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  1. What settings does everyone else use under the big electrical wires. The tarsacci wasn’t bad with interference as the deus was in the same area. But I put the black sand on to get it to quiet down some. Would I be missing targets with these settings?
  2. This video may answer a few questions for those interested in the TARSACCI and even for those who already own one…. HH! Aaron
  3. I am in a spot i have gone over at least 5 times with the ORX, and the ground went silent. Dont think I dont like the ORX, when i go to the park and sports field you cant beat it .But like i say when i got to the site today I took some advice from a guy who said put the Disc at between 27-and 30 so i set it at 29 and i just was amazed that the ground just lit up . things at 9 inches no problem good signals and deeper . my settings used are . 6.4 khz in mix mode, gain of 7 and 0 threshold, black sand mode on and salt balance at 43, and this machine just starts devouring the ground , I spent my stimulus money on it and dont regret doing so as its made in U,S,A and it went to help an American citizen. the thing with holes in it was 18 inches deep and i left more in the hole. i was tired of digging deep holes for the day . and i forgot to say i was not digging as many nail false s. so what that guy said must be working
  4. I am in a spot i have gone over at least 5 times with the ORX, and the ground went silent. Dont think I dont like the ORX, when i go to the park and sports field you cant beat it .But like i say when i got to the site today I took some advice from a guy who said put the Disc at between 27-and 30 so i set it at 29 and i just was amazed that the ground just lit up . things at 9 inches no problem good signals and deeper . my settings used are . 6.4 khz in mix mode, gain of 7 and 0 threshold, black sand mode on and salt balance at 43, and this machine just starts devouring the ground , I spent my stimulus money on it and dont regret doing so as its made in U,S,A and it went to help an American citizen. the thing with holes in it was 18 inches deep and i left more in the hole. i was tired of digging deep holes for the day . and i forgot to say i was not digging as many nail false s. so what that guy said must be working
  5. Got back to the old homestead i have been hunting, and by far the thing i find the most of is shot gun shells, in fact i found a cash of of them buried about 9" deep , I think a red squirrel buried them must have been 15 of them , but today I went over the same spot the ORX went over and just kept finding targets, . I keep digging some nails, because i find so few good targets like silver coins i really do not know the difference from a nail false, and a silver coin so i have dug my share of rug pullers, but the Indian did have a better sound and higher numbers 14-17 and i found it by rechecking a hole the ORX found one in I am using 6.5 khz and 7 gain and 0 threshold and it will hit with a good signal in air a dime at 11 inches so its got some power . the Indian looks like someone went after it with a sharp punch of some kind, otherwise it was in extra fine condition
  6. What i have found out is the Tarsacci out performs my ORX in ground littered with trash, and in depth of detection, I buried a penny only 7 inches deep and the orx could not hit that penny ,du to small bits of iron and other metal in the ground , the Tarsacci pounded that penny, and i have done this test in two different spots, its noticeable very much so . and today i found a spoon at a solid 14 inches deep . but i would say my ORX is better at i,d, on iron and bottle caps also today i got a false on a 7" bread tie using the Tarsacci. but over all the TAR has power and you know it and it delivers
  7. Hunted my favorite park this afternoon for about an hour. After about 15 minutes I got a good hit swinging the MDT slower than usual. If I swing faster I don’t hear the target. Vdi was a 12-14 sometimes a 7, as I swept the coil towards the bottom of the hole swinging side to side the Vdi got higher 22-24. Down at 7 inches I pulled up a dateless buffalo nickel. That was the only coin found. Dug 11 holes, 8 were iron, 1 cut up aluninum from a can, 1 piece of aluminum from a small screw in bulb. Also dug up half of a key fob from Golden Nugget not deep and a fleur-de-lis pin it was an eyeball find from the iron infested site. Infested site ground balanced at 845 due to decayed iron in ground. park settings: sens 9, threshold-2, disc 0, blacksand ON, infested site: sens 6, threshold-2, disc 0, blacksand ON. Denny
  8. Over on the Tarsacci forum a lot of us have been expressing the need for a smaller coil. Some say they want a round coil of different sizes from 4” to 7” but I’m the one who’s throwing a pipe in the spokes. I’m wanting a elliptical coil say around a 10 X 5” that I think gives you more ground coverage on each swing. We’ve been told that the powers that be is thinking about coming out with one. That’s the rumor and right now that’s all it is . I just think any detector can’t show it’s full potential if held back because of lack of coils. Chuck
  9. We all know that if you put the Tarsacci down on the ground with the coil flat it’s not going to fall over. I don’t know if you notice when you do put it down right below the hand grip can hit the ground. We spend lots on our detectors and I like protecting my investment. I’ve made other stands for other detectors I have so why not my Tarsacci. The best material for them is 1/2” Hot Water PVC pipe. Here’s what you going to need. One PVC T 4-45 degree joints 3 -end caps About 6” of 1/2” PVC Just remember everything is 1/2” You will need cleaner and glue. I always use the clear glue. I didn’t want the stand too wide so I cut off about 3/16 off each side of the T and the same on two of the 45’s. I done this so to narrow the stand so not to hit you when swinging. I hope all the pictures will help if you wish to make one. The black paint is the type that will stick to any surface. Chuck
  10. I’ve been wanting to use the pig tail that comes with my Tarsacci but at the same time I wanted the new Sun Ray Pro Gold headphones to go with it. I just like being able to unplug from my Tarsacci anytime I want. The headphones have a universal plug that the 1/4” screws down over the 1/8” making it two plugs in one so to say. It also has a volume control for each ear that helps me a lot being the hearing in my right ear is not as good as the other. If you’re wondering why it’s called a pig tail because it’s short like one. One important thing you need to do is anchor the pig tail down to the shaft so not to be pulling directly on it . If you don’t it’s going to take a beating and not last long at all. You can see in the picture below how I fixed that .The last picture as you can see is with the headphones plugged in. Chuck PS The headphones came from Rob’s detectors .
