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  1. Thanks GB, I doubt i will be finding any gold nuggets on the beaches (unless they are from the 1715 wrecks, or gold caps) but i have found small gold earring posts and beads with the 11"! So i beleve you are correct! Like everyone else, I'll just be digging more in the parks to get the gold!
  2. Here is the only inland gold that I've found so far with the Knox! I only wish it was more intact! But still love it! Below the first pic is what it would have originally looked like, and the info found on the internet! It was cool to be able to get all the information on the manufacturer and the date made! That was the "icing on the cake" over just me finding a generic gold ring!
  3. Thanks for the info all, I can manage the Equinox at the beach's Ok, but the parks have been kicking my butt! So many signals, and I'm only using 5 tones! For now I'm much better on my AT Pro in the parks! The whole "learning curve" thing! I know the Knox will ultimately be better, so i will keep plugging away! I've asked this once before on another thread, but does anyone see a large difference with the 6 inch coil on the Knox, over the standard one in parks?? Im considering if it would help with the target seperation; and I'm not worried about any depth loss due to it's size? Any suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance!
  4. I've also had two of the brass screw inserts move on me! One i had to glue in! Make sure that the screws are not overtightened if removed! If anyone knows the tork specs for these, please post!
  5. Hello all, Just finished the 7 pages of this thread! Wow, that was alot of information and opinions to digest! I will be cherry picking from this for awhile! Being new to this forum, I appreciate all views and opinions here, and fully agree with Steve on following his rules! ( Full disclosure Steve, I'm not a dealer or distributor, and am not, or have ever been affiliated with, related to, or working with any of the aforementioned individuals)!!! I own an AT Pro, and an Equinox 800! I have no ego to bring here, and just want to learn and share with other people of the hobby! I chose to start participating on this forum mostly because of Steve's knowledge and videos! And thought this was the next logical step to becoming better at the hobby! I'm also a Big fan of the Treasure Beaches Report, and have followed his blog religiously for years! That was a mouthful! I had to consult with a lawyer for that!! LOL Happy Hunting All!! Joe D. (Full disclosure; not my real name)!!
  6. That's great!! They must have gotten the backordered coils! That means the turnaround time on mine should be quick!
  7. Thanks ColonelDan, keep dry in the foxhole! I've used a black slip-on cover since i got the detector! I'm in South Florida, and so far( knock on metal), I've had no heat issues with any of my detectors! It's also black like many detectors, and i can see where that may be an issue! But i like the cutout suggestion! It's rare that i water hunt , so i have not used the silicone boot yet! Just the battery seal gasket that was supplied with the boot! I may get some fabric paint and paint my cover a light color to help also! Joe
  8. Chase, that makes sense, i will keep that in mind! Thanks! And i just replaced my arm cuff with a Jeff Herke aluminum verson from Steve! Can't wait on Minelab to upgrade! That's when i found the broken coil tab, so i haven't got to try it yet!
  9. Thanks for the info! Steve sent me all the threads on leaking issues. I like his idea of selling a few months from warranty end. I didn't think of the thermal issue with silicone cover in place, but i would hope the water temperature would offset that problem. I've had it about 10 months, and the only issue i have had was a recent broken coil tab! Minelab is currently resolving this, and there service department has done a fine job! I also agree that any detector will have wear and tear issues. I would like to see the plastic arm cuff replaced with an aluminum version. Other than that, I'm very happy with Minelab's warranty and craftmanship!
  10. Hello everyone, I'm recently new to the site, and was going through the threads, and can't find the one that talked about Equinox water intrusion! So I'm starting a new one! Several months ago i bought a silicone cover and battery compartment seal combo that seems to prevent the problem! But i can't find it on Ebay again! Hope you all will be more successful in locating this product! Here is a screenshot that i saved, and also a picture of the battery seal in place, and removed! I believe it came from the Ukraine! The cover comes with several silicone ties to secure any openings! So far it's worked well, but i have not dive tested! It would seem to me that the battery compartment is the weak link for water intrusion, other than the obvious wire entry points and caps! But this seals all points covered! Good luck and happy hunting! Joe D.
  11. Thanks for the info! I'll be using my AT Pro until i get my coil replaced by ML! It works finr as my backup!
  12. Thanks for the info! I sent it off today, so we will see how long it takes, and if the new coil is improved! By the way, how do you like the 6 in. Coil? I've been thinking of getting one, but decided to wait and see if an 8 or 9 in coil appears from Minelab or aftermarket!
  13. I just had the same thing happen to the right side tab on my 11 in. Coil! Got my detector in Feb. This year, and have taken good care of it! I am beginning to think, after reading of several instances of this, that it may be the formulation of ther plastic they are using! And, or. The tabs are not beefy enough! Im in the process of shipping it back! And they also told me that the 11 in. Coils were backordered!
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