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  1. Just curious as to how well (or not so well) your 2021 went gold-wise. Not a terribly good year for me, lots of delays, weather issues, Family issues and car breakdowns 😒 But still got 605 pieces for 2021 for almost 5oz. Biggest was 8.5 grams with a 3.5gm and 3gm being the next biggest. No interstate trips so no big tallies.....maybe next year if Covid allows. Attached pics show just the last 2 months worth of gold, including the 3.5 grammer in the last pic. How did all you guys go this year??....any 'Biggy's'??? Happy New Year to everyone!
  2. Gold Catcher posted a week or so back about his trip to the El Paso mountains..a place I go to all the time. I have detected here in the past with a GPX5000 which I said wasted my gas, resources and worst of all TIME! I know a lot of people have had LOTS of success with that detector but I have witnessed with my own eyes a large(small potato size) specimen "sprinkled with gold NOT set off a GPX5000! I've been out with my EQ800 less than 6 times and have numerous "small" pieces of gold as well as a 4.3 gram nugget and a 1.71 ounce nugget just this past weekend. The larger nugget is a conglomerate and I plan to take it to one of my friends, Pat K. and have him fire up his 5000 to see what response he gets with it. Anyway, now I am enjoying prospecting again and I hope to be able to test out a GPX6000 next month in the same area.
  3. On Sunday JW and I went back to one of our old detecting spots, it's the place I've been to the most and have detected it with various detectors all the way back to my GPX 4500 and Gold Monster and JW goes much further back than that with his detectors. It seems no matter how hard I try there is always more gold to be found in this spot, especially when new detectors or coils are involved. The place is heavily covered in shotgun pellets and unless you've got extreme patience you're going to miss some tiny gold by ignoring the small surface pellets which means you'll likely ignore the smaller surface bits of gold also. I used to dig and recover everything that beeped but I've lost patience for that in this spot, remarkably JW did just that on this day, he had a good handful of pellets where as by rejecting everything that moved in the first couple of pick scrapes I only ended up with about 10 pellets all day, I certainly detected a hundred or more though. It's good going detecting with JW, you can't buy experience and he has a lot of it so I always end up learning quite a bit on days detecting with him, he's a wealth of knowledge on the local areas. As I was seeing the GPX 6000 for the first time I took along my little test sticks that Geotech sent me for testing my QED on shotgun pellets to compare the result to other coils and detectors. I only bothered with the #9 and #6 lead shot as they especially the #9 are the most difficult for detectors to pick up. So JW turned on his GPX with the 11" Mono coil and we went to see how it responds on those pellets, it wasn't meant as a scientific test I just wanted to get an idea of how the GPX compares to the 12" CC and obviously other coils I'm using. Unfortunately the GPX was a bit unstable when first turned on, JW has been normally using headphones with it and not the speaker but we needed to use the speaker so we could both hear the response. A few retunes and me turning my phone off helped a bit but it wasn't overly stable, we pressed on and tested anyway in manual and auto+ and the results were somewhat of a surprise to me and not what I was expecting. Unfortunately the little #9 pellet fell off the stick into grass somewhere in the area as I was walking around so not as much testing was done as I would have liked to have done. I guess I'd hyped the GPX 6000 up in my head to be much better than it ended up being by comparison to what I've got and I guess I did this due to all the talk of Gold Monster type sensitivity with it, there is no chance its as sensitive on tiny gold as a GM, it is however like a supercharged GM once the gold is a bit bigger. I'm pretty confident with my current setup and coils along with the fact I can run in HY/Normal with a high gain and not be troubled by EMI so I'm really not missing much, if anything at all so I'm quite glad I didn't let my excitement of a new product make me jump onboard with a GPX prior to at least seeing one in action. I really don't think I need one now so that saves me some money, the light weight was fantastic though, it felt like a VLF in weight, although it seemed to me build strength has suffered a bit because of the weight, it's lost that solid feel of the GPZ. It's not that I don't like the GPX, I thought it was fantastic, I just don't see the cost / benefit ratio adding up at all. In saying all of that the difference for someone in hotter soils could be very different, the GPZ performance in difficult on small gold as is not near the performance it has in normal