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  1. Hi guys - I owned one of the first ATX units (actually 2 of them) and suffered from the coil cable issues. Despite that, these machines produced 100+ gold rings for me (in the space of 1 year). Garrett was awesome and replaced the coils but they failed again (and again) and eventually I sold the machines and focused on the CTX and EXCALs (modded) and later the Equinox. After selling the ATX I purchased the Whites BeachHunter TDI and to be honest, was less than impressed compared to my finds with the ATX of the past. I deeply missed the two-tone audio of the ATX and the 8” mono in the
  2. Yesterday evening I was paging through all the post on the 6000 when out of nowhere here was this ad showing what looked like a Garrett ATX ad . The head looked just like ATX but was on a shaft like all other land detectors . The control box looked a lot like the MX 7 and it was under the arm . I’m not sure what the ad said but it was something like;why wait when it’s here now. I’ve went to every post and I’ve can’t find it. I’m hoping someone else seen it to. I know I’m a few grapes short of a fruit salad but this was real and I wasn’t dreaming. Chuck
  3. With all the talk of Minelab dominating the prospecting part of metal detecting lately how often has any one used a Garrett for gold prospecting in the last few years?
  4. I currently use a Equinox 800 and I consider myself to know absolutely everything about it. There really isnt anything that anyone can tell me about that machine that i havent mastered and completely already know. Its probably the most simple machine to use on the planet. I understand all the settings and I even know how to exploit the machine to get the results that i want when i want and i know how to get the maximum depth possible on the machine. I can even get a 22 inch air test on a silver quarter. Not too many people know how to do that and it is very relevant when you hunt in places wit
  5. Hi Guys! When i bought my ATX i bought a Grey Ghost amphibian as well.Fist day in the saltwater after an hour i notice an strange rosty colour spreading all over the back of the detector where the speaker is located.I just got panicked and cancled the hunt immidiately.When i got home i noticed the round edge of the speaker which is metal is rosted as hell!!! I looked around and could'nt find the problem.When i unplugged the headphones i realised that in the Grey ghost package there is some o-rings that i supposed to put it myself on the connector.THAT was the problem!!! i put the o-ring o
  6. Check my thread: Link deleted since Findmall update broke all old links This is weird.
  7. I'm killing myself trying to determine the best rout to go with PI detector. I just moved to Tennessee and with red clay mineralized soil would the White's TDI SL be a good choice or the Garrett ATX? I am new to PI detecting and thinking the TDI would be a good beginner's but should I jump all in with the ATX? I've heard the TDI is under powered but the ATX has a steep learning curve. Your input is welcome!!!!
  8. I did a bit of Google searching for posts in the last year to see if I could get a feel for how much use the Garrett ATX gets and what people are finding with it. Not much to see though. The Garrett Australia Facebook page has some gold nugget finds https://www.facebook.com/GarrettAustralia/ The Findmall ATX Forum would have you thinking the ATX is strictly a beach detector Link deleted since Findmall Forum update broke all old links and other than that a few relic hunters out there using it. The ATX is one of my favorite detectors and quite a capable nugget detector, but after some
  9. friends I plan to buy a Garrett ATX. Steve, can you give me information about this detector? Is it worth buying or should I turn to another brand?
  10. Hi all, New to the Forum and have a problem I hope someone can help me with. Well I think the ATX (used) I recently got is down for the count After the initial park test where the machine worked as advertised I took it to the lake for a water hunt. It was running real quiet and smooth at the first two beaches. Scored a silver ring and St Christopher medal on a chain Good frequency scan and GB. At the third beach I got a low batt indicator and did a battery change back at the truck. Upon returning to the water the machine was acting real erratic with lots of false signals and LE
  11. Just found out that I need to spend $540 for a new coil because a plastic pin holds the coil to the shaft. Unit was dropped from waist level and snapped this polystyrene pin. "Showing the picture to our Technician unfortunately the broken pin in it is not reparable, never seen the happened before in 10 years the detector came out You will need to buy a new coil." 10" x 12" (25 x 31 cm) DD Open Searchcoil PN: 2234600.....$529.95 Yep, 10" x 12" coil held to the shaft with a plastic pin that is non-reparable and worth $530. Will repair and sale the unit. Done with
  12. Greetings friends, I want to ask a question and I hope you can help, he is long after an garrett atx, but I have the opportunity to buy a gpx 4800 with several coils and batteries, where I am not sure if there are nuggets, what that if I know that there are many coins and jewels, even vessels with coins inside the planting grounds, my question is the minelab gpx 4800, could it be useful for this type of search (buried treasures) or is it only for nuggets and small things? What is more convenient if I look in sowing lands and walls of old houses? Gpx or atx
  13. I noticed Steve mentioned in his post where he rebuilt an ATX into his LTX that he said something about not using his 1st ATX because he'd been using the new one...…...I've been researching for days, eyes are crossing and I can't find anything about any updates to the ATX since it was released in 2013...….except on one thread a person (this year in spring of 2019) said that their new ATX came with a different cord (so possibly Garrett has recently addressed their degrading cord issue?) Does anyone know anything about either of these? 1. have their been any upgrades to the ATX since 2013 intro
  14. New here but wondering if anyone here can rate the SDC-2300 with 8” coil as good or better or not as good as the ATX for beach hunting (from fluffy white sugar sands to black sand etc)? I know they are both waterproof and PI’s but is that where similarities end?