  11. It may be others? You can take a Tarsacci out of the box new and just put it on discrimination and then set it on two 10 pound weights then start detecting. I just wanted to see just how good the discrimination was on the Tarsacci. I ran different gold rings across the coil from small to a large ones. I also tested some gold nuggets of different weights and the beast coil had no trouble detecting with good depth. When I sat the coil on the weights my thinking was this may cause some kind of overload but the Tarsacci never faltered. A lot of you may have known you could do this with a Tarsacci but I didn’t. I guess you could say I’m a new kid on the block with the Tarsacci. I just like running various test on a detector and in the case of the Tarsacci being it’s new to me. When I get out this fall I hope to find myself in gold country and even if I can’t get that small coil I’ve been wanting for my Tarsacci I’ll take it anyway. I’ll give the beast coil a run being nobody has come on here expressing their opinion of it in the gold fields. Chuck
  12. Dimitar I’ve been swinging a detector a lot longer than you are old and built my first detector from a kit in 65 . I made my introduction so you know you’re not dealing with some new kid on the block. I’ve been posting the need for a lot smaller coil than you make at this time. Your new 12” coil is truly a great as called a beast and on the beach are in a low trash it’s outstanding. I found out long ago a small coil in a high trash area will out shine any large coil. Aaron made a statement that you don’t see the need of a small coil anytime soon. I’m hopeful that I can change your mind are maybe your thinking that you do have need of a smaller coil. At one time all coils was round with the small ones was 5 are 6” until the elliptical come into play. It’s been found that the elliptical coil does have better separation with the tip able to reach in a tight place a round coil can’t get. I’ve been asking for a 10 X 5” coil and I’ll explain why I ask for this size coil. If you go to a wider coil you still get too many targets under it . The length is there to cover more ground in one swing is why I ask for 10” long. That narrow nose will get In places you never could before. I can’t promise you that you will sell a large amount of coils and like you did when you made the Tarsacci you gamble. I do believe it will expand the use of the Tarsacci and in turn increase your sales. I myself had different business over the years and I didn’t do it for my health. This will be my last time to ask you for another coil. I have other detectors that I have elliptical coils The only reason I keep knocking at your door because it could make a great detector even greater. I hope what I’ve said here will be past on to you if you don’t read it yourself. The Best To You! Chuck
  13. Well after having my detector for only three days Dimitar repaired the original issue as well as all the damage the USPS ( and myself ) caused during shipping. I must admit my box was not the most sturdy of boxes. I’m not sure where Dimitar got the box he returned it in, but, it is by far the most sturdy thick box I have ever seen. It is bound for my attic for future use if needed. OK let’s get down to brass tacks. Owning over 18 detectors the service I received from Tarsacci was hands down the best in all categories. My original issue with heat was my power connector in the control housing showed signs of oxidation. The heat outside and the oxidation created expansion and contraction of the connector which was my power issue. Tarsacci replaced my connector. Now the control box was ruined so I received a new back panel with new coil and phone waterproof connectors. I had previously closed off my speaker openings as I am a water hunter, so, Tarsacci did not install a speaker in the new one and there will be no need to dam off the openings. There was really no need to do on the first one. Just my unwarranted worries. I also received a new screen and a new switch plate to round things off. I now have a complete new control box. In previous conversations I had mentioned I wished I could dim the back light as at night it is very bright and I had made a sun shield to dim it. Soooo Tarsacci remembered this conversation and dimmed my back light for me !!! I also received a new battery cap, new 0 rings and a new coil bolt !!! Is that top of the line or what ? Now if I had any complaints ( AND I DON’T ) I ordered a T shirt as well. I asked for a large and Dimitar told me a large fit him well and he is 6’2” 245 lbs. Lordy, I’m 5’10” and 145 lbs so I said send me a medium. I received a large. Other than that everything was more than perfect, and all this for less than taking my girlfriend out to dinner and drinks !!! If you don’t own a Tarsacci and am concerned about a smaller start up company, don’t be ! He is top of the line and the detector paired with my PI machine is all I need. It is truly a different type detector that works as well on dirt as it does the beach. Sorry for the long post but Tarsacci went above and beyond.