so the 6000 may well shine then, the difference in mild soils is less telling especially with the coils I have to use on my 7000. I'll wait and see what future coils add to the 6000 and revisit the idea of getting one then if necessary, I am sure JW will want to get his hands on the 10x6" X-coil once it's released. We decided enough messing around and started detecting, I just turned on the detector right where we dumped our backpacks and started detecting there, I figured I may even find the missing #9 pellet, and it was not even a couple of minutes and I had a target, it survived a couple of pick scrapes so I was confident it was less likely to be pellet and started to get a bit excited, surely not, gold already? It did turn out to be a little nugget. My photography skills let me down, it's sitting o nthe coil above the O in X-coils 🙂 I went over and saw JW and showed him the nugget, he was about 50 meters away I guess, we were both surprised I got one already, especially with how often we have detected this spot. He was in the middle of recovering a shotgun pellet at the time with the 11" Coil still on. I went back to the spot and detecting around it hoping there might be another one, and there was! This time I was more prepared as once I was confident it wasn't a surface pellet I turned on the video on my phone to capture it. I'm no Hollywood producer, so you'll have to put up with my rudimentary video skills, I didn't do any editing just stitched a couple of parts together to make it a single video. I'm pretty sure this is the photo to match the video 🙂 and the nugget. I kept detecting around the little area and had a 3rd target, this is getting weird, I just don't understand how we both have missed these in the past, that's gold prospecting for you. As I was again confident I had a nugget I also filmed this one. This was the one I think, hopefully the photos match up to the video, it's hard to tell as all the gold bits look similar size 🙂 This is the area my first 3 pieces came from, the hole in the front of the photo is the second piece I found, the pick is where the 3rd piece was and the second bit was behind that rose bush between where the pick is and the big rock. They're all sort of running down hill from each other. At the end of this video I looked up and showed the dirty great big high voltage transmission lines above us, these seemed to act up a bit on the GPX where as I was completely immune to them with the GPZ, JW had all three GPX coils with him to try them out at this spot, he'd never even used the 17" or 14" DD before and the 17" felt a bit heavy without a harness which he didn't have with him and also acted up more with the EMI. After the morning part of the day and him sifting through a handful of shotgun pellets and finding 3 little bits of gold he decided he'd give the 14" DD a go after lunch. He was very dedicated, digging so many pellets to get his bits of gold where as I was ignoring all these little surface to a couple of inch type targets aiming instead for deeper targets, I wasn't hunting the bedrock instead going for the grassy deeper soil areas. We were discussing the depth advantage these Concentric coils give us so I wanted to stay off bedrock and hunt the deeper ground hoping to find something. We were now on 3 nuggets each and decided we'd have some lunch. Once the DD was on his GPX is really quietened down, it ran really nice, the performance on small gold seemed good too, and we were able to detect near each other without the GPX being bothered by it, the GPZ is no issue, especially with the Concentic coils. I'd just found my next piece of gold and walked over to JW who was now able to detect quite close to me and he was digging a target, his first deeper bit of the day and it was with the DD, a similar size to my pieces, it was good to watch the recovery. You'll see someones quite substantial dig hole just below my smaller dig hole where my coil is sitting, this was my next nugget. My smallest bit of the day, a reasonable depth too, and the target really stood out, unmistakable. Whoever dug the hole below it missed this one. Hard to see the dig hole in the photo. Here is a photo of the power lines, it's a shame they look a lot further away in the photo than they really are. It's only a short walk up to them, I once found a piece of gold right under them with my Gold Monster, I've not taken any of the Concentric coils up under them but I should, it handles other power lines fine and I may find gold others have missed with detectors that struggle more under them. Things were starting to dry up for both of us now, we had 4 nuggets each at this stage so we stopped for a drink and snack and decided we would walk over a little gully into an area I haven't detected as much, I'd been over there with my Equinox some time ago, I don't recall finding anything except a zillion pellets. As I was largely ignoring shallow targets I was likely missing some small gold