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Found 44 results

  1. Hunted my favorite park this afternoon for about an hour. After about 15 minutes I got a good hit swinging the MDT slower than usual. If I swing faster I don’t hear the target. Vdi was a 12-14 sometimes a 7, as I swept the coil towards the bottom of the hole swinging side to side the Vdi got higher 22-24. Down at 7 inches I pulled up a dateless buffalo nickel. That was the only coin found. Dug 11 holes, 8 were iron, 1 cut up aluninum from a can, 1 piece of aluminum from a small screw in bulb. Also dug up half of a key fob from Golden Nugget not deep and a fleur-de-lis pin it was an eyeball find from the iron infested site. Infested site ground balanced at 845 due to decayed iron in ground. park settings: sens 9, threshold-2, disc 0, blacksand ON, infested site: sens 6, threshold-2, disc 0, blacksand ON. Denny
  2. There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding how to do a proper ground and salinity balance. This short video should clear up the confusion. Also note how the very unique Salinity Balance feature is used to actually eliminate nasty items such coke rocks. Thanks, Aaron
  3. The day ended up too hot for man nor beast and my hunting buddy and I ended up in the water to cool off. We havent had rain since 1st week of December so relic hunting in dirt is out!!!! The spot we went to was mixture of Black Iron sand, quartz sand and rocks I had to turn over. Iron and nails were in abundant supply but we will revisit here in cooler weather. I suspect people in the past with PI machines have snuck into this spot guaging by the mixed dates of targets found so the finds we were after were not as plentiful as they should have been , however I was happy with what I got and the performance of unit in hard hunting conditions. Photo includes the trash before sussing out cherry picking. Jews harp (broken unfortunately) , musket/pistol ball, 1889 UK penny, Nz pennies 1961,1946, bent apostle reaspoon, button from S.W.Silver &Co, London clothiers, oarlock.....which looks old but I cannot date, square nails which straight away tells me 1800s site and etc.
  4. I was asked to do the test again, this time with “wet” coke rocks to see if the TARSACCI could still hit the $1 gold coin. Thanks! Aaron
  5. Here is another video demonstrating the amazing ability the TARSACCI has to not only “see through” ferrous targets, but also use those ferrous targets to AMPLIFY the signal...... Please note that in this video I have purposely kept the sensitivity on 1, to show before and after the coke rocks are over the gold coin, and the dramatic difference in audio amplification.
  6. For those of you who know Keith Southern i believe you will find this an interesting test of the MDT. He used a dime placed under 2 of his area clay bricks. Bricks in most cases ... old brick, were made from the local soil...... so his are pretty hot with iron. For relic hunter around old homes this could grab you some missed targets.
  7. One more test with the Tarsacci. A horseshoe and zinc penny. Again this should not happen.The Horseshoe is under coil at same time as the penny and is abundantly larger than the penny. Usually we use targets of the sane size to show unmasking.like a penny and a nail. Or a horseshoe and a belt plate. Not so with this unit.the unit is some how overcoming the large iron halo barrier and still hitting the coin.and with not even falsing on the horseshoe.VLFs false on the horse shoe easily.that's why I have a truck load of them. This it seems why I'm seeing so many non ferrous targets in heavy iron sites heavily hunted..and quiet easily i might add. Keith
  8. I purchased my Tarsacci in February of 2019. It is # 000029 R1. Does anyone else care to share their information? If you are a salt water hunter I recommend this detector to all. It’s negative side for me is no additional coils are available and the 8” x 11” just seems small out of the water. This is only my opinion.
