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  1. I don't understand, are you saying that having the silencer on 3 increases the possibility of digging good targets between the iron?? I've always known the opposite in the middle of the iron the silencer must be set to 0!
  2. I would like to understand only one thing,if we set the silencer to 0 is it totally deactivated or not? Is 0 silencer on v.1 the same as 0 on v.071?
  3. I also noticed this thing ... the audio response is not the same ... out of 4 for example it looks like a 5 or 6 of version 0.71
  4. guys I think this version is not bad but after a year to make this update ... we want to talk about the clock?? still not working nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo absurd!
  5. I think xp should tell us this.... I think it's right that after this update xp informs us if there are differences between the various programs even if we set the same frequency range
  6. yes but I need to know if I set the same parameters and the same maximum frequency of 40khz on park and on sensitive, if I actually have the same program that works in the same way or two different programs..... this is a certainty that we must have ... are you sure of what you said?
  7. I would like to understand now that you can change the frequency on each program, for example the difference between prog park and deephc.... with the ability to change frequency all programs are the same! only the name changes...obviously except general and goldfield and relic..... mmmm now park can become sensitive and vice versa deephc can become park by changing the frequency... at this point they can cancel the slots and make them free for custom programs
  8. lg 30 much lighter? lg 30 = 499gr lg 28 = 565 g only 66 grams of difference...wake up guys!!
  9. t is a feature of the deus 2, it is a false positive, with all the advantages and disadvantages of the case .... I hope they can improve a little with the update
  10. a whole year for update 0.72?🤣
  11. yet with the deus 2 I find it difficult to hit small medieval coins in the middle of the iron, the targets that exist in the United States are different from the European ones ... for example I found the 6-inch plate with the nokta makro legend great for hitting those small medieval coins disguised in iron and it doesn't cost 1600€ :)
  12. it's not a matter of fun, the deus 2 hits the targets but it's incomplete! it's a matter of respect for us customers, we spent a lot of money and after more than a year we have a beta product... but above all their silence is even more embarrassing! I think they are in trouble with the update otherwise it is inexplicable!
  13. it will most likely never come!
  14. yes but xp has to correct this "bug" with an update, a year has passed, they are obviously having difficulty developing it... they must give the possibility to increase or decrease the delay of the visualization of the tid, without affecting stability del tid for deep objects... the fast program needs to decrease the tid delay! I also said it again and again in the comments on youtube by loren and on the xp channel
  15. non-mineralized wet conductive clay soil,second outing with legend! multifrequency m3 the only stable in that soil recovery on 4 sensitivity 27 if 2 st1.... hit a normal size coin at about 12 inches with id 16
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