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  1. A BIG CONGRATS to Lain in the UK who scored BIG TIME w his MDT……. https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/1/ancient-tarsacci-gold-uk HH! Aaron
  2. Yes agreed, that’s beautiful ring and with some good weight to it.👍 Aaron
  3. Hey Chuck, Its no rumor that Dimitar plans on doing a small coil as he had assured me that he be making one. When? That’s the question and his reasoning I’ve already explained…..https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/1/who-wants-small-6-tarsacci-coil-and-why HH! Aaron
  4. This video may answer a few questions for those interested in the TARSACCI and even for those who already own one…. HH! Aaron
  5. I just couldn’t seem to get the BEAST coil over any gold last weekend, except a lot of costume jewelry!😡 Thanks! Aaron
  6. Let your voice be heard and weigh in…. https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/1/who-wants-small-coil-and-why HH! Aaron
  7. Chuck, Sorry, the Tarsacci cannot be updated. Aaron
  8. True. Chuck, I think your on the right track however I have agree w Chase,. If Dimitar decides to make a smaller coil it’s most likely going to be in the 6” round range. What I’d be questioning is weather it be concentric or DD? Please remember, the Beast coil was developed for the market that really used the TARSACCI the most, and requested it, the beach hunters. Now the tide has turned and many relic hunters are discovering the MDT is NOT just a beach machine, and,,,,actually a BETTER relic machine. Again, it’s all about the demand, as the R&D as already mentioned is,,,,trust me…..in the 5 figures. It’s gotta be worth it to Dimitar! Aaron
  9. I’m not concerned about your depth more your gold, or lack of, especially if you’ve gone over the area well! Try this…. If you’ve removed most of the non ferrous, and it’s not too trashy, put it in All Metal, Salinity in 43, Sensitivity at 1-2. Turn Black Sand off, threshold @ 0. You do NOT need high gain for small gold and you don’t want to be picking up deeper ferrous or other junk. The idea here is to find gold. If it’s a athletic field there has to be small gold there, your looking for VDI numbers 1-4. If for some reason you missed them before, maybe cause of the Black Sand on and you were in Disc, you won’t miss it this time. Having the Salinity on at 43 will also help tell the difference between god/aluminum & little pieces of foil, (especially decomposed OLD foil). Remember….the Tarsacci does NOT hit hard on irregular pieces of foil, UNLESS it’s wadded up solid! Get used to the sound of foil if you aren’t already! This will also be good training in All Metal Analog which I believe you were working in before. HH! Aaron
  10. What settings have you been using in that field? Aaron
  11. Is that a broken gold ring and if so what did it read? Congrats!👍 Aaron
  12. Thanks Chuck, I know my videos aren’t that great, but their just meant to be informative & instructional. Best advice I can give Chuck is,,,don’t give up, to keep on talking and get others to talk about it. Dimitars reasoning is simply: “if there’s not enough demand for it, there’s no justification for the expensive R&D.” Thanks Aaron
  13. Hey Chuck, I’d love to see a smaller coil too! However in a recent discussion w Dimitar, a smaller coil is just not on the top of his priority list. He would have to see a SIGNIFICANT demand for it to justify cost of the R&D, especially from the TARSACCI users in the UK and Eastern Europe who are still finding the stock and BEAST coils are still doing a great job of finding relics amidst ancient iron….. HH! Aaron
  14. Yes correct. Not sure if I mentioned it in the video but there is no “wrap around” into the low conductors even if you set the notch at +30. Meaning you don’t have worry about losing small gold by eliminating iron wrap around. However, I think I did make my point with the hammered cut 1/4. HH! Aaron
  15. You definitely want to to take the time to find how various targets respond to the 4 different frequencies & other variables in settings. Here’s one example….. HH! Aaron
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