  9. Here’s a good very of Keith demonstrating how to adjust the Salinity Balance on the MDT 8000 in bad dirt. (Thanks Keith!) Aaron Keith
  10. Hey guys! Check out this video Keith Southern has done demonstrating the TARSACCI’s extraordinary ability to work right next to BIG iron! Please note the iron used here is NOT a modern hammer thats a 1850s style blacksmith iron hammer..thats one tough thing to do right there. Its shouldn’t be possible since the hammers bigger than the penny and the hammers under the coil at same time penny the penny is. The field of distortion is crazy! This should be particularly interesting to those of us hunting in old house, field and campsites. HH! Aaron
  11. We’ve managed to get a TARSACCI MDT into the very capable hands of Mr Keith Southern, seasoned relic hunter and historian. Listen and see what Keith has to say so far regarding using the TARSACCI MDT 8000 in his VERY difficult soil.....Thanks, Aaron As far as the EMI.Its very resilient so far!I mainly stay on 12kHz as it offers sens to low and high conductors.But even down on 6Khz its stable around EMI prone areas. I should say in that video I was 12KHZ next to my neighbors Air conditioning unit when I was doing brick test that was running and it was stable.The 10 Inch dime was also in 12Khz as was the Nickle.And I can add the nickle will bang harder than in the video if I go up to 18Khz.! I also want to add the Brick test while impressive Its main thing I wanted to share was its ability to punch.Not necessarily make people think I'm going to dig targets under bricks or rocks which you can if they are there in that scenario but Its to show how well its sees through mineral.Say a 7 inch 1 dollar gold coin 3 bar dirt or half dime on edge at 7 inches in 3 bar dirt.A vlf can shut down on those type targets in even that type mid mineral soil but the Tarsacci in that type soil will give you more of a chance.Or even a GREAT chance!As mineral goes up the tarsacci really comes into its own and even hits harder and harder!!AMAZING!!! I was in a site that we have worked on for 30 plus years ..House site camp area and march route battlefield all in one.Its type area you just cant get a signal to dig unless you chase nail falses type stuff to hope and luck up. The dirt in this site on Tarsacci ground balances at 910 and FE numbers on F75 are a good 5 bars.So for my area of operations this is not an out of the norm spot. In iron (in heavy iron) the 18khz is the way to go as it should be for more reactivity to targets.The machine settings for this site was also Salt Mode on balanced at 21,6 Sens, Negative 2 threshold.Black sand off,Disc mode 0 disc so iron was silenced.I just wanted to concentrate and see what the uninterupted high tones could sound like .Theres two high tones in disc.mid high and high.No low tone for iron no mixed mode either in here way to busy for that. This site is a nightmare to hunt from the iron.Big small weird all on top of each other from about 1840 to about 1920.with a war fought on top of it to boot.Over the years its given me and alot of local hunters great finds.Reb buttons, plates,Yankee buttons lots and lots of bullets for everyone.Its no secret site and its pounded on.They graded through it about 3 years ago and churned up some more stuff first 6 moths after that it was no surprise to go there and see 5 or 6 guys swinging it daily.Lots more goodies was coming up for Us to find then as a site does that gets all of a sudden rejuvenated it started to get scarcer and scarcer.Its just basically solid red clay exposed pottery shards everywhere black glass iron laying everywhere.well hole open right in middle of it barrier-ed off. So back to the Tarsacci on this site.I had came through this site last week on a walk back to the truck.I had been back in a 950 dirt site in the woods 6 bar dirt hot rocks aplenty doing some coil testing.As i had cut through to shorten my walk i hit a clean signal in this spot full of iron and it stopped me in my tracks.Thought well must be modern trash.dug hole open targets till there then diug some more about 7 inches or so out pops a dropped 3 ringer .58 caliber.I said huh really?The got a pack stud about 3 feet away another clean hit.Now this is in awful iron and I was still I'm mixed mode from the woods hunt I had been in and 12kHz. Later that night I was talking to Dimitar on the phone and mentioned before hanging up about the bullet and it surprised me being so clean sounding.I was surprised Dimitar was not.He ask some particulars about the targets and the nails etc in the hole and he just laughed and said Yep! It was in my mind about that laugh so I went back to same spot And set it for optimum audio intelligence in heavy iron.Yes its still noisy like this but this site is eat up in iron.My first target was a solid