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  1. I’d like to report that the wait is worth it, as continued field use, and the feedback it generates, is resulting in improvements to the Axiom platform. It’s not like people are sitting around doing nothing with the time. Rushing Garrett in any way will not help anyone get a better product. Patience with a capital P is the name of the game at this point.
  2. Big score any day now - you deserve it Steve!! But no matter what, enjoy the adventure.
  3. Folks might want to take a chill pill on this. I'll offer just one comment. Minelab has incurred considerable ongoing warranty costs as regards leakage issues with the Equinox. Not addressing these issues properly with Manticore, in effect being given a second chance at a known issue, would damn near be a firing offence for the engineers involved. Everyone makes mistakes, but the same one twice in a row? Put that into the calculator and chew on it a bit.
  4. It’s all just marketing games aimed at product positioning, and building expectations. Anyone seeking any logic outside of that is missing what the game is. And that, my friends, is all about getting you to part with your hard earned dollars, to buy a metal detector. There are very few rules in marketing outside of “what do we need to say to make this sell better, without breaking any actual laws?” Calling this “not an Equinox” leaves the door open for something else still, that is an Equinox. I think most long time members here who follow Equinox know two things. The Nox gets knocked (cute, huh?) for two things. One, it leaks too often. Two, complaints about the rod and coils. Manticore addresses both these issues. It’s not hard to imagine an update to the Equinox 600/800 that takes advantage of the work done on Manticore. Why make two different pods, if we have a new one now that can eliminate the warranty expense being incurred by the old Equinox design? Seems like a no brainer to me, to put the Equinox in the Manticore box, but with the same guts, and black and white display. Toss in the new rod design, and you have an Equinox 700/900, or whatever. Instant product refresh, which sure can’t hurt, with the likes of the Legend now on the market, with a rod that puts Equinox to shame, and for a lower price. Just speculation on my part, but one of my specialties was marketing, so it looks like writing on a wall to me. Actually would be stupid if Minelab didn't do it, and say what you want about Minelab, but those blokes are not stupid.
  5. My prediction was offered here on Sept 8: https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/19844-taking-minelab-manticore-and-garrett-axiom-orders/?do=findComment&comment=212308 “Garrett Axiom by end of year, Manticore by spring 2023. Either might be sooner, if so, be happy. If not, don’t say I did not tell you. “
  6. Tom is absolutely a sincere and honest person, with a burning passion for metal detecting. Several of his articles are true classics in the field. I never meant to imply anything else, and if it was taken that way, I apologize. When it comes to quoting depths attained, however, I do wish he would include more caveats as regards his rather exceptional conditions. Almost anyone anywhere will get results that are degraded compared to his.
  7. I have learned a great deal from others over the years, and I think I have a responsibility to pass that knowledge on when I can. I can give it freely forever, yet it never runs out. Can’t beat a deal like that. And what goes around comes around. There are very many top notch forum members that teach me things constantly. The little secret is I set this place up to attract the best, so I could learn from them.
  8. It was watching what happened to Finders in particular that had me formulate the rules in place here. Politics, and members trolling/flaming other members, will destroy any forum if left unchecked. It’s the forum variation of feeding the good wolf or the bad wolf. Here, I try to feed to good wolf in all of us.
  9. I remember events going down differently than Tom does as regards that subject. He generally seems to forget he is just one small cog in a very large machine, and about the last person Minelab is going to consult with as regards gold nugget prospecting modes. Sure, he noted that Multi was stronger on gold than single frequency, but he sure was not the only one saying that, as he seems to assume. I also disagree with Tom's comments on the Equinox default modes, which are based on his use in low mineral ground, whereas the defaults are set for Australian and western U.S. conditions. It’s a fairly nice swipe at Nox users that nobody has been able to figure it out yet without his help…. but oh gosh because of that he is now going to help us poor rubes with Manticore. Unfortunately, Toms settings and depth commentary have always been at complete odds with my experiences in the west, with my depths running 2/3 to half what he gets. There are similar disconnects in his various observations about detectors over the years that don’t jive with my results, so frankly, I don’t think his commentary is extremely useful, unless you are a Florida beach hunter. Just my opinion though. Some people almost worship the guy as some kind of everywhere, all the time, detector guru, so maybe I’m missing something about it all. Just a kid with a high school degree myself, nowhere near being a NASA engineer. I defer to beach hunters when it come to beach hunting, relic hunters when it comes to relic hunting, and Aussies when it comes to what detectors do in their ground. Context and ground conditions are everything when it comes to detecting. Now doubt though that Tom is a guru in his ground, on his targets. Now, DanielTN has posted a lot on Tom’s, and that guy knows what detectors do in bad ground. It’s worth tracking down and reading his older stuff, as he was absent for quite some time, busy with other interests.
  10. I used to peruse other related forums daily, then weekly, then…. well, not very often. Just went to take a look, and saw both AZO and Finders are completely gone? Like poof? Is this temporary, or something that’s happened a while ago, and I’m just asleep at the wheel? AZO Finders
  11. It’s a “new” design that derives 100% from the work done on Equinox before it. It’s all a matter of perspective. Is the iPhone 14 a “new” product compared to the iPhone 7? Every bit of the physical construction is different. Some would say yes, some would say no.
  12. It’s unlikely that anyone will feel like they have taken a step backwards anywhere as comparing Equinox to Manticore. Well, except coil selection. Hopefully it’s not a three year wait for more coils this time, but that is something to consider. At absolute worst, when it comes to capability, you should be no worse off with Manticore. At best, there will be advantages, including with Gold Mode. At a minimum, more power to the coil translates to enhanced small gold capability. But there are always caveats, as in the form of enhanced small hot rock sensitivity. By it’s nature more power to the coil equates to the best performance enhancements in the mildest ground. So Florida white sand or neutral turf hunters get the biggest boost. Conversely, gains in extreme soils can be nil to none, as more power simply saturates the signal faster, calling for reduced sensitivity. The only reason I’m playing hard to get with Manticore is I am well invested in Nox custom rods and coils, and VLF usage is quite minimal for me anyway. This year over 95% of my detecting time is with PI, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. So I can afford to sit back and see how the coil situation with Manticore plays out, plus pass on the all but inevitable bug fix phase. But it’s coils more than anything that I’d like to see before I get all hot and bothered over it. The 5x8 looks really nice, but I’m not ready to give up my 6” round or 5x10 Coiltek just yet.
  13. Sounds like a bad coil. The coils are not “filled” but that’s beside the point. Unusual knock sensitivity is not normal in the 24K.
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