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  1. The Dankowski forum has been having display issues for some time now. That was bad enough, but now they apparently did not renew the domain name in time. The site is offline and last I tried I got redirected to some virus scamming site. Hopefully Tom did not lose the domain name entirely. Anyway, be careful going there right now. I’m not even posting a link due to what happened to me.
  2. Came up an hour or so ago. http://forums.whiteselectronics.com/ Jim
  3. Haven't been able to get on there for a couple of days. I'm wondering if they stopped having the forums? Jim
  4. I've been selling Minelab detectors for 20+ years and most of the major brands as well. One of my biggest gripes was their Customer Service and how crappy it actually was. I do not expect miracles, but when other manufactures can have a detector fixed and returned within 2 weeks, why did Minelab need a month and sometimes 2 or even 3 months? At the last Minelab Conference I was promised things would change and the new man in charge would get things going in the right direction. Phil Beck was the name given to take over. I can honestly say that this promise has been met with all smiles. I sent a clients GPZ-7000 in for repair and was notified by my shipping supplier the day it arrived. That afternoon I received an email from the Service Center in PA. Later that afternoon I got a call from John (the service tech) who informed me of the fix and that he wanted to speak with me to double check if there were any other issues before he sent it back. I was quite shocked at their speed, desire to make it right and professionalism. The next business day my detector was headed back to me with an email showing Tracking info and a few days later I had it in my hands. Folks this was Same Day Customer Service from a REPAIR FACILITY..... Heck, if this is what I have to get accustomed to, then it is now up to the other manufactures to get even better. Actually I realize it is not possible to get much better than what they do and I am ok with 1 or 2 weeks. But for Minelab to go from shitty ass last (and they were for many years) to fighter jet FIRST FAST and even take the time to call me? I'm speechless (me... never), and very impressed and happy. Thanks Peter for selecting Phil Beck to be the one to tackle such a huge thorn. Thanks John at the Service Center in PA for being a Professional.
  5. To Whom It May Concern . I’ve been around maybe as long as you been making detectors . I purchase my first detector from you White’s back in 1966 . At that time you were selling BFO detectors and discrimination was unknown at that time. That was okay with me being I was young and strong. Oh that detector made me the treasure hunter I wanted to be and before I stepped up to the next White’s detector that one had paid for it’s self . Yes it had paid for it’s self more times than I can remember. I sorry as we get older we start to ramble. My last detector I purchase from White’s was the MX Sport. For over a year it got more air time than I’ve ever had. This was from one problem and then another. I have to say White’s was always willing to correct any problem. The Sport has a weight problem like lots of detectors that’s waterproof in the past . Now that’s all okay in the past but it don’t work today . It’s so many companies offering products that run circles around anything you have on the market . It’s going to be a sad day when the very best detector is coming from another country. The trouble is that’s the case right now. I want to say my next detector will be a White’s but I don’t believe that to be true. I don’t need to tell you what you need to be producing because all you need is look around you. It’s as plain as the nose on your face on what it’s going to take to make White’s great again. I thank you for hearing me out and I hope my letter will not fall on deaf ears . Your Truly Chuck Anders
  6. Seen this on Chris's forum. Strange that it is only the SDC and the Gold Monster. http://arizonaoutback.ipbhost.com/topic/14406-minelab-price-increase-coming/
  7. I see the Minelab GPX 4500 is being discontinued. If the price goes down is it worth it to pick one up or has what replaced it that much better? Perhaps a premium will now be asked for the remaining new GPX 4500's? Is now the time to buy??
  8. Minelab has opened an assembly plant in Ethiopia! https://www.journalducameroun.com/en/ethiopia-gold-detector-devices-assembly-plant-launched/
  9. Is great! New Nox in hand in only six days.... after mine flooded.
  10. http://tour.circlepix.com/tour/titan/?id=5586726&reg=true&_seoAddress=715-White-Spar-Road-Prescott-AZ-1019921#.XOBKoshKiPo
  11. and he needed to confirm my address to ship my repaired compadre back to me. I sent in my compadre, I think it was last October, for warranty work. Then, two days later I read that they had laid off all their employees. Hadn't heard a thing since and wasn't overly distraught since I hardly ever use the compadre and I had a new equinox. But, out of the blue yesterday Vince calls and says he put a new disc pot and a new coil on my compadre and is sending it home. So if anyone else here had shipped one for warranty work and thought they might never get it back because the company went under there's still hope. It seems he's still working on making good on all the warranty claims as long as they were made before they decided to call it quits. I'm actually now looking forward to getting that little compadre back! I never did use it a whole lot, but it has found me two gold rings.
  12. From the Minelab Facebook page: "Have you been on the new Minelab website: WWW.MINELAB.COM ? We've given the site a modern and fresh layout while making it easier to find key details. Browse product information, learn about accessories, read user-submitted success stories or locate your nearest dealer. Did we also mention it's now translated into 16 different languages. Let us know what you think of the new design in the comments or send us a message."
