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  1. Surfing ebay and saw. So does Minelab make their products in Ireland and Australia still or have they went to outsourcing their products to the orient now? this.https://www.ebay.com/itm/Metal-Detector-For-MINELAB-ExplorerSE-Keypad-Membrane-Protection-Film-/304142101125?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  2. Apparently this information has been out there for a while as this video is about a month old. Check out this unique coil for the F-75 “…and a new machine we are going to be coming out with.” Of course it struck me later that maybe he could’ve been talking about the Impulse AQ, but you’d think he would’ve made that distinction as it was sitting right there next to the F-75, and has already been released in a LTD capacity.
  3. As promised, here it is guys:http://noktadetectors.com/index.asp?g=naming-contest
  4. Hi! Hearing words around about a possible ctx3030 II model coming in the near future,anyone else knows or guess anything?
  5. Some could put me in contact with the technical service of Minelab in Europe that is in France? It turns out that a colleague has broken the lugs of his plate as a guarantee. They changed it without problem and the new one has also broken the lugs again and now the dealer does not want to change it again. Still under warranty. you would only need the email to explain the problem to you. Thanks
  6. Here is Codans FY21 shareholder report. https://codan.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Presentation_CDA_FY21-full-year-investor-presentation_19.08.2021.pdf A few interesting notes, highest full year sales in the companies history, pretty impressive during a pandemic. Metal Detecting sales growth of 38%, however interestingly the recreational detector growth was 42% which I can guess is attributed to the Vanquish and Equinox. Gold Mining detectors up 37%. Also an increased distribution into big box retailers which seems to be a pattern I'm even seeing here in NZ with hunting and fishing and outdoors stores starting to hold product. A good thing about Minelab pointed out in that report is 30% of employees are engineers and they have 700+ employees so that's a decent amount of engineers. a good sign for the future of their detectors, although there are no indications in the report of any new detectors coming out in the next financial year like there were in the previous report with the GPX 6000 and MF5. Some key images. And now the FY20 Global footprint, you'll see the excellent growth. Although it may not look it overall, the growth in Asia and South America is massive but by far the biggest market is Africa, and we saw the focus there with the 6000 release. You can't blame them. They should have at least put a dollar figure for NZ on the map, my purchases alone should at least deserve a figure there. Come on now! And another key image from the report for us detectorists 🙂 Go the mighty Vanquish, exceeding expectations, with it's performance for the price I'm not surprised. I wonder how long they can hold the position of the Gold Monster being the entry level gold detector of choice, someone is coming biting at their heels for that title soon. So nothing new in the next year likely from Minelab.... It'll be a while yet until we see an Equinox 1000.
  7. Saw this on another forum: http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/treasure-related-stuff-sale/657374-tesoro-parts.html Been trying to snag a few spares for my machine and figured you guys might be interested.
  8. It's been down for a number of days. Haven't a clue why it has disappeared. http://compass-metal-detector-forum.548136.n2.nabble.com/
  9. Is anyone here a member on the Geotech forum? Is it still active? I was able to create a username and password but I never received the validate email. Trying to browse the forum and I still seem locked out. Yes I have checked my spam folder.
  10. Apologies if this has been posted before.
  11. A notice posted on Centerville Electronics Website states that Garrett doesn’t plan to manufacture any of Whites product. This turned out not to be the case with the 24k, but certainly dashes hopes many had that other products, like the bullseye TRX, will continue. As it stands now, if you want a TRX you could pay between $250-$350 on eBay. If you want a used V3i, the closing bids and buy it nows are creeping back up to $1,000 or more as people realize what’s out in the wild is all that will remain. I would certainly advise anyone who thinks they may need replacements for wearable parts like headphone pads, battery packs, screen covers etc to get them now, as stock is depleting and prices rising everywhere.
  12. This is a reminder for WSPA members to check the member business forum for important membership information.
  13. First big price increase in some time. Shop your favorite dealer or Keene now to get what you can before websites catch up to the increase.
