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Found 19 results

  1. XP Deus II at $1599 versus Nokta/Makro Legend at $635 Is Deus II worth over double the price? And how do both match up against Multi-IQ? Only head to head field tests will tell, but this looks like a real grudge match if I ever saw one!
  2. I have decided to buy this machine . I think it will work well and i also think Minelab is going to have a big thorn in its Equinox side with this one. But it wont replace my Nox. I will give Minelab a chance to bring something out that i want . As for the Deus 11 , thats a straight swap for the Deus 1 plus cash.
  3. I don't like the coils, 11" & 6". I'm sure there will be more to come. I want to see an 8" or 9" coil standard coil for it. It seems like they are all standard 11" coils. I want to hear it. What are harmonic sounds? I'm not a fan of the sounds on the other brand. Maybe the Legend will have more adjustments to get the sound to your liking. Not a lot of info on it yet. Needs more videos. Price seems good.
  4. Curious if the Legend is compatible with the Pulse Dive pointer and maybe the Green headphones. Anyone know?
  5. https://www.noktadetectors.com/metal-detector/the-legend/ No manual yet Nokta/Makro Legend
  6. Especially to water hunters who have the Equinox and there warranties have expired. Plus the leaking problems with it. I'm sure Minelab has something up there sleeve coming soon to follow up on the Legend. The Nokta Legend looks like a solid, powerful detector with good waterproofing.
  7. Nokta has posted a video on the Nokta Facebook page with a sample of the Legend's tones. https://www.facebook.com/230504936963369/posts/7020832324597229/
  8. Nokta Makro makes their new MD known in 3 hours. Pretty excited to see what will be unveiled. Today's unveiling will finally let me decide which NM detector to buy first. Then second, then third, etc. Just like my ham radio hobby. You just can't stop at 1 radio. 😁
  9. As promised, here it is guys:http://noktadetectors.com/index.asp?g=naming-contest
  10. SMF LIVE LAUNCH November 19, 2021 @18:00 (GMT+3) Tune in LIVE on NOVEMBER 19TH FRIDAY at 6pm (GMT+3) / 10am EST for the launch of NOKTA MAKRO’s NEW SIMULTANEOUS MULTI FREQUENCY (SMF) METAL DETECTOR and TO GET A CHANCE TO WIN ONE! https://www.noktadetectors.com/smf-live-launch/?
  11. Looks like November 19th! https://www.noktadetectors.com/smf-live-launch/?
  12. This site I'm linking to has been known to bend the facts a bit, so as to be first with something to post. That way people like me will link to it. So take this all with a grain of salt. However, I did hear a rumor that the Sept issue of Western & Eastern Treasure magazine has a teaser ad for the new NM multi detector, so this may be on target... or not. Link removed as information proven as bogus, including the Lightning name Anyway, with Detectival right around the corner (Sept 11, 12) we may have an unveiling very soon. Fingers crossed! Anyone who gets their hands on a W&ET magazine, do look at the Nokta/Makro ad, and see what it says. EDIT - HERE IT IS!
