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  1. Haven't been able to get on there for a couple of days. I'm wondering if they stopped having the forums? Jim
  2. Salt of the earth, gerry and i have never met nor have we ever even spoke until today, he and i done some horse trading today and i have to tell everyone about gerry. We corresponded back and forth threw emails for a couple days, he called me today and we talked for about an hour and i have to tell everyone here that he is a wealth of knowledge, and we talked like weve known each other for years.. what a wonderful man and the knowledge he has in this wonderful world of metal detecting is amazing.. hes prolly forgotten more then i will ever know, guys if anyone here is looking to buy anything in this hobby call gerry in idaho. I can honestly say ive spoken to the man one time and i have a friend forever..his passion for all things detecting is contagious and i believe you will feel the same, im lucky to have met this fella even though it was just threw emails and a phone call im excited to talk with him again. I just wanted to let everyone here know about my experience with gerry from idaho. Sometimes someone will come into yer life even briefly that truly leaves a mark, a positive mark and gerry done that for me.. check him out guys if u havent.
  3. I've been selling Minelab detectors for 20+ years and most of the major brands as well. One of my biggest gripes was their Customer Service and how crappy it actually was. I do not expect miracles, but when other manufactures can have a detector fixed and returned within 2 weeks, why did Minelab need a month and sometimes 2 or even 3 months? At the last Minelab Conference I was promised things would change and the new man in charge would get things going in the right direction. Phil Beck was the name given to take over. I can honestly say that this promise has been met with all smiles. I sent a clients GPZ-7000 in for repair and was notified by my shipping supplier the day it arrived. That afternoon I received an email from the Service Center in PA. Later that afternoon I got a call from John (the service tech) who informed me of the fix and that he wanted to speak with me to double check if there were any other issues before he sent it back. I was quite shocked at their speed, desire to make it right and professionalism. The next business day my detector was headed back to me with an email showing Tracking info and a few days later I had it in my hands. Folks this was Same Day Customer Service from a REPAIR FACILITY..... Heck, if this is what I have to get accustomed to, then it is now up to the other manufactures to get even better. Actually I realize it is not possible to get much better than what they do and I am ok with 1 or 2 weeks. But for Minelab to go from shitty ass last (and they were for many years) to fighter jet FIRST FAST and even take the time to call me? I'm speechless (me... never), and very impressed and happy. Thanks Peter for selecting Phil Beck to be the one to tackle such a huge thorn. Thanks John at the Service Center in PA for being a Professional.
  4. Rick Kempf passed this to me and it does not look like good news. It is being reported most of the people at Tesoro have been laid off. http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/tesoro/589971-tesoro-laid-off-all-factory-staff.html Tesoro was not a real old company, since it was founded in 1980, actually making it the newest of the major U.S. manufacturers. Still, the company made its mark with lightweight, high performance detectors. Tesoro was also noted for many years for its exceptional support of the independent metal detector dealer. However, that policy changed after founder Jack Gifford passed away in 2015 and the company seems to have been on cruise control ever since. There are probably not too many people surprised by this, but if true it marks a sad day in metal detecting history.
  5. Everyone who got the December 2018 issue of Treasure Magazine has a collector edition since it is apparently the last one. The magazine has been published in various forms for over 50 years. Unfortunately the company has closed its doors and both the website and Facebook page are gone. Sad to see another part of detecting history fade away.
  6. https://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/news?article=352835 05 Mar 2019 Minelab Returns to Detectival 2019 as Title Sponsor Minelab, the world leader in metal detecting technology, will be the title sponsor at Detectival 2019 from Sep. 13-16 in Oxfordshire, UK. Detectival is an annual event created to bring the world of metal detecting together on over 1000 acres of land with 600 acres of undetected, searchable land. This marks Minelab’s third year attending the event and second year as a title sponsor. “Minelab is thrilled to return to Detectival in 2019 as title sponsor. Our participation for the last two years has provided a great opportunity for us to meet both new and longtime Minelab users from across Europe,” says Ben Harvey, Vice-President, General Manager for Americas, Europe and Russia. “The entire Detectival team works tirelessly to produce the best experience possible and we are really excited about what we can deliver this year.” Detectival has grown from a gathering of UK detectorists to include groups around the globe, manufacturers and traders. The event features entertainers, caterers and a large amount of land to detect. More information about Detectival 2019 can be found at Detectival.com.
