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  1. While scouting this morning, I came across a stretch of coastline and... You know what I mean.
  2. Watch GoldRyder break his 5 day skunk. His gold was very hard won. Congratulations buddy!
  3. Evening to all,i spend countless hours looking for a video on youtube ,i almost give up as it may lost in the archives of the youtube inferno: The video was showing a beach/lake comber using a CZ machine BUT connected to a modified/inverted leaf blower. The aim was to everytime he had a target press the trigger from the blower who i believed was connected to a venturi system,connected to a PVC pipe sucking the sand from the middle of the CZ coil,and all the water and material was then send to a waist basket designed like a sandcoop. Do you guys remember watching this video it must be +12 years old at least . Thanks RR
  4. Anyone that needs some good detector comparison and hunt videos for the Equinox 800, Equinox 900, Manticore and Deus 2 can certainly get lots of good information from Andy's (Abenson's) Relics and Rings YouTube site. If you are looking for weird, provocative, crazy, angry, not very factual, controversial, entertainment only, egotistical, opinionated, click bait type metal detecting YouTube videos, Andy's videos are not for you. If you want calm, down to earth, just the facts, painfully honest videos about those metal detectors, his videos are worth a real close look. Thanks Andy for taking the time to make them. Here is a good one.......
  5. New video I have up as of last night. When I get back from the gold show in Quartzite, I will get the video edited of the specimen. The SD card and the movo lapel mic for my Canon will be here by the time I get back.
  6. I have been searching for a video on tweaking the settings on a GP Extreme. I believe it was a Jack Lange video. It was specifically for the Extreme. Explained the settings to use to maximize the machine to find gold. A prospecting friend of mine had it and I've since lost contact with him. It was in VHS and hoping to find it in DVD.
  7. I just came across this short film that should be shared. Painfully ridiculous, but worth a chuckle.
  8. Hey everyone, just a shout out to y'all that my YouTube channel is taking shape. Got a video up today on Gold Basin and I am uploading another this very moment. Check them out and leave a comment. I have a few things to work on and improve. Words to stop saying, nervousness to overcome, looking at camera more often, yada yada yada check it out and please like and subscribe. YouTube Channel: Gold Seeker Adventures
  9. Yuba River Crevice Detecting for Gold Nuggets Me and Gary head back to Mother Yuba in search of Gold Nuggets and are joined by Tim from Blue lead Gold Productions. Let's Find some Gold on Mother Yuba !!! We are armed with the Minelab SDC 2300 and the White's Gold Master V-Sat that gives us both a Pulse Induction detector and a VLF detector. While me and Gary clear the boulders off Bedrock to detect Tim gets right to Sluicing with his Angus MacKirk Sluice box. The Yuba is known for it's small Gold so he should do pretty good !!! Moving those Boulders is hard work but that's what needs to happen to expose the Bedrock Crevices and get those Nuggets in our pockets !!! Yuba River Crevice Detecting for Gold Nuggets SG 047
  10. Here is a decent video from Tassie Boys Prospecting, he's actually one of the new Minelab detect-spurts. Tasmania detecting is much like NZ detecting, the bushland looks VERY similar, so it might go some way into explaining why I like certain detectors and coils more than others 🙂 One of my favourite creeks is so hard to get into now it's getting near impossible and like these guys it's full of hot rocks that send detectors wild, the problem is there is gold to be found if I'm patient enough and willing to crawl through the bush to get to it.
