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  1. Gidday All, Just found a clip on my old hard drive taken in October 2015. I took my step daughter out for a swing in a paddock I had access to over near Maryborough, Victoria, Australia. First time that she had ever been out. To say she was excited is an understatement ! Minelab GPZ 7000 in difficult / general. Cheers, Rick
  2. So I managed to squeeze in another half day outing to my spot up in the mountains. More digging and moving boulders uncovered another 3 pieces of gold for 1.5g. The larger piece is 1g and is quite coarse / rough for this area. The black material is slowly being dissolved by hydrochloric acid. The first photo shows the creek. A little bit of water with a lot of boulders. Historically this creek has produced nuggets up to 12oz, I'm sure under one of the boulders there will be one for me. Will probably be a month before I get time for another look. I'm trying to finish building my house extension in my spare time and my two young daughters keep my busy....
  3. Around this time of year I normally have some time away and go somewhere, lately I've tried to focus that on a bit of prospecting. It's not that often I get a chance to take my Caravan out and get away as my daughter is always in School which ties us down but seeing it's school holidays at Christmas we took advantage of that and took off. I went to a spot I knew I'd at least find some gold and is close enough to home that it's not a giant mission. The weather started off pretty bad, it wasn't long after we arrived we had some snow, in the middle of summer!!! Before I'd even arrived I was contacted by the NZ Minelab dealer asking if I wanted to go on a mission with him, I jumped at that opportunity. He was going to take me to a couple of his creek claims to do some detecting. Unfortunately Queenstown has been getting slammed with weather, I think the Aussie heatwave has pushed all the wild stuff across to us as our weather has been well.... weird. Seeing the river was flooded too high for his 4x4 to get across he had a plan B and took me to some other claims he has on some creeks and we detected around there. Unfortunately we had no luck with the detectors. Possibly the gold was just too small in the area for them, he normally just dredges. He put a pan down into the gravels and panned it out and it had a fair few flakes in it. The drive was pretty crazy, I'd never been into this area before.... You have to follow one of the worlds most dangerous roads, rental car companies ban their customers from using the road and I believe car insurance companies won't cover you if you have an incident on the road. This is us driving it here, you'll see the little flat bit where the plant life is along that cliff side, there is a skinny little road there cut out of the rock, there were even areas with signs saying if it has rained recently don't pass this point as the cliff may come down, so of course we passed the point even though it rained bad the night before ๐Ÿ™‚ It had a pretty crazy bridge, this bridge had a massive gully below it, a LONG way down. All very old infrastructure, put there by the old gold miners I would guess seeing that's what the area was all about. As we got nearer to where we were heading the gold mining history became apparent Then we arrived and I saw the cliff we had to climb down to get to the creek!!!! Yup, that's it, we had to climb down there.......... Fortunately we made it, plenty of good bedrock to detect but no detectable gold to be found, the creek was in flood too. Either way, it was a great adventure to a place I'd never been before. By the way, climbing out was five times as hard as getting down, and we had to turn back at one point and take another route as we were stopped by a steep cliff face. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ The weather had improved now but my Caravan's annex became as casualty of some strong wind and got a tear in it, my wife claims she can fix it so we ripped it down. First time we'd used it, I don't like the effort it takes to put up so now with the better weather and no annex life was good. Next up I decided I'd hit a creek I'd had VERY good luck in early on in my detecting, JW took me there and I got a few grams on my first time detecting properly. I had high hopes after all the flooding some new gold had washed down, it's a pretty crazy fast flowing steep creek. It's a public fossicking area so it's been hit pretty hard I'd imagine. I'm not game to take my GPX or QED up this creek, I'd be too worried about falling over and dropping it in ๐Ÿ˜ž Some bits you just can't deal with and have to climb up the edges to get around them. I stumbled across an anaconda, looks like someones been up to no good, no dredging allowed in public fossicking areas! It's a nice creek to hang around in on a hot day. The last time I came to this creek I got pretty lost, I went up a cliff to get around a