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  1. Very short but very productive year for me, seeing as I only got to prospect from Oct. - Dec. and only about 8 days during those months. I'll post a few more photos later of my 2020 finds. But enjoy this semi drawn out nugget discovery to recovery 😂
  2. Don't get too excited, even when you have a low trash to gold ratio!
  3. Hello my friends, I tried to find out, what super-successful gold prospectors do differently and I started a video series about what I found out. Have a good week!
  4. Hey Everyone; I just don't know what to do think about this video. I will be in the Philippines for several months when the travel ban is lifted. Taking my Nox with me. Found several youtube channels on metal detecting there and here is one that blows my mind. I know nada about metal detecting for gold, but based on my coin & relic experience, something about this video motivates me to post this for comments. From the user's coil control, depth of the nuggets, soil conditions....I pray it could be this easy. Watch this and please give me your thoughts.
  5. Hi everybody we came up with some cool stuff this weekend and froze our behinds off! Winter is coming! Here’s the latest
  6. Short 10 minute YouTube video of us exploring a new abandoned miners cabin we found!
  7. Why buying all this fancy detector equipment if a simple $230 ML Go-Find 66 and an airline ticket to this elusive island can make you rich beyond imagination. Very entertaining. But real?....;)
  8. Hi there, My latest video is online. It's about one of the most experienced and successful gold prospectors of Switzerland. He talks about how he discovered a new gold region in the 90ties and of course about the awesome Nuggets, he found there. Some of them with extraordinary beautiful crystalline structures. I hope you enjoy it...
  9. I just watched a few of these videos. Has anyone else watched any of them? I don't know what to think! https://www.youtube.com/c/GoldenBeardMedia/videos
  10. Hi everybody. I’ve gotten quite a few emails lately about getting kids involved with metal detecting. My answer has been YES! Many of you have followed River and my adventures lately and he has come up with some incredible stuff. He is 14, and was painfully addicted to video games! Now he is out of his mind about metal detecting, and would actually rather do that. And I get to be “cool” a little while longer. Here we are doing our thing at a great site we’ve been exploring for the last Month.
  11. Hi everybody! River and I just finished part 2 of our video documenting our finds at this site in the mountains. So..here it is! Hope you like it and can help ID some of these pieces.
  12. Hi everybody! The artifacts we are now detecting have been truly incredible so we are putting together a 3 part series on this site to share them with anyone who is interested! We could use some help ID’ing a couple things and we hope you love seeing these things as much as we loved finding them! Heres Part 1
  13. Hi everybody, my son and I are history enthusiasts and we detect pioneer sites in WA State looking for relics of our past. We made a video and we wanted to share it. Maybe you can help us identify some of the finds we’ve made! If you like the video please subscribe and we’ll keep you up to date on what we find and show you lots more of our beautiful state.
  14. For those of you more inclined to viewing instead of reading, Chris Ralph has put together an impressive collection of videos here. He is working hard at it adding a new video every week. Chris is very knowledgeable on various aspects of prospecting and mining with in-depth knowledge on geology. Take a few minutes and check it out. Also check out Chris’ book, Fists Full of Gold
  15. This is the Ultimate Minelab Equinox 600/800 VDI Numbers and Tones video covering Rings and other Jewelry. I cover Platinum, Gold, Silver, Tungsten, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Rings. Pendants, Earrings, and even go over various different style Pull Tabs. A lot of time was put into this labor of love Test/Demonstration video and hope it helps out new Equinox users. Make sure to also check out my video covering Coins. GL & HH
  16. Episode 2 is online. Thank you very much Steve, it was a pleasure and an inspiration to talk to you.
  17. Dear fellow detector-prospectors, the new video series "How I met my Nugget" starts with the famous Desertina Nugget, found by August Brändle in Switzerland on June 14. 1996. So this sunday, the nugget has Birthday 🙂 I hope you enjoy it (turn up the resolution for the nuggets photographs)!
  18. Found minutes ago... I'm happy he's involved in the beta phase🔝
  19. When you get bored with detectors, hunt for gold. Watch the entire season............. https://www.youtube.com/user/djmedic2008/search?query=gold
  20. Jeff and Gary accept the Hawaiian's Challenge !!!! Tim ( Blue Lead Gold Productions ) and JC (The Minin Hawaiian) have Challenged Jeff (Smithsgold) and Gary ( Two Toe's ) to see who can find the most Gold Nuggets !!! Detector's ready lets get to finding those elusive Gold Nuggets. Gary and Tim are using there White's TDI's. Jeff is running his White's Gold Master VSat and JC is running his Garrett AT Max. if you enjoyed the video don't worry I'm hearing talk of a rematch !!!!! Thanks for watching
  21. Learned a Valuable lesson the other day on our way to the Hydraulic pit to metal detect for Gold Nuggets !!! Don't bet with Two Toe's !!!!!!! TM 011 Thanks for watching ...
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