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  1. I am selling a used, but in decent shape 1800 SlimPack for the E-Trac, Safari, Explorer, or other FBS machines. It's capacity under a 200mah load is just over 1400mah. In real world applications, think of this as the rough performance equivalent of a brand new 1600 NiMH Minelab battery. I'm also selling an OEM Minelab charger to go along with the pack. I'm asking for $55 $50 $40 OBO shipped for the battery pack and charger. This price includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48. I accept cash (if local pick up), USPS money orders and Paypal via FF (not to avoid the fee, but due to new accounting rules in 2022). I have a few other items for sale that’ll work for the Etrac. So if you’re interested in any other item I’m selling, I’m willing to offer a discount for multiple item deals. I might consider trade for Equinox stuff...maybe. Perhaps for a WM08 wireless module, extra charging cord, EQ6 coil and/or Coiltek 10x5 coil. Maybe we can work something out.
  2. New condition, cosmetic and functional, used little, 2 coils $300 plus $25 shipping. Ship UPS CONUS only or if in Albany NY area, pick up no shipping. USPS Money order CASHED AT PO before shipped. Will not delay after receiving MO. Terrible we have to do it that way. Thanks, Joe
  3. Don't have my TDI SL anymore so, I need to sell them... Looking for a good home. 11 1/2” HOT Head - High Energy Coil, comes with White's lower shaft to fit mounting ears of this coil. No coil cover. Works great and goes deep! Great for relic hunting. Coil has some minor scuffs as to be expected; been tested and works fine. This coil fits XLT, XL Pro, 6000 di Pro, 5900 di Pro, QXT and IDX detectors with oper. freq. 6.592 kHz. Will not work on MXT, DFX or V3i detectors, $60 shipped. 8 x 14 White’s DIGGER TDI Mono, fits current big box TDI, TDI Pro and TDI SL detectors. Looks new, comes with coil cover, $125 shipped. 9 x 14 RAZORBACK Australian “Longreach” TDI Series coil, Made in U.S.A. Fits current big box TDI, TDI Pro and TDI SL detectors. Looks like it never touched the ground! No coil cover. This coil is the predecessor to Miner John Coils out of California, $150 shipped. Will take Paypal. Thanks for looking. TC-AZ
  4. Nokta / Makro Impact, Come with 3 coils: IM28 (11” x 7”); IM24 (9.5” x 5”) and IM18C (7” Concentric). All come with lower rods, coil covers and hardware. Included items are: extra set of hardware, detector stand, 4-AA rechargeable batteries, wall charging unit, USB data cable, set of 2 environmental covers (upper & lower), carry bag, user manual (with some writing) and orig. box. Operating freq: 5kHz - 14kHz - 20kHz. Works as it should with no issues. With the IM28 coil cover, I had to repair with epoxy because it was cracked. This is the only issue I had in taking off the cover. Has orig. protective screen cover on it. Great Detector; just thinning the herd. Sorry NO TRADES at this time and WILL NOT separate. $419 shipped CONUS. Will take Paypal for payment. Thanks for looking, TC-AZ
  5. I have a limited edition book for sale. This book is based on a gold strike by a man listed in a government report in the 1960's.The strike occurred in 1936. I have changed the miners name but the gold amounts are in the range of the report estimate. The journal itself is fiction and should not be taken as a true story. These limited edition books are on 8 1/2 inch X 11 inch antiqued paper and is thick & unique. They are hand made by me per order and take nearly a day to make. There will also be some further information included with the book on this gold strike and what happened on the claim in the years after that is not on the forum posts. This book is for the true fans of this epic adventure and if I decide to come out with the commercial books under fiction they will be nothing like this one. Once again, the journal did not exist but the government report did. The journal was written by me as a fictional adventure story based off the report. The cost of the book is $80 & includes shipping in the 48 states. Please private mail me for ordering details. DISCLAIMER : Just one more post to clarify all of this : I have a printout of an official docket file with the contract number & docket number from the U.S. Dept of Interior Office of Minerals Exploration from 1966. It's a huge file and in a part of it they tell about a gold strike on one of our mining claims along the faultline. The person who made the strike gloryholed the area in 1936 and there is more on him in there as far as details about his claim & work performed and another person involved. I was also able to find out more about this operation by researching on my own. The report tells what ended up happening to this person as well. It also gives the rounded dollar amount of the strike which I converted to ounces and tried to keep fairly accurate. Even the report wasn't down to the exact amount of gold. I changed the miners name as well. The true story of his work is actually quite amazing and a once in a lifetime event for sure. All of this I can back up because I have it here infront of me. However, there was no actual journal kept as far as I know by this man but there was one containing work performed there by a mining company in the 1960's. Those records were kept by the president of the company and that is in the report I have. The journal I wrote here was based on these events in the report but is completely a work of fiction on my part. I just took a true story out of a report and made up an adventure out of it. Kind of like when a movie is made based on a true event but the action parts are made up by a writer. Or when you watch a reality tv show based on something that has taken place but all kinds of fictional events are added in. Also, there is still gold on these claims. The pictures I posted are real and of this area and are on our mining claims. I also think there is a tremendous gold strike waiting to happen there again because I personally believe this miner didn't get it all and I have some good reasons to believe this. So in looking back on this I probably should have set the entire beginning up the way I just stated in this post. I haven't sold a single book but when I filled out a copyright submission you have to check off a category. I checked fiction so there was no attempt at trying to sell it as the truth. I don't even know if I'll go to the trouble of self publishing this. At this time it's just a story in my computer but I want to protect it. As far as the special edition book I have on this site, I am proud of it. I have disclosed it as fiction as far as the journal goes. I have made ONE COPY so far & it is mine. It took me most of the day to make it. And the materials are expensive. So if anyone does buy one of these they will know it is fiction. The fiction is the adventure part of the entire thing. I also wanted to add a seperate story of the facts of the actual docket for readers because it's really interesting. It's all public record but it took me many days of researching our claims to come across it by accident. OK, done for now & hope you enjoyed reading it here up to now. Cheers.