waterfall and couldn't find my way back down ๐Ÿ™‚ This didn't happen this time, I was heading up the creek well, further than I'd ever been before. I found this spot on the way, looks like someone had been attacking it digging behind the big rock, I couldn't find anything there. I then kept walking up the creek and got a iffy signal on the GM, mostly in the ferrous area but occasionally flicking to non-ferrous, it was annoying as it was under a fast flowing little waterfall, I had my hopes up, this one seemed real. I dug down and down through the gravels and the target was still there but screaming out a solid non-ferrous signal, after some messing around I remembered I had my Garrett Carrot in my bag, got it out and pinpointed it in no time, down on a bedrock it was, I scooped it's area out and tipped it up on some ground beside the creek. You can see in the photos how fast the water is flowing. Amazingly something I've always wanted to find, an old Chinese Gold miners coin. Even JW has never found one of these suckers. The Chinese heavily worked this creek, they have nice neat stacked rocks regularly in spots along it. They took a lot of time to stack their rocks neat and tidy. It is broken but most of it's still there, a great find in my opinion. If anyone can identify it I'd love to know more about it. I don't even know which way is up ๐Ÿ™‚ I spent another day at the creek and found nothing more. Time to go sluicing! I always take my pooch sluicing, he likes hanging about at the creek and enjoys the drive to the spot. My wife helped find spots to sluice, shes quite good with a pan and if she had 5 or more flakes to a pan I'd try the spot out. It wasn't long and she got these flakes.... all in one pan so I was excited, time to make a dam and drop in my A52S Sluice. Dam built! a real masterpiece, it'd make a beaver proud. ๐Ÿ™‚ and in she goes. A good flow but not enough to take advantage of the A52S not needing classifying, bigger rocks kept getting stuck, bugger, extra work. I dug my big hole where she got the test flakes and watched the gold appear in my indicator matting Only the tiny bits stay in there but it's handy to know you're getting gold. I started the process late in the day and the dam building took most of the time so we ripped it out. there's gold hiding in there..... Four decent little nuggets too, just picked these out by hand. Not bad for about 2 hours with the sluice in operation. We arrived back at the same spot the next morning to hit it again. My hole got pretty big, I used the indicator matting to work out where to dig and followed the gold, it was in a line. I couldn't get very deep, the rocks just made it too hard with my shovel, about knee depth was it. I already had to move some massive rocks. After about 5 or so hours my wife and daughter were more than ready to leave and I was tired so we called it quits. This was the total. My best ever sluice result, not bad for a public fossicking area. The black sand gets annoying doing the cleanup, gold gets sucked up on the magnet with the sand too. I had to be careful. I spent about an hour or two on the trip coin detecting, mainly just when I had a small chance, I put minimal effort into it as I didn't have the time but checked out little spots as I had a chance. I managed to find a silver ring, a gold ear ring and some coins. A few dollars in modern coins my daughter got too but they're not in the photos, long spent ๐Ÿ™‚ This was an unusual coin find, never found a coin from Chile before. And now I'm home again, for a few days at least. My next mission needs to be to go detecting with my QED/GPX as I'm desperate to use my 10" X-coil, I'm super excited about it after seeing how well it performs on my last mission with it.
  4. Most of you are aware of gold being found with detectors in NV, CA, AZ, AK and even OR or WA on occasion. But the majority (including many who live here in this geological wonder of a state) do not know much about or detect for the elusive Au in Idaho. So I've decided to share a Holiday Special with you, as it is Golden as glee can be. This little glimmer of Au comes in on my postal shipping scale at 1 pound 5.7 ounces = approx 22 oz which is then turned (if my math is correct) to 20 ozt. I did not get a specific gravity test done, but can assure you this astonishing mosaic is about 97% Au. History of this discovery. I'll not provide the name of the finder or site for security purposes. It was found with the Eureka Gold and I know many good pockets of wire gold came from the area. it was unearthed at a location already mined and was missed by the old timers. It is one of the biggest pieces of Idaho gold I myself has ever seen, but I have heard of larger pieces coming from the area. To put a twist on it and to add some beauty to this post, I'd love seeing some of your Idaho Au diggings. No worries about size, value or other as I would (and I am sure many others) enjoy seeing some more Idaho gold.
