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  1. Nah, I'm too stubborn. Besides, if I made the switch, then Brian ("cal cobra") wouldn't have anything to rib me about. And then he'd be saying "I told you so". I can't let him do that. Haha But seriously now : I hunted recently a few times , at an iron-ridden gold rush site here in the sierra foothills of CA. They had Nox 800s, and I was using the Exp. II "tank". Their target counts were higher. So on a few occasions, I had them flag signals , of iffies, so I could compare. And I HAD to admit that on some of them, I would not have heard them or dug them. And they would turn out, sometimes, to be deep camp lead, or some little doohickey that I *SHOULD* have heard. Other times it would be iron that fooled them . But, that was to be expected, since we were all "grasping for straws" and chasing any hints. Thus yes, for a ghost-townsy iron-ridden spot, the Nox is superior to the exp. II. It's never been a secret (long been admitted) that there are better machines for iron-see-through. That's why I've always packed a Silver Sabre or Bandido for when I encounter such locations. But I'm still of the opinion that for other venues, the Exp. II would win various duels, for various types hunting and locations.
  2. I have heard of several CA private mint coins being found . But I don't recall any fractionals off the top of my head.
  3. Cool story Bashin. Thanx for sharing. If it turns out to put a bad guy behind bars, or has some info. on it to solve a crime, then : Good on you for your part !
  4. Bingo, I was having nightmares even reading about using these various PI's for relic sites. When I was the Virginia relic shootout at Dec. 2018, I saw several guys with high powered machines like the 4500. And granted, they can cut "any soil". And granted, they can get a coin to nearly 2 ft. deep, blah blah. But let me tell ya something: We didn't see those guys ANYWHERE near the sites where structures had been. Ie.: there were a half dozen sites where old homes had been, that are nothing now but a giant swath of iron, with crockery and glass bits all over, etc..... Those hunters with standard machines, which had disc., were able to pull some keepers from these areas (coins, buttons, etc.....). But the pulse nugget machine guys were no where to be found. So sometimes you have to be "careful what you wish for". The devil can be in the details.
  5. Congratz on the semi-key date barber dime. Looks like that after some spit and tin-foil, that could turn out to be worth some $$
  6. Paul, I always look forward to your guys's mouthwatering reports. Great pix, great play-by-plays, great coins, etc.... Thanx for taking us along ! You certainly deserve those gems, because I know you work hard for them. Congratz !
  7. Good story. Good play-by-play. Love the green patina on those IH's.
  8. Two large cents and a half-dime in a single hunt. Sheesk, that's good !
  9. Yes. But correct me if I'm wrong, but : In Europe, that's like you or I finding wheaties. Right ? 😕
  10. I would also point out that there's a lot of fabulous videos (typically coming from overseas Russia area) that do indeed show amazing feats and depths on coins, or various circumstances. But the devil is always in the details. For example, I can make a very tantalizing video, if I wanted, of a gpx 4500 or gpz 7000 that can be shown to get a quarter to nearly 2 ft. deep. Eh ? And it would be hard to argue with video evidence, right ? And that's easily a foot deeper than standard coin machines on a quarter, right ? So who could argue with that type of extreme depth, eh ? The worked out parks will 'come alive again' , right ? But as you would easily know : The devil would be in the details : There is no way in heck that the gpx 4500 or gpz 7000 is something you're going to take the park, or school or ghost town, etc....... You will quickly get a "dose of reality", and reach for your standard discriminator machine .
  11. ^ ^ this ^ ^ Reminds me of a dealer demo. I saw one time, back in the late 1980s or very early 1990s, of someone showing off a device called the "iron eliminator" . And in his audience table demonstration, he attempted to show that it was not hampered by ground minerals, by taking a bag full of super mineralized sand . So mineralized that I think a magnet would even stick to it. And he puts a coin on the other side of the bag, and demonstrates that his device *still* gets the coin. The audience was spell-bound. Until a wise person in the audience pointed out that all he had merely done was tune the machine to *JUST* that singular bag/sample. Such that anything out of *THAT* norm would ....sure ..... cause a beep. But that's not the real world were the moment your coil goes a few more feet in any direction, then presto, it's no longer the same ground.
  12. ssheeesskk. And to think us USA hunters "knock ourselves silly" to find a coin from the 1800s. Doh ! 🥵
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