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  1. My training classes will have topics I cover in my book The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide as well as my new book I am currently writing, called Strategic Gold Detecting -The Art and Science of Gold Nugget Exploration and Recovery. There will be a lot of topics covered and will put guys on the path to finding gold consistently and will also benefit very experienced nugget hunters who have been doing this for years. You can go to my website https://goldseekeradventures.com to read more about it. Feel free to give me a call if you have questions. 1(406) 309-1009. -Reese Townes
  2. I have a bunch of misc odd coil covers that I'm willing to part with. Most are in the $10 range. Some fit CoilTek and others fit Nugget Finders and or Garrett ATX. Also a never used dual set of external speakers (the kind Doc sells). These have the clips on the back to attached to your shoulders under each ear. The plug is a standard 1/4 jack and goes into the back of the battery that you would normally plug the headphones. Great to use in areas that have rattle snakes, bears, lions and or politicians. $25 for the pair. Call Gerry's Detectors if you are looking for an older coil cover. I have others, just need to find them.
  3. For your info At this time we do not have any more info on the Manticore than what you have seen online already or an ETA. There is the possibility there will be a couple of versions of the Manticore but we have not received any official word from Minelab. Taking pre-orders but we cannot guarantee availability, which model configuration will be available if there are different versions or what your cost will be. The price of $1599 has been spoken of, but not sure what configuration comes with that price. Guessing just the standard package. Time will tell. I have a short list as of right now. Hit me up if you want on the list. Check it out here. https://www.minelab.com/usa/metal-detectors/manticore Garrett Axiom Still no ETA on the Axiom I have a small list if your interested in a preorder. 2 available options 1142720 Axiom Metal Detector with 13"x11" DD Coil, 11"x7" Mono Coil and MS-3 Headphones 1142765 Axiom Metal Detector with 13"x11" Mono Coil, 11"x7" DD Coil and MS-2 Headphones Both Standard packs and International packs will be priced the same. $3995 Check everything out here https://garrett.com/sport/axiom Call, text, email, Joel 775 388 8277 Liebelt1@gmail.com Also don't worry about down payment or deposit. Ill hit you up when they get close to shipping. No charge if you change your mind. The next guy/gal in line will be happy😇 Join my facebook group for lots of great used deals also at https://www.facebook.com/groups/749287428435998/
  4. A Beginner’s Guide to the Nokta / Makro Legend “Jam packed with tons of good info!!” AP “Clive’s book breaks every setting etc. down more so it is more understandable and easier to learn…. Plus there is a lot more good detecting how-to info inside the book.” SS “Great book! I just finished it. Loads of information on how the detector works. Plus, tests and techniques.“ WE “...Invaluable reference book for any Legend user!” LD, UK A Beginner’s Guide to the Nokta / Makro Legend Clive James Clynick has detected for over 40 years and is the author of 24 detector “how to” manuals, numerous articles and product reviews. Topics include: Customizing the Legend for Your Sites and Type of Hunting. Navigation: “Fiddle Less and Hunt More.” Getting Results with the Legend at Tough Sites. Coil Control Target Testing and Other Skills. Understanding Fast Digital and Multi Frequency Detectors. Bottle Caps and Other Problem Targets. The Legend as a Gold Jewelry Hunting Machine. Understanding the Updates .…and Much More… (Softbound, 101 pgs). Ordering and Reviews: http://clivesgoldpage.com/
  5. Hi all! This post is to consolidate all of the prior posts I've made, regarding the different products offered through Steve's Detector Rods (www.stevesdetectorrods.com). At Steve's, we offer hand-built carbon-fiber rods and shafts, with an "old-fashioned" focus on both product quality/attention to detail, and top-notch customer service. We offer our rods and shafts for an ever-increasing number of detectors, in traditional black carbon-fiber -- and also (for some models) an array of different colored carbon-fiber tubes. Along with "standard" shaft configurations, we also offer the ability to custom-build -- a service that allows us to design and produce shafts in many different configuration and length options, to meet whatever specific/particular needs you may have. We also offer our unique, optional counterweighting system, that balances out nose-heavy machines such as the Minelab Equinox, making them more comfortable to swing. At this time, we routinely offer rods, and/or shafts, for the following machines (with