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  1. Greetings All, Has anyone switched to a carbon fiber lower shaft for their Simplex? I've read a few posts about people switching over to them, but do they make that much of a difference?
  2. What a surprise, the Simplex getting better.........Dilek mentions the update at the end of the video
  3. A coil issue has been found in the first U.K. deliveries of the Simplex. Some, not all, detectors have exhibited false signals after the coil gets wet. Existing customers that experience the problem can get the coil replaced. Nokta/Makro has identified the cause and is purging the bad coils from the supply line. This may result in delivery delays as the situation is being addressed. As far as I know no U.S. deliveries have been made yet, and this may delay those deliveries for those with orders already in place. Proving once again that waiting a bit is not a bad idea when new detectors co
  4. Hi Folks, First Post on any site,first metal detector. Reaching out to the more experienced detectorists to ask if anyone has seen or heard of problems with the Nokta Simplex +. Last August I purchased my first detector ,a Nokta Simplex. The Battery was at 3 bars ,half charge, when taken out of the box. My job of 140 hours a week, never allowed me to go detecting once last Summer. I put the detector in the closet . Yesterday I got it out to look it over and charge it and it still had 3 bars. I properly connected the charging cord and charged it 3 hours. It still only had 3 bars. So I tur
  5. I see a lot of comparisons between the Simplex and other mid price/mid level machines out there like the F75, AT Pro, etc. These days it may be possible to find a used F75, AT Pro, etc for the price of a new Simplex or close. Maybe even with an extra small coil. Like a 5” DD or a 5x8. Throw in buying an extra coil for the Simplex and maybe even price. Simplex I think only 2 year warranty, so that will be gone eventually , non user/field replaceable battery. There are tons of arguments either way, more coil availability, supporting a US company (although buying second hand), Garrett a
  6. Hello I have a simplex + that's almost a yr old I love it but recently it's giving me a hard time when charging it.. Seems to be a short in the adapter that has prongs on it. Has anyone else had issues with this? I'm so frustrated...
  7. Well after over a year since selling my last detector I have re-entered the game again. I was intrigued by the Nokta Makro Simplex+ so I bit after watching and reading reviews. I have been a loyal Kellyco customer over the years so I saw they had a package deal with the WHP and PulseDive pin-pointer. I know that’s a Nokta package but Kellyco has always been good to me. It came today and I got the headphones and pin-pointer wirelessly hooked in and all systems charged. My previous systems have been a Garrett ACE 250, XP Deus, Nokta Fors CoRe and now a Simplex+. Loo
  8. Anyone observed on full charge without use how long it takes the battery to deplete to maybe 1/2 charge? Wondering the dormant time on the battery and if it should be stored full charge or depleted somewhat?
  9. I have just purchase and received the Simplex +. This detector is a upgrade addition to my already collection of detectors. Thanks to all for the ID information that has been posted here. This will help me a lot. I have never had a detector with a DD coil before so I am trying to get use to how it react to coins. To all that has purchase the Simplex + has anyone notice the screen icons flicking or has a heylo look on the screen? I notice this two days ago when I was out detecting. I have already been blessed on my first outing with the Simplex and found a 1943 Walking Liberty
  10. I see NEL will be releasing a full coil range for the Simplex in December, should make it an even more versatile detector than it already is. https://nel-coils.com/index.php/en/the-news Also noticed that Detect-Ed is now making carbon fibre lower shafts for the SImplex, resolving the issue of lower shaft flex. https://www.detect-ed.com/collections/carbon-shafts/products/simplex-carbon-shaft
  11. Kellyco seems to be selling the Simplex with Green wireless headphones and Pulsedive PP for $340. I just got one of the Pulsedives for my Nokta machines and have to say it is incredibly stable. Not as sensitive to tiny stuff like micro gold or foil bits but overall an awesome pointer. They work very well with the wireless headphones. Thought I would pass this on, I'm sure other dealers will probably have the same/similar offer.
  12. Just before fall in Sept, sent my Simplex to my nephew in the US as he wanted to get started in metal detecting. Gave him the newest 8.5 round DD coil. Still had a spare Simplex control box sitting here and the new 5x9 coil. Decided to make a project out of it. Thought I would make a custom handle for it to attach to a round tube straight shaft. Its super lightweight with 4 thick rock hard coats of epoxy. By the way, its a perfect, comfortable fit for my hand. A project to keep me busy on those rainy days. Recently finished it off with 5 coats of spray on Truck Bedliner pain
  13. I was thinking about getting another coil for my Simplex and I was just wondering if any of you have tried either one? Kellyco has both for a little over a hundred but show a coil cover for them is 12 dollars . The only thing it said about the coils that they were DD coils. I’m more into coin hunting with this detector so I’m thinking 8.5 but like to hear from anyone that has one are the other. Heck post your opinion even if you don’t have any. Chuck
  14. I have loved my simplex, and been using it almost every day since I got it. Also finaly finding gold ( now that I know what I'm watching for. I'll post pictures eventually). Anyway I was thinking to myself, how could they make a second generation simplex better? I know it's a ways off, but I bet nokta has already been thinking about this. So I wanted to start a thread about features you'd like to see on the next one? I'll start. When night hunting, the light on the back seems to be either not quite bright enough, or it's at the wrong angle, and can't use it well to dig. No problem, I
  15. I decided to go to my local dealer and buy them..... here is a look at all three...
  16. Announcing the Nokta|Makro Simplex+ Handbook We are proud to announce that Andy Sabisch’s latest book - The Nokta|Makro Simplex+ Handbook – will be available shortly. The new book covers all aspects of Simplex+ including a discussion of all its functions and features, tips on getting the most out of it under virtually any condition you might come across, details on a range of applications including coin hunting, relic hunting, field and pasture hunting, beach and water hunting with invaluable information provided by some of the top Simplex+ users from around the globe, useful accessories,
  17. I have not been very kind to the Nokta Makro Simplex. I was able to use one for three "normal" coin and jewelry baseball/soccer/football field hunts here in Colorado USA. At the time (March 2020) the only three tone mode was the original Park mode. I was not impressed. I was deliberately hunting for surface to 6" targets or recent drops. I was hoping for good audio and numerical target ID on solid sounding targets. Unfortunately the fixed tone break in the original Park mode was set way too low for gold jewelry and USA coins which basically made any shallow to 6" low to mid conductor sound lik
  18. Videos on Facebook Nokta/Makro site Some folks were complaining Target ID numbers too jumpy at depth. To make the detector less chattery with bouncy numbers. They reverted, detuned the target ID, so after a certain depth it will not generate a target ID number. Mainly for those who want a quieter detector. Updates Made : IF YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH THE INCREASED ID DEPTHS OF VERSION 2.76 OR 2.77, YOU DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL THIS UPDATE! ID stability and depths have been changed back to the same levels of version 2.68. This will NOT affect the overall depth and sensitivity of the
  19. Hitting a NEW PERMISSION, fields surrounding a Manor House with the Nokta Makro Simplex, Minelab Vanquish and Garrett Apex
  20. Version KKSP55000389EN


    Nokta/Makro Simplex+ User Manual, 2.23 MB pdf file, 24 pages Nokta/Makro Gold Kruzer Data & Reviews Nokta/Makro Metal Detector Forum
  21. This is just a fun comparison because there is no way I'm going to buy another detector at this point but near me I see a good looking used DFX for the price of $250. That is so similar in price to the Simplex that I am interested in which would be considered the superior detector or at least how they stack up. From what I know they are both considered coin and relic detectors, the DFX is multi-frequency, and the Simplex is considered to have many of the newest features at a low price point.
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