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  1. Hey Joe, I heard about your accident out there in the water on Toms forum. I hope your okay. I’ve hunted before in the water in the winter, can be risky even for us old pros. Be careful out there, hope to see you back soon! Aaron
  2. https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/9/tony-isenhauers-waterphones
  3. Here is a great article written by Teresa aka (Coilpower) on the Tarsacci Forum I thought I’d share.... Tarsacci MDT 8000 Precis and Methodology for new users. Having used the Tarsacci MDT8000 for relic, mud, water, beach and black iron sands since the beginning of 2019, this article is aimed at new users and as an optional refresher for others including myself. A detector which gives PI depths but with target indication along with no sub menus....a weight of only 1.63kg, quality craftsmanship, superb ergonomics and carbon fibre components along with all the computations already
  4. Dimitar is going to be the best source for headphone jack. He’ll probably refer you to McMaster Carr where he gets the (1” 5/8 diameter x 1/32” thick) O-rings, or he may sell you a few... Dimitar@tarsacci.com Aaron
  5. Sorry, I haven’t had the chance get back w you sooner. I will post it on Steve and Toms forums today. Thanks Aaron
  6. I have 2 of those units, Dimitar made a few for R&D purposes, which I tested extensively water hunting. I’m selling one if anyone is interested. Aaron
  7. Beautiful chain, great save. Congrats! Aaron
  8. The V3i is my elderly friend, he just purchased it new last last year w other coils and never put the big coil on until recently. Yes Steve, looks like a bad coil. There’s no stamping or anything on the inside of ears. There is a number “V1” stamped on the outside of one of the ears though. You think Whites will still replace this coil? Thanks
  9. Hey guys, Ive got a unusual problem w this V3i. I’m getting a overload report w the 10” DD coil, as soon as you squeeze trigger to get out of the menu. I have it configured for the 10” in the settings too. I’ve even tried the 2 other coils I have and it’s works fine w those. Any ideas? Thanks, Aaron
  10. Daaang! That’s A LOT of silver and a lot of $$$ at current value... Congrats!
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