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  1. Garrett’s Ace line is under serious attack from the Simplex and Vanquish. Even the new Bounty Hunter (F19 paintjob) will make the Ace series seem pretty pitiful although slightly more expensive I think. Entry level detectors are now stepping into the domain of the AT Pro if not surpassing it. They need to focus on how to stay in the game as I would imagine the entry level models were their biggest sellers. I would guess not too many people would be rushing out to buy an AT Pro at the moment. I don't know about in the USA but here a Vanquish 540 is cheaper than an Ace 400 and would walk all over it for performance. How would the Simplex compare to the At Pro in performance and features? I'd guess not far off it. In saying all this, I quite like my Ace 350.. a real soft spot for it. My first decent metal detector and from memory found my first silver with it in my front yard of all places, it's a depth demon in my soils with the Nel Tornado coil. If an Ace 400 came up really super cheap for sale near me, I'd not want to buy it and that says something 🙂 I'm no doubt wrong about all of this and their Ace series and AT's are selling well.
  2. Very interesting Steve. I'm testing right now new polish metal detector RUTUS Alter 71: http://www.rutus.com.pl/en In this unit you can adjust frequency by 0.2kHz step from: 4.4kHz to 18kHz...
  3. Has anyone ever heard of these and if so were/are they any good?? I’m guessing it was a flash in the pan otherwise a good functioning low priced PI would still be around. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F143557955352
  4. I think that on most forums there is too much focus on high end equipment and emphasis on using "the best". And too much looking down on or outright trashing of detectors not deemed "the best." Metal detecting is supposed to be fun, and a tight budget should never keep a person from enjoying this great hobby. Compared to what I started with 45 years ago.... well, let's just say you can buy anything with less power these days! Most low cost detectors are powerhouses by comparison to what I started with. And I know this for a fact. Give me a detector right now that only detects a few inches, and I'll go make good finds. This forum is specifically for owners of detectors that sell or sold new for under US$400. The goal is not to push that price limit, but instead push the other direction to even lower price detectors, like $100 or $200 models. So I welcome people here who own any detector at all. I will give you honest opinions and not blow smoke up your posterior, but I will also tell you no matter what you own how to use to to make good finds. It's all about knowing what the gear is capable of, and then using it where that capability shines. There is no point in using a detector that can only detect a coin at three inches to look for tiny gold nuggets at 4 inches. I'll let you know what your detector can do and not do. What I won't do is make anyone feel silly for owning what they own. This forum like the others will be kept on subject and posts about detectors that sell or sold new new for an internet price of over $400 will be deleted. Anyone wanting to tell folks here they just need to suck it up and spend more money will not be welcome here. This is a forum for those who just want to have fun and don't want to spend a fortune to make that happen. If anyone wants to pitch in and help me.... thanks!
  5. It looks like C-Scope has something new on the Horizon. What I found interesting was that twice in the linked video they make a point of showing the coil in saltwater, the second shot shows it being moved quite vigorously apparently to emphasize resistance to fals-ing. Could this be a Multi-Freq or PI?
  6. Nokta/Makro TMD-101 metal detector OK, this is kind of cool. The main target market is utility and police departments and such, but I think there are lots of other people who might like a simplified version of the Nokta/Makro Anfibio 14. The Nokta/Makro TMD-101 is 14 kHz, fully submersible (10 feet), with built in rechargeable battery and wireless headphone capability (proprietary). The main difference between this detector and the Anfibio 14 is a simplified control set and a really simple display that personally I think is just great. The controls are just Mode (two choices, all metal non-motion or two tone ferrous/non-ferrous disc), a sensitivity control, and a volume control. The unit also has a frequency shift function. The TMD-101 is in ground tracking at all times for ease of operation. The Anfibio 14 sells for $679 and the TMD-101 for $594 Nokta/Makro TMD-101 display and controls The TMD-101 has two search modes. A monotone static non-motion all metal mode for maximum depth. This mode will offer as much depth as is possible for a VLF to deliver, but has no discrimination and due to the non-motion aspect only suitable for hunting relatively small areas. Constant manual updating of the preset threshold is generally required when using non-motion modes. The Dynamic Mode is a two tone discrimination mode. Ferrous items give a low tone and the meter deflects to the left. Non-ferrous gives a high tone and the meter deflects to the right. Interestingly enough they use a prospecting type icon for the non-ferrous indication, and I was thinking this would be a pretty neat VLF gold prospecting unit. But good for anyone wanting basic ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination. This may be a sleeper relic detector. Nokta/Makro Info Page Nokta/Makro TMD-101 Quick Guide Nokta/Makro TMD-101 metal detector included items and available accessories
  7. Nokta/Makro TMD-101 metal detector The 14 kHz Nokta/Makro TMD-101 is aimed at the utility and CSI market, but it has all the makings of an interesting VLF gold prospecting, jewelry, or relic hunting detector. Check out the full details posted here.
