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  1. I just spent two months overhauling the website and could use a break from the keyboard. I promised myself a reward when it was done and now it’s time to collect. I am going to be off grid most of the next couple weeks and for those times when I might be in range I am not going to think about it. That being the case you are all on your own until the end of the month. My absence is in itself is an experiment just to see what happens. You are all a really great bunch of folks so no worries on my part. I hope you all enjoy both the forum and your own adventures. If things get a little sloppy I will sort it out when I return. So take care, have fun, and see you all on or before Aug 1st. The goal when I get back will be a day by day accounting of the adventure with photos and hopefully some good finds to show. I know the adventure will be there regardless of finds - going to be a good time. Again, best wishes to all, and thanks for being the best forum members ever! Steve Herschbach DetectorProspector.com
  2. Steve Herschbach

    White’s Please Remove Gag Order On Goldmaster 24K

    The video is publicly posted on YouTube. That means it has been released for general viewing by the public. I am also not a dealer, which makes that moderator response total nonsense. Maybe dealers can’t comment but everyone else sure can. All companies know that telling dealers anything is going to leak. That being the case telling dealers is in effect a controlled leak because companies know dealers as a group can’t keep a secret. I used to post on the official White’s forum just to help people with Whites products but got ran off for posting about the Sierra Super Track. Not a White’s detector I was told, violation of the rules. That did it for me. The last place to go for the latest information on new Whites detectors is the Whites forum. However, this is a White’s forum also. I think good feedback is important and you guys are doing a good job at keeping it clean. Please keep doing so. Tom at Whites has been trying hard to improve things and the goal is to help him help us. There are testers for the Goldmaster 24K and at some point we will hear from them. I was not one but that is not White’s fault. I have been busy on other stuff.
  3. Steve Herschbach

    Montana Gold Nuggets

    Here is an old post on Rob’s forum about Bud’s large specimen that has a good photo and details of the find.
  4. Steve Herschbach

    Which Nugget Detector?

    The Sand Shark cannot ground balance. As a result I would rather use most any VLF instead. The reasons prospectors use PI detectors is because ground balancing PI detectors can ignore ground and hot rocks a VLF or a non-ground balancing PI detector will signal on. Half the battle of nugget detecting is removing ground signals.
  5. Steve Herschbach

    GPS Recommendations?

    Same basic question a few days ago...
  6. Steve Herschbach

    Detector Vs Backpack Dredge 1 1/2"

    It depends purely on the location and nature of the gold. In an area with nothing but fine gold a detector may find nothing where dredges, sluices, and even just pans succeed. Nuggets are the prerequisite for nugget detecting. Most dredgers get used to consistently finding gold and have a hard time with detecting, where you can go ages between finds. Legalities aside I would rather try and make a living with a dredge rather than a detector. It would not be a 1.5” dredge however, which I consider to be more like a gas powered crevice cleaner.
  7. Steve Herschbach

    The Forum Like Limit

    Nope. 20 “reactions” per day.
  8. Steve Herschbach

    The Forum Like Limit

    You can’t overuse them since they have a limit of 20. How you use them is up to you. I generally try to “like” good answers to questions asked. I often “like” posts of nice finds. Or somebody simply makes a nice comment so I “like” it. Whatever. It is a very loose system but it does basically highlight good posts.
  9. Steve Herschbach

    White’s Please Remove Gag Order On Goldmaster 24K

    Works for me. Detector Prospector can be read many ways. I like prospecting for new detectors! The pattern should be obvious by now. I get wind of a new model, and then go nuts trying to collect information together about it. It is half to learn, and half to create unique website content. It is prospecting of another sort. The dealers are just too busy to post about new detectors. Google "whites mx7" or "whites tdi sl special edition" and you will see this website come up before any other forums. There is not much to know about the White's Goldmaster 24K really that is not already known. I have a pretty good idea how it will perform based simply on the technical information released so far. The Goldmaster 24K will no doubt be capable of hitting tiny gold about as well as it can be detected, but at the same time like any hot VLF will struggle with bad ground and hot rocks. It's just the nature of the beast (over 30 khz high gain VLF). With pre sales starting in August and machines rolling out the door in September we will know soon enough. White's Goldmaster 24K gold nugget metal detector
  10. Steve Herschbach

    Which Nugget Detector?

    If the unit needs to be waterproof that really narrows the field. The Garrett ATX and Minelab SDC 2300 are great options but the price may not be so great. If money is no object the SDC 2300 is actually a terrific beginners machine for those willing to dig everything. VLF options from Waterproof VLF Metal Detector Comparison Chart 1. Garrett AT Gold - safe, well proven, waterproof nugget detector 2. Makro Gold Kruzer - new relatively unproven model but capable enough based on early reports 3. White's MX Sport - a little lower frequency than the two models above but can do the job. The Equinox models I consider quite capable but due to the new and unique way the machine works as a nugget detector I am not really recommending it for any nugget hunters yet except for adventurous types wanting to experiment with new things. Waterproof VLF detectors listed by price.....
  11. Steve Herschbach

    Gold Nugget Settings

    Equinox Gold Nugget Detecting Tips So What Is Gold Mode Exactly? Equinox First Gold Nugget Photos My First Equinox Gold Nuggets Equinox, Micro Nuggets My first Equinox nuggets....
  12. Steve Herschbach

    Which Nugget Detector?

    Based on the limited amount of information it’s anybodys guess what detector might be best for the situation. Is the ground mild and amenable to a VLF? Or is it intensely mineralized and loaded with hot rocks, making it only suitable for a PI? Without knowing the gold size or ground conditions or the amount of trash all people can do is pick favorites. Heading into an area with minimum information I would want at least two detectors, a PI and a hot VLF with iron discrimination. An example would be the GPX 5000 with large, medium, and small coils plus a Gold Bug 2 with a couple coils. That would cover just about any situation encountered. In your case it sounds like you are working within a budget. If you are just looking for picks for a nugget detector for under a grand, that really is just a popularity contest. My nugget detector review lists detectors by price so I will aim you there. Guide To Gold Nugget Detectors Deepest VLF For Small Gold? Best VLF Detector For Nugget Detecting VLF Detectors And Depth GPX 5000, Deus, AT Pro, Mxt, Eureka Gold, X-terra 705, Best Combo? Your Pick Of Any Nugget Detector For High Trash Areas? Fisher Gold Bug Pro Vs F19 Vs F75 Vs Nokta FORS Gold / FORS CoRe Fisher F19 vs Gold Bug Pro vs F75Ltd vs F75Ltd2 Fisher F75SE vs Minelab CTX 3030 vs Nokta FORS Gold vs White's V3i Gold Bug Pro Vs AT Gold Vs X-Terra 705 Gold Vs Lobo Supertraq Vs MXT and finally... How To Make Yourself Crazy
  13. Steve Herschbach

    The Forum Like Limit

    It is actually 20 “reactions” per day since they added the other options.