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Found 376 results

  1. Western & Eastern Treasures magazine does a Silver & Gold Annual issue and another customer of mine was featured. Many of you saw the photos posted earlier this summer. Some gobstopper saves/discoveries are in this issue, so I recommend you order one online. Congratulations to Duane and Sarah on their Golden Treasures and thanks for allowing me to earn your detector business again.
  2. Hi guys, Finished work early today & had a few hours daylight up my sleeve so I headed out for a detect. I went back to the same spot that I got my last one piece from. I had unfinished business there. I was getting plenty of signals but none were gold. So I headed right to the spot where I got my last bit from, which was here in that bedrock crevice. Notice the dead briar rose bush at the top left. Well I thought I got a very faint signal between that & that exposed bedrock, which has been ground smooth from glacial ice grinding over it many moons ago. Probably the same time as the gold was deposited. So I started to dig between that dead bush & the schist bedrock. The signal improved. But I needed to hack out that bush. Done & deepen the hole. Signal still in there. I was now breaking into & hacking out the schist bedrock. Has to be gold now. Suddenly the signal was out &........ Gold it was .52 of a gram I don't know how I missed that last time. I detected that area very slowly & carefully, same settings but for what ever reason I didn't get it before. But snagged it this time. It was the only one. So after a couple of hours of very careful detecting I moved on. Here is a pic of an old timers tailings race that they had hacked out of the schist bedrock. Now choked with briar rose bushes. This area in general is a glacially deposited boulder field. Some big suckers too. I moved off to another tailing race & exposed bedrock area & snagged a small piece of gold on the sidewall of a tailing race. I have hammered this area so was surprised to have got that one. I moved on to some deepish glacial gravels that the old timers had not sluiced away. got a few hot rock signals in these which sucked me in as they sounded good. But you have to investigate them. Here was one such dig. The two rocks at the top edge of the hole were hot rocks out of the hole, but there was still another signal in there. Could be yet another hot rock. But it wasn't. Ye Ha Had I of walked away from not only the first hot rock but even the 2nd I wouldn't have got that third signal in the same hole that turned into a piece of gold. Who said the Zed wasn't a magic wand. So there I had Huey, Duey & Louie. Ended the golden day on a beautiful golden sunset. Time to walk on out & back to my wagon. Three for 1.18 grams Mrs JW has gone up north to visit family. So while she was away I pimped her ride. She doesn't know yet but she will he rapt. I E - biked her Mountain bike. So she can carry a detector up into the hills now too. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  3. Hi guys, Yesterday Mrs JW & I went to scout some new ground. Found a very likely looking area but had no idea whose property it was. We decided to go to an old haunt that wasnt too far away. I called in to see the farmer to let him know we were there. I asked if he knew who the property owners were of the area I had the interest in. He did so he gave me a name & a phone number. Just happens to be the property next door to the large glass jar full of gold story I told on Simons gold/diamond ring find post. It was getting too late to make that contact & to go back to that property so we just stayed where we were & I detected on there. Got skunked with both the Zed & the Nox with the new 6" coil. Bugger. Come sunday I thought I would try to rectify that. Didnt travel too far from home & didnt get out until after midday. Was to a spot I hadnt been to since my GP 3000 days where I had got a few bits. I don't know why but there was just heaps of rubbish. I didn't recall this much rubbish back with the 3000. I had visions of another skunk. I started heading back towards my wagon & thought I would try one more spot that seemed very unlikely but there had been some mining activity here in the early days. There were a few remains of old tailing races & water ditches & a bit of bedrock showing. Was making hard work of it with just more rubbish & no gold to show. I got a signal over some bedrock & it lived on down a bit more than a lot of the rubbish targets had done. So I was getting a bit more confident. Hacking into a crevice & the signal was still in there. Finally it was out. Waved the magnet through the dugout pile where the signal was now coming from. Signal still there. Could have been a .22 shell casing like so many had been. Or its lead bullet head as others had been as well. But it wasn't. Looks a bit like a snake's head. 1.14 grams Beat the skunk. But that was it. But I was happy with that. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  4. Chris Ben

    Good Day Out!

