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Found 40 results

  1. I was just looking on Whites web site and They no longer list 5x9-6x10 Eclipse coil for the MXT/V3i, All the other Coils are there but not this one. .http://www.whiteselectronics.com/accessories-books?cat=31&p=1
  2. HI Guys, Anyone managed to waterproof the MXT sufficiently to use in the surf? I really like the versatility of the MXT, so don't really want to buy another surf targeted metal detector .. Cheers
  3. The mxt hit a home run at an old ballpark recently with this 43 war nickel. Also found a wheat penny and some clad and a little trash. Funny thing happened on this particular hunt, I was heckled by a passerby in their vehicle who pointed at me and laughed out loud, don't know if he was laughing at me or my old White's detector . Anyway I didn't let it get me down and had a good hunt. Has that ever happened to anyone else on the forum ?
  4. Version 621-0462


    White's MXT 950 Owner's Guide, 2.24 MB pdf file, 40 pages White's MXT Data & Reviews White's MXT - Steve's Review White's Metal Detector Forum
  5. Version 621-0522 5/2010


    White's MXT Pro Owner's Guide, 2.89 MB pdf file, 40 pages White's MXT Pro Data & Reviews White's Metal Detector Forum
  6. Version 621-0462-LSP 3/2008


    White's MXT 300 Owner's Guide, 5.37 MB pdf file, 37 pages White's MXT - Steve's Review White's Metal Detector Forum
  7. Version 621-0493-1


    White's M6 Owner's Guide, 2.49 MB pdf file, 32 pages White's M6 Data & Reviews White's Metal Detector Forum
  8. This great resource was written by project engineer Dave Johnson and published by White's in 2002. It has become very hard to find, which is a shame because it provides insights not only on the MXT and GMT but on metal detector design in general. I took the liberty of scanning my copy this morning and converting it to html and posting here at White's MXT Engineering Guide Hopefully White's will not mind. As I noted, there is some information here you will not see anywhere else. How many of you experienced MXT owners know this following information regarding the ground balance setting on the MXT from the report? "Electronic ferrite material and most "negative hot rocks" (cold rocks) will usually read in the 75-88 range. Most soils will read somewhat lower. Readings will almost never go below 25 except in salt or moist alkali soils. When readings indicate smaller numbers than 50 you may notice some reduction in sensitivity. Below 35, some rusty iron may give unpredictable responses. Below 25, iron objects may give unpredictable responses and/or may disappear entirely and the sound on nonferrous objects may become slightly more abrupt."
  9. Looking back over some of my finds in years past and my favorite detectors, I keep coming back to the tried and true MXT. Well balanced, user friendly, great selection of coils, is good in England on lower conductor targets and also a champ at finding solid gold nuggets. So many of my friends have had great success with the MXT as there is not much to setting it up. It is almost a Turn on & Go detector literally and the older folks like it that way. I have years of fond memories of the MXT and even the newer versions of it. What are some of your favorite White's detectors and if you have photos of finds, please share with us. A few pics of MXT success I have enjoyed.
  10. I just purchased a brand White's V3i from the factory as noted on another thread. The brand new machine much to my surprise comes with new new redesign of the White's D2 10" round DD coil. I say surprise because I ordered a scuff cover for the coil, and although it went on the scuff cover is larger than the new coil, especially along the inner edge of the right side and so there are large gaps between the edges of the coil and the scuff cover. The new coil has been shaved here and there for a thinner more modern appearance versus the older squared off look. I looked and have seen no change in the part number on any sites nor any mention of this new coil anywhere. White's needs to make this known and hopefully a properly fitted scuff cover is available or in the works. It could be it just happened and I am one of the first with this coil and so jumped the gun a bit while dealers clear old stock. The old D2 coil has been quoted at 17.9 oz or 498 grams which I have to question as my new coil weighs 1 lb 2.6 oz (18.6 oz) or 526 grams on my postal scale. Can anyone get get an accurate weight on the old D2 coil? Include the cable as I have done - I hate it when cable weights are excluded, as if we are going to swing the coil without a cable. That may account for the discrepancy as I find it hard to believe the new coil weighs more than the old coil, unless the internal windings are different/heavier. This coil is also compatible with the White's VX3, all versions of the MXT, the MX5, M6, and DFX.
