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  1. Hey Chuck, Thats correct, once the pigtail is connected the speaker is deactivated. Don’t worry about dirt or dust getting in the M8 connector, you can always flush it out with some water. It’s IP68 waterproof. 😊👍 Aaron
  2. Dave, Very nice write up👍 Have you tried just running the cable along side of the rod instead of wrapping it around? Note my pictures, I have the cable wrapped once around the bottom and once around the top and the pin is in the bottom hole. You don’t even need to wrap it around the top, however I would at the bottom (so I have cable to spare). Also note that the rods do NOT need the spring pins to go into the holes for them to fasten. The locks work great without the springs. The locks are also adjustable by simply turning the handles. So you can still squeak out around another inch th
  3. Yes, that’s correct. When the TRACKING is activated your GB number will NOT change, however be assured, it IS TRACKING. Thanks. Aaron
  4. Many folks have inquired just how does tracking work and how do you set it? Here’s a quick video that explains everything! Aaron
  5. That’s great to hear Chuck, I’m really glad to hear that!👍 I hope your able to get some time in on the unit before it gets to hot down there! 🥵 Aaron
  6. I ended up getting out in the lake last weekend & finding another really deep Buffalo with co-located iron. Not too much else, people won’t start swimming till the end of May. I stick to the iron areas that most avoid, going slow. Thanks, Aaron
  7. Glad to hear you got it Chuck, looking forward to your first report. Give me a holler if you need some help. Aaron
  8. Thanks Paul, much appreciated. Yes agreed on the 18khz, I find it’s really deep and is a good unmasker in iron. I try 6.4 however for some reason I tend to gravitate back to 18. I like the audio better especially in trash. I would definitely advise 18khz in trashy areas, especially IRON and for small gold which I really did well with last year. The machine is definitely using more power in 6.4 as the batteries (according to the manual) last half as long (20hrs). I know in 18 my batteries are going way past 30.... I’m trying to use mixed mode more, especially for sizing targets, just gotta
  9. Agreed Paul. Those tiny silver hammered coins are definitely low conductors and generally ring up in the smaller gold area around 4. They are literally paper thin. Here’s a video I did last summer using one of the smallest and thinnest coins ever, a hammered English farthing. Aaron
  10. No, the depth will not be the same, especially with the 12” BEAST coil. Even in fresh water & low mineralization dirt. Aaron
  11. The videos I’ve usually done are usually geared towards instructional, how to operate the TARSACCI, not “look what I’m finding”. Agreed on the audio language Paul, that’s the toughest part of the TARSACCI. I’ve got a new audio system worked out that should further help and speed up the learning process enabling the viewer hear what I’m hearing.....BETTER, and even in the lake! Thanks! Aaron
  12. Glad you finally got to scratch that itch Sir! Looking forward to helping run your new machine Chuck! HH! Aaron
  13. For beginning users, this video will help you learn navigation of your MDT instrument panel quick. HH! Aaron
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