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  1. Having sent it in for a check up, I think it's on the way to recovery. Know it frustrating, but the 900 really is a good, smooth running detector. Good luck! HH jim tn
  2. Welcome aboard. We spent a little time in Lafayette, and Evansville, on our way down this way. Jetco Mustang was my first detector, too. As JCR mentioned, lots of good ones to choose from today. Good luck! HH jim tn
  3. Welcome, glad you are with us. HH jim tn
  4. Welcome to a fun and knowledgable site. HH jim tn
  5. Welcome, Bob....and good luck down there. HH jim tn
  6. Welcome and hello to you, too. HH jim tn
  7. Nice bunch of assorted finds and a "good for you permission spot." Nice! HH jim tn
  8. Yeah, that was a great hunt. Good you stuck with it! HH jim tn
  9. Welcome aboard. I don't use a CTX3030, but just starting out with a new detector there are a couple of things that are basic. First off, read the manual for at least having a idea of what the various functions do. Secondly, lay various denominations of coins out and scan over each for getting an idea of what each read and sound like. Third, until you get familiar with the 3030, just hunt in the pre-set modes. (I'm assuming it has pre-sets). Learn it and from what I know of the 3030, it is great coin hunting unit. Good luck and I'm sure others will chime in, HH jim tn
  10. Welcome to the forum. Lots of 800 users on here, I use the 900, so there should be plenty of help with any questions you may have. HH jim tn
  11. Garrett "carrot," very reliable....F Pulse also very good and deeper then most. HH jim tn
  12. Pretty nice! Just your silver dime gets me excited. HH jim tn
  13. Welcome and good forum for nugget knowledge. HH jim tn
  14. Welcome aboard the forum and back to the hobby. HH jim tn
  15. Yeah, that's a grand outing. There is more there, I would,'t give up on it to quickly. HH jim tn
  16. Yeah, that's a great find. Really, a dream recovery for most of us. HH jim tn
  17. Shoot, you can't go wrong doing both! HH jim tn
  18. I've got a guy that pays 3 cents apiece for dug ones and I am happy to get it. HH jim tn
  19. Nice hit on the Seated quarter. I was almost 5 decades before I got my first one. Had all the other Seated's, but that ole quarter eluded me for a long time. Nice going to you and your buddy. HH jim tn
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