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  1. Steve Herschbach


    Keith Leppert has a new website set up for his Detector Center Metal detector repair business https://www.detectorrepair.com Keith currently is servicing both Minelab and Detector Pro products. It’s a nice website, with some explanation of out of warranty service costs, plus online parts sales. Check it out, and I will point Keith here for any feedback you all may have. Minelab Detector Parts Diagrams
  2. Well after 31 years I put my office building up for sale. We remodeled and put it on the market. For those of you who have visited my business you know what a great location it was, close to the Las Vegas strip, airport and convention center. However, it was a really high crime neighborhood. To be honest I had real reservations about whether I would get a buyer. But God always provides. So who do you think bought my office building? The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. My office building will be the new home of the Neighborhood Criminal Justice Center. So you know what that means? In two years, after they clean that neighborhood up, all the property values will go up. That's OK. I am glad to have left something for that neighborhood that will be positive. There are a lot of nice people that live in that area. Fact is, that a professional office building is not really the proper kind of structure to run a Metal Detecting Prospecting Supplies and Accessories business out of. I am always amused by how information sometimes get twisted in this industry. I have heard every rumor imaginable. Some people heard I had sold my office building, so somehow that translated into "Doc died." "Doc went out of business." "Doc isn't a Minelab dealer anymore." "Doc got into financial troubles." Rumor 1. Not dead. Rumor 2. Not going out of business I expanded business. Rumor 3. I am one of a select few Minelab dealers that is a "Managed Dealer." That means I deal direct with Minelab, not some go between distributor. I am also one of a handful of dealers that is a Certified Minelab Gold Machine trainer. Bottom line I am a Minelab dealer, I have been for 25 years. Rumor 4. I have been very fortunate in life financially. I sell metal detectors as a hobby business. I am 68 years old and I could have retired 25 years ago. I am a psychologist and years ago I developed some written psychological tests, back in 1977. Those tests are still used by over 850 companies around the world to screen employees. So I have always had a steady income stream from my testing business. I have invested my money very wisely in safe investments over the years. I own my 8 year old home, free and clear. I owe no one anything. I have no debt. I started selling metal detectors because I loved the hobby and my wife would not allow me to stay home and retire. (I mean who in the hell retires when they are 43 years old?) You have helped Doc's Detecting become one of the largest suppliers of Metal Detectors and accessories in the Southwest and we needed to expand. To that end, March of 2017 we moved to a new location. We have rented a 4500 sq foot Office warehouse in Henderson Nevada. Unlike the old location, this is a beautiful location. 1180 Wigwam Parkway, Suite 110, Henderson Nevada. This is the largest warehouse West of the Mississippi dedicated solely to Treasure Hunting and Gold Prospecting Equipment. From Metal Detectors to Sluices, to Gold Pans and classifiers to Picks and digging tools. We primarily do mail order, but if you would like to drop by for a cup of coffee, please call for an appointment. Thank you for your support over the years, it is you that have made Doc's Detecting Supply grow into the company it is today. By the way if you would like my free 51 page color catalog, PM me with your mailing address. U.S. residents only please. Doc Doc's Detecting Supply 1-800-477-3211 Visit my YouTube channel DocsDetectingSupply
  3. I always have my ears perked up for something new in metal detectors and metal detecting technology. I confess to not being smart enough to really get deep into the technical side of it but I have a general layman's knowledge of the subject. A couple years ago Carl Moreland, the Engineering Manager for White's Electronics, was interviewed on a radio show. I tripped over a reference to the interview on another forum and checked it out. It is very long, and near the end Carl dropped a bombshell. At least I thought so, but it went unnoticed and uncommented on in the metal detecting online world. I thought about posting it on a forum back then but decided to wait and see what developed. Here is the applicable portion of the interview: Relic Roundup Radio Show, January 17, 2012, Interview with Carl Moreland, Engineering Manager, White’s Electronics http://en.1000mikes.com/app/archiveEntry.xhtml?archiveEntryId=260469 Transcript beginning at 50:57 mark: Carl Moreland - “I can mention one technology that we’re working on because the patent has already been published… or the application, not the patent hasn't gone through yet. We’re working on something called half sine technology, which has actually been around since the 1960’s in geophysical prospecting applications. This is where instead of transmitting a sinusoidal signal you actually just transmit half of the sine and you can do that at extremely high voltages and high ? rates and so on. It’s technically not pulse induction but it’s not VLF either and it is a time domain method. And with that we can get really good depth and we can even get target id information and do discrimination and so forth.” Can you see why I perked up at that? I am still amazed it did not get any notice at the time. Nothing happened for a long time. Then I got this PM from Rick Kempf recently: Sent 29 January 2014 - 09:04 AM Was looking for info on my new SD 2100 this AM when I sort of fell down a rabbit hole of old forum posts and emerged reading Whites new patent. About the first thing I noticed was that you were cited in "prior art". Here's what they cited: http://www.voy.com/76600/7/475.html The patent is here: http://www.google.com/patents/US20110316541 Is this something you knew about? Just wondering. Rick Kempf I told Rick, yeah, heard about that. It was the patent finally being granted from the application Carl mentions in the interview. It was fun getting a mention in a patent though I think it was just the examiner studying up on the subject and finding my old post helpful in simplifying the subject. For a long time the Holy Grail in metal detecting has been something that combines the target identification of an Induction Balance (IB or more commonly known as VLF) detector with depth of a Pulse Induction (PI) detector. There have