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Found 406 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have been a bit slack in coughing up posts of my adventures & finds over the last couple of weekends. So I will go back a couple of weekends to my first mountain E-bike mission up into the hills chasing gold. The challenge was always going to be just how do I carry everything on me on the bike. My only choice was to put it all into my backpack. Pro swing harness with WM12 & B&Z booster & twin speakers clipped onto it. Pick, pick holder & belt. Smoko bag & coffee thermos. The Zed with coil & shaft sticking out the top of the pack. That was going to be the biggest obstacle negotiating through bush & past rocky outcrops without getting the detector caught up on something & getting thrown off the bike, hopefully not down a ravine, or worse...breaking the detector shaft. Oh well....we will find out. So I was all packed up ready to go. Bike on the bike rack & I was off. Simon has committed himself to skiing every weekend day until the end of the ski season. So no Simon. He was up there somewhere on Coronet Peak. I got to as far as I could drive & got the bike all set up ready to go. It was all uphill from here. Having the backpack on certainly didn't help too much with balance & poise on the bike. I need to centralise the detector & tie it tight so it doesn't flop about. Lesson one. While it certainly was a lot quicker getting up the hill than walking, it was still bloody hard work & I was pretty knackered when I got to as far as I could ride. I then had to ditch the bike & carry on with backpack on & climb higher. Tee shirt was soaking wet. Still had a fair way to go Still a bit of snow in the shadows. Note the high sluiced gully center top of pic & the material "flowing" into the creek. Heading on up. That horizontal line cutting across the browe of the hill is a water race that would have feed the sluicing of that gully in the above pic. Up & up & time for a breather. Absolutely stunning country. I love it. Looking back down to the gully floor & the whole floor of the gully has been turned over by the old timers. All done by hand. After having a look around & a bit of a reconoscience I started detecting. I chose some exposed schist bedrock. I got a sweet sounding signal. Bingo. On the same run of bedrock another signal. I am way up from the gully floor but in a bit of a natural run off. Another small bit of gold. I noticed some rotten crumbling looking schist bedrock on a steep slope that looked promising. Got another signal. looking down the gully. A nice slug it was. There were a few finds that I didn't bother taking any pics as it was pretty steep & I always turn my phone off as it interferes with the detector. So sometimes it is a bit of a pain turning it on to take photos, so on some I didn't bother. I had to start thinking about heading out so I started my walk back down. Detecting as I went. I got to some alluvial/glacial gravels that were just above some old workings. I got a nice sounding signal. Looking down on the same dig Another sassy bit of gold. On the same gravels I got another nice hit. This one went down to a bit of depth. My biggest bit of the day. Then on the edge of some bedrock & these gravels, another signal. Another small bit of the good stuff. That was my lot, I had to get a wriggle on to get out before dark. Still had a bit of a walk back to the bike & then a bit of an uphill grind to get up out of this gully for the big downhill back to my wagon. I had seen quite a few broken glass bottles & on my walk back to the bike I saw a bit of green glass only just visible in the dirt. I carefully scraped around it with my pick. Expecting it to be just another broken bottle. But it wasn't. Gosh...that is a first. They are always broken. That one came home. On my walk back to the bike I came across three of my mates, & the only other life I saw all day apart from a few rabbits, which sums up the type of country I was in. Mountain goats. Had a close call riding the bike back down. I got a bit over confident coming down a very narrow part of the track with some over hanging brush. Sort of forgot about the detector sticking up out as much as it was. It clipped a bush & very nearly threw me off & over a bluff. Don't tell Mrs JW, ok Simon.....It tore the skid plate off the coil & I was so thankful it didn't break the shaft. Whew....& the skid plate did not sail off over the bluff. Sure was fun coming down, apart from that close call. WAY quicker & easier than walking. End result on the gold front was 12 pieces for 3.54 grams & believe it or not. Not one piece of rubbish. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  2. Here is another WA nugget! http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/09/21/massive-80g-gold-nugget-discovered-in-australia-by-retired-man-whos-been-searching-area-for-years.html Mitchel
  3. OK, so not really a BIG adventure....I just like the title!😄 I decided the Zed needed to get out and play, so we headed to northern Nv for a week...skipped my usual Rye Patch, and hunted 3 other areas instead. My 1st bit of gold was from Placerites, a sassy piece: Got a dink at Sawtooth, then moved on elsewhere. Had a couple skunked days but still enjoyed the scenery: Even found me a cool high desert hood ornament lol! Ended up with over a quarter oz, including a rough beauty of 3.9 grams about 12” deep: Wanted to meet Steve at the Nugget Shoot, but had to head home to meet up with some loggers up by my cabin. All in all, a great trip!