  5. Gerry in Idaho suggested that I post some Colorado Picasso's that I and my wife have found. We have been very fortunate to detect any area for many years that has produced crystalline wire and gold specimens. The other added plus it's a scenic area to enjoy while detecting. We started prospecting in the mid-1980's in this area and started using metal detectors in 1990. Each and every year from 1990 we have found gold, but the last few years it is getting tougher to find. Most of the gold that we find needs to be prepped (cleaned) to reveal it's beauty. This first specimen pictured shows how it looked before I cleaned it and then the final result which and take countless hours using different methods. I will post other specimens later on, so here goes: Look close and you will see diamond shape crystals embedded on the leaf forms on the specimen: Do you have a Picasso you would like to share?
  6. We take pride in our finds and many of us display them in a man caves, on our work desks or even give some away as gifts. But we also enjoy sharing the fruits of our labor and the photos bring back so many memories. Now that the 2019 detecting season is over, I'd like to share my 3 favorite finds from the year. But what is even more cool is seeing your hard work and efforts show up for everyone to see. Yes I realize a few folks think it has all been found, but we can show them recent finds from the 2019 year. 1st favorite find of 2019 is a really rare Barber Quarter. In fact IT IS THE RAREST of Barber Quarters minted. I have not had it professionally clean and right now it looks like crap, but of all the coins I have dug up in 40+ years of metal detecting, this is by far the rarest (40,000 minted). It is a 1913-S. it was found with a Minelab EQ-800. 2nd is a gold nugget Specimen that weights over 7 ounces and has 3.55ozt of gold in it. Found with Equinox 800. 3rd favorite find has to do with skill and it was given back to the owner. After 2 different people tried to find a small diamond stud earring with no success, I was called in as a last result. Actually I had been out of town. Anyway, this small 1/4 carat diamond stud was lost in her backyard and she had the spot narrowed down to a 5' area. The EQ-800 with small 6" coil in the Prospecting Mode recovered it. Lets see 3 of your favorite finds of 2019. May 2020 be golden in so many ways with many golden grins & glory.
  7. OK, The 2019 gold prospecting/beach hunting season has officially rolled over into a New Year of 2020. But before we get all detector batteries removed, machines cleaned up, scoops oiled down and gold pans wiped clean, lets see your favorite gold finds of 2019. It may not be the prettiest, or the most golden..heck not even the biggest. But you took the time and effort to go hunt for and find it. Many folks enjoy sharing photos of their hard work/success and most detectorists (especially newer ones) want to see what others are digging up. All I ask is you only share your favorite gold finds from 2019. This will be a fantastic way to show the few folks who think โ€œIt has all been foundโ€, that there is still plenty of gold being harvested in a variety of ways. Here is my 2019 favorite. Itโ€™s one of the ugliest/but most beautiful in a way.. one of my favorite finds in a few years and was recovered with a Minelab Equinox 800 and stock 11โ€ coil at 14-16โ€. This chunky gob smacking rock is 7.6 ozt and has 3.55 ozt of rich Au gold within. To protect the location since this is on private ground, please donโ€™t ask were it was recovered. Happy Hunting everyone and may 2020 be Golden in more ways than one. I look forward to seeing your golden grins and glory.
  8. Join in the search for Gold Nuggets in the California Motherlode with Nugget Hunters Gary ( Two Toe's ), Prospector Jerry ( California Motherlode Prospectors ), Jeff ( Smithsgold ), Bedrock Bennett, and JC ( Minin Hawaiian ) as they search for elusive Gold Nuggets. The Nugget Hunters COMING SOON !!!!!!!
  9. Hello Guys, Finally made it out to an area that was placered pretty heavily. We hunted all day, 4 of us with Minelab detectors. Only 2 nuggets were found, but hundreds of targets were recovered. Hope you enjoy the video. We would love for you to Subscribe to our Channel, Like and Share. Thanks! Two nuggets found by myself, 0.9 Grams and 0.5 Grams, total 1.4 Grams using the Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector with stock 14x13 Searchcoil. There were also a GPX 5000, SDC 2300 and a Gold Monster also detecting around the same ground.