shafts for some other machines also available as custom offerings, by request)... Minelab Equinox -- lower rods, two-piece complete shafts, and three-piece travel shafts, in various lengths and colors, with and without the optional counterweight system Minelab CTX 3030 -- lower rods, in various lengths and colors Minelab GPX 4500 -- lower rods, in black Minelab GPX 6000 -- lower rods, in black Minelab Excalibur -- complete, three-piece "Florida-style" shafts (control box and battery pod mounted on a short shaft section to the rear of the arm cuff) Minelab Sovereign -- complete, two- or three-piece shafts, for "hip-mount" configuration Garrett AT-series/Ace/Apex -- two-piece lower shafts (and soon, three-piece complete shafts), in various colors Tarsacci MDT8000 -- two-piece lower shafts, in various lengths We also offer premium-quality, heavy-duty sand scoop handles for several scoop brands (and can custom-build for other brands of scoops as well). At this time, we routinely offer scoop handles for the following scoops... T-Rex Stealth Xtreme CooB Finally, we offer an assortment of other items, including Jeff Herke arm cuffs, "Steve's Detector Rods" ball caps and t-shirts, and of course rod/shaft parts (including our heavy-duty cam locks, which can also be used to retrofit other detector models including the Fisher AQ Impulse). If you would like more information, pictures, specs, and pricing information, or have other questions, feel free to visit our website, our Facebook business page, or send an email to steve@stevesdetectorrods.com. We are always happy to serve! Thanks, Steve steve@stevesdetectorrods.com
  6. Hi all! I have some BIG NEWS from Steve’s Detector Rods! As we’ve all noticed recently, prices are rising on nearly everything we purchase. At Steve’s Detector Rods, I’d like to offer a new way to buck that trend – at least with respect to carbon-fiber shafts for Minelab Equinox users. I’m announcing a brand-new line of Equinox shafts – my “CarbonPro” line of shafts. These shafts will be available at a substantial discount, as compared to my “Steve’s Detector Rods” line of shafts. My CarbonPro line of high-quality 100% carbon-fiber shafts, utilize the exact same tried-and-true Steve’s Detector Rods designs, the exact same parts and materials produced by the exact same suppliers I’ve always used. The only difference between a CarbonPro shaft, and a “Steve’s” shaft of the same configuration, is that the CarbonPro line of shafts is factory assembled by one of my most trusted carbon-fiber tube producers. The idea behind the CarbonPro line, is that as my business continues to grow, having some of my “standard-configuration” shafts assembled at a carbon-fiber factory, allows me to produce shafts in greater quantity, to meet the increasing demand. This also allows me to focus my own time on hand-building the more complex shaft configurations, and on the custom builds that many customers request – under the “Steve’s Detector Rods” brand name. The CarbonPro line of shafts are of “standard” configuration – i.e. not “counterweight-ready” (at least, not at this time). They are available in both black, and red/black color, and can be purchased as a complete set (upper and lower shaft), OR upper shaft only (with the upper shaft fully compatible with the factory Minelab lower rod). Of course, CarbonPro lower rods are also available separately, for folks who wish to have an extra lower rod available for each of their accessory coils. Special, limited-time introductory pricing on the CarbonPro shafts will be as follows: Black Equinox complete shaft: $89.99 (shipping included) Red/Black Equinox complete shaft: $109.99 (shipping included) Black Equinox upper shaft: $59.99 (shipping included) Red/Black Equinox upper shaft: $69.99 (shipping included) Black Equinox lower rod: $34.99 (when purchased with complete shaft), $42.99 (purchased separately, shipping included) Red/Black Equinox lower rod: $44.99 (when purchased with complete shaft), $52.99 (purchased separately, shipping included) These shafts are available and in stock now. Again, the shafts are available in “standard” configuration only (regular snap-in end cap in the butt end), though a “counterweight-ready” model may become available down the road. Thanks for your interest; please contact me at steve@stevesdetectorrods.com, to place an order! Thanks! Steve www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods email: steve@stevesdetectorrods.com
  7. Real nice XP Deus, remote, ws4 phones, 9x5 coil, and I'll throw in a free older version 9" coil. Newest update 5.2 $549 shipped. Also have a pair of WS5S like new $159 shipped. Also have a tesoro 5 pin 7" concentric $99 shipped. Also have a 5.75" 4 pin concentric for sale $125
