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  1. PseudoShooter -- Thanks for the kind words! That's always the goal -- happy customers! 😉 Steve
  2. flakmagnet -- As soon as the parts come for the prototypes, I'll get the assembled -- and then take plenty of pictures and post them (and will provide more info at that time, as well). THANKS for your interest! Steve
  3. Hi all; Just wanted to give a heads-up that while lower rod sales continue at a brisk pace, I'm also nearing completion on the design of the complete carbon-fiber shaft system (that I've hinted about before). I will have two prototypes (using two similar, but slightly different clamping cam-lock systems) built in about 2 weeks (parts are in production now), and then, after some final testing, I'll be ready to ramp up to production mode. I think these will be really nice shafts; my main focus over the past couple of months has been the cam lock system -- specifically the strength/security/stability of the cam lock. The goals are two-fold -- 1.) to eliminate ALL wobble issues experienced by some users with the factory shaft, and 2.) to HOPEFULLY eliminate the spring button/button hole design. While I will continue to offer my lower shafts WITH the spring button (so that my lower rods will remain compatible with Minelab's middle shaft), my expectation is that the clamping cam locks on my shaft will meet the design spec for strength/stability -- which would mean NO BUTTON HOLES REQUIRED in the shaft. The intent of the design has been with an eye toward the final result being somewhat akin to the CTX 3030 type of shaft -- i.e. a secure cam lock, permitting "universal" adjustment lengths for the lower rod. Anyway, I expect to have these shafts ready soon; shortly thereafter, I expect to have a rather unique counter-balancing system available as an optional add-on accessary, to achieve perfect balance for the machine (through the availability of several different weights, each one appropriate for each of the different coils, and for different lower rod adjustment lengths). Finally, a custom arm cuff may also be an optional add-on accessory in the not-too-distant future. I'll offer more information later -- and I also have a more detailed post up on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods if anyone wants more information. Thanks! Steve
  4. steveg

    Nox Nut In Oklahoma

    soks -- I agree. Here in central Oklahoma, that red clay stains ALL the water around here! Steve
  5. steveg

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    Thanks for the kind words, Bryan! You are REALLY making some GREAT finds over the past few days with the 15"... I can't wait until I receive mine! Steve
  6. steveg

