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  1. A new detector Versa in our offer. Waterproof to a depth of 2.5 m. Lightweight 1.3kg. Telescopically folds flat so it can be conveniently placed in a backpack. Operating frequency range from 4 to 40 kHz or Multi Frequency operation. Built-in rechargeable battery with a run time of 10 to 25 hours (average 15). In addition to motion and Dual mode, a new non motion mode with tone identification. Versa supports SR-1 headphones and OS-2 receiver. Full specification and price will be announced soon.
  2. Worked very well in bad ground, lite weigh housing, Auto ground trac, pinpoint, three tone options, visual target I.D. and depth reading down to 10". I may take this one with me to the After life.
  3. Has the ability to help eliminate unwanted targets in the first few inches. Mint condition.
  4. Fun to use in iron invested colonial sites.
  5. Given to me by a friend it still works perfect.
  6. Hi I heard that a good detector for trash areas was the compass 77b professional. Any thoughts. Would like to acquire one. Anybody out there have one to part with,
  7. Why aren't we hearing more reports on the Vista X?----Would welcome the "pros & cons" of this detector (relic & coin hunting in mineralized ground).
  8. And people thought Deus 2 is expensive https://vogeldetectors.com/qz-80/
  9. Hello, does anyone have any news on this new stinger detector, thank you
  10. Hi I have some compass Metal detectors that I plan to sell off. Was thinking about keeping one. I have what seems to be a 77B, not the professional, just the standard 77b, I also have a Judge2 Automatic. Was wondering which is the better of the 2. They both are roughly 1982 vintage. And the advertisement from that period shows the Judge2 as being slightly more expensive. But I have reason to think that they were both 100hz. So what should I keep.
  11. I just read that some 1000 Vallon mine detectors are being sent to Ukraine in support of its defence efforts. https://www.vallon.de/en/metal-detectors Don't know what models. Knowing nothing about mine detecting, I wonder how useful a metal detector may be in finding mines nowadays? I understand that many have very few metal parts and I would imagine that battlefields are awash with shrapnels and all kind of other small metal trash?
  12. Many years ago, I was keen to buy a Compass AU52 via Ebay but missed out by getting outbid on the last 5 seconds. I always wondered what I missed out on....anyone out there owned one, used one or still has one? I'd luv to know how well it runs and whether it matched the Gold Bug 2.
  13. DeepTech is introducing a metal detector very similar to what Tesoro might have done if they had updated the Tejon - check out the new DeepTech Vista X. 16 kHz with fast switching dual discrimination controls.
  14. New Rutus name will be ATREX. What's new you'll find in Atrex? The first novelty in the Atrex is the availability of two types of software that the user can change himself in an innovative way. "Basic" for those looking for a user-friendly detector and "Advance" for users who want to control every aspect of the device. There is no need for cables or special applications that the user has to install on his laptop to change the software. Everything is operated wirelessly using WiFi and an ordinary web browser, so that the software can be changed even in the field using a phone. More advance software may develop in the future. Multifilter is the second important thing. Wherever the ground is highly mineralized and it hinders the search, Atrex has an "ace up its sleeve". The Multifilter is an algorithm that runs in the background of the detector's normal operation. If a small object made of non-ferrous metal can be signaled by normal ground filters, i.e. there is no problem with the ground - nothing is happening, the detector works in the classic way. If the signal from the ground is greater than the signal from the object - the Multifilter, based on the data archived for the last tens of milliseconds, can reconstruct the approximate ID of the object and signal the non-ferrous object. The effectiveness of detection of non-ferrous metal objects in heavily mineralized soils increases very significantly. We have verified it in reliable field tests and there is no doubt that the theoretically developed "Multifilter" works in practice. Next new feature is the ability to neutralize the effects of water on search. Neutralization does not mean "masking" the problem. Electrically conductive water has different characteristics than metal objects. If we "stimulate" the water with several frequencies, it turns out that we can easily "subtract" the signal from the water, and the signals from