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  1. I got my Basic Legend that I will have by tomorrow{Weds}I wanted the Basic and don't need the Small Coil.Got it from Destination Gold Detectors with 10% off and NO Tax.I think if you call them you can get one with 10%off and No Tax unless you like KellyCo among others and Pay the tax?Just tell them that you read a few people that got the discount and you would like to buy one from them with the discount......Good luck alllllllll JT
  2. The Standard,was not sure if I would use the other coil.......JT
  3. Was looking at Different websites and Most don't have the Legend in stock(Kellyco also} Pre Ordered mine with a 10% off discount and No Tax and free delivery and UPS will have it to me on Weds.(Final cost $571.50} Winter will not be over in the Poconos for at least another Month so I am glad I was able to be the 1st ones to get one and not sure if the newest update will be installed on it.I feel with the Economy is that there might be a price increase soon since everything else is going up in price.Just Glad that they did not increase the price today.................JT
  4. Garrett Price Increases in 7 Days On Feb 14th the new and increased Garrett Pricing is going into effect. Get ahead of the increase - Shop Garrett Now We will start a gradual price update between now and then, in order to get all Garrett pricing adjusted before the deadline. Garrett's accessory and apparel pricing will be adjusted first. We will then end this week with the Garrett detector price changes. In other words, Sunday 13th will be the last day before the entire Garrett Catalog will be updated.
  5. I agree company go out of business all the time, thats why its best to shop with a Credit card. And I am sure with the 10% and No Tax will send the company of of business lol.....JT
  6. I was going to wait and see what the reviews were going to be on a Legend. But Getting 10%off and No Sales Tax (Coupon expired last night}if I wait I will lose the 10%.Too me I can wait whenever they get it in(I am sure it might be a bit longer then the big guys}But I am sure it will be a good detector if not better then the Nox800.....JT
  7. Got rid of my Nox800 last week Today I found a dealer with 10% off and No Tax on the Legend (10% coupon expires tonight},like all the other detector stores with them being NOT IN STOCK,But I am sure they will get it whenever(Hope its not too long}I had to buy it since I have a Credit Bonus with my Credit card for $213 makes the detector costing me $358.31..Glad I have a hobby getting New Credit cards every few months for the Cash Bonus.............JT
  8. The Equinox 800,I guess I lost $60 on it when I sold it 2 days ago lol(Not a lot of money}If I was still living in Long Island 10 mins from the Robert Moses Beach I would be hitting it all the time.When I had my 1st Detector in 1986 a Bounty Hunter Red Baron that I bought from JC Penneys lol.But Moving to the Poconos (Lots of State land}Makes it hard to find a place unless I am getting Lazy lol.There is a Metal Detector Club that meets every month(Lehigh Valley}That I keep saying that I should go and check it out.(But have not as of yet}I have a Garrett Master Hunter CX3(talking detector} that I have in my garage that I will be using when Winter is over unless I buy a Nokta Legend since they are New and kinda cheap in price.If you think I am wasting money on something I might not use, then you should see my Gibson and Fender Guitar Collection of nearly 50 American made guitars that I never have played yet and only getting dust on the cases loll..............JT
  9. Well the First detector I bought was a Bounty Hunter Red Baron that I enjoyed using at the beach in the Late 80s.(when I lived in Long Island and 10 mins from the beach} I thought when I bought my Whites V3i(Living in the Poconos}that I would use it but over the 6-7 years with many other things to do I forgot about it lol.But thought maybe I could get some of my money back and after selling it I felted maybe the NEWEST detector will get me out and after many months with the Nox800 still in the box I felt, just sell it and wait and see what comes out at the MineLabs factory next.But looking at the Nokta Legends now lol......But Glad that I still have my Garrett Master Hunter CX3 that I bought in the early 90s that I can start using................JT
  10. Seems that they are available where I bought my MineLab?And NO TAX.Seems I am leaning towards the Legend. https://texhomametaldetectors.com/collections/nokta
  11. I agree hearing about how Cheaply the Nox800 is. But wondering if there will be a replacement soon with the Anfibio? I am sure the Legend is a good detector and a good price but would like to see if a Anfibio will be introduced soon?..............JT
  12. Would like a little input. I just sold a New Nox800 and took a $60 loss.Because when I bought it in July 2021 thought I would be using it but turned out I was kinda busy and Sold it yesterday. But I was looking around and saw the Nokta Brand ,Never heard of them but after reading a tads I liked what I was reading about the Nokta Makro Anfibio. Seemed like the price was right and it seems that its built in Istanbul Turkey(Better then everything else made in Asia} I see that a New Nokta Legend Pro is out and Not sure if its better then the Nokta Makro Anfibio?But I feel that there might be a replacement soon with the Makro Anfibio since its a few years old and seems every metal detector company are upgrading their detectors much sooner.............JT
  13. Just sold my Nox800 for $750.(Lost around $60) It was New in the box but never opened since I bought it in July 2021. Got my 15% off with the Military discount. Thought I would be using it but for 6 month was not used or taken out of the box. I think I will buy the Next NOX when it comes out(Hopefully soon} Maybe then I might start getting back into the hobby........JT
  14. I agree,Its been very Humid this week and hope to start using in next week when the temp outside is cooler.........JT
  15. I agree. Not a Scratch on it since I used it less then 30 mins in 30 years lol.I agree the detectors today have to be better then 30 year old ones?But I am sure how much better are the New ones?I have a New MineLab800 still in the box I bought about 2 weeks ago and am sure its a better detector?Buttttt how much better can the MineLab be?The future detectors I feel will need Xray so we can see what's in the ground for me to buy another one lol....>JT
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