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  1. Yes. Same here. There was definitely a "change," in how it sees on-edge silver coins/rings, in the newer update, but it didn't improve it substantially, IMO. I specifically tested the machine, once version 1.75 was released, focused in particular on the "on-edge" thing. However, I did not note all that much improvement (in air testing). There is definitely "different" behavior there, and I'd say there was some "marginal" improvement, but not enough to make a huge difference, IMO -- at least not with air testing. With that said, I will say that I dig a reasonable number of "mid-depth" coins on edge, with the Equinox (4 to 5" or so), and I dig ALOT of them that are "partially" on edge (say 45 degrees canted) from deep depths, so it's not like the machine is "awful" at coins that are oriented "other than flat." It's just that for certain targets, directly on edge, it struggles. And the improvement in 1.75 was not nearly as great as I had hoped, as compared to 1.5. Phrunt, if you are able to dig coins that are entirely on edge (vertical) -- down to the limits of the machine's depth, with a "coin-type" ID, you are able to accomplish something that I can't. If I recall, it DOES do better in that regard with smaller coins, (I'm trying to think back to the testing I did a year ago), but still...I'd LOVE to have those results, that you describe! Steve
  2. I think there is something to this -- and I think the translation provided by PUHH may be "real" information. Reason being, last week someone made a post on NASA-Tom Dankowski's forum, about the two available software versions for the EQX (1.5, and 1.75), and how that person felt that 1.5 was less "falsy" around iron, and possibly better overall. NASA-Tom responded with a somewhat "cryptic" answer to the question, that there might be a "fix" for this person's concerns (presumably "falsing" high-tones from iron targets), in the "upcoming week" (which is this week). I took that to mean that there may be a new software update on the near-term horizon, presumably improving the Equinox's performance in and around iron...and the chatter here seems to confirm/be related to that... Should be interesting... Steve
  3. Very nice job! I'd LOVE to have things like that available to find in my own yard! SUPER! Steve
  4. OUTSTANDING job, and what a great story, Skate!! And you are right, there is nothing better than the happiness you bring to someone, when you find their lost item. I love the story, Skate! Terrific! Steve
  5. NICE job, 2Valen!! Nice recovery, on the Barber dime, and those "coin spills" are always unique! Steve
  6. eagleseye -- sounds good, thank you! I'll look for your PM, if you decide eventually to send one. One other thing I would like to let you know, is that I build shafts with customized details, for customers who need such. So, even if I haven't mentioned something specific that you might want, with your shaft, I'd encourage you to ask the question; there are many things I am happy to do, that can be tailored to your needs, but which I have not specifically mentioned anywhere. I do these custom shafts on a customer-by-customer basis, trying to meet whatever specific needs anyone might have, but it's impossible to list all the possibilities, in terms of customization. For instance -- that three-piece design that I posted the pictures of, earlier? That specific shaft was a modification of what I'd normally do, but that customer wanted his shaft to fit in a SPECIFIC case, a Pelican 1510, for travel purposes. He already had the case, so he needed a three-piece that would fit the case (as opposed to finding a case to fit a particular shaft). SO, I worked with him to get the dimensions of his case, and then I designed and built the shaft to fit that specific case. Here's a picture of what the final result was -- it's a picture of the shaft disassembled, and fitting perfectly (with his other EQX components) into his Pelican carry-on case (you can see the two shaft sections in the picture, on top; the third shaft section is beneath the other two, in a slot that he cut into the foam). So, again -- if you need something specific, there's a good chance I can accommodate, with a "custom" build. Thanks! Steve
