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  1. Dealing with some family issues me, my wife and a group of friends finally made a trip to the central Colorado mountain’s to search for gold specimens on tailing piles that have been productive in the past. Part of the group this was their first time using a detector searching for gold specimens. After a brief overview of the history and different areas to search, we spent some time setting up the different types of detectors to achieve the best results. We then took off in different directions with some partnering up with others for additional instruction. It didn’t take long for the 10,000+ foot altitude to begin taking its toll and the steep terrain limiting the area they wish to search as everyone was cautious for their well-being while detecting. The group detected for three days and four specimens were found. Here are a few pics showing the wire and leaf gold specimens as found and then cleaned: Close up of the largest gold specimens: Couple of us detecting on the tailing piles:
  2. Hi guys. Been really sick, still am kind of, recovered about 50%. But came back and saw some notifications. Two can't find. But, I reckon before I got sick I shot off at a member here and may have got it wrong. So, you know who you are and no hard feelings mate, my bad this time. To the Boss, Steve, same, my bad. Still not right though, real bad virus. Haven't felt like this in over 20 yrs. Got fed up of laying around coughing, sweating, nausea so got out. Felt great, kind of, short sessions though and glad to get home. But small wins regardless. 1st pic at the head of a deep lead in the very very last throw outs going up a mountainside. 2nd total virgin ground, very scattered, no rhyme or reason, been there before and it's like "toss a coin" direction you go.
  3. Found this little guy on my second hunt with the nox. Just barely registers at .01g on the scale. It rang clear at 2 inches deep. I'm hunting in trashy hydraulic pits that have been hit hard with PI's and VLF's but I think I'm the first equinox user. I never thought I could remain sane hunting these areas but this machine changes everything. Only iron I dug was the old burro shoe.......pretty cool!! Im in gold 2, sensitivity 18-20 the rest all stock settings. Thanks
  4. River Detecting for Gold Nuggets See who gets the Biggest Nugget Gold Prospector's Jeff ( Smithsgold ) and Gary ( Two Toes ) Head to the Hills in search of rare Gold Nuggets. Watch and see who gets the most Gold and the Biggest Nugget. SG 010
  5. Finally had a good sized nugg turn up for me. Hunted Fri. and Sat. over near Helena and drug up 8 pieces but I lost one little dink so only 7 in totals pic. Definitely did the happy dance and still can't believe I finally stumbled onto a big one!!!! Enjoy!
  6. Some of Northern Nevada placers hold some true works of art! Most are covered by a tough coating of caliche, I always have a bottle of CLR in the back of my truck and at the end of the day's hunt they get their baths to show their special features. Most of these special chevron or other crystal type nuggets never make it home and end up with another prospectors poke/collection. My favorite are the nuggets that have crystalline features on both sides of the nugget. Here are a couple that I've found in the last month that didn't make it home with me. Until the next hunt. Feel free to show your favorite nugget(s) on this thread! LuckyLundy
  7. With yesterday being fathers day I went down to my claim with my dad. Targeted the same spot as last time where I got 3.2g in an hour. This time we spent almost 4hrs and did a huge amount of digging but only managed to find 1.2g. Including a little specimen, which is a bit more rare for that area.Such is life, golden day out with dad though.
  8. So got back out to my one nugget producing spot here in VA, this past Saturday. Four of us in total went I was swinging the GPX4800 with the 15x12 commander mono coil, my buddy was swinging my equinox 800 with stock coil, and my two other friends (the ones who originially found this place), were swing the GPX5000 with a 11 commander DD coil. In total i got 4 nice nuggets for the day, the GPX5000 got 2 and the equinox 800 unfortunately got skunked. Biggest nugget was 2.3 grams, smallest was 6 grains. I also got a steel ball that came from a civil war case shot shell. All three detectors ready to go for the next days planned adventure. Fording the high creek water to get to the detecting area. Collapse mine shaft. Case Shot Case shot second pic Dirt gold right out of the ground All cleaned up and purty On the detectors coil All the trash dug in the search for gold. 100+ pieces. I got some good video footage so i should have a video up in the next few days.
  9. I have been working an old area that mostly has fine gold, though I have detected and recovered a few nuggets up there. But it's not a big producer. There are bench deposits of old river gravels on bedrock above the main channel, so naturally I worked to bedrock. The deeper I dug, the worse values turned up. Bedrock is key, right? Not here. Turns out the gold is actually sitting on top of the ancient hard pack! Once I learned that whenever the gold was deposited, it could go no deeper than the crunchy stuff I was able to get some nice chunky gold out to add to my collection. Hope this helps someone else out. Interesting that it must have weathered after the river bed was cemented, and it's rough enough to show that it hasn't travelled far.
