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  1. The California Gold Rush is, forgive the pun, the gold standard of gold rushes in the United States. Indeed, California is known as the “Golden State” both because of its beautiful natural scenery, but also because of this gold rush that absolutely changed the face of American history in a short period of time. A great way to explain the changes is to compare California before the gold rush — a sparsely populated area inhabited mostly by Indians and Mexicans — to a state important enough that the first Republican Presidential candidate, John C. Fremont, hailed from the state. It all began
  2. I just wanted to pose a question to all DP user's. Who is your detecting Hero, mentor or person who gave you the detecting/prospecting interest???? or you just plain admired for the dedication and promotion of the hobby. This can be anyone who influenced or inspired you to do what we all enjoy so much. Please share your stories about these people for all of us to enjoy. We do not want their legacy to be forgotten!! I would like to start with Jack Gifford of Tesoro, For actualizing Tesoro detectors. His life and endevors are what we all strive to accomplish. A truly great person in so many way
  3. From Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada, USGS Bulletin 1356, By Maureen G. Johnson 1973 HISTORY OF PLACER MINING IN NEVADA The first authenticated discovery of placer gold in Nevada was made in 1849 by Abner Blackburn, a member of an emigrant train to California, at the junction of Gold Canyon and the Carson River at the present site of Dayton, Lyon County (De Quille, 1891; Vanderburg, 1936a). Parties of men worked the gravels in Gold Canyon and nearby Six Mile Canyon, Storey County, for 8 years before the source of the placers, the Ophir silver lode, was discovered by Peter O'Reiley and
  4. John Wasson has passed. I attended his lectures several times at UCLA. The lectures will continue including this Sunday on Zoom. https://newsroom.ucla.edu/stories/in-memoriam-john-wasson-cosmochemist-and-co-creator-the-ucla-meteorite-collection https://meteoritical.org/news
  5. I found this interesting. Gold_Fever Aust.pdf
  6. After reading many sad recollections of White's Electronics and the lamenting of the state of metal detector companies I was wondering what things were like back in the beginning. I happened to see and subsequently acquire the Annual Treasure Edition of Frontier Times Magazine issued in September, 1964. Although you need to go back to the 19th Century to find the real beginning, this is about the time that metal detectors became both portable and affordable (thanks to the recent development of low cost solid state electronic components -- transistors and diodes). In addition to five ful
  7. History stands corrected: Smith, not Hargraves, first to discover gold in NSW https://www.smh.com.au/national/history-stands-corrected-smith-not-hargraves-first-to-discover-gold-in-nsw-20200902-p55rtr.html
  8. Ever wonder where he is off to after leaving Tesoro a few years ago. Looks like he's been busy prospecting. He's on Facebook
  9. Here is latest short video.. looking for some old cabins in our gold rush area here in British Columbia. Check it out, hope you enjoy.. and YES.. we are totally NEWBS with the Garrett AT detector...lol.
