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  1. If any of my fellow "pee sitting down'ers" are looking for a GREAT Youtuber to watch, this gal is incredible, her pin pointing and target acquisition is mind blowing (demonstrated better in some of her earlier videos)... she's a star.. check her out.. (and anyone that swings a NF Z Search and dual speaker setup is golden in my book). Jen
  2. The Fisher Gold Bug 2 has been around for decades and is well known as one of the most sensitive metal detectors on the market. It has been the gold nugget detector of choice for many over the years. There really has never been a Gold Bug 3 - though some have asked for it. Fisher has now updated the user interface of the GB2. However the features and the guts of the detector remain the same but the user will now have an easier time of operating the machine. It is still a manual ground balance machine, but I think its a good step forward toward making it easier to use. Don't ask me why all Fisher gold oriented detectors are called the Gold Bug. I have no idea. These new versions of the GB 2 are supposed to be available to dealers now. If you have any questions on it, I'll try and answer as best as I can. Anyway, I recently had one in the field and got to try it out. I did a video on it if you are interested in learning more. You can see the video at:
  3. When I listened to the song the first time I really really liked it. (and still like) But today I saw the official Music Video and now I really like it more, depending to the scene with detectorist. 👀 👍😂 What do you think??
  4. I watched a couple of nice relic hunt videos last evening on Larry Hogston"s channel. It did well on some deep bullets in some bad ground.
  5. There is just something I like about this video in addition to some things I don't. I do think it is worth a watch in this new world of small gold.
  6. Hey Guys, Been getting a lot of questions on this method of digging, raking and metal detecting. Some have asked if you can do it anywhere and the answer would be Yes, but you might not find anything. I normally only use this method when we have found some nuggets concentrated in a small area, normally in a dry wash bottom. We have dug out nugget patches on the sides of the hills and benches also, but normally when mother nature does the work for you in the washes, you could have better luck in the right spots. We normally use two metal detectors, one for depth due to pockets and deeper crevices and a very sensitive detector like a VLF or now the GPX 6000. In our case we normally use the following tools - Minelab GPZ 7000 with the Nugget Finder Z Search coil 12" Minelab GPX 6000 Metal Detector with the 11" Mono coil Garrett AT Pinpointer (find this one to be the most sensitive to small gold) A couple of good digging picks, we use Apex and Doc's pick with super magnets Large metal rake with metal handle, any other rake is junk and will break quickly Plastic Scoops for recovery Small crevices tools like screwdrivers Plastic straw or narrow hose to blow out cracks/crevices Battery Powered Hammer Drill with Chisel Bit Also, whatever PPE, but we recommend eye glasses, good gloves and even hearing protection if you are using the hammer drill a bunch Hope you all enjoy. Keep in mind, this method has been using since the beginning of placer mining. It's not something we came up with, we just customized it with more modern day tools and technology to make it profitable in some areas to recover more gold. You can also add a good Drywasher and Vac-Pac to the mix if you want to work the gravels for smaller gold. In some areas you might be tossing out ounces of small gold you can't even see.
  7. For those of you hoping that Steve is having a great time in Alaska but are missing his input and support on this forum, you may be able to get your daily dose of Steve through these excellent Garrett 24k Gold Master videos on Garrett's site. For anyone new to VLF detector gold prospecting, these videos (mostly by Steve) are outstanding, keep it simple guides to basic detector prospecting and for using a very hot detector on hot ground. Go to the VIDEOS heading next to HOW TO BUY. https://garrett.com/garrett-goldmaster-24k-metal-detector
  8. Haven't been getting out as much as I'd like to, but did a recent business trip and incorporated a favorite back pocket spot into the loop. Between the heatwave and the overgrowth, it's best visited in the winter or early spring, but I managed a few keepers. Very short video: GL&HH, Cal
  9. Detector was setup as conductive 50 tones, fast on, deep off.
  10. This outfit here is the REAL deal. Can cut quite a few square feet in little time if site not overly grown up.
  11. I have a trip planned for Sunday and cant wait to get out there. Work has had my full attention as we are short on help this year. My wife bought me a new toy which has absolutely nothing to do with treasure hunting here is a look at it...
  12. This field checked previously using Fisher F75 multiple places. Ground reads 2 or 3 bars in spots checks.
  13. Here is our latest video, its been a while. This is more of a trip log / vlog than anything else. I hope you enjoy, subscribe if you can and comments and feedback are always welcome. Stay Safe!
  14. Interesting Video on a FBI seizure of safe deposit boxes and there view of people holding precious metals, cash, collectibles, etc. Feds Now Want to Keep Safe Deposit Box Contents
  15. I look at the equinox and its depth capabilities in my soil with different recovery speeds.. I have seen some saying it has no depth but don't find that to be the case in my soil at all.
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