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Found 24 results

  1. Photo taken last year of cleaned and preserved military buttons from 12th Regiment in NZ Land Wars 1860s using Treborius preservation wax. This was when I was getting started with the Tarsacci. As I was far more familiar with the XP Deus, it found the majority of these, but then when I thought I had cleaned out my gridded patch, I swapped to the Tarsacci and found about another 6 at greater depths in highly mineralised soil. It is a crying shame finding these in such condition.....deteriorated from age, fertilisers, lime, animal urine and soil minerals.
  2. The day ended up too hot for man nor beast and my hunting buddy and I ended up in the water to cool off. We havent had rain since 1st week of December so relic hunting in dirt is out!!!! The spot we went to was mixture of Black Iron sand, quartz sand and rocks I had to turn over. Iron and nails were in abundant supply but we will revisit here in cooler weather. I suspect people in the past with PI machines have snuck into this spot guaging by the mixed dates of targets found so the finds we were after were not as plentiful as they should have been , however I was happy with what I got and the performance of unit in hard hunting conditions. Photo includes the trash before sussing out cherry picking. Jews harp (broken unfortunately) , musket/pistol ball, 1889 UK penny, Nz pennies 1961,1946, bent apostle reaspoon, button from S.W.Silver &Co, London clothiers, oarlock.....which looks old but I cannot date, square nails which straight away tells me 1800s site and etc.
  3. This will be where I will post information. I will try and answer any questions I can about detector. Other folks who have experience with detector and wish to join in, by all means do so. Should have detector today sometime. Thought I would get this thread started to save time later. I will only be using Tarsacci on turf, not salt water/sand application. I may do some testing on freshwater beach due to lower minerals present. Tarsacci MDT 8000 Data & Reviews
  4. I am frankly surprised that there has been no mention of the Tarsacci MDT 8000 on this prospecting forum. At least I saw none when I did a search of this forum. This detector intrigues me. Supposedly not a PI nor a VLF. Maybe ground breaking tech. Depth somewhere in between a GPX and a VLF but with almost full depth discrimination. It's mainly been marketed as a beach machine but the same features that make it excel on the beach may also be good for hot ground. I am sure it is not a panacea for whatever woes you have with your current machine. It seems you only have the choice of one coil, a 9x11. The tones sound different than what most people are used to. It's not as deep as a GPX or maybe not even a TDI? I don't know, not much info out there as this detector has only been available since mid-December. There are plenty of ways to pick this detector apart that I have not listed but let's look at the positive aspects of it. The Tarsacci may be the first detector that offers better depth than a VLF yet retains good discrimination both tonally and with a VDI number. The manufacturer does not tout it as being hot on small gold but there are a few anecdotal references on forums or youtube questioning whether it may be OK. I dont think it will equal a really hot VLF operating in a high KHZ range but I for one do not care. I get tired of scratching for fly-poop and would welcome a DISCRIMINATING detector that would give me greater depth in hot ground. I know that I am old enough if I dig ten deep nails I am about done for a while so the old proverb of "dig it all" doesn't work for me any more. One thing that really struck me is the ability to use the salt balance feature to totally eliminate certain(many?) hotrocks. I can think of more than a few scenarios where this detectors capabilities may produce some gold in the poke. So yes, I am surprised I see no discussion or even a mention of it as a candidate for a gold nugget machine. Tarsacci MDT 8000 Data & Reviews
  5. French speaking with english subtitles. Nice finds but wish he showed more of the detector in action.
  6. Relics & Rings Published on Jan 21, 2019 - Going over the menus and setting on the Tarsacci to see how they affect a few targets in the ground.
