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  1. Pretty good detector for the bucks and as you mentioned, easy to use. I hunt for old coins mostly, so am in park 1, try and get a good ground balance, run through the frequency shift channels looking for the most emi free frequency and sen. as high as I can. Good luck and have fun. HH Jim Tn

  2. Here in s w Tn about the same conditions as yours, JCR. We hit 100 here today, up from 99 yesterday. Been battling dry conditions and heat since last June. And currently little chance for rain over the next two weeks. HH Jim Tn

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  3. I've not experienced nor actually heard of what you are encountering. Could possibly be a faulty coil, but the first thing I would do is do a factor reset. And, or, if you know anybody with a Simplex try their coil, or even contact your dealer for trying same. Last resort is contacting Makro. Good luck, HH jim tn

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