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  1. Wow, this self-proclaimed expert knows about as much about the Fenn Treasure as my cats. He rips Fenn for publishing a book he makes money off of, and then rips him for not making money off of revealing the location. I guess Steve Lehto is an expert on making money. So maybe those criticisms hold up.
  2. I assume this is the article you refer to: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/sep/16/buried-treasure-forrest-fenn-rockies I just read it. I guess 'rest in peace' is something some people choose not to respect. Is The Guardian the British equivalent to USA's National Enquirer? If that article qualifies as journalism with integrity this world is even worse off than I thought.
  3. I didn't see you mention if you performed a factory reset after you upgraded to the new (v3.x) software.
  4. You probably can get it directly from Chris, and he makes more money that way, cutting out the middleman. 😏 (He's a member/poster here, BTW.) Here's a link to his website page that describes the book. If you can't find a way to buy it there then you can at least e-mail him. And I agree with kac -- this is the intro (but not elementary!) textbook/'bible' on the subject AFAIC.
  5. For the most part, what you say Chase is consistent with my thoughts and experience on the subject. (You just have more guts to actually say it!) However, there possibly is a coincidence of several posters-detectorists here using beach modes which might be the proverbial "stability enhancements" ML was referring to. OTOH, anyone who takes their marketing comments lterally is treading on mushy ground, IMO. The fortunate thing is that ML makes it easy to revert to a previous software version. At least some have done that. No one is forced to be part of the conforming herd, and that's p
  6. Welcome, Dirt! A lot of history in your home state, and more than just discovery of gold and its subsequent mining there. I look forward to your posts of finds, as well as your learning experiences. You should consider attending a local GPAA club meeting. (Probably currently suspended due to the virus.) You don't have to join to attend a meeting (at least not at my local group where visitors are welcomed). P.S. That does sound like a good price on the Minelab GM 1000.
  7. Does this mean the detector manufacturers & retailers will be posting ads, encouraging detector sales to take advantage of the high precious metals prices? Of course you 'Southerners' are just approaching the summer months. But I wouldn't be surprised to see that kind of advertising here in the N-hemisphere, too. Christmas is always a good time to tickle the imagination (don't forget the gifts on the 5th Day of Christmas -- some of those are sprinkled along the beaches, as the Impulse owners, among others, have been proving repeatedly).
  8. Can't you do this with the horseshoe button (everything same except rejecting certain TID's in profile)? What am I missing?
  9. Keep it up and you'll be giving Simon/Phrunt a run for the roses. (So please keep it up. )
  10. I've created this short (fortunately for you the software won't let me enter more than 3 questions!) poll. Comments and further elaboration of your usage, etc. are of course welcome as reply posts.
  11. If you can navigate the crappy (at least on my desktop browser) interface/reader on their website, you'll find on p11 of this link the article by designer Jorge Saad detailing the history of the Gold Bug Pro's development. Whatever he says there is 'gospel' AFAIC. What I remember is something about 24-bits, which Minelab bragged about their revolutionary innovation for their Gold Monster 1000 when it was released multiple years after the Gold Bug. Now, maybe one was talking about the A/D converter and the other the CPU. In a lot of ways it doesn't matter how many bits (or processors)
  12. I wouldn't be too concerned about that. Hard work (and that includes all the study of geology as well as other research) isn't a new concept. Neither is use your head. And yet it seems to be advice less followed today than ever. NVchris, I looked at your first photo multiple times, thinking one of us got the decimal points in the wrong places. Even 1.308 ozt in 15 days would be a great trip for most (particularly me). Thanks for re-inspiring the dream.
  13. Nice haul. How can you tell that the chain is silver? Do you remember what TID's the silver came it at? I'm guessing that the open rings and the spiral ear decoration were below 20....
  14. Uh, compared to navigating the Equinox menu in the field (just one example),... I'm confident you'll adjust.
  15. When I was in school in the 60's I remember there being a campaign for USA to go metric. If you told me that >50 years later we still wouldn't be on the metric system I wouldn't have believed you. I try to use meters for larger distances when I post here, but you (rest of the world) seem pretty 'fluent' when it comes to miles and inches. Do we get credit when we show our weights in grams? Even that is wrong since metric weight units are dynes or newtons, but just another example of a mis-nomer becoming the accepted usage. So many of those in every walk of life and no way we her
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