  14. https://archmdmag.com/an-interview-with-arek-designer-and-founder-of-rutus-metal-detectors/
  15. Hello all, I just signed up! Does anyone know what happened to the UKGPA? I was a member and I met up with a few from there on a gold panning trip about 3-4 years ago. Thought I'd like to get back into it and have another go, but I can no longer find their website and no trace of them on the internet! Think it was Dave and Julie running it, if I remember rightly? Would be great to know if they are still around? any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
  16. New technology for Gold and the US is put on hold. Why is ML bein so bold in putting US on hold? It's because ML cares mostly for their own money$ and don't really care about US consumers gettin our share of golden honey.😋
  17. I did some quick calculations the other day and to my surprise, realised that I have spent over $15,000 buying your awesome metal detectors. I don’t have a problem with that because I hunt the beach and water during the summer and hit the gold fields during the winter. My issue is with the current line up of gold detectors, specifically the pulse induction units which range in price from about $6000 to $10000 dollars. I know you plough a good deal of money into R&D but I feel a lot of your loyal purchasers are being neglected. I remember the days when the SD2100v1 and SD2200v2 detectors were available at a reasonable price as well as the reintroduction of the GPX4500 ( but I suspect as a reaction to perceived competition). These units were available alongside your official top of the line detectors so that Mr Average could afford a high performance detector. What has happened to your ability to still offer affordable pulse machines and not have to remortgage the family home? Mr Minelab......or is it Mr Codan.......your business model is sure keeping your stockholders happy but it is a far cry from how things used to be. Current new PI units are out of the reach of many users who have supported your company for over 25 years. I could go out tomorrow and buy a new GPX6000 but the reason that I won’t is twofold......my old 2100 and 3500 running both small and large monos perform very well for me AND I don’t want to further encourage Minelabs perception that “if we build it (and sell it for a premium price) they will come”. I fully applaud the GPX6000 platform based upon initial feedback from owners but COME ON..........stop making it an exclusive club !
  18. Hello fellow detectorists, To anyone thying to decide what metal detector brand to choose in my opinion MINELAB is great , just wanted to let you know about Minelab service and people who work for them in USA. I have a ctx3030, In January 2021, when my warranty was about to expire, my ctx control box got wet I sent it to minelab service . I talked to a lady named Molly, she was great. I was then instructed to sent the detector to service to a man named John DeAmeritt ( great guy ). He tested and replaced the LED screen and sent the machine back , again the machine did not work properly so i sent it back. After much testing John could not find the reason for the problem so they put a whole new control box on it in May. The unit cost $1200 - 1300 for part and stilled covered cost Thank you MInelab
  19. Things look to be over for White’s, as dealers and distributors either liquidate stock, or in the case of some dealers, shut down permanently. White’s has been lining up service options for their customers. These are the latest officially designated places to have warranty work and service done. I have added them to the service thread pinned at top of page. Centreville Electronics (East Coast) 9437 Main Street Manassas, VA 20110 (888) 645-0202 (703) 367-7999 Fax: (703) 367-0868 bobnpaul@centrevilleelectronics.net www.centrevilleelectronics.net Centreville Electronics Northwest (West Coast) 1550 Maple Pl. Lebanon Oregon 97355 (541)409-7263 www.centrevilleelectronicsnw.com centrevilleelectronicsnw@gmail.com Canada Ed Sebulski 21920 44A Avenue Langley, British Columbia, Canada V3A 9J3 604-532-8153 Use this Service Center for Older Water Detectors Specializing in repairing legacy White’s water detectors. Please call for other repairs. Warren’s Repair Center Freeport, Florida (850) 835-3344 warren32439@gmail.com
  20. Was operating for the first time in a creek bed with running water 12 inches deep with my Minelab Equinox 600 and my new 800 when we had a problem. As soon as the control head on the 600 got wet it shut down and would not operate. I attempted to contact Minelab Customer Support using their provide numbers and only was able to leave messages. That was 3 days ago and still no return call after leaving daily request for call back. Just for grins I call Minelab in Australia and they promptly answered the phone and listened to my issue contacting Customer Support for the Americas. I was told that they would contact the U.S. office and I would be contacted. Still waiting. We have sent several emails to the U.S. office and no response. Does anyone know a Minelab Sales Representative that can light a fire under Customer Support?
  21. https://garrett.com/sites/default/files/pdf/2021-04/3500095_April_2021_2.pdf
  22. I’ve been getting the email from Minelab about this contest that will end tomorrow for a cap are T shirt . After that I’m sure a 18 wheeler will be coming down my street to deliver all the caps and T shirts I’ve won . I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve entered. I did tell them while they going to have to make that trip anyway go ahead and bring my 6000 with them. I’m like George Washington in I cannot tell a lie but I can stretch heck out of the truth. Chuck
  23. So i won one of the GPX Contests and here is what you get. A T-shirt that only your wife can wear because we all know Americans where XL-XXL, this one was a medium. Plus its a GPX6000 shirt that you get to wear while using your other Minelab detectors as you wait months on end for yours 😂😂😂. Love it! 🤦‍♂️ However the new hats are pretty cool and actually fit.
  24. I like watching the show How It’s Made and when I turned the TV on today it was about making detectors. They were at Garrett factory and started out showing how their coils were made plus how each was tested. Then they went through the whole assembly to complete a working metal detector. I’ve seen something like this before but I believe it was somewhat different than the previous one. It was just good to see something American made. Chuck
  25. I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about them . The only thing I know is they say their location is in Queen Creek Az. A friend ordered some dirt from them for panning and they got his money but didn’t get what he paid for. If you have any info please PM it to me. Thanks! Chuck
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