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  1. Hello, I think I am supposed to share a bit about myself so you all know who you're talking to. I live in Southwest Washington and became a treasure hunter at a very young age, digging old outhouses and wells for bottles when I was a preteen, more than four decades ago. I recently took up treasure hunting on a trip to Alaska when I decided to buy a gold pan and see what I could find. That was about 5 years ago, and I have since gold prospected many states and purchased a gold monster 1000 a couple years ago which I've used successfully most recently in Puerto Rico. Several months ago My wife surprised me with my first general use metal detector, a Garrett 300, and last month I purchased an Equinox 800. I'm quite new to metal detecting and have a lot to learn. I've attached a few pictures of recent finds. I started a little YouTube channel to document my activity, and it's listed under golden pennies prospecting. Looking forward to connecting with all of you. Thanks for having me in the forum! Troy
  2. Hi all, I love my equinox 800, but I hate taking off my headphones to listen to my pinpointer signal. I'm looking at getting a pinpointer with Bluetooth technology, but as far as I can tell I'm not able to use the same headphones for both devices. Does anyone have any advice on this in terms of what to buy or how to make two different systems work together on the same headphones?
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