  8. Yes the time has finally arrived where I am allowed to share pics of gold, knowledge of Axiom and overall experiences of my multitude of hunts in 3 different parts of Nevada and 2 other Western States while using different levels of proto-types...of the new Garrett Axiom Pulse Induction Detector Most know, I've been a long time (many yrs) user and dealer of major detector manufactures and specializing in their gold detectors. Part of the reason (not all of it) I get selected over other dealers and or individuals to test their up and coming units has to do with the vast knowledge of gold detectors, the varieties of gold and which technologies work best for those kinds of gold, and the previous success my Field Staff team and I have been able to produce in so many different states and or even countries. I had mentioned it before, but will do so here again. If you have a dealer that has been taking care of you and offering knowledge, training, education, and insight, then please give them the opportunity again. But if they made promises and or failed in any ways and you would like to try what my team and I offer, please give me a ring. Gerry's Detectors in Boise, Idaho (with a team of dedicated gold detector experts in 8 states) is happy to earn your business on the new Axiom. I can be reached at 208-345-8898 or via email at gerrys1det@gmail.com Pre Orders are now open and I need your name, email, phone # and where you are from. As those who get on my list, I date the update and that is the order your new Axioms will be shipped. Just be aware that all dealers have been warned that there could be delays and or shortages beyond the manufactures and the dealers control. Cost of the new Axiom is MSRP of $4700 with a MAP of $3995. If you are interested in the Field Training we offer (personal 1 on 1 for a day or 3 day group training), please contact me for details ASAP as the 3 day group training is filling up fast. A link to the manual is at: https://garrett.com/sport/axiom Yes, as a VET myself, I'm offer the Veterans Discount that Garrett recently started (details coming) and I think at this time it's 15% off MAP. Here's a link to me digging a good size specimen: Pics are of some of my customers or I, success and the photos Garrett has used in their previous advertising in years past.
  9. I made a small batch of park probes and are available: https://www.ebay.com/itm/314076483054?hash=item49206acdee:g:H3MAAOSw1zxi1LiJ Hollar with questions/comments. HH, Ken
  10. Almost new White's Electronics Goldmaster 24K, plus new accessories, for sale. This was a very slightly used dealer demo, aesthetically A-, perfect operating condition. Comes with new White's Digmaster and sheath (retail $39.95), Jimmy Sierra nugget cup, my "Advanced Nuggetshooting with the Goldmaster 24k" book, and my "Goldmaster 24k Optimal Tuning" cheat sheet. All for $499.95, postpaid. Bonus: If the buyer picks up (Yucca Valley area) and pays cash, I will include my "Southern California Gold Nugget Areas" pamphlet and a couple of hours training. Call or text me at (760) 401-7514.
  11. SD/GP series 12 volt car charger 4 pin Two to choose from $45 each with shipping. Power supply curly cord 4 pin Two to choose from Minelab $25 and new Coiltek heavy duty $45 ---SOLD or older heavy duty straight cord $25 with shipping. Complete GP shaft, armrest & neoprene covers & extra lower shaft $65 with shipping. GPX series Doc's gold screamer power pack 5 pin includes box covers, charger, sound enhancer, & one battery that holds full charge. $220 with shipping. SD/GP/GPX Minelab 11" DD $80 with shipping. Coiltek Joey DD Coil $110 with shipping. Coiltek Anti-interference DD $170.00 with shipping. ----SOLD Coiltek 470 x 300mm Mono $150.00 with shipping. Coiltek 3" Mono handheld snipper coil $160 with shipping. ----SOLD Coiltek 6" Mono $90 with shipping. Minelab Harness $45 with shipping. ----SOLD Koss UR 30 headphones new $45 with shipping Fisher Gold Bug 2 6.5" ellip. new $80 shipped or used epoxy resin $70 with shipping. Thanks for looking. Ron 208-739-8079 or PM
  12. My customer used his new GOLDHAWK 10" Ellip coil he just received from me last week. Went to the same exact site he's been swinging the GPX-6000 with stock coil since last year. Over 4 grams of nice Montana gold. The most popular seller is the 10" Ellip because it gets in tightest of areas. 2nd most popular is 9" round as it gets better depth on larger gold than the 10" Ellip but is still smaller than 11" round. It also hits harder on smaller gold than 11" round. The 14x9" is for those who want better ground coverage in semi open areas than the stock coil. It will also be great for use in areas with grass as the extra weight will help keep the coil to the soil. Both the 10" Ellip and the 14" Ellip are ideal for getting the coil tips in cracks, crevices into pushes and between rocks. Faster pinpointing with the toe of these 2 coils as well. Yes my 2nd order of coils arrived and at this time I still have all 3 versions in stock.