  8. Here are 2 threads from another forum talking about. http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/metal-detecting/615086-new-metal-detector-design-requirement-wish-list.html http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/avitech-technologies-inc/623158-cygnus-1x-metal-detector.html
  9. Getting ready to buy another Omega 8500. I love the feature set on this detector. I field tested prototypes of it and got a 1st production run model for compensation of my time, which I sold last year to fund some other detector purchases. Looking at the market there really isn't anything to compete with its feature set when you need something more than simple phase shift target id in its price range....when you get the chance take look at the operating manual. I especially like the Multiple Target Category System: This feature is available only in Discrimination Mode. For each target, the Omega 8500 calculates four independent numerical Target-ID’s on each pass of the coil; one primary and three secondary. Each one of the Target-ID’s will correlate to a target category on the LCD. There will be one solid primary category lighting up and up to three additional secondary target categories. All are different readings of the same target, with the primary category being the one with most reliable signal. If the Target-ID’s vary, they will show up as multiple illuminated categories, and this could indicate the detector is picking up noise, a faint/weak signal or that the target is irregularly shaped. It has its warts but I have found some good gold jewelry with it, attaching a little 18K eye candy... Now just to figure out where to buy it from. HH Mike
  10. I thought I would take a few minutes here and talk about the Signum MFT detector. My unit seems to have (looking at screen at turn on) the original version software. I have used the detector with the stock supplied coil,,it measures approx 11.5" in diameter. This coil is deep,,7khz freq, but due to size it can be cumbersome to use in places. Using the stock coil,,,bumping it will cause some falsing at times,,,running gain at 6,, sensitivity at 11. It in my soil is for a metered Vlf detector,,just maybe be my deepest on a clad US dime. The ground balance while using this detector,,very critical to get good to serious depth. Not hard to ground balance as long as you have some clean ground-- this can be a pain btw sometimes. It seems in my ground here,,,using turbo is really not effective,,,like a lot of other units with boost. But even saying this,,this detector features an economy power transmit setting as well as economy off setting. This economy off setting here combined with a sensitivy level of around 11,, gets down in the ground. This detector IMO,,sweep speed wise not overly forgiving,,at least with stock coil. This detector does possess a feature where the recovery speed can be increased,,called mm mode. Since I have been putting in most of my time with the Nokta Impact detector,,I do need more time with this detector. I happened to see a gent who was selling a smaller the stock coil (6x10") Mars coil,,so I bought. In case some folks here don't know,,,the coils used on AKA Sorex detector are interchangeable here with Signum detectors. Well today I took this new to me coil to a site,,to try. I was very impressed with this coil,,,as long as I was in mm mode. It seemed if I was running in normal mode,,,the detector couldn't keep up with the ground,,and even some of the iron and targets. I need to operate some more,,,I could be jumping the gun here by criticizing it. This detector and coil combo(my new to me coil) feels real nice,,balance and weight. This coil being 14khz,,,it nails higher conductors big time,,,some coins rather deep using this coil,,a user might think they were only a couple inches deep. The audio this detector possesses,,,is second to none in my book. One detector with such great audio,,,a user will not be overwhelmed even when running all metal in a super duper bad site with iron and nails. I did even today try and dig a few lower conductors,,that had a straight line on the holograph display. Even some of the lower conductors that had just a tinge of a loop in their graph reading. And sure enough these kinds of targets were low conductors but not worthy at all,,,edges irregular, inconsistent thickness, etc. I certainly would recommend the detector to a person,,,but with a 10" coil or smaller. Not a hard detector to operate either,,,sets up a lot like a White's V3i as far as the all metal side,,and the disc side of the houses (sensitivity wise). The pinpoint on this detector,,and I have owned a Sorex as well,,,both have the hottest pinpoint functions I have ever seen. Luckily they are adjustable so it can be turned down sensitivity wise. Similar ID screens are used I think with Xp Deus (secret screen, version 3.2) and White's Vx3 and V3i models. The Signum will give high tone on iron false,,,a user if they will watch screen will start to see a pattern to recognize iron falses. The tones are adjustable,,I haven't adjusted mine. This detector also has a way to check for bottlecaps,,has helped me. I even used this same feature today to weed out a bigger piece of cast iron. If a person here gets a chance to be around either a Sorex or one of the Signum models,,at least try to listen to the audio they possess. I am posting this info here as strictly a user of detector.
