised if they went to Detectival this year without an announcement. This machine has already been in the works for a long time, it’s not something they just started. It is however admittedly a step to the next level. Garrett for instance has yet to do multifrequency, so doing so would in effect pass up Garrett and pull even at least with Fisher, whose only offering is the ancient analog CZ. So it very well could slip into next year.... but my bet is on Detectival for an official announcement. Not availability, just announcement. But I could be totally wrong.
  7. If in the Simplex box it will be waterproof and direct competition for Equinox water market. But may not be overall as versatile as the Equinox 800 as far as Gold Mode, for instance. I’d expect more an Equinox 600 alternative. We’ll see.
  8. Another good option is the Gray Ghost Rattler though I lean Killer Bee myself (I prefer the smaller knob).
  9. Very nice, the iron nickel meteorites are much more what I think of when I think meteorite. Not to knock anyone’s finds but most just look like rocks. That’s a meteorite!
  10. It’s all about sharing and helping others out - welcome to the forum!
  11. Do you think that was actual in place pocket vein material, or possibly just a large quartz specimen that decomposed/shattered/broke up in place? It's hard to tell from the photo if you are into decomposed bedrock or talus.
  12. Funny how if you tell people they have to behave as adults the ones that don't want to just generally stay away. If not, they are they only ones that get torched around here. I don't want numbers, I want quality, and you guys are it!
  13. It has been common knowledge among those paying attention that Nokta/Makro has been working on a new simultaneous multifrequency detector for some time now. The Simplex+ has been specifically stated as being the potential housing for the new unit when it appears. This post from 2/17/2020 reconfirms work on the new model: "Hello all... yes, the name has been chosen and the machine is in the works. Cannot confirm the release date as of today but hopefully I will be able to share more info further into the year. Hope this helps...." People often bring up patents as a reason why new multifrequency units have been so rare to appear, but the fact is patents on machines like the 5 & 15 kHz Fisher CZ, White's 3 & 15 kHz DFX, and Minelab BBS (billed as 17 transmitted but more likely 2 - 3 processed frequencies out of 17 transmitted) have all expired. Nokta/Makro has plenty to work with. Given the speed with which Nokta/Makro has brought new machines to market in the past and the fact they have a mostly proven housing in hand now via the Simplex, I expect an announcement by this fall with a detector available either before Christmas or next spring. If I was them right now I would be collecting warranty claim info to make sure the Simplex housing is bullet proof before launching the new unit, and that should be going well by now. In the meantime work can proceed on design and testing of the circuit. Frankly, there is no need to do anything radical to be successful. If Nokta/Makro simply did what Fisher should have done years ago and mage a digital clone of the CZ but with target id instead of meter, put in a waterproof Simplex box with wireless, and at their normal great pricing, they will have a winner. Many people would kill for a Excalibur BBS clone in a Simplex style housing. The main thing multifrequency offers is good VLF saltwater performance, and a Nokta/Makro Multiplex (my guess ) model would be an easy sale for a lot of beach hunters plus the general coin, relic, jewelry market. There will probably not be any real news for some time but when I hear anything, this is the thread I will post on. Nokta/Makro Multifrequency metal detector?
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