  10. Hi guys and girls, My wife is due to give birth to our second child next weekend so I thought I'd squeeze in a quick trip up to the local gold field to find some gold. We'd had a fresh dusting of snow on the higher hills the day before and so my very pregnant wife, daughter and mother in law decided to tag along to try and find some snow. We drove up to the same spot I last went to on our claim with my 2yo daughter. I was dropped off at the creek and the ladies continued on up the hill for a snow/picnic adventure. We arranged to meet back at the road in 1.5hrs time. The spot I chose has a 1.5m high gravel/clay Bank resting on bedrock. Flooding has exposed the bedrock at the base and on our last trip we were successful in finding gold by removing the remaining material off the bedrock and detecting the nooks and crannies. This time I applied the same method and soon found my first piece of perhaps 0.3g. There were some very large worms in some of the gravely clay which were very impressive! Some almost half a meter long! So I managed to get 6 pieces for one hours digging and detecting. The largest was 1.6g and the total weight was 3.2g. A perfect quick mission before baby arrives. Alas the ladies didn't find any snow. Cheers
  11. My little brother shared with me a couple recent finds over the weekend with his EQ-800 and stock 11" coil. Smaller specimen is 48.5 grams and its bigger brother is a sly heavier at 53.5 grams. Each piece probably has close to 8 to 12 grams of gold in them and in todays value approx. $300 to $500. What is so cool about this style of gold, is a GPX-5000 will not see it. In fact what further makes many minds wonder is why the GPZ-7000 misses many of them as well? I've personally found larger pieces in the multi ounce range and they have over 1 ozt of gold in them, but I try my best to get a GP/GPZ or GPZ to read and I get nothing. On occasion some are heard with a bigger machine, but then the VLF can see them 12" away. Moral of the story? Just owning a big dog detector for a variety of gold is a mistake and most owners don't know. So you better own both to have all bases covered.
  12. KiwiJW and I had a busy weekend, he'd just flown to Christchurch (The South Islands biggest city) to pick up his new Toyota Landcruiser or as I call it the monster truck and he had to drive it back down to Queenstown to pick up his caravan to tow it up to Christchurch to swap it over for his new Caravan. I went on the journey up to swap it over, it's about a 6 hour drive each way through some stunning countryside and a very nice drive. We were going to spend the night up there but decided it's best to take the drive up and back in one day so then we had the next day free for some gold detecting! Great idea! John now has two big new toys to enjoy, the Monster truck tows a caravan like it's not even there ? The spot we decided to detect is a place John had taken me on my first ever successful day detecting for Gold, I had tried to go back there a couple of times and got lost trying to find it. I was sure there was more gold there but it's in a difficult to find place in wild bush. My last attempt at finding the place I only just got out of the bush before dark and I had no light with me, I almost had to stay the night. John found the spot with ease and off we went detecting. He was using his Gold Monster 1000 and I used the Equinox 800 with 6" coil. There is a lesson in this post for Equinox users on finding tiny gold. The thing I like about this location is being as remote as it is there is no junk except that left behind by the old gold miners, and that junk doesn't bother me at all. Shotgun pellets are my enemy and fortunately these aren't a problem in this spot. If you get a good target in this spot, it's more than likely going to be gold, although my first target was mostly reading VDI 1, 2 on the Nox but jumping regularly down to -7, -8 then back up to 1, 2, a bit of an all over the place reading. It was down in a crack in the bedrock and I spent about half an hour smashing away at the bedrock to get it out, I wasn't sure what to do so asked JW who said just keep smashing away and he came over to help, we eventually got it out, much faster with JW's help and it turned out to be a tiny little bit of metal, possibly lead or zinc or something, but tiny. How it got so far down in the bedrock I don't know. This was my only junk find of the day. Next up was another target, this one was constantly in the -5 , -6 range but I knew this spot had small gold and I also knew there was virtually no junk here, the only targets in this location I ignore is ones that go a solid -8, -9 on the VDI's which is what the hot rocks in the area do, rocks bigger than a car or even a house can show a -8, -9 over the entire rock surface in this area, anything else could possibly and likely is gold. This little scraped out area to the left of my coil is where this target was located, in this photo I'd done a scrape to get to the bedrock to improve the signal before recovering the target. You'll see we are high up on a creek side, probably about 50 meters (164 feet) above the creek. Gold can be