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  1. I hope it works out for you, I was out today on a grass field, regularly ploughed and left the GB on 75, didn't engaged tracking and Equinox ran really smoothly, never ran this high before on the GB but was very impressive, plenty of finds with great tones, also recovered plenty of small targets, i.e. Air gun pellets and shotgun percussion caps, so convinced its not tracking out the small stuff!... only used recovery speed 6/7 ,,, not that interested in depth, target separation is more important to me! Good luck!
  2. Some folks here may find this interesting, I certainly did! Testing my equinox 800 in my home test garden today, ground not high on mineralisation, but full of iron, old rusty nails etc. Had a silver UK sixpence 1930's buried only about 4/5 inches deep iron nails below and all around. (Difficult target) Imagine a clock face, I'm sweeping from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock , good 2 way tone, no problem, now sweeping from 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock, 1 way signal, one tone only sweeping from left to right (from 3 o'clock back to 9 o'clock) Here's the interesting discovery reference ground balance, on my test garden there's so much iron getting a true GB is impossible, when I do try to auto GB it jumps up to the high 90's! However most of my permissions here in the UK read a GB in the mid 40's to the mid 50's so generally that's where I leave my GB most of the time. Ok GB set at 50, one way target from 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock, sweeping from 3 back to 9 gives me a one way tone. Increasing the GB to 90 gave the opposite, still a one way tone, but in reverse ,now sweeping from 9 back to 3,, still a good 2 way tone sweeping from 12 to 6! Lowering the GB to 75, amazing, perfect 2 way tone, 3 to 9,, and 9 to 3. Just thought I would share this as I found the results very interesting! (GB set at 0 gave no tone whatsoever from 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock) Program used field 2 , 50 tones, multi, discrimination -9/+1, iron bias 1, stock 11" coil, sensitivity (tried 17/21 not a great deal of difference) Regards Dave. H
  3. Well done David , really appreciate the early feedback! my gut feeling was that the multi frequency was the game changer on this machine,, so far it indeed looks very encouraging! talked to my dealer here in the U.K. today,,,, looking like mid March until I receive my Equinox, so will be reading your results till then! enjoy your testing / comparison test etc,,,,,, regards, Dave H.
  4. NOW, IM EXCITED! looking forward to seeing your feedback David!
  5. Hi there Vez, here in the U.K., I experience some difficult ground i.e. Searching a Roman site for example, I totally agree with you using the factory's stock settings, ( until a least we become familiar with the Equinox),,,as you can see I'm only diverting slightly from the stock settings! Dave.
  6. Thanks David, Certainly will give feedback to you all, here from the UK.
  7. Well, as a XP Deus user for 5 years, and loving using this machine, I've came to the conclusion ( solely on reading this forum),,,, I'm definitely purchasing a Equinox 800! Having read the user manual listed here for the Equinox, several times,,, before even purchasing the 800, I've made a note of my initial settings!..... ( UK land searching, mainly Roman & medieval sites).... Here goes! Field 2 Multi frequency 2 tone Recovery speed 6 Ground Balance = auto Noise Cancel = auto Sensitivity = 20/22 Discrimination = 0. ( back from factory preset of 2) Iron Bias = 0 Rest of settings,,,,, factory presets , till used for at least 30 hours! PS , I've been detecting for 30 years,,,,,, honestly I can say I've never been so excited about purchasing a new detector, as this one! Good luck, and happy hunting to all users of the Equinox! Regards. Dave
  8. Well, it's been a couple of weeks since my last post here. So what's new with using the Gold Field program? Here's my thoughts since then. (TNsharpshooter, I'll appreciate your thoughts on this) Downside...... The Deus using Gold Field,,, will except good audio response, that's not necessarily a non ferrous target,,, even using IAR settings of 4 or 5! Somehow,, maybe deep iron?,,, I'm not sure, will give a fantastic audio sound, but check the VDI and it registers as 00/01 ........ However in saying that,,, the majority iron, this program has no problems with telling the user that iron is under the coil! I've come to the conclusion that Gold Field, just maybe, is unable to totally discriminate all ferrous targets, perhaps which are deep? However,, since using this program I can't remember the last large piece of iron I've dug!,, in conjunction with the XY screen. The most important thing is when using Gold Field ,, IMO,, is the XY screen it's vital!!! ,,,,, this is very accurate at telling the user of these false "audio signals ",, I've settled for the XY magnification of 4,, this does seem to have a better way of indicating targets, set too high, and the lines seem to go a bit crazy! (Personally I think GF program, should be defaulted to showing the XY screen) Obviously GB is vital when using G/F, Funnily enough today, I had ground sensitivity set on 6, and the top right box displayed virtually the same GB number that was grabbed using G/F ,,, this has given me huge encouragement with the new V4.1 update in respect of the new GB sensitivity feature!.... Personally I'm loving this program,, and it's definitely found me lots of excellent finds, from sites I honestly thought were searched out! Message to all,,,,, give this a try,,, be patient,, it will take time to get your head into this program,,, and you may well be very surprised! Regards Dave
  9. Hit the OPTION button, go to CONFIGURATION, then PROFILE, then XY.... set magnify to, five or six...by pressing down on the pinpoint button for a second or two,
  10. David, with all your effort and contributions here,, your more than welcome!!?
  11. Update: USING GOLD FIELD Been out today on a old Roman site, very worked out for many years, believe me, finds here are very far and few between..... however I searched using G/Field, lots of iron naturally, struggled initially, with the amount of feedback from iron contamination on this site,,, however this program is relatively new to me, so persevere I did,, as the day went on things started to all click, what was the game changer was when I experimented with the XY Screen,, ( I've never been fan of this before) but it's extremely accurate using G/ Field!! Amazingly accurate information!! My advice to anyone interested in trying G/Field is to have a try using the XY screen! I certainly was amazed with the accuracy! By the end of the day I managed to find several Roman coins including 1silver Denarius! All in all ,,,, very impressive! settings below....( GB of 66 was grabbed early in the day and I never had to adjust for rest of the day, machine ran really stable on this GB number) Elliptical coil Disc...IAR 5 GB.... 66 reactivity ... 4 sens.... 95.... Audio Response.... 4 threshold...0 Frequency...74 KHz XY Screen Hope this helps at least one person!!!! regards Dave.
  12. ?? It's definitely "Brasso wadding " it works amazingly well ! !!! You'll be amazed!
  13. Apologies,,,,,,,, I meant to say "Brasso wadding cleaner" not "brillo" ........ it's been a long day !
  14. If like mine, after 5 years of neglect & general ware & tare ,, your remote is suffering from scratches on the screen...... here's a quick tip to restore your remote screen back to new! gently rub over the screen with a " Brasso pad wadding" cleaner,,, it takes about 15-20 minutes, after which your screen will be as new!! hope this helps! regards Dave
  15. Thanks David for giving the Gold Field a try! your settings are almost identical to mine here in UK. Im certainly going to stick with this program, I've seen no loss in depth even using the higher reactivity settings,,,,, this is a important setting, I've noticed that on reactivity of 2 ( factory preset) the tones aren't a sharp as by using a higher setting, I only use 3 or 4,, even with a high setting as 4, depth loss doesn't seem as affected? Here perhaps presents a problem for Deus Lite users,,, as reactivity can not be changed! Also I increase audio response up to level 4/5 this perhaps offsets the higher reactivity? personally I hope that Gold Field is a program, that given time,, will be definitely be another "string in the bow" to lots of Deus users! Once we get accustomed to its behaviour!! keep up the good work! regards, Dave.
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