been many promises and false starts over the years, and that was one reason I kept the radio interview mention quiet the last couple years. Frankly, I had half forgot about it until Rick brought the patent being granted to my attention. Notice the title: Hybrid Induction Balance/Pulse Induction Metal Detector A new hybrid metal detector combines induction balance and pulse induction technologies. Target signals are generated from a transmitted wave that has both induction balance and pulse current inducing characteristics and uses pertinent sampling of the receive data. Combining the two data sources provides eddy current target identification while excluding ground permeability and remanence obscuration. Is it time to sing Hallelujah? Well, there is a big gap in between getting a patent and bringing a detector to market. Many patents get filed and you never even see something directly related to the patent. Maybe it looked good on paper but does not pan out well in reality for numerous reasons. So just because White's was granted this patent does not mean something is around the corner. However, they have been working on it for over two years already obviously. And it has been some time since White's put something new out. I do not count remakes of the MXT etc as new. So I think there is reason to be hopeful we may see something one of these days. John Earle is one of the unsung heros in the industry. He had a hand in many of the best products at Compass Electronics before moving over to White's after Compass went under. To this day I have never used a VLF that goes any deeper than my old Compass Gold Scanner Pro. John was one of the brains involved in that, as well as the White's Goldmaster 3, regarded by many as being the pinnacle of the analog development of that model line. I was fortunate to have met John at the factory some years ago. He is listed as the inventor on the new patent. Half sine technology is also mentioned in an earlier patent filed by White's, again with John listed as inventor at http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7649356.pdf Looks like serious stuff brewing. Bruce Candy of Minelab makes mention of half sine technology in a patent application at http://patents.com/us-20130154649.html which makes me wonder about the new "Super Gold Detector" he is working on. But it is this most recent patent by White's that seems to put the finest point on it. Maybe the Holy Grail of detecting is soon to be a reality. The fact it is White's certainly gives me more hope than what we have seen in the past. Edit May 2015 - see also White's patent for Constant Current Metal Detector
  4. From the Fisher metal detector website: GOLD & TREASURE METAL DETECTORS FISHER "F" SERIES MULTI-PURPOSE VISUAL & AUDIO TARGET ID DETECTORS Fisher F44 - The Ultimate Weatherproof Multi-Purpose Metal Detector. Fisher F44 metal detector MSRP $399.00 Internet Price $309.00 Details here Fisher F44 control panel Fisher F22 - Weatherproof All-Purpose Metal Detector. Fisher F22 metal detector MSRP $289.00 Internet Price $209.00 Details here Fisher F22 control panel Fisher F11 - Great All-Purpose Metal Detector. Fisher F11 metal detector MSRP $199.00 Internet Price $159.00 Details here Fisher F11 control panel Fisher F75+ - The F75+ is an American Made, high-performance multi-purpose professional metal detector. The F75+ was built off the proven F75 platform, all the legendary features you've come to know and trust from the F75, plus an added Boost Mode for even more depth! Fisher F75+ metal detector MSRP $799.00 Internet Price $649.00 Details here Fisher F75+ control panel Fisher F75 Ltd - The F75 in black, with Boost and Cache Locating Processes. The metal detecting industry's premier relic hunting and ultimate multi-purpose metal detector. Fisher F75 Limited Edition (Ltd) MSRP $1449.00 Internet Price $699.00 Details here Fisher F75 Ltd control panel Fisher F75 - The Ultimate Detector! The metal detecting industry's premier relic hunting and general purpose metal detector. Fisher F75 metal detector MSRP $1249.00 Internet Price $549.00 Details here Fisher F75 control panel Fisher F70 - Has Many Great Features. Use it for Coin Shooting, Relic Hunting, Gold Prospecting & More. Fisher F70 metal detector MSRP $799.00 Internet Price $449.00 Details here Fisher F70 control panel Fisher F19 - New from Fisher®, the best relic machine ever! Fisher F19 metal detector MSRP $899.00 Internet Price $449.00 Details here Fisher F19 control panel Fisher F5 - Combining the Best in Analog and Digital Technology. Fisher F5 metal detector MSRP $549.00 Internet Price $349.00 Details here Fisher F5 control panel Fisher F4 - Versatile Multi-Purpose Detector with DD Coil. Fisher F4 metal detector MSRP $449.00 Internet Price $299.00 Details here Fisher F4 control panel FISHER GOLD NUGGET / PROSPECTING METAL DETECTORS Fisher Gold Bug - More than just a HOT Gold Machine! Fisher Gold Bug metal detector MSRP $549.95 Internet Price $449.00 Details here Fisher Gold Bug control panel Fisher Gold Bug Pro - The best, most versatile prospecting machine on the market! Incredible sensitivity to the tiniest gold nuggets. Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detector MSRP $699.00 Internet Price $549.00 Details here Fisher Gold Bug Pro control panel Fisher Gold Bug DP - Superior gold prospecting and relic hunting performance! Fisher Gold Bug DP metal detector MSRP $749.00 Internet Price $599.00 Details here Fisher Gold Bug DP control panel Fisher Gold Bug 2 - The MOST Sensitive Gold Hunting Detector Ever Made. Fisher Gold Bug 2 metal detector MSRP $899.00 Internet Price $764.00 Details here Fisher Gold Bug 2 control panel FISHER UNDERWATER, BEACH & SURF HUNTING METAL DETECTORS Fisher CZ-21 Quicksilver - Premium Multi-Frequency Underwater Detector Whether it be Dry Land, Saltwater or Fresh Water, the CZ-21 Delivers. Fisher CZ-21 metal detector MSRP $1799.00 Internet Price $1099.00 Details here Fisher CZ-21 control panel Fisher 1280X - Proven Performance on Land or in Water. Fisher 1280X metal detector MSRP $829.00 Internet Price $549.00 Details here Fisher 1280X control panel FISHER RELIC HUNTING / MULTIPURPOSE / DEEP SEEKING METAL DETECTORS Fisher CZ-3D - Coin, Relic & Saltwater Beach Hunting Specialist Fisher CZ-3D metal detector MSRP $949.00 Internet Price $799.00 Details here Fisher CZ-3D control panel Fisher Gemini 3 - The Deepest Treasure Finder - DEEPEST All-Metal Detection! Fisher Gemini 3 metal detector MSRP $849.00 Internet Price $649.00 Details here From latest Fisher catalog (2016) click for larger version: Fisher metal detector models and specifications 2016
  5. That’s too bad, many years of accumulated posts and knowledge, all gone.....
  6. Steve Herschbach