  7. Coins, bits, fishing sinkers and half a ring from beach last week in NZ. We have new 10, 20 and 50 cent cupro nickle coins which just degrade and rust in the sea salt or even the soil. The bad ones I just put between a cloth and a few whacks with a hammer to get the crud off, either rotary tumble with malt vinegar and salt or if Im feeling vicious.....into a container of CLR (calcium, lime and rust remover), then a container of water, finaly container of baking soda and water. Banks here will only accept coins that are recognizable.....no matter the colour, as in rotary tumbling I plonk the 10c cupro copper with "silver" 20 and 50's and they all come out a pretty pink! Only advantage of cupro nickle is they are magnetic.......using a 120kg pull neodymium is interesting fun !!!!!! However, what the photo does say is they were deep and bèen in the sand a long time.....and that is from a beach which is constantly detected by others.
  8. To correct rumours floating around, there are NO Tarsacci agents in NZ. As I was the first to bring the Tarsacci into NZ early 2019, I feel confident enough with my hours on this unit to offer any help to end users in understanding and using this detector. I am not associated with the company, but my passion for detecting and honesty of feedback was appreciated …..hence the later development and arrival of the NZ specific Coil designed for our black sand conditions, but it also does exceptionally well on our east coast quartz sand beaches, mud and mineralised dirt too. The following is a recent cut and paste from this forum which I took as a personal slur whether the writer intended it to be so or not. The link he provided is to an article I wrote in June 2019, yet in January 2020 and as a fellow Kiwi who belongs to that same NZ forum as myself, it raises questions as to the intent of his comment. I would have expected a call to the horse’s mouth, so I say to you…..you can bag the “guy”.....but not the lady! I “promote” by way of letting interested readers “aware” of ANY NEW detector or new technology irrespective of the manufacturer. These are exciting years as MENSA brains are aplenty so the bar is getting pushed higher by demand and design and whilst I am able to do 6 hour stints, I’m making the most of it with whatever detector does the job I use it for. “Some guy went on a NZ prospecting forum and tried to promote them saying they've made a special coil for NZ conditions for the detector which put a bad taste in my mouth knowing it was a lie. Not sure if he's associated with them or not, I hope not. https://community.paydirt.co.nz/t/tarsacci-mdt-8000-with-new-specific-nz-coil-release/3826” OK, on a lighter note, Phrunt has also shown you photos of our famous Titanomagnetic black sand. The composition of this magnetic sand is made up of 82% magnetite, 8% Iron Oxide, 8% Titanium, Silica, Manganese, Vanadium, and Phosphorous. It originates off the west coast of NZ at Taranaki, and this black iron ore sand is smelted at the Glenbrook Steel Mill and exported overseas. Concentrations of iron vary up and down the west coast…. 3rd degree burns on barefeet have been heard of in the heat of Summer! You can all appreciate the challenge for ANY detector in these conditions. Just forget a VLF, a Pulse Induction will cope but it can be hard going. The NZ specific coil on the Tarsacci MDT8000 has only been up against a Tesoro Sand Shark, Sea Hunter Mk2, and GPX5000 so far in this black sand and found targets the other 3 failed on. Don’t get me wrong, the unit is not the holy grail…...It will still overload in places but the settings can be manipulated to gain success and a quiet unit…..and yes I have found rings…..albeit had to be quick and deep with the scoop as parts of the black beach has like liquefaction sand so the hole fills in nearly instantly. My apologies if this post is rather verbose, but I needed to address and clarify some points. I see Steve H. raised his eyebrows at a guy claiming the unit cost over $4000…...and rightly so. Cost is USD $1495 plus freight which still doesn’t convert to NZD $4000…….even on the worst exchange rate plus duty etc. Just think he was trying to put people off buying!
  9. I purchased my Tarsacci in February of 2019. It is # 000029 R1. Does anyone else care to share their information? If you are a salt water hunter I recommend this detector to all. It’s negative side for me is no additional coils are available and the 8” x 11” just seems small out of the water. This is only my opinion.
  10. On certain salt beaches I hunt, I too have a issue with salt balance. At these I ground balance in the damp sand then salt balance. Also try black sand on before salt balance. Looks like number 58 is the highest so far. IMO not offering any additional size coils will hurt sales. The small 8x11 coil is fine in the water. After that not so much.
