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  1. Will open the box tonight and should be able to go outside tomorrow before the sun sets.
  2. Not sure on the Rey. Could be from Monterey. I have a large collection of early dug Spanish buttons. Mostly military and religious. I found the Phoenix many years ago.
  3. Nice you got out. 8 inches and ice here. Lost power for 2 days but all is well now.
  4. I asked them if I could assist on the Engineering. got confirmed yesterday so we will have a look.
  5. Never could get use to it. I still use and love the Gold Kruzer. It checks all my boxes.
  6. Black Bear weighs about 600 lbs. Loves to bend down my Bird Feeders for a taste snack. He is a good ole boy.
  7. Net. Compressed VDI turns me off however I hope it works great for all who purchase one.
  8. Tom and Cal. Found near my home except the Rey button. Research that one. Phoenix Buttons found at a Trading Post on a River near my home. Buttons are what I enjoy digging the most.
  9. No worries for him rvpopeye. I'm past my prime. A warn blanket is all I require now.
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