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  1. Dan, THANKS for the follow-up thoughts; I really appreciate it and it sounds like you are well-pleased (and therefore, so am I)! BeachHunter, Thank you for the endorsement! 🙂 Steve
  2. Norm, Thanks for including that picture; it shows the improved balance very nicely! Steve
  3. nickel -- if you "commit" to swinging with your "off hand" for awhile, it will eventually become second nature; you will become just as proficient as you are with your dominant hand, and can then use either one with equal effectiveness. Years ago, I developed some tendonitis in my "swinging elbow," due to the weight of the Minelab Explorer (which was my go-to machine). I was forced to learn to swing with my "off hand," and eventually, it became a non-issue. Now, I can swing with either -- but still tend to use my "off hand" (lefty) most of the time. Steve
  4. I would be happy to work with you on the purchase of a shaft! Let me know if I may be of service. Thanks! Steve
  5. kac -- I just saw your message; I'm sorry to say that no, I don't have a shaft design for the SeaHunter. I've had a couple of folks ask about this recently, but it's not a machine that I'm currently producing a shaft for. S-shafts are much more difficult to produce, as an s-bend carbon-fiber tube requires a custom mold, and the cost of such a mold is quite high, from the carbon-fiber tube companies I work with. So, it's a challenge, from a financial perspective... My apologies, Steve
  6. George -- THANKS for the kind words, and yes, I do believe the shafts will be compatible with the Apex. Thank you sir! Steve
  7. Tom, I don't know why the "snark" is necessary, in your response my post; I was genuinely trying to be helpful for your friend, not "making excuses." If there are install problems, that others have mentioned, where a glitch occurs (unstable machine after updating), and then a full factory reset and then re-install resolves the issue, I don't know why you'd imply that your friend would not appreciate the suggestion. I will say one last thing on this topic. I have a test garden, that's been buried for 10 years now. When I got the CTX, about 3 years ago, I tested it thoroughly agains
  8. Tom, One thing I have heard anecdotally -- and I can't imagine how/why this could be the case -- but I've heard from a few folks that when they have installed one of the new EQX updates, they find the machine to suddenly be extremely unstable -- and so they end up doing a "restore" or "reset" back to original settings, and then re-installing the update, and then things work properly. Based on what you are saying, I have to wonder if a "reset" and "reinstall" might be worth a try, on your buddy's machine. What you describe, just does not sound normal. Oh -- and one other thing -- he w
  9. Thanks for chimining in, Calabash... Sounds like they work fine; I was pretty sure they did, but it's good to get confirmation. Steve
  10. 謝謝你的客氣話。 我很難運到中國,因為運費很貴(大約65美元),而且我想您也必須支付進口稅。 我們還有必須克服的語言障礙! 如果您想和我談談這個問題,請告訴我。 可以通過steve@stevesdetectorrods.com與我聯繫。 謝謝! 史蒂夫 Xièxiè nǐ de kèqì huà. Wǒ hěn nán yùn dào zhōngguó, yīnwèi yùnfèi hěn guì (dàyuē 65 měiyuán), érqiě wǒ xiǎng nín yě bìxū zhīfù jìnkǒu shuì. Wǒmen hái yǒu bìxū kèfú de yǔyán zhàng'ài! Rúguǒ nín xiǎng hé wǒ tán tán zhège wèntí, qǐng gàosù wǒ. Kěyǐ tōngguò steve@stevesdetectorrods.com yǔ wǒ liánxì. Xièxiè! Shǐ dì fū
  11. Tom -- glad to see you here, as well! I sure hope Raphis and you find a time to get together. If you do, make sure you FILM this duel; it should become a classic, like the shoot-out at the OK Corral... 😉 Steve
  12. Hi all! Just a quick note to say that I have a full supply of carbon-fiber tubes -- in several different colors -- in stock, and ready for building Garrett AT- and ACE-series shafts. If you have interest in a new shaft, for your AT- or ACE-series machine (and soon, the APEX model), I'd be happy to build one, to your liking. Thanks! Steve
  13. Dan -- Wow! You have no idea that forum exchanges that Tom_in_CA and I have had (mainly over at Dankowski's forum)! I was relatively experienced (about 8 years) Explorer SE Pro user, who switched to a CTX when my last SE Pro died, and then purchased an Equinox right when they were released. My plan was -- after learning the EQX thoroughly -- to use the EQX as a quality backup to my CTX. But, in the process of committing the time to learning the EQX, it -- though I didn't expect it to -- proved itself to me to the degree that it has become my go-to machine. And not JUST because it doe
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