but I wasn't worried about that, it was too hot to recover so many targets when almost all of them would be pellets, I admired JW's determination doing that, his pellet collection was getting huge. I then had a quite shallow target, but it was not a pellet, I thought it might be a boot tack as it was a loud booming signal. I figured I'd recover it as you never know, at least it's not going to be a pellet. The hole was quite shallow, and it turned out to be a bit of gold, glad I dug that one. It really screamed too. Around a similar time JW had found his 5th nugget too, we were neck and neck all day, once one was ahead the other caught up, the challenge of keeping up with JW on gold finds works as a good motivator to me, the little competition is pretty fun but I rarely could keep up with him, this time I managed to. Anyway, here are the weights of mine This is the second last nugget I found, the smallest one of the day which is no surprise as I was avoiding shallow targets on purpose, it was the one that had someone elses dig hole just below it. This is quite funny, two the exact same weight, vastly different looking nuggets though. and my total, almost a gram! And here are JW's nuggets, mostly smaller than mine with him targeting those surface targets but it's hard to tell in the photo, we checked his smallest one on my coil and I was able to get it. We just put all his nuggets on the DD coil, 3 of them were found with the 11" Mono. The biggest one was with the DD. So all in all a fun day out, and we both managed to get some nuggets in a place that we didn't expect to really get anything much if at all so can't complain about that. These last two photos are just some shots of the area we were detecting, the grass is quite an annoyance but smaller coils handle it fine, I just use the GPZ to squish it down as I run over it, JW has a bit of trouble with the shaft twisting on the GPX doing that sort of thing.
  4. Absolutely fantastic actually! I did a lot of filming. Will have a video posted within the next week. Cheers!
  5. Nugget Hunting a Hydraulic Pit Me and Gary @Two Toes head deep into the Sierra's in search of those elusive Gold Nuggets the Old timers missed. Yes I include Gary in with the Old Timers as he has Detected this spot before. Nugget Hunting in a Hydraulic pit isn't the easiest thing to do but it's one of the funnest and most rewarding ways of finding Gold. On this adventure we take three different Metal Detectors The Minelab SDC 2300, White's TDI, and a White's Gold Master V-Sat this allows us to use both Pulse Induction and VLF technologies in our search for Gold and Treasures. Watch as we pull those Gold Nuggets the old timers missed over a hundred years ago out of the ground !!!!! Gary finds a old Lead soldered painted Can with Gold inside what did the Old timers us it for ? I find Six musket balls encased in rotting wood how long have those been there ? Plus Many many old square Nails !!!!! Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the adventure we sure had fun finding all the cool stuff and wondering what and how they used it. SG 046
  6. First off, I have been off the forums for a while. It's not that I have not been out prospecting, but to be honest, things have just been a little down the last couple years... and well, maybe I got a little in the habit of not talking to people. I'm sure everyone knows the feeling. Anyways, I did a trip with a couple buddies to an area we have been expanding upon for years. (in the desert of Arizona) We do ok here and there. Usually, I have quite the luck, but this time my buddy was rocking it. He managed to stumble upon a patch and true to his word, after he collected a few, he called out to me so that I could come home with a little gold as well. It sounds weird, but when we travel off to a place, we try to make sure everyone goes home with gold. This usually means, get 2 or 3 pcs, you call your buddies over. So I got there and went to work. After a couple hidden cans, I found my first square specimen (sort of strange piece) and then we took turns until I had found my second piece. Well at this point, we were content. My buddy that found the patch kept looking and so I moved on, thankful that I would not go home with the skunk. At this point it was time to get away from the patch and find new areas. I tried washes nearby and then ended up circling to the other side of the hill with the patch. I see a little flat area and head right up to it. It only seemed like seconds when I got a booming signal. Once in the scoop, it wasn't long before I felt the weight fall into my hand. It ended up being a nice chunky 11 grammer. This day just got better. Another smaller patch. Of course my buddies always rag on me for finding the chunkers and skipping over the smaller nuggets. I guess I can live with that. Honestly, it was just a good time hanging out. Some before and after pics are shown below. Best of luck to everyone in the New Year!!