    Got out with my buddy Dave today to do some detecting. We had the plan to try a new area, and if that didn't pan out we would go back to the area I had had some luck the last 2 outings. We struck out in the new area, and headed to the old one. I went out trying to expand on the new patch...no luck. Dave hung around the area where I found the patch 2 weeks ago. I started exploring a bit looking for good ground when Dave radioed me that he had found a couple nice nuggets. I made a beeline to meet up with him, still working my GPZ when I hit a great mellow signal. Turned out to be a 2+ gram nugget and the start of a 5 nugget patch. Biggest being 3g. We had lunch a made another run for no luck, but a great day nonetheless. My nuggets 6.4 grams Dave's score, with a nice big nugget. Chris
  5. I decided that since it's been a while from my last visit to one of my favorite gold hunting locations It was time to charge up the batteries, brave the heat and find some gold. Only managed to dig up these 3 little ones but still it was a good day 🙂
  6. Jonathan Porter

    Recent Find With GPZ 19 Coil

    Found this past weekend with the GPZ 19 coil at 2 measured feet. JP 20 grams
  7. Hi guys, I headed off late morning to a spot I had not been to since my GP 3000 days, when I found just over one ounce of the good stuff. Never having had the Zed in there I was quietly confident but I had thrashed the area with my 3000 & numerous coil options. The day was overcast with the high possibility of a shower or two. The ground was damp due to the cool winter conditions but no frost this morning & no frozen ground. So that was good. I actually went over dressed but better that way than being too cold. After a bit of a walk & climb I got up into the old workings. This was just one small gully of them. Sluiced out glacial material I of course had a few hot spots in mind where I had got gold with the 3000 so I naturally targeted these spots first. As you can see from the above pics there was a bit of grass growth & the ground pretty up & down. The detecting was pretty much confined to the steep sides of washed out gullies & the exposed bedrock in the side walls & tailing races. It was pretty hard detecting with not a lot of flat ground. The Zeds 14" coil was a bit of a challenge. The swing arm was a must to help control the swing & hold the detector on the vertical plane. It took me a bit of time to re familiarise myself with the set out of the workings & where the spots were to where I wanted to be. But I got there. Due to the growth a lot of the bedrock schist was covered. This threw me off for a bit. My first signal took a while to come. It was very faint but was in one of the hot spots. A few scrapes & I was onto the rotten schist bedrock. With the signal moved I quickly had it isolated. Ye ha. First signal...first bit of gold. As I always do I re scanned the scrape before backfilling. What was that...another signal. This had me smashing into the schist & peeling out the rotten rock in layers. Getting down into it I just knew this was going to be gold. Suddenly it was out. You beauty 1.65 of a gram. That is my biggest for ages. Then things dried up for a while. So I moved on higher up to another hot spot area that had quite a bit of exposed bedrock. MMmmm...nothing doing there. I then remembered that I had got a couple of pieces on a sheep track with the 3000. I was just walking along this sheep track to get access to another area. I just had the detector out in front of me with the coil on the track as I walked. Not sweeping or detecting but just straight line walking. Got a signal & it was gold, in fact two bits. So I thought I would be a bit more thorough with the Zed. Well bugger me. I got a signal on this same sheep track. No way. Can't be gold surely. I dug down on it & it sure was a sassy bit of gold. What were the chances? I re scanned before backfilling......& another signal in the same hole. No way. Yes...way Another bit of gold And another...... Unbelievably.....yet another So four bits from that one dig on that sheep track.👍 I managed two more small bits before dark chased me out & the walk & climb back down to my wagon. Total of eight bits. For 3.35 grams. That was better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  8. Stephen newell

    Popped My Zed Cherry Today

    I took the GPZ 7000 out for its maiden voyage today. I tried the bottom of the claim where we have not found much. Partly because of deeper float sand and not much luck with nuggets. Only a couple have been found down there, however one of those was a 6 gram. So I went over my gold corner first. This place only has small nuggets .25 gram all the way down to .01 gram. So as the title says I found my first two nuggets. The first one was my biggest of the day and biggest ever at 1.16 gram about the size of a pinto bean. This one was down about 6 inches inside schist bedrock. When I located it I thought it was small, so I grabbed the tweezers. Boy was I happy to see the real size. The other one was .18 gram just a standard flat one. It was odd however in that I got a double sound off it. I think it was because it was standing upright smashed between bedrock fingers, down about 2 inches. I will update with my settings later so I can get input from you guys.