  11. I am copying part of a post by Badger in NH on the Dankowski forum. Will this beach performance transfer over to hot dirt and more nuggets? I don't know but this guys results are certainly interesting. “For the depth testing I had a silver quarter, a silver dime and a medium sized mans 14k gold ring. I had drilled tiny holes in the center of the coins, ran a nylon string through each one and tied a knot on the end. This is to ensure that coins stay flat when buried. I would bury the coin at 15 inches and slowly pull the coin towards the surface a little at a time until it just came into detection range. When I reached the edge of the max depth that the coin could be detected, I grabbed the string where it came out of the sand, pulled up the coin and measured the length of the string. It worked perfectly. The gold ring is attached to the end of a fabric measuring tape. I tested the Tarsacci MDT 8000 against the Minelab Equinox 800. Settings were - Tarsacci - GB 600, SB 26-30 depending on Freq, Sense 7, Threshold 0, Disc 0, Mix mode. Equinox - Beach 1, Sense 23, 2 tones, AM on, recovery 6. To achieve a max depth designation, the detector must have a clear repeatable non-ferrous tone and reasonably accurate numerical ID. Tarsacci max depth on the silver Quarter was 13". Equinox was 10". Tarsacci max depth on the silver Dime was 12.5". Equinox was 9". (All the Tarsacci frequencies picked up the coins at max depth but 6.4 kHz sounded best.) Tarsacci max depth on the gold ring was 13". (All freqs picked it up but 18 kHz sounded best) Equinox had an iffy signal at 11" and 10" but only got a decent tone and ID at 9". I tried radically changing the GB number on the Tarsacci to see what that would do but came back to 600 because it got the best depth. I forgot to test Black Sand mode but will do that another time. So the Tarsacci wins the depth test by a large margin. I am extremely happy with it.” Tarsacci MDT 8000 Data & Reviews
  12. Detected a stretch of a river that had some erosion on the banks and sand removed down to the gravels. I dug up many coins including a buffalo nickel and a silver dime that someone was going to make into a ring. The best find was a 14k ladies ring 3.1g (not a genuine stone). Also dug up what looked like a white gold ring turned out to be stainless steel. The tarsacci has good recovery speed like the T2 worked great in the trashy area with broken pieces of rusted old steel cans, bottles caps, bits and pieces of iron along with all the newer junk tossed into the river. The tarsacci worked better than my T2 it found targets in a area I couldn’t use the T2. The 2 wheat pennies were dug up at a old park 6-7 inches deep. The tarsacci goes deeper it’s just that my ctx did a good job sniffing out most of the oldies at this old park.
  13. Yesterday hunted a old 1850’s settlement here in California and used 9khz, sens 9, threshold 0, blacksand On, mixed mode. If I turned blacksand off machine becomes a bit erratic so I left blacksand On. When I got home I did a air test with a nickel 9khz, sens 9, threshold-1, blacksand Off. I found that using threshold-1, blacksand Off you will get less depth a little more than 1/2 inch compared to threshold 0, blacksand On. Also helps with EMI if hunting around buildings. Anybody else use blacksand mode while hunting? Here’s a pic of my finds from the old settlement. pistol balls, rivets, rusty nails (still getting fooled on some) and some modern trash.
  14. Been hitting the dried up river and haven’t found anymore gold other than the one I found in November. So I decided to go for the silver. Dug up 2 silver coins in a littered gravel area. Not bad for a New Year’s Day hunt. The MDT is good for park hunting also. Dug a deep 1888 V nickel close to 10 inches. My CTX couldn’t do that. Settings: At the dry river. Sens 9 max, threshold 0, mixed mode, blacksand on, 9khz or 18khz. park: sens 8, threshold -1, mixed mode, blacksand on, 18khz.