  7. I guess that is a new word! According to Minelab "Detexpert (noun) – those who embrace the thrill of the hunt and know that nothing is ever truly lost, just waiting to be found. They use their thirst for greater detecting knowledge and skill to benefit not only themselves, but all who love detecting." There are already a half dozen "Detexperts" on the Minelab Meet the Detexperts page. You can apply to be a Detexpert yourself although Minelab makes no case for as to why a person would want to do this. Interestingly enough one of the questions is "Why do you want to become a Minelab Detexpert?". Why indeed Minelab? Looking at the pictures presumably a free t-shirt is part of the deal. My guess is they are looking for people who are on all or at least many of the social media outlets and who are interested in representing Minelab in some fashion. Anyway, if you have dreamed of being a Detexpert (even if you never heard of it until now) this is your chance to apply! Minelab Detexpert Logo
  8. Dear Valued Members, As Nokta Makro Detectors, we are committed to investing in process improvements that will benefit and support our end-users. Due to the growing demand of our global business and our commitment to providing the best service, we are pleased to announce our new USA Service Center which will start servicing customers as of March 1, 2019. This will help us to streamline the repair and/or replacement processes and respond to end-users on a timely manner to provide them with the best customer service experience they deserve. Please find below the contact info for the Nokta Makro Service Center in the USA and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. NOKTA MAKRO SERVICE CENTER Email: service@noktamakrorepairs.com Tel: 706-619-2601 Address: 7579 Nashville Street Ringgold, GA 30736 Best Regards, Dilek Gonulay 
  9. Just a reminder. Minelab USA offers a 15% discount on any Minelab metal detector from the MAP (minimum advertised price) to U.S. active or honorably discharged members of the military. Proof of past or active service is required and must be verified by providing a copy of a DD 214 or Military ID to qualify. The discount applies only to a metal detector purchase - parts and accessories do not qualify. This discount is not available in conjunction with other special promotions or individual dealer concessions. With discount the $899 Equinox 800 is only $764.15. The Minelab GPZ 7000, normally $7999, ends up being $6799.15, a savings of $1199.85
  10. As previously reported in the post: D’artagnon Jackson, Long Time Customer Of Doc, Scores First Beautiful Gold… Dar found a 1852 D gold U.S. dollar. I submitted the find to Minelab for their Finds of The Month January contest. Today Dartagnon received this email from Minelab. Congratulations D'artagnon! Doc
  11. Looks like a new contest from minelab. I don't know whats in a Minelab Mystery Prize Box. https://www.minelab.com/bonditreasurehunterchallenge?fbclid=IwAR3xAuOd4D-iNX1g-QoyKn07IBK3eKv4fQsmJDHb9d97i41g51ohF8YqLo8
  12. We know are heard that Lost Treasure magazine is no more. Well I just got Western & Eastern Treasure Magazine off the news stand and it was the March issue. What I didn’t know it’s the last printed copy we’ll see . It will be offered a digital copy and I’ll post that below. The picture is the front cover of the March issue and like said the last . Chuck
  13. Minelab is a division of a larger publicly traded company, Codan. That means we can peek at annual reports to learn a bit about the metal detecting world as far as size and sales. The competition is all privately held so numbers are hard to come by. From Codan 2018 Annual Report (October 2018): "In FY18, Minelab had another exceptionally strong year, with revenue of $164.0 million which delivered a segment contribution of $64.1 million. While sales of our GPZ 7000® top-of-the-range gold detector remain strong, they are being complemented by significantly higher sales of the new Gold Monster® and SDC 2300® detectors in Africa. Minelab’s base business is comprised of recreational products sold into Australia, Europe and the USA, a level of gold detector sales into Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America and sales of countermine products (detecting and clearing improvised explosive devices) globally. In the past, Minelab has had base-business sales in the range of $85 million to $95 million per annum. The combination of the EQUINOX® coin and treasure product release, an expanded gold detector range and Minelab’s entry into new geographic markets has increased the base business to around $110 million per annum. As was the case again in FY18, periods of stronger demand for gold detectors in Africa and new product introductions can push these revenues significantly higher. African demand continues to be driven by the superior performance of our products rather than gold surges. Existing customers are upgrading their GPX® gold detecting equipment and new customers are buying the entry-level Gold Monster®. It has also been pleasing to see a resurgence in demand for the SDC 2300®, a detector that is exceptionally good at discovering fine-particle gold. This changing sales mix has further diversified the business but has resulted in lower average margins for our gold detector products in Africa." FY18 SUMMARY Another exceptionally strong year, highest sales ever Successful release of the revolutionary EQUINOX® coin and treasure detector Diversified gold detector sales in Africa, less reliance on GPZ 7000® Delivered a significant order for the countermine F3 Compact™ detector Continued investment in new product development FY19 OBJECTIVES Maximise and diversify gold detector sales globally Expand distribution in Latin America through our new Minelab presence in Brazil Continue to expand our retail distribution channels in USA and Europe Complete the Countermine dual-sensor development programme "While we are confident of continued success in FY19, the unpredictable nature of our sales into Africa makes forecasting difficult for this business. In the past, Minelab has had base-business sales in the range of $85 million to $95 million per year. The EQUINOX® product release, coupled with an expanded gold detector range and Minelab’s entry into new markets, have increased this base-business by more than 20%, to around $110 million in sales per annum." and the part we all want to read: "Minelab continues to invest in product development for recreational markets and has a number of new, improved metal detectors in the pipeline." click for larger version...