  11. For the small people in your life! One of the few detectors I have seen that is designed for kids without being an insult to kids intelligence. And waterproof - amazing!
  12. I've been out of commission for the last couple of months with a broken ankle. While I was laid up, I did a couple of mods to a couple of Explorer's I bought last month. I stole the idea from Kevin(IDX Monster), thanks again! I finally healed up enough to hobble down by a lake near my house and do some digging. I ran it with gain set at 7...16 manual sens...variability set at 10...conductive tone...fast recovery....no disc..... manual noise cancel at 1...Minelab 8" coil. One thing I did find out real quick was how fast it is to get out of shape. Anyway, set out to dig it all and relearn the Explorer and test out the equipment. I've running the Nox 800 for the last 2 years. The chestmount setup works like a charm with no hiccups to speak of. I'm running wireless earbuds that are APTX LL and the transmitter is also APTX LL, no noticeable lag. The battery is mounted on the back of the housing and is a 12v 3000 mah power bank. I tested it and it ran for about 15 hours with the back light on, full threshold, full sensitivity, in the garage with 11"coil mounted. I'm very pleased with how smooth the set-up works and was able to dig a couple of keepers while testing it out. The finds are from 2 outings, I found a silver ring and a silver bead the first time out and 2 more of the silver beads and another silver ring , along with the other items today. I'm thinking the silver beads were part of a bracelet or necklace as they were spread out from where I found the first one. One of them rang at 2/30 the first one 5/28, I was surprised at how hard the Explorer hit such small items. Feels good to be swinging a coil again, gonna take the monster old coin hunting tomorrow.
  13. I recently ran across one of these fisher gold strike gold detectors not sure of the history of these other than fisher didnt makem for long whatever there reasons were it seems to perform very good depth and sensitivity wise, my buddy and I tested against his gold bug 2 and they seem very similar, it is a pain to adjust but it is what it is I have one and wondering if anyone knew if fisher made a coil other than the little 6" it came with that's avail or if any of the other model coils are compatible I'm trying to find a bigger coil for it. Thanx
  14. Sorry steve wasnt sure where to post this.. i work for the town i live in and was driving down a side street and past a pile of junk in a front yard of a resident when something caught my eye.it looks like it may have never been used, battery compartment is perfect aswell...thought it was a cool find.
  15. I think the F11-F44 was their futile attempt to go after the all terrain market that Garrett, and now Nokta Makro and Minelab have all entered and dominated. I have a feeling that, aside from the new coils, the F11-F44 wasn't so much of a new design as it was incorporating existing off the shelf designs from existing detectors to make a weatherproof detector. IMO they missed the mark, and I don't think these machines ever really took off. To be honest there just wasn't anything that stood out about this line. If you're the last one to enter a crowded market, you need to make something that stands out as different from your competition be it a far more competitive price, better features, or better performance, and I don't believe this line adhered to any of those factors.
