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  1. GPX 4500. Been detecting for a while in the hills in California (Sierras) where I got started in 1970 ish with my White 5000 D I purchased from Jimmy Sierra at his shop in San Rafael. We’re still in touch although he says he doesn’t get out anymore but loves to read about others adventures. then moved to New Mexico. I decided recently I needed to try my hand with Minelab and purchased the GPX 4500. I’m finding it difficult to find reading material on settings or proper videos. I have a friend that suggested a setting for the area I prospect in. I got a mono Commander and a GP Series coil with it. Hopefully I’ll find good info on this site. ? Cheers John
  2. I have been using a VLF for years and recently have been reading about PI detectors. I am wondering about the positive aspects of the Minelab over the VLF. I know about the greater depth, but for the expense, I can afford. If others can direct me or chip in..Do you still dig up the same amount of trash? I have buckets of bullets and pennies...I have found gold with my VLF but I know I must be missing a lot more... Thanks John
  3. Been swinging a detector since early 70's got my first one from the Man himself Jimmy Sierra when he had a store in San Rafael in California. I worked in the Sierras from 1970 till about 1982 had a lot of fun checking out old tailings and mining camps and found lots of places where miners left their tools behind. I live in New Mexico and belong to GPAA and New Mexico Gold Miners Assoc. I use both ATX Max and Gold and am Looking at a min lab which I will ask about in that section John
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