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  1. I just spotted this on the new Garrett Direct website: The Axiom is updateable via the same process that is used by the Garrett Apex. The current firmware version is displayed for a split second when you first turn on the Axiom. The top ground balance number will show 01 and the bottom one 47. If you so much as blink you will miss it. And just so nobody asks, I'm not involved in or testing any updates so can offer no clues as to what is in the works.
  2. As walking into a store and buying a detector is replaced by ordering one online factory direct sales are all but inevitable. Got this in my email yesterday. BUY NOW
  3. Names are made up and people can even use a trusted name from one forum on another forum very easily. The bottom line is pretty simple - trust nobody and only use protected forms of payment. I’m constantly amazed by people that insist on using Friends and Family because they apparently think the insurance has no value. Yeah, it’s just extra money you are paying, UNTIL you get ripped off. Then I promise you will wish you had it. I insist on not using Friends and Family, and will only do business with PayPal address verified accounts. I’ve heard all kinds of excuses about why it’s not needed, or how you can get ripped off anyway, but my company in Alaska specialized in shipping millions of dollars of product worldwide, and I never got scammed. I have a finely tuned scam meter and know how to protect myself and using PayPal buyer protection is one of the best things going. Fraud is at all time highs and is everywhere. It’s a huge multi billion dollar enterprise, and if you don’t protect yourself it’s only a matter of time before you get hit. Buyer beware. Here is where the guy introduced himself. Even it raises red flags with me. An introduction that’s no introduction at all, clearly done just to satisfy the forum minimum.
  4. Appears this guy was a scammer that hit a forum member so has been banned. Use Extreme Caution when getting offers from brand new members. Legitimate people have to join at some point so simply being new does not mean you can’t work with them, but please use verified safe methods before proceeding, and NEVER use PayPal Friends and Family unless they are your friend or family! It strips you of the buyer protections that in my opinion are the number one reason to use PayPal. When in doubt, if anything seems off, pass the deal up.
  5. Just shows the hardest hit locations still have hidden treasure. Nice finds Rick for you and your buddy - congratulations!
  6. Using advanced detectors need not be complicated at all. The presets exist for a reason - use them and I don't see why a beginner can't get going, then expand into learning the controls later if they want. Better that than buying a simple detector, then selling it later to upgrade. Surely most people can do this: I have a short Equinox tutorial here
  7. 900 is fine also - I was trying to keep it tight, not end up with a list a mile long. My comment in return is that if not Equinox 800 then go all the way to Manticore. But again, whatever, it’s splitting hairs over personal preferences. Let’s amend my list to Minelab Equinox, Nokta Legend or XP Deus 2 and leave the exact Equinox model up in the air. I’d be fine with any of them.
  8. Welcome to the forum! Almost anyone need look no farther than the Minelab Equinox 800, Nokta Legend or XP Deus 2 for the vast majority of normal metal detecting - coins, relics, jewelry, and even gold nuggets. They will all get the job done and done well, and the difference between them is negligible. The Minelab Manticore will probably replace the Equinox 800 as the way to go once the software is finalized and coils fully available. It's probably a better bet looking forward for a really serious operator, but the Equinox 800 has bang for the buck that can't be denied. Outside of serious gold prospecting there honestly is no need to look at anything but these three or four detectors, and do rest assured they are all very good. Most of the debate on these forum boil down to hair splitting over the fringe targets, with all these models normally doing just as well on the vast majority of normal targets. Pick one that seems to be a fit for you for whatever reason, even if one just looks cooler to you than the others. Flip a coin. But if you get one of these and truly apply yourself to learning it and more importantly, putting in hours on good locations, you will do well.
  9. 33 posts over four pages here Upper right there is a search box. Enter your search term, and make sure the search is set for “everywhere”
  10. Be sure when you search the forum that you are searching “Everywhere” or you won’t find stuff. I just searched Detech and Arrow and both worked. The search defaults to the thread or sub forum you are in and people not making sure it’s looking “Everywhere” is why things do not get found.
  11. I really enjoy your posts with the trash and all - the real story. I’ll do the same myself with Axiom soon, thanks for the inspiration. 🙂
  12. If my Equinox ever quit I'd get a Manticore or Deus 2 or Legend, or probably something newer and better by the time that ever happens. There are people using 20-25 year old detectors and they are going strong. The Equinox is not old at all compared to a White's MXT for example, or the original F75s, or even the old Explorer. People are still using them. There will also be used Equinox available long after Minelab ever quits making them. Lose no sleep over this one.
  13. It might help others to know what the fix was Chuck. That’s kind of the whole point of the forum.
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