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  1. Another short VIDEO! This time we explore EMANCIPATION MINE, Near HOPE BC.. make sure to stick around until end for the links to the full exploration! https://youtu.be/0XGCn5QsGJc
  2. Here is our latest video, its been a while. This is more of a trip log / vlog than anything else. I hope you enjoy, subscribe if you can and comments and feedback are always welcome. Stay Safe!
  3. FINALLY a new video.. more of a video LOG of our trip.. very famous BIG BAR area of BC... via High Bar road... some amazing scenery. Thanks, please subscribe to our youtube channel if you can! https://youtu.be/NY4QulR7cO0
  4. Here is the video of us exploring and detecting this cabin. Hope you enjoy, comment and subscribe!
  5. Anyone that lives up this way is welcome to tag along and detect this site with us next trip!
  6. Thanks! It was a difficult climb, had their been a better path it would have been about 10 mins from Rail line to the hut.. there is an old railway line here from 1908-1956 that used to have some stops along it for miners and forestry people back in these old times.
  7. Sorry forgot to mention we found tons of old glass bottles, cans, bullets and more! Pretty cool stuff... can't wait to go back with an expert!
  8. Short 10 minute YouTube video of us exploring a new abandoned miners cabin we found!
  9. Next little video up is a cool metal detecting trip to an old miners cabin!! Will post it when I get a chance! Thanks for all the PM's!
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