in the most unlikely places. That edge there has a big drop down to the creek and it's just rock with a thin later of soil and some grass growth of it. Now that I'd done my scrape with about 5cm of soil the target ID had improved drastically from the -5, -6 it was getting to a very repeatable 1, 2, I knew this was unlikely to be a shot gun pellet here so I was confident I had my first bit of gold. I scraped the leftover soil into my scoop and narrowed it down and here is the little sucker. You'll see the little spec in the middle of the scoop. and here it is next to the EQX06 on the coil. All 0.011 grams of it. John was digging away with his GM1000 beeping like mad and he was digging for quite a while in one spot so I knew he was on the gold. I figured I'd go explore further away and leave this area for him and passed a number of old rock piles and an old shovel head. The new location paid off and I quickly got another signal bouncing between -6 and -3 and knew it was going to be gold again If you look closely once I'd cleared the leaf litter away there was a crack in the bedrock, still detecting as -5 or so but I knew it was gold It's almost identical to the last piece and the same weight I next walked up to the cliff edge again where it drops off to the creek and started detecting the rock along the drop off, It wasn't even 10 minutes and I had another hit, again in the -6 to -3 range never once flicking into the positive numbers but my confidence was high it was also gold until there appeared to be two targets. It was in a crevice in the rock again but seeing there seemed to be two targets right near each other I was worried it was a hot rock spot. I cleared away the leaf litter and recovered the targets from the crevice, still never once reporting positive Target ID numbers Out popped this nugget, my biggest so far. Next to the EQX06 again as usual And now to recover the second target. Still stuck in the negative numbers on VDI due to the crevice not letting me get the coil close enough to get accurate ID's Another little tiddler ? The consistent thing happening was all nuggets were coming up in the negative VDI numbers until I was able to get the coil very close to them, you can't rely on positive numbers like the usual 1 and 2 VDI's on this tiny gold. Anything -7 or higher can be small gold. I experimented and checked out -8 and -9 targets but they always ended up just being rock, even small portions of a large rock were coming up as hot rock at -8 and -9 but the -7 and up numbers were consistently gold. For those wondering my settings were Gold 1, sensitivity 25 (max), Horse shoe pressed for all metal mode, I had manually ground balanced although in this location there was extremely mild soils. The other thing I had changed was the iron bias, I'd set that at 0. Detecting around more I got another hit, this one was on more flat ground and was coming up the usual 1 and 2 on the VDIs Another little tiddler. I was confident now I had learnt the secret to the Nox and small gold. Never ignore those negative numbers. I was lucky in this location there was next to no junk so it made this lesson easy, in other locations this method could lead to digging tonnes of junk. I went back to John's area to show him my finds and he was still at this same spot digging away in the same hole he was in when I left. We were both sitting on 5 nuggets each although his were bigger! It's extremely rare for me to have as many nuggets as John with his mighty GPZ, near impossible so I had a chance to beat him this time I just had to find one more!!! I was going to walk back to my spot and keep trying in that area but I walked past a nice crevice, I checked it and nothing, no signal at all but I knew the Nox coil can't get down in crevices well which later I learnt isn't exactly correct, it's coil edges just aren't sensitive all the way around like a concentric coil so I started clearing out the crevice, I got a large part of the dirt and leaf litter out of it and checked it again and I had a hit, another -4 to 1 signal bouncing around a lot. Here's my winner! I knew I had gold. John hollered out what's all that noise, I said I'm onto something I had cleaned out the crevice pretty good and had a signal in there somewhere but It had me stumped, it wasn't in the crevice, it was in the rock itself in the crevice next to it which seemed to come to an end. I smashed away at the rock and a big chunk broke off and inside it was some really fine plant roots from the little bit of grass that you'll see in the broken off bit of rock below.. The coil is sitting in the first cleaned out crevice, the gold wasn't in this one, it was in the one below, that big bit of rock with grass on it was the one I broke out. The grass roots were where the bit of gold was to be found. This piece of gold was deep, at least 3 inches, I am shocked I was able to detect it, I thought it was going to be pretty big as it was one of my best signals of the day and it was deeper than anything else I'd detected, but no, it was tiny. The embarrassing thing about this recovery is I sat the piece on my coil in my usual spot next to the EQX06 