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  1. My explanation was not aimed at anyone, just generic stuff. Your case is special Simon in that you are using the disc to eliminate certain pesky non-ferrous items. This can be helpful. I have been places where people have fired off thousands of rounds of .22 bullets, and being able to knock out the shell casings can be a neat trick. Yes, a large nugget that reads the same as a .22 shell casing will be missed, but the odds of that are low, whereas the odds of digging the one thousand shell casings is 100%. The same for you and certain pellets, or any constantly reoccurring trash or hot rock ite
  2. That's what anyone should be doing all the time. Selling a claim is not miners mining miners. It's not a "flip" or any other derogatory term you want to come up with for a legal activity. That implies there is something wrong with the practice. It's perfectly legal to stake claims, and perfectly legal to sell them. How the claim came about does not matter, all that matters is whether it is valid and current. Further, it's not about respect per se, though that is a nice sentiment. Detecting on a mining claim without permission of the owner is mineral trespass and possible theft, and can h
  3. I appreciate the desire to warn people, but posting names and addresses on this website is not something I am comfortable with. I have removed the personal information - if anyone has a need to know they can PM you. The main lesson here is never use PayPal friends and family for anything other than genuine friends or family. You did not and so you were covered by the PayPal seller protection plan. 👍🏼
  4. The adapter was given to me to use on my original Golden Mask setup, and the armrest is from the same Golden Mask setup. The one I ran over and broke, prompting this rod replacement. It’s all detailed in the reference links in the original post in this thread. I’ve also used simple hose clamps, and the armrest for other detectors by fashioning an adapter end piece. Again, it’s all in the reference threads.
  5. It just depends on the trash levels. Rule number one of nugget detecting - dig absolutely all targets. But if you can’t realistically do that, you start skipping the ones with the worst signals. But it is always a gamble with small signals in highly mineralized ground. The more ground iron mineralization, the more chance a weak non-ferrous signal will read ferrous. Here is how that works. Get a very faint signal, consistently ferrous on every sweep. Obviously ferrous, no question. Now remove a little soil. At some point the target reads both ferrous and non-ferrous, erratic. Remove a litt
  6. You cannot fry any detector detecting manhole covers or even aircraft carriers. At least not if they are functioning properly.
  7. Not a big deal. People make money on YouTube posting dancing cats and UFO videos... you name it. I am unaware of any requirement that any of it has to be real. The people paying all the bills are the advertisers sponsoring the videos. It’s not like you, the viewer, is paying money to watch. I was wondering if they use the same gold in any of the videos, but my desire to watch expires in minutes, so I just don’t know.
  8. They may be fake, but it's working. This is at least the third thread linking to and about these people digging giant chunks of gold with toy detectors and toy digging tools. All that gold, you'd think they could afford better gear! But they are getting the last laugh. Based on the channel viewership, they are minting their own gold getting people to watch this stuff. There is the more recent thread Simon posted. Here is one from Jan 2019. There is another one that went for pages of commentary, but I was not lucky enough to find it with a quick search.
  9. Announcing the Nokta|Makro Simplex+ Handbook We are proud to announce that Andy Sabisch’s latest book - The Nokta|Makro Simplex+ Handbook – will be available shortly. The new book covers all aspects of Simplex+ including a discussion of all its functions and features, tips on getting the most out of it under virtually any condition you might come across, details on a range of applications including coin hunting, relic hunting, field and pasture hunting, beach and water hunting with invaluable information provided by some of the top Simplex+ users from around the globe, useful accessories,
  10. Both detectors are basically the same, and have not been made in over 20 years. If I had to use one it would be the newer V/SAT, but reality is I have the newest Goldmaster 24K. The Goldmaster II in 1990 was the first of the new "black box" 50 kHz Goldmaster series. There was an old Goldmaster series in blue boxes that used old TR technology and which should not be confused with the newer ground balancing units. List price new for the GMII was $499.95The Goldmaster II was replaced by the Goldmaster V/SAT in 1994. The Goldmaster V/SAT added the "Variable Self Adjusting Threshold" co
  11. If depth and masking were truly important, you’d all be swinging at least a GPX 5000 and digging all targets. Otherwise you are not getting near max depth, and are letting countless targets remain masked. Most everyone is compromising one way or the other, and nobody swinging VLF should get too high and mighty about depth in particular. The minute I put down one of my big guns to use a VLF, I know max depth has gone out the door.
  12. It is posted on this forum already, just down the page farther. Please place any commentary on the purchase in the existing threads. Garrett Acquires White's Electronics!
  13. I admit it is a quandary at times. If nobody ever showed finds forums and such would get pretty dull. On the other hand it can attract unwanted attention. I go out of my way to note I have no gold or other serious valuables in my house, but I worry somebody might come looking anyway. Kind of like the time my locked truck that had nothing in it got broken into. Nothing was stolen, but I still had a side window to replace.
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