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  1. About two years ago I bought a Chinese Mental Detector for some $40 thinking they are all the same. Kind members of this forum quickly set me straight and I got Vanquish 440. By no means I'm experienced or even succesful, but I have a technical background and the interest and the time to read about metal detecting, ask questions, experiment with settings, and be happy swinging. And I think by now I know enough to appreciate the complexities involved in metal detecting. Now the problem: I've been asked, obviously being an expert :⁠-⁠), by a friend as to what fun detector to buy for his wife so that she could look for things mostly around their summer house in a forest in Europe (and maybe later elsewhere, like on a beach). To my eye the ground there is mild, but I don't really know. She probably doesn't want to look for anything in particular, just explore what may be under ground. The detector should be sufficiently easy to use so that she doesn't get discouraged at first and not super expensive as he is not sure if his wife would like the new hobby. The question I got was if the Xterra Pro was the right choice. He also looked at the Simplex Ultra. My answer was that the Vanquish 340 or 440 may not look as modern, but she may have a better luck with it as it may be simpler to set and more stable to operate and read. Am I wrong? Is there something else that I should have said?
  2. Decided to try the downgrade from 2.78 to 2.77. The Nokta tool said it was successful but warned that I was downgrading. Everything seems to work fine until I connect the wireless headphones. After a few minutes the Simplex will lock up and have to be forced off. Without the headphones connected it works fine. I also noticed that with 2.77 it will not let me do a factory reset. Upgrading back to 2.78 fixes all these issues. I've downloaded the 2.77 update several times with three different web browsers with the same results. Anybody else had trouble after downgrading? Not sure if Nokta is hosting a bad 2.77 rom image or if I need to send this thing in for repairs.
  3. A lot remains to be seen of the new X-Terra Pro vs. the established Simplex, but on paper and in theory $269 for a waterproof switchable frequency unit may leave Simplex in the rear view mirror. If it punches above its weight it may even compete nicely with the likes of the Anfibio. These companies seem keen to battle it out, continuing to raise the bottom of metal detectors up to what once would’ve been not that long ago considered mid to upper level performance and options. I’m sure Nokta is now wondering what consumers are thinking about where the Simplex line fits in. What say you? One thing I can say is there’s still an advantage to having a detector and coil tuned to one specific frequency, but can that overcome all the versatility of the new X-Terra?
  4. tune in tomorrow to Nokta’s FB page at 10am EST for more info
  5. Post production X-Terra Pro versus pre production Simplex Ultra by Sid, using deep mid to high conductor targets in slightly mineralized ground. Same targets, same time testing. I wish he had setup up both detectors in 2 tones. Other than that, an honest test.
  6. Many know I like to tinker with metal detectors and customize them to my personal tastes......So that is what I did to my Simplex. Since it is not the version with the wireless headphones and need to use the supplied wired headphone adapter, a mod was made. The supplied wired headphone adapter is too short, the wire kind of whimpy. Also, did not place the headphone wires in a position that wasn't cumbersome. A much longer adapter was made up, so the headphones can be plugged in by the arm cuff. Now the headphone wire will run up the side of the body. Out of the way. Less chance of snag ups or pulling your headphones off the top off your head when you lay the detector down. Not pictured, when the headphones are plugged in, the wires is secured with a cable tie thru the arm cuff strap slots. I can also go wireless using an aftermarket wireless headphone. I can plug in the transmitter into the adapter jack and place the transmitter in the convenient holder under the armcuff. Very nice set-up. As you can now water hunt, a bit deeper. Pictures below.
  7. what is the pinout of the connector .. pinout usb charging .. no cable how to charge
  8. Really like this coil on the Simplex. Been keeping me away from my Equinox. Great coverage and sensitivity to near surface finds where the Target ID is reliable on this detector.
  9. Just purchased a Makro Simplex Plus and set it up and am getting the Check Coil Icon. Anyone ever experienced this and any ideas? Disconnected and reconnected coil several times and still have the warning. Thanks.
  10. I have acquired a makro simplex and am testing it with my investment silver. When I scan a single silver coin I get a good high reading but when I scan over a few coins or more it shows junk numbers.... any advice? I sure don't want to miss out on large piles of silver coins...lol.
  11. I thought it would be cool to have one for backup or for tag alongs who want a good easy to use detector. Any tips for the simplex I should know?
  12. Hello all! New to the forum. Got a Nokta Simplex+ to replace my old Whites detector. First 2 times my son and I took it out, we found good stuff (knife, ring, and a dime). Took it out yesterday, and on any setting, it is just beeping like crazy. And the numbers jump from 10-90. Even when not moving the detector. Just saw a post about a wonky update, and wondering if we should so something about that. Or is there a way to reset this thing and tune it in? My old Whites had a ground control knob, but was also from the 1960's... lol Thanks for any help/advice!