  11. I consider myself fortunate to have met Garrett's Senior Design Engineer, Brent Weaver, many years ago during prototype testing of the Garrett Infinium. I think Brent deserves a great deal of credit in making Garrett the leader it is today with a series of incredible innovative bang-for-the-buck metal detectors, first and foremost being the AT series. Brent is just a real nice guy - comes across as a regular Joe not a head in the clouds engineer. I think this video shows that. It also has an extremely interesting discussion of pulse inductions detectors, ground balancing methods, and the dreaded "hole" that occurs when ground balancing. There is explanation of why the holes occur and how some designs try to alleviate but not eliminate the problem. Good stuff, starts around the 3:40 minute mark. The audio quality in this video truly sucks. However, this is important information, and so repeated listens, typing, and listening again on my part, produced the following transcript. Again, this is from Brent Weaver, Senior Design Engineer, Garrett Metal Detectors. Transcript starting at 3:40 mark: "If you look at the various pulse detectors that exist on the market, you have your simplest pulse machines, which are single pulse machines that are non-ground balancing. Those are detectors that are typically exclusively used for the beach, for example, the Sea Hunter or something like this. The next step in advancement there is to have a ground balancing pulse machine, those can still be a single pulse detector. This pulse channel is able to ground balance, which means it can neutralize the ground. The problem with that sort of technology is when you ground balance out the ground, you can also balance out any target that has a decay characteristic that is similar to the ground. We call this the "detection hole". Essentially, it is a hole in the conductivity... when you look at the conductivity of gold or any material, you look at a conductivity spectrum. The decay rate of that... pulse decay is a function of the conductivity of the material and also the thickness and shape of the material. It all factors into effective conductivity. For a ground balancing pulse detector, again, if the conductivity of the ground is similar to the conductivity of the target, when you ground balance out the ground you also ground balance out the target. To eliminate that problem, you create a second pulse which is substantially different than the first pulse, such that when you ground balance out the ground on the second pulse, its conductivity decay as far as the target is concerned, the conductivity decay on the first pulse and that on the on the second pulse do not match each other. As a result, as you ground balance out the ground on the first pulse, you create a hole, and you ground balance out the ground on the second pulse, it also creates a hole, but it is in a different location. And so, those two pulses working together in unison, working simultaneously, one will always fill in the hole of the other, they overlap such that you never have a detection hole. If you only have a single pulse detector, and it ground balances, it will have a detection hole. There are various products on the market, some are less expensive than the ATX, some are more expensive than the ATX, but if they are a single pulse detector, they are going to have a hole in their detection, period. You are going to miss gold. You are absolutely going to miss gold. Now where that hole falls depends on the mineralization conditions, and where the ground balance is set for the detector. As the ground balance shifts, the hole shifts with it. If you have a detector that has continuous ground tracking, such that you cannot switch it off, as that ground track moves around for the various ground conditions, the hole moves around with it and the targets are disappearing into that hole. You never know where the hole is at any time. Again, to eliminate that problem, the more advanced, the most advanced detectors, like the ATX, use multiple pulse technology. They don't just have one single pulse that repeats, they have different kinds of pulses, and those pairs repeat. That is one of the differences in a true high end performance product like the ATX, versus some of the other products on the market. They are good products, and they are ground balancing pulse detectors, but if they are a single pulse technology, they have a hole in their detection that will miss targets." Now, for me listening to that it is obvious that Garrett was clearly gunning for the White's TDI. How do I know that? Because it was Minelab that originally put multi period pulse detection into the consumers hands, via their MPS (multi period sensing) technology beginning with the ground breaking SD 2000. The White's TDI on the other hand is an older design, and in fact is basically just an Eric Foster Goldscan stuck in a White's labeled box. The Goldscan and the TDI are a single channel ground balancing pulse detector with the problem that Brent outlines in the video. Bruce Candy of Minelab saw the same issue, and the SD 2000 was specifically developed as a multi channel or multi period device for this very reason. MPS was patented, and so I am not sure if it was the patent expiring, or Garrett simply using a method that got around the patent, but the ATX is using a similar multi period design as the SD Minelabs. Having used the Minelabs and the TDI, plus the ATX, I can vouch for the electronics in the ATX as being very capable, and I do believe superior to that in the TDI. My ATX in fact tested favorably compared to my GPX 5000 with the 5000 having the edge, but not as much as I expected. I think in large part that is simply due to the Minelab using a much more powerful battery, pumping far more power into the ground than the ATX with its eight AA batteries. Unfortunately, in my opinion Garrett, made a huge mistake in taking these excellent electronics, and hobbling them with a housing