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  1. Unfortunately I’m not hyper focused right now, but sparking off. A post on another thread smacked of grandiosity and more. I cleaned it all up. Apologies to all involved. Was not even my thread anyway, ruffled feathers… typical. All because I think my opinions matter more then they do. Especially at the moment! Oh well, it’s a good thing I was going offline anyway, and I’ve been advised that’s a really good idea anyway, as the other commentary is beyond my poor skills at this time. “Take a walk in the hills Steve” I’m sure a couple months offline and in the wilds will make everything clea
  2. Dredging was so, so good for me for so long. The perfect scenario is fully underwater in a dry suit, in the hole, relatively weightless, and the drone of the pump above. Everything going perfectly, just tossing rocks and watching gold go up the nozzle. It’s relaxing just thinking about it, so thanks for that reminder! I’d stay down for 2.5 hours (out of gas) and was always surprised how fast that time blew by.
  3. Thanks Keith. It’s nice to be understood. I see it with meteorites. It’s part of your focus. My focus is unintentionally blocking them out. I’ve thought a lot about that. I intend on looking for them, but when I start nugget detecting, I definitely am not. I’m mentally blocking them, probably look right at them and not see them. I don’t think I can both detect gold nuggets and see a meteorite at the same time. I simply can’t believe I’ve detected gold all these years, but never bagged a meteorite. Surely I’ve ignored them as hot rocks? All I know is they don’t fit the profile when I do
  4. This is actually connected to detecting if you bear with me. It especially explains my audio tuning style. I dedicate this post to my wife, who knows me better than I know myself, but who for some reason has put up with me now for over 30 years. Anyone that follows me for a long time on the forums may note that I appear to be a different person at times. I can be incredibly patient, but sometimes very short. People who know me more wonder how I have the time to do the things I do sometimes. I always seem to have many diverse balls in the air at once. And then there is me demanding peace a
  5. Yeah, Minelab has a lot of old models that are still better than anything else made by others. And they now have enough money to be strategic with pricing, and could literally bring back and sell an old model at a low price, just to gut a competitor. But you know what… either way we get more bang for the buck from somebody.
  6. I still want a proper ATX as a well behaved detector. Which I would use to hunt coins in parks, despite what people think about that. I can do it because i have, many times. The ATX circuit will easily handle hot rocks that a GPZ 7000 or GPX 6000 bang on all day. I'd get one just for that!! I did actually, but I finally just gave up on heavy machines. I totally agree with your last paragraph Simon. Cutting edge tech has only been part of the problem. The other was losing track of what the customer base actually wants. In my case it came to seem like willful ignorance. Minelab has left ple
  7. I always want lower price detectors. I was hoping the 6K would be half what it is selling for. But I will say this. Minelab invests millions of dollars into single models. Nobody would ever have created this technology if it had to sell for under a certain price. It should be obvious Minelab has far more financial horsepower than the competition, and it is this ability to have the largest and best engineering staff on the planet that truly makes the difference. They are the leaders, dumping huge amounts into R&D while the competition trickled money into decals and new paint jobs. There is
  8. I was too busy, but I also am not looking to compete with people. I thought it would be more we go use the old machines, show what we found. No losers, everyone wins. I’m still going to do it at some point anyway.
  9. I have two of the prior version (I have a backup set, but my original set refuses to die ), been using these for a decade now. Highly recommended, and will eliminate most compatibility issues. No wireless is as good as wired if you are really serious. Thanks for dropping by Joe!
  10. Looks like you had a great time! I admit I’ll probably never be a relic hunter. When gold nuggets and relics beckon, the gold nuggets always win. You guys would be horrified what I toss as “junk” but that’s just the way I swing. Thanks for taking the time to shoot and share video. It’s work as far as I am concerned, so kudos to anyone that takes the time. Some nice, intelligent commentary.
  11. People would do better thinking less, and listening more to the right people. Not all information sources are equal.
  12. Time for a bump as part of the welcome back. Reg is a part of detecting history, and people who do not know, need to see this stuff. Thanks for doing this JR.
  13. Ironically I appreciate the fact that the DFX, by today’s standards, is very stable, compared to the sparky machines we get now. Sometimes a well behaved detector is a nice change, and the DFX is nothing if not well behaved. There are times I do not need to hear every staple or flake of aluminum in the ground. Long story short I went back to DFX from V3i for the third time, because it actually is a little more toned down, and plays better with my Bigfoot coil.
  14. Congratulations Jeff, and thank you Gerry for doing this. I always liked you, and this is just another example why.
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