  9. Its been a tough year so far. Many a skunks. My Buddy Dave and I have been trying to think outside the box, looking for new areas with very little luck. Our old areas are pretty damn pounded by us. Dave had some family obligations so I went out this past Sunday myself for a short hunt to beat the Nevada heat. I decided to go back to an area where i found 2 random nuggets about 30 yards apart. One was 1.5 gram in a tiny negligible small dry tribal. The other was a nice three gram solid found in a flat spot over a foot deep. I got to the area and hit a couple of nearby washes for nothing. Working back to where I found the nuggets I started grinding the area, working up hill from the nuggets. I was just about to the point where I had planned on quitting when I got a trashy chirpy signal. It moved on the first scrape with my foot, and I figured trash (this area has very little trash, almost none) got it in the scoop and it was a tiny specie. It was in the trailing of a rodent burrow so I wasn't sure if it was from deep. I started slowing down and overlapping my swings and got a solid signal next to a creosote brush. Turned into a nice sub gram nug. Made a circle around the Bush and got a screaming signal that I figured could be a bullet. Only 4 inches down in some soft overburden came out the large 5.1 g nugget. I back tracked a bit from there working the same line down the slope and got a nice deeper signal next to another creosote. Nice 1.5 gram nug. All very rough with rock and quartz. I tried working the line up the slope for nothing else. Going to go back and work the bench at top of slope. I had been getting discouraged so it was a nice shot of adrenaline. I was supposed to be getting hip surgery today but insurance denied my claim last minute. Filing appeals and grievances so we'll see what happens. I was supposed to be on crutches for 3 months after 1st surgery then have the 2nd which is a hip replacement. So I would have been on the bench for a while. The surgery is supposed to be in Vail Colorado so I was thinking about doing so prospecting there before the surgery. Stay out of the heat! Chris
  10. Hi all, had a half day to go detecting today, so I went back to that new patch and was able to find one more small rough nugget. Searched a lot tried to expand the area or find source but no luck. So I want of searching for a new area, looking on a hillside next to a wash where I found a few nuggets. No luck, but I did notice a steep wash up ahead that I couldn't remember detecting. Found some nuggets nearby so I figured it was worth it. Ended up finding 4 more nuggets in a new patch. All small, but way better than a skunk. The darker nugget was from last weeks patch. Chris
  11. Some one found a nice little nugget with the EQ 800 using the 11" coil, John. See Post 978 on this page. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=23409&p=40
  12. After the rain storm / snow melt off, a place that was already work, was check again and the Gold Bug 2 did it's job again. 3 penny wt.
  13. A gold nugget - claimed to be one of the biggest ever found in Britain - is reported to have been discovered in a Scottish river. The gold, dubbed the Douglas Nugget, weighs 85.7g, and has been estimated to be worth more than £50,000. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-scotland-44965554 This should get all you UK guys inspired to put down your coin detectors and go gold hunting, the Nox users are already part way there. 🙂
  14. Hi Guys, Mrs JW & I headed down country on Sunday to escape Queenstown for the day & get a change of scenery. Mrs JW asked me to throw a detector in for her. Crikey...that's the first for a long time. So I threw in, carefully, the GB2, GM 1000 & the EQ800 & the Zed of course. Got to our location after a 2 hour drive. MMMmmm... there was a cold stiff wind blowing up on the hill & very exposed. There was no escaping it so Mrs JW gave the detecting as miss & elected to read her girly mag & do the crossword puzzle. That was after we picked up her lunch of fish & chips. I got straight into it & it wasn't too pleasant in the wind. I went to get my jacket that usually lives in my wagon but it wasn't in there. Bugger. I hit an area that I have absolutely thrashed over the years. The ground was moist, the grass was like a billiard table. So great