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  1. Dear Valued Members, Soon to be released 1.08 update will include the following: 1. Iron Filter (Iron Bias) and Stability settings have been added. When the device is working in Multi frequency, select the Recovery Speed setting and press the pinpoint button. Iron Filter (IF) setting ranges between 1-8 and the default value is 8. DEFAULT VALUE 8 IS THE SAME AS THE CURRENT LEGEND WITH NO IRON FILTER SETTING. Lower IF setting will increase the chances of ferrous targets to be classified as non-ferrous targets and vice versa. St setting is the fine tuning for the IF setting. When the IF is set to 8, the St setting will be inactive in the Park, Field and Gold Field modes. When the IF is set to any value below 8, the St setting can be activated by pressing the right or left button and can be adjusted by using the + and - buttons. NOTE: THE st SETTING IN THE BEACH MODE IS DIFFERENT THAN THIS NEW st SETTING! 2. Multi 3 (M3) has been added to PARK and FIELD modes. Ideal for humid, wet and/or conductive soils. It eliminates the moisture in the soils which can cause falses. It also weakens the response of targets generating 10-11 IDs such as coke and aluminum foil. 3. The selected setting in the settings menu will now blink for easier viewing. 4. Mute function has been added. On the main screen, press and hold the Frequency button to mute the device. Letters "AO" (Audio Off) will appear on the right side. You can unmute by pressing and holding the Frequency button. Even if muted, the device will revert back to unmute in the custom discrimination pattern (notch), ground balance and settings menus automatically. 5. Auto sensitivity drop in the custom discrimination pattern When you select the custom discrimination pattern (notch), the sensitivity drops down to 5 automatically. However, if you are using the automatic notch, you may not want the sensitivity to be lowered. In this case, press the Ground Balance button once to revert back to the current sensitivity. Letters "CS" (current sensitivity) will be displayed on the right side. 6. Hearing the audio through the speaker and the Bluetooth headphones at the same time When the Bluetooth setting is selected, if the Bluetooth HPs are paired, press the up button and select 2. 7. Reverting Back to Factory Defaults After selecting the user profile in the settings menu, press and hold the pinpoint button until letters Fd appear on screen. Fd will disappear after 2 seconds. 8. Audio Gain setting has been added. In the PARK, FIELD and BEACH modes, after selecting the volume, press the pinpoint button. Letters AG will appear on the right side. You can adjust the AG using the + and – buttons between 1-6. The default value is set to 3. 9. VCO Tone Pitch has been added In Tone Pitch, as the coil approaches the target, the audio frequency will change in proportion to the signal strength. It can be selected from the number of tones setting and is shown with a P. 10. Discrimination Pattern is now saved. Default discrimination pattern for PARK, FIELD, and BEACH has been defined as “F (Ferro-off)” and as “G (Ground-off)” in the Gold Field Mode. 11. Mineralization Indicator In the ground balance menu, press the discrimination button to activate the mineralization indicator. Letter GI (Ground Indicator) will appear on the right side. When you press the discrimination button again, it will revert back to Ferro Check and FC will appear. 12. The default threshold frequency level in Park, Field and Beach modes have been changed to 10. 13. Threshold parameters have been updated in the Park, Field and Beach modes. 14. Audio during ground balancing has been updated. https://www.facebook.com/noktadetect...35000278261127 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZqqKz4reAg&t=40s
  2. I have decided to buy this machine . I think it will work well and i also think Minelab is going to have a big thorn in its Equinox side with this one. But it wont replace my Nox. I will give Minelab a chance to bring something out that i want . As for the Deus 11 , thats a straight swap for the Deus 1 plus cash.
  3. Now I'm impressed with the 6" coil. Kac, I'm glad I kept it. Thanks for talking me into keeping it. I just ordered a 6" coil for my Equinox 800. I had one for quite while and sold it and now getting it back. I will be comparing them. If it's like the 11" coils that are pretty equal, the 6" coils will be about the same.
  4. Hello! Like an idiot I went and bought The Garret AT Max! I had to the pro some time ago but an accident happened and I had to sell it! At the time Garret AT (pro gold and Max) were some the best I could afford The Deus was out of my price range and still is! But after watching all the new videos on the new technology multi frequency Im planning on getting a new one! It seems the Nokta legend is almost as good or better(build quality from what I hear any ways)) So what one would you suggest and why? I thank you all for your advice and help! I plan on hitting it hard this summer at some ghost towns and other areas!
