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  1. It does sound like EMI but you don't indicate if you were at a different location. As Steve said, switching to a different location will confirm this. Also remember that the Simplex will go nuts if you have a pinpointer on nearby. I would recommend doing the latest update; a "mute" function is included that is a very effective workaround for the pinpointer noise issue. I have used my Simplex in a various locations and have never encountered a noise issue like you have mentioned. Good luck! bill
  2. Great finds, Joe, and love the old picture. My guess is the AQ won't be leaving your hand anytime soon! Keep going! Bill
  3. My first metal detector was a Coinmaster 3 TR that I bought from Knapp's Metal Detector Sales in Berea, Ohio way back in 1972. An old guy was selling White's out of his house. It cost $169.99 if I remember correctly and I didn't have enough money from my paper route so my mom "invested" $50.00 in my detector so I could buy it. I still have it to to this day. I found a lot of good stuff in the old days and that detector was responsible for my best find ever, a diamond ring found on a beach called "Gem Beach" on Lake Erie. Sure will miss White's.
  4. Steve, Bizarre. Would never anticipate a failure like that happening. I hope they send you a couple of power cables just in case. Maybe Fisher should bring OBN in to get them up to speed. Bill
  5. Steve, Nice no nonsense review. My only real comment is that if Fisher had the sense to send you a test unit a year ago the product would be done and available for sale. Bill
  6. As usual, I am with Steve. Can someone, Rick maybe since Fisher just isn't forthcoming on much of anything, at least let everyone know how to purchase the Impulse when it comes out? Will it be through dealers or factory direct? I don't see this as rocking the boat at all. It just continues to be so odd that price, accessories (good take on the battery, Steve, 4 hours doesn't cut it without a backup), manual, way to purchase, none of this is being mentioned by anyone. And if this is a limited release, which again makes no sense, I think a lot of us will be out when it comes to purchase one. Just make the darn things and if they work they will sell, right?
  7. Hey Rick, that is pretty exciting news. And a water hunter is just what we need. Looking forward to seeing his videos. Thanks for sharing this info.
  8. Appreciate the update, Rick. I can't recall if you got your Impulse replaced. If you did, have you had a chance to hunt with it?
  9. Hey Rick, heard anything more from El Paso as to their return to work? Bill Fisher Impulse AQ Data & Reviews
  10. Just when I am at my wit's end, stuck working from home, beaches and parks closed in LA, along comes Joe with GOLD! Love that class ring, Joe. What year and school. Thanks for posting. Boy did I need this! Bill
  11. Look at you, Joe. On the shelf, you get out once and BANG! Great rings. We are totally locked down here in Los Angeles. All I can do is dust my machines and it's killing me! Thanks for getting out and sharing your finds! Bill
  12. Personally I don't think of this as the death knell of the Impulse AQ at all. Even if the detector was ready to go they couldn't make and ship them anyway. To me, having engineers at home could be a good thing in that it will allow them to work out any final bugs so that when the lockdown is lifted they will be ready to get production going. Remember, despite the government bailout, companies are going to want to fast track their restarts to get their revenue streams moving immediately. First Texas is no different. If they can release a brand new machine like the Impulse AQ and put it into the hands of users around the world who were itching to get one before the pandemic, they will. And I can tell you that all of us who can't go detecting because the beaches and parks are closed are going to be even more anxious to buy one.
  13. I'm hopefully with you Steve but it is curious that we aren't hearing from any of the Fisher sources who kindly furnished info to us over the past year plus. Not sure what to make of that. Oh well, the beaches out here in Los Angeles are deader than dead anyway thanks to no storms and too many guys swinging Equinoxes! It will be worth the wait when the Impulse finally comes to market.
  14. Some of you may recall when the Equinox came out Steve's advice was to use the stock programs which he said were quite good.
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