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  1. If you want incredible separation in iron, this setting is it. Park or Field Disc Pattern: F, notch foil if you don't want it or C M2 or M3 Tone Break 1, this is what makes the separation incredible. For some reason Tone Break is affecting separation. Iron Filter 1, Stability 4 Try it out. This make the Legend separation as good as anything.
  2. Trying to decide between the Gold Kruzer and the Legend. Need advise from someone who has used both the Legend and Gold Kruzer. I am wanting to detect a large creek on my claims around Yuba California. So I want a detector that is waterproof and that is excellent on very small gold. In the picture are my average size finds. While I do get larger gold most are small as you can see. The detectors I use are a Whites 24k and a GPX 5000. All but 3 of these little pickers where found with the 24k. I can get a new G Kruzer for $375.
  3. Just purchased a Legend and there was small sheet enclosed saying it had the "Latest Version 1.07 Software Loaded," but I know there is a version 1.09 available, and some folks were saying there is a "Software Uploader" that makes it easier (a search showed many have had problems updating the units). I am sure I just missed it, but I am not sure how to update my unit. I visited the website www.noktadetectors.com but I could not locate an update download section, and a Search only said there was an error (I used the search term: Legend Update" among other terms). I registered my unit on the website and filled in a small box that said "Subscribe for Updates," so maybe you can only be given access to updates after the product registration has been completed? BTW, I read the unit can only be updated if the headphones are connected (Bluetooth)? It didn't make sense, but maybe it's a requirement? The owner's manual is VERY vague about updates. Thanks, Bob
  4. Way overdue. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/62-noktamakro-legend-forum/
  5. Hi everyone I have the Legend and think it is a brilliant machine but I can't help but think Nokta missed a trick when the made the top stem / arm cuff and control box 1 complete moulded piece. It would have been nice to have a removable control box like the Anfibio or even more if they had designed it with a folding hand grip/control box mount, In the summer here in the UK I like to go out detecting on my motor bike and without the ability to collapse the grip down or completely disassemble the machine you need a rather large backpack to get it in. Ie the Nokta back pack at £88.00 here in the UK. I am thinking about maybe trying to cut the hand grip off and re attach it via a folding grip like the Minelab Equinox. what's everyone's thoughts ?
  6. I received my Legend WHP package +6in coil yesterday and have spent 2 half-days putting it through its paces. So far I've enjoyed the time spent with the new detector. Thankfully I have experience with 2 other SMF detectors, so the transition to the Legend was no problem at all for me personally. It didn't hurt I watched some Legend videos and read the manual this past week before the Legend arrived. I tried running all search modes except for beach. I feel like I have most all of the controls and features figured out now, and in the future it will just be a matter of learning the nuances of the audio and doing fine-tuning. I fiddled with a lot of settings and one thing I noticed was its pretty difficult to make mistakes by changing things. 'A beginner would do great in the stock search modes. The overall ergonomics and build quality of the Legend are quite nice. With the 6in. coil I didn't feel it was too heavy at all and the detector felt easy to swing. The small coil was awesome in the thick trash. I liked the feature set of the entire detector and the v1.09 sure added a lot of them! This is one nice do-it-all detector and handles my heavily mineralized soil well. I noticed the Legend also handled the EMI in my area extremely well, and maybe the best of all 3 SMF machines I've owned. I could run at max 30 sensitivity if I wanted, but I kept it at 28 most of the time. The only chattering was at times when the detector was on the ground while I dug targets. It was not really affected by some underground power cables to street lights that gave my other machines some chatter. The machine quickly and easily ground balanced to my 2-5 bar mineralized soil, according to the Legend's mineralization meter. I ran mostly M1 Field on day 1 going for older coins, and today ran mostly Park in M2 going for jewelry and clad. The Legend was very sensitive today to smaller targets like foil, small pieces of lead and can slaw and I dug a lot of tiny targets in areas I'm slowly cleaning of junk. Unfortunately I found no gold, but did get 2 pieces of small silver earrings. One area the Legend was very good at, but didn't excel in was VDI# stability. It was better than most other detectors I've used though and plenty able to ID both trash and treasure pretty reliably. I have hot dirt with a lot of iron content and that naturally affects depth and target ID. The Legend would give ID# that would vary a few numbers, but still lock on fairly tightly on targets up to 3 inches. I rarely dig any coin-sized targets past 5 inches, so that's really decent. With just a few hours of practice I found my brain would "average" the numbers and give me a good idea what would be under the coil. The 6in coil had me digging targets down to about 4 inches for now, but I can run a slower recovery speed or use the 11in. coil if I want to go deeper. I dug a lot of targets in those 10 hours, with a lot of lower conductors. Those really stand out in M2 frequency and makes this my choice when looking for gold. I found some older wheat cents and the highlight, a 1920S Mercury dime on day 1. All were shallow somewhat iffy signals but with higher tones mixed in. I'm nearly certain the dime at only 2.5 inches deep was on edge from how it looked in the plug. It gave a low ID#, but in 60 tones I knew to dig it with some high squeaks coming through. I'll let you all know more about my future experiences with the Legend as I get out and use it more.
