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  1. Hello All, It's been a tough year for everyone! My wish to you all today, is a Safe and Thankful Holiday! May you all be Blessed with Good Health, and Better Finds into the New Year, and beyond!🦃 👍👍
  2. I was actually saddened today, when i was researching this on the net! There were many on some of the "other" forum's that were " joking" about throwing them back out, to distract, or mess with other's detecting! I know I'm far from perfect, but i could never do that to others! I did not think it was remotely funny! No one on this forum has joked about this that I've seen! That makes me feel better!👍👍
  3. Well Kac, Researching a find is half the fun! Still a nice and interesting find! Congrats on 2k likes!!👍👍
  4. So, is the consensus that the zinc's that are partially destroyed are not cashable or swappable anywhere? 👍👍
  5. I think that warnings on the forum are appropriate, if they will help prevent this in the future to anymore of our hobby mates!! This is not political, it's unfortunately real life directly relating to our hobby! My prayer's go out to the family and friends of lost prospectors!🙏 😪
  6. Steve H. is right on the money with his warnings! Homemade equipment is risky at best, and deadly at worst! Even if you are buying air for Scuba, you should make sure that the filling station in use is certified at least quarterly! I'm not a Scuba diver but i did use Positive Pressure Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for 30 years! We filled our own bottles, but the compressor was serviced and certified by an outside vender! The mineral based oil and moisture is filtered out of the air, and metered before use! I think one of the safest and cheapest ways to go, is the raft and S
  7. GB, I've only ever had my hands on two of those dollar coins myself, and i found both of them detecting!! They don't even have dates on them! And I've never seen them in circulation! So i know what you mean!! I was hunting Park 1 wide open! The only other trash i found where some bottle caps, and several more modern poptabs, that weren't in the picture! I intentionally included the Bush beer can! As it was an older pulltab can, found fairly deep, that usually don't survive! I was surprised i only got one nickel this time, but the last hunt nearby here, i found eigh
  8. I went back to the lake today, at a different location not far from the first! Started right off with a quarter and a tiny gold child's ring, with three tiny stones! Over about the next 2 hours, i collected another 45 coins, what i think is a silver and citrine pendant, a Timex watch that took a licking, and stopped ticking! And the usual junk targets! The junk to good target ratio has been better in the water, than on land! My oldest coin's where 1967! I'm still trying to locate some silver coins, but they may have been cherry picked, or are too deep to recover with the stock Nox coil! at le
  9. I'm going with a Jurassic shark with gold teeth!👍👍
  10. Chase, Way to pull it out for 2020! I hope you find it's friends nearby! And the rest of your finds were icing on the cake!👍👍
  11. That sounds like a great offer to the right people! Wish i could be one of them! May i suggest advertising in the Treasure Coast area of Florida on several forums! Those guy's and girl's on their off salvage season, are experienced, and may be available for part of the year! Good luck with your hunts!👍👍
  12. RM, This sounds very close to the suggestion Valens Legacy got for his coin jar of oil!🤮 🤣😂 👍👍
  13. Now that's a classic picture! How time flies! It's great that you all quit the cancer sticks! You have saved more money not buying them, than you got for the gold; many times over! And your still here to laugh about it!👍👍
  14. I think this is an important distinction! The LTD could have been "loaned" out to many willing individuals to do Beta testing, and then returned! But what is a person's motivation in testing a "give back unit", other than to buy a full production model in the future! I think buying it "up front", with the knowledge of what the unit is; and at a commensurate reduction in price, is a more transparent and direct way of doing business! JMO👍👍
  15. This may not be the solution that you were asking for, but I've replaced all my plastic cuffs with aluminum! Not because of slop, but because I've broken two of my plastic cuffs; one being on the Nox! The side benefit to the aluminum cuffs is that they are bendable to your forearm size! And yes, i always use a strap! If you decide to use a DIY approach! I would suggest a closed-cell foam that can be gotten at a fabric store! It won't absorb water or sweat, and a homemade cover can be made out of many items from home! Like an old dish towel, the sleeves from a old long sleeve cotton s
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