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  1. What ?? You mean the southern CA turfed parks and beaches aren't brimming with bust coins ? On the east coast, they're in every sand box. But here in CA: Ya gotta start doing the Indiana Jones relicky sites of CA to get them . 🤣
  2. I know I keep joking about "moving to the Sierra foothills" in answer to the md'ing show & tell. And thus moving in on such md'ing pursuits. Yet, I'm at the age (60 now, on central CA real estate holdings) , where my wife & I are actually eyeing locations along the historic Hwy 49 corridor. Because: Correct me if I'm wrong, but that corridor is becoming an increasingly popular area for empty nesters and retirees ? But as I say: Pay no attention to the mysterious man in the trench-coat seen milling around with the GPS tracking device @ your front driveway. haha
  3. Welcome to the harsh-cruel-reality of the Deus. Although it's touted as the "cat's meow" in iron ridden sites, yet .... it is indeed *weak* on flat tin iron type objects. Items that other standard discriminators effortlessly pass. The Deus faithful will say that there's audio clues that can tell the difference. But I'm still dubious of one detail : Will any such audio clues *only work* when there is a "clear line of sight" to the target ? Ie.: non masked ? If so, then ... gee, so too can standard machines likewise get a "clean signal" on an un-obstructed signal ?
  4. Haha, good to hear from you Dan. Glad you're out and about ! Your deep- turf cherry picking skills are the stuff of legend. I still say you're a robot, and not human ! Since you have so much experience with that balls-to-the-walls nugget machine, getting insanely deep beach coins, I say you should take that to some of those junky Los Angeles /So. CA turfed parks. I mean, go figure : You can't argue with 1.5 ft. on a dime, now can you ? Hence, what could *possibly* go wrong ? If it works at the beach, then ... by golly ... what are you waiting for ? Doh ! 😘 Hey, I dunno i
  5. I remember that beach ! Those were great reports to follow. If I recall, it was a dry-sand zone, where no one else had ever harvested beyond a foot or whatever. So you went in with the balls-to-the-walls nugget machine, and were getting coins below the "mere mortal " levels 😅 Do you ever return to that beach to try that anymore ?
  6. Great pictures school-of-hard-nox. And judging from the amount of ferrous targets to coins, the ratio wasn't too punishing, eh ?
  7. Yes. Calabash is an excellent asset to the md'ing community. Willing to help others with their machines, the settings, etc.... Thanx calabash !
  8. Correct. And that was : For park turf. As you will see on his opening post question to the thread. Thus yes : We are right-on-subject. Of pro-con discussion for that situational type of hunt objective. Right ? 😔
  9. There is no doubt that a PI will get coins that a VLF is "not going to hit on". That does not need to be "read and re-read" It is undisputed. The question is : Can that ability be parlayed into junky park turf hunting ? Or is "The devil in the details" ?
  10. Also : Greg is one of two dealers in CA who thinks they can tell aluminum apart from gold . With certain machines. Not sure if he's now including the TDI in this claim. But if you challenge them to "show this ability" in actual field tests, you will hear the sound of crickets. Here's the trick of the mind they are falling for : If you wave a few gold rings, and a few tabs and foil wads, in front of a detector in an air test, THEN YES: Each one will give a "different sound". So at first blush, it might *seem* that a person can tell "aluminum apart from gold". Right ? B
  11. Greg M. will NOT be able to use a TDI, or any pulse, and pull more old coins from park-turf-hunting. I have dueled with him before. He's a nice guy, and a known reputable dealer. But no .... he would not be able to use a pulse to out-do a standard machine in the turf , with anyone who is of an on-par level. If someone wanted to compare machines with him, they would need to be *very careful* on stating what "successful" means, ahead of time. To me, it means: most old coins . But if someone wants to lower his disc. and strip-mine, and gets on a V-nickel or something, that the
  12. But if you're referring to the fellow who thinks he can tell aluminum apart from gold, then ... no ... his technique is to "strip-mine". And then ... sure anyone who strip-mines turf will, yes, eventually get a ring or a V-nickel that the cherry-picker (who was angling for deep high conductors) will miss. This is a given. So the goal would need to be pre-stated. If it's "who comes in with the most old silver at the end of the day", then THAT is the test I'm curious about. Not "who can strip-mine and get a nickel or tinsel thin chain", etc..... If that were my objective, then sure: I'd
  13. No. There is no Whites dealer in the Bay area using a TDI in park-turf, and being "very successful", that I know of. You're not talking about the clown that thinks he can tell aluminum apart from gold ? With "sounds and tones", are you ? If so, his claims go silent in a heartbeat (and you hear the sounds of crickets), when you invite him out to the nearest blighted urban park. And say "show me how much gold you can get, while passing any amount of aluminum". And if you ask him for ratios of gold vs aluminum when his supposed "art of differentiation" is applied: It becomes
  14. I'm not disputing your experience. In concluding that your TDI, with the proper ears and training, can spank a normal coin-machine in turf. I'm just saying that: I'd love to see it in actual action. To see in action (versus claims) is typically when ANY of us "switches machines", eh ? Ie.: When you see your buddy spank you, then you "perk up" and take note, eh ? And if he shows you a flagged signal that you have to admit "I wouldn't have heard". And then he proceeds to dig a barber or seated at a foot, then .... no more talk or claims. Then there's actual in-field-compar
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