  4. Chris Ben

    Short Day Out

    Hi all, I had time for a half day hunt today, so I planned on going back to a couple spots we had found gold in the past, hoping to squeeze out another nugget or 2. Plan a was a bust so I made a beeline toward the truck. On the way walking over random ground perpendicular to all the washes I hit a nice smooth signal on a small ridge. Dug down about 6 inches and got it out of the hole. Turned out being a fist sized rock. Thought it was a hot rock at first, but the signal was too good, so I was hoping it was a possible meteorite. Washed it off and immediately saw quartz. So now I was hoping for a speci. (Which I have never seen from this area) I washed it off a little more and saw some gold!!! Not sure how much is in there, but when I got home and cleaned it better, I found more gold than I was expecting. I got back to the truck and was headed home when my girlfriend said they were running a couple of hours late, so I had a bit more time to detect. I decided to try a completely new area expanding a known gold district on my way home. I made my way into the hills to the place I wanted to check out. Looked promising, very similar geologic to the place I was just at. I only had time for about 20 minutes of detecting. So I headed up the nearest wash. Got a little way up and hit a nice mellow deep signal, dug down about a foot and half and found a 1961 nickel on bedrock, 3 feet away hit a similar signal let than a foot deep on bedrock again..another nickel 1984. Strange this was really out of the way and didn't find any trash. Only detected a small part of the wash when I had to head home. You can zoom in on the quartz and see a couple of spots of gold. Chris
  5. I`m still experimenting with cameras and this is a shot of the small stuff I have found over the last few months. I`m not looking for point oners but that`s what I`ve mainly been getting. I`ve dug plenty of deep holes, but unfortunately no deep gold, only deep rubbish. It`s a good thing this is just a hobby for me. 🙂
  6. - - - over an hour from the Nineties. I haven't successfully transposed it to digital format yet but I'm still working on it. The sound is present but my capture device isn't yet picking it up. I'm a bit over the moon about it really, some welcome good news following a tough week shooting drought weakened sheep - - Starring are some memorable characters from the earlier years of gold detecting, as well as some nice gold. Here's some early screen grabs, hopefully the final MPEG's will be of higher quality. 5 oz from Guys Rush, Rheola VIC. found at depth with Jimmy Stewarts 36" "Bismarck": 30 oz from Guy's Rush, Rheola VIC, found at depth with Jimmy Stewarts 36" "Bismarck":
  7. Was about 2hours into a skunk the other day, so I decided to head back to the main area I’ve been working this summer. There’s some sage and brush adjacent to the rock piles I had been moving....time to investigate! Pulled out a large sage and got the Monster in there...hit a good target right away! Nice little beauty: I proceeded to pull out more sage and rake aside the bed of needles and pine cones. I cleared a small area around a skinny little pine tree. I did leave that one clump alone to the left of the tree, as there is a HUGE anthill thing built up into it and I didn’t want to disturb them and get carried off into the hills by an angry army of ants lol! What a fun little area! It was like the skinny pine had shed gold lol.....here’s that afternoon’s Monster and drywasher finds. I got about the same amount the next day by scraping, detecting, and puffing the area some more! 😊