metal objects can be further processed. With Atrex, you can walk on wet beaches, swamps and peat bogs just like you would on dry sand. Another novelty is the Noise level preview screen. From now on, choosing the operating frequency will be easier. Just turn on the preview screen and select a frequency where there is no interference. The new color display is very little susceptible to the effects of low temperature and always works just as fast. Atrex will contain all the functions that are in Alter71. A new wireless receiver with a built-in rechargeable battery will work with Atrex. We expect to release Atrex on foreign markets at the end of the year. Rutus Atrex https://www.rutus.com.pl/en/page/60/atrex-2 SPECIFICATIONS Built-in Wi-Fi module for software changes Built-in wireless audio transmitter working with OS-2 Color TFT display Weight with batteries (6 AA cells) and black coil - 1630 g Weight with batteries (6 AA cells) and white coil - 1770 g Working time from 20 to 40 hours ADVANCED SOFTWARE (factory) Frequency adjustable between 4.4kHz and 18.4kHz in steps of 0.2kHz Automatic Ground Balance 9 factory programs + 5 users Modes of work: Motion with discrimination, All metal, Dual Sensitivity - 99 levels Discrimination: range 0-120 or -90 +90 Notch - 180 notches Hot rock adjustment Reaction speed (ground filters) - 8 levels Multifilter Noise level preview Water Reject Short signal masking - 7 levels Threshold level Threshold tone Threshold sensitivity (All metal channel) VCO (20 levels) SAT Audio gain Iron volume 6 factory preset sound profiles + 3 user programmable sound profiles ID type (range 0-120 or -90 +90) Display information hold time ID gain Volume Backlight Pinpoint Rutus Atrex Operating Manual
  15. DeepTech has announced a new 8" solid round Concentric coil for the Vista X. I am looking forward to seeing how this improves an already excellent Iron machine.
  16. Hi guys just wandering if anyone knows the value of a Troy shadow x5?
  17. By nature I like to improve things for the better. I took a real liking to the Bliss V5 but, it needed something. Decided to replace the scratchy GB pots. Fine adjust pot is bad between 3 and 7, worn carbon wiper inside. Replacing with RV6 precision mini pots. I was going to use a 10 turn for Coarse pot. That idea was shelved as they don't make them in the 500R ohm range. Both pots will be single turn. What I clued in on awhile back and then saw some one mention on a forum regarding the Gain pot. For the most part you don't need to set it higher than 2. And would like the 0-2 or 3 range spread out further. That was my thought as well. So I will be replacing the linear pot with an audio taper pot. It spreads out the range over half the pot rotation, super fine tunes the lower numbers. I will be measuring out the spread between the linear and audio pots to see the exact spread. The V5 is now open and taken apart. Will have it ready this weekend. Will also see if there are any other improvements that can be made.... I did make a very positive s-handle mod. The angle of the handle was a bit too steep, it would tend to bother my bad wrist after awhile. Not enough so I could not keep detecting. The most comfortable s-handle I found was the White's Space Saver (What they call it). Which I have used for all my Pi builds. With a bit of muscle power, bent the Blisstool s-handle to match. This little mod, that didn't cost a penny made a huge difference. Search coil 7x9", balances just about perfect, and now has a wonderful feel about it. =============================================================================================== Update Made the Coarse and Fine GB pot changes to precision pots. Big difference. The usual cheap carbon pots used like most detectors had poor resolution as you turn the control. I watched on the voltmeter, when you rotate the Blisstool pot, a slight movement jumps the settings about 10 points, you you will never get precise GB setting. That's why trying to GB is very touchy. With the new precision pots a slight rotational movement of 1 point increase in settings can be made. This should definitely help out manually ground balancing, getting a spot on GB. Second change was the Gain control. I switched the Blisstool cheap pot with another basic carbon Alpha brand pot (Tesoro, etc. used them). Instead of replacing it with an identical "Linear' taper pot, it was replaced with an "Audio" taper pot. Since most will run around 2 or 3 on the dial. The rest of the rotation is wasteful. With the new pot orig Gain setting from 0-3 is now spread across 0-6. You can now dial in more precise Gain where you need it. Then ramps up closer to the orig. pot. Also shows a bit more added Gain at 10(max). Thinking some of the other controls might benefit from switching to a precision pot or an Audio Taper pot. For those that have a Bliss in the closet gathering dust, some easy modes might just make the Bliss owner a more happy user. Hoping to get out with the V5 Sunday afternoon for a test run
