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  1. I didn't really know where to put this but for Nel coil fans such as myself it looks like they're coming back! I really hope so. They have updated their website with this notice. It's sad what has happened to them but I'm glad it looks like they're going to survive it as a company.
  2. Garrett Price Increases in 7 Days On Feb 14th the new and increased Garrett Pricing is going into effect. Get ahead of the increase - Shop Garrett Now We will start a gradual price update between now and then, in order to get all Garrett pricing adjusted before the deadline. Garrett's accessory and apparel pricing will be adjusted first. We will then end this week with the Garrett detector price changes. In other words, Sunday 13th will be the last day before the entire Garrett Catalog will be updated.
  3. I saw this and wondered if they’re talking smf or just several single frequencies. Anyone heard anything?
  4. Minelab under utilizes it's website and YouTube. They have a Youtube channel that is not overly utilized, and the Minelab website is not what I would call current. The website even still has the Etrac as a current detector being made. When was the last time you saw a new Etrac for sale? It's actually been awhile since there has been anything posted in the Treasure Talk portion. Practically zip for the Minelab News section. Both the YouTube and the website are the perfect place to stay in touch with customers. Why not at least give a heads up like "Coming this fall", "Coming in 2023." "New flagship detector on the horizon" Two brand new releases from other companies and people might hold off if they knew there was something for sure forthcoming. I could go on, but won't. Okay rant over.
  5. Treasure Depot is shutting down tomorrow. Detector/Prospector may get an influx of people wanting to join, to trade and sell detectors.
  6. Codan/Minelab's share price of $9.81 today when it reached $19.35 in June and has been in free fall ever since would indicate something is up. I hope it doesn't affect them releasing new detectors as they tighten the belt. I am guessing the Deus 2 and Legend won't be a good thing for it either. What I don't get is why they didn't ride a high with the GPX 6000 release, normally any detector release shoots up their share price, instead it went down.
  7. Questions -- So, what is going on with Whites and Garrett.? It appears all Garrett has done is Re-Release the 24k, and I see no other mention of anything else they are doing with the assets they purchased, it's hard to believe they purchased the company for one detector and it's tooling, Any idea what they paid for the company? For those of us that have been around for decades, the loss of Whites was and is a Big Deal, for although the company went downhill after it's founders death, it still has So Much history of innovation and top notch products it is hard to believe they did not have designs on the books that Garrett could take advantage of, So Where are they.? If you think I am wrong, just look at even today Whites machines are Regularly mentioned, and often in a good light. How about a New V4i.? The technology of the V3i was on par or better then almost any machine today, just wrap it in fast electronics and more simultaneous multi frequencies and a simplified interface and with that color screen and graph and other features and good ergonomics it's a sure winner.! A new TDI with similar upgrades? A related question -- What is Garrett doing these days? I have seen nothing of note from them in years, just average rehashed junk, the AT series was ok but is old tech repeatedly Rehashed long ago, How about a new Pi.? even just an ATX in a light package at a good price may keep them in the game.!
  8. Thought I saw something about them coming out with a new land machine for coins and relics is there any truth to this
  9. Now that White’s has closed the factory in Sweet Home, these are the officially designated places to have warranty work and service done. Garrett has purchased White's, and will continue to support the product, with manuals here. Centreville Electronics (East Coast) 9437 Main Street Manassas, VA 20110 (888) 645-0202 (703) 367-7999 Fax: (703) 367-0868 bobnpaul@centrevilleelectronics.net www.centrevilleelectronics.net Centreville Electronics Northwest (West Coast) 1550 Maple Pl. Lebanon Oregon 97355 (541)409-7263 www.centrevilleelectronicsnw.com centrevilleelectronicsnw@gmail.com Canada Ed Sebulski 21920 44A Avenue Langley, British Columbia, Canada V3A 9J3 604-532-8153 Use this Service Center for Older Water Detectors Specializing in repairing legacy White’s water detectors. Please call for other repairs. Warren’s Repair Center Freeport, Florida (850) 835-3344 warren32439@gmail.com Europe At last report the White’s facility in Scotland closed in November and is no longer accepting items for service: White’s Electronics (UK) Ltd 35J Harbour Road Inverness Scotland IV1 1UA Email: info@whites.co.uk UK Customers: 01463 223 456 International Customers: +44 1463 223 456
  10. So, the great news is Nokta are working on a Pulse Induction Gold prospecting detector, it was delayed a bit due to other projects, I can only assume the Legend but it's back in development now and to be honest I'm quite excited about it. The market has long needed a good quality low cost relatively high performance PI option. While I don't expect them to match the performance of the GPX 6000 or GPZ 7000 that's not overly necessary, they're likely going to put their detector in a very competitive price bracket to enable a larger number of people to take up prospecting with a PI detector. I would not be surprised if the performance exceeds my expectations though, Nokta never ceases to amaze people with the products they come out with for the price they sell them. I figured it's time to start a thread on it so Nokta can get a bit of feedback from various detector prospectors as to what they'd want in a new PI detector. I'll kick it off with something that I would like, for me I would love the detector to support existing GPX coils, not GPX 6000 coils obviously, the earlier GPX coils. People have a bunch of these things, manufacturers have started long running businesses solely around making coils for the GPX series of Detectors, there are literally hundreds of coils available for the GPX detectors, this would give the Nokta machine a big head start and a also attract a lot of buyers to it knowing they can use their existing coils. There are a range of coils available for the GPX to suit just about any environment with DD, Mono, Concentric, Anti Interferance and so on, a coil for every occasion in every size you can imagine. It would just really make sense for Nokta to take advantage of that if at all possible. Other detectors are running GPX coils fine so technically and legally it's not a problem, it is more so if there detector is designed to suit them. They could even do what Fisher were intending to do and do a Land (gold) and Sea (beach) version of the detector to get more out of their R&D. I could go on for ages on the features I would want it to have and I'll do that in time if others don't chime in with the same requests. So, what would you want in the new Nokta Makro PI Gold machine?