lock at ID of +2 out of +30 then I couldnt find it and was barely audible in the spoil pile.When I did find it it was a Shotgun primer. the little primer out of the center of a paper shotgun shell casing.I thought come on with this big coil I got that so clean of a hit? Then chased some weird hits then the audio in here hit me.nail falses were quick dead sounding but real hits had a sonar ping.clear ping echo type hits.So it was partial pip pip pip high tones then a sonar echo high tone Sort of reminiscent of those WW2 Sub movies where the operator gets sonar pings.So in this one area around the well I dug a good 10 to 12 pieces of lead .Flat button.Old smoothed out penny.twisted up brass pieces etc.50 caliber round ball.they all were clean?Anywhere from inch down to say 4 or 5 inches down.I left the site with a new appreciation of the tarsacci for iron hunting. What I had seen with the Tarsacci in the woods on unmasking targets from bad dirt I was also seeing in iron unmasking. What I have so far come to see With The tarsacci is it sees what others cant in terms of either the soil mask a target of a certain size or conductance.This is usually smaller than a dime from say couple of inches down to about 10 -11 inches.Things a normal machine cant see from Soil overpowering the target it can be small items or low conductance items.Things that the soil wont let break through.the other machines in these sites like VLF FBS BBS etc have gotten alot but the strength of the soil shuts targets down at some point.as the Soil mineral increases the more the conductance and size of targets you find EASILY with the Tarsacci increases. Now we have some iron See through too.And most of the targets I have found so far in heavy iron in mild soil or bad soil has been the same low conductance or small.So what we have going on is actual see through it seems.Not that I'm seeing through a piece of iron but the Tarsacci has the ability to tell a non ferrous target from a ferrous target when they are intermingled and allow the good target to be more SEEN. Dimitar has told me mineral enhances the target and hes right targets in the soil at times sound cleaner than when out of the soil.Iron ore dirt buried targets sound cleaner buried than exposed to air.So now I see targets that are in coil view in iron sound cleaner than just lying alone.the iron is also enhancing the non ferrous report.Its almost the OXIDE of iron is enhancing the targets through say leeching.Plus the iron sites like site above is already in iron ore soil.Like a target boost.Other machines may also be seeing these targets but the oxide and ore is destroying the clarity. Any non ferrous target and any shape is hit i might add in this sceanrio. The Tarsacci is not a normal machine and its doing things out of the norm that we are not used too.THIS IS REAL TECHNOLOGY like I havent seen in my soil.This is the type unit you have to set it up right for your site but its doing the work for you easily once it gets purring. Dont try and run mixed mode in heavy iron even though it sounds more VLFish.Mixed mode filters are set low to bleed more audio as high tone even deep iron.Disc mode is set to dissect with some stronger filtering to stop iron high tone bleed.Dont over power the unit the see though is the magic and even on sens of 6 I can see a ten inch dime in bad soil.Dont let the machine see too much soil if its bad let it be able to discern a real target from mineral or iron. This machine is as close as I've ever seen to a P.I. with disc. Dont give up or dismiss the technology if you have one its the real deal!This has the feel to me like a FBS gave me 20 years ago..Its different and we have to learn how to use it.ITS HIGH TECH!Its quirky and all and not perfect but what it does do is like I've experinced now for little over a month.It sees things others cant or struggles with.Get used to the audio and rely on its accuracy and it will become second nature like any machine.it has an different feel for sure but it should its different tech.When you get it set right and you can tell when you do once you accustom yourself to it its pretty dang SLICK! I had a hard learning curve with the machine for reasons only known to the designer.BUT I'm glad he subjected me to it on purpose.it gave me deeper insights.I started off backwards. A set up unit that would not hardly run in my soil.then went to a normal set up unit and that showed me so much and why this and that happens. Keith
  12. It was a rather strange day today ......broad spectrum of finds and dates of coins. BUT .........I got a tiny 9ct gold stud earring in black sand mix. A nice old penny, the other penny is just too far gone to see a date. Another coin for the scrap. Hubby ran off with the stainless steel hose clip thingys......guess some junk is useful eh?
