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  1. Do any of you geeolodgik jeanyussez have a good theory for the formation of these nuggets? They were all found within about 50' of each other using an excavator and a7000.
  2. This thread is a place were I can share and continually update pictures of any of my current gold finds, kind of like a gold diary of sorts. Sometimes I’ll include narrative other times it will be just pictures of what I found for the day. I get out detecting regularly and I use a lot of different equipment some of which is not open for discussion. This thread is NOT about equipment but about the gold I find as I find it. I will try to include pictures of the terrain so people can visualise what the areas look like where I‘m detecting. I would prefer if others do not post up pictures to
  3. I finished my 2020 Field Training of customers a couple weeks ago at Rye Patch and was able to run the 7000 without interruption for 6 days. My best day was 12 nuggets but I also have to admit that on 2 days, I was skunked (the 2 days I was swinging new ground looking for a patch. ). Almost all the gold were whisper signals most folks are not good at and in a particular wash near the burn barrel, I pulled 7 in a day. I even called over some customers who were hanging around to let them listen, watch and learn. It just amazes me this detector can pick up nuggets at 14 to 18" deep and they a
  4. I always look forward to the winter months when I can freely swing the mighty Zed in the vast stretches of the desert southwest, uninhibited by the dense vegetation I typically have to deal with in the forested regions of Idaho. Searching new areas for a nugget patch is never easy, and long, fruitless days can really test your stamina and forbearance. Thankfully, the odd scattered nugget encountered here and there can spur one on to continue the magnificent quest. Such have been my days of late, patiently covering ground with the large GPZ 19 coil and anticipating that sweet sound of gold. Hav
  5. I went for a gold hunt with JW yesterday, he has a sore foot as he was prospecting last weekend and walking up a steep bit of hillside and heard a pop in his foot then very bad pain and could hardly walk. He's still not sure what the problem is, he had 3 x-rays and no sign of a bone break so he is just taking it easy. I'm suffering from Vertigo and have been for the past week or two, it came on from nowhere about 2 months ago when I was skiing and come right in about a week but now I'm having a second run of it, the doctors know what it is and it has a huge name which I've forgotten now but
  6. While trying to keen up my record before I upgrade my computer, found this old receipt of refined gold (Panned Gold) that I cashed in to get a new Whites VLF detector. There was a bit short of 3 oz I am happy that I did not cash in any nuggets back then. The purity was as close as you can get to 92% when cleaned 91 grams but AUD $16.12 a gram was good but now it is AUD $82.36 but the price of a top detector has risen high than the gold price. PJ Williams Precious Metals.pdf
  7. First off, hello all! Great reads here, and a big thanks to Steve for all of the generous work put in for the lay-detectorists. I have gold fever. I’ve had it since I first dug up my own gold in 2013 and I’ve learned that it never goes away. It just gets worse as it sinks it’s claws deeper into its poor host. My summer job this year really hasn’t left me much free time for prospecting. Mostly a very brief opportunity to pan some gravel in the Feather River for flood gold. Much of the time for prospecting it has actually allowed me has been in the f
  8. With the fantastic weather in the Rye Patch region during the month of October, I was chomping at the bit to get down there, but my summer job didn't end until the 30th. It still took me a few days afterward to get everything wrapped up, so I finally hit the road and met up with Gerry and friends at Rye Patch the following Tuesday. The detector training class we were scheduled to give that weekend ended up being cancelled, thanks to a winter storm that was forecast to move into the area on Friday. Needless to say, having only two days of optimal detecting conditions before being snowed out and
  9. JW and I decided we'd go for a detect on Sunday, the weather was nice, albeit a bit hot for my liking but fortunately there was a breeze. I always have a VLF with me when I detect with my GPZ, mainly for recovery of targets if I'm struggling to find them in the hole however this time I'm glad I brought it. Usually lately I just take my Mini Monster, a GM1000 on a tiny shaft as it's only used as a pin pointer as no manufacturer has released a small gold prospecting pin pointer. This time was quite lucky, I bought the Nox along, it's on a Detect-ED shaft so shrinks down small enough to pu
  10. I enjoy Rye Patch area in October and sometimes November before the snow accumulates. My 7 performs best this time of year and the day temps in 60-70s is ideal. What I like most about this region is the variety of natural gold nuggets. So far I've been able to score a couple small Chevron pieces and a dozen or so small .1 gram to 1 gram pieces. My total weight so far is just over 10 grams. No, this is nothing to write home about as for gold weight wise, but one of them is $$$. It's a 1.2 gram collector nugget. I've only found 4 or 5 of these beauties in my 25+ yrs of hunt
  11. Last week I was looking at 14" of the white crap and below zero temps. This week snow all gone, sun shinning, and 60+ degrees so I headed out for more cleanup work on some gold. Anyways...had fun, got some sun, and outta the shack!!!! The big 6 had a whopping weight of .270g...!!! Big or small...I love em all.
  12. One of my customers recently found a stunning: near 4 pound quartz boulder with just under 11 ozt of gold with his GPX-5000. Just goes to show you those multi thousand dollar treasures are still out there being dug up. Yes this came from the lower 48 states. Good luck everyone.
