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  1. Please check out the listingS on.....https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/6 Thanks! Aaron
  2. The V3i is my elderly friend, he just purchased it new last last year w other coils and never put the big coil on until recently. Yes Steve, looks like a bad coil. There’s no stamping or anything on the inside of ears. There is a number “V1” stamped on the outside of one of the ears though. You think Whites will still replace this coil? Thanks
  3. Hey guys, Ive got a unusual problem w this V3i. I’m getting a overload report w the 10” DD coil, as soon as you squeeze trigger to get out of the menu. I have it configured for the 10” in the settings too. I’ve even tried the 2 other coils I have and it’s works fine w those. Any ideas? Thanks, Aaron
  4. Sweet gold congrats! That looks like a all day hunt!
  5. Daaang! That’s A LOT of silver and a lot of $$$ at current value... Congrats!
  6. That’s one AMAZING night, and one you’ll never forget. CONGRATS!
  7. Yes Dan that’s correct! I forgot Chuck called that the Sugar Scoop design. I actually had another one, it didn’t have the 2 piece handle and sold it to a buddy. He’s not detecting anymore, I should try to buy it back! They don’t make um like this anymore....
  8. I’ve had a lot of questions regarding my Sun Spot water scoop so I thought I’d do a quick video. Thanks! Aaron
  9. I’m pretty sure some guy has been sneaking into the lake at night due to the lack of gold & zincs I’m not finding and the quarters I am finding! Oh well, managed to find 1 gold earring. Might give the lake a rest for a while....
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