conditions there. Only the wind was stuffing it up. High Yield/Normal, 18 sensitivity. This was little bit too chattery so I went into Difficult Ground & wacked up the sensitivity to full max 20. Tiny bit of chatter but much better. Long story short. It was very hard going. I finally got a very very faintish imagined type signal. Definitely wasn't sure but I was getting desperate & had nothing to lose. I went back into Normal ground to see if the imagined signal lifted or improved any or was even there at all. There did seem to be something interrupting the threshold. So I scraped down on to it. Ahhh...that improved things immediately & the signal came to life. Kept on going down & was getting down to a bit of depth. Hit the rotten soft schist bedrock & the signal was still in there. Peeling the schist out I was absolutely positive now that this was going to be gold. But how big? For the depth of the hole....Bloody small. And that was it for the day. One piece .11 of a gram. We moved to another area where I had got some small shallow bits with the Zed. I used both the GM 1000 & the EQ 800 & just got damn shotgun pellets. Called it quits at 5 pm for the two hour drive home. Today tuesday I took the Zed for a walk this afternoon to a local spot. Walked to the area in mind & within a couple of minutes I had the faintest of signals. It was difficult to recover the signal. I lost it for a wee bit & thought bugger...should have brought along a high frequency VLF. I was down into the folds of the schist bedrock. I knew it was going to be gold after smashing down into the bedrock but it was going to be tiny. Hence the difficulty in recovering it once I had moved it. But I got there. Very slowly worked my along these old workings. I ended up in an area of broom bushes & a spot that didn't look very promising. But I had got a piece in here back with my 4500 so thought it worth a shot. MMMmm...got a very faint signal but wasn't holding my breath. There was no bedrock & the signal had already moved after a small scrape. Well stone the crows.... I then headed back to the exposed bedrock & tailing piles. It looked more promising. I got a signal just above the top centre of the below pic. I had scanned over a schist rock & was sure there was a slight hit. I turned the piece of schist over & definitely a signal. Scrapped down a little bit & that really livened it up. Hit the schist bedrock Signal still in there. Going to be gold for sure. Signal out. Gold it was. Turned around. Waved the coil & bang. Another signal. Scraped away on it & it improved. Dug deeper & signal lived on down Getting into the schist bed rock now & then the signal was out. A sassy bit of gold. Things went quiet for a bit. So I crossed over an old tailings race & hit some schist outcrops. Not ideal for the 14" coil but I was sort of able to poke the coil in a bit sideways. MMM... Got a faint hit. Dug & smashed into the schist. Had to really lay into it with the pointy end of the pick to rip the schist out & open it up before I could get the flat blade of the pick in there to scrape it out. Signal finally popped out. Another small bit of gold. My last. time to go home. 5 bits for .75 of a gram. Bit of a fun afternoon. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  15. Thought I’d start a thread where folks can post there first gold finds of the new year. Here’s mine:
  16. Hi Guys, Monday morning Simon arrived at my place at 9am after an hours drive from his place further south. We headed back to the area where Simon found his old cool 23 gram silver ring deep down in an old prospectors throw out pile. Not that exact spot but in the general area. I took my GB2 & the Zed. I thought Simon would have brought his Gold Monster to have a go at finding whatever signal it was that he got from a crevice scrape of mine that I got a bit of gold out of the last time we were here. Only he lost it with his 4500 & 14x9 nugget finder Evo coil & couldn't re-find it. But he didn't. So with my GB2 I went to the spot to have a go. I couldnt find it but I did get half a dozen shotgun pellets. Bugger that, so I moved on to where I had left off that last time we were here. I stuck with the GB2 scouring the flat sheet schist bedrock cracks & crevices & the lichen that was growing on the schist. Just in case there was a crack or crevice hidden