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  1. Does anyone know if other wireles headphones are compatable with the simplex metal detector
  2. there doesnt seem to be anything wrong with the wireing but the plug is still sensitive to touch or movement it might be a worn socket or pinns
  3. i mannaged to get it appart by holding the centre barrel and turning
  4. hi iam looking for one of these they are made by allied and the part number is L091 i cant find them on the website
  5. hi has anyone had any expierience using a minelab relichawk what i wanted to knowe was what are the opperating tones in s mode i get a fast succesion of beebs and in m mode it gets slitely slower and in L mode even slower succesion of beeps
  6. purely by accident i have now mannaged to take it appart
  7. i am now looking for a relic hawk coil and lead, if anyone has one, or can point me to one.
  8. Hi can any one tell me how to access this coil connection plug as i think i have a loose wire
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