  10. After seeing all the giant gold found by the manufacturer of the X-coils in Russia recently I've been wondering which other people have found big nuggets. We all know the likes of Reg Wilson and JR Beatty have found some mighty impressive boulders over the years and I'd like them to put their biggest in this thread too! there has to be some others who have stumbled across a biggin' I will kick it off by showing my biggest nugget, 1.208 grams found with my Equinox 800 Sure, it's not massive by any stretch of the imagination, for New Zealand however it's a pretty damn decent size rock. I'm sure everyone has a photo of their biggest nugget sitting there somewhere easy to access, after all you should be proud of it ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, it's not the size that counts, it's how you found it. So if everyone can post a photo of their biggest that'd be great, no matter how small that biggest is.... It could turn into a pretty cool thread if everyone participates. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. On my first trip to the desert southwest 20+ years ago armed with my trusty Fisher Gold Bug 2, I looked up a nugget shooter by the name of Glen โ€œGrizโ€ Anderson in the Arizona outback town of Quartzsite, who was gracious enough to take me out to an old nugget patch that he and some other locals had hammered. He said if I hunted it thoroughly that I should be able to turn up a bit or two. Sure enough, careful searching with the six-inch elliptical concentric coil of my GB2 did coax a couple of crumbs out of the old patch, but other than that I wasnโ€™t having much luck. So I decided to be adventurous and started detecting up slope away from the patch, towards the crest of a small hill. Thatโ€™s where I started encountering the bird shot pellets...LOTS of them. After recovering about a dozen of them, I dug what sounded just like another, but it turned out to be a very small bit of purple quartz laced with thin stringers of gold instead.๐Ÿ™‚ It seemed nobody had bothered to detect this area for long because of all the bird shot, but I stuck with it and for every dozen or so of the tiny lead pellets, I would find another bit of the beautiful purple quartz laced with gold, until I had a couple dozen pieces. I hunted the spot for a few days until it dried up, and Iโ€™ve been back again every time I have acquired a new detector over the intervening years, which has found me a few nuggets off of the patch, but never another bit of the purple quartz. So I was hoping to find more the other day with my Whiteโ€™s Goldmaster 24k, outfitted with the 6-inch round concentric coil. I was finding birdshot, but alas, no purple quartz and gold. As I pushed the coil under a very small palo verde tree, the 24k let out a healthy ZIP! declaring something definitely larger than a bird shot; I was fully expecting to see a 22 bullet or casing sitting on the surface, but could see nothing. So I raked a bit of the loose surface material into my nugget scoop, waved it over the coil and ZIP! got it! It turned out to be a small 4-gram speci with a limonite crystal, quartz crystals, and gold! Iโ€™ve never seen anything quite like it - a very unique piece.
  12. I had about an hour and a half tonight to get out and detect. I went to the same football field that has been productive in the past. They have the lights on very late even if there are no games. So, what better time to detect than at night with no headlamp needed! As for the bucket list, I have never found a diamond solitaire with a real stone. I dug a strong 10 on the Equinox (park 1, 7 recovery, 18 sensitivity), normally the cover over the opening of an aluminum can, and I thought my bucket list had another item checked off. When I got it home and washed it off, it was indeed 10K, just not real diamonds--the hole in the bucket. I found a total of 4 pieces of jewelry tonight--mostly digging signals from 5-18--but going all the way up in the 30s if it was a good signal. I would have dug quarters, but the large coil did not go over any in the time I was out. The friendship necklace part and the crucifix are junk. The silver heart rang up a solid 23, a strange number that said, "Dig me!" It is doubtful the stones are diamonds, and my tester is hard to use on stones that small. I have included a pic of my pile of junk, pennies, nickels, and dimes from tonight. So far this field, and adjoining baseball field, have given up some goodies that are in another pic.
  13. You never know where you might find gold in New Zealand it seems. https://www.minelab.com/usa/community/success-stories/city-park-surprise
  14. I decided to give a go at nugget hunting with a detector here in Ireland. I equipped the TDI with a new 6" Miner John coil and off I went. Third signal in and up popped this nugget. Not a monster by other countries standards but here in Ireland it is a monster. I am still buzzing and cant actually believe I found a nugget with a detector, but one this size, well over the moon is an under statement.
