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  1. So, the great news is Nokta are working on a Pulse Induction Gold prospecting detector, it was delayed a bit due to other projects, I can only assume the Legend but it's back in development now and to be honest I'm quite excited about it. The market has long needed a good quality low cost relatively high performance PI option. While I don't expect them to match the performance of the GPX 6000 or GPZ 7000 that's not overly necessary, they're likely going to put their detector in a very competitive price bracket to enable a larger number of people to take up prospecting with a PI detector. I would not be surprised if the performance exceeds my expectations though, Nokta never ceases to amaze people with the products they come out with for the price they sell them. I figured it's time to start a thread on it so Nokta can get a bit of feedback from various detector prospectors as to what they'd want in a new PI detector. I'll kick it off with something that I would like, for me I would love the detector to support existing GPX coils, not GPX 6000 coils obviously, the earlier GPX coils. People have a bunch of these things, manufacturers have started long running businesses solely around making coils for the GPX series of Detectors, there are literally hundreds of coils available for the GPX detectors, this would give the Nokta machine a big head start and a also attract a lot of buyers to it knowing they can use their existing coils. There are a range of coils available for the GPX to suit just about any environment with DD, Mono, Concentric, Anti Interferance and so on, a coil for every occasion in every size you can imagine. It would just really make sense for Nokta to take advantage of that if at all possible. Other detectors are running GPX coils fine so technically and legally it's not a problem, it is more so if there detector is designed to suit them. They could even do what Fisher were intending to do and do a Land (gold) and Sea (beach) version of the detector to get more out of their R&D. I could go on for ages on the features I would want it to have and I'll do that in time if others don't chime in with the same requests. So, what would you want in the new Nokta Makro PI Gold machine?
  2. https://www.noktadetectors.com/discontinued-products/ That’s some serious housecleaning, with no replacement unless you count Legend. On the chopping block: Anfibio 14 Anfibio 19 Kruzer Multi Kruzer Racer 2 CF 77 Coin Finder Jotech LED System Gold Racer AU Gold Finder
  3. I've been looking at offices for my expanding business. A little out of my price range but maybe I could rent my old office. It does make me sad - I had a lot of great memories there! https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1011-Pleasant-Valley-Rd-Sweet-Home-OR/24629050/
  4. https://www.noktadetectors.com/discontinued-products/ Along with seven other models, nine in total. That’s some serious housecleaning, including both dedicated gold nugget detectors, with no replacement unless you count Legend. On the chopping block: Anfibio 14 Anfibio 19 Kruzer Multi Kruzer Racer 2 CF 77 Coin Finder Jotech LED System Gold Racer AU Gold Finder
  5. It’s been a while that I’ve been on the Aaron's Tarsacci forum on tarsaccisales.com and now I can’t access it. I’m wondering if we still have one there. Maybe someone out there has the answer, Chuck Link to forum (still broken as of 1/13/22)
  6. NM and XP have both released their smf detectors that seem to be "catching up" to the Equinox. Minelab I expect has been working on the next big thing since the Equinox released....given that the CTX released in 2012 and the Equinox was announced in 2017, can we expect an announcement this year about the next ML detector?? I am sure it will raise the bar, thats one thing about ML, they dont just rehash the same machine with a couple of tweaks and call it new, when they release a machine, its usually got some revolutionary technological advances inside. So if the "other guys" are finally "caught up" to the Equinox, then ML comes out with something even better, what a gut punch that would be to the competition. I am very happy and satisfied with my Equinox 800. I got it Feb 13 2018 and I have made most of my best detecting finds of 20 years in these last 4 years with it. And I know it well and am confident with it, I dont even know what else I would want to be honest, possibly a better pinpointing system and even lighter, more robust telescopic stem. Mayne a control pod thats easily removable for travel. Some new tech that I cant even imagine that maybe would id the shape of a target somehow in ground, thus leaving even more junk in the ground and picking out symetrical items, which the audio clues are there now to do this for the most part, but a "little more" would be awesome! I just am expecting Minelab to "zag" now that everyone else has "zigged". I am putting some $$ back waiting to preorder, as I am pretty sure I will want one as long as its based on the Equinox and its tech. What else do you think we can expect from the next big innovation from ML and when do you expect it?
  7. Apparently this information has been out there for a while as this video is about a month old. Check out this unique coil for the F-75 “…and a new machine we are going to be coming out with.” Of course it struck me later that maybe he could’ve been talking about the Impulse AQ, but you’d think he would’ve made that distinction as it was sitting right there next to the F-75, and has already been released in a LTD capacity.
  8. Saw this on another forum: http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/treasure-related-stuff-sale/657374-tesoro-parts.html Been trying to snag a few spares for my machine and figured you guys might be interested.
  9. Get a 404 error when trying to connect to their site: BOUNTY-HUNTER-METAL-DETECTORS.COM
  10. Courtesy of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).. Gotta love their naming and shaming of Australia's biggest tax-dodgers.. 😳
  11. Want to be a social media star? From https://www.noktadetectors.com/nomads-usa-application-form/ "Do you live in the USA? Is metal detecting your passion? Do you want to swing the detectors of the fastest growing company in the industry? Apply to become a member of the Nokta Makro Detectorists USA today! Applications will be reviewed by the Nokta Makro team and successful applicants will be contacted via email."
