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  1. Gonna do my first review of a new product, I've only been detecting for a year, but I've got a lot of "trigger time" and know what I like in comparing and using some stuff, i.e. headphones and other accessories. I've tried quite a few things, but now fixed income makes it a bit more difficult. I want to try a review to move out of the "novice" column. 😉 I'm not gonna include videos, I can't find an .MP4 upload. Photos will have to do and y'all know I do that a lot. 🤗 Not going to create yet another social media account. Review I've been seeing some rumblings about the Quest X pointer Max. I looked into it and watched some videos. One day I thought "this thing might be a time saver if it does near what they claim, and I had a little extra cash on hand due to a small claim I won, so I paid the $136-ish ransom to try it out. I can only compare it to the Garrett Propointer AT, my constant detecting buddy. I have never used anything else. I love that thing but it's finicky as those who use it know, sometimes it isn't "right" when you turn it on. I always have to check it on my shovel before using it in the hole, and sometimes while I'm searching I have to reboot it. Gotta say it sets and keeps the standard for me, but I'll let you judge whether it's been beat. I am in no way affiliated with anyone but my wife 😀 In the Box It comes with a lot of stuff, a holster, lanyard, charging cord, extra O ring seal and two tip protectors, along with warranty literature, way cool stickers, a card hyping their detecting app, a catalog, and instructions in everything but Swahili. Took me a couple of looks to find the English instructions for the buttons. Build Quality The Xpointer is nothing short of built like a tank. It has a thick rubbery plastic outer shell, the orange part. The antenna portion is hard translucent polycarbonate-like plastic, with an inner core that houses the antenna that is some sort of tough poly. The end cap houses the speaker, and is kinda thin. Honestly I think it may be a bit cheesy, but it is thankfully square-threaded because you're gonna have to keep unscrewing it to charge it. The internal battery lasts about 14 hours, I hope in the long run it will equal the use of a 9v battery. The display has a battery indicator that flashes available power when you turn it on. Unscrew the cap and you can see the board for the waterproof speaker, a mini plug that operates it, and a strange O ring arrangement where the o ring stretches on the angles around the plug to expand and seal the unit. They give you a spare but be careful. It comes loose every time you open it. Tip - always screw the cap on from the bottom while holding it upright! Inside you can see how thick everything is, the headphone jack (yes you can use external headphones but bye bye waterproof), the screw where ostensibly you can take it apart and replace the battery (with abuse a Lithium-ion battery will just drop dead one day, trust me). The USB-C charging port which requires the use of their cable. Size/Weight Size is about the same as the Propointer AT, my Carrot weighs 190g on my scale, and the Xpointer weighs 188g. Not a big deal. Compared I'm not going to go into how to operate it or how it sounds or how you turn it on and program it, there are plenty of videos that will do that for you. I'm going straight for the kill - what it will do compared to the venerable Garrett Carrot. This new pinpointer is a whole new take on the art, you get two-tone discrimination, with lights that show you what you have, either ferrous or non. It also has a display and two buttons. The display indicates distance from the object, and the buttons allow you to turn on, adjust, or disable almost anything you want. The Carrot is simple, and this isn't too bad either. Once programmed, you press the forward button to turn it on, and use it the same way as the Carrot. You really won't need the rear mode button after that unless you get a wild hair. The detecting area is mostly forward, and it is a 9.5kHz VLF. There are links to show you specs as well, I'll try to include them in this thread later with other tests. What I like initially This is a dual discrimination pinpointer, maybe the first of it's kind, I haven't been detecting long enough to know. That's what attracted me to it. It seems tough but we will see, it's as waterproof as most others, and it does ratchet re-tune like the Garrett. I think the tone separation is good enough, and the on/off tones are distinct. It's loud enough. It has adjustable levels of audio, and you can fiddle with almost anything. It's definitely a unique device, and costs the same. It has a cool holster and lanyard. It feels good and grippy in the hand, and looks a bit less like something you might use in private. 