    Nox Nut In Oklahoma

    Looks like your buddy the "nox nut" is doing great with his new machine. Sad story, that his car AND his machine were stolen, but kudos to the dealer that hooked him up with a discount! Steve
  7. Chase, LOL! Your thought is spot-on, and clearly the most logical idea for this particular patch of grass (employment of the 6" coil)! The answer as to why I did not run the 6"? I literally made the decision as to which spot I was going to detect while in the car driving -- and had the 11" coil installed on my machine at the time (my bad!) I usually run the 11", and so it was what I had, by default. I originally intended to visit another spot that evening, but quickly made a "change of plans," en route. However, I agree that I did not utilize the optimal coil for the job. Still, it did allow that interesting opportunity to compare software versions... And I fully agree with the remainder of your post. Extremely accurate and valid thoughts, IMO -- in terms of how sites are never "hunted out" entirely... I'll look forward to your side-by-side reports of the two different firmware versions, as you are optimally set up to answer some of my subjective/qualitative questions, in a much more objective/quantitative manner, with that set-up. Steve
  8. Sinclair, As a scientist, I totally agree -- my question was full of variables and subjective feelings. As much as we'd like otherwise, it's very difficult to set up valid scientific experiments that fully replicate what we experience "in the ground." WAY too many variables. And I agree with you that the "angle of approach" to a coin -- the angle of the coin in the ground combined with the angular direction that the coil encounters that coin -- makes a huge difference. I'm not surprised that coins are missed, due to the all the variables. What I was surprised about is how "easy" it was to isolate and "lock on" to the coins I mentioned, within the surrounding iron. I am pretty sure that I didn't "miss" those coins before; it's more likely that I "heard" the target last time, but when interrogating the chirps I heard amongst the iron, I did not hear anything to "convince" me it was something more than just high-tone chirps generated by the nails. In other words, the presence of the coin never became "clear" to me the first time. This time, though, there was little doubt. That's the subtle little difference I'm referring to. None of the coins I dug, could I have imagined me "passing on" previously, if they sounded as "good" as they did the other night. Could I have simply "missed" those targets last time -- never passed the coil over them? It's possible, though doubtful that I entirely missed ALL of them. It's a very small patch of grass. Could ground conditions have been different? Sure. Could EMI have been less this time? Sure. Lots of variables, you are correct. But I simply wondered if anyone else felt -- subjectively -- that their ability to "unmask" coins in iron has been improved, after the new software build. To me, there CAN be some value in "subjective" observations. Many must be taken with a "grain of salt," but I'm still interested to hear thoughts... Steve
  9. Cabin Fever and Jackpine -- Thank you both for the thoughts. This confirms my experience the other night (sorry I missed your comments from the other day, Jackpine). Cabin Fever, you said this... "These signals were all tricky but once the signal was isolated, I had high confidence that I was digging a coin." That's about a perfect description of what I was experiencing. They were tough/tricky signals, at first, when they were initially heard, but once I'd stop and try and isolate what I was hearing, rotating around the target, I was able to find an angle or angles where I could isolate a good, solid, "pure" coin signal that left little doubt. Very interesting to hear that both of you noted something similar to what I thought I was experiencing; I'm not sure what they changed that would account for this, but it seems I'm not the only one to perhaps notice something... Steve
  10. Hi all! I have a site where -- for some reason -- I dig a TON of moderate-depth wheat cents, but very little silver. It's a small strip of grass, next to where a pool used to be located, on a former country club site. ANYWAY, I went through there many times with my old Explorer, and pretty well "cleaned it out," as far as the Explorer's capability goes. The coins are intermingled with quite a bit of iron/nails, and so many are masked by the iron. But given that caveat, there was not much else there, once I "finished," that the Explorer was able to "clue me in on," in terms of there being any coins left. Well, when I got the Equinox, I thought it would be a great "test site." I went through that small strip of grass with the 11" coil, as a "test," to see how well the Equinox's improved ability to work in iron (compared to my Explorer) would actually show itself "in the field." Well, it did not disappoint. I believe I turned up about a dozen wheats and a Rosie, all from a this small grassy area that I'd hit MULTIPLE times with the Explorer and various coils, and all of the coins under, or very near, iron. I had nails in just about every hole -- which explains why the Explorer missed these coins. Having said that, I did have to "work" each one of those targets with the Equinox pretty carefully, listening very closely to hear the chirps of high-tone mixed in with the iron tones, and then to try and figure out which of those high tones were just "falses," and which ones were hints of a coin. Still, though, like I said, the Equinox enabled me to pull roughly a dozen coins out of a small area that -- after many trips with the Explorer -- would have suggested a conclusion that the site was about "played out." NOT SO, though, for the Equinox! This was a great testimonial to the ability of the EQX, from my perspective. I had not hunted the site again, since. So, fast forward to few nights ago. I headed back to this same spot, still with the 11" coil, but this time with the updated software version. In a very short hunt, over this same, small grassy area, I recovered three more wheats, and several '60s Memorial pennies, all of which were "missed" when I hunted it with the Equinox before. While it's not surprising that I "missed" several coins the last time, as it was only one hunt with the EQX, what WAS surprising is that several of the ones I dug this time were OBVIOUS -- yes, they were still within iron, but I was able to get the machine to really "lock on" to the high tone, from several angles, that left almost NO DOUBT that there was a coin down there, in the nails. The targets were so "easy" to pick out from the iron, that I'm surprised I missed them last time. Now -- I'm not sure if the fact that it was "easier" to hear these particular coins in the nails (coins that literally stood out to my ears like a "sore thumb" amongst the iron tones), was simply due to several more months of experience on the machine since the last time I hunted this site, OR whether that new software build is allowing the machine to "unmask" in iron even better than it did before. Any thoughts from anyone? Has anyone else perhaps noticed the new software build offering better ability to "unmask?" (Or, was what I experienced more likely to be simply additional experience on the machine?) It was a pretty stark, obvious observation, and the several months that have elapsed between these two hunts (with two different versions of software) offer a unique scenario to "analyze..." Was it "more experience," or was it assistance offered by the new software? Steve
  11. HOLY SMOKES! What a hunt! What an incredible site you must be on! I see coins of several different eras, there, so it must be a site that has seen activity for a couple of centuries, as well! OUTSTANDING!!!! Steve
  12. steveg

    Carbon.... Again!?

    Interesting, thanks buick! Steve
  13. steveg

    Carbon.... Again!?

    57buick -- Where have you seen carbon-fiber cam locks? Steve
  14. steveg

    Amazing Finds

    Superb day, and SUPERB that you are sharing it with your son! Great digs, great hunt! Steve
  15. steveg

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    Great news, Steve, I'll look forward to it! And I can tell you are excited -- I'm really happy for you to have made such a find (can't wait to see it!) Steve