  11. Just a reminder. Minelab USA offers a 15% discount on any Minelab metal detector from the MAP (minimum advertised price) to U.S. active or honorably discharged members of the military. Proof of past or active service is required and must be verified by providing a copy of a DD 214 or Military ID to qualify. The discount applies only to a metal detector purchase - parts and accessories do not qualify. This discount is not available in conjunction with other special promotions or individual dealer concessions. With discount the $899 Equinox 800 is only $764.15. The Minelab GPZ 7000, normally $7999, ends up being $6799.15, a savings of $1199.85
  12. Coming soon? Not just one, but a series? https://search.ipaustralia.gov.au/trademarks/search/view/2076039?q=minelab Minelab SilverSaver metal detector series
  13. In regards to Tom Dankowski’s statement regarding myself….https://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,152652,184080#msg-184080 I find this very interesting especially since I did NOT purchase the modified Tarsacci unit from Dimitar, I bought it used from a third party, who Dimitar custom made it for. Therefore, I had no said “agreement” with him. The gentleman called me recently and informed of his interest in selling the unit in order to free up some cash for the latest XP flagship. The gentleman suffers from significant hearing damage working around heavy equipment and being a professional musician. He could NOT differentiate the high tone from the mid tone. I suspect the same is for others…. This modification cuts the learning curve down SIGNIFICANTLY! I didn’t see a need for the unit until he sent me video samples of which I immediately noticed BIG difference in audio. My only intent was for the Tarsacci community to realize how much better the audio (((could))) be. However, things being as they are with Dimitar he is not in the habit of listening to his customers, just as he hasn’t, regarding a small coil, BEAST coil cover, arm strap, extra lower rod, hard copy manual, all of which I endlessly lobbied for to him for you guys (and you know who you are). Very strange this statement is made about me especially since I’ve done nothing but promote the Tarsacci. Even though I’ve pulled the forum due to maintenance cost and bad Tarsacci sales my YouTube videos bring Dimitar TONS of FREE promotion. Before I pulled them they were getting almost 5,000 minutes a month in view time. Now that I brought them back, in only 2 weeks people have spent over 31hrs have watching them. What people don’t realize is subscribers mean NOTHING, it’s VIEWERS. 80% of my viewers are NOT subscribers, Dimitar doesn’t get that….. And there’s more aspects, tricks of the Tarsacci that haven’t been addressed anywhere on the forum or YouTube that I still to publish yet, lack the motivation… APL
  14. The Codan half year earning report states Minelab has significant progress on 4 new products to be released in the near term. I wonder what near term means in this instance?
  15. It’s been a while that I’ve been on the Aaron's Tarsacci forum on tarsaccisales.com and now I can’t access it. I’m wondering if we still have one there. Maybe someone out there has the answer, Chuck Link to forum (still broken as of 1/13/22)
  16. https://obits.dallasnews.com/us/obituaries/dallasmorningnews/name/eleanor-garrett-obituary?id=33474638
  17. Interesting that Minelab have just applied in Australia for a new patent titled "A Metatl Detector Coil". See below screen shot of the application. Now i am guessing that "Metatl" is suppose to be "Metal" and it is just a typing error and it should read "A Metal Detecting Coil". Anyway - still interesting as Minelab normally don't try to patent coils - usually the patents are for "an improved metal detector". The general consensus on this forum is that Minelab is not in the business of making exceptional coils - they leave that to the after market specialists while they mainly focus on the development of metal detectors . Looks like that may change in the future.
