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  1. Man! That’s seems like great price for that scoop. I’m very curious how it holds up in hard packed clay. Keep us posted! Aaron
  2. Those are pretty much my settings Dan, except I’m at 18kHz, salinity 43 And yes, Tarsacci runs smoother w salt and salinity on, from all my tests. That a lot of aluminum, you can bet there’s a lot more gold there. Nice ring, congrats!
  3. Thank you I appreciate it Joe! Can you send me a pic of your sifter please? I have one from many years ago made from pvc, w a nice sifter pan. Bladelockapl@gmail.com
  4. Fun day at the lake, no gold this time but found a few old coins and 8.7 gram James Avery silver ring and a thing silver ring w stones. I wasn’t sure on the video the hallmarks were pretty small. Thanks, Aaron
  5. Hmmm...you do realize YouTube has a 15 min limit? I’d think most “serious hunters” would rather see us pulling up the goods instead of the garbage. I average 5hrs per hunt, and still not showing all the keepers....Thanks
  6. We have tested both in the saltwater. The TARSACCI’s performance only gets better when minerals are introduced due to its Salinity Balance feature. A lot of TARSACCI owners also own the EQX and are finding the Tarsacci is deeper in salt water. Checkout this test we did on the Atlantic coast in Florida. We have another new video coming from the West coast black sand beaches that shows the TARSACCI’s performance. Thanks! Aaron
  7. Thank you Joe! I guess I’ll need to find one more carbide ring to sharpen the kitchen knives! I have a Equinox, which I’ve had before the Tarsacci. I’ve found IMHO, the Tarsacci’s audio is a lot more intelligent ESPECIALLY in iron, even though it doesn’t have 50 tones like the Equinox. I say this because I rarely dig iron, and can work iron areas in water and land (for relics) a lot easier!
  8. Steve, thats A LOT of aluminum your digging! There’s has to be gold there. And by the looks of it, some of those pull tabs are VERY old! I seldom find any pull tabs at the lake I’m finding my gold at, all the other hunters have already got them and people have been swimming there since the 30’s! And yes, knee to crotch level is where I find most gold too. Aaron
  9. Thank you Joe! Well...I had it to myself for about 2hrs 😂
  10. Those are 2 spectacular finds! A 9 gram ring is very hard to come by especially in the dirt! Congrats! Aaron
  11. Lots of targets, mostly fresh drops from the holiday weekend. I’m still waiting for my chest mount from Amazon, so still trying to video and scoop at the same time🥴. This was a 10hr hunt and normally don’t find nearly this many targets. The 3 golds made all the abuse from the little kids worth it!🤬 https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/5/3-gold-day-lake-w-tarsacci-4th-gold-ring-season Thanks! Aaron
  12. Well said. 34 years now and I have yet to sell anything, and basically for the same reasons. Aaron
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