branding and stood up to get my phone out of my pocket to take the photo and knocked the detector over, the gold went flying. John heard me say something, I don't recall what I said but I sure was angry! It took me a good 15 minutes or more to recover the bit again, I was thinking it had fallen down in the crevice deeper than it was before and with the Nox coil not being overly sensitive around the edges I was struggling to find it, I had no target signal at all anywhere, I wasn't even sure it dropped in the crevice. I now see why people talk favorably about concentric coils with their sensitive edges. John pointed out I should have tried to use the tip of the coil rather than the sides, that's it's sensitive spot so I wasted a lot of time as it didn't cross my mind to try the tip/tail of the coil and used the sides, silly mistake on my part, the tip of the Equinox coil is indeed very sensitive. I just gradually cleaned all the soil out of the crevice with my fingers and scoop and eventually found the nugget. And my total for the day I also found a tiny spec in my gold jar, it must have broken off one of the "bigger" ones so if I was desperate and JW got 6 also I'd have a secret number 7 to win the day The Equinox can easily find Gold you would only ever expect to find with a gold pan. The little spec is on the scales, too small to give a reading, but I'm 100% certain it's gold and it was a new jar, I'd never used it before. The Equinox is an absolutely crazy sensitive machine to small gold, It's hard to believe how well it can do on the tiny stuff. I'm sure Multi IQ is the secret. Next we were off to KFC for dinner and back to JW's for a nap ready for another day prospecting We did a lot of exploring new places on this day, had a look around gold areas I'd never been to before and John was giving me a good history lesson of local gold mining. John took me to this old this trommel he knew about so I could see one on our exploring, we weren't detecting here, just having a look around at the old mining history of the area. We were thinking of using this to start up our own Kiwi Gold Rush show, John named the trommel Mini Me, and if you look closely you'll see our shiny new digger in the background. Jw next to "mini me" We went to a new location I'd never been to before later in the day detecting, I ended up with a skunk using the Equinox at this spot getting just an insane number of shotgun pellets and 22 shells as the gold just seemed to be too deep for a VLF. JW showed me how it's done with his GPZ, doing extremely well with it of course but that's his story. All I will say is the GPZ is an amazing machine, in fact it's insane how well it works and the tiny gold it can find at massive depth is just mental, I continue to be amazed how good the GPZ 7000 is, one day I will swing one.... one day.... as long as it doesn't lead to a divorce ?
  13. Got to go detecting on Saturday on good gold ground that was just recently clear cut. This area has been detected in the past but it is a huge area and the clear cutting has surely made more gold detectable. One of the guys who originally found this spot came with me. Having first hand experience on hand is always helpful. I was using the gpx 4800 with a coiltek 11 inch elite mono. I started off in normal and at the factory presets, after digging a number of hot ground signal, I switched to enhance and this removed the hot ground that was giving me issues. The first hour or so of detecting yielded normal small bits of trash, and one target that I thought for sure would be gold, but was a piece of rusty iron about a foot down in cemented gravels (that was a let down lol). We moved up to the logging road and began detecting it, after a few trash targets, I got a nice mellow signal, it was easily heard, and upon scrapping down about 3 to 4 inches out pops a coarse little 8 grain nugget, my first piece found with the gpx. I continued to detect this area of the road and pulled out three more small nuggets, the smallest being 5 grains and the largest just over a gram. By about noon the I was beat and the heat was almost hitting 90 with about 100% humidity. So we packed up and hiked back out. All in all I was very happy with the day, and it showed me what my gpx4800 is capable of, and now I have more trust in its ability to find small gold at pretty good depth. Then today I had to go down to my normal prospecting area and pull my dredge out, and while I was there I fired the gold monster back up and went to my little picker creek picker hole. Found some more nice little pickers with the monster, and finally got it over a larger nuggets. Man does it scream on bigger gold. The area that the bigger nugget was in looked like bedrock with no evident cracks. I had to bring the crow bar over and just ripped up the soft decomposing bedrock, and out pops a nice 1 gram nugget. I detected for about 1.5 hours and got 5 nice pieces with one being a little quartz and gold specimen piece. So all in all a fantastic weekend with gold from two separate locals, with two different detectors. Total gold was about 4.5 grams for the two short days of detecting in Virginia.
