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  1. Hey guys. Been waiting to get out for a while. Some health issues but finally out! Did a drive to a place I love from years ago. Awesome day weather wise. Loved it. I down graded due to my health but any day swinging a detector to me is bliss, especially where I went. See nobody, hear nobody and all alone. In my element. Used the Garrett 24k with the 6" and it cruised on half Sat, 7 sens Audio Boost 2. Dug heaps of targets, several surprised me up to about 8" deep for their size. Damn lead. ๐Ÿ˜† Ended up with 2 Specimens, 1 id guess from experience has close to 1/2 a g, the other lucky to be .1 and a tiny .1 bit free gold. No record breaking but was a great day. Was really surprised though how the 6" handled the area. Expected to be running it around 5 to below. Tried above 7 and other settings but just a little too chattery and picking up too many real little hot rock chips. Its amazing with this just what 1 step down sens does. 80% vanished and it ran so much better than on 8! Anyway, didn't get rich ๐Ÿ˜† but was a ton of fun. Drive in. Big drop off to the right. Nearly there. Arrived and the spot. Good fun and happy I can still swing something. ๐Ÿ‘
  2. Was fortunate to get into some gold on my last trip to California. Started the trip sniping on the NF of the Yuba, one day on Slate Creek and ended with several days detecting in the northern Mojave desert. Thanks for looking
  3. Despite the frozen ground, my brother Jim and I got out for a few hours on some new ground and got some sub-grammers. Being housebound, forces us to take a chance sometimes. Anyway, we got some with the Gold Bug 2 & GPX 6000, along with a bunch of square nails, shotgun pellets, bullets and bits of steel. We quit digging on quite a few signals, due to hard frozen ground, though. We'll check them next spring.
  4. Well, I think I have that little area cleaned out now. I thought I would put all the pictures in one thread. So far its been a great start to the season. Many more miles to hunt. I hope I can keep it going, but I know all to well what happens when one area drys up. Just hope to keep that skunk away for awhile longer. If I did my math right it is a total of 15.35 grams! The biggest being 10.01 grams and the smallest, well I am not sure it even weighed anything.
  5. Having only one detector now I have been forced to learn how to use it for hunting gold. I have had the Nox 800 for about 2 years, and have not really used it that much. A little on coins in the summer months when I am back in Michigan, but never while in Arizona hunting gold. It has been a real learning experience with many many hours in the field the last 3 weeks with little to show for it. I am hunting one of the most pounded area in western Arizona and maybe the US. I have read and re-read many articles on gold hunting with the Nox but by far what has help me the most was a series of 3 articles produced by Steve Herschbach back in 2014 โ€œFinding gold with a VLFโ€ published in ICMJ magazine. It is very good reading for those who have not read it. After apply Steves principles things started to come around for me. I have hated being without my Monster and my GPX6000 but maybe it was for the better. I surely am becoming more capable with any detector I pick up now but I am still learning everyday out in the field. That will probably never end. Some days are still great even though my best detectors are in for repairs. I donโ€™t have any fancy pictures but here is a couple of my finds with the Nox.
