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  1. Epic journey!!, I'm glad you finally got it!! I think you should name it "Pinky 2"!!🤣👍👍
  2. Aww man, you had my hopes up!! I thought i may have missed it!! It's a toasted 2012 rosie, with what looks like "Trump hair"!!🤣👍👍
  3. Oh, there was more trash! The rest goes in the cans at the parks! "No trash, No treasure"!! Or for me, "Much trash, No treasure!" Must be my "Lucky" Irish side!!🤣 👍👍
  4. No!😞 I wish!! Only 2 silvers this year! Maybe this "Winter", when the sweat is not blinding me! 🤣 Even the "wheaties" have dried up!👍👍
  5. Hey Rick, I've been trying to find the info for the cover! I'll post if it is still available!👍👍 Update: The good news; i found some of the info! The bad news; i can't find weather it's still available! I'll keep looking!!👍👍
  6. Yes, this junk is easy! Was just a reference, than in the trash! Something i started to do for my pic file! Nothing gets thrown away till identifed! Usually an EO (encrusted object) from the beach may take awhile to identify!👍👍
  7. Hello all, A little primer first; as some of you may know, my Equinox is in "the shop", due to previously posted issues! No worries; using the old trusty At Pro! So between Covid, and the horrendous heat wave we are experiencing, i haven't been out much to detect! But many of you have been out, and posting! So i just had to suck it up, and get my butt out in it!! Summers here used to be a nice balmy Easterly breeze most every day! The last several years have been unusually hot and humid, with little to no breeze, and record temps! Dangerous conditions, if you don't hydrate well! So, i decided to hit a few local parks, that I've hunted previously, a year or two ago! And stick to the "shaded" areas to make it bearable! Yesterday i had the 5x8 stock coil on, and did about 3 hours, before it became unbearable! I was soaked, but did well enough for what i expected to find! Today was much the same, in a different park! With the 8x11 stock coil! This park has very large tree's, so the added depth helps here, due to very rich soil! My results; as you will see below; are fairly typical of my park area's! Oldest coin was a 1955 D nickel! Along with a few early 60's; and up to present day coins! Not exactly ideal finds, but goes with the age of the area's that are accessible here! And it keeps my skills up! I included some of the junk items in my "paper towel" displays for future reference! I'm looking forward (probably 6ish weeks) to getting the Equinox back, and get back to the beaches! 👍👍
  8. They have arrived! The sound quality is very good! (With music, so far!) And they are very comfortable! I like how many different fittings they came with to customize the fit! I will be using these on land also, with this summer heat! I am going to buy a small bungee extension for a little extra play! And i will probably beef up the connection points with silicone, for a little extra strength!👍👍
  9. I'm in the same boat Calabash! Nothing i can do but wait! At least it's not our prime winter hunting season now! Oh wait!!; we don't have a winter in S. Florida anymore!!🥵 👍👍
  10. Jim, Great job! That's a framer!! I hope he continues, and has that to look back on some day!👍👍
  11. Sven, I would love to have some of those "once used" detectors! I could have some fun with those; for the right price!!👍👍 Simon, I get what you are saying! But i think that there is the cost vs profit factor that any manufacturer has to walk for a "kid" detector! As well as any other detector! As well as the cost for a parent! This "may" be a good compromise for both! And we are talking "little kids" not the older kids! I was collecting thing's; and old thing's, from a young age! For me, it was an easy progression! Even for the period i didn't detect, i still collected many other things! I also did a lot of fishing and hunting when younger! (I still hunt! Fishing stopped about 10 years ago, after too many regulations, and poor fish health!) All things that should have been boring to me at that age bracket! But which i still mostly do!👍👍 Steve, What's wrong with watching paint dry?? I have to do it every time my wife has me repaint something! Which has been often, in the last four months!!😩 I also watch grass grow; I'm cutting it about twice a week now!!🥵👍👍
  12. Hello again Compass!, Excellent finds!! And excellent explanations!! I'm glad your doing well on the beaches!! How's the canoe coming along?!👍👍
  13. Patience is taught, and learned ( by some), not inherited; unfortunately! That's why they call fishing; "fishing" not "catching" ! 🤣👍👍
  14. Good video Aaron, Thanks! That's is a long hunt! Still very nice finds! If you don't like the carbide rings, you can put two together in a vise, and put a nice edge on knives!🔪 How would you compare the Taracci, to the Equinox?? Keep up the great hunts!👍👍
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