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  1. Elf -- Sounds like you have been as busy as I have! Yep, busy time of year, but I am sure I can squeeze in a hunt or two! I look forward to it! Sounds like the base's controlled burns have been a good thing, that might open up a few spots to find a couple of goodies! Steve P. S. -- let's hope you don't need to spend much time in that tornado shelter this spring! 😉
  2. First hunt in a LONG time; I was happy that I was able to prove to myself that I haven't totally forgotten how to run the Equinox! Oh -- the 1916 Merc? The mint mark -- if there was one -- was worn off... 😞 LOL! Steve
  3. IMPRESSIVE!! WOW! Great hunt, Dan -- a whole pile of super finds, AND a bucket lister, to top it off!! CONGRATS!!! Steve
  4. Bayard -- I know this deviates from your question about "S" rods, but the counterweight system I offer effects significant improvements with the ergonomics issue...FWIW. Steve
  5. Sure! That small subset of the "silver" nickels is really odd... Steve
  6. BeachHunter, LOL! THANK YOU for the very kind words! I appreciate it! I realize my opinion is biased, but I DO think that a high-quality carbon-fiber shaft with a proper, solid cam lock is MUCH more befitting of the Equinox, overall. It's a high-end machine, performance-wise, and it seems so much better matched with a higher-end shaft, from my perspective... I like to dream about an Equinox 1000, with a nice carbon-fiber shaft, and a 2-D FE-CO display brought over from the FBS line of machines. While that would put me "out of business," in terms of my shaft sales, I'd be one of the first to jump on board and buy that machine!!! Thank you, sir, for your compliments! I am really glad to hear you enjoy the shaft! Steve
  7. BeachHunter, www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods
  8. Fskafish -- Thank you! I'm REALLY glad to hear that you like the shaft, and that the purchase process was pleasant as well. That's always the goal (providing a high-quality shaft, and a good customer experience), and it makes my day to hear confirmation from happy customers! Thank you! Steve www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods
  9. This has been a very good thread, with some very good information, in my opinion. Great stuff here. Kudos, GB_Amateur, for raising the topic. And I think your golf analogy is a good one... Steve
  10. I agree with all of the posts here. Very good info. It's so hard to describe specifically, but like Happa said, after using Minelab FBS machines extensively/exclusively for eight years prior, and thus being immersed in multi-tone Minelab audio output the entire time, it has become kind of "second nature," now, for me to use 50 tones on the Equinox. I'd feel like I was missing so much "intelligence" about a target, if I switched to say a 5-tone option... Steve
  11. Thanks, for the very kind words, sir! I enjoyed speaking with you and I really appreciate your trust, and your business! Thank you! Steve
  12. Hi all, Just a quick announcement -- the first of a long-awaited shipment of parts arrived today, which will allow me to get started on the second production run of Equinox shafts. If you are interested, or have been waiting for me to re-stock inventory, now is a great time to contact me, as I'll be filling new orders by the end of the week. Please see my "for sale" ad in the classifieds, for more information/pricing. THANKS! Steve
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