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  1. Good on you Erik. I genuinely love just poking around like you are doing, almost more than anything else. Just exploring and looking around. Great stuff, especially as I look out my window at even more snow.
  2. Don’t laugh. No reason something to address the coil ears issue not to be in this. We simply will not know for a week I guess, but I’m good with that. A genuine short term date.
  3. If this is true, and I assume it is coming from Gerry, then it will relieve a major sticking point with me. In fact, I’d have to apologize to Minelab for a comment I made a couple weeks ago, expressing my serious displeasure at being locked out of a solid 6 x 10 coil for gold prospecting. I’ve mentioned it as a priority since day one, and frankly I was getting irritated and grumpy over it. I love that detector and hate seeing it hobbled, especially as it seemed intentional. I had totally given up and had no inkling this was coming. Too long, but better late than never. I am of course assuming
  4. The Deus is a terrific gold hunting VLF, lots of fun to use. These guys know it better than I, but wanted to toss that in. See my experiences here for some really tiny gold I found with the Deus and HF elliptical.
  5. I was joking Gerry, thus the smilie If this was the Garret Forum I’d have to slap you around, but this forum is open topic. I may split it at some point though because your brilliant post is buried in a Garrett thread, and will be missed by many.
  6. “I think you will like the news coming out next week with coil selection for the Equinox” Could it be? Fingers crossed!!
  7. The Equinox is not perfect. As I mentioned I like the elliptical closed coils on the 24K better, especially for scrubbing. One of my favorite prospecting coils is a 6 x 10 just like they have on the Gold Monster or 24K, but can't get it for Equinox. The Nox coils are bump sensitive at max gain. And in rare circumstances I do prefer a drop in quick swap battery pack over something I have to charge. But no contest, if all I can do is keep one VLF to nugget hunt with it will be Equinox. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/7468-my-tips-on-nugget-detecting-with-the-minelab-equinox/
  8. Thanks Gerry for going over all this. I tossed the Gold Bug 2 out as an example of how the AT Gold was already outclassed before it ever hit the market. I'm sure the AT Gold sold more to the coin and relic market because the premise he is backwards. The AT Gold as Jeff has said is just a tweaked AT Pro, it's not a dedicated nugget detector. The Equinox by comparison I instantly knew there was magic the first time I ran it with the prototype 6" coil. The only reason I keep my 24K is the coil selection versus Equinox, otherwise it would be gone. The only VLF I really need for nugget hunting is t
  9. Codan corporate reports almost always foreshadow detector releases and the latest mentions five important products coming in fiscal year 2021. The Minelab fiscal year runs from July to June the following year, so we are already half way through fiscal year 2021. Detectival 2021 is in fiscal year 2022 The MF5 mine detector is one, we now know the GPX 6000 is another. But we do not know what they mean exactly when they say important products. Could be a new pinpointer in there, or an EQX 1000 The 6000 was leaked well ahead, but there has not been an inkling of a leak yet. The fact Tom
  10. https://www.facebook.com/blisstoolunitedkingdom/ Last post there was 2018. Like you say, the main site is down. I don't see how something like this can survive in this day and age no matter how good it is.
  11. I've never dry washed as it is not very practical in Alaska. I brought my sluices and sucker guns etc south with me from Alaska but sold most of it a couple years ago. Have a few more things to sell soon. But all my gold finding with rare exceptions has been with nothing but detectors for over 15 years now. It is all documented here
  12. Hi Doug, Thank you so much for posting this. I visit Alaska every year... except the last. The darn pandemic. Anyway, it is nice to see some posts from home. Thank you and very happy to have you here. I promise to start posting more here as I have tons of dredging stuff yet to publish.
  13. You know, when I was a teenager you could buy a pocket calculator that added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided with a couple other little functions for $500. I told my friend and partner Dudley that someday they would give them away free. He of course scoffed but in later days now he brings it up a lot that I was right. Never underestimate how quickly and how fast technology can advance giving us more power at lower prices. The expensive high tech toys of today are no different.
  14. If they were all the same price it might hurt, though even then the SDC is more compact folded up and waterproof. Add the price difference that appears to be brewing.... I'm not worried about the SDC. They just upgraded it and why do that if you are just going to can it?
  15. Me either. It was low to start with. There have been warranty issues. Covid has made everything more expensive.
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