  15. Hi guys. I had a long time friend that I have known since college days come down to stay for a week. He & his wife had never been to Queenstown before & he loves the outdoors so he was in for a treat. I took the week off work to show them around. Trouble with that is it involves a lot of driving & for Mrs JW & I we have done it a thousand times so it wears pretty thin with us after a few days. But at least or friends really enjoyed it & showed it which made it all worthwhile for us. He of course wanted to go gold detecting. So I took him to a local spot & geared him up with the Gold monster. He had never ever used a detector of any kind. So I thought the Gold Monster would be the easiest for him to use & a good chance of getting some gold. I stuck with the Zed & 10" X coil. I had not actually had the Zed with the 10" X coil at this particular spot although I have thrashed it with all my other gold detectors & coil combinations. We got to the location & I am sure some of you will recognise it from the photos & some of my older posts. I gave him a crash course on the settings & he took to it like a duck to water. I started him off on full max sensitivity. Showed him the all metal mode & iron reject mode. Told him All metal was the deepest most sensitive mode & that iron reject will lose you a bit of depth & sensitivity but will give you a handle on it being iron (ferrous) or non iron etc. But basically just stick to all metal & dig EVERYTHING. If the detector gets a bit ratty of gives you heaps of false signals just back off the sensitivity. I told him all about VERY careful coil control & bump sensitivity. I pointed out the exposed bedrock areas of the schist & said that is were that detector excels. It love small/tiny gold that isn't very deep down. He was off. He was getting a nice collection of crap, but enjoying himself none the less. He still called them "his treasures" & put them in his little bottle. I went off in a direction to get away from him a bit & it wasn't long before I had a signal in a good likely looking spot. I was very confident it was going to be gold so before I even scraped I called my friend over. He got no hit with the GM so I then gave it a good scraping & bang...he got the signal. I let him keep at it until he had moved the signal. I told him to wave the magnet on the end of his pick through the dirt to see if any iron crap leapt up onto it. Nothing did so I told him now to use his scoop to get the signal in that & then just wave the scoop over the coil. To then just tip a bit out in his hand & wave the scoop over the coil again. The signal was in that crevice to the right of the GM. Doing that until he whittled the signal down in the scoop until he could isolate & see what the signal was. Twas gold. I said "That is yours....you dug it". No bloody way he said. You found it, it is yours. I only want what I find. Ok I said. Bugger off & find your own then. So off he went, but he had gone through the procedure of locating & isolating a signal. I actually found two more bits in that same run of crevice. Then bugger me....I get another signal, faint, from a big crack in the schist at the right hand end of that first crevice. The photo doesn't do it justice & is taken after the gold was retrieved. I called my mate back over but he never got a hit on it due to its depth & he couldn't get the little fat 5" coil on its edge down in the crack. Even the pointy end of my pick was right down to its max & I couldn't rake the signal out. I had to smash the schist & create that hole to get the signal out. I am sure a few of you will recognise this photo location from past posts. These were the last pics I took of this little adventure with my mate. But he did end up finding two bits of gold. Not bad for a complete novice. I was very happy for him & of course he was chuffed. I ended up with 10 bits for 1.73 grams which blew me away as I know how hard & how often I have been over this area with all my detectors & coil combinations over the years. It is where I very first used the Nox 800 with both the 11" & 6" coils with good success. The GM many times & my mate still found two bits. Just goes to show....no one gets it all. Least of all me. To be continued. (I need a coffee) JW ๐Ÿค 