  8. It was a beautiful weekend in the forested hills of the Idaho goldfields, with temps in the low 70’s and plenty of sunshine and cool breezes. I took full advantage of the 3-day Labor Day weekend to continue working some old spots with the Minelab Equinox 800 in Gold Mode with the 6-inch coil. Saturday and Sunday saw a combined total of 24 bits with the Nox; I’m more amazed with the performance of this machine each time I use it. I switched gears on Monday however, and decided to swing the Gold Monster instead of the Equinox. It’s taken a back seat this summer, as I’ve been swinging the Nox almost exclusively. So much so that I’d nearly forgotten how good the GM 1000 is; even running the sensitivity at 10, it was much quieter than the Nox in hot ground. Between that and the Monsters simplicity of operation, along with its amazing sensitivity, I found myself falling in love with the machine all over again.😍 Definitely going to start using it more often, and not just because it found an additional 12 bits of yellow. So all up, 36 pieces for the extended holiday weekend, with a combined weight of 3.1 grams.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-45468159
  10. A year or so ago a mate of mine gave me a camera and I have had varying degrees of success with it. I finally today worked out what I have been doing wrong with it and this is the small stuff I have found in the last couple of weeks. Thanks very much for the camera Steve 🙂
  11. Hit some nice spots this summer, got an interesting class ring that looks like from 1932? No markings but it tested 14 karat, which is uncommon for class ring which I normally 10 karat. Has two hearts for Sacred Hearts and the letters SH on the side. Got my 3rd Indian head in a month, nice V nickel, and some other cool finds. Pretty dry soil out here this summer so nothing very deep, but that's not what I used to nox for anyway.
  12. Had a heck of a time getting there these last 2 weeks but finally made it today. Pretty big deal for me at my early stage of nugget shooting. Got 6 today and here's a pic of everything so far...should be 104(?). Over half ounce but well shy of 1 ozt. We'll keep pluggin away and hopefully I can get maybe 1 ozt by end of season???? Yellow rocks come from 4 different locations...2 in Idaho and 2 in Montana... STRONGLY thinking about a PI machine in near future....hmmmmm?????? BIG THANKS to ALL for the help, info, and Steve for maintaining such and great and informative website!!!!!
  13. In the last 7 years I have gone to Bealiba on 5 occasions. The areas there where I have detected are all re-cemented gravel and very tough to recover targets because of how hard the ground is. I expected this to be another bit of wire or something and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a little nugget. This one goes a whopping 0.14 g I suspect it will also be my last Bealiba piece.🙂 Dave
  14. Last month, Reg Wilson detected this pretty 50 gram colour in pipeclay at about 20" with his QED: Last fortnight, while we were detecting a remote area in the far west of Victoria with limited success, He also scored the Edward 7th medallion (above) The week before, while working together he scored a Chinese coin (no image) and this naval button. Any speculation as to nationality welcome: During the same time period, apart from some gold, I managed to score enough munitions to start a military campaign Now, despite many decades of detecting goldfields, I've never found a Chinese coin. How come some people find interesting stuff while detecting? Not holding my mouth right perhaps - - ?
  15. Creekboy

    Odd Gold

    Has anybody seen anything like these? Is it just iron staining or something?
  16. Don't get out much at the moment, so this was a welcome surprise. Come in at 14.5 grams.
  17. Soaked the 22 gram speci in some WINK and boy does it look nice. I think after it is smashed, sifted and melted, there might be 8 to 10 grams. The last photo is what it looked like just after I dug it and before cleaning.