  14. Currently camped on the job in central Vic where comms are difficult, but here's a progress report. Been at it for a couple of weeks (I think ) but there are some results to report. I've been working solo a lot of the time but also with Reg when he's not too busy. We started off testing the new Detech 32" coplanar concentric which Stinky Pete kindly loaned us for a few days. What a coil! Although we didn't manage to put it over any deep gold, it's easily the deepest seeking coil we have ever used, yet sensitive to small targets as well. I'm ordering an 18" to 20" model as soon as they become available. Howard is busy planning mods to the QED so it can run them as well. I'm pretty excited about these coils. My friend Tony has been winding and using them for years with great prospecting success. Needless to say, he isn't interested in owning a "Z" Hang onto your GPX's folks, they're about to penetrate previously unreached depths! Some of the properties we've been prospecting are familiar and some are new. Always a buzz to finally get onto new ground after meeting with the "Cocky" and negotiating a deal. In some cases the ground has been detected before by others, but with careful gridding we always manage more. On one property we worked yesterday a previously detected patch yielded an additional ounce and a half in chunky colours (young blokes we were told) Perhaps they were ignoring screamers, but we're not complaining First up, my solo tally so far. largest piece (front) over half an oz. All found with QED PL2: - and our shared tally to be eventually split 50/50 . Again, largest piece (front) over half an oz detected by Reg: All gold located in patches on eroded Tertiary leads. Some pieces still have traces of the cement matrix they eroded out from. A general view of one of the Tertiary patches with Reg's young foxy "Boo" photobombing. Reg in the distance: Posted elsewhere on this forum, my two largest pieces, found under 500kv powerlines: A 400mm dig for a 5 grammer. I love that 18" Elite, it even centered shallow flyshite that doesn't register on my scales: That's all for now. To be continued - - -
  15. I checked that Tarnagulla specimen again today and it`s just about disintegrated, all that was holding the quartz together was the brown rock. You can`t really see it but there is a fair bit of powder gold in the pan. When I first sg`d it the sg said about 1½ ounces of gold but I doubt there is that much. I`ve put the pieces back in acid to get rid of the last bits of brown rock, then I`ll crush it all up and have a go at making my first ingot.
  16. Another of my customers wanted a light weight detector for his wife and one that could do it all (well most styles of detecting). So I told him the new Equniox 800 is the detector of choice for Multi Taks hunters. Here is her story of this amazing find. What was funny and not mentioned.. All the guys in camp were giving grief to her husband because she found the bigger pieces. Heck...I would be happy just to have my wife out there swinging with me. They did not realize how lucky he is. https://www.minelab.com/usa/community/success-stories/from-nugget-virgin-to-nugget-queen
  17. About 100 yards from the piece I got yesterday I came across a raked area about 30x30 ft and just about every raked area in Victoria tells you somebody got gold there. This piece was about 10 ft from the raked area. Still not a great deal of weight but it looks nice and about twice the size of yesterdays piece ☺️
  18. Wow, what a big nugget! Bill https://www.9news.com.au/national/gold-nugget-two-kilogram-160k-specimen-at-ballarat-unearthed-by-prospector-news-victoria/2568e03e-c0fc-4486-98f3-15f331f00072?ocid=social-9news
  19. I got out to Tarnagulla today for about 2½ hrs and as I was detecting back to the vehicle I got a birdshot sounding signal where someone had done a light scrape of the ground. Down about 1" and I really thought I was chasing birdshot, but when I had it in my hand, until I put my glasses on, I thought it was a rusty piece of steel. ?
  20. I have been scanning 35 mm Slides and came across a guy now resting closer to the gold. He was a real gentle man. He put a stop to my dredging when he let my wife wear his smaller 16 oz necklace. If I remember right that is a 30 plus oz in his hand. The third photo is my collection of coarse gold I dredged that year.
  21. Most of my finds pale into insignificance compared to some of the great gold that is displayed on this forum, but it is what it is. I got out for a couple of hours yesterday and got this piece about 10 mins after I got there, then nothing. The good thing about this spot is there is not a great deal in the way of rubbish, so I`m going to spend a bit more time there and hope a few more pieces pop up. Dave
  22. That speci I got a couple of weeks ago, I dropped it in Ali Brite about 5 days ago and it came up pretty good. After it was cleaned the SG came down a fraction, it now sg`s at 2.082 grams gold ?
  23. The wife and I got out for a couple of hour detect today and about 1 hour in I got a really iffy signal with the 7000 and it sounded like it was down maybe a couple of inches. I was really surprised when the hole started getting deeper and deeper and the target was still there. When I was down about 8" in hard ground I got the 2300 my better half was using so I could pinpoint cause I really couldn`t tell where in the hole it was and down about the 12" mark this piece popped out. Looking at it from the side it pretty well looks like a rock but all around the edges there are hundreds of tiny pinpoints of gold. It sg`s at 2.1 grams gold and is my biggest piece in quite some time. ?
  24. About 3 or 4 years ago I ran a post about a specimen I got at Tarnagulla at about 6" with pretty well no visible gold, and the sg for quartz said there was maybe 1½ ozs of gold in it, but because there was rock other than quartz, I really don`t know how much gold there actually is. At the time, I dropped it in acid and then promptly forgot about it till I came across it today. ? The main body of it is about half the size it started and there is now gold and gravel in the bottom of the jar. I`ve taken this photo of the biggest bit remaining, renewed the acid and dropped it back in. I wont forget it again (I hope). Sorry Mitchel, back to the dime ?
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