from view. Scanning over the lichen, nothing really looked that inviting, I got a sweet Zip Zip. Flicked in to discriminate & still a Zip Zip. So not ferrous. Scrapped at the lichen & nothing of a crack or anything that trapped gold, but the signal had moved. Oh, here we go, just going to be a pellet. But it wasn't. Note the lichen all over the bedrock. That was it for the GB2, at this stage, so I fired up the Zed. I just scanned over the lines of grasses that were growing out of the cracks & fractures in this sheet schist bedrock. Was making hard work of it with nothing. Simon had disappeared somewhere, couldn't see him anywhere. Couldn't even hear his detector nutting off. So I just kept at my grass filled cracks when I thought I heard a faint little hit. Backed up on it, & wasn't too sure. So I just hacked out the grasses down to the level of the bedrock schist & exposed the dirt filled crevice. Re scanned & yes, definite signal. I scrapped out the dirt & exposed a crack in the bedrock that I hacked out & it opened up into a bit of a hole. A small but solid little ball of gold. That was it for ages. nothing more. Simon had made an appearance by this time & he was detecting further over from me & he was getting heaps of rubbish, but no shotgun pellets. Not even one. That has to be a first. But then he sung out that he just got a bit of gold. Ye Ha. We went for a bit longer & I then said shall we stop for a bite to eat then head off down & up the next gully, I know of a spot. So we did. After our lunch stop we headed off. On our way I showed Simon an old make shift rock hut shelter from an early day miner. Doorway & window & just big enough to lay down & sleep in & to sit & cook a meal & get out of bad weather. Looking in through the doorway entrance opening. That was pretty cool. We got up to the old workings & sluiced out little gully. Simon had a hard time of it getting no more gold. I had a hard time with the Zed due to wild thyme bush growth over the old throw out piles. I had known this though as I have had the Zed here before & it was the main reason I took the GB2. There was a bit of bedrock too so I targeted that. While Simon hit some bedrock & the throw out piles I headed away from him to some other bedrock with the GB2. Within 2 minutes I had a sweet Zip Zip & my first piece of gold for the GB2 on these workings. This was followed by 6 more all in the same little spot. Choice. I then followed in Simons footsteps covering the bedrock he had been over. I got a Zip Zip over a small crack in the bedrock. Smashed into it with the pick until the signal had moved. A not too bad size piece of gold. Maybe even the Zed would have got that. I was surprised that Simon didnt get it with his 4500 & 14x9 Evo coil. It wasn't deep at all. Ended the day getting 10 bits with the GB2 for the day & one for the Zed. All up 11 bits for .71 of a gram. Bit at the top was the Zed's. Gold Bug 2 saved the day. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  17. There was a spot that I had driven past hundreds of times over the years, and always in the back of my mind was some old timer telling me "I got a few bits there back in the SD days". But it just didn't "look" good. Well, I will never think that again! I decided to finally stop there after having a bad spell, and a bit of renewed interest in the GPX5000 teamed up with the 15" Evo coil. Well in short time I got 3 bits for 1.4 grams, and a heap of junk targets. I decided to go back for another look, but this time with a 12" Evo coil, and this was the next lot of finds:
  18. Hi guys, We had a beautiful fairly mild winters day today. A stunner. Phrunt, Simon, got conned into going skiing again today. Poor bugger skied all day yesterday & then did a night ski session as well. Said his legs were like jelly. I think he will end up doing the night ski session again tonight. He won't be much good for a detect tomorrow..... I went out for an afternoon detect to a local spot. Left home at 1pm & was home again by 4.30. It was a magic day. Conditions were just perfect. Not a breath of wind, not too cold, clear blue skies & a bit of dampness in the ground. I just took the Zed as I am getting a bit over this flyspeck size gold I have been getting with the GM & the GB2. I went to an area of old workings that I haven't been to for quite a while. I