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Found 8 results

  1. Hello All, Here are some pictures of the new Coiltek GoldHawk Searchcoils for the Minelab GPX 6000 Metal Detector. There is already a huge pre-order demand, so make sure you contact me ASAP to get one of the first ones to hit US soil. We have supported and sold Coiltek products for over 15 years here in the US. Rob's Detector Sales Contact us via - email - rob@robsdetectors.com phone - 623-362-1459 Lan line or 602-909-9008 Cell or Text Messages
  2. I took in trade a lightly used stock 14" coil for the GPZ-7000. A new one is $1000 and I'll let this one go for $600 plus shipping. Coil has been tested and runs 100% like new. Happy satisfied customer is a must. Contact Gerry's Detectors.
  3. Winter sale $5.00 off The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide. Sale will end February 28. https://goldseekeradventures.com Coupon code: 5USD-JAN22
  4. Reed's Prospecting Supplies is now carrying "The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide". They just confirmed the shipment of my books just arrived and they are getting them put on the shelf. If you are in Australia or New Zealand give Reed's Prospecting a call to get your copy. This first shipment quantity is only ten books so they will go quick.
  5. Hi all! This post is to consolidate all of the prior posts I've made, regarding the different products offered through Steve's Detector Rods (www.stevesdetectorrods.com). At Steve's, we offer hand-built carbon-fiber rods and shafts, with an "old-fashioned" focus on both product quality/attention to detail, and top-notch customer service. We offer our rods and shafts for an ever-increasing number of detectors, in traditional black carbon-fiber -- and also (for some models) an array of different colored carbon-fiber tubes. Along with "standard" shaft configurations, we also offer the ability to custom-build -- a service that allows us to design and produce shafts in many different configuration and length options, to meet whatever specific/particular needs you may have. We also offer our unique, optional counterweighting system, that balances out nose-heavy machines such as the Minelab Equinox, making them more comfortable to swing. At this time, we routinely offer rods, and/or shafts, for the following machines (with shafts for some other machines also available as custom offerings, by request)... Minelab Equinox -- lower rods, two-piece complete shafts, and three-piece travel shafts, in various lengths and colors, with and without the optional counterweight system Minelab CTX 3030 -- lower rods, in various lengths and colors Minelab GPX 4500 -- lower rods, in black Minelab GPX 6000 -- lower rods, in black Minelab Excalibur -- complete, three-piece "Florida-style" shafts (control box and battery pod mounted on a short shaft section to the rear of the arm cuff) Minelab Sovereign -- complete, two- or three-piece shafts, for "hip-mount" configuration Garrett AT-series/Ace/Apex -- two-piece lower shafts (and soon, three-piece complete shafts), in various colors Tarsacci MDT8000 -- two-piece lower shafts, in various lengths We also offer premium-quality, heavy-duty sand scoop handles for several scoop brands (and can custom-build for other brands of scoops as well). At this time, we routinely offer scoop handles for the following scoops... T-Rex Stealth Xtreme CooB Finally, we offer an assortment of other items, including Jeff Herke arm cuffs, "Steve's Detector Rods" ball caps and t-shirts, and of course rod/shaft parts (including our heavy-duty cam locks, which can also be used to retrofit other detector models including the Fisher AQ Impulse). If you would like more information, pictures, specs, and pricing information, or have other questions, feel free to visit our website, our Facebook business page, or send an email to steve@stevesdetectorrods.com. We are always happy to serve! Thanks, Steve steve@stevesdetectorrods.com
  6. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have another order of XP Deus 2's shipped to me, not all are spoken for. Yes I'm a long time contributor of this fine DP forum for those who don't follow the Prospecting Site. Yes there's more than what you see in the pics. Gerry's Metal Detectors www.gerrysdetectors.com 208-345-8898
  7. Hello All, I have been using the Heavy Duty NF Skidplates on my GPZ 14x13 in coil for some time along with the NF Z Search 12" coil. They are awesome, last double the wear time and are not that much more expensive than the standard Minelab skidplates. Here is a whole list the new Heavy Duty (Black) Nugget Finder Skidplates I have available - NF 12" Round for Z Search (GPZ 7000) - $33.00 NF 14x13" GPZ Searchcoil (GPZ 7000) - $40.00 NF 11" Round for GPX 6000 (GPX 6000) - $33.00 NF 14" Round for GPX 6000 (GPX 6000) - $40.00 NF 17" Elliptical for GPX 6000 (GPX 6000) - 40.00 NF 11" Round for Equinox 600/800 (EQX series) - $28.00 Shipping is not included in the price. We have all of them in stock, but they are going super quickly due to the quality and the fact they last much longer. Some of the new stock skidplates seems like they are almost paper thin. Contact us via phone or text to order, as not all of them are listed online as of yet. Thanks! Rob's Detector Sales 623-362-1459 Office Line (leave a detailed message if you don't catch us) 602-909-9008 Field Cell (text or leave a detailed message if you miss me) Rob
  8. “The Minelab Equinox: “From Beginner to Advanced” Readers write... “Brilliant book well worth getting it gives you a better understanding of the machine than the manual alone.” PS “After reading your book I concentrated much more on the sound quality of targets. I very quickly started to understand which sounds to dig. Have found several ancient coins already.” GL “I have this book and it has been very helpful in learning the Nox. I have read it once and refer back to it quite often. The last half of it is a wealth of knowledge.” 88 Highly recommend..a must for the serious equinox user. RP “This book explains in great detail the Equinox’s strengths and versatility. It offers many tips for various conditions including, but not limited to problem sites and will help you develop the kind of skills needed to fully understand what the Equinox is telling you, which will put more finds in your pouch.“ RL “Just bought this book. Feel like I’ve only been getting about 25% out of my machine…” CH “This is the book that started me swinging my nox 8oo with great satisfaction.” JR These books have saved me hours and hours of trial and error learning the equinox 800. KL I bought these handy books from Clive, and I to am in Australia. Well worth the international postage. TB “The Minelab Equinox: “From Beginner to Advanced” Clive James Clynick is the author of some 20 previous detector “how-to” manuals, numerous articles and product reviews. In this detailed and informative book he explains the Minelab Equinox’s ground breaking technology and how it can help you to find treasure. Topics include: Customizing the Equinox for your Conditions and Targets Sought. “Multi IQ” and High Gain Detector Operating Characteristics. Understanding and Applying the Equinox’s Features. Meter and Coil Control “Skill Building.” Beach, Shallow Water and “In-Iron” Skill Building with the Equinox. The Equinox as a Gold Jewelry-Hunting Machine. “Reverse” Hunting with the Equinox. Bottlecaps and Other Problem Targets. …and much more… (111 Pages, Softbound, $16.95) Ordering and Reviews: http://clivesgoldpage.com/
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