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  1. I have loved my simplex, and been using it almost every day since I got it. Also finaly finding gold ( now that I know what I'm watching for. I'll post pictures eventually). Anyway I was thinking to myself, how could they make a second generation simplex better? I know it's a ways off, but I bet nokta has already been thinking about this. So I wanted to start a thread about features you'd like to see on the next one? I'll start. When night hunting, the light on the back seems to be either not quite bright enough, or it's at the wrong angle, and can't use it well to dig. No problem, I
  2. I have not been very kind to the Nokta Makro Simplex. I was able to use one for three "normal" coin and jewelry baseball/soccer/football field hunts here in Colorado USA. At the time (March 2020) the only three tone mode was the original Park mode. I was not impressed. I was deliberately hunting for surface to 6" targets or recent drops. I was hoping for good audio and numerical target ID on solid sounding targets. Unfortunately the fixed tone break in the original Park mode was set way too low for gold jewelry and USA coins which basically made any shallow to 6" low to mid conductor sound lik
  3. Version KKSP55000389EN


    Nokta/Makro Simplex+ User Manual, 2.23 MB pdf file, 24 pages Nokta/Makro Gold Kruzer Data & Reviews Nokta/Makro Metal Detector Forum
  4. This is just a fun comparison because there is no way I'm going to buy another detector at this point but near me I see a good looking used DFX for the price of $250. That is so similar in price to the Simplex that I am interested in which would be considered the superior detector or at least how they stack up. From what I know they are both considered coin and relic detectors, the DFX is multi-frequency, and the Simplex is considered to have many of the newest features at a low price point.
  5. Hi guys, I've just received my Simplex+ 2.77 (coming from a Teknetics T2). I connected my wired headphones and immediately noticed that volume is very poor. At L1 level I can't hear anything; at L2 a little bit more... and so on... To have a decent volume I have to rise to max (H4), just to operate in a quite environment. Wrong headhones? Keep in mind that: I use a jack adapter (6.3 to 3.5) Headphone are some Philips wired model (nothing special) They have no volume control All cables are well plugged in Simplex speaker plays loud as expect
  6. Simplex Hunt with the NEW 8.5” Searchcoil Part 1 By Sven Stau July 12, 2020 Now I have read all about people having complaints the Simplex is to chattery and just noisy to use. So Nokta/Makro came out with Update 2.78 for those that don’t want a hot rod of a detector. My Simplex has not been updated to 2.78, didn’t feel the need to. Loaded on my Simplex is 2.77. After a number of hours bench testing targets of various sorts from coins to gold and silver rings indoors. There was really no EMI issues living in this high rise. Maybe just a bit of noise at 7 bars, max. sen
  7. Hello having some issues with simplex false signals not picking up coins gold chain have had the coil replaced and detector is no better also detector sounds as if it's going to explode the vid numbers and the noise it makes, sound like high revving car engine. And it losing signal and going blank but it does show some vid numbers, had this simplex for 2months now really annoyed all those packed beaches and nothing to show for it and summer is almost over, wow and now nokta wont respond to my emails. Dont know what to do been so stressed. I have videos on you tube showing these probl
  8. Hello all! New to the forum. Got a Nokta Simplex+ to replace my old Whites detector. First 2 times my son and I took it out, we found good stuff (knife, ring, and a dime). Took it out yesterday, and on any setting, it is just beeping like crazy. And the numbers jump from 10-90. Even when not moving the detector. Just saw a post about a wonky update, and wondering if we should so something about that. Or is there a way to reset this thing and tune it in? My old Whites had a ground control knob, but was also from the 1960's... lol Thanks for any help/advice!
  9. https://www.detectorprospector.com/files/file/196-noktamakro-simplex-user-guide/
  10. ...to my uncle! I was detecting a local park when I got a solid 55 at 4 inches with the simplex. When I dug it out I saw a big fat ring in the hole! My uncle was visiting our house and when I showed him the ring he immediately took it and said is this tungsten? Yes, I replied confused. He said I lost this 2 years ago on my last visit to your house! I was in the park and when I got home it wasn’t on my finger! I was stunned and I happily offered it to him. He thanked me a million times and almost cried. It feels really good to make someone’s day especially your uncle! Thanks for looking!
