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  1. A site that plenty of us have hit, the tarsacci finds the old brass in the iron! 🙂 8 colonial buttons!
  2. I had to go out of town yesterday and got back late today and had planned to take my Tarsacci with me but didn’t. I wanted to educate myself on going through the menu of my Tarsacci but could only watch your videos on how to do it . Well I pickup my Tarsacci and without looking at anything I ran through everything like I’d been doing it for a long time. I figure with your time and trouble making all the videos reduced my learning curve saving me lots of time. The speaker on the Tarsacci don’t boom out but with the headphones on they blow the wax out of your ears.
  3. Had a good friend loan me his Tarsacci for a few months. Settings: Sens 9, Black sand ON, Salt 33, 9khz, disc -30, G-bal 623. Tested both coils First off, if you are tall like me the detector is NOT long enough. I know Steve is working on an extension but here is the problem. Not enough coil cable length. So if you are tall and plan to order one, be sure to ask for longer coil cable length . Myself, I would need 4-5 inches more rod length. Pros: Works good in the wave wash [all metal mode], good depth, silent running wet sand, NO EMI issues in a known EMI problem area, Awesome batte
  4. Many folks have inquired just how does tracking work and how do you set it? Here’s a quick video that explains everything! Aaron
  5. I ended up getting out in the lake last weekend & finding another really deep Buffalo with co-located iron. Not too much else, people won’t start swimming till the end of May. I stick to the iron areas that most avoid, going slow. Thanks, Aaron
  6. Today I went to a site that I was trying to find the rest of a “Civil War gold corps badge”, I found part of it a few months ago with my DEUS....thinking that if any machine will find the rest of it the Tarsacci will find it. The target separation with that 12 inch coil is pretty awesome! But, it didn’t happen. Not today anyways. But I was in the area we gridded and the tarsacci was hitting some very deep brass and under the iron, that just keeps impressing me about this machine! I know one of the targets was at least 15 inches! I will have to get a new shovel if this keeps up!
  7. I was going out my door yesterday and here comes the mail man with my Tarsacci. I didn’t have the time to open the box and take a look. I was headed to a wild birthday party of a 7 year old granddaughter that I couldn’t miss . She may never know what I gave up for her. Then getting home late and other family at my house I again had to put it off opening that box. Here I sit in my little corner of my church waiting for service to start telling you all this a day later. I did get the box open and got my Tarsacci fired up and that’s all . All together now. Poor Chuck
  8. Hey, right now even though I got a lot of hours on the Standard coil, I still got a bunch to learn. In most areas it's very hard to come up with a Gold Ring while mud hunting. (Unless you got a hot lead) I went a little over 2 years without, until last year when I came up with 3 out of the mud and 1 wading. This is with the same machine I went dry with for 2 years plus. A guy can get some serious doubts about his hunting in that length of time. That's Buckets of tabs & Alum slaw. Was it me , my machine or the law of averages? I'll say this, 3 of those rings came
  9. I like the abbreviation of settings on the Tarsacci more so than trying to remember what a Icon is on other detectors. It may just be me when I’d jump from one detector having icons to another presented a problem for me. Don’t get me wrong but when I seen the Tarsacci I said Sunny Beach California that detector is for me. My problem may be just a age factor. Chuck
  10. The first thing about the Tarsacci I like is any time I want to set it aside for extended period is just pull the battery out. I’ve had three detectors that I can’t do that and I’m glad now just to be down to two. Chuck
  11. As most know I’ve been talking about buying a Tarsacci but referring to sitting on the fence on doing it. I believe that sitting on that fence so long it has caused a rash . I had to do something so today I got with Aaron and I ordered the Tarsacci with the beast coil. I don’t know yet when I’ll get it but one good thing the rash is better. Chuck
  12. Is it just my imagination or is the Tarsacci MDT 8000 a different machine with the 12 inch coil on it?? Just seems to be more stable to me, I ran the machine yesterday with the stock coil, same settings basically in a farm field, just didn’t seem to be the same as a few days ago with the 12 inch.