  7. I enjoy a variety of MDing styles which keeps me on my toes with different detectors and models. To me, "golden find" a term and has many meanings. I'd like to share some of the Golden Memories I was able to make in 2021 while enjoying my metal detectors with many friends in different states. 2021 is finally over and even though there were many restrictions and some negative in our lives I did manage to escape on occasion and enjoy what I've been doing for near 50 years (metal detecting). Here's some of my better digs while on adventures with friends as we shared laughter, made cool discoveries & great memories. These are my besties of 2021. Best Nugget, coin, ring, tag, Railroad, space rock, silver day & non metal eye find. May the 2022 year bring your recover tool many treasures of golden memories. I hope to see you share with us all on Detector Prospector those precious treasures and memories about to be made. Let's see your Besties of 21. My best piece of gold dug in NV while swinging a GPX-6000. . Best coin was an 1875 Seated Liberty Dime found at an old mining camp in Dakotas while chasing gold, with EQ-800 and CoilTek 10" Ellip NOX coil. Best ring was scooped just last week in water off a Cancun beach, it's Platinum with at least a 1/2 carat diamond while swinging an EQ-600 and stock 11" coil. Best tag is a pretty ornate 1913 Dog Tax Tag from Ogden, UT found in Idaho with EQ-800. Best Railroad item... is a NNRY lock found in NV at a RR stop with EQ-800. What's so unique about this find, besides it being rare? We were on our way to hunt gold in NV and I wanted to stop at a RR site on the way down. I told them I wanted to spend 1/2 day looking for a lock. Just before the end of the hunt...bang a Northern Nevada Rail Way lock is in my hand. Best find from outer space. A nice meteorite sunbaking in the AZ cactus fields while swinging a GPZ-7000. Best silver day was in Idaho the 1st day I used the CoilTek 15" round NOX coil on my EQ-800, 8 silvers. Most interesting unexpected save happened in Nevada while Lunk and I were detecting a mining camp. We were using the CoilTek 14" Semi Ellip and 10" Ellip NOX coils on our EQ-800's and found a mini cache of (over 30) early American gold gilted rings from the 1860/70's. This was a fun day of digging. Best non metal find was near a high desert spring in Nevada while hunting gold. It was a surface find with my eyes. Nice arrowhead of milky white quartz. Most odd and funny find of 2021. I was hunting gold in Nevada desert and literally in gods country. I get a beep and in a sage bush is this clowns horn. I laughed at myself and the horn for at least 10 minutes and still to this day have no clue how or why it ended up where it was. Most valuable find of 2021. All the friends by my side on the adventures I took part in. At times were treated to 5 star meals, top shelf liquors and plenty laughter/stories to tell. Getting to meet some of the most respected names in the industry and at other times helping to teach new folks who will eventually be on here sharing their own experiences for the future. Memories were created, history was saved and friendships made. Happy New Year DP Friends, After I look back at it all, maybe 2021 wasn't all that bad, it least not while having a detector near my side.
  8. When I find a gold specimen like this, I usually don't get too excited about cleaning it. One of the main reasons is this type of gold specimen when going through the cleaning process will lose some or all its shape and character resulting in a disappointing specimen and reducing the value which in most cases it would be better to leave the specimen in its originally state. I decided to gamble and see what it's true potential might be for aesthetic and value. This gold specimen before going through the cleaning process weighed in at 55.1 grams. You can see the gold has permeated throughout the host rock and no visual indication if the specimen will hold its shape and character. In the final cleaning process, I did leave some of the host rock for stability as the specimen would have become too fragile by removing all of it. The gold specimen after going the cleaning process lost 5.57 grams of gold resulting in the specimen now weighing 28.43 grams. Sometimes you must gamble.
  9. “Debbie Smikoski from MineLab and Kevin Hoagland from the GPAA out with us for their expertise on metal detectors and geology/lode mining. This is an unforgettable day of mining.”