  5. Is there any word on when the LG 35 coil will be available in the USA?
  6. The Legend version 1.07 software update is ready for download and updating. I haven't tried it yet. I will tonight. There are reports coming in that it loaded smoothly so far with no "device not connected" notices during the update procedure. Good Luck! https://www.noktadetectors.com/metal-detector/the-legend/
  7. With all this hot weather, I decided it was time for my first water hunt of the year. It turned into a very productive hunt I was using the Legeñd with my Blu3 Nemo setup hunting in chest deep water. The first hour and a half was the usual, bottle caps, pull tab and a little bit of clad. All three rings came within 15 minutes. . First one was the big silver 925 with a fake stone. A few feet away, I dug another ring, 10k. I swung back over the spot and got a real funky signal. The target was a broken 10k ring. I could not tell you what the signals were in the water because my control pod was underwater. The silver ring rang 46 and the two 10k rings hit at 15-16 on the Legend out of the water. I hunted for another 30 minutes and didn't come up with anything but a couple of pieces of trash. Running 20Khz due to bad EMI, 2 tones , tone break at 9, sens 24, all metal. Bottle caps were giving a low/high tone, I could tell it was a junk signal, but I dug it anyways just to be sure.
  8. I would like to say that the ferro check is a great feature on the legend. I have found it to be very accurate in recognizing a nonferrous target mixed in with iron. I’ve been running the legend on a recovery speed of only three and it’s ability to locate good targets mixed in with iron is quite impressive.
  9. These are just a few Legend gold jewelry and aluminum trash VDIs (one rusty steel crown bottle cap also) for reference and for creating possible detecting strategies. The photo below is by no means definitive or meant to be accurate for your soil/sand conditions. It just shows where these targets have been consistently showing up on the Legend's target ID scale for me in moderate to high iron mineralization. I have never hunted with a Legend in mild soil/sand conditions so your target IDs may vary. What I notice from the photo is the group of earring stud, earring back, hollow hoop earring and tiny gold chains at 11/12, the large clump of small women's 10 and 14K gold rings that weight under 2 grams in the 16 to 19 range and the other big clump of gold and aluminum items in the 23 to 26 range which is also where US nickels live 25/26. The two big mens rings that are 34 and 39/40 are each over 8 grams. Three of these gold items were recovered with the Legend. Luckily, the Legend has good, consistent target IDs that stay quite accurate down to 7" depth on these targets in my bad dirt (aside from the tiny gold stuff at 11/12). That may also be the same or even better in your soil/sand conditions. Just click on the photo if it appears to be not fully displayed. Just for comparison here are the same items with their Equinox target IDs. I added the US nickel and US zinc penny. Legend reads a good condition zinc penny as 41/42 most of the time. Legend using Park M1....Equinox 800 using Park 1 Multi. Not drawing any conclusions here just showing the tendencies of these two excellent detectors on gold range targets.
  10. Texas! Found this piece of the old west today while training on The Nokta Legend 3rd week. Field Mode Multi 2 Iron excluded. This was banging 25/26 on the scale in one direction and 31/32 in another direction. So I thought maybe there's a V Nickel down there with a piece of Iron. With the notch on the right side of the pistol I'm thinking this was loaded with cartridges rather than muzzle loaded. Any one know what she is?
  11. I did then I pulled out the SE and ran the screen in digital which shows you the ferrous and conductivity of the target. Many variations on the id's. So I may venture to say I don't find it a gimmick it's just not as advanced as my ML SE.
  12. New Updates Coming! 1) Iron Bias 2)M3 new Multi Freq 3)Pitch Tone 4)Mineralization Meter 5)Mute Function 6)Audio Gain 7)Hearing the sound thru HPs and speaker at the same time 8)Selected setting to blink 9)Discrimination pattern to not revert back to C (custom) when changing modes 10)Notch Filter - Automatic sensitivity drop to make the adjustment easier 11)Factory Default function
  13. Good morning everyone, I finally get to participate in this discussion that I've been following since the beginning. I'm squeezing the Legend, I'm really taking it to the limit (as far as possible) and I wanted to point out a few things. First of all, I have noticed that the machine is having difficulties on medium mineralized soils, or rather, I have noticed that if the iron sound is low and a minimum threshold sound is not used, on "hostile" soils it tends not to give a clear signal in depth or even to discriminate it completely, then if you work with discrimination on G, it literally discards the bottom sounds, already at 20 cm, it does not sound at all. So I've been working on the settings (still updated to 1.07) and wanted to discuss with you what you think of this setting for compact, mineralised terrain: Mode: Field Discrimination: All Metal Sensitivity: Obviously as high as possible Threshold: around 12, threshold tone at 5 Iron sound: at 8, tone at 5 Reactivity: 2 Frequency: Multi 1 What I am looking for are low conductivity targets, on compact soils, at average depths of 25-40 cm (9 - 15 inc.) I admit I'm looking forward to the ability to change the audio gain for deep signals, I know it will be in the next update. Small note, I noticed that often the Goldfield mode goes deeper than the Field mode and certainly than the Park, strange because in theory it only works with very high frequencies even in Multi. Obviously guys give me an honest opinion and feel free to give me some tips, at the end of the day it's a new machine, and although I've been practicing for many years it's still a complete new for me.
