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  1. EVERYONE -- just thought I'd provide an update. Parts arrived today, for the counterweight tubes. I'm VERY pleased with how they have turned out! Here is a 6 15/16" counterweight tube for the Minelab Equinox carbon-fiber shaft, which is capable of holding up to 30 oz. weight. Remember, any weight/length of tube can be produced, up to the full 6 15/16", per customer needs/desires. THANKS to everyone who provided ideas/suggestions during the thread! Steve
  2. steveg

    GPX Carbon Rods?

    I am sorry, Goldseeker, I do not. I do not own a Gold Seeker, and so without having one to take measurements with, I'm not able to design a shaft for it. I apologize! Steve
  3. Cptbill -- Thanks for your kind words, and for your interest. Please let me know when you have enough coins saved; I'd love to build you a shaft! afreakofnature -- Thank you also for your very kind words and support! I appreciate it, and appreciate your business! Yes, I found it very interesting that someone is doing something very similar! Steve
  4. Ha! Thanks for the link. After I posted, I did some more searching, and finally ran across that. Thanks for the heads up! You know what they say about "loose lips!" Mine have been pretty loose...but that's OK! I wouldn't have it any other way. I am a detectorist, with a little shaft-building business; not a true "businessman." If I have to err in one direction or the other, I'd rather lose out on some sales, than turn into some cut-throat salesman with all my focus on bottom line, at the end of the quarter... 🙂 Steve
  5. afreakofnature -- I took a look, but don't see it. Do you have a link? Thanks, Steve
  6. GB_Amateur, Very interesting, and informative post. No, I have not weighed the nickels, but I certainly could do so. I will put that on my list of things to do soon. As for your ideas about XRF analysis on both sides, averaging, etc. -- I'd love to have all that done. The source I used for the XRF analysis is not an option for further testing -- they did as much for me as they could, and as I said, they are not set up for, nor have the experience with, analyzing for the types of metals contained within the coins. I would love to find another possibility for XRF analysis, somewhere with experience dealing with the metals in question. Some suggested a gold/jewelry shop, etc. -- and it's still something I plan to check into. I certainly would like more answers... Yes, I am familiar with the coin guidebooks you mention; interesting that there's not too much in there about the war nickels, and any "alternate" compositions aside from the "official." Perhaps you are right that any "deviations" in composition of the planchets -- if they indeed existed -- were not recorded, but I'd be surprised... I still hold out that one possibility is that that the deviations being seen are mainly on the SURFACE of the coins, and thus it being the ground that is contributing. For instance, Oklahoma has very irony-red dirt; would a war nickel with "crud" on it, show up as having iron content, when the iron is really in the "crud," and not the nickel itself? I don't think this is a full explanation, but it is something to think about... Steve
  7. steveg

    1906 Barber Beauty With My 800

    relicmeister -- Yep, a VERY nice Barber, indeed! GREAT JOB!! Steve
  8. GB_Amateur -- this is great data; NOT having any "odd-reading" war nickels is NOT a "failure," but adds mystery and intrigue to the issue. WHY would my friend Joe, in northeast Oklahoma, dig SEVERAL of these "very odd-reading" nickels, but you checked 160 from pocket change, and found NONE that were "odd." My first knee-jerk WOULD have been that somehow maybe being in the ground is altering the coins in such a way that they read different, but the XRF analysis showing different compositions suggests, at least, that there is more going on, than that... HMM.... Steve
  9. pax -- It is a good question, you ask. I have pondered many times about putting a payment link directly on my website. The issue is, demand has been great enough that I struggle to keep enough items in stock! And I don't want to be in a place where I have a pay link on y website, and someone then pays for a rod or shaft -- but I don't have any available in stock, to send! With that said, I'm working toward that...as soon as I can get my inventory built up enough to feel confident about having items in stock at all times. But in the mean time, I have you on the list for a complete shaft, and you'll be getting one from the first batch. I planned to send you a PM within the next day or two, with more details, but I'll go ahead and send it now. Check your inbox, for some info. THANKS for your interest! Steve
  10. WOW, GB_Amateur...40 so far, and ALL of them reading "like a nickel should?!" The mystery deepens... Seve
  11. I wish you still worked with the X-ray equipment also, LOL! (and I won't tell!) LOL! I'll be interested in hearing what you find out when you run those war nicks with your EQX... To me, this is fascinating! I just wish I could get the coin community more "excited" about it; if they were less "skeptical" about this, they could definitely help to unravel the mystery... Steve
  12. steveg

    A Gold Coin Story

    I'm late, too -- but WOW!!! Incredible, bucket-list find of a lifetime, and in THAT kind of condition?! Not to mention the Seateds, which are always my favorite coins to dig -- and a KEY-DATE one, at that? I'd say you had one SPECTACULAR run of luck on that day! AMAZING!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Steve
  13. steveg

    A Bucket Lister With The Nox 800!!

    OUTSTANDING!!! A bucket-lister for sure! WHAT A DIG! Steve
  14. Hey, all! Just a quick update. Things are proceeding "nearly" on schedule; I expect shafts to begin shipping within the next 14 days. Some production progress has already occurred, with the rest of the shaft-building process to occur once the remainder of the parts arrive next week. If you have mentioned interest in the past, please expect contact from me soon, so I can provide detailed information, and "shore up" my wait list. If you haven't contacted me in the past, and are interested, please let me know and I can put you on my "need to contact" list. I am REALLY pleased with how the project has turned out! I think folks are going to really like these shafts! THANKS! Steve
  15. dew -- indeed! That WOULD make the 15" a game changer for beach hunters...instead, what I'm hearing is about 1/2" to 1" depth increase, with the 15", compared to the 11". Steve