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    All types hunting, coin, beach, relic, nugget, ghost towns, park, field, scrapes, construction zones, ski/toboggan areas, campsites, parking strips and any local history.
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  1. Beat me to the punch by one minute! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  2. The ones in the photo look to be on the edge of screw tops and machine made corkers, 1920's thereabout. From the age of your fields you just might find a good one. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  3. Don't get me started on BOTTLES. They are as much fun finding as any artifact, especially privies. I'd hit that dump in a second!!! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  4. I hope you are not married. You are going to be away from home many, many, many, many, many hours. Good Luck! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  5. I like backaches like this!!!!! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  6. If they bunk you up with someone, be sure to take some EAR PLUGS! Made my trip bearable from the snoring at night. Plus those Thermacell mosquito units worked pretty good for me, I went in the month of July, years ago. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  7. Those are in exceptionally nice condition. Love to see them!! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  8. I did get to do Fort Powatan (Va.) for about two days, about 15 or so years ago, can't rightly remember the date now. Got that out of my bucket of things to accomplish. What a nice site before it was sold. I am assuming the sale followed through. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  9. OK, That's about all I can take!!! The truck is warming up now and I can get on the road immediately. Just send the address and I'll see you soon. Your new hunting buddy!! GaryC/Oregon Coast
  10. I did the same, with a found gold ring when getting married 48 years ago. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  11. I might bump up location to at least 75%. Seems for me, that is what produces the most. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  12. I'd be careful with the live rounds. Some clubs won't even let you put them on a finds table. Not supposed to mail em either. Maybe you can find a collector local for face to face transfer. GaryC/Oregon Coast
  13. Is this a mix of water and sand finds? Thanks, GaryC/Oregon Coast
  14. Phillip is in nice shape for it's age!!! Well done. GaryC/Oregon Coast
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