  13. Saw this yesterday. Was on Craigslist for 16 days. $1000.
  14. Detected a stretch of a river that had some erosion on the banks and sand removed down to the gravels. I dug up many coins including a buffalo nickel and a silver dime that someone was going to make into a ring. The best find was a 14k ladies ring 3.1g (not a genuine stone). Also dug up what looked like a white gold ring turned out to be stainless steel. The tarsacci has good recovery speed like the T2 worked great in the trashy area with broken pieces of rusted old steel cans, bottles caps, bits and pieces of iron along with all the newer junk tossed into the river. The tarsacci worked better than my T2 it found targets in a area I couldn’t use the T2. The 2 wheat pennies were dug up at a old park 6-7 inches deep. The tarsacci goes deeper it’s just that my ctx did a good job sniffing out most of the oldies at this old park.
  15. Went out with 3 hunting buddies slopping in the muddy blackish sand for a few coins and a small 1.3gr 9ct gold ring. Still waiting for beaches to do more of a move. Photo of my medium dug hole which only produced an old 20 cent, but happy with depth the Tarsacci got. The others only got 3 coins between them so hard hunting with so few targets around at the moment. Happy with 1944 shilling......1946 3d is toast.
  16. Back to Maraetai Beach Monday as tide was a little further out this time. Dug a crater for the shield/badge which so far I cant ID, and even the metal has me beat. Its not lead, iron, aluminium, silver. Possibly pewter? Anyway, it is busy soaking but awfully fragile. Not fragile in its thickness, but fragile from sea crust and age. Most unusual to have the word Chancellor on the back, with embossed fleur de lis on the front. Maybe of French origin??? The crusty ring cleaned up well. Not many finds, but unusual finds....which is what interests me more. Again, trash and all......😉
  17. Maraetai Beach, NZ.....one of the most hunted beaches by PI's, VLF's and a local experienced resident with an Equinox 800. Hopefully beach will be on the move shortly by the looks of this lot. Finding an apostle teaspoon was the biggest surprise!!!! Photos is trash and all, then a bit of a clean up. Crustys were DEEP! Broke most of the blobby crud off coins before photo so I had an idea of what I had.
  18. I did this video last week at one of my bullet places with some hot dirt. I mainly was just trying some new settings on the machine to see how it would respond. I dug several bullets and towards the end of this one, you'll see a deeper bullet "live" dig between the Equinox 800 and Tarsacci. It wasn't meant to be a comparison video but I had both machines with me and was signal checking as I went along. The Nox is usually pretty good for me but I was kinda surprised that on some of the deeper bullets, I didn't get the best of signal. By mistake, I cut out the settings for the Nox....which was Park 1, sens 20, recovery 4, Fe2 = 2. I like Park 1 for most of my hunting these days and I did cycle through the modes while I was signal checking to see if any others responded better. They did not. The Tarsacci impresses me more and more every time I use it.
  19. I found this video on u-tube yesterday. Not sure who shot it. Everyone can nit pick a video but .. i think for the most part this was a pretty fair comparison on how people run the machine. Note the Nox is in beach 1, recovery 2 and sensitivity at 22..... everything else looked pretty good i didnt see any glaring things that might give more depth. The MDT .... couple of things i would have done..... ran threshold at 0 AND in the wet sand i run in 12 or 18 khz.... there another 1 1/2" gain to be had there. Here in my sand a nickel at about 11" on the Nox changes to read IRON. The MDT will have a bouncy screen..... but it will give you mixed reading and you WILL check that target. Tom said he could get a nickel at 17" ..... hes got mad skills...... but this shows i think that most might get a nickel at 15" and more once they have a little more time on it. Im not bad with both these machines and i dont think my results would have been much different....... based on how i hunt with these machines. Me and another guy did testing on a 3 gram 10k gold ring....... in those same conditions at the surf edge..... MDT was 14" the Nox 12". We didnt under or over run either machine ...... because we wanted to know just which machine was better for our use on our beaches. Here ya go take a look.
  20. Photo taken last year of cleaned and preserved military buttons from 12th Regiment in NZ Land Wars 1860s using Treborius preservation wax. This was when I was getting started with the Tarsacci. As I was far more familiar with the XP Deus, it found the majority of these, but then when I thought I had cleaned out my gridded patch, I swapped to the Tarsacci and found about another 6 at greater depths in highly mineralised soil. It is a crying shame finding these in such condition.....deteriorated from age, fertilisers, lime, animal urine and soil minerals.
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