  15. Is there any difference between a used ATX and the currently manufactured ones? Seems like I saw something was changed but can't remember if that was the ATX or another detector. Thanks, Paul in Spokane
  16. Hi, How are we all going? My names Jed and I come from all the way down under!! Unfortunately not Victoria or Western Australia tho.. I was hoping that Steve or perhaps someone else could help me out with a problem I've got with my ATX. The bottom 'Cam Nut' out of the 3 that you use to tighten the telescopic stem now just spins freely and doesn't tighten. I small black piece of plastic fell out onto the ground. It obviously needs to be glued back on.. somewhere.. The shop I bought the detector from in 2016 is now closed and I'm not sure if I want to risk sending my detector
  17. Well, coffee and tools in hand I got going with the fun part - taking stuff apart! Many photos in this thread will enlarge if you click on them. You can probably see where I am going with this. Circuit board in a box with single AA battery holder and control panel tacked outside with controls. All in one box that can be rod mounted or hip or chest mounted. If rod mounted, I want to be able to use stock DD coil, or Infinium 5" x 10" DD and 4" x 7" DD. Not willing to pop for another ATX 8" mono at this time as the one I have stays as it is to use with the
  18. Version 1534000.C.0114


    Garrett ATX Owner's Manual, 2.52 MB pdf file, 43 pages Garrett ATX Data & Reviews Garrett ATX - Steve's Review Forum Threads Tagged "garrett atx" Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  19. Version 12/2016


    Garrett ATX Color Flyer, 3.53 MB pdf file, 2 pages Garrett ATX Data & Reviews Garrett ATX - Steve's Review Forum Threads Tagged "garrett atx" Garrett Metal Detector Forum
  20. If does help to have a bulldozer and jackhammer also! Published on Oct 6, 2014 - Yes, over his 35+ year prospecting career Matt has found more than his body weight in gold nuggets. Garrett ATX Information Page
  21. Hi Guys New to the forum and metal detecting. Trying to make a decision between the 3 detectors mentioned above. I'm going to be doing most of my detecting on the Northwest beaches. I will also be doing some park hunting and then once a year prospecting in Arizona. I may try a little prospecting in the Northwest too if I find extra time. Initially thought the Excalibur was the way to go, but then after reading posts on several forums I'm starting to have doubts about its durability. I'm leaning towards the ATX at this point, but would like to get some final input on thes
  22. ?No pressure but yes or no? I’m not worried about the weight and they seem fairly simple to use. I already have VLFs. I’m ready for a PI. I’m looking at the closed double d coil and maybe the small mono in the future. Ive been watching videos and reading reviews and most people like them with the exception of the weight. I like the fact the collapse because I hike a long ways sometimes and will most likely have a trusty VLF in hand. I just want something new,different..I don’t know maybe I answered my own question. Are you still happy with yours? Thanks
  23. Turned my ATX on today and it makes no noise when I pump it to ground balance it. Still makes noise over targets but I don't know if it is ground balanced. Anyone else had this problem?
  24. Detected an area that has a history of producing gold including small nuggets -- and have found pickers and larger yet small nuggets in my sluice here in past years with predictable confidence of finding more if put in the energy/ time -- but has a lot of ferrous trash above and below surface, and high mineralization. Experienced difficulty with the GB/ threshold and/or volume of the ATX. Did 4 resets -- factory reset 1st, then a freq scan, and then a GB readjustment, in that order -- trying to achieve a uniform response/ background noise. Detected and dug up nails and trash so it was working.
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