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  1. ezdave

    Gold Prospecting With The Garrett Atx

    Great finds Steve. I found some real good nuggets with my ATX last summer and am glad to hear your endorsement of this detector as I respect your opinions. Wish I was in Nevada instead of rainy Washington. 7 more years until retirement then I hope to see you out there!! David
  2. Thanks Steve for letting me know about the Garrett find of the month and sending them my story. I actually won for September and am now the proud owner of a AT GOLD detector. A good machine to go along with my ATX! Thanks again and good luck looking for GOLD! Hope to meet you again someday in the gold fields. David Frickelton (ezdave)
  3. ezdave

    Anybody Finding Gold With the White's MXT?

    Steve, I used a MXT at Ganes the last year they were open and found a nugget that weighed a little over 1/3rd of a ounce. And found a couple in Nome using the MXT. Now I am using the even heavier ATX for my nugget hunting adventures but having good luck so I will continue to switch arms when it gets a little heavy! ezdave
  4. ezdave

    Alaska Nuggets Found With ATX

    Hi Chickenminer, The total weight was just shy of 3 ounces! Half were found on pushes and half were found in a small patch I found. I shared my patch with Jeff(treasuredude) and he also found 5 nuggets in the same patch. His photos are also on this forum under AT gold finds Gold. Hope to get to Chicken in the next few years and look forward to meeting you and doing some prospecting. Dave
  5. ezdave

    Garrett AT Gold Finds Alaska Gold

    Almost as cool as the SEAHAWK hat !!
  6. ezdave

    Alaska Nuggets Found With ATX

    Thanks for the Garrett find of the Month advice Steve! I will send my story and a couple pictures and see what happens. My friend Jeff was using the AT GOLD and found 7 nuggets so that would be a great addition to my detector collection the include ATX and my trusty MXT PRO I actually bought from you at AMDS before my trip to Ganes the last year it was open, sorry to say I missed you by a couple weeks but the couple hours I got to meet and talk to you in Happy Camp, Ca. helped make all the difference in my success by using the 8 inch mono and digging all targets even if I thought they were junk. I actually found 1 nugget under a nail that did not register until I got the nail out of the hole! ezdave
  7. ezdave

    Alaska Nuggets Found With ATX

    Yes I was at a pay to mine operation. AKAU Gold and resort. Check out there website and Facebook page for more details. They have panning, high banking and metal detecting packages by the day and the week. Last year found 1 nugget and this year 16.I believe the ATX also helped my success level, Its all about getting your coil over a nugget and digging a lot of trash per nugget, they do pushes on tailing piles and plenty of tundra and unpushed piles to look for gold! My friend found no nuggets last year but 7 this year so we were lucky and good! Since Ganes creek closed this was my next best option in my opinion as I got to go to Ganes the last year they were open.
  8. Just returned from Nome Alaska where I managed to find 16 nuggets in 6 days! All with the ATX with the 8 inch mono ( lighter weight for all day swinging) Met Steve in Happy Camp and took his advice as to use the 8 inch mono and dig all targets. Dug plenty of junk but also some nice GOLD. EZDAVE
  9. ezdave

    Detector Seminar at Happy Camp, CA on May 16

    Thanks for coming to Happy Camp Steve. It was worth the drive from Seattle just to meet you and pick your brain a little. I took home some good information! I hope we somehow get to do Ganes some time in the future as I missed you the last year they were open by a couple weeks! Good luck in Alaska. I will post how my trip to Nome goes in July at the AKAU Metal detecting camp! ezdave
  10. ezdave

    Detector Seminar at Happy Camp, CA on May 16

    Hi Steve, I bought a MXT PRO from you when you were still in Alaska as I was lucky enough to go to Ganes Creek the last year they were open. Found a nice nugget as a rookie! Looking forward to meeting you in person in Happy Camp as I am a member that used to dredge every summer until it was banned. Now I am working on detector skills. Just purchased a ATX and am looking forward to using it. Will be driving down from Seattle on Thursday and staying until Sunday if you want to go looking for gold I would love to tag along and pick up any tips I could! See you then, David Frickelton
  11. ezdave

    Akau Pay-to-mine Operation At Nome, Alaska

    I had the pleasure to visit AKAU last summer and had a great time. Found some gold, saw some good gold found ! Am returning this summer to give it another go. Augie , Betty and Tony are great host and very nice people. Nome is awesome and I would advise anyone to visit if this is an adventure you would be interested in! I was lucky enough to visit Ganes creek the last year it was open and now believe this is the next best option open to detect for nuggets! ezdave
  12. Hi Steve, I just got my new ATX today and was wondering if the Iron Check function could be fooled by a large nugget, as I do not have one to check with I thought I would ask your advice. I am going to Alaska where there is potential for a larger nugget and do not want to leave it in the ground if ID says Iron but also do not want to dig a lot of iron if there is a lot. I know nugget hunting is kind of a dig all experience but want to spend most of my precious few hours looking for gold and not just digging trash. Thanks for any advice! ezdave