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  1. On eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/144317275937 $249 plus shipping and any applicable sales tax.
  2. On eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/144317225582 $449 plus shipping and any applicable sales tax. I ended up with two of these, and am keeping the one I've beat up already, and selling this unused one.
  3. It’s just a picture - gold and aluminum ranges overlap, period. It just depends how you want to draw the lines in size/mass. If the aluminum is like gum wrapper foil, and the jewelry has more mass, sure it reads different. But there is white gold that will read like the gum wrapper, and larger aluminum that will read like the small gold jewelry. This comes up with every new detector, but it’s simple physics folks, and no detector based on current tech will change that.
  4. The TDI Beachhunter is just a TDI SL board stuffed in a waterproof box, so yes, you could add the conductivity switch.
  5. I’m all for people getting away from these proprietary solutions, as they are just a short term solutions. Ultimately the Bluetooth spec will improve to the point of making them obsolete, already has for me. I prefer one set of headphones that work on 6 detectors, not 6 detectors with 6 different audio solutions. Anyway, I doubt the Legend supports anything but standard Bluetooth.
  6. I don’t care about getting higher frequencies, I just want the 5.5”x9.5” Deus 2 coil for better separation and working in tight locations. 40 kHz is just fine on gold, as evidenced by Equinox, because multi adds extra punch on gold, or at least Multi-IQ does. I’d not argue an ORX or Deus 1 might be the better solution for the gold prospector, but I’d not write the Deus 2 off either. I’m not anyway, as I fully intend to put it to use gold prospecting. Well, sort of…. if I can put my GPX 6000 down long enough to give it a spin.
  7. Can’t swear to that, but for me Fine Gold was the ultimate hot rock killer, while still doing well on most gold. Was the SDC not based in the Fine Gold timing for that reason? But hey, I’m not picky, give us a GPX 4000/4500/4800/5000 in a CTX box (for beach use), I’ll buy one.
  8. It works for what it is made for - situations where salt response or EMI are so bad, that it then outperforms the mono coils. It can also be of use in extreme mineral ground. I personally have found few situations where those issues are extreme enough that I can’t do fine with the mono however, so for me it will be a rarely used coil. It does seem to me that the DD coil is the answer to the question, “is it EMI, or is my detector just going nuts?” If putting the DD coil on eliminates the issue, it’s EMI. If the problem stays the same, maybe a problem with the machine?
  9. Maybe somebody commented on this already, but I've not read the whole 8 pages - sorry. It seems to me there are two different things going on here. For a person who does not have a multi, specifically an Equinox, the Legend offers an alternative that may be as good or even better, at a lower price. Certainly a chance it is better waterproofed, and NM would be crazy to have messed that up, after all the guff Minelab gets over it. But what about people who already have an Equinox? Except for the possibility of better waterproof integrity, the Legend seems a side step at best. The Deus 2 on the other hand, looks more like a possible upgrade over an Equinox, one that combines what is best in the Deus and Equinox in one machine. Long story short that's why I have a Deus 2 on order. As an Equinox owner, I'm not seeing enough difference in what I have already to really be attracted to the Legend. If anything it is too much like Equinox, down to the straight shaft, when I'd prefer an S rod. Anyway, just my take on it. The Legend will no doubt be of huge interest to new buyers, but for us Nox owners, I think less so, with Deus 2 offering more the idea of an upgrade from what we already have. XP Deus 2 Owner's Manual just released
  10. With the 4500 going away, the GPX 5000 and SDC 2300 are realistically the only "low cost" high power alternatives available right now, and the GPX 5000 won't go away unless people stop buying it. It really is the machine of choice for beach and relic hunting, so enjoys a larger market than the other Minelab PI detectors.
  11. The big difference is when you get into an area with hot rocks a GPX 4500 just can't handle, and a GPX 5000 Fine Gold setting just makes them go away. If it were not for those rocks, and that one setting, a 4500 would do me fine. If you don't have them where you hunt, you'd never know. Unfortunately, it's my biggest problems with both the GPZ 7000 and GPX 6000, and why I'm still looking for that "other PI." Luckily I can just hunt other places rather than get a GPX 5000 or an ATX, both of which solve the problem. I just want a GPX 5000 or ATX in a nice package.... too much to ask?
  12. Really well done manual, truly. I really like what I’m seeing. I can’t help but think this is what Whites could have done with the V3i if they simply would have had the vision to see the future. I’m happier than ever now I have one on order, as this looks like one sweet detector for detector nerds like me, though maybe too setting heavy for some, but that’s what presets are for, right? I’m surprised though that the main hunt screen only got a couple small pics, as if that’s not the screen we will be looking at 99% of the time. Interesting touch, light numbers in dark background. I like it, should do well in low light conditions. And target id number is ok, could have been bigger really, but acceptable I guess. Did we really need T.ID displayed instead of just a bigger number? I think not. Now, before anyone says the target id has never been a big thing with Deus, just hunt by ear, stick that controller in your pocket…. I’d agree in general, and with Deus 1 in particular. A big criticism of the original Deus is the inability to hunt well in modern trash, and single frequency target id inaccuracy in bad ground. Hopefully, and in matter of fact it better prove, that target id accuracy has improved with Deus 2 and the addition of multi. Because if not, well then it will have failed as a multi implementation. Better target id is a major promise of multi for those not focused on the beach. So I do think making the target id more front and center on the screen would have been nice. That’s what we will glance at constantly if we glance at anything at all, not the other stuff. But seriously, that’s just me picking a minor nit. The machine looks really great, just raised the bar for whatever Minelab is working on to follow Equinox. Now just give me that 6x10 coil, and there might be a new XP fanboy hanging around!
  13. I might also, a GPX 5000 in a CTX body was my original thought back in 2012, that ended up being the GPZ instead. But I’m going to keep on beating the drum for a reasonably priced step up from a great VLF. I’m saying Equinox 800 at $949, what’s the reasonable spread to step up to a PI? I admit $2000 is a tough bar to hurdle, but have to set a goal, right? $2500 maybe, or even $2999. I simply think a lot of people are priced out of the PI market and would like to see that change. Frankly, I’ll pay top dollar for whatever I want, but I’m a huge advocate for more power at lower prices. I rebel at these sky high price tags, if not for me, then some guy with a tight budget who can only dream of spending that kind of money on a detector. If Minelab does not fill the gap, somebody will. It’s only a matter of time. Really a shame about QED, it has the ingredients, just failing in execution. If Nokta/Makro has nothing better going, they should buy it, and build it right. If nothing else, once NM gets the multi put to bed, a PI will be the next obvious step. But I’ve not given up yet even on Fisher or Garrett, as they both need something in this category also.
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