  18. Simon arrived at my place about 9am. We headed off in his wagon as I wanted him to pay attention to where he was going so that in the future he will be able to get there himself. We got to where we had to park up & then start the 1.25 hour walk all up hill. To the, as Simon calls it, the path that keeps giving. Simon had carried in both his 4500 & the nox with 6" coil. He was determined to give this old pack track & good going over with his nox to break his skunk on it. I just took my Zed & when we got to the path that keeps giving I went ahead & just sat down. While Simon got stuck into it. I wasn't going to detect here as I had got a few bits off this path with the Zed last time & thought it was done for the Zed. So I made a coffee & caught my breath while Simon did his thing. While I was sitting there I took this pic of the other side of this gully of the old ground sluiced area. You will notice a horizontal line in the ground near the top of the pic. This was the old water race they cut in for their sluicing. I wondered on down to see how Simon was getting on. No gold as yet. I decided to give it another go when he got up a bit higher. I went off down to where he had started. I saw a few of his digs so I went down a bit further before starting. To my surprise I got a faint signal not far below his first dig. his dig just below the Zed & my dig below that in the foreground. A small bit of gold. Carrying on up the track I got another wee signal. That crevice up behind the coil produced a bit of gold for me the last time we were up here. This signal was deeper in between those rocks. Another small bit of gold So it was the path that keeps giving. But that was it. We moved on. The gold up here is in real weird places. While some does end up being on the schist bedrock a lot were just in the loamy topsoil on the top of a spur. This is where Simon got most of his small bits with the Nox. I think his first one was with the 4500 but when he dug it he lost it. So he came up to get his Nox to locate it. Which he did & he stuck with the Nox there after for the rest of the day. Getting a total of 6 bits from all over the place but mostly in the grass & loamy topsoil. I detected in a steep little gully leaving Simon to concentrate on this loamy topsoil location on this spur. Which is where he got his gold the last time we were here. I got a signal in the gutter of this steep little run off. It ended up being in the schist bedrock. After Simon had finished with his loamy topsoil spur & had moved on, I came onto it from the bottom end & snagged a few bits with the Zed. High Yield/Normal 18 sensitivity. I didn't get carried away with photos but I ended up with 8 bits for the day for not even one gram . Was a long walk to get those. We got back to Simons wagon in the dark. We do cut it fine. It took me a day to get over that mission. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  19. rockett

    Old Digging

    Hi all , and wasn't it great to see the sun shine for a day in Victoria on Sunday.😃 My gold buddy the dog and i took the Z and SDC for a run and came up with these little rippers last Sunday. Good luck to everyone. Cheers Rod
  20. My brother and I drove to an old heavily detected patch on Friday and between us found over a dozen pieces/nuggets. Although we had our Minelabs with us, we just used the Gold Bug 2's as we immediately found a couple. Most of the pieces were within two inches of the surface, but the larger specimen (5.7grams) was down about 4 inches and was loud. My point is, I guess, don't give up on old patches especially if some time has passed to allow wind and water to alter the ground a bit. And we do have wind and thunder showers here in Eastern Oregon all the time. As usual stay tight to the ground and swing slow.
  21. Went off this afternoon to a spot I had not been to for years, since my GP 3000 days. I hadn't even had the 4500 here. The Zed had been sitting sad & neglected in the corner while the Nox had been getting all the action of lately. I felt a bit sorry for Mr Zed & so decided to take him for a walk. I was again blown away by the amount of growth that had overtaken the old workings. Broom & briar rose bushes. Was a beautiful day though. Notice the bush growth. 🤬 Somehow I had to get in there without getting ripped up by the briar rose bushes. And once in there I had to somehow swing the Zed. That was not easy & I was very limited to areas of bedrock that actually gave me a bit of room to have a poke & a prod. But I managed & even got a signal. It was a good signal too. The signal lived on down a wee bit & I was getting quite confident of it now being a bit of gold after ripping out a bit of the bedrock & the signal was still in there. Finally the signal was out. No record breakers. Could have sworn it was going to be bigger than that. Such is the Zed. That was it for a couple of hours. Nothing more but rubbish. I had a bit of a sit down & a breather. Put the detector down & sat there enjoying the view. Thought that was worth a photo. So took one as I sat there. I had been detecting that bank you can see behind the control box. Worked my way along detecting