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  1. I've picked up a 1970's-era Garrett BFO in decent shape but it is missing the battery tray. Kellyco and Garrett no longer carry them, though Garrett says that they have other trays that should work. I'd really prefer to get the one that matches the detector. Anyone got one laying around that they would part with? I've attached pictures of the detector and what I thinkis the correct battery tray. Thanks. Bill
  2. Hi everyone. My name is Bill Paxton and I write frequently for Western and Eastern Treasures magazine. I'm working on a new article called "Detecting By the Decades" that is about how detecting has changed from the 1960's until now. As part of this article, for each decade I am going to focus on a machine that, in its day, was considered one of the top ones to use. I've got almost every decade covered with machines I or my friends own and a few oldies that I have picked up. I am having trouble finding one, that being the Fisher 1260 series of detector. What I'm looking for is a working
  3. Interesting. Almost makes you wonder why Nokta/Makro didn't offer interchangeable handles. It would be easy enough to do and they obviously have some ingenious designers. Personally I prefer T-Handles because I feel like I can get more torque on tough plugs and digs since the handle is attached directly to the shaft. I've used "D's" before and there can be give to the handle if it isn't super sturdy.
  4. Joe, I was wondering why you had gone quiet. You always thank the Lord when you hit a gold. Looks to me like He was watching over you. Rest up my friend, and so glad that you are still with us! Bill
  5. Fantastic finds. I'm in S .CA as well but was land locked all weekend. A friend hit big at a cut north and I saw there were cuts south as well. What machine were you hunting with?
  6. Gold chains read "1." I've dug several at the beach as have my buddies. One friend even dug three "1's" and it was three pieces of a gold chain. The Equinox is the only machine I have ever used that will find gold chains. By the way, they were in the wet sand. So dig the "1's" at the beach!
  7. Well put, Dewcon4414. Gigmaster doesn't claim to be an expert and is quite honest about his lack of experience with the detector. I personally commend him for not coming off as your usual self-professed expert on a machine he has barely used. Also, for those of you who haven't tried to do videos of your hunts, they are exceedingly difficult to produce and edit. It's not like you have a camera crew and director along with you. As far as I am concerned, anyone putting the time in to post videos of this or any other machine should be commended.
  8. Nice ring, Joe. Just a few random comments...First, Fisher should really consult with you before going into production. You could save them a lot of time, frustration and money! Second, I don't know how things are for you since you are out in the water, but here in S. CA the beaches are more crowded with hunters than depositors these days. A buddy of mine was at Santa Monica yesterday afternoon at around 3:00 and there were FIVE other hunters up on the dry! On a Thursday? I've been hunting these beaches since 1980 and I've never seen so many hunters. Plus we are getting 24/7 s
  9. Hey guys, this is really for PimentoUK. I just wanted to confirm the thickness of the shims which according to your post are: Shim plastic is readily salvagable from packaging, household items. Thicknesses around 0.2 mm ( 8 thou ) seem a good starting point My reason for asking is that this is literally the thickness of 2 sheets of paper. That seems awfully thin. I haven't found any plastic that thin around my house. Thinnist I could find was .4mm. Is that too thick? Apologies if this post is redundant. I sent you a message through the forum but had my internet crash and
  10. I would agree, midalake, that the sea water is not the issue. My friends who have had their coil ears break don't hunt in the water. Some good points being made here. I believe that Minelab needs to understand that updates just aren't software-related. They can also be mechanical. I think they should give thought to sending owners sets of shims or redesigned washers to address the current problem and then do a fix on the coil ear design. With the number of Equinoxes that I see out in the field this is going to be an ongoing sore spot for them for years to come that doesn't need to be.
  11. Perfect! Thanks for doing that. I will be going through plastic this weekend to make my own.
  12. I really like your plastic shim solution. Any chance you could post a picture or two for those of us "challenged" folks? But I guess first we should all take a good look at our coil ears to see if the cracks are coming before our warranties run out. Thanks again for responding to my post. Bill (S. CA)
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