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  1. I've had some crazy happenings around me when out detecting, but this one sometimes gives me the chills. Do you think there was a Dog Snatcher in the area? Have you ever had a weird detecting experience?
  2. This is a History Channel video describing the geology associated with deposits in California. I found it entertaining and informative without the heavy handed geological perspective. I am willing to watch more about the gold in Nevada but the video cuts off there. Does anyone know where the next segment is? Mitchel
  3. I've been wanting to film a video of myself finding a nugget with my QED but things have been a bit dry on the nugget front lately for me, I managed to scrape out one a couple of days ago using my GPX but that's it for a week or so now. This guy was doing a video on showing various mode and threshold settings with an in ground untouched target when his cameraman proceeded to tell him to dig up on camera after saying he's sure it's a nugget. He seemed a little hesitant but went for it, and sure enough, a nice nugget. I thought some might like to see the video to get a bit of an idea of a QED in action and how it sounds.
  4. Spud Digger Johnson has just released the latest video on his "Spud Diggers" YouTube channel about hunting for gold, relics, coins, and bottles at the 1860's mining camp "Diamondville." One of the highlights was a lady who, using a detector, dug up a diamond ring... and then her boyfriend proposed marriage! Lots of good gold was found. HH Jim
  5. Editors Note: Split from Vanquish Thread Very true Reg, very few 'young'uns' are having a go....but a certain TV show is helping to a small degree I suspect. But from what Ive seen, the current 'instant gratification' generation doesnt have the patience or fortitude to spend time in the bush for more than half an hour...
  6. When I refer to lower ferrous could be confusing. I actually am talking about ferrous line being lower on screen hence a higher ferrous number. Depth itself of a nonferrous target can effect how high a ferrous reading is provided on Etrac screen. Iron, rust, nail or nails can also drive ferrous number higher. Ground mineralization levels will drive ferrous number readings. Higher mineralization soil will usuallynread higher ferrous numbers on targets of equivalent depth vs soil of milder mineralization. The orientation, size of target can drive ferrous number also. So the total detecting scenario will be evaluated by what the Etrac feels as to how the ferrous number reads. New folks to Etrac will find this video definitely helpful. There are some myths out there as far as using 2 tone ferrous especially. What the video shows I have indeed seen in the wild using Etrac and comparing. Etrac users wanting more detailed info on this topic see this link (Etrac Manual) pages 63-66. Innthe video I stand to correct myself. I state the tone break built in Etrac using 2 tone ferrous is 19, it is actually 17 ferrous where the detector transactions as far as reporting a higher tone or lower tone. https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/4065/4901-0065-1.3 Instruction Manual E-Trac_Screen.pdf A few additional comments. Use of 2 tone ferrous. Sometimes a user may indeed get a good signal (due to ferrous number reporting in the zone). However coil sweep speed and or coil position, coil height— if out of whack somewhat, this could drive ferrous number of what Etrac provides hence higher ferrous number reporting could be had hence if ferrous number is high enough user will get a lower tone vs higher tone and user will keep walking.
  7. Hey I just put up another video, The Geology of Placer Deposits, Part 1 (it will be part 1 of 3) This one focuses on different types of placer deposits and how the gold concentrates naturally - then also about finding those natural concentration spots. I do think it has a lot of hints, information and secrets that will be useful to most prospectors. I promise not to continually do this, putting up video notice when I throw something on Youtube. That would be kind of lame of me. So if you want to see parts 2 and 3 also, be sure to subscribe and tick the notification bell. The other two parts will be out shortly. They are geology and doing research, and then also on recognizing rocks and minerals.
  8. Metal Detecting an Old Homestead Join Jeff as he Metal Detects an Old Homesite looking for hidden Treasures. Hope you enjoy the video, Jeff
  9. You will hear me use the phrase “hard to miss”. What I mean by this is if you sweeping buried target flush you will undoubtably hear the target. So one still has to get the coil over. But sometimes using some other detectors even if you flush the target, audio provided not as alerting to user, hence user may keep walking and sweeping. Also in this next video, full tone settings is used with Deus with zero disc and some other disc levels. There are other ways to run a Deus and maybe get better alerting on round nonferrous shaped. Still though even doing this I think Deus falls short of EQX 800. My Deus units are not going anywhere. Just honest reporting. As to the strengths/weaknesses involving round(er) shaped objects. Some folks new to Deus may find this info helpful.