  7. How's it do depth wise in fields on non ferrous. How about separation in the junky parks? Easy to navigate the pod? thanks.
  8. Been considering the Legend but I 11" coil is a bit big for my hunting and 6" is too small. Any updates on the 5x9 1/2?
  9. Years back I bought a MXT but circumstances changed and I never really used it. Common I'm sure. But now I have moved back to where I bought it for (Arizona) and am interested in getting serious. I have friends who use detectors for crevicing for gold (very small stuff) and use Fisher Gold Bug 2s a lot. I used one and it was MUCH hotter than the MXT for small gold, at least with my stock 950 Coil (which was FAR better than the GB 2 for coins/relics). My plans are to enjoy detecting for lost coins and jewelry, yet going out with my buddy and friends who are pretty serious about prospecting. I am more recreational but my friend's friends are serious and have their own stamp mill and fine gold recovery equipment, but are still "small potatoes" at maybe an ounce a month types unless they hit a sizeable nugget (rare). I have a used a 4X6 DD and a 5.3 concentric on the way, but started thinking that at my age (Older than dirt at 75) and with blessed enough money to afford a different machine (up to about $800), would I be better just selling what I have (I figured buying like-new used coils I could at least get my $$ back there, though would likely take a 60% "hit" on MXT) would I be better getting a newer machine with benefits from new technology? My reasoning is that I don't have THAT many years left, and time is money, so would spending some new money get me a detector that would make me more productive/efficient (which would bring more satisfaction, and maybe some better finds). Obviously this is a subjective conundrum and impossible to answer objectively (like asking if 2+2 is 4 would be), but I think I laid out the question reasonably with the BIG UNKNOWN (to me) being how much better the newer mid-priced machines really are (beyond the hype), and if they are, is it a noticeable amount better to justify switching to get one machine that "does it all." One machine that LOOKS good (but I've not spoken w/ anyone swinging one) is the Nokta Legend kit ($600 w/ 2 Coils and wireless headset and extra battery). On paper it looks great (multi frequency for good coin/jewelry and high freq for prospecting). Not suggesting this is da bomb; just mentioned it as one of many I've looked at and read the specs. I have not seen real comparisons between what I HAVE (the MXT) and what is now available. The GB 2 was impressive on small gold, but didn't seem impressive on other detecting, and is still expensive new (I see them for around $700-800 on ebay) and almost never on the used market. ADDING a GB 2 would be a nice alternative as the MXT is good on coins/jewelry but then I would have more than I feel I can justify on the hobby now (Selling the MXT + Coils would get me close to the cost of a new machine if ONE machine would be as good as the MXT for general use and the GB 2 (or equiv) for gold). Sorry to be somewhat vague, but I just don't know the newer technology machines well enough to make an intelligent decision/choice. I'm sure many of those here have used what I have, and have newer stuff to compare with and can hopefully weigh in. Thanks, Bob
  10. Hello all... THIS QUESTION IS DIRECTED TO LEGEND USERS ONLY: As we are working on the next update, please list the items you would like to be added / changed in the Legend (NO NEED TO MENTION IRON BIAS AS THAT IS ALREADY PART OF THE LIST). You can also list any accessory requests. Once we gather this information, we will focus on those that are requested by the majority of users (not limited to this forum) and will try our best to give them to our valued users. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION! Dilek
  11. I ordered a Nokta Legend to give me something modern to learn while waiting for my Manticore. I studied the manual a bit then put it on my knee while I learned the menu a bit more. I noticed that you can't see the buttons unless you have a light shining right on them or are outdoors in the daylight. Anyway, I tested it on a few coins and other targets and got a general idea of what was where on the ID scale. I didn't think there was anything worthwhile left in my yard after being over it years ago with other detectors. But I did uncover a shallow aluminum can. I should have recognized that for a can but it was the only thing that came in as high as 45. When I had the pool put in I discovered that the Mexican workers didn't throw their cans in the trash. They would just bury them in the dirt they hauled in. That's not the first can I've dug up in my yard!! (No offense to any Latinos here.) I've also got a lot of copper wires running around the yard for sprinklers and pool features, etc. that aren't too deep and I tried to avoid those. I had forgotten how much of a pain it is to dig in this Texas clay when it is wet. It sticks to your shoes, your digging tools, your hands and anything else that happens to touch it. It took half an hour to clean all the clay off my Leach shovel under the hose. I also had to maneuver around the dog pooh I hadn't picked up for a week. LOL I did find a few of my things on the surface that the dog took outside and chewed up! She has chewed up expensive electronic things and shoes in the past. Fortunately, these items were not too expensive. She is off getting spayed today so she wasn't available to help dig. Yeah, they called and she is doing fine after her procedure. I think I'll try a lake beach next time. It's easier to scoop sand than dig in wet Texas clay.
