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  1. Video is a little older, so not great editing etc, but time with my family outdoors is why I do this!! Hope everyone has a great holiday season! Thanks.
  2. Hey! Its the entry level model from Home Depot VACUUM Was around $150, but I already had the batteries etc. It works well, we modified the tip to be a bit smaller so that it doesn't suck up larger rocks, we are going to make a custom tip for it with a screen to classify down a little smaller once again. We also shortened the hose so that we increased suction a little bit. It MURDERS batteries, that is the down side. 4 batteries might last 45mins? But if you find some good cracks / crevices its great. We found it alot faster than "sweeping" and "scraping" up the gravels. We loosen them up with a prybar a nd then just vacuum away!
  3. Sure do... Rocco the 7 year old Border Collie / Shep mix... He is in a few of our videos as well.. usually just getting in the way.
  4. Hello We head out most weekends for a little adventure whether it be prospecting, detecting, offroading or ??? Video attached sharing some of our experiences. Thanks and looking forward to seeing some of you in the field!!!! Will also post some cool photos later, from our last trip, found some cool old sluice boxes etc and equipment on the rivers edge.
  5. Hello from British Columbia, Canada. Looking forward to this forum and meeting a few members. We primarily do some hobby prospecting, a little bit of detecting and lots of other outdoors stuff. THANKS!!
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