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  1. Can I reduce the sensitivity of my GPX 5000 but still keep good depth. I'll show you the problems I'm getting in this video
  2. I've had a comment from a Lady in Australia who said: Just a couple of things You have to have the front cap switched to SPECIAL before you can use coin and relic . We can’t use coin and relic in Oz as it is too mineralised . When I tune it I always put motion , Rx and stabiliser up to highest number . Then while holding coil waist height press auto tune ( this gets rid of heaps of emi ) once you hear the 3 beeps put motion etc back to your lower numbers . Make double sure you have DD coil on it . Also putting into CANCEL mode gets rid of interference but you lose depth . But if you use a mono coil in CANCEL it won’t detect. And for some strange reason It only seems to want to detect with the coil is in mono mode even though it's a double d coil. When I switch it to double d, it does not detect.
  3. Fred, Sorry I don't have another coil. Does it have to be a GP x coil?
  4. I've made this video to show you the faults I'm getting. https://youtu.be/cFmnZhmvYY0 In the video I talked about a live broadcast and that will be tomorrow night because this video will be going out tomorrow morning.
  5. I've just done a factory reset and it's still not working. All I'm getting is the hum from the threshold and if I put it over a large metal object I get a signal but if I put over a coin on the floor it sees nothing. I'm going to make a little short video to be put out on Saturday morning about my progress to fix it. I was not able to get out today because we've had heavy rain and I'll probably do a live broadcast tomorrow night.
  6. I have the original bill of sale from a metal detecting retailer with the corresponding serial number so I don't think it's a copy
  7. I bought this GPX 5000 second-hand and when I first had it it worked fine, but now when I turn it on it doesn't seem to be able to detect any signals. If I wand it over a large piece of metal it just about detects it and if I turned the unit on and off it seems to improve it. Could it be the coil? I've made a video :
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