  10. Finally got to do some gold testing on a couple of rings I found, a small ring on a hill behind my house, and a wave ring I got beach hunting. My wife is happy. 😀 The ring I found on the hill, on the left, tested out at 10k. 10k solution on left and 14k on right. Here is the test for the wave ring, 18k on the right and 22k on the left. The hill ring may have had a stone or maybe is an earring. It has a dark spot where something appears to have been attached. The wave ring was a 1 ID, and the other was a 5. Glad I have proof I've found gold with my Equinox 600. 😎
  11. Even though I just got a brand new nox 800, I decided to grab the 705 today because it had a larger coil and I intended to search for deep silver and relics at an old park that I have hunted heavily in the past. The coil is a CORS strike in triple frequency. I set the machine in it's lowest frequency with the sensitivity maxed out and began searching in coin mode all metal. My first target was a snap off a jacket or jeans . My next target was jumping from iron to high tones and I called it iron but it was deep so I dug anyway, I was way surprised to see a glint of gold at the bottom of the hole. I pulled it out and it was this nice 10k gold ring with opal and 2 small diamonds. It is my second gold ring this year and possibly my last find of the year as the weather here in Montana is getting quite nasty. Started snowing shortly after finding the ring and I called it quits for the day.
  12. If you have a few extra dollars in that IRA then you might want to buy this. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10203363/Massive-20lb-gold-nugget-big-babys-head-near-Klondike-sale-1million.html
  13. Never thought I'd be finding nuggs in December, a first for me! Prospected a new spot for 3.5hrs yesterday and spot looks promising! I'll be all over it next season. Goldmonster got these......... 2.4g
  14. Hello All, I have a lot of video footage and pictures from earlier this season, mostly around the Summer time. I'm just getting some free time to get some of the stuff uploaded and posted. I figured this would be a nice nugget to post and see right before the Thanksgiving weekend. This piece was found under about a foot of hardpack, caliche gravels. This particular gold nuggets, as seen in the video was wedged in a bedrock crack/crevice. Just makes you think how many years (hundreds, thousands?) this piece has been hiding there. The nugget was difficult to remove from hand tools as we didn't want to damage the piece not knowing the actual size or shape. We ended up using a Hammer Drill with a chisel bit to extract the gold nugget. The nugget ended up weighing right at 1/4 ounce solid. We also found another smaller one, about 1/2 Gram in the same crack prior to this piece. I dug the first smaller one out, but knew it was way too loud of a signal on the GPZ 7000 for it to be that small nugget. Low and behold, we scanned over the spot again and the signal was pretty much just as load as originally. Tool used were the Minelab GPZ 7000, Minelab GPX 6000, Garrett AT Pinpointer, hand tools, picks and the Hammer Drill. Here is a short video below of the gold nugget find and extraction. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks God we are able to enjoy such a wonderful hobby searching for gold. P.S. If you enjoy these video, Subscribe to our Nuggethunting channel to follow us. Thanks for watching. Any comments are appreciated.
  15. After helping Gerry train a fabulous group of customers with their new gold detectors at Rye Patch in northern Nevada, I finally got the chance to get down and dirty with my GPX-6000 on some of the old hammered patches in the region's goldfields during the last couple weeks or so. For me to say that I'm impressed with the 6k's performance at these locations would have to be the understatement of the year; some were like detecting a brand new patch, just with smaller nuggets. Based on my finds, the GPX 6000 seems to be lighting up gold of certain sizes, depths, densities, textures and alloys that have eluded other gold detectors, primarily small nuggets that were too deep for the previous tech. I've also noticed digging more electrum (silver-gold alloy) nuggets with the 6k, as well as surprisingly shallow, larger dinks that had me scratching my head in disbelief that the GPZ 7000 didn’t ping them.🤷‍♂️ All up, 131 nuggets with a combined weight of 3/4 ounce troy: The frost is hitting the windshield in the mornings now, so I'm off to warmer weather and more golden goodies in the sunny goldfields of Arizona! 😎 So long, Rye Patch, and thanks for all the nuggets.
  16. Weatherman claimed sunny and 50 degrees today so last night I charged batts and dug all my crap out to get ready for todays hunt! Grabbed the 2300 and the Monster and headed out this morn, 24 degrees when I left the shack. I get to the area I figured should have little if any snow...but NOOOOO. Had to use 4WD, trees across road from previous windstorm so had to hike in, couple inches snow with a few bare spots. Sun never did cut through the fog and hands/feet got real cold. Managed to pop 3 littles (.9g) so actually had a good day considering. SDC got 2 and the Monster got one. Glad I got out even though anyone with half a brain would have stayed home....lol Had a great season and best part is property owners have invited me back for next season. This is the last of them for this season...I'm done!!
