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  1. Dig all pulltab and (if possible) foil. High school football/soccer fields are usually low on trash. Aaron
  2. Took my buddy Kenny w me back to the high school again. Tons of clad, don’t think it’s been detected in over 20yrs judging by the amount of coins and the years and depth of them. 3hrs of detecting between the 2 of us produced around $7 in clad, a big silver ring, a big brass medallion and some costume jewelry. Kenny ended up finding $3.25 alone in quarters w his new MXT! Thanks! Aaron
  3. Exactly, and that’s my main point. I had MI6 set up and then for some mysterious reason, the probe literally had no power or at least barely enough for 1” of depth. And then tried to get it back running again, forget it😡 That’s the great thing about Garret ProPointer, it’s just sooo darn reliable! Aaron
  4. Yeah,,, I used the MI6 first time out, had it paired up & set. Somehow the sensitivity settings got messed up, got tired of screwing around w it and went back to the car for the ever reliable Carrot. Still haven’t used the MI6….🙄 Aaron
  5. No gold, however this site has A LOT of potential, lots of coins! Thanks for watching…..Aaron
  6. Awesome Cliff! 👍 APL
  7. Here’s a short demo I did in the standard Relic program demonstrating the D2’s ability to “see through” coke and still detect a hammered coin. Hmmmm….thought that only the Tarsacci could do that…..🤔 Aaron https://youtu.be/F2jxngzWF1U
  8. My dealer (Don @ North Georgia Relics) told me XP isn’t selling the D2 coils separately till the fall. Aaron
  9. Great explanation Sir.
  10. https://www.kellycodetectors.com/tarsacci-mdt-8000-metal-detector Hmmm interesting new pricing too😳 I’ve got one new unit left, w 12” BEAST coil & ALL the accessories, for A LOT cheaper! And,,,, I CAN instruct you how to run it! Do you think they can?😂 Aaron
  11. The BEST discrimination is your SHOVEL Aaron
  12. The D2’s discrimination is similar to the ATPro’s in that it has a adjustable tone break on the size of the iron you want to disc out, or rather it has broad iron range. Let’s say your working on a site that has a lot of a specific size nail(s). You can adjust that broad iron disc just to point to where it breaks that specific iron up (tone break), not totally out, or whatever you prefer. Aaron
  13. Thanks!👍 I really think it’s really important for your first X amount of hours to dig a lot of junk. In turn, building confidence in your decision to dig or not too. As I said in the video, there’s definitely a lot of audio nuances in this D2 audio, it’s also in the Goldmaxx Power also, ( a 20yr old machine!). Those French REALLY know what their doing…. Aaron
  14. Yes Chase, in short audio is really most important aspect of discrimination, and it really is GREAT on the D2. However the ultimate discriminator is your shovel,,,so you just never know… Aaron
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