  13. For beginning users, this video will help you learn navigation of your MDT instrument panel quick. HH! Aaron
  14. I have a couple examples on video of the BEAST coils ability to see multiple targets at the same time.... Aaron
  15. A true test for any detector. Yesterday, took the Tar to my favorite HS football stadium. Gave the side lines and other areas around the field a good going over with a couple different machines last year. As expected I was hunting down targets that I just flat out missed. The real test for the Standard coil came around the edges of the home grand stands. It gets hunted, but I mean No Body even trys to clear out 30 years of aluminum , iron bolts etc, accumulated. Got to admit this coil with it's spot on pinpointing surprised me on its ability to pry out coins between and sometimes in
  16. Managed to get out today despite the wind & cold w the new BEAST coil. The coil works usually good in trashy areas, unmasking as demonstrated on a deep wheat penny. Warmer weather and more hunting this weekend... HH! Aaron
  17. Okay....I was able to retrieve the video after all! The Buffalo was the only good thing found however it’s the best one I’ve ever found. I’d like note that in the video I referred to the hairpins as “BRASS”, they are actually SPRING STEEL. Thanks NASA Tom. Aaron
  18. Up front I don’t own a Tarsacci detector ! I’m just wondering if the Tarsacci is so hot on gold in heavy black sand and with the adjustment that can be made with it could it be a nugget detector ? I’d say the best coil would be something say a 10 X 6” coil are a small round one. I know just about any detector maybe can find a nugget every blue moon 🌚 but the Tarsacci may be playing in a different field that the average VLF detector. I’d still say give me that smaller coil because I just maybe could be land locked. Not that I am . Would any of you buy a 10X6” are a 9X5” coil i
  19. Hello so went to the beach which doesnt produce much to test the new coil and my new V2 wireless case :) setting same as usual sens at 8 .But the coil is super quiet same weight no falsing,more coverage,well balanced My session was 2 hours 1 got: 1 silver ring see pictures 7 fishing weight 4 our 5 bullet tip 1 303 case 3 coins(1 George the V...) 1 large piece of lead (deep) Few tiny bit of brass The future is bright the fishing weight are getting hit deeper for sure!!!!!!!! RR
  20. I am used to the DEUS and different programs.....Default settings....is there such a thing with the Tarsacci? I now know what I have to do in the red dirt, kind of 🙂 but what settings would I use in the soft sandy soil of this part of VA for relic hunting? Question 2, the pinpoint mode comes up with VDI numbers, is there a scale of what they mean?? I saw a video indicating that they could refer to the depth of the target? Thanks for the help!
  21. What I’m wondering is the Tarsacci the same as the one that was made a year ago? If I was to buy a Tarsacci today and something new was added to a model say 6 months from now would I be given the opportunity to have mine updated? I’m just wondering if improvements being made at different times. Chuck
  22. We’ve managed to get a TARSACCI MDT into the very capable hands of Mr Keith Southern, seasoned relic hunter and historian. Listen and see what Keith has to say so far regarding using the TARSACCI MDT 8000 in his VERY difficult soil.....Thanks, Aaron As far as the EMI.Its very resilient so far!I mainly stay on 12kHz as it offers sens to low and high conductors.But even down on 6Khz its stable around EMI prone areas. I should say in that video I was 12KHZ next to my neighbors Air conditioning unit when I was doing brick test that was running and it was stable.The 10 Inc
  23. Many of you will never encounter this. As far as I know, there is no overload indication with the Tarsacci. I have observed that with intense magnetite black sands, you need to use caution about running the sensitivity too high, especially with Black Sand off, as I tend to run. I assume that cuts back on the transmit voltage to help prevent what I am going to describe. If you bury a nickel in a true black sand beach (looking at you kiwis) or my hot beach up at Tahoe where I did this test, you can get the machine tuned up for conditions. However, if you get it cranked up too high, all the
  24. Apologies to Keith, his YouTube is: Relics 1864. Thanks for watching! Aaron
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