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  1. Jeff, I thought I read somewhere that the MS-3 last only 8- 10 hours. But if they last 20 to 30 hours, then I would only charge every 2-3 hunts. Which wouldn't be that bad. I have only used this machine approx. for 20-25 hours total, so It's new to me. I also have a Minelab Equinox 800, and with the bluetooth headphones, I can pair it with my cellphone and see the battery percentage on my phone . I think this only works on late versions of android though. So, want I am determining is, that this is a down side of the Z-Link tech.
  2. From what I have experienced, you can only silence the audio on the probe with Z-Link. The vibrate will still sound on the probe. If this was intended to be a stealth mode, it's not. If there are people near by, they will hear the vibrate moter making noise. Kind of defeats the purpose. I would like to see a complete silent mode at the probe and audio in the headset. Your thoughts?
  3. Is it me, or am I missing something here. How do you tell how much battery capacity there is? I believe somewhere I was reading about the universal Z-link module led will blink with 3 hours left. Is this true for the headphones? If so, that would drive me crazy not knowing the level until then. Scenario: Leave the house to detect 6-8 hours or more, hour into the hunt led flashes, meaning only 3 hours left, for a total of only 4 hours. This will cause me to recharge the headphones before every hunt. Even iIf they didn't really need it. Probably shorten battery life, too. If this is the case, maybe Garrett needs to add a battery level meter on the headphones or wireless to the AT MAX with an icon showing the level on the display. Your thoughts?
  4. I thought this might be useful for comparison purposes. All ear tab and washers measurements taken in the center across the bolt hole. All three coils show straight parallel tab walls (no bending). (I would tighten until snug, with a little give to it, so that I can tilt my coil when needed to, without adjusting the bolt). 15" Coil (brand new as of today) 3.56mm(.1400") ear tab 22.66mm (.8920") between both ear tabs Rubber washers that came with the new coil. 5.00mm (.1970") 11" Coil (1 year old) 3.00mm(.1180") ear tab 22.44mm (.8940") between both ear tabs Rubber washers (1 year old) 5.00mm (.1970") 6" Coil (10 months old) 2.84mm(.1120") ear tab 22.48mm (.8850") between both ear tabs Rubber washers (10 months old) 4.95mm (.1950")
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