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  1. Interesting comparison to Troy, spot on Steve. I remember when he was ramping up way back when. A couple of months ago I fixed my buddies X-5 (needed to replace the battery contacts) and got to hunt with it. A good machine in its day. There were rumors a few years ago that Troy was working on a VDI Shadow but nothing ever came of it. But as to Fisher I'm with you, this "non-introduction" introduction of a machine they have invested a ton of time and money into doesn't make any sense to me, especially since from what we have been told it is in production. If I were Fisher I would at least allow dealers to take pre-orders or at the minimum create an email interest list on their site. The silence is just plain odd and instead of building anticipation I think it's building a lot of needless frustration among potential buyers.
  2. My compliments to Skate on his post and I'd like to add just a little more to it. The metal detecting industry is more susceptible to speculation, both positive and negative, than any other industry I can think of. Every time a manufacturer is even remotely suspected of having a new machine coming this same pattern shows up. You get antsy, "kid on Christmas morning" folks who just can't wait, you get doomsayers who can't wait to pick the product apart, and you get others who speculate endlessly as to what the machine will do and how it will do it. For me, this is fun to follow for a little while and then I get burned out on it. It reminds me of the off season in pro sports, when for months all you get are analysts resifting the same sand over and over until the season starts. I commend Rick., Le Jag and Alexandre for sharing their info, and Steve for providing insight and also some much needed discipline to the conversation. But honestly, the only voice I really care to hear is that of Fisher to simply say when they will offer the Impulse AQ for sale. Followed by the voices of people who actually buy and use this new detector. Now that will be interesting.
  3. Rick, What you are doing is a courtesy to all of us who are excited about this new detector. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us and I'll be looking forward to new updates as you post them. Bill
  4. Steve, Absolutely brilliant post. I think most of us beach hunters would agree with you that what we are hoping for is that the AQ hits that "sweet spot" like no other machine. How do you think it will handle platinum? Bill
  5. The Vanquish is going to be a huge game changer for the low to mid priced segment of the market. Wonder how the companies that currently own this segment will react. The downside is that for us beach hunters there is even more competition! Nowadays almost every beach hunter I see in S. CA is swinging an Equinox and the lack of finds is an indication of how good this new multi-IQ technology works. Even novice hunters aren't missing much anymore.
  6. Well all I can say is thanks to Le Jag for doing what First Texas is bewilderingly unwilling to do: tell a very interested consumer base about the Impulse AQ going into production. If the machine is what it appears to be, and the goal is to make and sell it, then...?
  7. I'm with Steve on this--I can't make a case for yet another repackaging of VLF regardless of the features/price point. The technology has been mined to death. The Fisher Impulse AQ is intriguing (if we ever actually see this machine) but otherwise I will be swinging my Equinox. Nothing can beat it in the environments I hunt.
  8. Steve, Very interesting piece on First Texas. I wonder just how much of their business is and will be night vision? Government contracts can be huge so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if this becomes their core business so to speak. As you and others pointed out, they can make low cost detectors by the palate for warehouse stores and still make a buck. For me it is a bit of a bummer that they have had to look outside for new tech. You may recall for several years they were messing with BBS after the Minelab patent expired. One of their prototypes even made it onto a treasure hunting series. The machine never worked because from what I hear you had to set it up custom for every environment you were hunting in. I don't think First Texas has anyone on board who understands multi-frequency technology; they are essentially a single frequency VLF company and don't appear to have a problem being such. So outside of the Manta/Impulse AQ, whenever it gets here, I think we are left with only Minelab and Nokta/Makro when it comes to advancing technology.
  9. Steve, Some very good points here. For me the problem with the Impulse is that for some bizarre reason First Texas has chosen to remain almost completely quiet on the machine. The questions of "holes" in gold targets are very legitimate and it is surprising to me that Fisher hasn't taken the time to at least release some sort an update on this detector. I mean, they've selectively teased everyone with short videos and drops of prototypes at shows, so why not just tell those of us honestly what's going on?
  10. Steve, A very valid point. Funny how we have two opposing scenarios here with anticipated new machines: The Vanquish, which has been teased to the max, and the Fisher Manta/Impulse AQ that has gone ridiculously dark after some now ancient teasing. How about just actually making a new product and then having it available to purchase? Guess that's just old school thinking, eh?
  11. Kac, Just saw your post and your product is interesting. It may be a nice way for folks to address the "sight of a shovel" issue in parks. I'll be very honest, the worst damage I ever see in parks is from guys who try to dig deep using hand trowels. A blade of this nature on a shovel is very clean. I currently use a similar long handled design that I had made for me. The 12" length means that I can't stand and use my foot/body weight to cut to the plug so my curiosity would be how this works for me if I am in a kneeling position. But it does looks promising. I, too, would be interested to know what one will cost. Bill
  12. Wonderful article, Steve. Can't wait to see more pix. Thanks for taking the time to share your trip.
  13. Hey, Tugboat, I'll throw in on this. The issue comes up frequently at our beaches here in Southern California. Generally the accepted courtesy is to give a fellow hunter "sufficient room" meaning if someone is hunting an area pick another patch of beach. And if want to pass them, go around. For the most part this works fine. However, there are some hunters that deliberately encroach on other hunters, "pushing them" so to speak, and I've seen arguments and near fights break out several times over the years. What I try to do is be friendly to everyone and if I get a guy pushing me I will try to at least say hello. Sometimes these are new hunters and not jerks; they just simply don't know detecting etiquette. But it it is one of the jerk hunters I just move on. This is a hobby for me and getting into it with some idiot over a few zinc pennies just isn't worth it. But to answer your question, at least at the beach, I say just work your own patch and use common sense. Bill
  14. Update on the pouch issue. I spoke with Jack at White's and as usual, their customer service is exceptional He is sending me another pouch no charge and says they are aware of the issue but no decision has been made with regard to an upgrade or fix. He did say that some users have had success putting a small towel or cloth a the bottom of the pouch since the area that tears is where the mesh is sewn into the pouch. He said that this fix gives the pouch some support and keeps the latch on the control box from putting too much stress on the pouch. I am going to try that this weekend if I get out. Bill
  15. Hey Gerry, I've had the same problem with mine. Design is good but the fabric is just way too cheap. The box is just too heavy for the pouch. I'm on my second one and it is ripping in the same places. I gave my first one to a buddy of mine who sews and is going to try some fuseable thread to see if that works. But White's really should design a better pouch and then give it to owners at no charge given the price of the machine and the fact that they really push the hip mounting feature of the detector.
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