that did not take advantage of one of Minelabs biggest weaknesses - ergonomics. The TDI had and still has a distinct edge in that regard, and at a lower price than the ATX. Ironically, it is also that detection hole and the ability to manipulate it via a manual ground balance that has become, not the big problem as laid out in this video, but a feature of sorts in favor of the TDI. People have learned how to manipulate the hole to help identify targets by using the ground balance control as a sort of reverse discrimination control. Combined with the unique conductivity switch on the TDI knowledgeable users can become very proficient at identifying various target classes, and this has made it very popular with relic hunters in particular. What history in hindsight reveals, in my opinion, is that Garrett missed the boat with the ATX as regards Minelab. The ATX hit the market before the SDC 2300, and had a window of opportunity to really make inroads, if it had been in a lighter weight dry land package, with a light dry land coil set designed specifically for desert prospecting. The electronics are there; it is the heavy housing, and heavy knock sensitive coils, overpriced by an attached telescoping rod assembly, that really hurt the machine. On the flip side, I don't think they did too much damage to the TDI either, with the TDI being a less expensive, more ergonomically friendly unit. Like the Garrett Infinium before it, the ATX has settled into being more a beach detector than a prospecting detector. I have of course been making hay over this since day one, and continue to make an issue of it at every opportunity, in hopes that we may see a Garrett LTX some day. Dry land design only for the absolute lightest weight possible machine with light weight knock resistant coils to match, it would be a winner. There is a market still I believe for a $1500 -$2000 ground balancing PI detector that clearly has more power than a TDI in an all in one package lighter than anything Minelab currently markets. The only question in my mind is whether Garrett will finally get it right, or will it finally be a moot point, when new Fisher, White's, and Nokta/Makro machines waiting in the wings finally arrive.
  12. Hey Everyone; I just don't know what to do think about this video. I will be in the Philippines for several months when the travel ban is lifted. Taking my Nox with me. Found several youtube channels on metal detecting there and here is one that blows my mind. I know nada about metal detecting for gold, but based on my coin & relic experience, something about this video motivates me to post this for comments. From the user's coil control, depth of the nuggets, soil conditions....I pray it could be this easy. Watch this and please give me your thoughts.
  13. First time post here. I purchased a new Keene 6” dredge last year and got the 4gal reserve air tank. I’m thinking that this season my partner and I will both be in the water. One as a support rock mover and the other dredging. Last year we only ran one diver. If we add another airline we need to get a bigger reserve tank and that goes to the Keene 9gal. Anyone have experience with running two divers and is the 9gal mandatory? Can you run two small tanks if you split it right out of the compressor? Can I just have a stainless 9gal tank made locally without paying the Keene premium? here is a link to our channel and what we are all about. https://youtube.com/channel/UCoPsZnjywJ9hQjJ9r283w5g
  14. I've seen some crazy marketing videos for detectors over the years, it seems no brand is immune to it, their marketing people sometimes make videos that perhaps appeal to people new to detecting more than seasoned detector users. One that took me by surprise today was a new Minelab marketing video for the GPX 6000 that's doing the rounds on Facebook. In this video a Detect-spurt is using the GPX 6000 saying how great it is, he then finds what he describes as a faint target, a few scrapes of the dusty top soil and he's moved the target so he runs the coil over it, describing it now as a screaming target, his coil at this point is virtually touching the nugget by the looks of it. He's then down there using his hands to sort out the target from the dirt over the coil, and recovers and shows his piece of gold, then goes onto say that's what it's all about, coming back to ground that's been hammered and finding nuggets like that and holds up his half gram to a gram size nugget that he found virtually on the surface. With a detector capable of hitting absolutely tiny targets surely he'd be carrying a scoop to make recovery easier, but no, he's not. I'm not saying it's this guys fault, he's likely doing what the marketing people asked of him. I doubt there is a gold capable detector on the market that'd miss that nugget so I just don't see how that is hammered ground, most coin detectors would likely hit it. I'm puzzled to understand who their target market is with videos like this? It's certainly not people who currently detect for nuggets, so are they trying to bring in new customers that know nothing about detecting by selling them an $8000 AUD detector for their first detector? I don't know much about these new Detexpert's, but I prefer the good old fashioned educational marketing videos like the ones Nenad, JP and others used to do, that are meaningful to people who detect. Steve recently did Garrett 24k videos for their marketing, these were meaningful useful videos for people considering buying a 24k. I've never been much of a fan of marketing, but it seems like its on a downhill slope. The GPX 6000 is an awesome detector, it's a shame the marketing videos aren't showing what it's really capable of. I wish marketing people were also detector users so they'd be better at knowing how to market detectors to detector users. And to cleanse yourself from watching that terrible video, he's a better one from Nenad/Phasetech showing the GPX 6000 in a better way.