  13. They still around? Wonder if they will start building new machines since Tesoro is out of the picture?
  14. Alaska Mining & Diving Supply (AMDS) is proud to be a premier dealer for Ski-Doo, Can-Am, Evinrude, Honda, Kingfisher, Lowe, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, and Yamaha. We offer snowmobiles, ATVs, boats, generators, metal detectors, mining equipment, outboards, snowmobiles, and watercraft. We service what we sell and have done so since 1976. We are an Employee owned company and you can be an owner too. Check out our latest products and services on our website: http://www.akmining.com We are hiring: Mining Department Expert Provide an EXCEPTIONAL customer experience. The Mining Department position has the opportunity to interact with hundreds of customers to assist them in purchasing metal detectors and recreational mining equipment. The goal is to create an exceptional buying experience and to build customer loyalty. Accurately price parts and accessories Promptly assist both the online and retail guest in a friendly and courteous manner. Answer telephone calls promptly, courteously, and make every effort to satisfy the caller's inquiry. Stock incoming inventory in the correct location. Maintain the Mining Department in clean and orderly manner. Provide customers with needed information and offer additional sales opportunities. Create and maintain merchandising displays to promote product sales. Demonstrate communication and interpersonal skills Ability to use social media channels and online sales tools for market and selling products Strong sales ability including ability to learn new products a must! Any prior knowledge of metal detectors and recreational mining equipment a very strong plus. This position pays an hourly base + commission. Download a job application here About Alaska Mining & Diving Supply (AMDS)
  15. It must have been a very bad crash or they had a cyber attack of some sort. http://forums.whiteselectronics.com/
  16. Discover Magazine Some of you might remember a publication called "Discover" that White's Electronics used to publish. It featured customer finds, treasure stories, and all-around good info on metal detecting. Back in the 90's we stopped making it, much to the disappointment of some of our long-time customers. Well... we realized missed it too! So we're proud to announce the re-introduction of Discover magazine. As a part of our mailing list you have exclusive access to a free digital copy, which you can read online, print out, and share as you see fit. Get your free copy here. We'll try and send one out every 2 months. Thanks for supporting an American brand, and know that we will always have your back as a valued customer. This publication is just one small thing we can do to show our appreciation! Discover Magazine May/June 2018 Discover Magazine March/April 2018 Discover Magazine January/February 2018 Discover Magazine November/December 2017 Discover Magazine September/October 2017 Discover Magazine July/August 2017 Discover Magazine May/June 2017 Discover Magazine March/April 2017 Discover Magazine January/February 2017 Sincerely, White's Electronics
  17. https://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/news?article=352835 05 Mar 2019 Minelab Returns to Detectival 2019 as Title Sponsor Minelab, the world leader in metal detecting technology, will be the title sponsor at Detectival 2019 from Sep. 13-16 in Oxfordshire, UK. Detectival is an annual event created to bring the world of metal detecting together on over 1000 acres of land with 600 acres of undetected, searchable land. This marks Minelab’s third year attending the event and second year as a title sponsor. “Minelab is thrilled to return to Detectival in 2019 as title sponsor. Our participation for the last two years has provided a great opportunity for us to meet both new and longtime Minelab users from across Europe,” says Ben Harvey, Vice-President, General Manager for Americas, Europe and Russia. “The entire Detectival team works tirelessly to produce the best experience possible and we are really excited about what we can deliver this year.” Detectival has grown from a gathering of UK detectorists to include groups around the globe, manufacturers and traders. The event features entertainers, caterers and a large amount of land to detect. More information about Detectival 2019 can be found at Detectival.com.
  18. I briefly mentioned my problem with the GPZ 7000 14" stock coil. The problem was I dragged it behind the Rokon completely unaware of doing so and wore through the plastic cover exposing the copper windings inside. I contacted Friendly Minelab Dealer "Rege in PA" about getting a replacement. He put in the order but as time was drawing near for the OZ trip, there was no sign of a replacement coil in the pipeline. Rege was able do some gently encouragement and the Minelab Repair Center stepped up and found me a coil. I got it last week and have been using it all this week for my practice sessions for the Summer of OZ trip departing this Sunday. It seems they sent me the "super" coil because I'm having some incredible good luck this week on the local Yuma gold. Minelab, you have saved me from my self-inflicted misadventure. Gold photos of the last 2 mornings of detecting. I've been detecting some heavily hunted areas and finding gold around old dig holes. I'm using pretty standard settings, HY, Normal with Sens 15. I've gone back to the high dollar Etymotic in-ear monitors (earbuds). The Ety 4S model has much higher inpedance compared to typical earbuds.
  19. What's everyone thoughts on Garrett nowadays..in my opinion they are falling behind the others these days I've been waiting to hear something from them for a new prospecting or even coin machine to compete with whites and minlab xp etc but nothing ... I mean the at series were great in there day but now things like the xp deus nox 800 macro all blow them away and the atx was good but lacked coil options and weighed more than a fat hippo .. . I personally liked garret the old infinium ls were ground peaking in there day fully water proof etc be ashame if they dont put something out soon .... If anyone knows any rumors etc feel free to comment below
  20. Want to be a social media star? From https://www.noktadetectors.com/nomads-usa-application-form/ "Do you live in the USA? Is metal detecting your passion? Do you want to swing the detectors of the fastest growing company in the industry? Apply to become a member of the Nokta Makro Detectorists USA today! Applications will be reviewed by the Nokta Makro team and successful applicants will be contacted via email."
  21. Does anyone know whether Summit Mining in Boise is still viable? Wondering if they still manufacture trommels. It looks like the webpage is kaput.
  22. White's 2019 metal detector catalog Download 2019 catalog here Prior year catalogs here
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