  11. I always wondered what the differences were between my MXT and the Pro MXT? Thanks. -Tom
  12. I understand some of the differences between recent models (different standard coil means different name) but what I'm asking about is changes over the 15+ years this detector has been made. I may find a great deal on a used one sometime and would like to know how much different that particular model might be compared to a brand new one (other than the obvious issues such as warranty). Adendum: As usual I should have looked at Steve's nugget detector review page where there is quite a bit under the MXT pages. Still not quite sure the info there (including link to Jeff Foster's table of differences) covers all the changes. For example, are there only two temporal models, old one being simply 'MXT' and new one simply 'MXT Pro'? And when did changes in operating characteristics occur (good to know since White's models have a sticker inside the battery compartment with date of manufacture)?
  13. Of these two detectors which one would you choose for detector prospecting ? I know the AT GOLD has a higher 19 KHz than the MXT I believe at 14 KHz which is quite a difference. I see a lot of people like them both and read Steves article on gold detectors. I have a chance to get a 2 month old MXT all Pro with 2 extra coils one being the 4x6 Sharpshooter for about the same price as the Garrett AT GOLD new. Another thing is I would like the detector to do all metal for coins etc but that is not a must but would sometimes be useful to have. Feedback appreciated or other suggestions in the same price range I also thought about the Minelab X-terra 705 gold. Thanks Bill
  14. Hello Steve I have a? I bought a gmt a 2008 e series from a brian that was at gains creek when you found a big nugget with a Mxt . I have an mxt 300 the gmt I got from him seems weak or not ad great as my mxt can you help it's an old gmt 2008 e series is there a way I can make it better. the brian from amds aka akmining he know you I want it to be better than my mxt
  15. Was talking to my sister yesterday (she has an MXT w/10" DD and 4"x6" DD). She said she was headed to a construction site with lots of rubble (rocks, dirt clods, piles of excavated ground) and wondered which to use? She lives in Colorado which, in my limited experience, has just moderate ground in the parks and school-yards. With your timely post, I'm wondering if the 5.3" Eclipse is the solution. No more head scratching; just post here and get good answers! Second question -- I cut and pasted this Dave Johnson quote from Steve's excellent review of the MXT here (Equipment Review sub-site): "Back in the late 1990's and very early 20th century, the MXT was developed around the 10x6 elliptical DD. When you're used to that searchcoil, stick a 950 on and the 950 feels downright clumsy with its muddy response and bad masking characteristics. Downright insufferable. The 950 searchcoil geometry was designed for completely different platforms. But, if you ask "does the 950 work?", well, yeah, it does. Wrong question. Sometimes engineers/designers view things from a different 'angle' than end-users. You obviously like the 950 coil on the MXT. Care to comment?
  16. Hi All I'm just wondering what the best Mxt Coil is for Very Small nuggets/pickers. I currently have the stock 10dd the 6x10 eclipse coil and the 5.3 eclipse coil but I'm not sure if there's a better one out there is more dedicated for gold?. Cheers
  17. Back by popular demand and priced $100 less, the White's M6. The M6 is an extremely simplified White's MXT variant, and although it may be simple the MXT power is still there. See my early M6 review here. White's M6 information page White's M6 Owners Manual White's M6 metal detector White's M6 metal detector features White's M6 metal detector diagram and controls
  18. The idea of another 14 kHz machine has been simmering on the backburner for quite some time. But which one to get, nose heavy At-pro, troubled MX Sport, all new Impact, depth challenged F75 DST, new white coiled Deus version umpteenth,... problems, problems,... the sheer agony of it all. So I stumble upon this nice looking second hand MXT All Pro. It's got Eighties Design written all over it. LCD reminding me of my Hewlett Packard Scientific Calculator, Black metal box with the field manual printed on it. Nothing touchy screeny or I-tector to be had. Am I as my stepdaughter often says becoming "Vintage", longing for the days when switches clicked, knobs turned and machines didn't great you with a goodmorning message. Goodmorning,... you've got to be kidding. Haven't had my coffee yet! So impressed with my TRX, tactile, functional, well thought out. My brain and mostly gut feeling pulled the trigger on the deal. Here's to 30 year old tech, 25 year old whiskey and most importantly,... I'm really hoping this one is spot on,... most importantly high quality LP record sound quality.
