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  1. The MDT 8000 has an IP68 rating - up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. I’d call that more a wading detector than a mask & snorkel detector. On the other hand, I’d bet the MDT is at least as waterproof as an Equinox, if not more so. I don’t think any of these so-called 10 foot detectors have a genuine waterproof rating exceeding IP68, simply based on the coil and headphone connectors being employed The question being, how deep for how long? Who, if anyone, has had the MDT submerged for more than a few hours? I’d assume that simply wading using the supplied headphones, with controls
  2. I don’t understand Polish and no captioning.... anyone know anything about the battery door in this video? One thing I’d like to see on the MDT is a more robust battery door, which currently has a short run of fine threads, barely enough to get a few turns. This alternative seen in the video is more like it - coarse metal threads and more of them, and a double o ring seal. Is this an aftermarket mod, or a recent change of design?
  3. So I've been running down every thing I can about it. Been hunting since 2000, 12th season this winter on the Gulf Coast. Hunting with a Infinium and At Pro. Back home, parks sport fields. So I'm gonna seriously look into this machine. Dancer
  4. How do I get replacements for the proprietary headphone jack adaptor and replacement battery compartment o-rings for the Tarsacci. I bought it second hand and not from a dealer. Thanks.
  5. Here is a great article written by Teresa aka (Coilpower) on the Tarsacci Forum I thought I’d share.... Tarsacci MDT 8000 Precis and Methodology for new users. Having used the Tarsacci MDT8000 for relic, mud, water, beach and black iron sands since the beginning of 2019, this article is aimed at new users and as an optional refresher for others including myself. A detector which gives PI depths but with target indication along with no sub menus....a weight of only 1.63kg, quality craftsmanship, superb ergonomics and carbon fibre components along with all the computations already
  6. Was wondering what’s going on with this machine nobody really posting anything about it anyone using one how r you doing with it
  7. I am still learning the ropes but my thoughts so far after testing in a few gardens and a full fledged relic hunt in hot ground: Ergonomics - weight and balance - very good. It is well balanced and a joy to swing. Like it better than my Equinox in this regard. User Interface - OK, but a little quirky. No intuitive logic to the menu system but everything is at least on one screen, no diving into multiple sub menus like Deus. There really are not many settings anyway - Frequency, Volume, Threshold Disc, Tone Mode, Sensitivity, GB, Salt level, Tracking & Black Sand. Use of a
  8. Hello to all,went this morning to the 50cal cartridge spot i knew more less were to focus .I decided to take 2 tools to dig (mistake)once i arrived midway the blue tooth started to play.I had to go back to the car take the Tarsacci Headphones and left the spade and kept the sand scoop. It was rainy ,windy plus sand flying all over the place,the main spot stayed exposed only 30min.......but the first signal was : A IMMERSION PUMP........ Second was a 50 cal cartridge and thought i was on a roll ,same as yesterday all targets where staying on the hard layer around 30/40cm once reach it
  9. Hello Today i went to a Sandy beaches which has been popular since the 50s but also hit hard (as most of the beaches are).I took my MDT as i was told it was a potentially good beach for PI but i wanted ti try the Tarsacci 1st as it is Tarsacci week in the RR house.Anyway first target was the stainless tube which gave me a shit reading but i dug to keep myself warm. Then came 1 whisper in my headphones with positive ID took me 5 minutes to dig and the 1st 50cal cartridge was out then same signal and same target really deep maybe at 40/45cm (15").The copper deep too maybe deeper but could
  10. Look like a goooooood machine hopefully tomorrow i ll be on the beach with it RR
  11. Hello did 2.5 hours on a quiet beach tonight to have a feel of the machine,it was fun,once GB i started in mix by mistake then i turn into AM . I like the tones and the capacity to ID iron.Took some pics the 50 cal remains is probably from a Bomber during WW2 as this area of UK saw a lot of action......Wireless headphones used:MARSHALL wireless transmitter TROND this kit comes from my G5c.So far it looks powerful enough on large and medium stuffs Enjoy RR
  12. This is a awesome feature especially for the park and beach hunter, check it out! Thanks! Aaron
  13. How many of MDT users like the tones of disc mode? I don’t like it. It sounds like a toy. Mixed mode is what I use. Tarsacci MDT 8000 control panel and LCD display
  14. Abenson - “As you'll soon see in the video, The Tarsacci, Equinox and GPX can hold there own against each other. The only loser in the video is the Deus but it's out of it's element. Deus thrives in surface trash in my dirt not, deeper targets in trash. There's really no magic bullet when it comes to deeper iron masked targets.“ Tarsacci vs Vista X vs Equinox for Park Hunting Tarsacci vs GPX vs TDI
  15. This will be where I will post information. I will try and answer any questions I can about detector. Other folks who have experience with detector and wish to join in, by all means do so. Should have detector today sometime. Thought I would get this thread started to save time later. I will only be using Tarsacci on turf, not salt water/sand application. I may do some testing on freshwater beach due to lower minerals present. Tarsacci MDT 8000 Data & Reviews
  16. Here’s a little test I inadvertently stumbled upon.... Thanks! Aaron
  17. Hope you enjoy this new video, all I'm trying to demonstrate here is that the Tasarcci is no slouch in dense iron against the Equinox. I'm not here to slam the Equinox, just to prove that the Tasarcci is equally as capable in dense iron! Regards Dave.H
  18. Tomorrow, 30th July........... im using the Tarsacci MDT on its first Roman site tomorrow,, The field has only the headland cut,, (wholecrop silage),, but I can't wait to experiment with the Tarsacci, I will only have a few hours to spare here but really looking forward to this opportunity! ive been detecting this site since the early nineties,, (Fisher 1265X) was the first detector I ever used here....(loved that machine),, and numerous other detectors since! Site has been detected heavily throughout, not just by me , but numerous of other people, so,,, should be an exce
  19. I took the MDT 8000 up to Tahoe this morning for a few hours of wading. Beach is heavily loaded with magnetite sands. There is a lot of deeper sandy material, but also some scoured out areas with gravel and rocks. The sand tends to have few targets. The gravels are the base and thick with targets in some areas, including lots of deeply rusted ferrous stuff, some of it quite large. I like hunting the gravels due to the target density. It however is not very VLF friendly stuff due to hot rocks and magnetite sand. The MDT struggled to stay quiet in the gravels. Due to the target density I de
  20. Quarter under a sheet of aluminum foil. Tarsacci has the foil I.D .number Notched out which is about 6-7 ID.. Note the Safari is for demonstrative purposes only. Keith
  21. Well, I've got to be honest here. I've been detecting for some 37 years, and I have to admit, I've never "taken"too a detector so quickly as the Tarsacci! So simple to navigate, no silly sub-menus, such a pleasure to work with. managed to get about 4hours in, before heavy rain arrived and had to abort. I simply did a Salinity Balance,, came in around 28, GB was between 850-890, 12kHz, TrH -4, Sens 5, Mix Mode...I was searching on a oil seed rape stubble field. Very stable machine, no EMI issues, quite simply a pleasure to use! mixed bag of non-ferrous finds, only
  22. Please check out my latest Youtube Video. Regards Dave H
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