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  1. He turned into " Mister Rodgers" Look closely, do you see that? Oh brother.
  2. Tones are preset. Your coin will be a high tone. You can only adjust disc. and turn on and off iron tone.
  3. Very lite weight effective metal detector. Simple to use and just enough key features to perform. I only hunt iron infested colonial sites. The detector has produced targets so far down to 10 inches. These targets sounded deep so the modulated audio is fine. A large cent I dug locked on the remote with a target I.D. number in the low 90's at a depth of 9 inches. My ground reading was as high as 90 on the remote which is about right for my soil in central Virginia. A Star Cherokee button I dug read in the 80's at about the same depth. Gary's video's are on point so you should watch them. If you like to fiddle then get a Deus. Grab and go the ORX will impress. I'm in my later years and the detector is perfect for an old, beat up detectorist like myself.
  4. Mike, I have never done a video on this detector. I was a field tester and following your posts of many year's I believe you would love this detector. Most of my testing was done on turf and farm fields. This detector is hot on gold jewelry of any size. The micro mode will up average targets allowing you to contend less with unwanted targets. I also found several relics and coins with the detector.. Happy Hunting.
  5. If you pre-ordered this Mike you will think of that special day. What the micro mode will do by moving target ID higher will make it easier to find jewelry.
  6. What you don't see is the target id. Once given the ok I will comment.
  7. Be aware if your running an older windows version you may not have the proper drivers to accomplish the task.
  8. As a former State Manager in the underground utility locate profession I have seen many shallow cables and pipes hit by homeowners. When in doubt call your states local one call center. It's free.
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