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Found 11 results

  1. MANTICORE lower rods are now in production! Holiday sale pricing (through December 31, 2023) on these will be $70 (free shipping) for a black lower, standard-length. Starting January 1, 2024, regular, non-sale pricing on these will be: $75 plus shipping -- standard-length, black $85 plus shipping -- "tall-man" length, black $85 plus shipping -- standard-length, red/black, blue/black, or green/black $109 plus shipping -- two-piece lower shaft assembly, standard-length, black $119 plus shipping -- two-piece lower shaft assembly, standard-length, red/black, blue/black, or green/black Contact me at steve@stevesdetectorrods.com to order. Thanks! Steve
  2. Introducing the new QWIPPLE™, triple adjustment Shock cord support system. There has never been anything like this. (Availability in 40 days) • Top of the line custom made 50% stretch (most shock cord is 100% stretch) UV Dacron Polyester Shock cord. Durable and tough. Control without all the bounce. This shock cord is specially made to my exacting specifications. This is necessary to withstand the rigors of metal detecting. I had to order 6200 meters to get this shock cord made to meet my requirements because it's not available commercially. • Exclusive ambidextrous heavy duty shoulder clip that allows 1 handed easy height adjustment "on the go." Never miss a swing, no stopping to re-adjust. Attach either looped end to the rod and you can still adjust the height, because both sides of the clip have an adjustment groove. • Amazing, rod bungee connection point fits any detector. You can also adjust the height of the detector here, or, simply use the loop end of the shock cord to attach. If you do like to adjust at the rod adjustment connector, no problem. When you are ready to lay your detector down in the dirt, don't take the clip off at the shoulder, this just allows your shock cord to lay in the dirt with your detector. Simply pop the shock cord out of the side of the rod adjustment device and leave your shock cord hanging on your shoulder high and dry and clean. • Every QWIPPLE™ triple adjustment shock cord support system comes with a RING STRAP included. You can sew the RING STRAP onto your favorite support harness, backpack or hydration pack and your all set. Doc
  3. The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide Christmas Sale is in effect. Get your copy today or get a copy for a friend or relative. This sale is not applicable with the promotional offer of a free nugget with the purchase of two books at regular price. It is one deal or the other. I still have around 10 nuggets left to give away for the two book offer. https://www.goldseekeradventures.com
  4. A Beginner's Guide to the Nokta / Makro Legend (v.1.09 / v.1.10 beta) “Jam packed with tons of good info!!” AP “Clive’s book breaks every setting etc. down more so it is more understandable and easier to learn…. Plus there is a lot more good detecting how-to info inside the book.” SS “Great book! I just finished it. Loads of information on how the detector works. Plus, tests and techniques.“ WE “...Invaluable reference book for any Legend user!” LD, UK “A great read-- must have guidebook. Thanks Clive” GK “I bought this book and for me it has been bloody brilliant.” PP “Great read, thanks Clive!” CS Understanding the Nokta / Makro Legend (v.1.10 beta) Clive James Clynick has detected for over 40 years and is the author of 24 detector “how to” manuals, numerous articles and product reviews. Topics include: • Customizing the Legend for Your Sites and Type of Hunting. • Navigation: “Fiddle Less and Hunt More.” • Getting Results with the Legend at Tough Sites. • Coil Control Target Testing and Other Skills. • Understanding Fast Digital and Multi Frequency Detectors. • Bottle Caps and Other Problem Targets. • The Legend as a Gold Jewelry Hunting Machine. • Understanding the Updates (v. 1.05-v.1.10 beta). .…and Much More… “the only up-to-date book on the Legend” (Softbound, 101 pgs). Ordering and Reviews: http://clivesgoldpage.com/
  5. The Minelab Manticore: Tips, Tricks and Settings (V. 6.20.0+73) “If you own the Manicore, I highly recommend reading this book. As a beach hunter it gave me a better understanding of the Manicore’s sensitivity set up and by how adjusting other settings allows for a more stable machine with higher settings.” RP, AUS “Awesome info In this book & also very detailed –a good addition to the tool box, I’m very pleased w my purchase.” RK “Well worth the money, I have read my copy a number of times and it really has helped me get the most out of the Manicore and getting it to perform in a manner that suits me either in the bush or in salt water at beaches. Well done and thanks Clive.” PR “For anyone trying to figure out the Manticore, this is a must read. Clive really understands the ins and outs of detectors, and goes into great depth on what you should be doing to eliminate trash and find the good stuff. Get this book, read it, read it again, and stop wasting time digging so much trash!” DN The Minelab Manticore: Tips, Tricks and Settings (V. 6.20.0+73) Clive James Clynick has been finding gold, silver, coins and relics with a metal detector for over 40 years. He is the author of some 26 “how to” books and numerous articles for the serious treasure hunter. Topics include:  Getting the Most from the Manticore’s Power.  Creating Custom Settings for Your Sites and Hunting Style.  Understanding the Manticore’s Graph and Expanded Meter.  Understanding the Audio Options.  Deep Silver Skills: Spikes, False Signals and “Masked” Targets.  Using Basic Skills to Enhance the Manticore’s Target ID Features.  Working on Your Accuracy and Conclusiveness.  The Manticore as a Gold Jewellery Hunting Machine.  Pro-Level Testing and Tuning Methods. ...and much more... ($16.95, Softbound, 108 pgs) Ordering and Reviews: Home (clivesgoldpage.com)
  6. Scroll below for update post as of Oct. 19th 2023. Detector Knowledge = Golden Success. Why is nuggets/specimens hard to find with detector? Majority of folks don't know what they're listening for or how to properly set up their detectors to find Au. Video link of gold excitement https://youtu.be/gBakppQe8yo?si=ljp2zAnsK-58Rjg0 dig from one of my customers at Rye Patch during the Training. Gerry's Detectors along with Field Staff Experts has 1 more 3 Days Field Training at Rye Patch, NV on Friday, Nov. 3rd - Sunday 5th. Group session/camping trip with like minded folks eager to learn their gold capable detectors. Cost of the 3 day class is $500 for anyone and those who purchase their detectors from me earn a $150 discount and only pay $350. If you are tired of wasting money and trips on the hunt and come home with zero gold, quit wasting more time/$ and learn from the Pros. Pics are of customers and some golden smiles. Call Gerry's Detectors for any questions.
