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    Prospecting along the Klamath River, bedrock crevicing, metal detecting and surface mining. Photography, fishing and I'm a KCBS BBQ judge.
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    Equinox 800 and Gold Monster 1000

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  1. Great, I was checking out that very model. Thanks for the insight re pump size. Really appreciate your input....looks like I need to do a little price comparison research. Thanks again, Steve.
  2. I'm a amatuer hobbyist. Don't need top of the line, but I like quality gear. Not sure of pump size. Basically looking for a good reliable small time high banker that I can use with tubs or a settling pool. I've checked out Gold Hog, Keene, and a few others. Need some insight and advice. Thanks for any help you can give. BTW, love your site...definitely one of the best I've found.
  3. Looking to add a high banker to my arsenal of prospecting gear. It will dump into a settling pool or be recirculated in large tubs. (Can't release the water back into the river, here in Ca) Any recommendations on brands or models would be appreciated. I like to get input from available resources before I cut the check. Advice and input much appreciated.
  4. I'm quite impressed with the quality of the information and Forum contributions. Glad I stumbled across this one.
  5. Hello from the Bay Area. I'm glad I found this site. Looks like a wealth of knowledge and experience, not to mention the great amount of information available here. I've been prospecting and metal detecting for a couple years, so I'm still deep in the learning phase of my hobby. I'll be getting a new Gold Monster 1000, so I'll pay close attention to the articles and forum threads I run across on the topic.
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