  15. Here. https://tarsacci.com/ Tarsacci MDT-8000 metal detector
  16. Two videos. I have used the term iron range when talking of Etrac here loosely. I recommend folks wanting more info if necessary to refer to Etrac User’s Manual and look closely at factory relic program to get a better idea of where ferrous reports in relation to the conductive line perspective wise. Etrac was run in videos at 50 conductive tones, Tarsacci sensitivty setting at level 6. All detectors balanced to actual ground except Etrac, but swept Etrac a little beforehand to insure ground tracking was good. Most of these targets are I think challenged in one fashion or another. Enjoy
  17. Folks can see/hear the settings in video. I love mixed mode. Allows me to hunt faster. Tarsacci unit not hard to run. When in mixed mode the thing I like is if I don’t hear AM signal when sweeping but hear disc signal it’s a nail/iron false in my book. This detector is extracting smaller things out of my soil. And I think it is doing it very well. Each and every thing I dug is depicted in video. Notice little iron dug. This was no accident. Folks will see my regiment I use to gauge dig or no dig decision. You’ll hear me say I don’t like some targets (based on not being ideal signature ) but I didn’t hate the signal/ behavior (overall). I may show another video where I show some signals that are imo no dig based on failing part(s) of my regiment for dig decision. And actually dig them and see what the real deal is. The AM on the detector I love. It gives me valuable info especially over nails or elongated iron smaller (wavering or wispy tone is witnessed). Disc mode when used in conjunction with mixed mode gives great data too. It basically boils down where does the disc signal hit and do I have to be real careful (like forcing it) to get it to beep. If so likely ferrous. Tarsacci audio lends itself by just the volume it produces on things in the field possible to dismiss as big iron. The unit sounds off in multiple ways to the different iron in the ground. I ran tracking GB all day long with occasional redoing ground balancing. Sometimes I would do this based on detector feedback audio wise while sweeping and some times because i knew where Deus phase would change (more substantial) in this site from many previous hunts using. For an 18khz abilityunit I think it does good on smaller nonferrous. Will try and hunt the site some with 12khz just to see what happens. And may try a few settings changes after suspect target is located. Like freq, with a new GB, disc setting, sensitivity and or threshold setting. The 2 videos shown while detecting in the same site. Folks might not believe this, but this site, today was my best day there in a long time. Actually since Deus version 4.0 came about. I didn’t even want to go to this site. Was more or less deemed dead in my mind. This site not been plowed at least since 1992. Maybe longer, can’t say for sure. I had another site in mind but the owner is planning on fertilizing soon. And I didn’t want to take a chance on upsetting him. As the grass in his hayfield is starting to grow. I would have took a $100 bet with anyone who could have found 6 nonferrous targets in this site today using any detector of their choosing VLF wise. I guess I would have lost. Lol Do you know how many times I have hunted in this location and got skunked or found 1, maybe 2 ?? Loads. I do know this, rounder) (as in ball shaped) nonferrous in my dirt seems to confuse some VLF detectors. Seems Tarsacci is not so confused. I hope you enjoy the videos. I actually like doing. It was tough today though unhooking headphones and then hooking up external speaker. Then reversing to get back to actual detecting to try to find something else. My videos may not make the academy awards but I try hard to give folks good info.
  18. Another hunt with Tarsacci today. Found some relics mostly musket balls. First target of the day located with Tarsacci I did head head to head with XP Deus wearing 9” Hf coil. Only head to head done today. You will hear in this video where I actually had Deus ground balanced using 14 kHz. A 72 was in phase window. I disn’t do another GB when switching to 28.8khz. As I had no clean place close to do. In my ground if I would have done GB at 28.8khz what I usually see is a phase reading 3 points below what pumping GB shows for 14 KHz. So imo the GB being off a mere 3 points approx didn’t have anything to do with Deus struggling to get targett from the one direction using 28 kHz (especially after seeing depth of target recovered). Both Tarsacci and Deus Hf coils here are 9” wide but Tarsacci Coil is longer. Tarsacci is no slouch in iron. This object found checked with magnet and is totally nonferrous. Will post a pic of closeup.
