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  1. Hardcore md'r relic hunters understand perfectly. It's like if you're a fisherman: No one ever taxidermied a fish they got from the supermarket. But lots of persons taxidermy the wily evasive trophy lunker they caught on-their-own. Same logic for md'ing : The thrill of the chase is most of the fun. And ........ yes ...... sometimes one of us *does* get the big-ticket-$$ item.
  2. I do not think it's worthwhile to just wander any old "historic wagon train trail". Instead, you want to hunt where they stopped at nights. Eg.: The recurring stopping spots (since each passing wagon/group would tend to re-use the same spots, over and over). Eg.: Like stage stops, springs, trading posts, etc......
  3. And , with the the tune of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly playing on a Spaghetti western, and Clint Eastwood comes riding in from stage right, here's the obligatory modern junk. Some of these shotgun butts were from zones where hardly ANY new stuff is found. Ie.: most everything is "interesting". So you can imagine the heart-stopper signals, in an area where it's *supposed* to be a button or a coin, haha The rest of the junk was where we knew full well we'd have to tolerate some clad and tabs.
  4. Great to get out for a hunt Saturday. Expanding the picture of history at the site. Are you sure those buckles are silver ? And as for the British navy button : There's been plenty of British Navy 1-piece buttons found in CA. But I don't recall that exact one (with the crown on both sides). Very interesting. And good sleuthing ID work. Here's my buttons. 11 total, of which 2 were phoenix buttons.
  5. Interesting. Thanx for posting. Ok, who's up for a road trip ? 🤪
  6. Our friend Dave got a keeper. A #4 small phoenix button. Type 1 style 1. Also two dropped pistol balls. Touching the Spanish/Mexican period of CA history. Nice going Dave !
  7. "Collected" ? As in not-dug ? If so, how many of those were found via metal detecting ?
  8. Utterly stunning ! You are touching the earliest history of your area. Congratz !
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