  13. Not that I wanted to see if it could be done, it’s only 130 miles! My Wife Robin, needed to dig a nugget...she hasn’t been out since our move to Reno. Now, you always have a mental note of stuff to pack. We loaded her Grand Cherokee, for this adventure off we go! Arrived to a location, I figured she’d have some luck at with her SDC 2300. Gearing up, I’m looking for both of our new Doc’s Scoops...What the Heck! Left them both at home! Well, I know I’ve used my hand as a scoop a few times! But, onetime I forgot my scoop and as I was recovering a nugget I opened my hand to see the target
  14. Hey Guys/Gals, It's been a bit since I posted anything. The forums are very slow, at least mine here. I have to get all you guys/gals more fired up to post more stuff so we all can learn from each other and share experiences. That being said, the COVID-19 really changed how we do stuff, let alone set out mass FEAR to the World. There is no doubt it's real, but I will just leave it there and talk about gold nuggets! I managed to get out recently and had a nice run of luck with the Minelab GPZ 7000. I rounded up over an ounce in one day working any old channel. All the go
  15. Almost done this season but may get in a few more hunts. My 3rd and best season detecting for gold. Gold is from Montana and Idaho from 5 different locations. Total count was 436 pieces, 119 with the SDC and 317 with the Monster. SDC got the 3 big ones and also the bulk of the total weight. Big nugget weighed 3.55ozt, then 25+gram, and 12 gram (3 nugget pic). SDC also found me my 1st "pocket" where I'd had a 20 piece day with 14 coming out of a 6" wide x 8" deep hole...THAT was FUN!!! Total weight (so far) is 7.66ozt. Nuggets came from public, private and permission ground. The Monster st
  16. Yesterday morning about 1 AM I took a break from the exciting 'Dumping SDC 2300 Detectors' thread to go find a nugget. I had big gold in mind so I didn't take my 2300. I was headed to Arizona. It is a 4 hour drive but pretty simple. Leave Los Angeles (I live at the #1 Exit on I-10) in the middle of the night with no traffic and get off on Exit 5 from the I-10 freeway in Arizona. I've never done this as a one day trip but I had to try it. When going to Arizona this time of year there is a 1 hour time difference so when I arrived it was still dark but 6:30 AM. I had left the $3.00 per
  17. You hunt one side of a draw and only find trash. Your mind keeps telling you to cross the drainage below and go back up the other side (grass is always greener theory) so you start hiking away and eventually turn off the 7000 just to cover ground quickly. Eventually getting to the other side, you fire up the machine and start your search. Not 10 minutes into it and that sweet soft sound comes thru the sweaty headphones and I can tell it is not surface trash. I get a little gigglie as I reach over my shoulder to grab my pick and ....holy shit...I reach over my shoulder again to grab my pick
  18. This year has been a lot of ups and downs in getting some detecting in for coins, relics and gold nuggets. With the pandemic, restrictions placed by the pandemic, fires, detector coils issues and finally my father passing at the end of July made it hard to get some serious detecting outings in. Luckily the local parks are still giving up a few old coins. We made a trip to the mountains before my father passed and did some relic hunting at an old mining camp and found a few tokens and relics. At least it rain a little bit every day to make the smoke from the fires more bearable. Finally we were
  19. Just got back from 8+ days in the high desert....the weather was perfect and the quiet, wide open spaces were soul rejuvenating. Met up with Chet and Brian....we were working on a skunk our first day when Lucky Lundy texted Brian, so we went and joined him on a hunt. And true to his name, his luck rubbed off on all of us...by late afternoon we all had some gold. By the next day, Rick and I both had Lucky 7s lol.... Unfortunately, his favorite beverage was gone and all I had to offer Lucky Lundy was my homemade lentil soup or organic tofu/veggie stir fry, so he left us for
  20. Just back from our first prospecting trip after taking early retirement and moving to Kambalda in Western Australia . Did really well for a 5 week trip with 216 pieces for 376 grams. Biggest pieces 10, 11.5, 27 and 155 grams. No more working for the man ! Cheers, Rick https://youtu.be/jvZ3RyTN0Mo https://youtu.be/hvygdhqU_uQ https://youtu.be/yWINJjZdhp4 https://youtu.be/MODRP3GihW8
  21. With Landscaping the new backyard at a stand still (needing a break 😂). I packed up for a trip to Rye Patch to met up with some friends for a hunt! We had a great time chasing nuggets down and enjoying the nice but windy weather! Another hunting party text me and enticed me with Whiskey and Steaks for a pointy finger hunt. Well, it was a great dinner, but the next morning hunt wasn’t what was expected! Feeling the steam leaving my body, I knew it was time to head home to recharge myself for the next hunt! The nuggets are out there just have to get your coil over them. I found some old L
  22. Research, time, and lots of boot miles. Get away from the known areas and roads.
  23. JW and I went for a gold hunt yesterday. We've both done this area quite a bit, especially JW. I always disliked the spot, it was my nemesis for so long and I rarely found a nugget there, then all the sudden my luck turned, now I do alright there. We both had our 15x10" X-coils on, JW's been using his all the time lately so I thought I'd give mine a run. Yesterday seemed like I was doomed however to my first skunk in a long time, I don't even remember my last skunk now. It was about 9.30am I would guess and both went our separate ways. I headed off to the river to try detect the r
  24. Some of Northern Nevada placers hold some true works of art! Most are covered by a tough coating of caliche, I always have a bottle of CLR in the back of my truck and at the end of the day's hunt they get their baths to show their special features. Most of these special chevron or other crystal type nuggets never make it home and end up with another prospectors poke/collection. My favorite are the nuggets that have crystalline features on both sides of the nugget. Here are a couple that I've found in the last month that didn't make it home with me. Until the next hunt. Feel free to show
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