    Last Days For Tesoro?

    Rick Kempf passed this to me and it does not look like good news. It is being reported most of the people at Tesoro have been laid off. http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/tesoro/589971-tesoro-laid-off-all-factory-staff.html Tesoro was not a real old company, since it was founded in 1980, actually making it the newest of the major U.S. manufacturers. Still, the company made its mark with lightweight, high performance detectors. Tesoro was also noted for many years for its exceptional support of the independent metal detector dealer. However, that policy changed after founder Jack Gifford passed away in 2015 and the company seems to have been on cruise control ever since. There are probably not too many people surprised by this, but if true it marks a sad day in metal detecting history.
  7. Apparently Minelab was having a social media contest that just ended. Winners who posted Equinox finds on social media were eligible for a couple Equinox accessory packages including coils. Kind of after the fact but if you are interested in seeing who won and what their finds were then visit the Minelab website.
  8. Steve Herschbach

    Become A Minelab Detexpert

    I guess that is a new word! According to Minelab "Detexpert (noun) – those who embrace the thrill of the hunt and know that nothing is ever truly lost, just waiting to be found. They use their thirst for greater detecting knowledge and skill to benefit not only themselves, but all who love detecting." There are already a half dozen "Detexperts" on the Minelab Meet the Detexperts page. You can apply to be a Detexpert yourself although Minelab makes no case for as to why a person would want to do this. Interestingly enough one of the questions is "Why do you want to become a Minelab Detexpert?". Why indeed Minelab? Looking at the pictures presumably a free t-shirt is part of the deal. My guess is they are looking for people who are on all or at least many of the social media outlets and who are interested in representing Minelab in some fashion. Anyway, if you have dreamed of being a Detexpert (even if you never heard of it until now) this is your chance to apply! Minelab Detexpert Logo
  9. At the ICMJ we've decided to post a free issue of the prospecting and Mining Journal magazine on the internet for any new folks who are around to see what it is. (Also experienced prospectors who are wondering about the magazine). We have up to date articles about how to get more gold in your prospecting, legal issues and the best equipment out there for finding gold. If you have any interest in prospecting, this is the magazine you will the most learn from. I may be a little biased as I'm the assistant Editor, but on the other hand I've been getting this magazine since the late 1970s and its always been a lot of fun. Take a look, I think you'll be glad you did. I you want to subscribe, the subscription info is on the inside of the last page. Its worth not missing a single issue. https://www.icmj.com/resources/news-and-events/miners-news/free-online-sample-issue-392/
  10. https://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/news?article=342622
  11. Steve Herschbach

    White’s Australian Dealer?

