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  1. We are working on some short videos during our down time of three old prospectors / miners cabins we found. Dating from 1900-1960s
  2. Since we cannot get out into the field to prospect properly right now, figured we'd share with you a piece of equipment we use for testing in our garage and also in the field for hard to get to places. Its great for hiking in, testing several locations and then coming back with larger equipment!!Hope everyone is well, stay safe!
  3. Thanks for the feedback, that intro is written by a buddy of Jeremy's (my brother in the video). Instagram @coltinshreds We had another nice day out yesterday... didn't film enough for a video however.
  4. Our latest and likely last video for a while...times are tough. If you like the video please subscribe ! Stay safe everyone!
  5. Cool old wooden sluice box we cam across on a hike out from our claim. We will feature this old site in a video shortly once I get time! There was also an old cabin and some old hand-stacked workings. Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvyl_-j54cC4qPP_0dhGIjw/
  6. We got some more snow last night... grrrr... We have several claims we need to get to in the next 3-4 weeks to complete some work and the weather is NOT cooperating either. The Water level is awesome low... the snow and freezing is not letting up It must be almost spring....
  7. So good to finally get out! Slow start to the year for us, but weather appears to be lifting!
  8. Video is a little older, so not great editing etc, but time with my family outdoors is why I do this!! Hope everyone has a great holiday season! Thanks.
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