  19. I want to start detecting some of the iron trash dumps that I come across out nugget hunting. I currently don't have a detector that can successfully hunt these areas. I have done some research and have narrowed it down to two. The MXT, proven winner and the Racer 2, because I have read good reviews. What I need is the opinion of the users on this forum and if you think there is something else that I should consider, please let me know. I know the Deus excels in this area, but not sure about having to charge so many batteries. Also, I thought I read the coils for the MXT were being discontinued??? Brian.
  20. OK. the MX SPORT came out to take on the GARRETT AT PRO. Jury is out on that one at present. Seems a decent detector though, on a good platform. So.... with the waterproof casing already there, why not bring out a dedicated prospecting version at 19khz, with a lot less bells and whistles (tones?), to compete directly with, and hopefully be superior to, the GARRETT AT GOLD? The "WHITES MX GOLD" might be a winner Maybe tboykin can chime in on this? thanks jim
  21. Ok guys, I would like to pick your brains on this. I just got back from running my mxt all pro out in a few parks. While I was digging a target, I ran my coil over it and it seemed to have disappeared. But my garrett pinpointer said it was still there. I thought this was odd so I ran the coil over my shovel and got nothing. I sat there a moment and decided to shut it down and restart it, and I was back in business. A few minutes later the threshold got really quiet, and it did the same thing when passed my shovel over it again. So, again I shut it down, restarted it, and it seemed to work fine. This happened a few times. So, after this happened for a bit, I started to think that that batteries might be going south since they were the ones that came with it, and I had been running it a lot since I got it just over a week ago. I jumped in the truck and ran up to the store and got some fresh batteries and something to eat and headed to another park. After a bit it happened again. I noticed that when I got around some playground equipment it wasn't sounding off with the normal interference that I usually get from it. So,I put the coil right on a part of the playground equipment and nothing. So I restared it again and got the response from the machine that I would expect. I replaced the batteries, checked the coil connection to the box, and had been running with the ground switch in the lock position. If it helps I had the gain set around 4 to 5, the discrimination set at about 3, and had be bouncing between the different modes (c&j, relic, and prospecting). I figured I would get some opinions before I contacted Whites to rule out any user error on my part.
  22. I don't know how to start this off so I'd better just jump in feet first with this one Too, I got in to the MXT's quite by accident and because of it I then I met Steve in the early days of AMD, I hung on to his every word and the more he taught me the more I wanted to know, So I decided to Specialize In one machine and that was the MXT-300 and then the pro and now The All Pro and I have many thousands of hours invested in the MXT somewhere between 3 to 4000 maybe more, but who cares, that's not important, And like Steve has done I sold all my other machines and I did own some very serious Gear. I saw the Video and it was like getting a kick where it hurts from Whites because not only did they Ridicule a machine that I have pushed to the limits for about 5 or 6 years but they placed it lower than machines costing 4 or 500 Dollars less within their current product range, besides 3 to 4000 hours PLUS, using and testing the MXT's in some of the worst places on the planet, And yes I have other Whites machines too and on many forums I have done my best to promote Whites, So that Video to me is like getting a kick down south from a member of your family and in the past year alone I have spent somewhere between $5 to $7000.00 of my own money on Only White products, That Video was performed by a person who has extreme skills with computers and software, But I have 5 or 6 years of testing and using the MXT, I hope the people at Whites leave the serious side of testing to the learned People that reside here on this particular forum ABOVE all others, For a simple reason The People here actually care about what they are doing and using, they are not just digging up some ones lawn looking for stuff, They actually care about the products they use and want those products to be the Best that they can be, Certain members here could sell any machine on the planet, So I Urge YOU Whites to please work with Those such members because there Is a Resource Here for you to make use of like you have never Known, I have Spent thousand of hours helping people with buying Whites products and supplying parts all over the world along with helping many others come to terms with their machines who have bought them on my recommendation, and because of one video I have had heated arguments with people whom I have always held in high regard and as friends, and it was all for nothing. And a lot more other nasty stuff has gone on behind the