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  1. Hard to believe two years have already blown by since JP started this thread.
  2. The pics and dimension/kHz info is straight out of version 3 and version 5 of the owners manual. That's not to say it's entirely accurate, but I am just matching what XP has published themselves. Thanks for the extra software info. I considered getting into that but was keeping it simple. Maybe in the next "deluxe" version.
  3. Translation problems. I see what Terry means. In the video it appears you are lifting your leg up as if you have somehow picked the ring up with your toes. You do not appear to bend over at all, so in the video it looks like your are using your leg and your booted foot to somehow pick the ring up and put it in your hand.
  4. Hi Rick, I am not questioning your abilities nor why FT sold you the detector. I understand why you might feel like I am since so many others have piled on, but I am not. My post speaks for itself. I was curious and I have a feeling others were also. Thanks for the explanation and the extra photos. After your initial “tease” I am sure many were hoping to see a little more than we did, and the extra pics go a long way to satisfying some of that desire for now. Again, I am glad you are feeling better, and that you have shared what you can with the forum members. Thanks Rick, and best wishes for the rest of 2020.
  5. There seemed to be no one place where all the coils are listed, and XP was pretty quiet about the LF coils going away, so I have to admit I was not too clear on the current situation myself. It was as much for my own edification as anything.
  6. I have to be honest and say something seems odd about all this Rick. Given your original excited post about unboxing videos and such it sure fizzled out quick. I understand you were not well for a time, but it also seems there was no rush to return the detector to FT so quickly if it’s just going to sit there waiting to be updated. I know if I had had my hands on the detector it would have been like any other detector I’ve got my hands on. Closeup good photos of the machine from every angle possible, including coil, battery, and rod as separate items. Weights and lengths on all components, etc. There is a lot that you could have shared about the machine without it ever leaving your house. See my Nokta/Makro Gold Kruzer Review of an example of what I am talking about. And while you don’t live at the beach, no air tests on coins? No tests on a buried nickel? It just all seems weird to me that you had this machine in your hands, and then so little ultimately was said before you sent it back to FT. You get this first example of a long anticipated detector, and basically just post a couple pictures of it and send it back? I can’t help but get the feeling there is more to the story than you are letting on here. I’m not questioning your word on anything you have said at all. I’m just wondering why so little has been said. The lack of any more photos is especially puzzling to me. It’s like you were all excited, literally a kid with a new toy under the Christmas tree wanting to tell everyone about it, and then completely lost interest in sharing about the new toy.
  7. Me. Think CTX 3030 and Equinox. Was anyone interested in paying for a lighter housing and a little bit of new tech on a machine that's already essentially out there? I ditched my CTX 3030 the minute I got my hands on an Equinox. I also have an iPhone now instead of a rotary phone, but I am sure my iPhone is no better at making phone calls.
  8. Man Joe, you are killing it - good for you! What is your theory of the similarity of the insignia rings? It's like an entire ring set in different sizes. What are the letters? They are so stylized I can't really make them out. Very interesting.
  9. XP DEUS / XP ORX Search Coil Chart Low Frequency (LF) Search Coils 4, 8, 12, 18 kHz 9" round, 11" round, 13" x 11" (discontinued September 2018) XP DEUS Only X35 Search Coils 4, 8 ,12 ,18, 25 kHz 9" round, 11" round, 13" x 11" XP DEUS and XP ORX High Frequency (HF) Search Coils 9" round 15, 30, 50 kHz and 10" x 5" 15, 30, 80 kHz XP DEUS and XP ORX
  10. Jerry is super knowledgeable and after reading a few of his posts back in the day I sought out and read all I could find. I’m glad to hear he is doing well. Thanks Mark.
  11. Just to confirm Jim, the GMX Sport is coming with two small coils, the 6” round concentric and 4” x 6” DD elliptical? Edit: OK, that is also what you report in the video so that confirms it. Thanks for posting Jim! White's GMX Sport Data & Specifications
  12. If you have had it since 3003 and it was working correctly and is not now after repeated factory resets it sounds like it needs to be serviced.
  13. Im glad you are feeling better Rick. Thanks for the update. Sounds like with certification tests pending etc. I will get in with life and tune back in when Fisher makes an official announcement. Still ice and snow on the ground here so I’m not holding my breath and stomping my feet!
  14. Congrats on the new toy Simon. Keep it as simple as possible at first. The number one move for mild soil and small gold is to go from Difficult to Normal and audio smoothing off. Then run the sensitivity just like a VLF, high as you can while staying stable. Good luck!
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