up & down that bank to where I was sitting when I took the photo. After my little rest you won't believe it, but I got a signal straight away on resuming my detecting. Almost directly under the detector. You will notice the branch the control box is resting on. That branch is directly above my pick. Dug down on it & it lived on down until I was pulling out bedrock. Another sassy bit of gold. The depth amazes me for the small size of the gold. High Yield/Normal. Sensitivity 18. Then not four feet away another signal in the schist bedrock. Notice the dig hole from the last bit in the centre. Smashing out the bedrock before the signal had moved. A nice little piece. Then things went quiet again for a bit. I worked my way along the bank to an area where it got quite steep. Playing mountain goat following along rabbit trails this time & not sheep trails. I got a nice little hit in the gravels. The photo doesn't really show how steep & precarious it is. The detector was only just sitting there from rolling off down the bank. But a little bit of gold it was. It was starting to get dark & I had to think about heading out. On my way out I got a nice little hit that just remained in a solid piece of schist bedrock. I smashed at it for a while breaking out fragments of the bedrock. It wasn't opening up a crack or crevice & after half an hour & feeling sorry for my pick I walked away from it. It won't be going anywhere & I can always go back to it. Which I will do with a cold chisel & hammer. I did get one more small piece on my way out but it was too dark for a photo. So all up 5 pieces for 1.57 grams. I was happy with that. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  22. I posted earlier in the summer about a new spot that I was using the Monster and my Puffer drywasher at; well, I went ahead and claimed it so I could have a place to go play all the time😁The process was a great learning experience, and the guys at our local BLM were really helpful to a newbie like me! I finally got the quarter mile of brush, downed trees and rocks cleared so now I can get in there with my side x side....a bit gnarly still, but doable. I initially attacked the old timers stackings...here’s one that was a screamer in a small depression, seen to the left of the Monster in 2nd pic: I continued to move rocks, detect, then drywash.....here’s the area now, and a sample of a good day’s detecting: I explored other areas of the bench, and Woo Hoo, got my biggest piece....a whopping .43g lol! It was almost 5” deep and pretty faint...pic doesn’t look that deep, but it was: Here’s one scraping/dig hole that had 6 pieces in it! Good thing I kept checking it, for sure: If you zoom on the scoop you can see all them little babies😄 So the pup and I have been having a fun summer.....nice utv rides along the creek and in the pines, picnic lunches at the claim, and I’m finding a bit of gold while she’s chasing chipmunks all day! Life is good😊🐕⛏
  23. Tarnagulla has always been hit and miss for me but more often miss, but I rock in there the other day and get these 2. 🙂 Dave
  24. I headed for the hills today to try out a recovery speed of 4 on the Equinox Gold mode, with the 6” coil, and I must say I was gobsmacked at the performance gain. I was also running the Iron Bias at zero and the sensitivity at max. I chose to grid an old spot that I’ve gridded with every machine I’ve ever owned. I hit the first flake right away, and the fun didn’t stop until quitting time. The last dig of the day was a whopper...0.7 of a gram at 5”...I was absolutely incredulous that A) the EQX hit so strong on it, and B) none of my other machines ever hit it; a real head scratcher!
  25. About this time last night I was loading up the 4Runner and starting my 3 hour drive to the goldfields of Barstow, California. (I did this same trip last week and got a skunk!) What has changed since last week? Well, I bought a Chromebook and now I can watch metal detecting videos and learn some techniques I had not learned. The first one was lower sensitivity and lower recovery speed. (When I first got the Nox and used it on the beach I had experimented with this but now it was time to use it in Gold Mode.) I arrived about 1:30 AM to a full moon desert which is great all by itself. I spent an hour with the Nox and the 11 in coil and then went to the 7000 for an hour. It was time for a nap and I woke up about 6 AM as the moon was just setting. Soon thereafter I broke my skunk with the Nox. I got a .09g little flake in a well hunted spot. It was not deep. I went back at it a bit later with the 06 but to no avail ... again. You can't hear what is not there. I kept the sensitivity between 15 and 20 ... mostly 17. Recovery speed was 4. It was time to go to a spot Swifty had told me about and about 11 he comes rolling in and tells me I'm in the wrong spot! (I went to the wrong spot last week also.) He gets out there with his Monster and 7000 and quickly puts me to shame getting 2 nuggets for .61g total (one of his nuggets was just to the right of mine). We've taken so many nuggets off this area that they are tough to find now with any coil/machine combo but we'll keep trying.