  7. eagleseye -- My shafts have already been mentioned in this thread by Steve H., but you seem to be looking for more collapsibility, so I wanted to let you know that I also offer a three-piece all-carbon-fiber shaft option -- I can custom-build it for you, if you need it to collapse small enough to fit in a specific-sized bag, but my "standard" option keeps all three shaft sections at 21" or less. The connections between the three sections are achieved with two of my heavy duty, highly secure clamp-type cam locks. I also offer the "drain hole" in the lower rod, as an option for anyone who would like to have one. Finally, I can offer you the shaft in standard black, or an array of colors, if you have interest in a colored shaft. Just another option for you to consider. Please contact me, if you would like additional information, as I'd love the chance to build you a shaft (email steve@stevesdetectorrods.com). Steve www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods
  8. Rabdab -- you need to be sure you got the NEW version of the Q12; I made the mistake of purchasing a set, not knowing that there was on older version that was aptX, but NOT low latency. And my purchase was of the old set, the non-LL version. Steve
  9. hosey -- I'll have a look, at "fractal antennas." Thanks! Steve
  10. hosey -- I think your question is directed to me; I'm not familiar with fractal tech, or coil design; not enough electrical engineering background on my part! Maybe someone else can chime in... Thanks! Steve
  11. Ed, Indeed, some of the coils' ears do seem to be "looser" or "tighter" than others, which can at times require slightly different washer sizes to achieve "perfect" fit. My apologies, as I misunderstood; I didn't understand that your coil saver washers were primarily intended for MINELAB's lower rod, not YOUR lower rod. Thanks for clarifying. I'm not sure why Minelab doesn't seem to be aware of that, as it's not only the Equinox...the CTX 3030 is the same way (very little space between the coil ears, and the lower rod "head.") Steve
  12. hosey, thanks for your interest, and I'd be happy to build a shaft for you! Phrunt is right, though, shipping costs from the US are high. It's very frustrating. The only "affordable" option (and I say that in quotes because it's still steep) is to ship through the United States Postal Service, via USPS Priority International. It's about $60 USD to ship internationally, using USPS, for a package of this size and weight. I just sent a shaft with counterweight to a gentleman in South Africa, via USPS Priority International, and it was $59.95 USD. It took awhile, too; it got hung up in South Africa customs, for some reason, for two weeks. But, Priority International is supposed to be "6 to 10 days" delivery. With that said, I'm happy to send you a shaft, with counterweight, if you'd like me to build you one; I'll do the best I can for you, as an international customer, to try and reduce a bit of the "pain" of the shipping costs. I might also note here that the washers I use as "standard" on my lower rod design are similar to the new washers now being offered from Detect-Ed -- in that they are designed to allow more space between the coil ears and the lower rod (they stick out farther from the lower rod, than Minelab's washers do). This was a part of my initial design, for the same reason that Detect-Ed came out with these washers -- to reduce the chance for rubbing of the coil ears on the lower rod, thus preventing "wear" over time. Thanks! Steve
  13. Lonnie, I am sorry to hear about your experience. Minelab's customer service has been outstanding, for the past two years, for me -- and for most others I've seen post about it on the forums. I do know that Jamie, who Chase mentioned in his post, is no longer with the company. However, there are others available who will take care of you. You can reach a "human" at Minelab by calling 1(630)401-8150. I just called to verify, and spoke with a great guy named Maxwell. I told Maxwell your issue, and he said he'd look forward to speaking with you. I am wondering if you just had outdated phone number information. If you want to try again, try that number I just posted... Thanks! Steve
  14. Just an update... I just received a large re-stock of both black and colored tubes, so if you are interested in an Equinox shaft, now is a great time to order. Counterweights are also available for the Equinox shafts, and CTX 3030 lower rods are in stock, as well. ***I have also begun making custom Equinox travel shafts, which feature a two-piece upper shaft (instead of the one-piece upper). I can make each of the three shaft sections (upper, middle, and lower) in any custom length you need.*** ***I am also now producing custom "dive shafts" for the Equinox; these can also be made to any custom length, and can be either be a one-piece, fixed length shaft, OR an adjustable two-piece shaft (see the picture below, showing a fixed-length 28" dive shaft, in blue).*** Thanks! Steve
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