  12. A friend of mine has been struggling with finding anything much with his detector. I offered to sell it for him on Ebay. Since I have had it for a few days and my messed up ankle can at least let me stand on it..... I decided to do a little US nickel/US quarter target ID accuracy test video featuring the XP Orx, Garrett Apex and Nokta Legend. It is only 3 minutes long or so. Nothing earth shattering or unexpected in this video from these three detectors that have very similar prices. A surface US nickel, a 4" deep US nickel and a 6" deep US nickel are detected for accuracy and signs of up and down averaging in high iron mineralized dirt. Same for a surface US clad quarter and a 6" deep US quarter. See if you can guess which detector is driving my friend crazy enough to just stop detecting for good.......
  13. here is an email I just sent to Andy at We dig OK Andy as you requested and discussed on the Phone without the Bluetooth activated in the Legend the threshold seems to work fine the below findings are with the Bluetooth activated in the Legend control pod using various wireless earbuds and the supplied wireless headphones from Nokta/Macro using a set of Black Shark T4 earbuds they are low latency at35 Ms here is what I found with these there is no threshold sound until you set the threshold at a setting of 9-30 the volume has to be at 6 in the control pod at a volume setting of 5-1 there is no sound it was the same with several other brands of low latency earbuds with the Nokta/Macro supplied wireless headphones my findings below volume of 2 on control pod there is no threshold sound until the legend is set at a threshold of 6 at a threshold setting of 1-5 there is no threshold sound At a volume of 3 on the control pod there is no threshold sound until you are at a setting of 4 on the threshold settings no threshold sound below a setting of 4 with volume set at 4 there is no threshold sound until at a threshold setting of 3 volume level at 5 it is the same as volume level 4 no threshold sound until a threshold setting of 3 at a volume setting of 6 on the control pod you can hear the threshold sound at a setting of 2 -30, but at a threshold setting of 1 again there is no threshold sound at a 1 setting I hope this all makes since and yes I think Nokta/Macro looks into this or at the vary least informs Legend users of my findings Thanks Andy for taking the time to read this and informing Nokta/Macro the last thing I will say the issue is not with the Earbuds or the supplied Nokta/Macro wireless headphones because all the earbuds I tested and the supplied wireless headphones that came with the Legend works flawlessly when I connect them to a wireless Bluetooth transmitter that I use with my Garret 24K it is something in the Bluetooth in the Legend, I believe
  14. I don't know how he does it, but I like what he does. Thank you Nokta for thinking of the end customer. Looking forward to seeing the pulse detector when you're ready to go
  15. Being laid up after surgery for another 4 weeks I got bored and thought I would do some comparison air tests between the current big three SMF VLFs and the excellent XP ORX. So Deus 2, ORX, Legend and Equinox 800 were air tested outdoors in a low EMI environment using settings that I have used in moderate to high mineralization. These are not settings that will give the absolute best depth on these targets during an air test. So please don't suggest a reactivity of 0 or 1 for instance since that would be unrealistic in the areas I hunt. So would maxing out the Audio Response on Deus 2. I also can't do anything about the 6" vs 9" coil size discrepancy....... These are settings that actually work in the real world in tough gold prospecting areas where many of these smaller targets will actually give target IDs that are in the iron range or even at the very bottom of the iron range depending on depth. So think of them as conservative settings that can be pushed a little bit to gain an extra quarter of an inch. The simultaneous multi frequency setting on the Legend and Equinox will absolutely out perform the selectable single frequency settings on those two detectors as far as being able to ground balance better, handle hot rocks and magnetite better, and run more on the edge. It is just the opposite on Deus 2..........The ORX is a solid performer and does really well even though it is just selectable single frequency. Just for reference, I remember finding some of these nuggets with the ORX and with the Equinox 800. The depths those targets were found at were within .5" of these air test results. So think of these results as the best possible depths in mild soil using the selectable single frequency settings and subtract a bit for higher mineralization. As for the SMF results, they are very realistic even in high mineralization. XP Deus 2 Settings Goldfield: Square Wave VCO, disc IAR=0, Sensitivity =95, Iron Vol. =3, Reactivity =2 or 2.5, Audio Response =4, Threshold=6 Mono with Pitch Tone Square Wave: disc. =-6.4, Sensitivity =95, Frequency =45.4 kHz, Iron Vol.