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  1. Sandi, I'll send you a PM to see if there's a way that I can help you guys out. Thanks! Steve
  2. Sandi -- Yes, I produce carbon-fiber shafts for the Equinox. I will send you a PM, regarding a possible shaft for your husband's Equinox. Thanks for your interest! Steve
  3. maxxkatt -- I have confirmed that Miccus Bluetooth 5.0 headphones WILL work perfectly with the Equinox -- at least they do on my machine, and one of my hunting partners' machines. I'm not sure why you are having trouble with yours, but I don't believe it to be an overall incompatibility between Miccus 5.0 phones, and the Equinox. It could be a bad set of phones, or a mistake in the pairing process, not sure, but I don't think it's a universal issue of incompatibility. Steve
  4. Wow, what an INCREDIBLE hunt, for your brother, Gerry! Congrats to him, big time, and it's cool that you were there to experience it! Steve
  5. Brian -- most definitely, there are. That sounds like a lot of fun... Steve
  6. That's a terrific job, then, for the Equinox to give a good, solid ID like that on such a deep, small target. Wow! Again -- just an AMAZING hunt! And AU-55 on the gold coin?! WOW... It IS another really cool side note, as you mentioned, that both of the coins that have more substantial numismatic value are also the ones that happened to be in really nice condition! While you, like I, don't sell coin finds, it's still pretty amazing that you have a couple with that much worth. Did your friend tell you what the 1865-S Seated Dime might grade at? You might have a couple of $3000+ coins there... Steve
  7. Thanks, Brian! I'd love to hunt with Tom sometime, but I think his mind is pretty made up! Truthfully, I'd love to hunt with you both! Maybe someday that can happen. Thanks! Steve
  8. Yeah, and check out the value on the 1865-S Seated Dime...
  9. Brian, The word you used in the first sentence of your post, is the best one I can think of, to describe that...EPIC! One thing I don't recall from the video, is how deep you think the gold coin was...just curious, as you said the machine was rock-solid on the "12" VDI...I am wondering how deep the EQX can hold that solid of an ID, in the dirt, on such a small coin... Anyway, incredible job! Your persistence with this site really, REALLY paid off, in a big way! CONGRATS!! Steve
  10. I agree with Chase, on the Miccus phones. Even though they are a BT80, they definitely sound different from the Minelab BT80s (ML80). The Minelab version IS a muddy-sounding, not-clear sound -- I totally agree with you and Chase. The Miccus phones are much more clear and crisp, especially on the high tones. I shot a video, but haven't edited and uploaded it yet, showing proper pairing technique -- AND doing so with a set of Miccus SR-71 Bluetooth version 5.0 headphones. They WILL pair with an Equinox (mine is an 800 running the newest, 2.0 version of firmware). Don't worry about the Miccus phones not pairing; if the WM-08 option with your Killer B's is too "wired" for you, try the Miccus. Steve
  11. Bob -- that is just unbelievable! LOL! I am sure they are diligently at work, searching for it...a year later... LOL! (Meanwhile, glad you are still enjoying the shaft!) Steve
  12. Really nice job, OkaraGold. That looks terrific, and strong, too... Steve
  13. kac -- OH MY. Yep, time to find out if you have a coil problem, or a problem with your recently repaired unit. Take your time, get things figured out! If, once the dust settles, you would like a shaft, just drop me a note, and we'll get you taken care of. Thanks! Steve
  14. Joe D. -- THANK YOU, sir, for the very kind words! It is my goal to achieve 100% satisfaction with all customers, at all times, in all situations. Thank you! Steve
  15. kac -- Yes sir! There is nothing about the shaft that would prevent it from being used with the big NEL coil. If you are asking that question, with the thought of the lower rod possibly "twisting" or "turning," due to the lack of spring button pins and button holes, that is NOT a concern. My cam locks are tension-adjustable; there's a small screw on the clamping lever that can be adjusted -- which alters the tension with which the cam lock clamps the lower rod in place. In other words, any "turning" of the lower rod, relative to the middle shaft section, simply means that your clamping tension is set slightly too loose; a quarter turn or so tighter on the screw, and you'd be all set. Thanks! Steve
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