  16. Took the ORX to 9,200 feet in the Colorado mountains today. It did really well in a lot of iron, tin, lead, brass, along with ironstone and gneiss/schist hot rocks. One 2.5 grain nugget/flake and a nice 1.5 gram specie. Gold 1 worked really well with frequency at 54 kHz, IAR 2, reactivity 2, iron volume on, sensitivity 90, threshold 10, 9" HF coil. The 1.5 gram specie was 6" deep with a nail and ironstone hot rock within 2 " radius. I could still hear the gold loud and clear. The 2.5 grain was 3" deep. The lead bullet and button back were both 8" deep. I was fairly certain that the iron and tin can shards were iron range targets but there is so much black sand at this location that every target has a little iron response especially in the scoop. Kept thinking I was going to break the ORX in this rugged terrain. No problem. Can't wait to get back up to this location that is NOT known for any gold over 1/2 gram. Jeff
  17. The weather here hasn't been very summer like, while Australia is having heatwaves and severe bush fires we've been wet, with regular snowfall. The lake levels are at crisis point where the nearby towns are close to getting flooding. The rivers and creeks are all roaring with water washing around some nice flood gold ๐Ÿ™‚ JW and I decided we'd go prospecting yesterday for a bit of fun, we went to one of our old haunts, we've done this area and this particular spot so many times and every time we think it's hunted out however JW's 10" X-coil got a fair few bits there last weekend and this weekend he was going to try the 12" X-coil to see how it goes there. It was raining heavy at my place when I left and JW's house was also meant to rain all day but this particular spot we were going to the mountains were meant to keep the rain at bay. Here is a little video of a Dam we drove past showing the flood gates open due to all of the rain, where I was standing filming it I was getting wet from the mist of the water I didn't notice at the time but if you look hard you'll see two people in yellow jackets standing down at the base of the dam having a shower in the water ๐Ÿ™‚ I went not expecting to find anything but I just enjoy the hunt anyway and as it goes with gold, you never know. I wanted to try out the 12x6" X-coil on the GPX 4500 as I've never used that combination at the spot and I've mainly used my QED lately so the GPX is getting dusty. The reason this area is such a challenge for the GPX is the massive high voltage power lines that run through it, they're connected to the Hydro Dam and with all the flooding going on they must be really pumping out the electricity. As I've mentioned in the past the QED handles the power lines fine at this spot although it is very sensitive and I do spend a large part of my day digging shotgun pellets when using the QED here. I am sure a KQED-spert could tell me ways to get around that, maybe changing my mode from Mode 1 to one of the higher less sensitive modes would probably work. It's the reason I don't like using VLF's here too, pellets... pellets.... pellets ๐Ÿ˜ž When we arrived I strapped myself up with the GPX, all my cords and harness were in a big tangle and fired it up and no audio, bugger! did I forget a cable. In a massive panic I went back to my backpack and searched for a missing cable. It turns out all I'd forgotten to do was plug the speakers into the Steelphase SP01, I'd plugged the SP01 into itself with a loop of the cord ๐Ÿ™‚ It shows how long it's been since I've used my GPX, forgot how to plug all the cords in. I really like not having all these cords and harness with the QED. I've run the GPX at this spot a number of times and it has found me gold, prior to getting any X-coils I used to use my 14x9" Evo here, I had to have the gain quite low and audio in Quiet to get it semi stable but it never really ran nicely, I was never able to get a smooth threshold. I have one of the early Australian made GPX's which I believe were a bit more noisy than the modern ones too which doesn't help. There are lots of old tailings piles at the spot, most aren't worth detecting as they're just big rocks, and the ones that are worth detecting have been pounded by every man and their dog, including myself and JW many times. Someone had dug a massive hole, it looked quite fresh, It looked at least 15 inches deep and all they got was a rusty bit of metal that they'd left beside their hole! The little 12x6" X-coil was working quite well on the GPX considering the power lines, It had a bit of pulsing but the threshold was mostly pretty good considering, I had my gain on 12 most of the day in sensitive extra with audio in boost and was pretty happy with how it was running, a stark contrast to when I used the EVO here I had to keep my gain down at 8 with audio