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  1. Personally I don't think of this as the death knell of the Impulse AQ at all. Even if the detector was ready to go they couldn't make and ship them anyway. To me, having engineers at home could be a good thing in that it will allow them to work out any final bugs so that when the lockdown is lifted they will be ready to get production going. Remember, despite the government bailout, companies are going to want to fast track their restarts to get their revenue streams moving immediately. First Texas is no different. If they can release a brand new machine like the Impulse AQ and put it into the hands of users around the world who were itching to get one before the pandemic, they will. And I can tell you that all of us who can't go detecting because the beaches and parks are closed are going to be even more anxious to buy one.
  2. I'm hopefully with you Steve but it is curious that we aren't hearing from any of the Fisher sources who kindly furnished info to us over the past year plus. Not sure what to make of that. Oh well, the beaches out here in Los Angeles are deader than dead anyway thanks to no storms and too many guys swinging Equinoxes! It will be worth the wait when the Impulse finally comes to market.
  3. Some of you may recall when the Equinox came out Steve's advice was to use the stock programs which he said were quite good.
  4. I'd like to make a comment here, not specific to the Impulse AQ, but instead to the civility of the discussions on Steve's forum. Let's be honest, on any other metal detecting forum, some if not all of us would have been torched for just offering honest opinions within this thread. Instead, when there is a difference of opinion, it is discussed with courtesy and respect. I'd just like to thank all of you folks for maintaining this standard of integrity and class in this environment that Steve has created and for making it an enjoyable forum in which to participate.
  5. This is good news but honestly how much work is required by consumers to convince a company that they are interested in their products? To think that it took this much effort from a person of Steve's stature to get a Fisher response is really just plain silly. We've had Le Jag and Rick try earnestly to do this on their own time when it really is the responsibility of the company to professionally get the word out, right? I'm hoping that this web site facelift includes an Impulse AQ page. If it doesn't than Fisher will have botched yet another opportunity to reach its customer base.
  6. I think it's just so strange that without Le Jag we probably wouldn't even know that the detector exists at all. Contrast this with Nokta/Makro and Dilek who is more than happy to contribute to your forums with at least hints of what's coming. Fisher could adopt a similar approach with a company spokesperson if they cared to...which apparently they don't.
  7. I'll cautiously throw in on this since I live in S. CA and have been hunting the beaches out here since the early 1980's. I have used the TDI Beach Hunter and the Equinox 800 extensively. Cautiously since I want to preface this by saying that this is only my experience. The last time I posted a comment about this same subject, on a simple YouTube video, I got torched by PI loyalists. So here goes. From my own experience and observations, the Equinox is every bit the match for the TDI Beach Hunter. Its depth is amazing, as is its sensitivity to small gold. Let me share one experience with you that will prove my point. Last winter, at one of our beaches, a storm had come in and created a huge cut. Several of us hit it hard, a group of about six guys. 4 had Equinoxes, one had an Explorer and I decided to use my TDI Beach Hunter. While I did find a single small gold, I was so busy digging deep iron trash that my buddies were killing me in total gold finds. The reason for this is that the ground balance mode of the TDI Beach Hunter is just a gimmick and really limits your depth. You have to use it as a pure PI to get maximum depth. After several hours of digging trash I gave up and switched to my Equinox 800. My reward: a nice 14K gold chain and a 14K gold signet ring at about 15" down. Again, this is just my experience but if you have an Equinox 600, which you do, and you hunt in beach 1 with the stock coil you will get great depth and you can discriminate. The TDI Beach Hunter does get excellent depth but the "dig all the trash" aspect of it is why I generally stay away from PI's. So my advice would be to keep what you have. I have never used a Garrett Sea Hunter so I can't comment on its capabilities. Bill
  8. You bring up an excellent point with regard to "useless digging action underwater." Historically the curse of the PI. I have been hunting the beaches of S. CA for many years and have used multi-frequency machines rather than PI's. Yes, the PI's go deep, but I am not willing to dig the amount of trash the PI guys dig with the limited time I have to detect. We will see what the Impulse AQ brings to the equation but to be a true leap forward it is going to have to improve on the need of a PI operator to dig everything.
  9. Steve, What an appropriate moniker to use for this latest smoke and mirrors machine. Brought back a lot of memories about the "revolutionary" PD and its inventor. Bill
  10. Steve, Thanks for posting the info about the Vanquish. This is where I think Minelab, and Fisher for that matter, have it wrong. Look back to last year and the excitement and dialogue about the new machine. I remember following it and getting jazzed myself. Now, nine months later, all that comes to mind is "meh" as my son would say. Minelab let the interest dip into a flatline lull but not having the Vanquish ready to go in a timely manner. Now maybe it will go gangbusters but in my world when you tease a product you need to have it ready to sell or else buyers move on. Fisher would do well to give that some thought while they continue their tight-lipped launch of the Impulse AQ. Just my humble two cents. Bill
  11. Interesting comparison to Troy, spot on Steve. I remember when he was ramping up way back when. A couple of months ago I fixed my buddies X-5 (needed to replace the battery contacts) and got to hunt with it. A good machine in its day. There were rumors a few years ago that Troy was working on a VDI Shadow but nothing ever came of it. But as to Fisher I'm with you, this "non-introduction" introduction of a machine they have invested a ton of time and money into doesn't make any sense to me, especially since from what we have been told it is in production. If I were Fisher I would at least allow dealers to take pre-orders or at the minimum create an email interest list on their site. The silence is just plain odd and instead of building anticipation I think it's building a lot of needless frustration among potential buyers.
  12. My compliments to Skate on his post and I'd like to add just a little more to it. The metal detecting industry is more susceptible to speculation, both positive and negative, than any other industry I can think of. Every time a manufacturer is even remotely suspected of having a new machine coming this same pattern shows up. You get antsy, "kid on Christmas morning" folks who just can't wait, you get doomsayers who can't wait to pick the product apart, and you get others who speculate endlessly as to what the machine will do and how it will do it. For me, this is fun to follow for a little while and then I get burned out on it. It reminds me of the off season in pro sports, when for months all you get are analysts resifting the same sand over and over until the season starts. I commend Rick., Le Jag and Alexandre for sharing their info, and Steve for providing insight and also some much needed discipline to the conversation. But honestly, the only voice I really care to hear is that of Fisher to simply say when they will offer the Impulse AQ for sale. Followed by the voices of people who actually buy and use this new detector. Now that will be interesting.
  13. Rick, What you are doing is a courtesy to all of us who are excited about this new detector. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us and I'll be looking forward to new updates as you post them. Bill
  14. Steve, Absolutely brilliant post. I think most of us beach hunters would agree with you that what we are hoping for is that the AQ hits that "sweet spot" like no other machine. How do you think it will handle platinum? Bill
  15. The Vanquish is going to be a huge game changer for the low to mid priced segment of the market. Wonder how the companies that currently own this segment will react. The downside is that for us beach hunters there is even more competition! Nowadays almost every beach hunter I see in S. CA is swinging an Equinox and the lack of finds is an indication of how good this new multi-IQ technology works. Even novice hunters aren't missing much anymore.
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