  13. I've had the Simplex for a while now, I've never really found a place for it, while other entry level detectors I enjoy using like my Garrett Ace detectors and of course the brilliant Vanquish the Simplex sits in the reject pile with my Go-Find 40. I'm perplexed why people say it's good, often they say it's competitive with high end detectors, I just can't understand this in my hunting environment, to me the Simplex is the definition of apocryphal. Perhaps mine is a lemon, I don't know but I was taken in by the Whites TRX and learnt my lesson the hard way, so once bitten, twice shy. I'm certainly not going to buy another Simplex to find out. Yes it may separate well for an entry level and be competitive with old First Texas machines but that was a decade ago they hit the market. I just want to make my Simplex work, people say it's deep, sure it's deep enough, if you like digging every target that ID's as iron, as that's my problem, every deep coin may as well be an iron target. My Ace 300i will ID targets with relative accuracy that this "legendary" Simplex will tell me is a dirty great big nail. I'm not going to say the Simplex is rubbish, as it may be that I am the unlikely recipient of a faulty one seeing their quality is so great, or even a faulty coil but how would I know, by replacing it to see? Not happening. A while ago I tested my machines against each other on some targets, the results are available here The Simplex and Go-Find were the bottom of the pack, and the Simplex has a massive coil size advantage over the Go-Find. This is just finding easy to find coins in very mild soils. To me the Simplex was a massive fail due to its terrible ID accuracy, sure it hits the deep targets but calls them iron. An example of my disappointment from the previous thread.... Simplex Other detectors I even did a test with small coils, and many detectors with a small coil like a 6" provided better ID accuracy than the Simplex with 11" coil. So, in trying to redeem my Simplex I'm considering buying my favourite larger size VLF coil the Detech Ultimate 13" for it, would I be wasting my money putting lipstick on a pig? I stumbled across this video 6 months ago, and it put me off wasting my money, I'm just confused why so many people like the Simplex when for me it's rotten. Is it the case I have a faulty detector or coil? If so I'd be extremely happy, I don't want the Simplex to be as bad as it is, I'd be glad if mine is faulty. In all honestly my Simplex experience is why I don't already own a Legend even though I really would like to, I just struggle to believe the positivity as I saw the same with the Simplex. Sometimes people believe what they can afford is as good as the more expensive option, even if it's not, no disrespect but I've seen it enough to know it's true. This Simplex thing is quite the disappointment as I had such high hopes for it going by the high positivity towards it from some users. I really hope mine is faulty.
  14. Can anyone point me to a good VDI scale for Simplex for typical US targets? I found some tables I can reference but was wondering if there is a common scale out there on the web maybe laid out vertically across their scale or if someone has already done this? Like for example, I like how Minelab in their manual for Equinox and Vanquish provide a scale for targets and VDIs common for various countries.
  15. Alright, no snickering. This is a serious comparison. For those that have never used a Simplex, it is pretty impressive. Deus 2.....I have never used one. Paystreak Superfreak sometimes makes some weird videos. I do weird stuff too like metal detecting at 30 degrees F in 4 inches of snow.... This video is no nonsense and very accurate from my experience. This is a test on three US coins at 6" in disturbed freshly dug high magnetite and volcanic particulate dirt. For those of you who are fortunate to hunt in mild soil....now you are getting a good idea of how bad it can get just in someones back yard. My backyard dirt looks almost exactly like Paystreak's. Detects about as bad too. By the way, the Equinox does not like highly iron mineralized freshly disturbed ground either.
  16. I have a former neighbor from my childhood ask my advice on a detector. He lives in Daytona Beach. He decided on the Simplex but as hard as I tried, didn't want to spend the extra money for the package with wireless headphones which my distributor has in stock and can dropship. They're out of the model without HPs until the next container comes in. He's only about an hour from Kellyco so I had him contact them. They told him he needed a dedicated beach and surf machine. The biggest problem with most multi-purpose detectors is they cancel out the salt but if there's heavy black sand deposits like after a storm, a single frequency VLF won't work without lowering the sensitivity and raising the coil. Even that's not guaranteed. I used to live in Southern California and under those conditions, you need a Multi-frequency or PI unit otherwise, you ain't hunting! It's always been my understanding that Florida beaches don't have the mineralization that we do on the West coast. Why wouldn't he be able to use the Simplex there? TIA! Walt
  17. Hello Everyone, I'm thinking about buying a Nokta simplex+, has anyone used it on a saltwater beach? If so, how did it perform on wet sand, dry sand and in salt water? Thank you all!