  14. I’m not sure if there are others like me out there, but I imagine there MUST be. I am so used to my Fisher Gold Bug Pro that I wanted to give myself a challenge. I purchased a legend. My oh my, I need to be a computer genius to operate this thing. Now, I’m getting used to it and coming along, that’s one of the reasons why I’m parting with my Bug. I want to put all the learning into the legend. Now as for the Deus 2, I would love to maybe have one some day, but my rocket scientist license has expired. Wow, I think you need a college class to learn that girl. I don’t even understand a lot about it when I hear you guys talk about it. So my comparison, I believe I will be able, over a bit of time, to be comfortable with the Legend, but the Deus, I don’t think I can. But from what I read and see, both FINE machines. So just enjoy ‘em. Joe
  15. Hello all... THIS QUESTION IS DIRECTED TO LEGEND USERS ONLY: As we are working on the next update, please list the items you would like to be added / changed in the Legend (NO NEED TO MENTION IRON BIAS AS THAT IS ALREADY PART OF THE LIST). You can also list any accessory requests. Once we gather this information, we will focus on those that are requested by the majority of users (not limited to this forum) and will try our best to give them to our valued users. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION! Dilek
  16. I have almost 100 hours using the Legend mostly on coin and jewelry turf sites. All I can say is I am very impressed with the Legend as far as its ability to detect at a high level, its outstanding features, its SMF technology and its ergonomics/build quality. That doesn't mean my experience has been all positive and blissful. Definitely not. I have been using my Equinox 800 for the past three days since my Legend control unit is over the Atlantic Ocean right about now headed to Istanbul and a replacement is on its way to me. More on that in the future. So, I have not used my Equinox 800 since I got the Legend except for two hunts where I ran them side by side. All I can say is: the Equinox 800 is an amazing detector. Putting the Legend in the same sentence as the Equinox 800 is paying both of them a big compliment. I bought a Legend because I was a bit "detector bored", it was my birthday, I was helping my mother recover from surgery and I thought I might get a couple of hours of testing/hunting in dirt that is not nearly as nasty as where I often detect. The main reason however was that I wanted a freshwater detector that could run at high enough frequencies to gold prospect in streams, that I could trust for submerged coin/jewelry/relic detecting, that wouldn't need an antenna (I would be using it in fast moving boulder strewn water), it has a vibration feature that eliminates the need for headphones when submerged or near noisy water, no need for extra elaborate waterproofing of components and it very likely wouldn't leak and since both of my Equinox 800s were out of warranty. For my budget ($600) that meant a choice between the Legend and the Equinox 600. The choice on paper and from the Equinox leak history and lack of a vibration feature for target alerting was obvious. So after almost 100 hours, I believe I made the right choice between the Legend and the Equinox 600.
  17. Hello everyone, I've just received my Nokta legend detector and I have a question: can you describe a situation where I would need to use one of the single frequencies instead of the 2 multis? Thank you in advance.
  18. Dirt Fish Mish tries out the Deus 2 in the Aussie gold fields along with Detect-ED friends using the Legend and Gold Kruzer. She finds her first nuggie........
  19. I turned the coil around and shortened it up as close to my feet as I can get and I use a loose grip mostly holding it with my fingers. It helps balance better for me.