=3, Reactivity =2 or 2.5, Audio Response =4, Threshold=6 XP ORX Settings Fine Gold: PWM VCO, disc IAR=0, Sensitivity =95, Frequency = 54 kHz, Iron Vol. =On, Reactivity =2 or 2.5, Threshold =4 Nokta Legend Settings Goldfield: VCO, disc. =A for All targets accepted, Sensitivity =25, Frequency =Multi, Recovery Speed= 4 or 5, Iron Bias =1, Threshold =6 Goldfield: VCO, disc. =A for All targets accepted, Sensitivity = 25, Frequency = 40 kHz, Recovery Speed= 4 or 5, Iron Bias =1, Threshold= 6 Equinox 800 Settings Gold 2: VCO, disc.=All targets accepted, Sensitivity =20, Frequency=Multi, Recovery Speed =4 or 5, Iron Bias = F2 set at 0, Threshold =4 Gold 2: VCO, disc.= All targets accepted, Sensitivity =20, Frequency =40 kHz, Recovery Speed =4 or 5, Iron Bias= F2 set at 0, Threshold =4 I did test Equinox 800 in Park 2 with 2 tones set on Multi with the same settings for those that happen to have an Equinox 600. The results were very similar to Gold 2 Multi above minus .25 to .5" so as has been said by me and others, Park 2 and Field 2 are perfectly acceptable gold prospecting modes. US Mercury dime is for size reference.
  16. Any member interest in a future release of a SP24 waterproof DD 9.5” x 5” elliptical search coil the soon to be shipped Nokta Makro “The Legend” SMF metal detector? A 6” round, 11” round (stock) & 13.5” coils are currently offered.
  17. Nokta has the Bluetooth HP threshold update posted on their website for download.
  18. A Few Notes on the Nokta / Makro Legend by Clive James Clynick The first thing I noticed about the Legend was it’s processing. Like the Anfibio—this processing makes for super clean audio in iron or dense trash. With the Legend however, this processing is fast and detailed enough to mediate multiple frequencies at once. This means that both the audio and meter information is more accurate as these frequencies cross confirm. As with any multi frequenciy machine, these frequencies examine the ground in different ways—making detection very thorough and deep. The Legend’s processing does two things: 1/ I immediately noticed how well this machine “pulls” up responses in dense trash or iron. Particularly in the multi-tone modes (6 and 60) these signals are reported very cleanly. 2/ This accurate processing reports the quality of responses well. What I mean by this is that targets that are rusted, made of diverse alloys or odd shaped such as “can slaw” sound rough whereas something made of fewer metals or a round object will give a cleaner, more solid tone. This is a great operationg characeristic–especially for beginners–helping you to focus on good qualtiy signals. Also, weak conductors such as thin foils sound weak—that is, they don’t sound more solid than they are. This is especially important when searching for small gold. This strong multi-frequency processing also means that simple target testing is very effective. So when you want to know what size or shape a target is—or how consistent it is—tests like using varied sweep speeds and directions will give you a lot of audio and meter information. Also, where you see big meter jumps—these are highly meaningful—indicating a poor quality signal or something odd-shaped. Pinpoint mode also gives good information on whether something has the sharp, narrow tone of a non-ferrous target—or the wide, drawn-out tone of iron. This effectiveness comes from the Legend’s high “resolution”–that is—the accurate processing of the multiple frequencies gives a lot of detail on what is under the coil. This is also a detector with a lot of fidelity. You have the option of running multi frequency—or any of the single ones to bring up specific target ranges and examine the ground from a number of standpoints. The machine can be run fast or slow with high or low Iron Bias. This adjustable iron filtering is by far the most important feature of the v. 1.09 upgrade. What this means is that in dense junk or iron you have the choice of trying to speed up and bring up the “cleanest” responses–or to slow down and use the Legend’s processing to saturate what’s under the coil more and bring up tones one what you are looking for. These types of settings examine the ground in very specific ways letting you return to heavily worked prime ground with