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  1. Grand hunt and efforts that paid off nicely. Good going! HH Jim tn
  2. Welcome.....and good luck with your old farm yard. HH Jim tn
  3. Welcome! Glad you found the forum. HH Jim tn
  4. My wife and I having grown up in Mn, too, I agree, it's insane to be able to hunt and dig in Feb up there. Nice haul of coins! HH jim tn
  5. That is the kind of tired out hunt many of us would like to see. Good on you for recognizing the opportunity and going after it. HH jim tn
  6. Welcome from W Tn. Our youngest son lives in Nashville. No doubt you have a grand collection of coveted relic's. HH Jim Tn
  7. Nice productive hunt.Good, but tough looking spot to hunt and dig. Good luck! HH jim tn
  8. A rather unique and neat find. Nice hit! HH jim tn
  9. Welcome aboard! HH jim tn
  10. jim tn


    Welcome from W Tn. HH jim tn
  11. Welcome, good to have another neighbor aboard. You no or so Ms? HH jim tn
  12. Welcome! HH jim tn
  13. That looks and sounds like a tough spot. My hats off to you for the patience you have. Good luck going forward. HH jim tn
  14. Me, too. It has cured a goodly number of problems over the years. HH jim tn
  15. He still pops in on Tom D's forum once in a while, but not frequently. Beyond that, sorry. HH Jim Tn
  16. Welcome from W Tn. I use the Nox 900 and got started with the hobby a couple years after your grand dad did. You east, west or middle Tn? HH Jim Tn
  17. Very nice first outing. Halves in any way, shape or form are always a pleasant surprise. Good luck1 HH jim tn
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