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  1. Goldpick, Good points. As for the CTX, I've never checked the actual balance on the CTX, but I do swing one, and I can tell you that having swung a "perfectly balanced" Equinox, the CTX is NOT "perfectly balanced." It is DEFINITELY "more balanced" than an Explorer or E-Trac, but it absolutely does NOT feel "perfectly balanced." Again, I've never checked to verify that, but if you go back to nickeldNdimed's pictures, and look his pictures, I am expecting that at best, the CTX would hang somewhere between his "no weight" picture (machine nearly vertical), and his "weight applied" (machi
  2. I do...if you are an active or retired service member, let me know when purchasing, and thank you for your service! Steve
  3. Tom, I agree with you. There are two things you need to be able to do, physically, to swing the Equinox. One, as you said, you have to have the strength in your fingers/hand/arm to LIFT the machine, and KEEP it lifted, in the first place. If you can't easily lift 3 pounds, and KEEP it lifted for several hours, then yes, detecting will not be comfortable. And yes, if your main issue is that you struggle to lift the 3 pounds and carry it for several hours, then it will be even more difficult for you to lift and carry FOUR pounds. So I agree with you there. However, most folks I
  4. nickeldNdimed -- A couple of things. First of all, you are right that there are different types of pain experienced by some, versus others. In addition, some users experience "fatigue" only, not really pain, and some experience no pain or fatigue at all. If you are experiencing no fatigue or pain, then there's no reason to counterbalance. Obviously, for that person, the muscular effort to keep the coil floating is not so great, that it "strains" the muscles. But, if you are feeling fatigue, or pain, then it's quite likely due to the machine's imbalance. There are few people that cou
  5. Tom, If some folks find that an S-shaft is easier to swing, I think that's great. However, adding counterweight DOES make a nose-heavy machine "swing better," even though to some that seems somewhat "counter-intuitive." While an S-shaft might be preferred by some, that shaft design doesn't change the fact that a machine like the Equinox, which places relatively substantial weight at one end (the coil end), out at the end of a long "lever," and essentially no weight at the other end (the butt end) IS a nose-heavy unit, by definition. That's just the physics of it. Which exact group
  6. That's a GREAT haul, Dan! Congratulations! Steve
  7. Joe, Nice job on the repair, AND the 8-point! Can't beat that, LOL -- not even to your blind yet, and you jumped a good one? Congrats! Steve
  8. Dan, I'll look forward to seeing what you find on the next hunt. Might be a surprise or two waiting for you amongst that trash! Steve
  9. Thanks for the kind words, Colonel (and appreciate the review, of course!) Steve
  10. kac -- sounds good! Just let me know if/when you would like to purchase, and I'll get you taken care of! I agree, sounds like a pretty cool project! Steve
  11. Park 1, Recovery 3, Horseshoe off (accept all targets), 50 tones, FE2 at 0, and sensitivity as high/hot as you can possibly run it (and still keep it "stable" with respect to EMI). Steve
  12. kac -- Weight for the standard 46 1/2" model checks in right around 23.75 oz. (673g). Obviously, a 36" one would be a good bit lighter -- and yes, I can build you a 36 incher, no problem. I could probably do a 36" model for you for about $100 plus shipping... Thanks kac! Steve
  13. kac -- the OD is 35mm (1 3/8"), but the lowest 6" or so is CNC lathed slightly smaller, depending upon which scoop it is intended for. For instance, the T-Rex model is lathed to about 34.5mm, the Stealth to about 34.75mm. I can do them in whatever diameter is needed -- even something different than the baseline 35mm diameter, but it would be a "special-order" item as I'd have to get the tubes from my producer. Just let me know if you'd like more info... Thanks! Steve
  14. Hi all! I would like to remind those of you in the market for a high-quality, heavy duty carbon-fiber sand scoop handle that I'm now branching out with my company into producing these handles. While they are not up on my webpage as of yet, I do offer handles for T-Rex scoops, and have just begun offering handles for Xtreme and Stealth scoops (including marine-grade stainless steel threaded insert, bolt, and washer for attachment to the Xtreme and Stealth scoops). I also have word from Nokta, regarding handle diameter dimensions compatible with their brand-new sand scoops, and can now conf
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