didn't think I would ever be going back again as I had done my dash on it. So I thought. I did well back with my GP 3000 & little 10 x 5 Coiltek joey Mono Coil combing the exposed schist bedrock. Then stepping it up with the 8" & 11" Commander Mono's to get a bit more depth. That paid off back then as well. On getting the 4500 it breathed a bit of new life back into the old workings for me. Especially when I got the 12 x 7 Nugget Finder Advantage coil. Man that was deadly. But of course all good things come to an end & the 4500 stopped getting gold there for me. The GB2 & Whites GMT snagged a few tiny bits for me. MMMM.....havnt had the Gold Monster in there. I had been in there with the Zed on a few occasions but only managed one bit. So due to the great conditions & despite those powerlines you can see in the above pic, the Zed was just purring. High Yield/Normal. Sensitivity on 18. Detecting very slowly & scrapping the ground I thought I heard a slight hiccup in the threshold. Wasn't 100% sure but had nothing to lose, so I scrapped a bit off the top. That improved things & it was a definite faint signal. Scrapped into the schist bedrock until I had moved the signal. Waved my magnet over the spot where the signal now was. Nothing leapt on to the magnet but it could have been a shotgun pellet. But it wasnt. Look how tiny that is for that 14" coil. Unbelievable.... Moving on slowly over the exposed schist bedrock I again imagined a very faint kick in the threshold. Only one way to make sure. So I scrapped a bit off the top. Yep....that sounds like a faint little signal so I got stuck into it until I had moved the signal. Note the schist bedrock up on edge. Just the perfect gold trap. Another tiny bit of gold Not long after I got another imagined signal but I dug down on it & it improved. The material seemed a bit of a mixed bag & not very encouraging to say the least. Wasn't really getting into schist bedrock but just top soil type loam & rocks mixed in with it. I wasn't holding my breath. But nothing was jumping up on the magnet. I ended up getting down in between a couple of crevices that seemed to be bedrock. The signal was still in there but screaming at me. Here is why. Just over half a gram. That is big for me these days. But it was down at quite a bit of depth. Then things dried up for me for a wee while. I had at this point got no rubbish but 3 bits of gold. Gosh...that was good averages. But I do know that I had cleaned up all the rubbish in here a while back. Obviously no one had been shooting in here as I hadn't even got one pellet. I eventually got another very faint signal. Scraped down to the bedrock until it had moved. Bingo. Ye Ha. I decided to go home after getting a 5th bit. That is if I got a 5th bit. On & on I went. Got a couple of bits of rubbish & I was heading back in the direction of my truck when I got a faint signal near the cliff edge above the river. Digging down on it, again it was just loamy topsoil. But then I got into the bedrock & a crevice. Signal still in there. Then it was out.Ye Ha...Just shy of one gram That was my fifth....so I was out of there. Home by 4.30. Five for 1.62 grams. What a fun afternoon, & I thought I had cleaned it out. I should know better. No one gets all the gold. Least of all me. Each & every time I believe I have given 110% but can go back on a different day, different conditions & conditions were just perfect today & bingo....more gold into the poke. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  19. inthemountains

    Summer Fun

    Here is a new find this summer with GPZ . 4 1/2 troy oz. I credit my son with this find because I told him it was probably a big piece of tin. I listened to it and was super tired so i really didn't think we were going to dig something like that. He dug and pried at the nugget's hiding spot for a time as I watched and listened. I saw it come out but we were in the shade so it looked like a flat piece of rusty tin. When he dropped it in my hand I knew that was a great nugget. This was one of the best high five father and son moments we have ever had detecting.
  20. I hope it is ok to post this here but I was checking out TNET and came across this newly found Nugget, http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/gold-prospecting/580966-wife-scores-big-one.html John.
