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  1. The answer on this forum is either “buy” or “wait and see”. If your answer is anything else feel free to wander over to the Advice & Comparisons Forum to start a “why not to buy” thread.
  2. The manufacturing cost of an Equinox 600 and 800 are the same. They were developed together, as were the 700 and 900. ORX and Deus 1. Various Score models. It’s been this way for decades in model series. Gold Bug and Gold Bug Pro. MX5 and MX7. On and on and on. You literally have no idea what you are talking about. Manufacturing cost is set at the lowest price model in any series, and at retail you are charged for and pay for features, not costs. Most 10HP and 15HP outboards are the same engine, same cost. The 15HP is simply tuned up to develop more horsepower. You pay for that horsepower, not the cost of the engine, which is the same as the 10HP.
  3. There are three models at three prices. Other than adding an ability to upgrade via software that other companies are denying you, since they want to force you to buy new hardware to upgrade, what exactly is the problem? There is nothing different here than there is with all the companies. The lower price version in models series are dumbed down versions of the top ones. You are saying you would be happy if the upgrade feature did not exist? Fine, pretend it does not, buy the one of the three you like. If you decide you wanted a different one instead, say you bought the VX5 and decided you want the VX9, then sell the VX5 and buy the VX9. There you go, happy now?
  4. The meter indications are not reliable. First thing I would do is get away from the trashy area to see how it runs in clean ground. If good then start with sparse trash and watch the meter, then dig the target for quite some time to learn the target response. I noted some difference in indications on left to right versus right to left myself. Given the nature of the system I recommend only passing on strong 100% ferrous indications. Any indecisive results, back and forth between ferrous and non-ferrous should be treated as a dig me type signal.
  5. Not sure what the point would be as Z-Lynk is six times faster than Bluetooth. But you could get the Z-Lynk WR-1 receiver and plug a Bluetooth transmitter into that. Just costs more to get a slower Rube Goldberg device. Makes more sense if you want Bluetooth to plug a Bluetooth transmitter into the 1/8" port and eliminate Z-Lynk as a go between as there is no advantage to putting it in the middle.
  6. Four coils so far, 8.5" x 11" Raider coil as standard coil, three other options, two smaller and one larger. The Viper will probably be a favorite with many and is already available. The small Ripper and large Reaper coils are still in the works in progress stage. These coils have a new waterproof connector. That plus being optimized for multi frequency operation with the Vortex series means they are not compatible with any other detectors. No word on aftermarket options yet but in general Garrett has always enjoyed good aftermarket coil support, so we will probably not have to wait long. Headphone options include the proprietary Z-Lynk wireless MS-3 headphones for the VX7 and VX9. The VX5 does not have Z-Lynk enabled and so you will have to upgrade to the VX7 or VX9 to get this option. The Vortex models do not have Bluetooth and so for those wanting wireless you have either the included Z-Lynk option, or the possibility of adding an external Bluetooth transmitter via the 1/8" audio out port. The Vortex series uses a 1/8" jack compatible with any 1/8" headphones. Note that the Vortex does have a built in master volume control (not all detectors do) and so you don't have to worry about having an external volume control on wired headphones. Regular ear buds will work fine. Beware of some model specific cell phone ear buds though as some use a modified 1/8" jack that may or may not work. There is also a waterproof headphone option for those wanting to get underwater with their Vortex. See my separate thread on the Z-Lynk system that describes how you can convert any wired headphones to wireless for use with with your Vortex VX7 or VX9.
  7. My personal curated guide to the Vortex threads on this forum that I think are essential reading. I'll add to it over time. Garrett Vortex Data & Reviews - The latest news and information on the Vortex series, along with an ability for users to leave reviews. Obviously none of those yet. Garrett Vortex Quick Start Guide - The full manual is not out yet, but the short guide is and covers the basics well. Garrett Vortex Coil and Headphone Options - Just what it says. Vortex MD-MF Technology Explained - Video by Vortex lead engineer Brent Weaver. Garrett Vortex and The Z-Lynk Wireless System - Details on using Z-Lynk wireless options with the Vortex. Vortex Speed & Separation - Video by Vortex lead engineer Brent Weaver. Replay Of The 45 Minute Official Announcement Livestream Event Links to Official VX5 VX7 VX9 Pages on Garrett.com
  8. I guess I'm not the only one that picked up on the VX3 reference. Little known fact is the VX3 had the built in ability to be upgraded to a full V3i with an unlock code, but White's never followed through on it. Looks like Garrett has and then name does seem to be a nod in that direction.
  9. Just a reminder, the Vortex series is Garrett Z-Lynk capable. Z-Lynk is Garrett's proprietary wireless protocol that is six times faster than Bluetooth for lag free performance. That means all Z-Lynk accessories will work with the Vortex VX7 and VX9. The VX5 does not have Z-Lynk wireless enabled and you will have to upgrade to the VX7 or VX9 to get this feature. A main item of interest will be the WR-1 Receiver Module that will let you turn any wired headphone into a wireless headphone by plugging it into the module. Here is a closeup of the module plus a picture of it with my Sun Ray headphones and Bose ear buds. As you can see the module is actually quite small. Full details on the Z-Lynk systems and accessories here. Bottom line is this is an ideal way to use any favorite wired headphone with the Vortex, especially headphones with a 1/4" jack. The Vortex has a 1/8" jack but the WR-1 is 1/4" Best of all though is the waterproof and Z-Lynk wireless capable Pro-Pointer AT, one of the best pinpointers on the market in my opinion, and that of many others. Garrett created the modern pinpointer market with the original Pro-Pointer model, and the Z-Lynk version continues that tradition by having the ability to pair simultaneously with your Z-Lynk enabled headphones or modules so you can hear the pinpointer in your headphones while using the Vortex. Garrett has a well thought out and very affordable system both in Z-Lynk and the Pro-Pointer series that perfectly complement the Vortex VX7 and VX9 models, so do check them out. Full details on Z-Lynk Pro-Pointer AT
  10. Updates are certainly possible based on user commentary. Put me down for full tones. Yeah, until real end users get their hands on these it's all blah blah blah. Luckily and surprisingly to me they will be shipping to dealers next month, so not long to wait.
  11. I don't know about all that. I do know that people forget that both the Ace and AT series were massive home runs at the time of release. Garrett fans favor solid value and machines that are not overly complicated. The Vortex series seems like an excellent replacement for the aging AT series, one that will be well received by the same people that have always liked Garrett product. The upgrade idea has been around a long time and I think Garrett will get a real positive boost from it once the dust settles and the paranoid types are proven wrong. High end users on these forums will no doubt keep using what they are using, though some may add a Vortex also. In the longer term I have to think Garrett has a replacement in the works to replace the ridiculously old GTI 2500 as a flagship model, something like the Vortex but with color display, gold mode, etc. Time will tell I guess. But for now I think Garrett will do just fine with the Vortex series as part of their 21st century overhaul.
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