  16. Not sure if I should classify this machine as an antique, perhaps classic analogue fits best. It seems to have some following in the USA, but in Australia it is a rare beast. My first Whites was a blue box 6000 series that swallowed a lot of batteries and was more than heavy. For better or worse I ran in on GEB MAX most of the time. It punched deep and performed well. Built to last, the 6000 series still show up here and there. The MInelab Pi revolution was well on its way when the XL Pro appeared and so it never gained many followers downunder. Years after getting an MXT I noticed the XL Pro online and researched it. After a few years I managed to buy one and found it an excellent all rounder to compliment the MXT. It's reputation seemed well founded and in my experience it performs very well. Not my first choice on the goldfields, but it can be made to work and the older blue box machines found a lot of gold in the early years. Excellent balance like all White's machines, good depth and stable performance make it a winner. I enjoy swinging this old classic and will continue to do so for many years to come. Love that meter, fantastic audio and good looks... Karelian
  17. I got several major laughs looking at a "New" metal detector listing on Ebay. The listing is at MD-88 Deep Ground Metal Detector Gold Detector Pressure Stone Diamond Detector. It was incredible. I love the Minelab knock-off manual and coils. It uses 8 AAs and weighs 3.5 kg ?????? over 7 lbs. Must be really confusing to assemble. Is that coil on backwards........🤔 Jeff
  18. I'm attaching the manual (downloaded from Fisher's site). (Edit: see Steve's link in his response below.) On page 9, bullet point 4. it says: Still holding the GEMINI-3 parallel to the ground, slowly turn the balance knob (with arrow) on the three-piece handle counterclockwise until you get silence (null) and zero meter reading. My question is this: is the knob actually doing an electronic adjustment (such as being attached to a variable resistor or capacitor) or is it just re-aligning / repositioning the transmitter/receiver/attachment rod to optimal location?
  19. Last year Costco had the First Texas Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 for about $129 if I recall correctly. This year I am seeing a pallet full of them at Costco for $99.99 Costco #1233678 First Texas Products Metal Detector Discovery 3300 That is honestly a steal for a ground balancing VLF four tone metal detector. From the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Data & Specifications page: Manual ground balance Zero in with microprocessor-controlled discrimination Deep-seeking one-touch pinpoint 5 Modes of operation 4-Tone and 11-segment target identification The Discovery 3300 is basically the same detector as the $249 Fisher F4 (up to $399 at some dealers). The F4 comes with an 11” DD coil instead of the 8” concentric on the 3300, plus the F4 has a three piece instead of two piece rod. However, the target id scale on the F4 is compressed from 0 - 99 compared to the amazing 0 - 199 scale on the 3300... see the post below. Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Owner's Manual
  20. Bounty Hunter MACH-1 Metal Detector Programmable digital target discrimination system Computerized on-the-fly target depth indicator 7 kHz frequency 3 levels of adjustable sensitivity 4 LCD target icons 4 unique digital audio tones Lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed Constructed from rugged impact resistance ABS plastic Weather proof 6” search coil Operates on single 9V battery (not included) 2.7 lbs Manufacturer’s 1-Year Warranty MSRP $99.99 A nice $89 Christmas option if you are looking for a solid but simple to operate detector. For those wanting more ability to adjust with more detailed target id information plus more depth see the really great deal right now for $99 on the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 at Costco. That detector may actually have too many adjustments for a beginner, especially a younger person, and so the Mach 1 may be a better choice for many people. I like the ergonomic and clean snag free hidden cable design, much more professional looking compared to many of the toys sold for under $100. See the Mach 1 vs Viewee video below for a good illustration of what I am talking about. Bounty Hunter Mach 1 Product Video Mach 1 vs Viewee video below
  21. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts and as much as I love my TDIBH........the coil at 12” diameter is just too big in my generally rough ocean conditions....the swell and waves knock it around too much and with zero visibility due to stirred up sand and white water.......anyhow I have managed to secure myself an unused (outdoors) Whites’s Surf Pi Pro that a very nice person called Eric Foster currently owns. It’s had a few changes too by Eric. The unit will be outfitted with a recently hand made coil by Eric......a 10” centre mount / 3 spoke coil (Full epoxy fill so no buoyancy problems) with an inline waterproof connector to be able to swap out coils if needed. The coil is in the style of the old Aquastar detector. Centre mount coils are awesome and are very physically stable. I think the AQ will have such a coil. Eric has tweaked the internals of the detector for better gold response.....I think similar to the mods done by Mr. Bill on the Surf Pi Pro. It will be powered by a 10 cell NiMH battery pack or a 3 cell Lithium pack. I’m not going crazy with extra voltage such as the TDIBH so the standard 12v nominal will be more than adequate. I plan to keep the headphones stock.....I’ve always liked White’s 🎧 Pictures will be added as soon as possible. I was thinking if the Surf Pi Pro is good enough for Steve in Hawaiian conditions then its good enough for me 👍 Tony
  22. Version 123014 Rev. 4


    Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Owner's Manual, 3.31 MB pdf file, 24 pages
  23. I saw a White's High Sierra metal detector the other day for sale. I've never hear of that one. Looks like a very deep searching detector with no discrimination.
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