  20. So, how many videos have there been lately by certain individuals about the Legend, its iron bias and FerroCheck features in the last month......got to be 20 or more and most of them are by the same person. Right now, in my opinion the Legend and its iron handling capabilities are on hold, they are incubating, they are about to come out of a plaster cast/cocoon. I wish those people would just wait. Hey I know Nokta Makro released the Legend before this feature was finished, its on them too. However, changing the subject, anyone that owns a Legend and has happened to hunt with it in areas like me=trashy parks, may have noticed something. I have hunted these places a lot since high gas prices, foot injury and not enough time have limited me to mostly hunting in nearby parks that I can get to in five minutes without using even a tenth of a gallon of gas. That "something" is how well the Legend in its Park M1 mode (still using v1.05) can separate and identify targets, and I mean aluminum, steel alloy and US coin targets. Today, I put this to the test by taking me, my dog (Mike Tyson) and my Legend to one of the trashiest parks I know of. This park is littered with steel crown bottle caps, aluminum screw on bottle caps, aluminum pull tabs and ring pulls, and any kind of trash that you can imagine for a park that is used by people from all walks of life including the homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, hookers (male and female) and parties of all kinds. There are plenty of trash cans that are loaded with trash too so not everybody litters. Anyway, I gridded a 20 foot by 50 foot area today in 1.5 hours using the Legend in Park M1 using the Ground discrimination setting, sensitivity on 25, recovery speed 5. The discrimination techniques I used were 6 tone audio (four of those tones matched up to US nickel, zinc penny, clad dime/copper penny and quarter), the audio quality in general for size and depth of target, target IDs and of course the FerroCheck feature. I could have set up some very aggressive notches, but I chose not to. I wanted to leave the discrimination pattern basically wide open. The photos show the amount of litter........3 visible crown bottle caps, 8 visible pull tabs and ring pulls etc.... in a 4'X6' area which is fairly normal. That pattern of trash continues in layers underneath the surface. The photos also show the targets that I recovered. 58 non-ferrous and 2 steel alloy targets out of (I stopped counting at 500) who knows how many targets I heard in that 20' by 50' area. The steel crown bottle cap is a flattened, aluminum foil covered Modelo. I knew it was a bottle cap from the FerroCheck feature and its target responses but I wanted to absolutely make sure since I also suspected that my Equinox and Deus 1 would have completely botched this target. When it came out of the ground my suspicions were totally confirmed. It sounded just like a US quarter but the Legend also told me clearly that it was a steel alloy target from the FerroCheck responses. The construction screw sounded like a silver chain, zinc penny coin spill with a little ferrous response mixed it. The Legend was actually telling me through the audio quality that this target had multiple raised surfaces which the Equinox and Deus 1 can also do too. This hunt was not about iron bias. This hunt was all about a normal, middle of the road recovery speed setting, non-ferrous/mixed ferrous target separation and the quality of the recovery speed implemented on a simultaneous multi frequency detector. It was also about non-ferrous targets partially masking each other. There was no time when I had just one target under the Legend's 11" coil. Two to four targets were constantly under the coil. So I dug 60 targets that were surface to 6" deep with a screwdriver in 1.5 hours on a bum leg while constantly watching my six and every other direction for possible trouble from some of the park's inhabitants. Cherry picking those US coins including a 1941 wheat penny and even a nickel was super easy. Had I been using my Equinox, I would have definitely used a very aggressive discrimination pattern and I would have dug more steel and aluminum bottle caps for sure along with lots of pull tabs since the Equinox does not have a FerroCheck feature or the extra 10 target IDs in the low to mid conductor range. I could name several outstanding detectors (one which I still own) that I absolutely would not take too a site like this........ been there and am still scarred from doing that. Hopefully, Deus 2 will be able to handle sites like this like the Equinox can somewhat and like the Legend handles with ease.
  21. Hello. I am expecting my new Nokta Legend pro pack this Friday, and I am already "pre-learning" it (watching videos, studying the manual that I downloaded, etc.) My question is about the external battery: Am I supposed to connect it only after the internal battery is depleted, or is it ok to start detecting with both batteries full charged and the external connected before the internal one runs out? I can't find an answer to it in the manual, and I am afraid to do anything that may damage the detector. Thanks!