😀 The most important thing is it seems to have an inch to two inch (sorry metric fans) advantage over the Carrot in air tests. One person wondered how it does on tiny targets - here is a fired .177 caliber pellet I'm amazed I found that is detected about a half-inch sooner than the Carrot, and detected properly as non-ferrous: Ratcheting is another thing I like so far, it works exactly the same as the Propointer in air tests, but again, more distance. The real acid test will be water and I have plenty of brackish water to check it in a later post in this thread. So far it looks pretty good, and is a definite contender. What I don't like initially The first thing is the internal battery and charging. If I'm gonna have to charge this bad boy often I want a magnetic charging port like the Equinox, or a waterproof USB-C port on the outside like a cell phone. I also want Power Delivery fast charging. I don't want to unscrew the cap and "deal with the seal" and have no way to use it while charging. I get out detecting a lot, and don't mind carrying a PD battery to charge my phone or my Equinox on the fly. This will get all sorts of dirt in it if I have to charge it while digging. 😵 I'm not even sure if that will work. The next thing is the holster. It's really cool and has a thoughtful D-ring on it for the lanyard, but it has an Achilles' heel - if you use the provided tip protector you will rip it off pulling the pointer out of the holster.😵 This is easily solved by using the Garrett holster or a cheap knockoff. 😁 You also gain "grabbability". The snap on the quest holster is weak, unlike the "Pliers and a Blowtorch" snap on the Garrett holster. Apparently they never owned a boat and used a "lift the dot" snap. 😀 Last thing for now is that Quest claims the X pointer is very loud. It is not as loud as the Garrett Propointer AT. That may be a problem for some. I can hear a mouse in a coliseum so it isn't for me.
  2. Hi there, is it normal that on air and on the ground my nokta pulse dive can't find my 18k wedding ring???
  3. Does the Deus 11 support any wireless pointers? I am old and hard of hearing and with gloves I can barely feel the vibration on my Garrett. Stick
  4. Since I can't snorkel, I modified the metal detector. I lengthened the Nokta Makro Pulse, changed the vibration motor to a handlebar position, and added spring wires to the tube for easy storage! I think it's pretty good
  5. On paper this appears to be a fairly impressive unit with the depth or range that the ProFind 35 lacks to be able to make an iron tone more effective. What feedback I’ve seen on it indicates this would equal the depth of pinpointers like TRX and Tek-Point, but with more features as depicted below. Has anyone here used one? What do you think so far? Personally the only thing that would make me think twice is that I already have powerhouse pinpointers and I’m not really looking to take on any new pinpointers that aren’t part of an ecosystem. While I’m impressed with this pinpointer on paper, I haven’t seen a full sized Quest machine that really floats my boat, particularly in light of the latest machines from the big players.
  6. I understand that the Nokta Pulse Dive uses pulse induction. I imagine that precludes discrimination? Also, there are 2 coils for it: 14 and 20 cm. Do the coil size on PI detectors have similar meaning as in VLF ones? Could anyone briefly comment on how this detector behaves in reality? Cheers.
  7. I'm contemplating modifying a standard size (discriminating) IB/VLF detector into a compact form factor to search inside old structures. Thinking small concentric, but how small? Tesoro has a 5 3/4" concentric. Other manufacturers have 6" diameter concentrics. Both Fisher and Bounty Hunter (well, First Texas now) have made 4" concentrics. (Note: I've decided to go with a concentric instead of a DD because of the freedom of motion symmetry they offer.) Any thoughts/opinions are welcome.
  8. Hi all, I love my equinox 800, but I hate taking off my headphones to listen to my pinpointer signal. I'm looking at getting a pinpointer with Bluetooth technology, but as far as I can tell I'm not able to use the same headphones for both devices. Does anyone have any advice on this in terms of what to buy or how to make two different systems work together on the same headphones?
  9. I'm using the MI 6 with the Orx. It starts off in program 2 out of the box and shows that on the remote screen. When you change it to program 7 does that show on the top of the screen on the remote? I've played around with changing programs and 7 will not show. Am I not understanding program 7? What programs do you guys prefer to use and why?