in Quiet and it was still noisy. It's always my go to coil for high EMI areas, the smaller size and I guess whatever else the manufacturer has done has made it a pretty good coil for EMI. I was struggling to find any good targets though, it was only probably 10 minutes after we first arrived that JW came over to show me his first bit of gold so I knew there just had to be some gold left here. I can't expect to come close to his GPZ + small X-coils though, there is no better combination in my mind for finding these small gold bits at depth. Here is a photo of the dirty great big power lines with all that flood power running through them ๐Ÿ™‚ The weather held up mostly well for the day, a few showers, a few minutes of hail but mostly sunny. It kept getting a signal on this big rock, it's loaded with quartz in lines through it, hitting it with my pick did very little so I gave up on it. The photo doesn't show the size of it, it was three times bigger than I am ๐Ÿ™‚ Seeing I was desperate to find some gold at this spot and didn't have much hope for myself I resorted to my usual tactic of flipping big rocks over, it's worked here in the past. I guess those who have detected the ground before me didn't do it and the rocks added enough depth that they missed the gold under them. I was regularly finding these little skinks living under rocks, I believe they're rare and endangered so I was always very careful not to injure any of them. I flipped over this massive rock and a spider ran up my arm and under my t-shirt sleeve, I panicked and shook my arm and brushed at it to knock it off. A side effect of living most of my life in Australia is a fear of spiders, NZ doesn't really have that issue and poison or dangerous wild life aren't really something you concern yourself with however the Australian in me kicked in and I wanted to get it off me quick smart. I did that and looked down expecting a little harmless NZ spider and to my surprise it was an Australian Red Back Spider (Australian black widow). A Deadly venomous sucker that could have killed me and it was the biggest one I've seen in my life. We used to see them quite a bit in Australia but I never expected to see one here. It's a shame I didn't put something next to it for scale to show just how big it was Shortly after this photo I introduced it to my foot. After doing some research it turns out they do live in the area and they're trying to get rid of them as they're an invasive species that came in from Australia, I am surprised they survive the winters, the grounds often frozen solid here in winter. After my scare I decided I'd stop flipping rocks and started detecting the cracks in the bedrock. The grass growth from all the recent rainfall has made life difficult too, normally this place is dry and brown. I found a good area of bedrock and detected along various cracks in it, ones that didn't have too much grass and found my first bit of gold for the day. A little guy but a real screaming signal. I was never going to miss this one, it sounded like a 22 shell does. .247 of a gram! Quite big for me lately ๐Ÿ™‚ I checked that spot a lot after that hoping for more, I even dug more soil out of the crack and checked it hoping there was another undetectable bit deeper but I was all out of luck so I moved further down the crack and had target, very faint, not a screamer like the previous one but sure enough another bit of gold. This one was quite deep down in that little crack there It looks about the same size but it's very thin, not much to it. 0.103 of a gram. Here is a little video showing when I get them, it also shows there is no knock sensitivity of the 12x6" X-coil even with my gain up high seeing this question is often asked about various X-coils. I kept hunting around but found no more gold for the day unfortunately. Someone went to a lot of effort to prop this big rock up, I checked under it but nothing. I later switched to the 15x10" X-coil but I had to lower my gain down a fair bit as it was being messed with by the power lines, I knew it would be as my 14x9" Evo is terrible here and it's even bigger. I also found some weird sheltered spot under some rocks where it looks like some crazy wild animal has been living bringing back the bodies of it's victims. After my Redback discovery I thought this could be anything, maybe an African lion or the elusive Bigfoot so I took off quickly. I didn't want to join the bones ๐Ÿ™‚ And that was it for the day, 2 for me for a total of .35 of a gram. KFC time!