scenes too, I have never had to say sorry for being in the right so much in all my life. Many people here have used the MXT but they have all got side tracked and forgotten just how good it is even after all these years. I think that people need to go back to the MXT and put the fun back in to detecting/prospecting in junk filled sites, It can do way more than what most people remember about it and their want for other things has replaced there knowledge about what it Actually can and will do, The laws of physics dictate what a detector can do not people and definitely NOT ME, I recently did my own video in reply to the video that Whites did and I also copied their tests,, I won't quote figures or numbers but their is no way would I trade this machine. If there was a better all round machine I would own it and my comments are not to try and convert others and I am not a Fan Boy, I look at this very seriously, It is about will it work where I am going and in strange lands it has become more of a test kit because if I am going somewhere unknown to me it is the perfect Tool for researching unknown areas, I have used it to locate Roman Villa's, WW II sites, Live munitions, Bomb fragments Gold, jewellery and coin hunting, in sites with over 5000 years of metal workings which lead me to discover a Neo-lithic site just for good measure. john
  23. I like the 6 x 9 coil for prospecting altho I believe it is a DD coil ,and since I don't have an extra lower rod, I just keep the 6x9 on all the time.I also hunt coins with it. Which coil are you using for your testing? I guess I am also wondering in the field, how many coins are actualy deeeper than 8-9 inches? Altho, in a park in Wisconsin, I dug up a wheat cent at a bonafide 12 inches using a Tesoro Tejon. My entire Lesche digger was in the hole when the coin popped out. It was grass on top, and dry dirt underneath, late summer.That was the deepest coin I've ever found. But the Tejon was an iron magnet so its gone. If it had had the modulated audio like on my Lobo I might have kept it. But no matter if the target was an inch deep or a foot deep, was always the same beep.12 inches with an 8 inch coil is pretty darn good tho and in the ground, not an air test.
  24. When it comes to disc setting we all have our preferred settings and we all carry on swinging the coil all day long without a care in the world, but after reading the Nokta fors gold thread, I got to wondering how many people adjust their Disc setting to allow for the Draw down effect caused buy hot ground, Most just get lazy and grab a rusty nail and wave it frantically over the coil and twist the knob til it sounds like a Goose farting in the fog and off we go til lunch time moaning to our mate that we got nothing, So then I got thinking about using the target we are after IE a rust stain Nugget in hot ground, So if we are lucky enough to find a small rust stained nugget then that would be the perfect item to use to tune our Disc settings with, As Steve pointed out on the other thread this draw down effect can be as much as minus 20 to 30 on the VDI on a machine like the MXTs, Using the standard settings in the relic mode around 2.8-2.9 the MXT will knock out most junk but when using the relic mode for prospecting the normal thing to do is set the machine up so it just knocks out nails which is at around "2" on the dial but even with rust coated nuggets and hot ground this might be way to high, I started testing and making notes of the where the dial starts to take effect and also what happens when you back it Off, The first thing I noticed was if you use a very rusted decaying 2" nail and by starting at disc Zero and turn it up to about 1.9 on the dial and at that setting the MXT will make Goose FF sounds with a VDI reading down from -10 ish down to -43. Now Once you have it set to that if you want to make that nail now make a High tone you will have to turn the Disc right down to 1.5 which will allow VDI reading of around the high -40s although you had to take it up to 1.9-2.0 to get it to make the low tone so Add the draw down of the ground effect and that the nuggets might be iron stained means that you have moved your chance of ever finding that nugget even further away,, There is a reason for the Iron probability meter on the GMT and in the manual they tell you to dig targets that read in to the 80%+ iron readings, Because if that nail can give you a reading of -25 add on to that That the ground can drag down the VDI reading by -30 or more that will give you a total reading of -55 yet you have set you disc to knock out nails that come between -25 to -40 then that would be Nugget is -15 below your Disc level which means you won't dig or hear it, This brings to mind a mate in OZ who went prospecting in the centre of OZ in an area where 5K was having fits because of the junk, Anyway he took his MXT there to sort through the Iron and the hot rocks using it in the prospect mode In Tracking he was getting GND readings of 95 which is about as high as it goes and Yes he did find Gold, Although a Pi might of been the better choice which means digging the junk as well. Good luck, john
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