  18. I saw on Facebook that Minelab was increasing their MAP prices $50 to 500 depending on the model. This was posted by Rob's Detectors so I am pretty sure it's not a nasty rumor.
  19. Courtesy of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).. Gotta love their naming and shaming of Australia's biggest tax-dodgers.. 😳
  20. Hi, all! I just wanted to let everyone who may be interested know that I've now branched out a bit; in addition to my shaft-building, Steve's Detector Rods is now an official Tarsacci dealer. I purchased an MDT 8000 about 6 months ago, after meeting Dimitar at a detecting event, and spending a good bit of time speaking with him there, and later by phone. After he engaged me in a one-on-one demonstration of the unit, and the technology that powers it, it became obvious pretty quickly that the MDT 8000 breaks some "new ground," especially in terms of dealing with mineralized dirt. And sure enough, and after using the unit for awhile, I can confirm that the way it performs in my irony-red Oklahoma clay dirt is nothing short of impressive. With 12" coil attached, and after extensive testing both in my test garden, and in a "real-world" site that I'm uniquely and intimately familiar with, I can confidently confirm that I get an inch to inch-and-a-half of additional depth, as compared to any of the other units I've used/tested -- INCLUDING multiple iterations of Minelab FBS units, and the Multi-IQ platform found in the Equinox. While I'm still learning the unit, I feel that what it has proven capable of has earned it a permanent place in my detector line-up, and as such, I feel that I'm able to throw my support behind the machine in terms of willingness to become a dealer. Again, though not yet an "expert" user by any stretch, I feel I know enough about it that I'm now in a place where I can assist any customer who is interested in a possible purchase, as well as help out with post-sale questions or advice on set-up or operation. My website is not yet up-to-date to reflect my partnership with Tarsacci, but I'm happy to offer any information needed, along with pricing on the various packages, to anyone who may be interested. Last but not least, I build aftermarket shafts for the MDT 8000, and I'm even working with Dimitar (the company owner/design engineer) to be able to offer a possible "package deal," where the unit could be sent with one of my custom two-piece lower shafts, as opposed to the factory shaft. Now, I will honestly say that the MDT 8000's stock carbon-fiber shaft is as high-quality of a shaft as I've ever seen on a machine. However, one thing that is not offered by Tarsacci is a "tall-man" lower rod. And so, for those needing a bit of extra length, I can offer that, via my two-piece lower shaft setup -- in the same carbon-fiber pattern and appearance as the stock shaft. In addition, my shaft is substantially smaller in diameter than the stock shaft, which is an advantage for folks using their unit in the water -- as the thinner diameter substantially reduces "hydrodynamic drag," thus requiring less effort when swinging the shaft underwater. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm now an official dealer, and would be glad to talk all things "Tarsacci" with anyone who may be interested. Just send me an email, to "steve@stevesdetectorrods.com," and I'll be glad to assist. Thanks! Steve www.stevesdetectorrods.com www.facebook.com/stevesdetectorrods email: steve@stevesdetectorrods.com Thanks! Steve
  21. No doubt this could affect Nokta/Makro, Im assuming this wouldn't be the first time they've been up against tuff times and always seemed to deliver excellent products in a timely manner. Sounds pretty bad though ill let you guys make your own assumptions from this video. I wish nothing but the best for Nokta/Makro!!
  22. So quite that people are now starting conspiracy theories due to the economical challenges in Turkey (not like we don't have our own here, economic challenges that is, oh wait, plenty of conspiracy theory's to go around here too). I don't want to sound like a fan boy, as I own and use detectors from a variety of vendors, and at the end of the day I use the best machine for the job irregardless of maker, but based on their previous track record, I have full confidence in Nokta Makro to pull this off as intended. Seems like everyone forgot about how long the Equinox was delayed after it was announced. Nokta Makro have always been a standup company, the only reason the Legend was delayed is due to tester feedback (as Dilek stated), from that they are making product improvements to the Legend. Shame that a company that not only listens to and communicates with (for better or worse) their customers, but actually takes that feedback and builds the products that we ask for, is not appreciated. Name one other company that does that? Nokta shouldn't have promised an overly ambitious December shipping date, no doubt they are regretting that now, but rest assured that the only reason for the delay is so that consumers end up with the best possible product that Nokta Makro could produce at a price that really can't be beat for a high end SMF detector ($1K for EQX800, $1600 for Deus II).
  23. https://garrett.com/sites/default/files/pdf/2022-01/3500101_Jan_2022.pdf I believe this is the video with featured story on page 6. Enjoy.
  24. Rumors are flying that First Texas has hired a veteran engineer to upgrade their entire product line. As well as actually make the AQ happen. CAN THIS GUY SAVE THE COMPANY..? The video link below shows off this guys abilities with an advanced product sold to the U.S Government.
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