  18. Sniping & Crevicing for Gold Nuggets Join Prospector's Gary AKA (Two Toe's) and Jeff (Smithsgold) as they embark on another Adventure to find the Mother Lode. Gold Nuggets are there Target and they will work the Bedrock Crevices above and Below the water to find there Treasure. Sniping for Gold underwater is one of my favorite ways to find Gold and sometimes the most rewarding. ( SG 013 )
  19. Today I had to drop my wife and daughter at the airport in Queenstown near JW's house, they're off to Australia for a week to see family. It's too hot for me this time of year over there so I decided I'd stay home. JW had the day off work today due to the weather so we decided we'd go for a detect, it's been wild weather lately.. so much for summer, fresh snow on all the mountains this morning and during the day the snow kept coming down. By the end of the day the mountains had a good coating. My wife's flight ended up being delayed over six hours due to the weather so they had a boring time at the airport waiting while JW and I were out detecting. The snow was building throughout the day. This was not long after we arrived, much more by the time we left. This area is known as my nemesis, I've only ever found gold here twice, once was with my Gold Bug Pro when I first started prospecting and another time was when I first got my 12x6" X-Coil also using the QED, both tiny bits of gold. I've struggled to use my GPX at this location as it's right next to power lines and the area is riddled with hot rocks, really annoying hot rocks, the QED handles the power lines fine. The hot rocks combined with millions of shot gun pellets make this area a nightmare for VLF's too. I consider it the hardest place for me to find gold out of my known prospecting areas. It does however have gold, and the gold is often very small stuff, it's a real challenge for me here. I wanted to try the new 15x10" GPX X-Coil this time as last time with the 12x6" X-Coil I spent a lot of time digging shotgun pellets, I was hoping the bigger coil may just be big enough to ignore the pellets but still be sensitive enough to find some of the tiny gold. The hot rocks aren't all big either, a lot of them are tiny This is from dragging my pick magnet across the ground for a few seconds. The area is quite the challenge to swing a coil too, very bushy and rocky. The growth of the plant life has gotten a lot worse since I was last here a month or so ago The rocky areas are often old tailings piles, a majority of them aren't worth detecting though as they're just rocks, no soils involved. This one above wasn't too bad but had no gold unfortunately. There was plenty of the hot rocks in this area giving me grief. I couldn't run at this location in Mode 11 (No ground balance) as it made the hot rocks so much worse, nutting off all over the place so I stuck with Mode 1, the most sensitive of the ground balanced modes and it mostly handled the tiny hot rocks fine but the bigger ones still set it off. You can't just kick them away unfortunately as a lot of them are buried. I did managed to find one bit of gold, at first I dug a hot rock but after removing it the signal continued, there was actually two signals after I removed the hot rock however whatever the second signal was it dropped down further into the rock pile to be lost forever. I'm up quite high on a cliff edge here, you'll see the flooded river below, it's usually a really nice blue water but during flood it goes brown. You'll see the area I dug out to get my little nugget, I have no idea of the depth of it as I may have initially been tricked by the hot rock. It's a tiny little thing, It had a nice target signal though. I didn't expect at the time for it to be gold as I thought the signal was too good, I was expecting another hot rock. 0.072 of a gram. The afternoon was getting pretty wet, we were at it rain, hail and shine, the weather kept changing. At one point the hail hurt, got me right in the eyeball! I just put a plastic bag over the QED to keep it dry, same with the speaker and rear control box. Someone needs to make waterproof covers for it ๐Ÿ™‚ That was it for me, I was too wet, I went to see how JW was doing, he of course did better than me with his GPZ / 10" X-Coil combination, I truly believe that combination should be illegal, it makes it unfair on the rest of us I'm sure he'll let you folks know how he did, one of his bits gave me a shock. There has been a bit of talk with people asking if the X-coils are bump sensitive, seeing my gain and sensitivity settings are on maximum I figure if anyone is going to get bump sensitivity it's going to be me and I get absolutely none so I recorded a video showing it, the video also shows me testing the response on my little nugget after I found it. I really like the 15x10" X-Coil, it's such a sensitive coil with good ground coverage.
  20. I went to Rye Patch, NV last week and only had 9 hours of detecting with the GPX 5000. Got serious and followed some guidance from forum members and found 3 chevron nuggets (.6 gm, .3 gm and .3 gm) found 4" - 6" deep in heavily detected ground. Many thanks go out to Gerry with a great deal on the Minelab GPX 5000 and Rob's NF Evo 17 x 13 coil paired with the SteelPhase enhancer. Settings were: Gain 18 - 20, Deep, Sensitive Extra or Fine Gold, and a quiet Threshold so I could concentrate. Signals were obvious and clear, without the constant mineral & salt noise. I also have a GPZ 7000, but trusted the reliable GPX for this short trip. Bill
  21. Im back home again, heres a few nuggets ive banged in from various places in Ak
  22. This is my efforts for the last 8 days. They're all dinks that I have found with my Monster. Hoping for a/some bigger ones. After 8 days of hitting it slow and hard I am happy with the results. ๐Ÿ˜
  23. Gold found! A 102.3g nugget found with a metal detector and drilling to come. https://stockhead.com.au/resources/lefroy-hits-visible-gold-in-maiden-drilling-at-hang-glider-hill/
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