  11. Videos on Facebook Nokta/Makro site Some folks were complaining Target ID numbers too jumpy at depth. To make the detector less chattery with bouncy numbers. They reverted, detuned the target ID, so after a certain depth it will not generate a target ID number. Mainly for those who want a quieter detector. Updates Made : IF YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH THE INCREASED ID DEPTHS OF VERSION 2.76 OR 2.77, YOU DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL THIS UPDATE! ID stability and depths have been changed back to the same levels of version 2.68. This will NOT affect the overall depth and sensitivity of the
  12. A Few Notes on the Nokta / Makro Simplex I originally thought that the Notka / Makro Simplex + would be a good lightweight backup to take cycling or in my pack along the beach. It’s turned out to be a lot more. The Simplex is now my go-to park machine. I say this because if it’s excellent trash rejection and overall accuracy. This is a detector with very sophisticated electronics. When I take the Simplex + in at trash infested areas--I can tell by the audio what’s under the coil. Coins or other round targets give clean sharp sounds. Other misshapen and inconsistent objects like “can slaw”
  13. A Few Notes on the Nokta / Makro Simplex I originally thought that the Notka / Makro Simplex + would be a good lightweight backup to take cycling or in my pack along the beach. It’s turned out to be a lot more. The Simplex is now my go-to park machine. I say this because if it’s excellent trash rejection and overall accuracy. This is a detector with very sophisticated electronics. When I take the Simplex + in at trash infested areas--I can tell by the audio what’s under the coil. Coins or other round targets give clean sharp sounds. Other misshapen and inconsistent objects like “can slaw”
  14. I can't blame anyone for expecting the Simplex to perform like a top tier machine. You had NM marketing it saying the only thing entry level about it is the price. To be fair, I think they've been careful to manage expectations through Dilek that although it punches above its weight class, it's not intended to be top tier, but nonetheless there are many visible users people look to out there claiming that it is performing at that level. NASA Tom was so impressed with it that he claims it's top notch material, even outclassing the Impact at least on depth. If I'm remembering correctly, he
  15. I knocked the Idea around to find a Tesoro Silver Sabre or Eldorado, some thing in the 10-12khz range, so I could have something not too expensive to throw in the trunk, just in case. And if it gets stolen somehow I'm not out the price of an Equinox 800. After researching, I purchased a used Simplex+. I think it will fill the bill nicely! I asked Notka/Makro if there was more selection on coils available. I got an email back; Dear Randy, Thanks for showing interest in our product. Simplex compatible only with SP28 Search coil (11''). In the near future, we are plann
  16. The Nokta/Makro Simplex+ is an amazing value at $254 new with warranty. This means hordes of people are going to just buy to try. This also means lots will get sold used with minimal use. It happens with every new model, and I don’t expect anything different with Simplex+. Due to the super low price I have to think the buy and try crowd will be larger than ever. The Simplex+ has that fabulous two year transferable warranty. It is a certainty that you will be able to buy these used with at least 18 months remaining warranty in the next few months. Since the machine new and unused is o
  17. What I’m wondering if I haven’t updated the 2.76 yet can I just update 2.77 and is 2.76 included in it ? I can’t find my answer on the net so I was in hope someone here knows . Chuck
  18. Not sure what the issue might be, but, when I use the pinpointer it seems fine, other times, it will detect a Target, go back over it a while later, and it won't. Volume can differ on same target. Sent a video to nokta, they say it looks ok. Have been told also it's sounds like a ground balance issue. Thoughts please!
  19. I have seen absolutely no info on the smaller coil for the Simplex? If all still quiet after this time, I will take for granted that those of us that purchased the Simplex after being lead to believe accessory coils were in the works were just screwed. Lesson learned. geo
  20. I've seen videos of the Simplex and some pinpointers interfering with each other. Is this still a problem? I didn't assume a software update could fix this because 12khz is really close to most pinpointers. I own a Garrett carrot that I use with the Nox and a XP MI-6 with the Deus. I didn't want to buy the Simplex and then have to buy a new pinpointer also because of the interference.
  21. Hi, does anyone have older versions of Nokta Simplex + software? And wants to share with other members of this forum?
  22. These newest two updates add a lot to the Simplex's already great performance. The new Park 1 one mode was awesome--very clean audio that gave a nice centered high tone on coins. Kind of reminded me of the Anfibio in how it brought up the round, solid objects really well. Actually had to turn down the Gain but the machine was still getting nice depth. I was working with a pinpointer and used the Mute feature several times to prevent any sounding off. My favorite set of phones were actually too loud on the higher Volume settings settled on "H2". By checking my targets on the cross sweep and in
  23. I have a Simplex+ and am thinking seriously of thinking selling the Simplex and buying the Vanquish 440.I have nothing really negative to say about the Simplex. I have the Nox 800 and think that the TID on the Vanquish will be similar to the Nox 800 for the same targets? Am I right?With the Simplex and the Nox 800 I have two sets of numbers to remember. Don't need that.Plus I like the tones on the 800 better than the Simplex. How do the tones on the V 440 compare to the 800?Plus I like the Multi-frequency aspect of the Vanquish.Thanks for any help you can give me.
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