  17. Hello All, Here is a short video of a very nice crack/crevice we found earlier this year during the Summer Monsoons. Prior to this find, we were just weekend warriors placering various areas and metal detecting for nuggets finding a small handful of nuggets per day. We were not finding anything to really write home about, just the common US nuggets from about a quarter gram and up to 3-4 grams. Working one of these dry creeks, we were hitting a few nuggets in the cracks, but found one we decided to chase down deeper. Normally we don't do this, as digging down several feet or more to bedrock can be a lot of work, especially if you don't recover anything. We had a wild hair, so we decided to do so and this spot paid off very well. As you can see in the video below, the crack started off with two amazing gold nuggets, one was 2.2 ounces solid (just a flat lump) and the other was 1.01 ounces. The gold nuggets were almost side by side in the same crevice as shown. We ended up finding 3-4 smaller gram sized nuggets in the same crevice, but the bedrock popped right up and the gold just disappeared. It was a great moral boost for the Summer season, as it's normally pretty hot and nasty during the Summer Monsoons in the Southwestern US. The tools we normally use are shovels, metal rake, crevice tools, metal detector(s) and pinpointer. We were using the Minelab GPZ 7000 with the new Nugget Finder Z Search 12" coil in this video. The pinpointer we typically use is the Garrett AT Pinpointer (Orange one). Hope you all enjoy the video. If you would like to follow us on Youtube, make sure you "Subscribe" to our channel to see all the new videos. Wishing you all a Happy upcoming Thanksgiving and a wonderful prospecting season. Hope you all have some lunkers under your coils this season! Rob
  18. I don't care what you own, like or swing. I know who the King of detectors is at Rye Patch. Over 60 nuggets on my last trip there and part of the time was even after record 100 yr rains saturated the soils. The Minelab GPX-6000 owns Rye Patch for Success and no other detector made (including the GPZ-7000) can get these results. I just love the characteristics of NV gold.
  19. I recently was looking at a new place when I was hiking and found some interesting samples. I bought a cheap digital microscope to get a closer look and think I found something good but want some opinions before I get them assayed. Anyone want to help?
  20. Thought I would share a few Christmas Ornaments for all of you prospectors out there. I realize this time of year is rough on some of us, as the ground is frozen and the gold is hibernating below. If anyone wants to add some pics to spice up the tree, please do so. After all..the heavier it gets, the more it shines. Whoever adds the most interesting photo will get a free Minelab hat (US mailing only). Merry Christmas from Gerry's Detectors
  21. A friend is here helping me while I recover from arm surgery… I’m running the Kubota and we’re pushing in my front yard… within 100’ of my front door. Well done Mark…
  22. I'm sure he'll post about it but will someone please call the AU Fish & Game, Gerry's taking undersize again... put that stuff back Gerry.... LOL https://www.facebook.com/1561969989/videos/991165008278124/ Jen
  23. Hopefully this link works. Was said found using a dredge and he spotted it. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4810499562315206&id=100000656292999
  24. Had another good month hunting the low tide wet sand slopes at a few local beaches. Some large surf eroded out a few areas, lots of black sand and lots of targets! Spent half the time in "All-Metal" and half in "Tone Mode". For me, tone mode comes in very handy when weeding out those annoying pesky tent stakes when there is an abundance of them on the beach. I ran stock settings for tone mode and it worked out great at one of the beaches I was working that was littered with tent stakes! The find of the month was a nice 14k LeVian ring, the surprise find of the month was another gold tooth crown, which makes my 3rd for the year! Acid tested it and confirmed it's 18k. I see Compass found one recently too. You would think the cremation process would completely melt the crowns into blobs, I guess the heat doesn't reach that point? Anyway it was a fun month. I went out recently after the oil spill for a night time negative low tide hunt, beaches were pretty sanded in unfortunately. I did encounter some tar blobs on the beach, but I always wear muck boots when hunting the wet sand anyway so I had no issues with oil on my feet. I was surprised to see a surfer out in the night time waters and also someone walking their dog on the shore.. So totals for the month were: 10k - 2.1 grams 14k - 15.7 grams 18k Dental Gold - 4.1 grams 925 - 3.65 oz Thanks for looking, GL & HH out there!
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