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  1. Steve Herschbach

    Rled2005 Read This

    Check your email blockers, junk mail, whatever. I have responded to your emails so no need to keep sending them to me. You need to figure out where they are so you can get the password reset info I emailed to you. Thanks.
  2. Steve Herschbach

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    Obviously a larger coil will not be quite as hot on tiny objects as a smaller coil. That said the Equinox has remarkable small item capability such that even with the larger coil it is hotter than many machines. This is honestly one of the best larger VLF coils I have used. I am certain it will become the standard coil for many Equinox users.
  3. Steve Herschbach

    Goldmaster 24k Weekend Hunt

    I can hit sub-grain gold with the DD coil but the smaller concentric gives sharper signals that are more easily pinpointed. As far as hot rock and gold target id numbers I do not have enough time at enough locations with both coils to comment on that with any degree of confidence. I don’t rely much on target id numbers when nugget detecting beyond wanting to sort out non-ferrous from ferrous, and even that carries risks when dealing with the tiniest gold in mineralized ground. My goal with hot rocks is to either tune them out or at least get the machine set up to where they sound audibly different than the gold. I prefer to hunt by ear.
  4. Steve Herschbach

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    The coil pinpoints very shallow targets beautifully if you tip the coil and nose around with it.
  5. Steve Herschbach

    Gold Monster / Golden Mask Rod Adaptation

    They have so far.
  6. Steve Herschbach

    Dream Metal Detector?

    Yes indeed. I currently do not have a ground balancing PI. I would like it to match or exceed the Garrett ATX for performance while being waterproof and under 5 lbs (ATX is 7 lbs). The new White’s TDI Beachhunter is close at 5.3 lbs but I prefer a dual channel PI (or better) over the single channel TDI circuit. If it is impossible to do waterproof AND under 5 lbs in a high power PI then weight matters to me more than waterproof. The White’s TDI SL is a well balanced 3.5 lbs so basically I would want a more powerful 3.5 - 4 lb dry land PI.
  7. Steve Herschbach

    TDI Sl

    Yup, not a bad price with the extras. A huge factor is how much remains of the two year transferable warranty. The more the better. I use eBay sold listings to determine what recent sale prices have been.....
  8. Steve Herschbach

    Lord Of The Rings!

    Awesome story and photos Simon - great finds also!
  9. Steve Herschbach

    TDI Sl

    If you have some seriously extreme mineralized ground or very bad hot rocks to deal with a PI can be a lifesaver. If not, you don’t really need one. Like everything it just depends what the need is.
  10. Steve Herschbach

    Why Meteorites?

    Actually your chances of finding a meteorite worth money are far greater than your chances of finding a ten pound gold nugget. I realize you were not considering the financial aspect. That is why I lead with other reasons. But if you are going to ask what the draw is, why eliminate one of the main draws?
  11. Steve Herschbach

    6 Inch Coil Hunts And Results

    Great report - thanks Tim!
  12. Steve Herschbach

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    $239 internet price and supplies are now shipping to dealers. Time to order if you have not already. It’s so light it may replace the 11” as my stock coil. I don’t have any more problem pinpointing with it than the stock coil. Unreserved thumbs up on my part!
  13. Steve Herschbach

    Thank You Whites!

    I had a friend who bought a second hand out of warranty White’s Surf PI. He sent it in to get checked out and was surprised when White’s sent a new one back. Even though it was second hand and out of warranty, there had been a redesign of the oring seal, and White’s wanted him running the newest version. Very impressive to do that sort of thing when the customer is not demanding or even asking for it. Great service White’s!!