  14. OK, OK, Please I don't want to hear, "It's about time." This all started when I payed an obscene amount of money to a web site developer to design my new website. He got it 90% finished and disappeared with all of my money and left me with no instructions. HOWEVER, my guardian angels in the UKRAINE, came to the rescue. If you didn't know UKRAINE programmers are some of the best in the world. I have been dealing with these guys fro 25 years, they are freaking amazing. They actually wrote the enitre DMV software for the Michigan. So it finally occurred to me to ask if they knew a website designer proficient in WORDPRESS. Well of course they did. Enter "MAX" real name Maksim Nikolaenko. Max speaks English as do most of the programmers there. He is a savant when it comes to website design and especially WORDPRESS and Search Engine optimization. So over the past two months, using chat on SKYPE and screen sharing we collaborated to get my new site functional. So Max got me online with the new website, a site I feel is befitting a company that has been in this industry since 1992, http://docsdetecting.com/ But please be patient as I am in the midst of the arduous task of getting all of the content and thousands of items we carry input into the site. In the meantime take a look around. Tell me your overall impression. I would welcome the feedback. If you enjoy reading articles and adventures, at the very top on the left side of the home page there is a link titled Things of Interest. Take a gander. Thank you! Doc Steve's Review of Doc's Harnesses and Covers
  15. From the Fisher metal detector website: GOLD & TREASURE METAL DETECTORS FISHER "F" SERIES MULTI-PURPOSE VISUAL & AUDIO TARGET ID DETECTORS Fisher F44 - The Ultimate Weatherproof Multi-Purpose Metal Detector. Fisher F44 metal detector MSRP $399.00 Internet Price $309.00 Details here Fisher F44 control panel Fisher F22 - Weatherproof All-Purpose Metal Detector. Fisher F22 metal detector MSRP $289.00 Internet Price $209.00 Details here Fisher F22 control panel Fisher F11 - Great All-Purpose Metal Detector. Fisher F11 metal detector MSRP $199.00 Internet Price $159.00 Details here Fisher F11 control panel Fisher F75+ - The F75+ is an American Made, high-performance multi-purpose professional metal detector. The F75+ was built off the proven F75 platform, all the legendary features you've come to know and trust from the F75, plus an added Boost Mode for even more depth! Fisher F75+ metal detector MSRP $799.00 Internet Price $649.00 Details here Fisher F75+ control panel Fisher F75 Ltd - The F75 in black, with Boost and Cache Locating Processes. The metal detecting industry's premier relic hunting and ultimate multi-purpose metal detector. Fisher F75 Limited Edition (Ltd) MSRP $1449.00 Internet Price $699.00 Details here Fisher F75 Ltd control panel Fisher F75 - The Ultimate Detector! The metal detecting industry's premier relic hunting and general purpose metal detector. Fisher F75 metal detector MSRP $1249.00 Internet Price $549.00 Details here Fisher F75 control panel Fisher F70 - Has Many Great Features. Use it for Coin Shooting, Relic Hunting, Gold Prospecting & More. Fisher F70 metal detector MSRP $799.00 Internet Price $449.00 Details here Fisher F70 control panel Fisher F19 - New from Fisher®, the best relic machine ever! Fisher F19 metal detector MSRP $899.00 Internet Price $449.00 Details here Fisher F19 control panel Fisher F5 - Combining the Best in Analog and Digital Technology. Fisher F5 metal detector MSRP $549.00 Internet Price $349.00 Details here Fisher F5 control panel Fisher F4 - Versatile Multi-Purpose Detector with DD Coil. Fisher F4 metal detector MSRP $449.00 Internet Price $299.00 Details here Fisher F4 control panel FISHER GOLD NUGGET / PROSPECTING METAL DETECTORS Fisher Gold Bug - More than just a HOT Gold Machine! Fisher Gold Bug metal detector MSRP $549.95 Internet Price $449.00 Details here Fisher Gold Bug control panel Fisher Gold Bug Pro - The best, most versatile prospecting machine on the market! Incredible sensitivity to the tiniest gold nuggets. Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detector MSRP $699.00 Internet Price $549.00 Details here Fisher Gold Bug Pro control panel Fisher Gold Bug DP - Superior gold prospecting and relic hunting performance! Fisher Gold Bug DP metal detector MSRP $749.00 Internet Price $599.00 Details here Fisher Gold Bug DP control panel Fisher Gold Bug 2 - The MOST Sensitive Gold Hunting Detector Ever Made. Fisher Gold Bug 2 metal detector MSRP $899.00 Internet Price $764.00 Details here Fisher Gold Bug 2 control panel FISHER UNDERWATER, BEACH & SURF HUNTING METAL DETECTORS Fisher CZ-21 Quicksilver - Premium Multi-Frequency Underwater Detector Whether it be Dry Land, Saltwater or Fresh Water, the CZ-21 Delivers. Fisher CZ-21 metal detector MSRP $1799.00 Internet Price $1099.00 Details here Fisher CZ-21 control panel Fisher 1280X - Proven Performance on Land or in Water. Fisher 1280X metal detector MSRP $829.00 Internet Price $549.00 Details here Fisher 1280X control panel FISHER RELIC HUNTING / MULTIPURPOSE / DEEP SEEKING METAL DETECTORS Fisher CZ-3D - Coin, Relic & Saltwater Beach Hunting Specialist Fisher CZ-3D metal detector MSRP $949.00 Internet Price $799.00 Details here Fisher CZ-3D control panel Fisher Gemini 3 - The Deepest Treasure Finder - DEEPEST All-Metal Detection! Fisher Gemini 3 metal detector MSRP $849.00 Internet Price $649.00 Details here From latest Fisher catalog (2016) click for larger version: Fisher metal detector models and specifications 2016
  16. Just a reminder. Minelab offers a 15% discount on any Minelab metal detector from the MAP (minimum advertised price) to U.S. active or honorably discharged members of the military. Proof of past or active service is required and must be verified by providing a copy of a DD 214 or Military ID to qualify. The discount applies only to a metal detector purchase - parts and accessories do not qualify. With discount the $799 Gold Monster 1000 is only $679.15. The Minelab GPZ 7000, normally $7999, ends up being $6799.15, a savings of $1199.85
  17. Interesting and how is Tesoro involved? Quote from T. Dankowski Forum Hi this is Bill Gallagher, a writer of lost treasure articles under 6 or 7 different names since 2013, I had many cover shots, 8 or 10, and sometimes 3 different articles in a magazine at once....I had no notice by Lee Harris or Carla concerning the closure of the magazine and they stiffed me for four or five of my articles at the end and will not answer my emails....I think they are involved in identity theft where certain people were subbed for me when it came time for sponsorship, and it is and insider deal. They will be getting paperwork for small claims from me, and maybe a lawsuit if I can get a few of the others involved to talk about this. The Tesoro closure is all a part of this. You can read 75 or so of my past asrticles reprinted by permission here : [treasurehuntingwithbillgallagher.blogspot.com] I will be adding another 50 or so, and the use of multiple names is detailed at that blog. Link to thread: http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,154038
  18. International Sportsman Show Date: 16 Jan 2019. - 20 Jan 2019 Venue: CalExpo, 1600 Exposition, Sacramento, California 95815 Venue Website: https://www.sportsexpos.com/ Come visit Minelab, in partnership with American Mining Supply, at the International Sportsman Show to see the full Minelab product range. Location CalExpo 1600 Exposition Sacramento, CA 95815 Hours Thu... 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM Fri..... 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sat.... 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Sun... 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Tickets Adult Admission - $16.00 Active Military & Youth 15 & under - FREE! Veterans: Visit Vettix.org for a pass (limited quantity) No Pets No Weapons, Firearms or Ammunition Parking Cal Expo Parking: $10 per vehicle About International Sportsman Show A generation old, California's largest outdoor expo keeps growing! 600+ exhibiting companies fill five buildings plus outside space with gear, local and worldwide destinations, plus a dozen free theaters and demo areas. Fishing, hunting, offroading, boating, RVing, camping, kayaking--it's all here to see, try and, if you want, buy, too! Don't miss this giant, once-a-year opportunity to expand Your Life Outdoors !
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