  12. I have yet to see any detector companies having any Christmas Specials. Have you? Chuck PS How can I be nice to myself if none to be had !
  13. Codan/Minelab's share price of $9.81 today when it reached $19.35 in June and has been in free fall ever since would indicate something is up. I hope it doesn't affect them releasing new detectors as they tighten the belt. I am guessing the Deus 2 and Legend won't be a good thing for it either. What I don't get is why they didn't ride a high with the GPX 6000 release, normally any detector release shoots up their share price, instead it went down.
  14. My detecting buddy found this Ma Coin. https://garrett.com/apextopfinds/winners
  15. I received an email (from ML) asking me to go to a link and fill out a survey. The survey mostly consisted of questions regarding thoughts on competitors, Minelab itself, what I'm looking for in a metal detector, and how Minelab could improve. I have never (previously) received such an email from Minelab, and took it as an indication of several things: 1. Minelab is paying attention to the competition and to the consumer. 2. Minelab sees challenges coming and plans to meet those challenges head-on. 3. Minelab sees room for improvement and is taking steps to make those improvements. I did find it a bit odd that Minelab's survey included Whites as a competitor, but I suppose that's due to there being a lot of Whites machines still in use. It is possible that ML thinks it possible that Garretts will release machines under the Whites label at some point in the future. From the USA standpoint it was a bit odd that ML also included Quest as a competitor, but that inclusion makes a lot of sense in other markets (where Quest seems to have a decent share of the market). Minelab's survey does include Fisher and Bounty Hunter, but no mention of Teknetics. Is that indicative of something, or a simple oversight? It is no surprise that ML is eager to protect/grow its market share; however I am still pleased in knowing that ML clearly intends to rise to the challenge presented by the competition. That is great news (though expected news) for all who enjoy metal detecting. I do wonder what caused the survey. Was it the new teaser from XP? The tease from NM? Something else, or just business as usual?
  16. Surfing ebay and saw. So does Minelab make their products in Ireland and Australia still or have they went to outsourcing their products to the orient now? this.https://www.ebay.com/itm/Metal-Detector-For-MINELAB-ExplorerSE-Keypad-Membrane-Protection-Film-/304142101125?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  17. Here is Codans FY21 shareholder report. https://codan.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Presentation_CDA_FY21-full-year-investor-presentation_19.08.2021.pdf A few interesting notes, highest full year sales in the companies history, pretty impressive during a pandemic. Metal Detecting sales growth of 38%, however interestingly the recreational detector growth was 42% which I can guess is attributed to the Vanquish and Equinox. Gold Mining detectors up 37%. Also an increased distribution into big box retailers which seems to be a pattern I'm even seeing here in NZ with hunting and fishing and outdoors stores starting to hold product. A good thing about Minelab pointed out in that report is 30% of employees are engineers and they have 700+ employees so that's a decent amount of engineers. a good sign for the future of their detectors, although there are no indications in the report of any new detectors coming out in the next financial year like there were in the previous report with the GPX 6000 and MF5. Some key images. And now the FY20 Global footprint, you'll see the excellent growth. Although it may not look it overall, the growth in Asia and South America is massive but by far the biggest market is Africa, and we saw the focus there with the 6000 release. You can't blame them. They should have at least put a dollar figure for NZ on the map, my purchases alone should at least deserve a figure there. Come on now! And another key image from the report for us detectorists 🙂 Go the mighty Vanquish, exceeding expectations, with it's performance for the price I'm not surprised. I wonder how long they can hold the position of the Gold Monster being the entry level gold detector of choice, someone is coming biting at their heels for that title soon. So nothing new in the next year likely from Minelab.... It'll be a while yet until we see an Equinox 1000.
  18. Well, Nokta are having an end of year promo, a little while until the end of the year yet so they're starting early 🙂 Some pretty good deals really, more so the Anfibio and Multi deal but I guess they're not selling at the moment with the anticipated multi freaker coming, and judging by this promo sale the multi is not coming out before Christmas.... a long wait gets even longer.
  19. Minelab has just applied for an Australian Design Patent for a "Tray". Anyone have any ideas what this would be?
  20. I'm on the Minelab website and ran across something quite interesting. Seems you folks can now get training from Minelab. Well I personally know everyone that works at Minelab USA and there's nobody who knows all their gold detectors that well, in my opinion. Debbie has an idea of the recent models and that's about it. Heck, I feel Minelab needs to worry about training their dealers before they start worrying about customers. Who knows, maybe I'm missing the boat. https://www.minelab.com/usa/support/knowledge-base/gold-mining-training Also, Is Gold Mining Training is that different than gold detector training?
  21. Hi! Hearing words around about a possible ctx3030 II model coming in the near future,anyone else knows or guess anything?
  22. Some could put me in contact with the technical service of Minelab in Europe that is in France? It turns out that a colleague has broken the lugs of his plate as a guarantee. They changed it without problem and the new one has also broken the lugs again and now the dealer does not want to change it again. Still under warranty. you would only need the email to explain the problem to you. Thanks
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