  6. Used. I'm the 2nd owner, less than 30 hrs runtime. Great shape. I just never got around to beach or relic hunting. I've had it out twice in the year I've owned it.
  7. Lower price For sale is my frontline 800 with my custom straight rod. The headphone jack on the back does not work but the rest of the machine is 100%. If you have any questions, please ask. Payment methods Pay Pal family and friends, Regular PayPal [add 3%] or Postal Money Order. $599 Shipping included. Equinox 800 package includes: Rod: Carbon Fiber upper with Fiberglass lower. Custom hand grip. Cam lock for lower shaft. Sovereign metal armrest This is a $150 upgrade! 11" coil, Coil cover, Charge cable Falwedi Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Highly regarded and reviewed: https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/17930-another-over-ear-headphone-that-passes-the-aptx-ll-test-with-flying-colors-bargain-updated/ Full disclosure: {read} Pod Serial # 23441154056 [out of warranty] Headphone jack on pod is not useable, Speaker and Bluetooth both work. A repair was done in the hand grip section to one post, all other posts were reinforced. Would also consider a trade to a Deus 2 with 9" coil.
  8. Selling for a friend. good condition, battery checks out excellent and has a couple of coils (?). he is asking $2800. If anyone is interested I will get better information for you. I know this detectors history since it was new.
  9. I am selling two used Detech coils. They both have some noticeable wear and tear from heavy use, but work perfectly. Please review photos for the exact condition of the coil and let me know if you have any questions. The first one is the Detech Ultimate 13” DD VLF coil. It comes with the coil cover and I’m asking for $90 $80 OBO shipped to anywhere in the lower 48. The biggest issue with this coil is the cracked plug. The second one is the Detech SEF PRO 8x6 coil. It comes with the coil cover and I’m asking for $70 $60 OBO shipped to anywhere in the lower 48. The biggest issue with this coil is the damage to the insulation on a small part of the wire that’s been repaired with liquid plastic/rubber and electrical tape. I accept cash (if local pick up), USPS money orders and Paypal via FF (not to avoid the fee, but due to new accounting rules in 2022). I have a few other items for sale that’ll be posted soon, such as a lower Etrac shaft. So if you’re interested in both coils or any other item I’m selling, I’m willing to offer a discount. Not interested in trades, thanks for looking!
  10. Rare Find: SOLD I have a like new tiger shark for sale, used once on land only, in excellent condition! Purchased new in 2019. $399 w/free USPS (2-5 day) shipping within the USA, except Alaska and Hawaii.
  11. XP bone phones new unused $60 shipped in the US SOLD
  12. 1) LS Pelso waterproof headphones for the Minelab Equinox. Like new. $65 shipped 2) Gray Ghost NDT headphones with extra cord. Very good condition, no rips or tears on muffs, scratches on the yokes. $70 shipped 3) Accu Sound by DetectorPro. Very good condition. Individual volume control for each side. $60 shipped For payment I take paypal friends and family. US sales only. I would also consider a trade for a set of XP deus II bone conducting headphones. These come from a non-smoker home.
  13. I am selling a used Sun Ray (Sunray) X-1 (X 1) pinpointing probe for the Etrac. This is the older, white model and has been well-used, but works perfectly. I am asking for $235 $210 $185 OBO shipped to anywhere in the lower 48. I accept cash (if local pick up), USPS money orders and Paypal via FF (not to avoid the fee, but due of new accounting rules in 2022). I have a few other items for sale which will be posted soon. So if you’re interested in any other item I’m selling, I’m willing to offer a discount. Not interested in trades, thanks for looking!
  14. I have a used whites DFX in excellent working condition with the stock 950 coil, headphones, one rechargeable battery pack, and a pack that takes AA batteries, I want 300$ for it plus shipping to wherever you are. I’ll take and send pictures to any interested parties, thanks, Sharpshovel
  15. I have 2 GPX coils for sale----(1) 11" Mono and (2) 18" DD. 400$ shipped to the lower 48. Paypal friends and family or USPS money order. Thanks.....
  16. It is 10 days old, has the 11"coil and has the receipt from my XP Dealer which you will need for the warranty. I only ship either Fedex or UPS ground with Insurance. Lower 48 0nly. I may trade for one of two detectors. A nice CTX 3030 with warranty or an Eric Foster Goldscan 5c. My price if I can't get a trade will be 100.00 off what I paid for it. More details will follow. Thanks.
