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  1. I also am not trying to argue, just wanting people to be clear on what is being sold. You mentioned your sluice is shorter so how can it be identical? You say it does not matter but I think it does matter to people. Anyway, I don't mind you promoting the product here for free but that also means I have to be satisfied that people are getting the straight scoop on what is being advertised. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. You can go to smaller DD coils but that kind of negates why you use a GPX - the power. Basically, no, you can’t reduce sensitivity without reducing depth.
  3. I do not believe the ferrous rejection methodology employed will work for most gold nugget detecting. Too much variation in natural gold responses.
  4. The trick is to get new models when they come out so you get the full ride. After several years you just never know when a new model may.. or may not, come out. And no matter what the new machine costs existing units always take a price hit as many people dump the older model to get the newer one. Since Minelab owns the high end market with no competition in sight there is no business reason to replace the GPZ any time soon. For a long time now the only company competing with Minelab on the high end gold detectors has been Minelab. Not saying it won’t happen, but people counting X number of years between releases forget what happened when the GPX 4500 came out. The releases time between it and the final GPX 5000 doubled over previous release intervals. I know because I sold my GPX 4500 anticipating a new model.... and then had to buy another one when the 4800/5000 release was delayed.
  5. It should be noted that what you are selling are modified copies of the original Le Trap sluice. The original is being sold by American Mining Supply at this link.
  6. Well it's all gone quiet so hopefully there will be an introduction some day. This was the only machine on the horizon I had any interest in this year but with each passing day I am thinking it will be more of a next year thing for me anyway.
  7. until
    An incredible 2 day metal detectorist's dream.1200+ acres of extremely historic land and your choice of doing a natural hunt for 2 days or splitting it up and doing 1 day natural and 1 day seeded. Day 2 includes the largest ever seeded hunt with SILVER, GOLD NUGGETS AND GOLD COINS! Tickets and more information
  8. From the Minelab Facebook page: "Have you been on the new Minelab website: WWW.MINELAB.COM ? We've given the site a modern and fresh layout while making it easier to find key details. Browse product information, learn about accessories, read user-submitted success stories or locate your nearest dealer. Did we also mention it's now translated into 16 different languages. Let us know what you think of the new design in the comments or send us a message."
  9. I agree - it's rare to see something really different on the forums and this is one of those posts for sure!
  10. It is a mystery for sure .... https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/9824-new-deeptech-detector-is-coming-soon-deeptech-vista-x/ https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/9991-deeptech-vista-x-introduction-video/ https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/9882-tesoro-fans-may-be-interested-in-new-deeptech-vista-x-very-much-like-updated-tesoro-tejon/ https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/10216-deeptech-vista-x-user-review-video/
  11. Look me up when you are headed to Reno if you wish John. Can’t promise any detecting but good for a cup of coffee at least. You in turn would be doing me a big favor by staying on topic in the future. We all get excited about things but the other forum members manage somehow.
  12. Thread split at Norvics request. Various posts discussing individuals instead of detectors deleted. JPs thread on issues regarding the X coil posted here.
  13. This thought that when the coil is moved slower you have to reduce recovery speed is a fallacy that keeps coming up. That’s backwards. If you reduce recovery speed you should probably slow down, but there is no reason to reduce recovery speed simply because you have slowed down. Do a complete reset, use Beach 2, do a frequency scan, and reduce the sensitivity until the machine is quiet. That’s it. Tracking would be a last resort for me.
  14. Welcome to the forum! There are no such thing as genuine gold arrowheads, except in a modern jewelry store. That simply looks like a broken piece of pyrite - iron sulphide. However if you found it with a metal detector (not sure about that), it would be metal. Pyrite in general is not something a detector would signal on. Still not gold, but then it might be some brass variant.
  15. Salt This post and the one following it may clarify the salt issue for people. It’s an issue for any very sensitive metal detector: https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/8257-my-tarsacci-mdt-8000-commentary-pics-and-videos-unit-received-12-15-2018/?do=findComment&comment=96925 Clay from the Minelab Eureka Gold manual, page 34: ”11.2 Clay Domes A common occurrence in nugget-bearing country is soil mineralisation commonly known as ‘clay domes’. These are regions of rather broad sound which could be confused with the sound which would come from a large deep nugget. The following procedure will quickly establish whether or not the sound comes from clay or a metal target: a) Pinpoint the target as best you can. b) Remove about 4 cm (1.5”) depth of soil from over the target response. Dish the hole so that there are no sharp edges around the hole. c) Sweep the coil across the target from a few directions, keeping the coil as low as possible. Listen to the signal and note if it is: — Any louder or more defined than before. By bringing the coil closer to a metal target the signal should become louder. — Note if the signal seems to come from one direction only (a mineral signal will often come from one direction only, or at least be less defined from the return sweep). d) If you are still not sure, continue to dig deeper and again, note the points above. e) Be sure to dish the hole when digging to ensure there are no sharp edges. Sweeping the coil across the sharp edge of a hole can cause false spurious signals due to the change in distance between the ground and the coil.” Thread on mineralization issues: https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/1599-gb-numbers-mineralization/
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