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  1. Minelab have made clear that the GPZ 7000 is the top dog, especially for larger, deeper gold. I would expect vey few serious operators to ever take a step down, as the drive is always "more power, more power." JP already made it clear the GPZ is and will continue to be his main machine. Long story short it will not be a market dump for the 7000. This is not a deal where everyone is upgrading to what is being sold as a more powerful replacement for the GPZ. Most power users will stay with what they have, or maybe add a 6000. I think this is aimed at people who have a SDC 2300 or GPX 4500/5
  2. Apr 19, 2021 The Gold Rush Guy - "Great to finally get the new Minelab GPX 6000 and take it out for a run. Very impressed with its sensitivity, especially the depth of even small pieces of gold. Apologies with the video quality. Will rectify in future hunts."
  3. Looks artificial to me, not obsidian. Pretty though.
  4. Concealed same cameras do wonders. Nobody should ever assume they are not being seen these days.
  5. Certainly possible, but difficult. All detectors operate on a frequency, and a transmitter running at the same frequency will jam it. But there are many machines running at different frequencies, and they have ability to adjust in a range. Option one would be a shotgun transmitter putting out a broad spectrum signal to jam all the range of frequencies detectors operate at. I can't imagine this working in the city as you would be jamming more than detectors, but maybe on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. You could also use a frequency scanner to locate a detector in use within range,
  6. Yes! This!! 100% I did pretty well with the GPZ 7000 with 19” coil. I also, despite harness and bungee, after days of use, felt my shoulder go “boink” and that was that. And now, no more of “that!” I've got zero issue admitting I'm not the tough young buck I used to be, and taking it easier with what I have left is key to keeping the game going for me. The youngsters do not quite get it, but plenty of you know what I'm talking about.
  7. You are not bringing me down at all Jason, and I never claimed you gave me any flak. Your questions are entirely reasonable, as are people’s desires to get what they perceive as totally unbiased reporting. What that means is you are the better candidate than I to be doing a bunch of critical comparative performance testing. I’ve already told you what I think, and don’t have anything to add at this time. The problem with honesty is it does not deliver the black and white answers people crave. Reality is a bit more of a bummer, in that nuance and gray areas rule. Everyone has their own set of ne
  8. As a guy with glasses and hearing aids... I like! I may order a prescription set as polarized sunglasses, could be great for wading work as well as the desert.
  9. Someday somebody will make history by being the first person to operate a metal detector on Mars. An entire planet of desert hunting! And the winds are perfect for surface depletion, leaving areas scoured, with near bare bedrock exposed like in the photo. No doubt nuggets waiting on the surface to be picked up, and someday maybe a rover spots one. Or the planet has few heavies, just a ball of rock. The Clues So Far "It has for some time been accepted by the scientific community that a group of meteorites came from Mars. As such, they represent actual samples of the planet and have be
  10. The first video I've seen by somebody that knows stuff. 4/18/2021 Digging with PhaseTech - Well, it is finally out, and finding plenty of gold already! The Minelab GPX6000 was a fun project to be involved in. Here's the first of many videos where I will showcase finds, tips and techniques, comparisons and just having fun with it in the field.
  11. As far as I know I can neither confirm nor deny that question. I will reveal now I was involved with Vanquish, but after Equinox I kind of decided it’s pointless for testers to get involved in direct release commentary. I put in huge effort, and took not a small amount of risk to get people early info on Equinox, but looking back I unfortunately remember the rocks that were tossed my way when I said Equinox was the real deal. Just another shill, after over twenty years of accurate reports. Funny those same people now agree it was a game changer, but I’m still the suspect one? How does one figh
  12. Guys, it’s a promo video, not a documentation of an actual find. No doubt this is why Debbie had the machine down that way, as it being down south was almost a secret. I’m not a candidate for these types of things, as I’m not going to put on a show like that for anyone. Ok, nice nugget, take a minute to admire, stick in pocket, get back to business. That’s how it goes for me. Too bad Debbie did not hook up with Rob and go film some actual finds, but maybe she does not want to appear to favor any particular dealer.
  13. Me. With electronics, I reject the premise, which is that multiple functions cannot be implemented as well in a single device, as in many. I’ve gone from needing at least six detectors to now needing three. The Equinox had a lot to do with that. The 6000 for me takes it down one more machine, as with the 6000 I no longer feel I need a hot VLF like the Gold Monster, 24K, or Gold Bug 2. So I sold the 24K. If I need disc while nugget hunting, the Equinox covers it. The 6000 will also probably serve as my Tahoe beach detector, which previously I’d been trying the Impulse AQ. After looking at the s
  14. That’s what is expected of the experts, since they understand the controls, and are getting close to best performance out of each machine. Minelab is not “blaming” anyone; they are simply stating a fact I’ve observed countless times watching other operators. The number of people who own GPX machines, and have very little clue as to how to use them properly is quite high, and this despite people like JP putting out training tapes. The fact is the machines are complex, and it should not surprise anyone that skilled operators are the minority. From what I’ve seen, a lot of people learn just as mu
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