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  1. Yes, and those mates should be calling you "sir" and "studmuffin" by now ! 3 within a year is amazing. That's like a golfer hitting a hole in one @ 3 times in a single year ! Congratz !
  2. Stunningly beautiful ! How many gold coins total do you have now ?
  3. If you have found a spot on the dry sand of a So. CA beach, where you can reach back to silver (assuming you can go insanely deep), then that means you must have a dry-sand zone that is above all past erosion events. Ie.: Dry sand that hasn't seen salt water since 1964. The army corps of engineers made a bunch of So. CA jetties back in the 1940s/50s, and '60s. Which acted as "groins" that captured lots of sand, and made for enormous beaches (since sand no longer "migrates"). And so there are some So. CA beach zones where, back up against the cliffs, the sand has now remained
  4. good sleuthing work phrunt. Yes, the cache coins with 4 characters (versus 2 characters only) on the one side, are the "newer" ones. If they have only 2 characters on that side, they are 1600s or earlier, I think. The only other thing I would add is that : Don't let dates like from the mid 1700s get you excited, for these cache coins. Because apparently they were stored in barrels over in China for centuries, and not taken out till it was time to emigrate overseas, centuries later. So the dates on these coins can range all the way back to the 1500s and 1600s, that are f
  5. Jeff, If you want to get rich real quick, there's a simple solution : 1) Bottle up whatever potion it is, that allows a wife or girlfriend to get hooked on md'ing 2) Advertise it on md'ing forums for $1000 per pill or bottle. 3) Guaranteed you will have lines a long as a football field lined up to buy !
  6. Wow ! Congratz on your 3rd gold coin ! An md'r attains immediate "stud-muffin" status with only one gold coin. 🤣 But you've gone and done 3 of them ! Nice job !
  7. Bingo. This is so-true. Because today's md'ing is entirely about coins, relics, jewelry and nuggets. Eh ? The odd-ball occasion when we're looking for caches (specifically and only) is typically only when there's some reason to specifically suspect one. Eg.: a story passed down to a family member, etc.... Or perhaps someone chasing some of the "legend" class stuff (which is usually only ghost story bologna). Thus yes: It would be rare that we would need to reach for it. That's the reason I've never invested in one so far. And as for me asking you to post your "other"
  8. GB, I always groan and wince when I read someone offering this advice. It always seems to work exactly like you describe it: Someone comes on to an md'ing forum , and explains they are looking for a cache (whether imagined ghost story, or a real one). And asks: What's the deepest balls-to-the-walls detector, to find this super deep cache ? And sure enough, someone(s) will suggest, just like you got, to go get something like a TDI or a Minelab nugget pulse machine, blah blah. And the rationale is that, yes, those type machines can undoubtedly get a toaster oven sized objec
  9. Allen, please share your other commissioned hunt stories. Even if only silver. I've done a few other commissioned posse hunts as well, for silver coins, and will add mine in after yours . Eg.: "Next of kin " who remember family rumors, blah blah. And before the house is sold, figure "we might as well search for it before the ranch is sold", etc.... Now as fun as those are, my bucket-lister is still to find a "wild cache". But you know the drill, with our modern wizz-bang discriminators : We are probably all passing those "durned hubcaps". Versus the old days, of BFO
  10. Hey there GB, good to hear from you. As for your question of : "Would I have spent as much time if I'd known the challenges", the answer is the same any of us would give : We hunt for the love of the challenge. Just like a golfer's hole-in-one : The more difficult it is, THE MORE WE LOVE THE TASK ! haha Naturally , NO ONE likes it when they don't find that cache or make the hole-in-one. So if you ask the golfer: " Do you wish you'd never played the game ? ", is a mixed rigged type question. And actually, even if I'd known the limitations (that, since the coins weren't
  11. Allen's great story of the commissioned search for that family's cache, reminded me of one I'll add here : There is a local dealer here, who has a rental model they rent out (an old 5000D series 1) . A person had rented it, but brought it back the next day having failed to find what they were looking for. They just didn't have the expertise, and were running into common junk where they were trying , etc.... They asked the dealer if he knew of any hobbyists, with more experience, that could help. The dealer referred them to me. I got the call , and asked what he was trying to f
  12. Love it ! A commissioned posse hunt ! Love those md'r saves the day repatriation stories. thanx for bringing us along. And you very much deserved that tip/reward. Because even though the hunt might not have taken too long, yet you had all sorts of time under your belt , over the years, become proficient with your gear. You can't put a price on skill and know-how.
  13. Love the dug-pix next to the pix of the un-dug. Great sleuthing work and great history !
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