  10. Well I got a new pro pointer and it’s acting like this - - just like it should work - the “I’m getting closer” only goes to about 1/2 the speed it should when literally touching the target . - won’t do anything - won’t stop hardly. - had me digging to China for no reason at all . ( even after a re-tune ) that said , my friend pointed out the fact that the cereal number inside by the battery is not there - only a cereal number on the back ( wondering if it’s a B- quality pro pointer ? Any help I appreciate it ! OH and I bought it to be knew off eBay and it did come in the box sealed in plastic so IDK🤦‍♂️
  11. Since I compare the F-Pulse directly to the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT I have filed this report at the Metal Detector Advice & Comparisons Forum Short story - best pinpointer for my purposes I have ever used, and my new favorite. It was not a difficult decision!
  12. Don’t ask me why, but I continue to monitor the closing sales of the TRX since Whites closed its doors. The last two new models went for $380 and $400, with a pre-owned closing at $250. Closing sales for new have been over $300 for a while now. It makes me wish I had the foresight to buy a few a while back, but who would’ve guessed people would be willing to shell out $400 for a pinpointer. I still have one TRX, but wouldn’t sell it now for even $500.
  13. I’m having huge interference from the Quest using it with both XP models .Changing frequency doesn’t help .It is quiet with the Nox .Any help is welcomed . Also here in Canada having good success with G’s Sonar programme on the Deus ,though one needs to be vigilant with crown caps as they ring high tone .Pull tabs barely make high tone so are mostly recognizable , at least for me in my conditions .
  14. Despite having two pinpointers, including the new Pulse-dive, on the market, Nokta-Makro just rolled out a naming contest for a 3rd “future” pinpointer. No details on whether it too will be convertible or simply a standalone as depicted.
  15. Phrunt... My 6 is headed my way on the big brown truck and the heat will have me sidelined for at least a week. So with the 6 showing up during the heat wave I'll be sitting out I've decided to shorten up the Monster like you did and retire it temporally as a PP'er for the 6. Question is this....does all the wire wrapping that close to the 5" coil cause you any problems or make the Monster react any different? Thanks!!!!
  16. Found the pinpointer is not up to it, gave the Deus a go but it interfered (coil being on seeking RC) with the Z now will the Monster save digging those Z19 holes so big.
  17. Figuring my older Garrett Pro Pointer might die anytime. It’s been used a lot. Like what I see posted about the AT version.
  18. Not sure if this question belongs here or in the Detector Advice section. I've been researching the MI 6 lately and I'm almost positive that I'm going to purchase one. I really like my Garrett so I'm hoping that I like the XP even more to justify spending that much on a pinpointer. One stupid question I have is why does the old ad for the XP say there are "Standard" features, "XP Plus" features and then "XP Plus with Deus" features? I get that the Plus with Deus features would work when connected to the Deus but why are there 2 other sets of features listed? And since my local shop has them on backorder, I will probably order through Amazon. I've read about some issues people have had with the MI 6. So is there a certain "made by date" (for the lack of a better term), or any kind of different versions I should look for or try to stay away from? Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.
  19. This morning I wanted to charge my XP MI-4 pinpointer but couldn't open the knob covering the charging plug. After many fruitless attempts, I contacted XP service at metaldetector.com. In an on-line chat, they suggested soaking the tip in warm water for 15 minutes, then to try twisting to open and even reversing directions a few times. After a few tries, this worked. Hope this helps anyone else who might have this problem.
  20. I’m considering getting a new pinpointer......every manufacturer claims “ theirs “ is the best.... what are your opinions ? ? ?
  21. I like the bright orange because I'm careless and seem to lose a half dozen every year. I've already lost 2 of the green ones in the past month. I've quit buying Pinpointers for the same reason. I think I got these from Rob's Detectors.
  22. Version 4901-0223-9


    Minelab Pro-Find 15 20 35 Getting Started Guide, 1.21 MB pdf, 2 pages Minelab Pro-Find 35 Data & Reviews Minelab Metal Detector Forum
  23. Version MPPFXP 010318 Rev. 0


    Fisher F-Pulse Owner's Manual, 643 kb pdf file, 16 pages Version R1 and R2 Manual Supplements Fisher F-Pulse Data & Reviews First Texas (Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Teknetics) Forum
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