    Another forum member was wondering what the price of the new Goldmaster 24K might be in Australia. In the course of researching that, I see Goldsearch Australia is closing down. Does White’s have any other dealers in Australia?
  12. Nokta / Makro Black Friday / Christmas Promotion
  13. Garrett Searcher Fall 2018 Issue read online
  14. White’s this year is coming to a end sooner than soon! I seen your early bundles you have for people on are before Christmas. They all some great deals that covers the total spectrum of detecting but I for one want more. What I’m wanting you don’t have yet . I wanting what others have now in a multi frequency and yet pick a single one if I do desire. I been with White’s over 50 years and at 77 I know I don’t have another 50 . I don’t want somebody blowing smoke up my south end . I do have some years before I kick the can and I want to take it with me . I’ve ask my wife to put it in the coffin with me . One just don’t know where he’ll be when he gets to the other side . So much for the bull ! Tom Boykin just tell it like it is and if it’s not too be just say so. Chuck
  15. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,154092
  16. White’s has 12 early I guess you could say Christmas Packages of different detectors Just some more great deals coming from White’s for Christmas are just because you want it . I’ve never been the one to have a special reason to buy a detector other than I want it . Let me correct the word want it’s more in the way I need it and my life is dependent on me getting it Tom if you’re the lucky one to pull my name out of the hat for Christmas I need the 24 K bad! Chuck PS Guys remember it don’t cost anymore to wish big.
  17. Fskafish

    New Tesoro

    Thought id ask tesoro fans if theyve heard of any new just gotta have one tesoros that may be coming out soon?
  18. gambler

    Thank You Whites!

    Sent my MX Sport in for repair, rear plastic housing cracked. I had taped it together to use it in the Rye Patch nugget shoot,(worked fine, and I found a token:)) Whites sent me a new one, even came with new headphones! That's one of the reasons I have two Whites machines. Thank you again Whites.
  19. Seeing and hearing about these new detectors is very exciting, it seems almost all the other detecting companies have simply stopped innovating!? It’s very excited about the simultaneous multifrequency detector Nokta/Makro have mentioned, I just hope the first iteration of their SMF detector is waterproof and preferably below the magic number of 3m/ 10ft all other manufactures stick too. Ive already entered the naming and featured contest but am considering having another crack at it 😂 What do you want to see in this detector that you’ve been wishing for years for in other detectors?
  20. Sourdough Scott

    Tesoro Closing Their Doors?

    I heard this. Too bad.
  21. Important - whenever purchasing new or from anybody claiming a product has a transferable warranty, it is imperative to obtain and keep a copy of the original purchase receipt. If possible the receipt should include both the model and serial number of the item purchased. Ultimately a written proof of purchase is your only real protection if you need to make a warranty claim. Do read and understand the warranty before purchasing. Under a federal rule, retailers must let you read any written warranty for products costing more than $15. The warranty information below is from the respective company websites and is current as of this posting. However, changes can occur at any time - always verify the warranty information before making a purchase! Bounty Hunter - 5 Year Limited Warranty for original purchaser Fisher - 5 Year Limited Warranty for original purchaser (2 years 1280X, CZ-21) Garrett - 2 Year Limited Warranty (1 Year Sea Hunter) Makro - 2 Year Limited Warranty Minelab - 3 Year Limited Warranty (2 Year Go-Find, Gold Monster) (1 Year Excalibur) Nokta - 2 Year Limited Warranty Teknetics - 5 Year Limited Warranty for original purchaser Tesoro - Limited Lifetime Warranty for original purchaser White's - 2 Year Limited Warranty XP - 5 Year Limited Warranty
  22. Steve Herschbach

    Minelab Military Discount

    Just a reminder. Minelab offers a 15% discount on any Minelab metal detector from the MAP (minimum advertised price) to U.S. active or honorably discharged members of the military. Proof of past or active service is required and must be verified by providing a copy of a DD 214 or Military ID to qualify. The discount applies only to a metal detector purchase - parts and accessories do not qualify. With discount the $799 Gold Monster 1000 is only $679.15. The Minelab GPZ 7000, normally $7999, ends up being $6799.15, a savings of $1199.85
  23. http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/blog-detection/nouveautes/nouveau-detecteur-orx/ I am unsure of how this detector will be available as far as which countries.
  24. As promised, here it is guys:http://noktadetectors.com/index.asp?g=naming-contest