  6. Hi there, It was fathers day recently here in New Zealand and as my wife and I have a habit of getting a day to do what we wish on mothers / fathers day I chose to go detecting. Area of choice this time was a somewhat remote but relatively well detected area. As I'd only fairly recently (in the last year) come to get to grips with my equinox 800 I thought I might be able to produce something with it. My good friend accompanied me on this trip and when we arrived to our chosen river after a 3hr journey from home he set about sniping in a bedrock area where we'd found some gold previously. I also had a bit of a snipe but it wasn't too far above freezing so I decided to go detecting. If found about 4 micro nuggets / flakes in the first 10 minutes. Then I crossed the river to the next area of bedrock and got another small piece in a crevice that led under some gravel and boulders in a likely drop on bedrock. I decided on a hunch to clear a little of this material off the crevice and detected it again. Another target was uncovered straight away. This target actually was the start of a concentration of a few dozen tiny pieces along a 1m long shallow crevice. Took me a couple of hours to get get it all out. Thi is what I got from there, maybe 6 grams. After the success from that crevice I found another similar bedrock situation close by and got another couple of grams or so from that. This was a lot more than my friend found sniping in the same time, and I was warm and dry! The rest of the day we sniped and detected various areas and the equinox steadily found small flakey nuggets and my friend got some slightly larger bits and pieces from his sniping. All in all a very enjoyable father's day with a respectable total of 14.9g between us for the day
  7. got out today. weather is getting cooler here, 87 degrees and was able to get out for a 6 hour hunt. this was a prospecting hunt in a new wash/area so was very happy when the first 8 grain bit came in within 30 minutes. after that we slowed down knowing there was gold in the wash. about 2 hours later my friend was calling to me he had got this nice 31 grain nugget. fun watching him all excitedly carrying it one hand griped over the other like it might get away. the area is remote. a hard, steep hike to the wash and the wash is loaded with black sand, so much so that the 6k was really struggling on its lowest settings. targets were being masked by the black sand. would a beeper with discrimination help with this. we were using the neo mags to clean up the black sand off the bedrock and the non ferrous targets were much crisper after a sweep with them. my friend wants to file a claim on it. i don't know. it is really hard to get to and i don't really know if i want to bring attention to the the area with a new claim. it is going to take a lot of trips/time to placer this wash out. we barely made a dent in what needs to be checked out. im sure someone will come along and see our work and figure out that there is nuggets there. catch 22 i guess. also i cant see bringing a dry washer in as it would be too difficult, so probably just going to scrape it down beep it and keep moving on. anyway, always a good day with new ground to hit.
  8. Day 4 of detecting down under. I started the day running the big dog Z7000 with 18x12 XCOIL. Running High Yield/Difficult kicked a lot of hotrocks and no gold. I switched to the 17 Concentric coil and it ran really smooth in HY/Difficult, untroubled by hotrocks, but no gold. After I took a break and rested my back, I broke out the gold killer, 6000 with 14x9 Coiltek. I started finding tiny bits at remarkable depth with that machine. I worked the fringes to stay out of the hotrocks and found 18 bits for the day. Nothing big. All the big stuff has done been got, all that is left are the crumbs. Clearly you can't expect to find big gold if you're sticking to the same known patches, but it's early yet. Couple weeks to go, maybe some blue sky exploration to find that dream patch. Photo 1 is yesterday's finds Photo 2 is day 1 and 2 Photo 3 is today's bits
  9. These 2 were detected with my Nox 800 in a hole with approx. 1ft water & 5 inches muck. Trying to dwn load short video of session but keeps getting kicked back even after trimming. On my way south in morning maybe figure it out and post later.
  10. JW and I went for a bit of a gold hunt a couple of days ago, he managed to do well considering the area we were in and found three pieces, two of which were decent size. JW used the 15" Concentric coil on the GPZ as he was hoping for some deeper gold in the deeper ground. I was in the mood for exploring around and having some good ground coverage so I used the 12" Spiral coil rather than my usual smaller coils also on my GPZ, although this area is quite suitable for larger coils with minimal obstacles to cause problems. Here is JW's gold for the day. 0.70 of a gram. I didn't do near as good but in fact we were both pretty surprised to get anything where we were so we can't complain and at least it means there is gold there to be found, although a lot of it probably disguised as pellets ๐Ÿ™‚ I think my focus was too much on smaller targets as I spent a lot of time digging and recovering pellets. The 12" spiral gives the typical good double blip on small shallow targets so surface pellets are easy to ignore but if they live past a scrape or two I tend to recover them just in case but the 12" can give a double blip on quite deep little pellets. I think in this case I probably should have ignored the double blips entirely and aimed for the deeper targets and not wasted so much time on the pellets ๐Ÿ™‚ And this was ignoring the surface first scrape or two pellets so really, I ignored 3 times as many pellets as I recovered, at least. My only nugget of the day, better than a skunk! It was down a few inches. It sure wasted a lot of my time that was probably better spent looking for bigger deeper stuff, but then I may have had a skunk as the one piece of gold I did get could have easily been dismissed for a pellet. That's the advantage to less sensitive detectors and coils I guess, they fly blind over a bulk of the pellets, but often miss the smaller gold too. JW being smarter seemed to deal with the pellets a lot better than I did, he didn't get too many at all, and got more gold so his method clearly worked better. If anyone has suggestions for dealing with spots like this loaded with pellets that potentially have gold that would be helpful, probably a less sensitive coil would be a good start I guess. On the plus side, I'm helping clean the lead out of the environment.