  21. As Simon has already stated in his post, he picked me up on tuesday morning & we headed off to our destination. On parking his wagon we started the slog up the hill to our spot up there somewhere. Our first area wasn't kind to us on the gold front so I moved on to some old timer throw out piles. I got a faint signal right in tight at the base of a bush. I have detected his pile numerous times but due to this time of the year, our winter, the bush & grass growth is a lot retarded & I was able to poke the Zeds coil in further. Hence getting this signal now & not getting it when the bush would have had a lot more growth. I at first thought it may have been a bit of falsing from pushing the coil into the bish. But it did have that signal sound to it. Gold it was. My first piece for the day. I then targeted that bedrock just in front of me with the shallow alluvial gravels sitting on top. In behind that is all washed out workings. Ended up with my 2nd piece I then got another signal from a throw out pile. But on digging into it it was just top soil & no gravels, & then after a bit of depth the signal was out. Not thinking for a second that it was going to be gold. But it was. At this point I went to find Simon & to have a sit down & a bite to eat. He had just found rubbish. I pointed him in the direction of some other old throw out piles & told him to try there. He ended up getting 3 bits & I just ended up with one more. Making my total for the day 4. For a total of .53 of a gram. We ended up heading back to the same area on thursday but tried a different spot initially. We went in my wagon this time & negotiated a bit of a slippery track that in the end I thought I should not have gone down. But too late...we were there now. We arrived amid heavy fog & a pretty gloomy looking day seemed to be in store for us. Luckily for us the fog lifted. Our first area turned up no gold but Simon found that big heavy silver ring deep down in an old timers throw out pile. What a great find that was. There were a few little creek run offs coming down of the hill that are usually bone dry but they had a bit of water in them due to snow melt. The old timers had worked some of these quite heavily right down to bedrock. Stacking the slabs of schist they had pulled out of them into very neat rock walls to get them out of their way. Came across the remains of some low rock walls that look like they would have been the bottom walls of a canvas tent set up. Didn't look to have been enough rock to have been a complete stone hut. The schist face at the back being the back wall. We worked our way up to the area where we had our success on tuesday. Simon headed back to the throw out piles where he had scored his 3 bits on tuesday. I targeted the schist sheet bedrock more. For no reason I pulled a slab of schist out of the way after scanning over it & getting nothing. On moving it & rescanning I got a faint signal. You can see the shape of where the slab of schist had been. I scraped the shallow dirt off the bedrock & the signal was coming from a little crack in the schist. Raked it out with the pointy end of the pick & it moved. No way I thought this was going to be a shotgun pellet. And it wasn't. But look how small. I then got a signal scanning over a fair size slad of schist. Turned it over & out of the way. The signal was still there but a lot stronger. Again it ended up being in a crack in the schist bedrock. But gold again Things went dry for quite a while after that. It was getting time to think about heading back to the truck. We had a bit of a walk to get back to it. I was in a spot where I had got three bits the last time we were in here from the one dig hole. I slowly scanned the area but nothing. I then turned around & I just happened to push my coil tight into the base of a tussock grass growing out of a biggish crevice in the schist bedrock. Again due to the retarded growth of winter I was able to get the coil further into the base of this tussock grass from other previous times. Bang...got a nice mellow signal. I hacked the tussock out & the signal was living down to a bit of depth but I was into nice gravely schist. All at once the signal was out. My best bit for quite a while. So with that one I called it a day. Rounded up Simon who unfortunately had got a skunk on the gold but had that awesome silver ring. Three for 1.15 grams After a horrible crap weather day this morning, I thought it was a right off for the day & I was not going to be going detecting today. But by 1.30pm it had fined up & the sun was out. I decided to go for a quick late afternoon detect to a local spot. Forgot my phone in my rush out the door. I took the GM 1000 & the GB2 but pretty much just stuck with the GB2. I did get the smallest piece of the day with the GM 1000. The rest were with the GB2. Ended up with 6 little tiddlers for .24 of a gram. Two weighed together wouldn't even register on my scales. Cheers. Best of luck out there JW
  22. Steve Herschbach

    Montana Gold Nuggets

    Here is a Facebook post showing some Montana nuggets found with the Gold Monster. Though lots of gold has been found in Montana with metal detectors you rarely see any of it posted.
  23. We’ve all heard “follow the drywashers” but I decided to follow the Monster lol. Since getting back from FL and enjoying time at the cabin it’s been tougher to find spots to play. One of my favorites from last summer is claimed up, and I can’t get to my other area yet due to high creek water. So I’ve been exploring new territory and found a spot that has my decomposing granite bedrock that is fun to detect. The first time playing with the Monster I got these cute little nuggies( Chinese coin was given to me by a local miner who felt sorry for me cuz I haven’t found one yet! ) But the detecting started to dry up after a couple more visits, so I decided to get the drywasher out. Now I know why this spot wasn’t claimed....no access road so I lugged all my gear a quarter mile over rock piles, through brush, over downed trees etc, and set up: After shoveling and scraping the bedrock I always stop and check it out with the Monster....found 2 little guys! Here’s another view of the area...not a soul around, and only the sound of my Puffer and the creek below....love it! Ran for about one and a half hours, and when I panned out the concentrates got some nice color! I think the Puffer and the Monster make a great team! Next time I’ll let the Goldbug2 come and play too....better for investigating the cracks and crevices.