  10. Enjoy the video. I gave Etrac around 4 minutes when conflicted with EQiunox. Never went any higher than. 21 sens in the window sweeping. Some additional info. Food for thought type info. Could apply to all fbs and fb2 Detectors. Scenario. You and a bud are hunting a site. Both individuals are using fbs/fbs2 type detectors or one is even using an EQX or say another detector that can be switched frequency wise like Anfibio mulit, Deus, etc. So could it be possible this auto sens, could it sens silent Emi?? Imagine if a Etrac user or CTX user goes to site and immediately goes to manual sensitivty. There is no for lack of a better term here tracking like auto sens provides. Let’s say youngo to a site you’ve been to previously using fbs/fbs2 type detector and it indeed with auto sens went let’s say to 28 in the window. But when you go with a bud and they are using their detector and you never go to auto sens to see how high your detector will track after doing noise cancel. You infact go straight to Manual sensivity. What I am saying it might be a good idea in this situation to first go to auto sens with your noise cancel done and see how high it will go in auto sensitivty. If it goes high then choose manual,sensitivty if you desire. And if your bud changes freqs, or does another noise cancel it would be nice if they let you know,,and if you do let them know. How close in proximity folks are detecting obviously will drive the overall possible effects here.
  11. I am going to put some videos done by different purchasers here for folks to watch. Just be mindful of the model being shown in videos. Good Equinox assembly video
  12. Two videos. I have used the term iron range when talking of Etrac here loosely. I recommend folks wanting more info if necessary to refer to Etrac User’s Manual and look closely at factory relic program to get a better idea of where ferrous reports in relation to the conductive line perspective wise. Etrac was run in videos at 50 conductive tones, Tarsacci sensitivty setting at level 6. All detectors balanced to actual ground except Etrac, but swept Etrac a little beforehand to insure ground tracking was good. Most of these targets are I think challenged in one fashion or another. Enjoy
  13. Hey I have been meaning to do up some Youtube videos for a while and this last weekend I was talking with Shannon Poe of AMRA at the Portland Oregon GPAA Gold Show and he suggested I video the whole presentation. Well, I had no video stuff with me, but I figured I could do the same presentation on a screen capture at home. In fact I’ve decided to do up all the presentations I give to various prospecting and rock hound clubs as well as the ones I do for the GPAA. I’ve got four done so far but more are coming and as soon as the weather improves I am going to do some live action instructional videos as well on all sorts of prospecting topics. In addition to some other videos I am planning, Bill Southern is going to come up this way to the California gold country this summer and we will do together a series of prospecting videos. Most of them will be on Bill’s channel, but some will be for my channel as well. So if you want to see all of what I have coming, be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell and YouTube will let you know when I publish something. In the mean time as I have 4 new ones for you to take a look at: How To Find Gold – Improving Your Prospecting Skills Nugget Detecting Success How To Stake Your Own Mining Claim Dry Washing For Gold
  14. Two videos. Part 1 At the approx 7 minute mark, the targett being swept with Anfibio and later dug was a small piece of lead. Will post a pic. Had a small technical problem and didn’t video. Here is pic of target (not shown recovered in video part 1). Irregular small piece of lead shown below solo in pic. Pic of all finds located with all the different model,detectors.
  15. Another hunt with Tarsacci today. Found some relics mostly musket balls. First target of the day located with Tarsacci I did head head to head with XP Deus wearing 9” Hf coil. Only head to head done today. You will hear in this video where I actually had Deus ground balanced using 14 kHz. A 72 was in phase window. I disn’t do another GB when switching to 28.8khz. As I had no clean place close to do. In my ground if I would have done GB at 28.8khz what I usually see is a phase reading 3 points below what pumping GB shows for 14 KHz. So imo the GB being off a mere 3 points approx didn’t have anything to do with Deus struggling to get targett from the one direction using 28 kHz (especially after seeing depth of target recovered). Both Tarsacci and Deus Hf coils here are 9” wide but Tarsacci Coil is longer. Tarsacci is no slouch in iron. This object found checked with magnet and is totally nonferrous. Will post a pic of closeup.
  16. More videos comparing eqx 800 to Etrac. These are not laboratory test. These videos done to show tendencies of each detector in the various tests and coins used be they higher or lower conductors. Coil sweep speed and height and postion was managed to a what I call good. Remember even in the field we as detectorist will have some variance here too when sweeping in the wild. Both these detectors I think will go down in the books as legendary. Folks thinking about buying one or the other or both or coming from one detector to the other, these videos I think show how one must interpret tone and or ID address their actual situation. Eqx does seem to report faster, more real time vs Etrac. In the test where IH coin is done you will l see where actual coil sweeping was done in more of a hover fashion. Eqx users likely will have to do this moreso cs Etrac users while detecting in the field to get a better idea what is under their coil comductive wise. It has been stated by manufacturer where fbs/fbs2 detectors seem still have advantage onnsay silver coins. I agree with this statement base on my testing and actual use. But not in all cases. Some masking of ferrous can take place and give Eqx an advanagte in some situations.
  17. Will put this here subforum wise as I did do 2 spot comparisons using 2 other model detectors. All nonferrous. Thought I recovered a big flat button in the field. Nope not a flat button. Looks like a coin. Measures 1 1/8” in diameter. Reads 44 conducttive number on Etrac. And seems edge is reeded. Weight is on my scales 8.21 grams. m
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