  13. SeeHello all. Whom is ready for the Nokta Makro Simultaneous Multi frequency metal detector? I am. Why you ask? Well shortly after emerging on the scene Nokta and Makro metal detectors slowly got good. Which the story goes they're brothers whom owned the companies Nokta and one Makro different entities. With that said one brother finally asked the other brother to help him on a project because he likes some of his ideas and a vice versa and when they did this is when they finally shortly after merge together and became one before that they were completely competitive in this win against each other they took that same competitive and brought it into the game of metal detecting as a whole as in like the whole world they go against that they know they need to raise the bar they know they need to be competitive and not be like certain companies that just like the desire to create better products and compete with other companies and they'll learn that that's why they go out of business eventually I'm not going to buy and waste my time on a product even if it's made in America or not made in America that doesn't work versus one that does work and is tried and true. For example Nokta Makro since the came on the scene look at the Simplex. It's tried and true and this metal detector is built like a sh#t brick house. The control housing doesn't leak, the speakers don't and also have great audio if you like Donald duck in your ear. The New Nokta Makro Simultaneous multi frequency detector is going to have the exact same control housing as the simplex which in my opinion is probably the best housing of between the minelab Equinox and anything below or some even above that price range. They haven't announced the name and also are going to pick someone's name in the competition that they had going on for the simultaneous multi-frequency machine with that said I think they should name it the simplex + Plus simultaneous multi. That be cool. And already established great detector with the platform of the simplex but in a better version was to lose and also I know it won't be in just detector but simultaneous multi-frequency is going to be some of the standard not always and selectable single I think will be the standard both in the same package but think about simultaneous multi-selectable where you can select two to six frequencies that you want to utilize between 1.5 kg and 100 kg wouldn't that be one hell of a machine and that technology probably will be available to us and then once you pick your frequencies you want to use up to six frequencies between two and six for the multi frequency version of the detector the machine does all the algorithms and adjustments after selecting what type of hunting your doing and you GB and everything so that way it does work no matter what frequency you pick no matter it is as long as it's between 1.5 and 100 khz and you can select as many as you want between 2 frequencies and 6 or 7 like full band spectrum and it will work with the coil and everything that'd be crazy and amazing and we're going to see it one day with the way things are escalating quickly. But it will probably utilize something like this but be a pi Machine to so vlf, simultaneous multi capable from 2 frequencies 6 or 7 of any frequency between 1.5-100khz and pi capable as well with the switch of a button. Like the voodoo but not. Idk it's fun to think of the endless possibilities they can go with something. Fiy anyone who takes this idea of mine and uses it has to provide some with free metal detectors for life and half of the ideas earnings. Especially the selectable simultaneous multi frequency between 2-6 or even 7. 😊 I am a Minelab Equinox fan and user and a mine live metal detector user but I'm not saying that if Nokta Makro comes out with a better machine or any other company for that matter that I won't switch because I'm not company loyal I'm going to use whatever detector is benefiting me and my metal detecting needs as long as they're a growing company and always look towards the future and not always settling for just the norm like some of the American companies do but always making their detectors better for the consumer
  14. I just got back a email from Dilek and she said she didn’t know where they got Lightning from but that’s not it . The winners names will be announced on launch. I guess she’s meaning launch date but didn’t say when that was. Dang that’s telling me if I want it I’ll have to put money down to get it.Haha on me . Chuck
  15. It has been common knowledge among those paying attention that Nokta/Makro has been working on a new simultaneous multifrequency detector for some time now. The Simplex+ has been specifically stated as being the potential housing for the new unit when it appears. This post from 2/17/2020 reconfirms work on the new model: "Hello all... yes, the name has been chosen and the machine is in the works. Cannot confirm the release date as of today but hopefully I will be able to share more info further into the year. Hope this helps...." People often bring up patents as a reason why new multifrequency units have been so rare to appear, but the fact is patents on machines like the 5 & 15 kHz Fisher CZ, White's 3 & 15 kHz DFX, and Minelab BBS (billed as 17 transmitted but more likely 2 - 3 processed frequencies out of 17 transmitted) have all expired. Nokta/Makro has plenty to work with. Given the speed with which Nokta/Makro has brought new machines to market in the past and the fact they have a mostly proven housing in hand now via the Simplex, I expect an announcement by this fall with a detector available either before Christmas or next spring. If I was them right now I would be collecting warranty claim info to make sure the Simplex housing is bullet proof before launching the new unit, and that should be going well by now. In the meantime work can proceed on design and testing of the circuit. Frankly, there is no need to do anything radical to be successful. If Nokta/Makro simply did what Fisher should have done years ago and mage a digital clone of the CZ but with target id instead of meter, put in a waterproof Simplex box with wireless, and at their normal great pricing, they will have a winner. Many people would kill for a Excalibur BBS clone in a Simplex style housing. The main thing multifrequency offers is good VLF saltwater performance, and a Nokta/Makro Multiplex (my guess ) model would be an easy sale for a lot of beach hunters plus the general coin, relic, jewelry market. There will probably not be any real news for some time but when I hear anything, this is the thread I will post on. Nokta/Makro Multifrequency metal detector?
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