  18. Spec's don't look bad, curious on performance and control features. https://www.seriousdetecting.com/product/air-metal-detector-the-smart-bluetooth-metal-detector/?goal=0_0b451a6847-e8b7bd7836-159565445&mc_cid=e8b7bd7836&mc_eid=1b80072cca
  19. There has been a lot of discussion on metal detectors vs each other lately, and brands being discussed in less than positive ways. I wanted to get a gauge of just how popular certain brands really are in the big wide world with the general public not just hard core enthusiasts that tend to use forums, so the best way I could come up with that is not an "opinion" was to check out how many people like each particular brand on Facebook as an indication of how popular brands are, and how large their official users groups are. I know quite a few of the people here don't use Facebook so may find this information informative as it's something they may not see otherwise. To make it simple I just searched for the brand name, and am basing it on the search results which gives the Official group along with the first three private groups that show up under it on the search results. Starting with Garrett, one of the older players in the game. Garrett seems to be doing pretty well there, 39,000 people like their business and the non-official group second in the search with 27,000 members. Hardly small fry. Next up is Minelab and a result there surprised me, I'm not sure what Facebook uses to order the groups, be it the last one to get a post or who knows, but that's not overly the point, the point is the popularity of the actual companies in question and if something looked odd I searched for the product individually to make sure it wasn't missing anything important, the main point is the company popularity overall anyway, not individual models from each company. Minelab didn't show the Equinox in the search results so to keep it complete I've added that in from pressing the see all to show it up, I know it's something people would have some interest in seeing how it compares. There are many Equinox groups, but this seemed to be the top one. As you can see, 335,000 people like Minelab, the groups that show up surprised me with the CTX being there but not the Equinox, again I have no idea how Facebook chooses the order of the groups under the official group it displays. Interestingly with Minelab the VLF groups overall in numbers combined are far more popular overall than the PI/GPZ gold groups, it might be why Minelab stated in their annual report they were now trying to greatly increase their market share in the coin/jewellery type detectors over the coming years with new releases, a big market where they can gain numbers quickly. Next up, XP. I had to edit this one as the new Deus 2 group didn't show up in the search listing so I just found it manually and added it on the bottom to be more fair seeing it's their new hit product. Although XP overall only has 19,000 likes for the official company page the interesting thing is how quickly the XP Deus 2 Group gained numbers, 11k already, that's great going for a small amount of time, obviously a lot of interest in it. Next up is First Texas, this was a challenge as they go by so many sub-brands so I had to search for brands individually too. You'll note there are no private groups showing up for First Texas, just the main group with 1600 members and 8 posts a month. Quite a quiet group. Next was a direct search for Teknetics, very small numbers, the Eurotek Pro more popular than the T2 for members but only 10 posts a year vs 2 posts a week on the T2. The search for Fisher was a surprise, I expected to see some Gold Bug in there, and the F75 but zip, nada, nothing! The Fisher family whoever they are seem to almost be as popular as the detectors. The Impulse has rather large numbers considering it's very limited awkward release. And last but not least was Bounty Hunter, I guess no surprise they're their most popular brand being the cheapest and likely best selling detectors in their lineup. That's more like it, 3100 members and 4 posts a week, people are out there using Bounty Hunters. Getting to the less mainstream brands, my search for Rutus came up a disappointment, I really thought it would be more popular in the European region. Unfortunately for them Garrett takes the first position on their search, with Minelab coming third when I used "Rutus metal detectors" for the search term, with "Rutus" alone I found nothing to