  11. OK everybody.... let's see your favorite nugget that YOU found with your detector. Doesn't have to be biggest, etc. but your personal favorite? Maybe it's your biggest, or string gold, chevron type, or some character? Only one nugget, your favorite. Here's mine from Notellem creek.....
  12. Been camping out in Grizzly country since May 22,2022. The 6000 is killing it on the gold. Before here I was in Radersburg MT. My buddy saw a Griz, he figures was about close to 4 ft at the hips. I have been lucky not to have seen any. Did see three black bears and a Wolverine. Got game camera's up all over my claim. Won't tolerate claim jumpers. So if you hunt in Montana at all don't try to find it. I'm there every day. Next book is coming along nicely with the writing.
  13. Hey Guys, Well I'm not sure if it's just un-motivation, heat, humidity or what, but it's been a slow summer prospecting for me to say the least. Prior to the summer, up to about May-June a partner and myself were still out hitting the goldfields religiously. I put down the GPZ 7000 for a bit and wanted to give the Minelab GPX 6000 some time, so that is just want I did prior to Summer rolling in. In just a month or so on the weekends I rounded up a nice little batch of nuggets, roughly 1.66 ounces, mostly smaller gold. I was getting really adjusted to the lightweight unit and its ability to find small gold really well. Well, now its summer, heat up to 110-115 plus high humidity, my interested drastically dropped. I have been out a few early mornings before the Sun popped up hitting some new spots in hots for a new location or patch. I found 3 lonely nuggets in 3 new locations, really thought one of them would pan out into a good spot. I couldn't tell you how many lonely nuggets I have found over the years in new washes, benches or hillsides where I spent the rest of the day thinking I was onto something. Many of the spots over the years I have returned thinking I must have missed something or just overlooked the obvious ... NOPE just not there (or within detector capability to find). I'm excited for the cool weather to roll upon us soon. There's a lot of new stuff to play with, including the new Garrett Axiom metal detector, Coiltek GoldHawk coils for the GPX 6000, Nugget Finder coils for GPX 6000 (coming soon), along with the Nugget Finder 17" Elliptical for the GPZ 7000. We carry all of these items for anyone that might be looking at some point, look us up if you don't have a source already. Here are a few pictures of some of the gold I rounded up, nothing to write home about, but it still gets the "Gold Bug" biting. P.S. I remember an old prospecting buddy, now passed once saying "Every Summer as you get older gets worse!" I think I'm starting to understand more as I get older, the Summer seem longer and hotter, maybe it's just comes with age .... Keep the coils swinging, Rob Rob's Detector Sales
  14. Gooseberries & Gold. Went out scouting for some Gooseberries and Elderberries to make jelly. The gravels looked really good in the area for detecting, so I broke out the detector for a few hours and got a few small nuggets.