  7. Minelab is offering an October Promotion and longtime 25+ year Dealer Gerry's Detectors of Boise Idaho has most in stock. - Purchase a new GPZ-7000 and get a FREE $950 Gold Monster 1000. - Purchase a new SDC-2300 and get a FREE $160 Lithium Ion Battery. - Purchase a new CTX 3030 and get a FREE $400 17" Deep Coil. - Purchase a new Equinox 800 and get a FREE $180 6" coil. If you don't want the GM-1000, let me know and I'll save you a little more money. If your old GPZ-7000 or SDC-2300 is out of warranty, lets talk about a potential trade in towards a new one with Full 3 Year Warranty. Our Fall 3 Days Field Training is coming up Nov. 3rd - 5th and this would be a fantastic time to get up to speed for you newer swingers and or absorb more knowledge and sharpen the edge for those who feel they need more hands on. As a proud US Veteran myself, I also offer the 15% discount to those who are serving or served.
  8. I am running a book promotion for The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide. Buy two books at regular price and receive a free test nugget. There are only 28 nuggets left. Don't wait or you will miss out on this gold giveaway. I will keep those people informed that are wanting to take part. Also you may call me or text me and find out this way as well.click on the link below to buy your books. 1 (406) 309-1009 cell# Reese Townes https://www.goldseekeradventures.com
  9. Hi All, We just got a large batch of the new Minelab Pro-Find 40 Pinpointers in stock. You can order at the link below - https://www.robsdetectors.com/product/minelab-pro-find-40-pinpointer/ Minelab PRO-FIND 40 Pinpointer Designed for the complete detectorist, the PRO-FIND 40 pinpointer features increased depth, adjustable 5-level sensitivity, Rapid Re-tune, ferrous tone ID, high visibility and handy lost-alarm. With the PRO-FIND 40 discover coins, rings and gold precisely — on land and under water — with unparalleled depth and speed. PRO-FIND 40 Includes: PRO-FIND 40 pinpointer with speaker and LED flashlight Holster Lanyard 9V PP3 battery Multi-language instructions Finely tuned algorithms and circuitry deliver a solid increase in detection depth by 10% making PRO-FIND 40 Minelab’s deepest and most accurate pinpointer. Five sensitivity levels enable you to precisely adjust for maximum depth and minimum noise in all ground conditions. Rapidly re-tune your PRO-FIND 40 to suit your environment at the press of a button, minimising interference in challenging ground conditions. DIF significantly reduces interference with an operating detector when PRO-FIND 40 is switched off. FULLY WATERPROOF 3 M (10 FT) Rugged waterproof design ideal for beach and river pinpointing. The perfect companion for a waterproof detector. AUDIO & VIBRATION Audio tones and vibration intensify as the probe approaches the target making recovery easier, especially underwater. HIGH VISIBILITY — WITH LOST-ALARM PRO-FIND 40 pinpointer’s bright red handgrip and lost-alarm feature makes it easy to locate your forgotten PRO-FIND 40. FERROUS TONE ID Two different responses help you to identify ferrous junk from non-ferrous treasure. LED FLASHLIGHT Illuminate targets in lowlight conditions with the bright LED Flashlight to continue the adventure. HOLSTER & LANYARD Holster and Lanyard Included.
  10. White's V-Sat Fair Condition $250 Far right in photo below, detector with red coil. Other detectors are sold. $20.00 for shipping. 208-739-8079 or rrlmmc@gmail.com Feel free to call if any questions.
  11. Hello All, Had the opportunity to clean out some storage and found a bunch of new stuff that I would like to sell, make all in one shot. I have a couple of new Minelab Security Wands (they sold for $200), A bunch of Makro items, several small 6" coils, a bunch of lower shafts, a couple skid plates (I think 15") and a few covers for Makro Detectors along with (3) new XP Deus Hip Pouches for the remote. Make me an offer on all or various stuff at - rob@robsdetectors.com email. Thanks! Rob
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