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  1. What a sensational coin. Since he hadn't been out detecting in what, 10 years, I wonder what detector he was using...?
  2. Chase summed it up perfectly. Follow his advice and you will be good to go.
  3. I'd just like to say one thing to Calabash: Thank you. This challenging nonsense shows up every time something new appears in the marketplace, especially in the world of metal detecting. Everybody is going nuts, begging for videos, fields tests, etc. on a new machine. Then a few guys are kind enough to do this and they get attacked simply because they offer an opinion AFTER USING THE DETECTOR. Also for those of you non-video folks, it takes a huge amount of time to shoot, edit and post videos. No one is paying Calabash for his time when he does this. Keep that in mind next time you watch one of his videos, and there are plenty of them. Final comment. If you disagree with Calabash, based on your in-field knowledge of the Deus II against another detector, by all means please share this with all of us. But if you don't, just enjoy his posts and keep the insults/objections/challenges/other b.s. to yourself. Once again, to Calabash: thank you. Keep the videos coming. Bill (S. CA)
  4. I'm going to throw in a different take on the AQ since, like Steve, I've had it with First Texas. While I agree that the AQ needs a major redesign, I blame the need for this on one thing. "Shill field testers." How many times have we heard about new detectors that are being tested worldwide by supposedly qualified field testers and right when the machines are ready to come out there is a sudden and abrupt halt? The reason is always the same, something to the effect of "minor changes, adding useful features, etc." Baloney. The problem is that most guys who test these units are just looking to get free stuff so they rubber stamp units. I'll give you a perfect example. A number of years ago a very prominent metal detector manufacturer contacted me and one other detectorist in the United States to test out a new detector. We were told that it performed flawlessly in the lab and that a team of European hunters had all signed off on the detector. To make a long story short, it took each of us less than an hour to determine that the detector was impossible to hunt with. It took over three months of our testing various software upgrades and changes before we were able to get it working. All of that was done for zero compensation and no free stuff. And it was worth it because the detector became one of the best selling metal detectors of all time. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not beating my chest and bragging. My point is that if these manufacturers were serious about building detectors that work they would use genuine, honest testers instead of these ass kissing shills they go to every time. On this forum alone, a number of you would be ideal candidates. But for some unknown reason the manufacturers simply don't seek out the honest types of testers required to really evaluate new detectors. I mean, come on, the mechanical problems of the AQ have been visible from the start and verified by users. First Texas could have hired Joe Beechnut to fix everything, right? And so it goes. I'll be honest, I think the AQ is dead. And even if it does hit the market, who cares? The Deus II has taken any buzz that the AQ had and squashed it. Bill (S. CA)
  5. As usual, I agree with Steve. However, I can tell you that on our Southern CA beaches I have found relatively thin gold chains, and parts of gold chains, in the wet sand with my Equinox 800 and the stock coil. In every instance the TID read "1." I've had other fellow hunters experience the same thing. This is the only non-PI detector I have ever used that could find this sort of target.
  6. Leave it to Steve to point out my "oddball" status! Glad that a few of us share that moniker. Thanks to everybody for the replies. Bill
  7. I am a frequent beach hunter of S. CA beaches and have found over the last couple of years that almost all hunters are using Equinox 800's. Not like the old days where you would see Fishers, Whites, a random Garrett and even a Tesoro on occasion. Which leads me to the reason for my post. My go to machine on the beach is an Equinox 800 with a 15" coil. It is rock solid, gets great depth and has rewarded me with a lot of nice3 finds. However, I also have a TDI Beach Hunter. Now before I stir up all of the PI guys who will insist that a PI will go deeper than an Equinox, I'm not going in that direction. What I am curious about is the deeper targets vs. more trash targets aspect of using one machine vs. the other. My own personal experience has been that when I have used my TDI Beach Hunter, and the competition is using Equinox 800's, I am always low man when it comes to good finds. While I may be getting better depth, the amount of junk I have to dig (rusty hairpins in particular) slows me down in terms of coverage while the Equinox guys are covering a lot more area and finding more good stuff. Have any of you had a similar experience and if so, when can you justify using the TDI Beach Hunter (or a different PI for that matter) instead of the Equinox 800? Bill (S. CA)
  8. Loren, I'm sorry but your advocating what I call "broad sweep" marketing just isn't realistic, nor is it good business. Not every business employs this method nor does it work in every business. Different products require different strategies. Using the homogenized term "content" to describe anything that is put on camera is a lazy shortcut that "content providers" think makes them stand out. But let's get back to the purpose of this forum, which isn't to discuss the pros and cons of marketing to the consumer. It's about metal detecting. Unlike other electronics, metal detectors do not guarantee success or performance just by someone buying one, turning it on and using it. While these devices can be marketed in different ways, some of which could involve social media, the other components of using them, like digging for example, require, in my view a bit more thought. At any rate, you have sparked an interesting exchange of ideas on Steve's forum and that is always fun. Happy New Year to you. Bill (S. CA)
  9. Loren, While portions of your suggestion do make some sense, I have to side with Steve that making metal detectors social media friendly in terms of display and audio features is pointless. If a YouTuber has basic video skills, which many don't, this is not an issue. As to your broader comment about metal detecting companies "waking up" in terms of marketing, I partially agree. But a metal detector is not a video game, and your post does seem to draw some parallels. Nor is the market for metal detectors even remotely close to that of video games. Yes, maybe detecting companies could do a better job of marketing their products, and yes, Nokta/Makro's presentation could have been better, but overall I have seen production values increase dramatically over the last few years. Minelab and Garrett's videos are very well produced. Lastly, I have had many younger people approach me about metal detecting when I am out hunting. None of them have asked about a phone app or anything like that. They are fascinated by the device and what I am doing with it. But somebody must be doing something right in the industry since I have seen more young people swinging Equinox 800's at the beach than any other detector in my lifetime. Just my two cents worth. Bill (S. CA)
  10. Personally I think that the various features suggested, while for the most part good ideas, are more appropriate in terms of Multi-Flex showing up in higher end models. Remember that the Apex is part of the Ace series and I don't know how much Garrett is willing to put into this detector given its price point. For me, I like the Apex a lot at saltwater beaches, where it performs extremely well. Inland it can, on occasion, be a tough go and I think the suggestions\ of an adjustable recovery speed would serve an update well. The post from Tahtsa-a-dats-ago about a reintroduction of the V3i is a great suggestion. I've thought the same thing. It would be very cool to see if Garrett could take that platform and tweak it a bit. Bill
  11. Great post, Gold Catcher. Love the way you told the story with narrative and pictures. Just curious if anyone has run the Garrett Goldmaster 24K in this area and if so how it performed. Bill
  12. You are back with a vengeance my friend! Well done. Love the rings, the pirate ring is especially cool! Bill
  13. Hey guys, need a little help here. My buddies and I would like to try some gold prospecting with our metal detectors and we all live in Los Angeles. We are experienced detectorists but when it comes to prospecting we are novices. Can you recommend any areas in the Los Angeles area that might be good for guys like us just starting out? My buddies have Equinox 800's and I had a Garrett Goldmaster. Thanks for any advice that you can offer. Bill
  14. Nice to see you out there again, Joe. The old gold can run but it can't hide from you. FYI to all, and not sure that it means anything at all, but I got the new Kellyco catalog in the mail yesterday and it advertises the AQ as "coming soon."
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