  14. i had the 12" coil on and used 9 khz black sand on and 5 gain, -2 threshold 41 salt balance . i did not get past a patch of grass 6x6 ft just kept hitting targets, quarters I,D at 18-20 no small foils lots of targets in the 8" range, left because of the rain
  15. You definitely want to to take the time to find how various targets respond to the 4 different frequencies & other variables in settings. Here’s one example….. HH! Aaron
  16. I’m always reading over the Tarsacci manual and with my Tarsacci in hand as I go . I was reading over the discrimination and like some other detectors you can cut out some targets. It shows you will still get the ID number but no sound. Well I can run the discrimination up to a +30 and I get the target sound as if it was on zero on everything. I got the mode set on discrimination and the level of discrimination set at +30 but don’t make any difference. I know I’ll still get the target ID but shouldn’t hear it . This is the first time I’ve checked this out and I done it to see if it was working correctly . I haven’t heard of a reboot but I hope it’s something I can do to correct this problem. I don’t like the idea of having to send it back already. Chuck
  17. I continue to have a lot of questions on the salinity balance and how to use it. This is one example using it to cancel out small foil while still finding small gold in the 1-5 VDI range. Aaron
  18. Mailed my detector to California today. Going to find out why it won’t turn off at times or won’t turn on at times outdoors in 80+ degrees. Indoors 70 degrees works like it should. I will post the results.
  19. Sometimes rusty caps can really fool you, however there usually tell tall signs. A lot of caps come in at quarter range (23-25). The audio may also sound pretty good though it’s never going to be that sweet high tone, however you may still be tempted to dig it. In this video I am hunting in very low minerals (560), the Tarsacci always works better in higher minerals. In this low mineralized dirt, you can try every trick in the book, whipping and raising the coil, the crown cap is still going to sound good, though there will be tell tale signs like iron wrap around high end numbers. So try this...switch your frequency to 6.4 and then whip the coil, the audio really changes! Check out the video demo... Thanks! Aaron
  20. Once again today my Tarsacci would not turn off. You could feel the tactile switch clicking but no effect. I finally removed the battery cap and turned it off. I reinstalled the battery cap and could hear static in my phones as the cap negative made contact but a blank screen. I pushed and pushed and pushed the on switch to no avail. After removing the battery cap several more times each time reapplying I could hear the static in the phones but no screen. Finally upon installing the cap it came to life. I did notice that the salt balance was not acting as normal also in all frequencies. Keep in mind I have used this machine regularly for two years so I know it fairly well. This only started when I installed the new 12” coil. That is the only difference. I will put the stock coil back on and give it a go.
  21. Can someone ex plane to me what this is, and how to work it , I think i am missing something
  22. I have a Tarsacci on the way, should be here by mid week. Reading some of the posts 18 KHz hasn’t been as productive hitting silver in some of the posts I have read. I will be hunting pasture, old camp sites and old house sites. There will be iron and sometimes lots of it. Hunting for Buttons, bullets and other relics would you use 6 kHz 9 kHz 12 kHz or back to the 18 kHz. Silver of course would be a high conductor, I would think brass and lead might fall into the mid range conductors. if anyone would share their experience with me I would appreciate it. .
  23. I have been detecting for about 30 years I have used a lot of brands and machines. I was out of detecting for about 5 years due to an injury but recently purchased a Nox 800. While looking for videos on the Nox I came across a video of this machine. The videos are impressive. So now my research begins in this machine and would appreciate any input from the folks here. I live in Arkansas (Ozarks) and basically hunt for civil war relics in pasture and old house sites. In my mind I thought the stock coil would be the way to go but some are talking about how well the Beast separates in Iron. just asking for honest feedback you do not have a claim jumper in me.
  24. I had to go out of town yesterday and got back late today and had planned to take my Tarsacci with me but didn’t. I wanted to educate myself on going through the menu of my Tarsacci but could only watch your videos on how to do it . Well I pickup my Tarsacci and without looking at anything I ran through everything like I’d been doing it for a long time. I figure with your time and trouble making all the videos reduced my learning curve saving me lots of time. The speaker on the Tarsacci don’t boom out but with the headphones on they blow the wax out of your ears. Thanks Aaron ! Chuck
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