  15. Had a great time out with a good friend and great prospector yesterday. 1st target was a pc of bird shot with Minelab Gpx 6k and stock mono coil. 2nd target was a 2.3 gram jelly bean nugget;)) Then came the onslaught of fencing and wire plus more bird shot. Second pc of gold was in a clod of hard pack mud and rock. The 1st glint of gold was a pc of slate rock that did not signal over the coil but had visible gold, in the scoop was also a small nugget that rang out over the coil. I think the 2 pcs were smashed together for a very long time and the gold imprinted onto the rock. What do you all think of this, any ideas, ever seen this before?
  16. nothing special but these guys today put me over 1000 bits so far this season. A new personal record I was happy to reach. Last season I got close at 992. Piece count good...weight this season not too good so far, fun factor...great. I went to a spot I haven't worked for 2 years where I've pulled 300-400(?) bits a couple seasons back. Decided to get into the fringes and slow way down, beat the brush, detect the steep stuff, and basically try and slip that coil where most would avoid and got a few. Think I'll hit it again tomorrow and see if I can turn up a few more stragglers.....???
  17. I was detecting with a friend when he pulled out a YYYYYUUUUUUUGE, monster nugget from the backside (different nugget, not this one)..... this goes to show you, it's still out there... wow.
  18. One of my lady diggers was with us in Oregon on the Field Training and getting kind of frustrated at the others finding gold. She found out it's all about the numbers. Golden smiles all around. Peg, You remember your 1st one some 15+ yrs ago up there with me?
  19. I was recently shared some pics of GPZ-7000 gold finds from the lower 48. My customer pulled half a pound of Au last year and here is some of it. Just goes to show getting off the beaten path might find a new patch. Love the rounded slug of a whopper. I'm trying to generate GPZ-7000 buzz so I can sell the used ones I recently took in trade. The prices these used units are going for is just amazing. If I keep sharing GPZ-7000 finds, maybe the price will go up long enough for me to sell them and I can buy a few more Axioms for my customers.๐Ÿคฃ Hey, I've said it before. If you are happy and successful with your detector, then keep being happy. Thanks for allowing me to share some Success Bill.
  20. Been 106 degrees or so where I live but I think I'll try and get out early to see what I can find before my upcoming knee surgery next Tuesday. I know if I don't, then I'm going to beat myself up thinking "now I have to wait and wait before I can go back out". This is an area I have found 2 nuggets, the largest 34+grams. I have 2 people with 6000's who want to go out when temps are cooler who will split the 'finds' with me and also let me try their 6000. In reality My EQ800 is more suited for the area as there is a LOT of small wire, tacks, hot rocks etc. BUT the 6000 detects WAY deeper, so what to do? I think I would maybe regret buying a 6000 as where I detect is so full of hot rocks and trash. In the past I had a 5000 and as I have said on DP, I really really regretted ever buying that machine! I sold it and the guy I sold it to sold it and bought a 6000. The only way to justify the expense in my mind is to travel to areas like Nevada and Arizona.....still thinking this strategy over. Will post pics of all the trash I find as well as hopefully some gold. Here is a pick of my latest find this year with EQ800.
  21. Just looking over all the gold I have been able to recover with the new Garrett Axiom and this one kept me intrigued. Finally noticed an award I won at a metal detecting hunt back in the 90's and it's the Legend Jimmy Sierra Normandi. If any of you were able to meet the guy and or better yet, hunt with him, you know you were walking among Legends, now we realize. The Axiom runs smooth, is one of the faster Ground Balance high end PI detectors and has been able to handle the soils in the 3 states I've used it, with ease. If any of you knew or know of Mr. Normandi, you're blessed. We detected England together for a few years in the 90's Hats off to Garrett again for another fine detector and one that is very comparable to the higher end detectors from the other manufacture, but at a better price point. If you are wanting to get on Gerry's Detectors list for the new Axiom, let him know. Yes he'll be offering the new Military 15% discount as well. I used the 13" DD coil, GAIN at 6, FINE GOLD Timing, Ground Tracking Off. Nugget was only 5 or 6" and clear signal. This kind of gold is not really dense and so many PI detectors have issues with it when compared to a dense nugget.
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