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  1. Definitely not doing that. This is an intermittent issue, and until the other day it was a very rare occurrence. I was out for an hour today in the backyard playing around with 40 kHz hunting. No sign of it. (Note: I don't attribute that to the frequency I was running. Just another piece of info. Consistent with the intermittency.) I haven't ruled out a factory reset.
  2. Still has some historic meaning, though. California wasn't even a state in 1844 so I assume you couldn't vote there. (Might be wrong on that.) Was it lost by a soldier during the Mexican-American War? It could have been dropped years later, I suppose, but who carries around out-of-date campaign buttons, particularly from the losers?
  3. I'm more from the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" camp. OTOH, maybe it is broke (i.e. of need a a reset). In Park 1, very few of the settings I use are factory/stock. Although I can easily reproduce my 5-tone tone breaks from memory, the tone audio frequencies are a different story. Assuming you don't think not doing a reset will damage it, I'm going to wait and see if this happens again and try to figure out what's causing it. Regardless, then I'll do a reset.
  4. Presidential campaign button from 1844 -- took me a while to figure that out -- pretty cool and I wonder how valuable it is (bet you do, too ). Interesting relics but apparently no coins this trip.
  5. I was getting ready to do that (writing down my settings first) when I decided to give it another chance. About 15 minutes with my test-stand and it didn't act up. There was one detail I left out previously -- I didn't have the coil attached to the shaft but rather sitting off to the side to make it easier to see the screen while air testing. The reason I left that info out is because previously when this happened in the field the coil was attached normally. I suppose it could be an issue, but I don't see why. I'm still holding off doing a factory reset at least until it happens again. Ditto on sending it in for warranty service. (I still have almost a year on the warranty.)
  6. I've found those too and didn't know what they were. Do you mean drywall (made of gypsum)? Nice ring, AMW! So it rang up 7/8 on the Eqx (well below USA nickel coin TID of 12/13). I wonder how many I've missed with mental discrimination, trying to avoid digging so much aluminum foil.... 🤔
  7. If by 'vehicle' you mean an automobile or similar, it seems small to me for that. But lots of other things have been decorated equivalently. Could it be from a toy figure? Did you find it in a school yard? I like the buckle, but I can't help in ID'ing it.
  8. Click here for a good one. Once you've seen that, try this one. Finally, if you have thick skin (you, not the object you're trying to identify!), here's a dose of reality.
  9. Doesn't the Eqx 600 qualify as "Selectable multiple single frequency" and therefore beat out the MK?
  10. Also Latin America is among the Gold Detectors Key markets. I guess Todd Hoffman has started a gold rush south of us. 🤔
  11. Welcome, Riccardo! I've visited your country many times -- mostly Abruzzo region. Very friendly people and beautiful scenery. (Food and wine aren't too bad, either. ) Sad to see the virus devastation that many there have suffered. I look forward to seeing pictures of your (future) finds when all this has passed. Until then, stay safe and enjoy this site.
  12. When I use (mostly past tense) the Gold Bug Pro for coin hunting I prefer to set the tone break just below US 5-cent piece ("nickel") -- nickels TID around 58 (from memory). However, on the Gold Bug, the discrimination threshold is tied to the tone break. Like many detectorists, I prefer to hear all metal targets when I hunt, so with the Gold Bug I'm either forced to set my tone break at 40 (or below), which is nominally the ferrous --> non-ferrous breakpoint, or I'm prevented from hearing the lowest TID's of the ferrous range. That shortcoming (IMO) was alleviated with the F19 by decoupling the discrimination threshold level and the tone break level, allowing them to be independently set. Combining this with the ferrous tone volume control mentioned in the quote above leads to a more acceptable coin detecting experience available on the F19/G2+/TRP.
  13. One of the seemingly unique things about Nokta/Makro is that they don't seem to be concerned about building models which compete with their own brethren. Nokta Impact, Makro Kruzer, Makro Anfibio, Makro Simplex have all been released since the Racer 2. I see from the detector database that the (new) price is down to $424, just squeeking ahead of the "...under $400" designation. One of the (many) compliments the Teknetics T2 and Fisher F75 received for their ergonomics was the location and thus ease-of-use of the pinpoint switch. The Racer 2 apparently copied that. Wish other manufacturers had done the same.... I must admit to a tinge of guilt that I've never yet owned a Nokta/Makro detector. My cupboard is full right now, but my eyes are open. (Wallet -- well that's a different story. 😅)
  14. How much of that had to do with using this detector to search for native gold? I realize its days as a serious detector for that use (given the competitions' product capabilities since the Gold Bug family was introduced) have deteriorated. (I'm not saying it won't do that decently, it's just that there are other choices which do it better.) As a coin-jewelry-relic detector, the 5"x10" isn't optimum in most conditions, although in the woods where you need to squeeze between brush & weeds, it might still be the best choice.
  15. They didn't! They've become the most tight-lipped detector manufacturer out there. But they get ripped for that, too.
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