do with metal detectors. The Aussie QED has quite a good following, far more people following it than actual QED's exist. Now for Nokta Makro, I'm not sure why their official page doesn't say how many people like it, rather odd, maybe a setting they can disable? As I was so surprised not to see the Simplex mentioned I clicked the see it all to see what else pops up The numbers once again were far lower than I expected. I honestly though the Legend would be far higher than 2500 in one group and 1000 in another, when people from one group are likely to also be in the other, but even combined only approximately 3500 members compared to the XP Deus at 11,000. I honestly expected the other way around with the XP being far more expensive and what I assumed was a less popular brand, I was clearly wrong. Tesoro has quite the following with approx 2000 likes. According to their Facebook page they still exist as a business. 🙂 If it wasn't for Bounty Hunter Tesoro are more popular than First Texas detectors. And last but not least another dead company Whites, I was surprised how popular they are/were as I'm a relatively new comer to detecting and didn't know much about their models. Garrett takes their top search position being the new owner I guess. I'll end it there, sorry if I forgot any brand someones interested in, I just did the main ones I could think of. I hope someone finds this interesting, I sure did. Based on these rudimentary results the list of popularity with Facebook users goes Minelab by a country mile. Garrett a distant second a few laps behind XP a lap or two behind Garrett Whites on XP's tail being carted around the track on a gurney by Garrett. Nokta and First Texas crossing the line near each other Tesoro a lap behind the First Texas designs but doing well seeing it died during the race. QED doing quite well for its market share but stumbling across the line second last Rutus at the back of the pack, hopefully picking up the pace on the next race. This is by no means a performance ranking, more of a general public brand name popularity ranking based upon Facebook searches.
  20. Hello all, I recently saw someone state that they didn't fully understand why they sometimes get the urge to buy a certain detector! And for one reason or another, fail to pull the trigger, or asking the question of why not! I, like many here, have questioned why i would want to purchase; and have purchased, what would "technically" be an "inferior" detector! If there is such a thing; they all find stuff!! I think the reason's are as numerous as one can imagine! So i won't bore everyone with what i think their reasons are! I can only speak for myself! Probably my number one driving factor are places like this forum, and other sources for research! Once you really start to get the "bug" for detecting, you begin to understand that it can go beyond just finding treasures! In fact, my reading, and quest for information, far exceeds my actual detecting hours! Of course, there are also "real life" reasons that prevent me from getting out there as often as i would like! But instead of that being a negative; and me being bitter about it! I funnel that energy into trying to soak up more knowledge to make my actual detecting hours more productive! Many here will understand this! So, for those thay are unclear what that has to do with buying older, or less advanced detectors, i will explain! Like many, i detected a few years when i was young! Stopped for a career, and family; among other reasons! And got back to it, a few years before my retirement five years ago! Not being involved for all those years, i went with a new detector; among others i researched at the time! Now fast forward to today! I'm much more knowledgeable than seven years ago; detecting and theory wise, but have barely scratched the surface! I own several detectors for various functions! Some overlapping each other a bit in operation! A few others are just for fun, or for something i feel i missed, in my absent years! Other's were too good a deal to pass up! And I could get a good return for, if i chose to! So, to summarize! In my opinion, the longer your in it, the wider range of technology, legends, varations, etc... you are likely to buy, and try, for no very practical reason! Cost not withstanding; as you advance in this hobby! Or as some jokingly refer to it as a "sickness ", or "obsession "! 🤩 👍👍
  21. I read on another forum this morning where DeepTech had posted that they are changing the current 5 Pin coil connector to a 6 Pin design. Evidently to facilitate better alignment and prevent damaging the connection. Was hoping to see it also posted here. Are they a member?
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