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  1. Steve Herschbach

    Free Target ID Cards

    You don't need to email or anything, just download the pdf and print. The whole "I will mail you something" thing was a year ago. I have edited Scott's original post to reflect this.
  2. Good for him, congratulations! Anyone know who won the December Find of the Month? Link? Edit. Found the link but they skipped December? Interesting the Find of the Month is administered out of the Dubai office?
  3. Steve Herschbach

    GPZ 7000 Now Coming With Free GPZ 19 Coil

    As has been noted elsewhere one might expect some new GPZ 19 coils to be getting sold as used soon as people get this deal and then some of them may sell the big coil to help lower their "all in" price.
  4. Steve Herschbach

    Usefulness Of Fe304 Meters?

    A very simplistic way to look at it. For a couple decades people like me have been pounding the table for a detector "that detects as deep as a PI but discriminates like a good VLF". Note the wish is not for more depth - my holes are deep enough. And we are still wishing for that. I would settle for just accurate ferrous discrimination at this point, and nobody can even give me that simple request in the best VLF machines made so far.
  5. Steve Herschbach

    Usefulness Of Fe304 Meters?

    Unless you get Dave or Carl to say more everything known about CZX is here. I do enjoy everyone's enthusiasm in keeping the dream alive, but I just know too much I guess about the constraints inherent in the existing technology when it comes to max depth. What you guys really want is more targets revealed within the depth that has already been achieved, but I personally have no expectation of any more depth than can be attained with a GPX 5000. The GPZ 7000 did not increase max depth, it increased depth subjectively by revealing targets the GPX 5000 missed. Welcome to metal detecting philosophy 101. http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/davejohnson/davejohnsonjohngardinerinterview.htm “Getting extra depth out of a VLF, multifrequency, or PI machine is very difficult, because these machines follow an inverse 6th power law relationship between signal voltage and depth. If everything else is maintained equal, doubling the depth requires 64 times as much signal. If this is done by increasing transmitter power, doubling depth requires 4,096 times as much battery drain. That’s the basic reason why depth increases come so slowly in this industry.” I expect more advances in signal analysis to continue to reveal targets missed up until now and that's about it. All the scuttlebutt I hear is about making machines that can equal the depth achieved by Minelab's best, not bettering it by some huge degree.
  6. Adrian Harris Published on Feb 17, 2019 - On our 4th dig at K C Rallys up comes a William 3rd silver hoard 51 in total well done Garry next step reporting the find to the Worcester FLO.
  7. Several U.S. dealers are advertising a free GPZ 19 coil with GPZ 7000 purchases though 4/15. I have not been able to find this on the Minelab website so maybe U.S. only? So there is the forum "mission". Is this promotion good in Australia and the U.K. etc. or just something out of Minelab USA?
  8. Steve Herschbach

    Usefulness Of Fe304 Meters?

    I will try. People think of ground balance as something that negates the ground, makes it invisible. No, the ground reduces depth directly, end of story. The ground balance may be viewed simply as a discrimination control. You are notching out the signal from the ground. The detector sticks it's fingers in its ears and goes "la, la, la, the ground is not there". Wrong, it's right there under your feet. The depth is still being lost. All you have done is get rid of that pesky audio report as relates to the ground. If the machine blares on the ground you can't find anything. By discriminating out the ground any targets that have been made to read into the ferrous range can actually drop into the ground range and read just like the ground you just notched out. Target be gone!! That is why VLF operators are just kidding themselves with all this depth stuff. If you want depth, get a high power PI like a GPX or if you really want to go after it all a GPZ 7000 and dig everything. Even those detectors have ground balance and they also miss targets but not the HUGE number of targets left behind by people using a VLF detector. VLF detecting is by nature cherry picking. The best that can be achieved with a VLF is pure all metal mode and dig either everything, or get an ear for "round" targets and dig those.
  9. Steve Herschbach

    For Sale eBay GPZ 19 Search Coil

    I just got an email from Kellyco with the same promotion.
  10. Steve Herschbach

    Usefulness Of Fe304 Meters?

    Mineralization rules all - it's the base floor from which all metal detector performance arises. We both have the same detector but mine gets 5" on a dime and yours get 10" on a dime. The fuel for many a misunderstanding on the internet. If you are not talking about mineralization, you really are not talking about the whole of metal detector performance. Then toss in a handful of trash!
  11. Steve Herschbach

    Strange Object

    That is weird. My first thought since you say it is hardened is that it is some sore of shear pin beaten beyond recognition but I really have no clue.
  12. Steve Herschbach

    New Gold Detecting Book Nearing Completion

    Feel free to post a dealer sale ad in the Classifieds when you get the book done. Best wishes on getting your book completed and to market!
  13. Steve Herschbach

    For Sale eBay GPZ 19 Search Coil

    There has been no sale like this before though there was a deal made with early Oz buyers of the GPZ early on where they got a special discount on the 19" coil that was not offered to the early buyers in the U.S. That sort of chapped my hide at the time. There have been several CTX with 17" coil offers. Almost nobody loses dealerships for "bending" the rules so dealers push the limits all the time. Different subject though. Hopefully this is a new promotion as it does sweeten the pot considerably for the potential GPZ purchaser. It would indicate a warehouse full of 19" coils somewhere, softening GPZ sales, or both. Probably all my fault for selling my GPZ!
  14. Steve Herschbach

    For Sale eBay GPZ 19 Search Coil

    I saw one dealer doing that. Do we know that it’s official or is somebody going to get their hand slapped? I have not found anything on the Minelab website.
  15. Steve Herschbach

    SOLD! Nuggets For Sale

    Excellent - I will leave this up so people know.