  15. I’d had keep Aaron’s videos on the Tarsacci that he had posted on this forum for everyone to view but now they say that the video is private . I don’t understand how it could have been posted on here and it shows different ones replying to it but video is gone now.. Aaron had made some great videos and everyone of them were all helpful. He was the only Tarsacci dealer that I know of that posted on here and had his own Tarsacci forum. We do have now Steve from Steve’s Rods came a dealer for the Tarsacci in December. Just maybe he will chime in sometime. Chuck
  16. I've lost count of the number of detecting videos I've watched where the user is cranking up the detectors sensitivity to very erratic levels. And in some of the testing videos, they are leaving multiple detectors on at the same time and they are all chattering away like crazy. Sure there are times where running your detector hot can be an advantage, but I can't help but think that when a person who's just thinking about taking up metal detecting, is lurking on YouTube and comes across video after video where the detectors are chatting away like crazy that they just get put off. I've even had the odd comment or two on some of my gold detecting videos, where to me the threshold was humming away beautifully, as if it was one with nature 😇 and I'll get a comment along the lines of...."nice one, but how do you deal with that annoying noise?". If that's what they are thinking after hearing a soft smooth hum, what would they think when they come across one of the detecting videos that sound like C-3PO after a case of Red Bull!??
  17. Hydraulic Pit Nugget Hunting Me and Gary ( Two Toes )head deep into the Sierra's in search of those elusive Gold Nuggets the Old timers missed. Yes I include Gary in with the Old Timers as he has Detected this spot before. Nugget Hunting in a Hydraulic pit isn't the easiest thing to do but it's one of the funnest and most rewarding ways of finding Gold. Watch as we pull those Gold Nuggets the old timers missed over a hundred years ago out of the ground !!!!! Gary finds a old Lead soldered painted Can is there Gold inside like the last one he found ? what did the Old timers us it for ? I find the missing Conglomerate piece from our last trip here lets see if it has Gold in it !!! Gary finds a Old Coin out in the pit . Plus Many many old square Nails !!!!! Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the adventure we sure had fun finding all the cool stuff and wondering what and how they used it. SG 052
  18. Bedrock detecting for Placer Gold Nuggets Me and Gary @Two Toes and Hugo head to the Hills in search of Gold Nuggets along the creek. Both Gary and Hugo are armed with there Minelab SDC 2300's and I'm using Gary's White's TDI on this trip. We dig up plenty of targets some good and some not so much. SG 049
  19. This guy just does wonderful videos. I cant help but learn whenever I watch. Clear and concise delivery every time... and he seems a likable guy as well. I was wishing he was one of my teachers when I was a kid... I woulda got more A's for sure lol So if I were giving out Oscars Gary would get Best XP Teacher of the year... strick
  20. Who has seen the videos of "Legend of Croc Gold" done in Bougainville Papua New Guinea and how did you get to see it (what links have you got to see it) I spent time there from Feb 1973 to Sep 1979 when I was young and fearless what a great and rewarding time it was for my family and self.
  21. Absolutely fantastic actually! I did a lot of filming. Will have a video posted within the next week. Cheers!
  22. I've found some movies featuring our great way of life.. some take the piss, some are downright porn and others are real tear jerkers.. all are cinematography at its finest.. Enjoy! 😁
  23. I started doing metal detecting videos a long time ago now, and I always wanted to make them informative, not too serious, but most of all real. Along the way there was some very "real" i.e. embarrassing moments, which unfortunately in the early days a lot of that footage just got binned. At some point I just laughed and started saving some of it. So I've done a compilation of the disappointing trash digs, bloopers and just plain bad camera work.
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