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  1. Good for you, I'll be interested in seeing what you think about it for your particular location and hunting style. I'm still plugging away with mine now and then when I have time.
  2. I was recalling that also... the part where it says it is update-able. Then after I posted that, people kept mentioning the Apex can’t be updated. Seems like that must have been coming from someplace else, which is why I asked. Whether there are plans to do that yet.... well, no, of course not, unless a need arises. People seem to expect this capability is there to give them more features later at no extra charge. The reality is it’s there as a just in case bug fix capability, and that is all. No bugs, no updates, so no reason to advertise it as a “feature” per se. Though I think having s
  3. People keep saying the Apex cannot be updated over the internet. Can anyone provide a quote from Steve Moore or Brent Weaver saying that it is not updateable?
  4. If the plastic posts are cracked or broken it is going to be more than just snugging screws. In that case hopefully parts from the dead unit can be used to replace any broken parts. But I’ll mention again.... Whites may cover this as a warranty repair.
  5. I’m assuming none of you detector power junkies have sprung for one of these yet? For $86 it’s not a bad option as a kids starter detector, without getting too cute about it. I imagine this detector blows away the Coinmaster 4 that I started with almost 50 years ago. I paid $200 for that detector back when money was worth something, and it had no ground balance, no discrimination... no anything really, except it went beep on metal a few inches deep.
  6. Anyone who thinks you need expensive, or at least cutting edge detectors to do well, should download this and look at the finds, and what is making them.
  7. Ground balance is not a needed item on most entry level detectors. People do not walk into stores saying "I want to learn how to ground balance." A zillion Ace users are quite happy without ground balance, and for most turf detecting, the real market here, it simply is not needed from a technical perspective either. Simplex is actually too complicated for many people. You guys would benefit working in detector retail for some time, because what you want, and what the market wants, don't match up quite as well as you might think. People in general want to find stuff, and the less controls the b
  8. An Apex ended up on my doorstep a while back. Unlike people expecting Garrett to blow away twenty years of Minelab technology advances overnight, I have a different perspective on all this. But I'm taking my time putting my thoughts together, so it may be a bit before I comment. Let's just say for now that I applaud Garrett's effort.
  9. OK, since this turned into another comparison thread I've moved it to the proper forum.
  10. Large ferrous gives off signals across the board, sort of a shotgun effect, including high tone coin type signals. If you notch out or block ferrous signals, all you hear are the high tones, so now you think you have a coin. The fewer tones you use, the more likely some ferrous will give off coin like high tones. I avoid this by eliminating nothing and going purely by tones. There will be targets that are throwing multiple tones, and if these include 39 high tone spikes, it is almost always a ferrous target. Full tones reveals this best, but that may be too busy for some people. The key i
  11. About CTX but applies.... https://www.minelab.com/community/treasure-talk/ctx-3030-threshold-blanking
  12. Plenty of MXT owners bought a V series detector, only to sell it and go back to the MXT. In general, if you really enjoy exploring settings and experimenting with settings, the V3i can be a playground. If you simply want to go metal detecting and find stuff, the MXT tends to be a better fit. The MXT is a machine I can grab and use for about any type of detecting. The V3i for me personally is a fun park machine, where it’s discrimination can be used to good effect in dense modern trash. I enjoy going to a park for a few hours, and honestly I’m having about as much fun screwing with the set
  13. That triangular piece is interesting, should clean up nice. 👍🏼
  14. And just to note - it's not just browsers, but add ons. Ad blockers in particular can be problematic, and many of them are scams in themselves! There were issues yesterday I am still trying to sort out. There was a server reboot, which corrupted some database files. The site was down for about an hour. I got it looking good now on the front end, but still having some issues with portions only I can see.
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