never before tried search methods. There are some remarkable videos out of the Legend’s low bias settings “seeing through” multiple spikes to bring up a tone on silver—as if the iron was not even there. I’ve also had to opportunity to run the Legend at a tough, high-saline ocean beach. It performed well and even had great audio in nail infested sections—giving longer tones on non-ferrous targets that were mixed in. This audio processing was so accurate that the Legend even distinguished stainless steel from iron. The Legends clean, sharp audio and tone menu choices are great tools to help at these tough sites. The v. 1.09 upgrade offers new audio preference choices including VCO (Pitch Audio), and Boost. These are some of the great performance characteristics that I’ve noticed about the Legend in my first season of hunting with it. I highly recommend this great detector for hunters at any level of the hobby. Good Luck Detecting, clive
  19. For those of you who have been following the issue on YouTube about The Legend and it's supposed problem with foil trash, I wanted to share with you that I think I have discovered who TN Sharpshooter is. Listen to the voice and tell me if I'm wrong. Here is TN Sharpshooter: And here he is "unmasked" (that's a detecting pun): Just having a little fun to lighten the mood. Remember, this is a hobby, right?
  20. If you have any issues updating your Legend, please read the troubleshooting guide below: TROUBLESHOOTING Windows 1. Disable your antivirus program. 2. Plug the device into a different USB port, if your computer has more than one, to see if the problem is specific to one port. 3. The right drivers must be installed – Go to www.silabs.com/developers/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers and install the driver according to your computer’s operating system. 4. Type "Control Panel" into the Windows search bar and select Control Panel. Go to Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change advanced power settings. Find USB Settings, then drill down to USB selective suspend setting. Disable the options next to On battery and Plugged in, then click Apply. You must then restart your PC to stop it from turning off the USB ports unnecessarily. MacOS 1. Disable your antivirus program. 2. Plug the device into a different USB port, if your computer has more than one, to see if the problem is specific to one port. 3. The right drivers must be installed – Go to www.silabs.com/developers/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers and install the driver according to your computer’s operating system. 4. In the Finder on your Mac, locate the app you want to open. Don’t use Launchpad to do this. Launchpad doesn’t allow you to access the shortcut menu. Control-click the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu. Click Open. The app is saved as an exception to your security settings, and you can open it in the future by double-clicking it just as you can any registered app. Note: You can also grant an exception for a blocked app by clicking the Open Anyway button in the General pane of Security & Privacy preferences. This button is available for about an hour after you try to open the app. To change these preferences on your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy , then click General.
  21. Hello everyone, yesterday my nokta legend arrived and I updated it to 1.09 but I feel that it has a lot of noise, it is in sensitivity from 20 to 30. I don't know what it could be, but I read that some people after updating to 1.09 got a noisy legend. any suggestion? factory fault?
  22. So I was talking to the owner of a little shop whose house is right next to the store. the House Seemed old so I asked for permission to detect. Came back the next day and the shop/homeowner was curious and he hung around quite a bit while I was hunting. Nice guy and we got talking. At one point he asked me if my detector was a "good" one. I said yeah, very good, and he asked how much it cost so I told him.... around 700... Five seconds later I hit on a alminum can and get a massive signal on the Legend......and the speaker just died. I knew as soon as it happened it was toast. I just told the guy, they are a good company, and that I wasn't bothered in the least. Stupid can killed the Legend. lol
  23. I would like to know how Legend can be used to identify or block beer bottle caps, I am from Equinox and am very happy with Legeng in all aspects, the only thing that bothers me is the bottle cap
  24. They fit good and the buttons line right up with the cover. Got from detector warehouse.
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