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  1. Hi ,,, to whoever is reading this particular link....... Im sat here in the UK reading this complete utter dribble,,, laughing,,,,, hopefully with many others! Do you know .... recent phrases, such as..... "Parlour Tricks".... "Harry's Potters Wand"... "Hypted Claims ".......words/quotes,,, that were never heard of on detecting forums before the Tarsacci was launched.... I can remember XP Deus videos promoting the HF Coils,,,, using CD's...... "pop rivets.... and various other things to promote the HF Coil,,,,, but none Of these fabricated words were ever mentioned! ....... St
  2. Thanks Aaron,, appreciate your commitment. PS. Just to put the record straight,,,,,,, I paid Tarsacci for my machine, $1,200 + UK import duties, and VAT when it arrived in the U.K. So far, I'm more than happy with my investment! thanks. Dave.
  3. My first Roman search with the Tarsacci went very well, sadly though the stubble was much longer than I imagined, only a few areas were short, most was just too high for detecting. However, I found Roman coins, including a early silver! loads of silvers have come from here over the past years! Really cuffed to get my first silver with the MDT,,,. I've not tried to ID it yet, but looks an early one. Not much else turned up, a couple of shotgun tops, one piece of lead,didn't get caught out with much iron, really is quite easy to tell Iron using the Tarsacci, the best area of the field
  4. Tomorrow, 30th July........... im using the Tarsacci MDT on its first Roman site tomorrow,, The field has only the headland cut,, (wholecrop silage),, but I can't wait to experiment with the Tarsacci, I will only have a few hours to spare here but really looking forward to this opportunity! ive been detecting this site since the early nineties,, (Fisher 1265X) was the first detector I ever used here....(loved that machine),, and numerous other detectors since! Site has been detected heavily throughout, not just by me , but numerous of other people, so,,, should be an exce
  5. Hope you enjoy this new video, all I'm trying to demonstrate here is that the Tasarcci is no slouch in dense iron against the Equinox. I'm not here to slam the Equinox, just to prove that the Tasarcci is equally as capable in dense iron! Regards Dave.H
  6. Please check out my latest Youtube Video. Regards Dave H
  7. Very impressed! Here in the UK, I would say that 2" deep on a 1/4 cut Hammered is about average, I've found several in past couple of years using the Nox 800, but, only searching in park or field 2,, what's impressive is the Tarsacci hitting it at 4" using 12kHz!! regards Dave H
  8. Hi George,, and your the first to know,,, the little coin, top row, far right, is indeed a Roman, it's not the best example, however, it's a Roman coin, first day out with the Tarsacci , ....... loved it! Dave.
  9. Well, I've got to be honest here. I've been detecting for some 37 years, and I have to admit, I've never "taken"too a detector so quickly as the Tarsacci! So simple to navigate, no silly sub-menus, such a pleasure to work with. managed to get about 4hours in, before heavy rain arrived and had to abort. I simply did a Salinity Balance,, came in around 28, GB was between 850-890, 12kHz, TrH -4, Sens 5, Mix Mode...I was searching on a oil seed rape stubble field. Very stable machine, no EMI issues, quite simply a pleasure to use! mixed bag of non-ferrous finds, only
  10. Here's my 1st video showing how the Tarsacci "sees through foil" to detect a small silver Hammered half penny coin.
  11. Hi, I've not gone away,,,,, Tarsacci arrived safely here on Tuesday, I've been testing, only in my garden for a few hours. Build quality is outstanding, carbon fibre shafts, amazing cam locks, no wobble, good Balance, really pleased. I've had to purchase a UK charger, as USA is 110 v & we run 240v, no problem, next day delivery from online shop, cost £10.95,,,,, both batteries now fully charged. I've been playing with the Salinity Balance a lot, looks very interesting,, I'll keep you updated on this. I may try and do a simple video showing this soon, ( never uploaded a video be
  12. Ah,,, great to from you George,, I appreciate it,, if I do find that gold Roman,,, I'll treat you to a new pair of socks!!! 😀 By the way...... THE EAGLE HAS LANDED........ Tarsacci arrived at London Heathrow this afternoon!! regards Dave.
  13. Hello again dewcon,,, I most definitely won't,, appreciate the heads up... unit arrives here this coming Tuesday,, will be experimenting all options! thanks again Dave.
  14. Aaron, really appreciate you shipping my new toy! Today. may the fun begin!😉 Dewcon,, pleased you like the really old stuff the coin in my avatar was in use around c.50-35 BC, it's tiny.. Im sure that I'll get use to its tones/ quirks pretty fast,, ....something tells me the Salinity Balance will be a major player here in the U.K.,,, ALSO I'm very surprised that apparently I'm the first to be able to use the Tarsacci in the UK, I'll keep you all post on further information. Regsrds Dave
  15. Hello all. I've been following the Tarsacci for sometime now, and today, with the assistance from Aaron, ive "pulled the trigger ".... and ordered the Tarsacci. Hopefully my new machine will arrive here in the UK in 5-10 days..... so I'm looking forward to searching on many of my ironage & Roman sites.. any advice/ setting tips would be muc appreciate! im really excited about this new machine,, I've been detecting for 37 years now, however the Tarsacci has got me filled with more enthusiasm than any other machine.....,... not sure why...... just a gut feeling?.......
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