  19. https://tarsacci.com Tarsacci MDT-8000 Data & User Reviews Tarsacci MDT-8000 metal detector
  20. I believe this hunt is in Utah. Tarsacci MDT 8000 Data & Reviews
  21. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,152652 NASA-Tom Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Here it comes...…… a bit of a paradigm-shift in te > chnology/technological-advancements. I want to giv > e you guys a (moderate) heads-up...… for something > that is on the horizon. It is built by a small com > pany (medium/small) that makes military-grade unde > rwater locating devices. One of those engineers is > a avid detectorist. He has convinced/steered the c > ompany into inventing/building a hobby-line detect > or. It's been in-the-works for about 18 years. All > of the prototyping had been completed 2 years ago. > It has been an "unreleased" completed product for > the past 2 years. (((We are at: "shoot the enginee > r" time-continuum))). It is not quite a VLF..... a > nd it's not quite a PI. Ergonomically..... it has > been 'pushed' to be in the shape of a detector...t > hat we would 'recognize' as a detector. It's been > some work..... to get the unit to 'sound' like a m > etal detector. . . . . . that we would 'understand > ' it's language/audio. It is "quirky". You will li > ke some of the quirks.....and can put some of them > to good use. Some things that I can share...… at t > his time: > > * Very specifically targets TWO INTENTS: > 1. Wet-Salt > 2. Bad Mineralization > This is to say...….. it does NOT target mega-trash > y areas...… does NOT target carpets of nails. > > * NOT for beginners/novice. Targeted for seasoned > detectorists. > > * IP-68 > > * 11" x 8" DD open coil (hydrodynamic) > > * Electronics designed TO/FOR the coil. ((( If you > want to change coils..... you must change the elec > tronics. This is a very specific/discrete platform > . ))) > > * Weight/Ergonomics: Very similar to F75/EQX/T2 > > * One rechargeable battery. 1-1/3 length of a C-Ce > ll. Diameter of a C-Cell. 6000mAh 3.7V. This is a > 'off the shelf'......easy to access/buy......and Y > OU can change it... in about 40-seconds. (Under th > e armcup). > > * Full VDI ID ….. with a 60-point span. > > * A very real/correct All-Metal Mode. Disc Mode. I > D Mode. > > * Iron span range is: -30 to 0. And for a very s > pecific/discrete electronic platform rationale/jus > tification. You DON'T want this changed. > > * Non-Ferrous span range is: 0-30. > > * In certain modes..... very responsive to high co > nductors. > > * Inches deeper than Excal/CZ/Sov for coins and go > ld rings..... in a wet-salt environment. ((( Almos > t exactly parallels the performance of my 'tuned/t > weaked' AquaStar-II..... in the wet-salt. . . . . > but. . . . . with FULL ID capabilities. ))) Resona > nt (great) for tiny gold rings, small, medium and > large gold rings. This is where the depth advancem > ents have taken place. > > * One of the paradigm-shifts: Ground Balance the u > nit in the dry sand FIRST. ((( And in a different > fashion: Hold coil about 10" above the ground. Pre > ss and hold GB button. Lower the coil to about 1" > off of ground. Release GB button. DONE. ))) Then. > ..…… walk down to the wet-salt. . . and manually z > eroize your local wet-salt content/volume. Now the > detector … no longer even sees the wet-salt. It is > not 'canceled'. It is not phase-shifted out. It is > not Ground Balanced out. The high conductivity of > the wet-salt is no longer seen. This is a fairly l > arge dramatic departure from all other detectors. > First time in history. A paradigm-shift. > > * This unit targets beach hunters.... and relic hu > nters in bad dirt. This unit loses depth/performan > ce in bad dirt …but at a SLOWER rate than other un > its. It 'holds on' to good target ID's at deeper d > epths.... in bad dirt..... at a better depth/ID ra > te than other units. > > * Trying to keep the cost below the CTX-3030 MSRP. > If we don't market/advertise it..... the cost may > be around $1600..... or slightly lower. The intent > may be to sell the unit on this web-site (forum) o > nly/exclusively. That way..... we can circumvent a > dvertisement costs (which can be very expensive). > > * For the most-part: K.I.S.S. theory has been empl > oyed. > > * Heavy gauge carbon fiber. > > More details to follow...… possibly. Tarsacci MDT 8000 Data & User Reviews
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