  10. Here is a well written and photographed story about early Russian gold. https://www.rbth.com/travel/332606-miass-town-urals
  11. Hello all, I'm currently up in Georgia working on family property, getting ready for hunting season!🦌 I'm with my son and dad, so no time to detect this trip! But there's always time to hunt for flint and arrowheads! Most all the fields are planted now, so hunting areas are limited to washes, and recently cleared areas! Finishing up work this morning, i did some scouting in an area cleared last winter! Had some rains since than, so figured it may have exposed something! We found some knapped piece's yesterday! And were back there again! My son had scouted the area, but mi
  12. Hello All!!! Just wanted to wish all the East Coast hunters, and visiting hunters out there, to Be Smart and Safe, pre and post storm!! No amount of potential detecting finds is worth risking your life!! As a Retired Public Safety Employee, i am extremely familiar with the many hazards during storms such as this one! Good Luck Detecting!!🍀🍀 I hope that you all suffer No loss, or damage!! And i look forward to the many great finds that this storm is likely to produce!! Maybe I'll see a few of you out there, if i get the chance!!👍👍
  13. We are working on some short videos during our down time of three old prospectors / miners cabins we found. Dating from 1900-1960s
  14. I found this old newspaper article from the New York Times that I really enjoyed reading, it's just as relevant today as it was in 1999 when it was printed. One paragraph in it really stood out to me, and it's very true. 'This is an art,'' said Mr. Vega, the Long Beach beachcomber. ''It's knowledge. You have to know the elements and you have to become one with your machine. Your machine talks to you and doesn't lie. But the machine is as good as the guy that's operating it.'' Here is the article, it's very much worth reading https://www.nytimes.com/1999/08/15/nyregion/findi
  15. I return to the Family Home site this time to Sift through the dirt looking for Family artifacts. Filmed in the Fall of 2019 we uncover a Chauffeur's pin that belonged to my Great Aunt Kathryn's husband William Ernest Thrower. The pin dates back to 1935-36 # 51927 from California. a little bit about William Thrower he was a World War I United States Army veteran having served from March 26 1917 to July 2 1919. Sergeant William E. Thrower 81 Division 324 Infantry, Company K of the American Expeditionary Forces . Buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, Ca 1
  16. I was out detecting yesterday with the 7000 and found a 69 caliber musket ball. By using the carbon dating app. on my smirk phone and measuring the depth of my dig hole and evaluating the oxidation on the musket ball I was able to determine that it was fired in the Spring of 1857, probably on a Tuesday. I then did science to it by using negative integers of Avogadro's number, exponents of pi and ice cream, calculating sine, cosine, deer sign, tangent and mandarin and entering the data into the 7000s GPS I was able to determine the precise location from which the ball was fired. I entered a tra
  17. Great opportunity for a savvy investor potential 9,000,000.00 profit be the lucky owner of 100,000. Shares value $100. each in the Arizona Peer Mining Company established in December 14th 1883 that’s a long history of dreaming dreams. Offered at 10% of the bonds face value the token sum of $1,000,000.00 paid in cash or cashiers check at the time of transfer all funds fully refundable local pick-up Wuhan Financial center business office 3rd floor unit 1 AAABBBAABlongtimenoC. disclaimer: may not be in business, likely worthless production unknown and dollars lost who knows Brookline bridge offer
  18. Man, I was looking at some past prospecting images and thought you guys would find interest in viewing them.
  19. I was just curious about the history of gold mining contraptions? How long have gold pans been in use?Who invented them? What did the Romans and other ancient people use to get gold? -Tom
  20. Here is an interesting article that focuses mostly on the Kalgoorlie Gold Rush of 1893. I'm sure there are some here who would have tales to tell of this rush. https://lacrossetribune.com/community/tomahjournal/news/ask-your-science-teacher/article_928e4df3-a9a1-5c4c-bea1-bef645a0076e.html
  21. I had to stop and contemplate the following occurrences. In the past ~week we've seen/heard of three absolutely historical US metal detecting finds. Idaho Peg discovered that her chunk of silver from Florida's Treasure Coast is quite likely from the 1715 Fleet, one of the two or three most famous treasures found in the Western Hemisphere. 2Valen reports on his multi-year quest for a Civil War cache which preliminarily produces a soldier's possessions including eight gold coins, four of which he is rewarded and displays here. Then Goldbrick tells us about his amazing 1849 privately minted $
  22. Gold gets stolen and stories get told. Here is the first part of a series on the 20 greatest gold heists. They are an interesting read. I'm sure there are others out there you've heard of also. https://coinweek.com/bullion-report/the-biggest-gold-heists-of-all-time-part-i/
  23. Wales has a bit more gold than they normally disclose. They talk about keeping it for those Royal Weddings and such. Here is some historic information about gold in UK. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/business/business-news/gold-wales-mines-welsh-alba-16715755
  24. Burma Thai Railroad... Pows died here building this railroad, very solemn sorrowful place... Good to know History and never forget these heros who gave their all...
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