  13. A Beginner’s Guide to the Nokta / Makro Legend Clive James Clynick has detected for over 40 years and is the author of 24 detector “how to” manuals, numerous articles and product reviews. Topics include: Customizing the Legend for your Sites and Type of Hunting. Navigation: “Fiddle Less and Find More.” Getting Results with the Legend at Tough Sites. Coil Control Target Testing and Other Skills. Understanding Fast Digital and Multi Frequency Detectors . Bottle Caps and Other Problem Targets. The Legend as a Gold Jewelry Hunting Machine. Understanding the Updates. …and Much More… (Softbound, 101 pgs) Ordering: http://www.clivesgoldpage.com/shop/publications/a-beginners-guide-to-the-nokta-makro-legend/
  14. “The Minelab Equinox: “From Beginner to Advanced” Clive James Clynick is the author of some 20 previous detector “how-to” manuals, numerous articles and product reviews. In this detailed and informative book he explains the Minelab Equinox’s ground breaking technology and how it can help you to find treasure. Topics include: Customizing the Equinox for your Conditions and Targets Sought. “Multi IQ” and High Gain Detector Operating Characteristics. Understanding and Applying the Equinox’s Features. Audio, Meter and Coil Control “Skill Building.” Beach, Shallow Water and “In-Iron” Skill Building with the Equinox. The Equinox as a Gold Jewellery-Hunting Machine. “Reverse” Hunting with the Equinox. Bottlecaps and Other Problem Targets. …and much more… (111 Pages, Softbound, $16.95) The Minelab Equinox: “An Advanced Guide” Clive James Clynick is the author of some 22 previous detector “how-to” manuals, numerous articles and product reviews. In this detailed and informative book he explains the Minelab Equinox’s ground breaking technology and how it can help you to find treasure. Topics include: Using Theory and Basic Skills to Improve Your Accuracy Depth and Target Acquisition. Applying the Equinox’s Strengths to Your Sites. Using the Equinox’s Target Information to Learn Problem Targets. Methods and Applications: Creating Custom Search Modes. Across-Frequency Target Testing. “Gold 2” on the Beach and Inland. Salt Water Stabilization. …and much more… 101 pgs. (Softbound, $16.95) “Skill-Building with the Minelab Equinox Series Metal Detectors” By Clive James Clynick Clive James Clynick is the author of some 24 previous treasure hunting “how-to” books and numerous articles. In this detailed and informative book, he explains how understanding the Equinox’s operating characteristics and features can help you to find more treasure at park, relic and beach sites. Topics include: Dense Iron Methods and Skill Building Walk First. How Small Skills Add Up to Accuracy Managing the Heavily Processed, Modulated Signal Understanding and Managing the Power Curve Beyond Meter and Tone Accuracy and Conclusiveness Salt Water Stabilization and Depth Tips from Top Hunters Signal Balancing the Equinox for More Depth ‘Micro’ Gold and Chain Hunting Understanding the Upgrades …and much more… (8.5 X 5.5, softbound, 120 pages) $16.95 Ordering and Reviews: http://clivesgoldpage.com/
  15. Hello All, I know there was a handful of people still searching for the new Coiltek 10x5" Elliptical Searchcoil for the Equinox series. I just received another large batch of them if anyone is still searching for one. This is one hot searchcoil for small gold, working in tight locations, much better pinpointing and more. Here is a direct link for anyone still searching for one - https://www.robsdetectors.com/coiltek-10x5-nox-searchcoil-equinox-series/ Wishing you all great success out there! Rob
  16. Legend and Simplex Promos😇 Lengend WHP Promo $635.00 Lengend ProPack Promo $765.00 Simplex WHP Promo $339.15 So everything you see in the pics comes with the deals at normal cost. If you interested contact me for best service Joel at Liebelt1@gmail.com text or call at 775 388 8277 or PM me here
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