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  1. SOLD  Offering TWO, 1/8" plug, NEARLY NEW, SUN RAY PRO GOLD HEADPHONES.  SOLD  These were backups of mine.  I believe one was altered to use with a CTX, but the markings on the switches have faded off and I can't be sure which one it was.  I'm not in the position to test it either to find out.  Both worked fine and have been in storage.  Selling them for $160.00 for the TWO, postage paid.  Not wanting to split them up or take trades.  Using Paypal only.  Send me a text if interested.  GaryC/Oregon Coast



  2. Basically it boils down to how strong of a marriage you have (assuming you are married or with a significant other).  Metal detecting soaks up a very large amount of time.  Especially if you have success with it.  When I show my finds to my wife, she reminds me she doesn't need a metal detector (she finds loads of coins in parking lots and the Coin Star machines!!!!)  GaryC/Oregon Coast

  3. I can always count on Tom and Compass to find the good stuff.  If that happened to my beach here in Or. it wouldn't reveal any coins because people here just don't sit on the beach much, too cold.  Now 60+ miles north is a different story.  Thanks for the update. GaryC/Oregon Coast

  4. Some of my best finds were from under houses, especially houses that were removed except for the foundation.  Lots of coins and marbles end up down the floor heater vents.  Really like your cigarette packet find.  Sold a log cabin beer can I found under a house in the 70's for $50.00 bucks.  Lots of money back then.  Now it's worth $1000.00.  Gotta love that old stuff.  Nice finds!!!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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