  17. I’m cleaning up some new old stock Minelab detector lower rods and upper shafts. Also in the pics (I have more not pictured as well) are some lightly used lower rods, a used upper shaft as well as a couple of the carbon fiber upper shafts. As those of you who have been around long enough know, a carbon fiber shaft on your SD, GP and older GPX style detectors with a larger coil will actually get a better signal response that the blue metal stock upper shaft that comes with your detector. Plus your detector is now a little lighter in weight and also the carbon fiber shaft does not chip or paint peel. If you have a bad (ugly) worn out upper shaft and plan on selling or trading in your older Minelab GP/GPX then now is a chance to purchase a band new old stock (exact same item) upper shaft (original Minelab equipment) so your unit looks nicer, takes better pics and is easier to trade/sell. Those who still own and use the (very popular units) SD and older GP or GPX series detectors, you might want to get an additional lower fiberglass rod for your extra coil. I actually use to have each of my own coils already attached to their own lower rod, for easier and faster change. The lower fiberglass rods are the exact same Minelab and I even have a pic of one in the original Minelab wrapping. I have a few that are old stock (no wrapping) and are brand new. I also have at least 1 lightly used and also an extended longer tall man lower rod. Pricing varies but the more you buy the cheaper each item becomes. 1 brand new lower rod is $22, 2 is $40 or 3 for $50. 1 brand new upper shaft is $30, 1 used one is $20 and a complete carbon fiber upper is $30 as well. Forgot to mention a swing arm. It’s used but still works and I want $20. Call Gerry’s Detectors for any of these or if you are looking for others. I think I have a couple Fisher lower rods and some Minelab VLF type machine lower rods as well.
  18. I am no longer a Tarsacci dealer so this is my last unit. This unit is NEW IN BOX & comes complete with the following: Tarsacci MDT 8000, with the new revised battery compartment, BEAST coil, headphones, pigtail, spare washers, spare coil bolt assembly, 2 batteries & charger & backpack….oh,,,and a ARM STRAP!!😉 The 18 month factory warranty will be activated when you notify the manufacturer of your units serial number and purchase date. $1530.00 shipped! This is the BEST price your going to find on a NEW Tarsacci, ANYWHERE! PayPal friends & family only! Thanks! Aaron
  19. Machine is in perfect working condition, though it does have some scratches and other cosmetic issues. The coil was always used with a coil cover. Comes with the charger, extra mounting hardware, coil cover, and the wireless headphones. I'm asking $375 obo + shipping, payment via paypal or postal money order. Pm if interested, thanks!
  20. T2se w/ 2 coils....$375 Nel Sharpshooter...$80 Shipped
  21. Coils are all in excellent condition, only used a few times and always with a coil cover. Asking $85 each for the Nokta coils, and $125 for the Equinox coil (+shipping). Open to offers or a trade for a 5*10 equinox coil. Payment via paypal or postal money order. Pm if interested, Thanks!
  22. The Rokon has been sitting in my son's garage for almost 2 years. I just don't think I'm going to ride it again. At my age, it just too hard to mend all the bumps and bruises. It has a brand new GX200 Honda engine that has been modified by ARC racing to produce 12HP. The engine has about 30 hrs run time on it. I've added the aftermarket front suspension, all new wheel bearings and a new front universal joint for the front wheel drive. It runs strong, purrs at idle and will climb almost anything, if you can hang on. Includes a motorcycle carrier that slides into your receiver hitch. It's currently being stored in Kingman AZ, we might be able to work something out for delivery, especially in a gold prospecting location where I can get in some detecting.
  23. Good afternoon, My buddy needs to sell his AtPro. He bought it about 5-6 years ago with the idea he was going to learn to metal detect. He used it about 30 hours or so and came down with Lymes disease. Fast forward to now he is selling anything he hasn't used in forever so he can pay for treatments. He doesn't have the box for it but everything else and it comes just with the standard coil. It's never been wet or submerged. We checked ebay and the prices are all over the place so I suggested we start at $300 obo. DM here any questions as I don't always get to the site here and that way I'll be emailed. Thank you. Skate
  24. Keene 191 dry washer and Keene 141 dry washer for sale. 191 just had oil and filter change and is in good condition $1800 firm. 141 for sale also $500 OBO. Putting $ towards GPX6000. Located in Lancaster Ca. 141 is SOLD...quicky! 191 is more pricey..soooo...but if you check the price of a new one , with tax it's over $3000! Mine has been maintained as well as modified for better/easier use. Such as all welds gone over again (as one failed), the screen has been modified so it can be removed and cleaned and put back securely. The "lip" that holds material has been raised with a higher piece so the material doesn't just "fall off" as it used to do..now it stays in place giving the material more time to fall thru the screen. "Hold down" hooks have been added for an adjustable strap to be used when transporting with blocks made to sit under the dry washer so when you tighten hold down strap it's really secure. Another $70 hose was purchased and connector so you can move motor way away (20 feet). All around a good deal.
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