  22. I have held off for a bit giving my opinion on the Legend other then my initial thoughts when I first received it so here they are here is my perspective on the Legend which I do own and have used quite a bit,the Legend was ok out of the box, once the 1.05 update was released to us it got a little better but not on beach according to what I seen and read I personally do not detect beaches and most likely never will unless Cali falls off into the pacific, what I seen in the 1.05 update was all good for me and the ground I detect, which ranges from low 80s to extremely mineralized mid 90s on Ground balance numbers, I have also hit some ground that ran 94-98 on GB numbers and was littered with hot rocks the Legend ran moderately stable on the conditions I detected with those GB numbers, but a littered field of hot rocks makes any detector run unstable and not pleasant to use those areas are what I have a Pulse detector for,but I wanted to see how the legend would handle those types of areas, then the 1.06 update was released which for me personally was not good at all, I had differentiating target IDs, just like Calabash showed in his video except had I not seen his video i most likely would not have seen those differentiating IDs simply because I stayed in Multi 1 or 15 KHz most of the time, the differentiating TIDs only occurred when you shut the Legend down in Multi 2 and re booted it back on it was strange to say the least, it also affected my tones simply because when it occurred it would literally throw a dime ID and a quarter ID into different bins and change the tones I had set up, I had a program set up just to detect IDs quarters and higher which means I had everything below 50 notched out when the differentiating IDs would occur a quarter would come in at 44 or 45 which is normally a dime TID, when it would occur you were literally walking past a quarter because of the way I had everything set up with my tone breaks and tone volumes and tone pitch I had it set up to make everything below TID of 50 to sound like garbage, I set it up the way I did because there are days I do not want to or feel like digging every dime and nickel and just want to get quarters or higher, I reported what I was seeing to Dilek and with in two days they came out with the 1.07 update to replace the flawed 1.06, so far with the 1.07 I am loving everything about it, the tones seem clearer, target IDs seem more stable and it seems to run even more quite to me, I also feel the 1.07 has a little more depth then the 1.04 and the 1.05. The Deus 2 I can not comment on and even if I had one I most definitely would never do a comparison between the Legend and the Deus 2, that's just me though. I do have friends that have the Equinox 800 and 600 the 800 to me is the only detector that the Legend should be compared to in my mind, because that was Nokta/Macros goal, I will say when my buddies and I detect together I do not and neither do they notice a huge advantage either way the Legend and the Equinox are vary similar in depth, and stability on the ground we detect, the one huge difference which is the one that swayed my decision to purchase the legend is the build quality difference and that one thing alone to me is the huge difference between the Legend and the Equinox 800 if I detected relic dumps I may have very well purchased a Deus 2 but I do not, so the Legend was the logical decision for me, I may sometime in the future have a Deus 2 but that is up in the air rite now as I feel the Legend is all I need to detect in the areas I detect, I will also tell you that I have purchased a second Legend Pro Pack because I like the legend that much, I wanted a second one also so if my wife wanted to attempt to detect i wanted her to have one to use when we go out, with her ailment for me it would be easier to teach her if she had the same machine in her hands as I am using and it will help her mind to keep working, and anyone that knows me will understand what I am saying about my wife. sorry for the long rant My wife and I got married towards the end of 2018 early 2019 April 1st 2019 was a day I will never forget her and I lived together off and on for several years before we decided we would tie the knot but April 1st 2019 my wife was struck by a hit and run driver while she was walking, which completely changed everything, it pretty much killed her memories so we take it day to day and just try to make the best of it she was also diagnosed with dementia which happened due to being hit by the hit and run driver so for anyone that was wandering about my last statement in my post about my wife there you go
  23. In Park mode, using the wireless headphones, when adjusting the volume of the threshold, I can go up to 11 and I still hear nothing over the headphones, but when I go up one to 12, I get a loud blare sound. I'm currently using v1.07, and have had this issue since the beginning. The Threshold works as normal over the detector speaker. Obviously the Threshold should be off at zero, and should gradually increase as I go up. Is anyone else still having this problem? Is this a known issue that will be corrected in the next update? Thanks.
  24. It's running very smooth. I am happy with the depth in my mild ground. It hasn't seen heavy iron yet. I plan on doing that tomorrow. I like the tones a lot better on the Legend than on the Equinox. I guess I'll find out how smooth it is when there is an iron bias for it and the iron bias set to 0. I haven't found anything good yet. I'm going out tomorrow to a couple spots that have been hunted. It is heavier than the Equinox but it feels good detecting with it. I wonder what it will feel like with 9" round coil and 5x9.5 elliptical coil. I would like the 9" coil light like the XP coil. Was thinking about getting the Deus 2 but I'm going to wait for the iron bias on the Legend and see what it can do first. Soon I'll be able to go in the water.
  25. I only got out for very short time and I got to cold. It was 46F with the wind blowing. I tried 60 tones and was I was liking for the short time I hunted. I'm going to try it more. Was hunting in sensitivity 30 and Field mode. Only found what looks like part of rivet and a piece of tin.
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