  18. Would like to know peoples opinion on the simplex plus with the 2.78 firmware I have been still debating getting one of these for my grandson for his birthday the only ones I can find new all have the 2.78 version, i have read several posts on other forums that once they upgraded to the 2.78 that it made the simplex plus seem like it was hitting a wall and seemed to loose depth has anyone experienced this I also read that a lot of users felt the 2.77 version was better than the 2.78 version would also like to know if I can downgrade the new Simplex Plus that already has the 2.78 firmware version down to the 2.77 if I decided to, since the 2.77 is not available on the Nokta/Macro website any longer I have never personally had a Simplex plus in my hands to say one way or the other as to which version is or was better or am i just over thinking this whole purchase what ever I am going to do I need to do it soon as my grandsons birthday is inching ever so close and I am getting headaches just thinking about whether to make this purchase the things we do for our grand kids LOL thanks for reading all opinions welcome
  19. Looking for the 2.77 software version. Does anybody have it that would be willing to share it? It would be greatly appreciated since I can’t find it anywhere on the internet
  20. Hi, does anyone have older versions of Nokta Simplex + software? And wants to share with other members of this forum?
  21. I just tried to update my simplex & now it wont turn on or charge,please help,thanks
  22. I've struggled to like my Simplex since getting it, I guess it's totally my fault as I expected more from it than it should and could provide for a detector in it's price range I guess. It's loaded with great features and build quality is fantastic but the performance of it was rather lacking for what I use detectors for and that's finding deep silver coins in mild soil, a situation where the Simplex really doesn't do well in it's standard setup., I admit I've not tried a bigger coil than the stock coil on it although other detectors with that same size coil do better by comparison and even older cheaper detectors do better than it with their stock setups at that task. I've heard a lot of people say where the Simplex does well is sorting out good stuff from trash, some saying it's better or equal to high end detectors at this task so I thought I'd try it out in a rather unusual situation of digging the trash (nails) and leaving everything else. I have another block of land behind my house that used to have an old house on it that was burnt down some time ago in a accidental fire before I bought the land, when I first started detecting I found a number of reasonably shallow old coins in this area, I suspect it was someones coin collection that lived in the house as they were unusual coins from all over the world and in good condition like they'd not been in the ground all that long, they cleaned up well. These were mostly found with my T2 which I find amazingly similar to the Simplex in performance. I've recently killed all the grass off an area on that land and leveled it as it was a bit lumpy as it's only had sheep on it the past few years before I started clearing it and planting a bunch of fruit trees. The idea was to use this part of the land that I've cleared off grass for a parking spot for a caravan which I believe Americans call a trailer? once I get gravel compressed down on it. I first marched out there and tried to use my CTX 3030 and the thing drove me nuts, I don't understand it enough to deal with the mess of targets in the area from the old house being demolished I guess. I tried the Nox with Coiltek 10x5" coil and it was easier for me to understand as I've used it to death, although there is so much trash here I just wanted to get rid of any old nails that could give the caravan a puncture, so just shallow nails and the Nox was rather annoying with the various target ID's all over the place for many targets and nothing was a reliable dig me I'm a nail guaranteed. Then it hit me people talking about the Simplex in high trash. So I fired it up, and to my surprise with the sensitivity on really low in the Park 1 I was able to cruise over the area and dig up nail after nail easily, no confusion as to what was a nail at all, the ID'd as 4 every single time. Nice solid 4's. It made it so easy to clear the area of nails. So the Simplex nailed it ? I left anything deeper in the ground only wanting to recover the shallow targets that were at risk of going into a tire. Unfortunately during the process I didn't hit any ID's that were exciting enough to think they were a good coin but I really found the Simplex really quick and easy to target the shallow depth nails with accuracy in among all the other junk in this area. If I get bored I'll experiment more and dig other ID's of shallow targets and see what I've missed. I know it's a bit of a pointless post, but I just found it cool how easy and effective the Simplex was for the task and every single nail in that photo came up an ID 4 even though they're different size nails and some bent and some straight. The big metal things I dug as I just wanted to see what they were ? I must say the Simplex tones are horrible, on these nails it sounded like I was murdering a chicken.
  23. Does anyone know if other wireles headphones are compatable with the simplex metal detector
  24. I bought a 2.68 Simplex its a new one ,however I am being told that I cannot use a 8.5" or 9.5" coils unless I upgrade to 2.77 or 2.78 .Is this true?Thanks William
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