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    All types hunting, coin, beach, relic, nugget, ghost towns, park, field, scrapes, construction zones, ski/toboggan areas, campsites, parking strips and any local history.
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    Minelab Equinox 800, Minelab X-Terra 705, Minelab X-Terra 70, Tesoro SandShark. Minelab SDC 2300 (sold), Minelab GPX 4000 (sold), Whites CoinMaster
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  1. I'd be looking in that flattened cartridge for a nugget! Nice bunch of finds. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  2. So, did you do any ankle to knee deep hunting in the water? That is one deserted beach for sure!! Nice finds. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  3. Great Trip! So I assume you were snorkeling or submerged with your Equinoxes? GaryC/Oregon Coast
  4. Joe, Is this now over your head, depth wise? Super ring! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  5. Looks like you've been in a burn pile and it's melted aluminum. Just my two cents worth. It would help if you noted what other objects you found with it or where you were hunting. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  6. OK, OK, I did not see where you figured in the "Border Crossing" Payment! Surely it was not smooth sailing? Nice post and story!! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  7. Forget about the pooch!, I'm looking at the stoneware crock! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  8. Your beaches/treasure holes give up an incredible amount of unusual and unending array of beautiful and unique pieces. You are the right man in the right spot. Do you ever cash in? GaryC/Oregon Coast
  9. What's your competition like, with that chilly water and air temps? Can't be too many souls willing to do what you do! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  10. You actually need to finish the series. Brings it all together. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  11. Good lesson for newbies. You've got to kiss a lot of pigs first! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  12. I'm the 73 year old kid on the Oregon Coast who in no way in h-ll will ever pay for this thing by finding enough gold in ten years but still wants one to play with! Like Skate says, I'm the only one who's going to know if it works for me or not. If I don't like the damn thing I'll sell it. GaryC/Oregon Coast
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